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Time and Again

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Pinching the bridge of his nose to stave off a growing headache, Shikamaru shifted the agenda to the top of another paper pile. With the next Hokage Summit quickly approaching, he had to get Kakashi to sign off on the revised agenda before he could email it out to the other kage. Once that was done, he had to look over the Intelligence Division's budget report, finalize the second draft of Bill 12, and submit the application for the new training grounds to the council.

With a sigh, the newly promoted jounin leaned back in the Hokage's chair and tried his best to ignore how feverish his skin felt. Maybe he'd picked up that flu bug currently going around. The sun had gone down hours ago, but there was still so much to do. The paperwork was endless. Kakashi would still be here if Shikamaru hadn't sent him home. The Rokudaime would've been useless, even if he had stayed. His mind didn't stray far from Iruka-sensei and their Six-month-old son lately.

Shikamaru couldn't really blame him, especially with Houki-chan being so sick lately. No amount of lectures or reassurance from Iruka-sensei would stop Kakashi from worrying about their little miracle. Honestly, Shikamaru thought his Hokage was exactly where he needed to be at the moment, home with his husband and son.

It's why he was still here, long past the time most others retired for the night. He had reassured Kakashi he could handle the paperwork. He wasn't the Hokage's personal aid for nothing. Shikamaru knew exactly what he signed up for when he volunteered for the position. It was all necessary experience if he was going to be Naruto's advisor.

He was almost guaranteed to be Naruto's right-hand man at this point.

The scroll he was holding clattered to the desk with a frustrated grunt. He'd been reading the same passage for the last ten minutes.

"Come on Shikamaru, get it together."

Running a hand across his brow, Shikamaru tugged at his high-collared shinobi shirt. The jounin felt feverish all evening, but it had steadily worsened as the hours dragged by. When was the last time he'd gotten sick? As a genin? Before that? How troublesome. There was too much to do, too many people counting on him to stop now. Fever or not.

Ignoring the clock ticking close to midnight on the office laptop, Shikamaru picked the scroll back up. He shifted in the Hokage's chair, trying to get comfortable. The cotton of his uniform brushed against his heated skin, causing goosebumps to rise along his arms. Damn it, he still couldn't focus. When had it gotten this hot in here? Was the air conditioning on the fritz again?

Exasperated, and more than a little annoyed, Shikamaru unbuckled his new flak jacket and shrugged it over the back of his chair. That felt a little better. Shikamaru reclined, letting his head fall against the backrest. Was this his body's way of telling him to slow down? Maybe he was overdoing it a bit.

Inhaling deep and slow, Shikamaru let his eyes slide shut, his muscles relax. Resting for a few minutes wouldn't hurt. He'd been sifting through paperwork for hours. When did he last take a break? Had he even had supper tonight? Not that he felt particularly hungry…

The uncommon warmth washed over his skin, leaving his face flushed. Shikamaru breathed deeper, trying to slow the frantic pounding of his heart in his ears. The jounin could feel the heat tingling in his cheeks, coiling heavily through his lower stomach-

I took my heat suppressant this afternoon, right?

Shikamaru's eyes flew open in realization just as the office door banged against the wall, groaning on its hinges. "Hey Kakashi-sensei, I got that scroll-"

Naruto Uzumaki stopped short in the doorway, blue eyes wide and slowly darkening. He inhaled sharply, irises dilating. Without a word, he stepped inside the office, closing the door silently behind him. Naruto pressed his hand to the wall, a shimmer of chakra activating the office's wards. Seal patterns lit up the wall, crisscrossing in patterns of glowing red. Shikamaru knew exactly what each did. Silencing, chakra cloaking, entry barrier.

"Naruto…" The jounin stood, hands braced palm-flat on the desk before him. The heat in his stomach curled into a tight burn that stole the very air from his lungs. Not good. This wasn't good at all. Naruto was an alpha and he-

He was staring right at Shikamaru.

Gritting his teeth, the jounin shifted his weight from one foot to the other to relieve his growing arousal. Need already clawed at the back of his mind, dulling his normally sharp intellect to a primordial base response. Shikamaru pulled in a shaky breath. Alpha scent clogged his nose, citrus and ozone, like the billow of stormy winds over an open field.

Unique, dangerous, and oh so Naruto.

"Are you in pain, Shika?" The raw edge of Naruto's voice sent a shiver down his spine. He knew that tone, the wild influence of Kurama on his jinchuuriki.

"" Shikamaru shook his head, forced his mind to work through the rising heat. He burned from the inside out, felt like his very blood boiled within his veins. "I-I need-" The jounin curled in on himself, half bent over the desk where Kakashi's laptop and documents were carefully piled. Slick dampened his pants.

Naruto's scent spiked so sharply Shikamaru's knees almost buckled with the urge to drop and present to such a strikingly powerful alpha. "N-Naruto…" The jounin pressed his face to the wood in a vain attempt to cool his flushed face. "Alpha…"

Hands gripped his shoulders tightly and yanked him forward. Half falling over the Hokage’s desk, Shikamaru's head shot up, startled, from the sudden jerk. Naruto's mouth smashed down on his own, rough and insistent. One hand went from his shoulder to the back of Shikamaru's head and held firm. Demanding lips forced him to submit, prodded his mouth open to twine their tongues together.

A strangled groan caught in the jounin's throat. The heat flared inside him, burned up his spine like a raging inferno to muddle his mind until he was a trembling mess. Shikamaru grasped his friend's black jacket with both hands, clutching the soft fabric in a final effort to keep himself grounded. Naruto's taste was just as intoxicating as his scent. He held command of Shikamaru's mouth, the way their lips worked against each other -the slide of tongue, and graze of fangs that left him shuddering.

Naruto touched like a man starved for affection. Bandaged fingers grazed the jounin's heated cheeks, caressed across his jawline and down his throat, curled around his nape, dug into his ponytail, and smoothed down his heaving chest to the top of his ribs. Then Naruto snarled and hauled him across the desk in one fluid motion.

Stacks of legal documents fluttered to the floor, scattering in a mess at Naruto's feet. Shikamaru's knee stuck Kakashi's laptop and sent it clattering to the ground, momentarily forgotten. "Naruto-" His back hit the oak wood, words cut off by the blond's seeking mouth.

The kiss was awkward from their upside-down angle -noses bumped chins, teeth clicked. Shikamaru pulled away, head shifting back as he gasped for breath. Fingers dug into his collar, yanking the material down as Naruto's mouth burned a trail down his throat. His nose pressed to Shikamaru's collarbone, just by the juncture of his neck. "You smell so good, Shika."

Heat spiked inside him to an unbearable degree. It burned away the last of his resolve, lit ablaze in his very core with an intensity he never experienced during a heat before. Shikamaru squeezed his eyes shut. Was this because he missed taking his suppressants? Had he ever experienced a raw heat in the four years since he presented? No , there was never a safe place or time to -not with Akatsuki, a destroyed village, war, death, clan politics, reformation…

'A strong alpha means safety, protection', the primordial part of his hindbrain cooed, ' he'll give exactly what's needed, he'll feel so good…'

"...Alpha." His mouth formed the word without him realizing it. His tongue darted out to lick his kiss-swollen lips, unaware of the slight tremble to his chin. "I-I can't…" He couldn't think! Need clawed at his mind, his body, his very soul. His hands shook as they sank into Naruto's hair, drew their foreheads together. The sharp spike of alpha sent pulled a heady, desperate moan from Shikamaru. "Naruto, please!"

The responding snarl was so bestial, Shikamaru's eyes flew open, locked with Naruto's, and gasped. Red replaced blue, irises slit, wild and dangerous. Those kitsune-like eyes seemed to bore right through him. "You're mine."

Naruto flipped him so suddenly, he almost went face-first into the Hokage's desk. Clawed hands grasped his hips, pulled him to the desk's edge. Shikamaru's feet hit the floor, the heavy weight of alpha on his back keeping him pressed down, bent so his entire torso pushed into the desk.

Deeply ingrained shinobi instincts had him jerk and squirm in the sudden pin. His hips twisted back and down, dragged right across Naruto's painfully hard, cloth-clad cock. Shikamaru shuddered and stilled, a guttural plea slipping past trembling lips with his laboured breathing, "fuck me, fuck me please!!"

A ferocious growl rumbled by his left ear. Slick-soaked shinobi-grade pants were suddenly yanked down. The fabric bunched around his hips. Shikamaru was vaguely aware of a zipper being tugged down, a brief rustle of clothes. Naruto's hands were two hot points of contact on his hips, drawing him back and-

Shikamaru wailed so loudly, the silencing seals lit up along the office walls.

-Naruto was inside him, thick and hard, sinking deep, pushing him open in ways he'd never been before, claiming him with the harsh press and drag of flesh against flesh.

The blond was so perfectly, punishingly persistent in his demands. Shikamaru's entire world was still spinning when Naruto pulled back and thrust deeper, rougher the second, third, fourth times. The jounin pillowed his cheek on a curled arm, his opposite hand reaching back to grasp Naruto's wrist from where he held his hips. Nails dug deep, leaving small abrasions along tanned skin.

"Harder, please Alpha!!" The force of Naruto's thrusts drove his stomach into the desk, made the oak groan beneath the force and their combined weight. Those clawed hands directed him every few thrusts, making him arch, his hips twist and push back more firmly until he struck something deep inside Shikamaru that stole his breath and left him seeing stars. Naruto zeroed in on the spot, sinking deep to strike at it with each drag of his cock.

Pleasure coiled through his loins and lower stomach. Every nerve ending seemed to come alive at once. Shikamaru's moans, and the sound of flesh meeting flesh filled the office. The seals buzzed around them, bathing the pair in a red tint. His hands pushed out, sending more papers askew.

"Naruto!!" Curling his fingers around the desk's edges, Shikamaru rocked back until the blond's hips pillowed against his ass.

"Damn it, Shikamaru," Naruto cursed against his shoulder. Fangs dragged down the side of his neck, a hot tongue dipped into the groove of his collarbone. "You feel so fucking amazing."

His head swam in the pleasure sizzling through his system like liquid fire. The ache in his untouched cock was almost painfully delicious. "Alpha, please, I… I-I-..." 

' Take his seed, bare his pup, reward him for being such a good alpha,' primal urges rang through Shikamaru's heat-addled mind, giving voice to deeply ingrained instincts, " he feels so perfect inside…"

Groaning, Shikamaru rubbed his face across the desk, trying to get the cool oak to relieve the burning in his flushed cheeks. The attempt was in vain. He found himself giving in. "...Alpha, i-inside… cum inside, please."

The blond shuddered hard along the length of Shikamaru's back. "F-Fuck, Shika…" Naruto's tongue traced the shell of his ear and bit down hard. Shikamaru's head tilted to the side on instinct, giving the Alpha easier access to his neck. "Is that really what you want?"

"Yes! Alpha, yes!!"

An approving growl rumbled against his skin. A hand left his hip and closed around the base of Shikamaru's aching cock. Calloused fingers slid up, and across the head, gathering precum to smear along his length on the downward stroke.

"Alpha!" Shikamaru arched with a cry, slid his legs further apart and shoved his hips back in a desperate attempt to take Naruto deeper. Sweat clung his standard-issue shinobi blues to feverish skin. "Fill me please!!" The fire burning through his thighs and lower stomach lit into an inferno centred at those two points of contact and seemed to come to a head abruptly.

The world exploded in a rush behind his eyes. All Shikamaru could do was hang on. He jerked up, back slamming into Naruto's chest, his head tumbling back to his shoulder. The jounin stiffened and clenched around the thick length inside him. Naruto snarled his name, hips striking hard against Shikamaru's ass. His cock pulsed, shots of hot cum coating Shikamaru's inner walls. 

The pair collapsed forward onto the desk. Naruto's arms braced his weight on either side of Shikamaru's head. Hot lips trailed kisses along his neck and jaw, easing him down from the mind-blowing high of their joint releases.

Boneless and utterly satisfied, Shikamaru sank into the oak with a groan. The blazing inferno inside him dulled to a simmer, an ever-present reminder his heat had just begun. A whiskered cheek nuzzled against his own, tanned hands smoothed down his back, across the exposed skin of his hips and ass. Gentle, attentive, the light caresses slowly eased tension from his jittery muscles.

With a final kiss to the exposed skin beneath his ear, Naruto untangled their bodies. Pushing himself onto shaky legs, Shikamaru turned to watch his friend. Naruto was fixing his orange pants with fumbling fingers, eyes averted and face flushed crimson.

They so needed to talk about what just happened. 

"N-Naruto," he croaked, voice hoarse from screaming. He leaned back against the desk for support. Swallowing hard, Shikamaru cleared his throat with a cough and tried again. "You… you didn't do anything wrong."

The blond's eyes flickered to his face, blue irises still red-rimmed with Kurama's chakra. "Did I hurt you?"

Inhaling deeply, Shikamaru shook his head. "No." He could feel his cheeks starting to burn again, feverish and flushed. Damn, had he stayed on his heat suppressants too long or was this a biological response to Naruto's tangy alpha scent still heavy in the room? "You didn't do anything I didn't ask for."

That I didn't beg for. The thought weighed heavily in the back of Shikamaru's mind.

Naruto studied him for a moment, his expression grimmer than he'd ever seen it before. "I wanted to get you home so you'd be safe, but then you called me alpha and I-I just couldn't…" Stepping closer, the blond tucked Shikamaru's half-hard cock into his boxers pulled his pants up over his hips. "It took all I had not to knot you," he added breathlessly.

Shikamaru startled, eyes rounding. "What?" The confession sent a fresh wave of heat licking through his veins. The jounin's legs weakened and buckled, flesh slick wetting straight through his boxers. "You can't mean that." Knotting rarely occurred outside highly compatible pairs, the ones with the potential to become mates.

Naruto's arms closed around him, pressing them intimately together chest-to-chest, hips-to-hips. "I wanted to knot you, Shika," he admitted a second time, eyes bleeding crimson with each word. His hardened cock slid across Shikamaru's, pulling a strangled moan from the feverish jounin.

Shikamaru's fingers dug into his friend's shoulders, grabbing handfuls of black and orange material. Fresh need clawed at his insides, heated his already overstimulated body. "Stay with me, Naruto." The words were spoken abruptly, but Shikamaru found he meant each one. "Spend my heat with me."

"Shikamaru," Naruto shuddered, eyes darkening with barely restrained lust and affection, "are you sure you want that?"

"Yes," he answered without hesitation. They'd grown close since childhood. Outside Chouji and Ino, Naruto was his dearest friend. "You make me feel safe," he added, just to show how certain he truly was.

Shikamaru had been on suppressants for over three years, twice the medically recommended amount of time. The heat would be bad, he could feel it in his body, in the urgency already making him tremble even in the short time since their coupling.

Naruto choked on a moan, his arms tightening around the jounin. "Your place or mine?"

Shikamaru felt his friend's hands shift into a tiger seal against his back, ready to shunshin them both as soon as he had the location. "Yours, I'm not dealing with Mom while in heat." He pressed closer to the blond, arms encircling his shoulders to anchor them together for the jump.

Naruto nodded, chakra building for the shunshin, only to falter at the last minute. "I've never been with an omega in heat before, Shika," he confessed, hesitant in his uncertainty. "I don't know what to do to look after you besides, well," he motioned to the Hokage desk helplessly.

"Troublesome man," Shikamaru huffed and leaned in just enough to press their foreheads together. His lips brushed lightly across Naruto's. "Just be you, that'll be enough."


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Naruto’s small apartment was every bit as cluttered as Shikamaru remembered. Naruto brought them in between his kotatsu and bed. His arms remained locked firmly around the jounin even after the last bit of shunshin smoke dissipated. Despite the apartment’s small size, it was impeccably clean -most definitely Iruka-sensei's influence- with a cozy air from Naruto’s many years living there.

The glowing embers of his heat sizzled just beneath his skin, elevating Shikamaru’s temperature to the point he flushed right into his collar. Naruto must have picked up on the change, as his alpha scent went haywire. Citrus and ozone overwhelmed his senses and left him trembling, even while the primal part of his mind almost sang with eagerness. “Alpha,” he ground out the title, silently beckoning to be taken.

Those crimson, slitted eyes slid closed, head tilting as his friend nuzzled into the crook of Shikamaru’s neck. Inhaling deeply, a soft growl rumbled through Naruto’s chest. “Fuck, you smell so good.” Clawed hands curled through his thick shinobi shirt. “And you’re all mine.”

Shikamaru’s fingers tangled through blond locks and yanked. Naruto tumbled into the kiss, lips eagerly parting to claim and taste. It was more addictive than drugs. He wanted to sink into the feel of those strong hands, the broad chest and heart beating so frantically in time with his own.

Need already clawed at the back of his mind, lighting his nerve endings ablaze with yearning. A jerk of the zipper had Naruto's black jacket open, the white shirt beneath sinfully pure against all that tanned skin. The blond shrugged it off without breaking the kiss. It dropped to the floor, forgotten.

Large hands smoothing down his back dragged a muffled moan from the jounin. Shikamaru arched, a startled gasp forcing him to finally break the liplock. His face flushed, the feverish heat tinting his cheeks red.

Naruto grabbed his ass.

Kneading the pliable fresh, Naruto dropped to his knees. A whiskered cheek nuzzled against the prominent bungle in Shikamaru's pants. Crimson irises peered up at him. The blond grinned wide enough to show a flash of fang. Shikamaru watched with reverent awe as those sharp canines caught hold of his fly and dragged it down. His pants loosened around his hips, fresh slick soaking his already damp boxers.

Naruto nosed his pants farther open, tugged his boxers down just enough and swallowed Shikamaru's cock whole. "Fuck, Naruto!!" His hands flew to blond hair, twisting around the ruly spikes. If not for Naruto's uncompromising hold on his ass, his legs would've buckled.

Pleasure shot up Shikamaru's spine. The moist warmth engulfing his cock made his hips quiver. Naruto’s nose dug into wiry, dark curls each time he pushed forward. His tongue circled the base of Shikamaru’s cock, stroking up to laved over the head and massage the sensitive glands.

“Alpha...” Shikamaru dissolved into a moaning, shaking mess above him. “Alpha, please.” Heat coiled tighter in his lower stomach with every swipe of the blond's tongue. The light graze of teeth along his sensitive length made him shudder. Tanned fingers hooked into his waistband by each hip. Claws brushed his skin, leaving goosebumps behind. Little tugs in time to the lap of Naruto's tongue across his aching cock, pulled his pants down to bunch around his knees.

The jounin's face flushed, acutely aware of the slick coating his inner thighs. Naruto's hands smoothed down his bare ass, kneading the pliable flesh in an almost teasing manner. It wasn't long before the blond's fingers were coated in slick. Naruto sucked on his cock head, slowly easing inch after inch past his tongue. Two fingers dipped between Shikamaru's ass cheeks as pressed inside.

With a harsh cry, his hips buckled forward, hands digging into his friend's blond hair. His cock stuck the back of Naruto's throat and Shikamaru saw stars.

A startled gag was his response. Naruto stiffened, throat constricting in a struggle to adjust. He didn't pull back, didn't even complain. Instead, he crooked his fingers inside Shikamaru, causing the jounin's hips to buckle again. Naruto's strangled moan sent little vibrations up his cock that almost brought him to his knees.

"F-Fuck, Naruto," he groaned, hands sliding through blond locks to cradled the back of his head. A squeeze of his ass and firm tug at his hips persisted until Shikamaru thrust forward, forcing Naruto to deep-throat his aching cock. Need burned through his stomach, lit the very blood in his veins ablaze.

Each roll of that tongue across his cock head, the twist of fingers buried knuckle-deep inside him, the hot, wet warmth of Naruto's mouth, drove him closer to the edge. "Alpha!" Even as white-hot pleasure shot up his spine and he spilled his seed down Naruto's throat, his instincts screamed for more. He shook with an urgency to be filled by more than just fingers. "I need you."

Next breath, Shikamaru found himself being dragged forward, straight into Naruto's waiting arms. Impatient hands worked one leg free of his pants. Zippers were tugged, clothes pushed aside to haphazardly bunch around limbs and hips. Tanned hands went to his bare thighs, smoothed overheated, bare flesh as Shikamaru straddled the blond.

He pushed down just as Naruto thrust up. They came together, so rough and deep, he felt his friend's hips hug his ass. Slick coated his inner walls, making Naruto's first few thrusts an easy, toe-curling slide. "R-Right there." Groaning softly, Shikamaru shifted onto his knees and squeezed the alpha's hips with his legs. A slight arch of Naruto's back pressed his cock right against that hot, aching spot inside him. "Fuck, stay right there."

"Shit, Shika!" Naruto's claws bit into his skin when his hold tightened. Hips quivering, he complied. A rocking twist of the blond's hips stuck his cock hard against Shikamaru's prostate.

"Alpha!" Pleasure shot up his spine, making him clench around the thick cock inside him. The jounin's head spun, felt like it was stuffed full of cotton. His normally sharp mind softened with primal instincts, each thrust pushing him closer to giving in to that little voice again: "He feels so good, take his knot, take his seed. Strong alphas always sire strong pups. He'll protect, he'll cherish…"

Heat coiled in his stomach, flood through his veins like moulting fire. "A-Alpha, your knot…" No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't think beyond the wanton need and the delirious satisfaction of Naruto's cock stretching him open, filling him so utterly and completely. "Knot me, please." He could feel the unfamiliar swell building at the base of Naruto's cock, pressing insistently to his rim with each thrust.

The alpha's scent spiked, leaving the air heavy with a citrusy ozone smell. Naruto's hands cupped the curve of his ass, kneading pliant, slick-damp flesh. "Damn it, Shika, I want to." He sucked a dark hickey just below Shikamaru's ear, worrying the pale flesh between sharp canines. "I want to so bad."

"I need it, your knot, you, Alpha, Naruto…" Shikamaru's fingers dug into the blond's shoulders, head dipping to catch his flounder mouth in a desperate kiss. Teeth clashed from the ferocity, lips swelled and red when Naruto finally pulled back. "Please, please, please," he murmured fervently.

Snarling, Naruto drew him closer, bringing them chest-to-chest. A slight angling of hips, a hard, rocking thrust, and Shikamaru screamed, “Alpha!!”

Something thick and massive pressed into him, filling him more completely than any cock ever had. The stretch was delicious, bordered on an overwhelming burn that sizzled right up his spine. His entire body tensed and shook from the pleasure. Tears blurred his vision. His head fell forward against Naruto’s shoulder. The blond seemed to fill every inch, every bit of his senses until all he could see, all he could think about was the powerful alpha locked so deep inside him. “N-Naruto…”

“So good,” His friend nuzzled into the crook of his neck, breathing deep. “‘smell so good, all mine.” Naruto rutted into him, thrusts a deep, rocking motion the struck his prostate over and over again.

Turning his face into the alpha’s neck, Shikamaru twisted his hips, grinding down as wanton lust made his stomach clench. His hand kneaded Naruto's chest through his shirt, smoothed over the toned muscles hidden beneath cotton and mesh armour. “Alpha!” The jounin cried, head spinning, as he teetered on the very edge of oblivion. 

Naruto tilted his hips just so, his cock head jutted against just the right spot and Shikamaru came completely undone. The world shattered white behind his tightly clenched eyes. Fire, he was on fire. Every inch from fingertips to curling toes sang with desire. His release stained his friend’s white shirt. Shikamaru watched with delirious awe as Naruto yanked it off and threw it aside. “A-Alpha, cum inside please,” Only half aware of what he was saying through the mind-shattering ecstasy, the words tumbled from his mouth in a lustful frenzy. “F-Feels so good, I-I want more of your seed, please...”

“Fuck, Shikamaru!” Naruto cried heatedly against his lips, stole breathless, half-formed kissed. The alpha’s hips stuttered, jerking in a way that tugged at the knot tying them together and dragged a shaky moan from Shikamaru. A sudden rush of heat flooded deep inside him, flushing Shikamaru’s skin rosy. He keened, Naruto’s seed satisfying his deepest primordial instincts.  

"He'll make such beautiful, blue eyes pups." The voice cooed in the back of Shikamaru's mind.

The high lingered longer the second time, leaving him pliant, relaxed, and completely vulnerable. When Shikamaru finally came back to himself, he was laid out on the floor. Naruto stretched across him, red-slitted eyes fixed on his flushed face. Shifting ever so slightly, his blushed several shades deeper. “N-Naruto…” Shikamaru licked his lips, swallowing hard. The knot hadn’t softened, nor had Naruto’s cock. They remained locked intimately together.

Shikamaru groaned softly, eyes fluttering closed. Clenching around the knot instinctively, a full-body shudder rippled through him. He felt boneless, sunken into the wooden tiles like spilt molasses, but still, his cock stirred. Fire licked at his insides. He bit his bottom lip to keep from crying out again. This wasn’t good.

They were losing all control.

Naruto rubbed one hand up and down his bare leg, from knee to hip. The other hand snagged his shirt hem, tugged the thick, shinobi-grade material to bunch beneath his arms. A whiskered cheek nuzzled against his bare stomach, softly nosed the skin by his naval. Hot lips trailed up his sternum.

“Alpha…” Sinking into the kisses with a moan, Shikamaru stretched out beneath the alpha. His head fell back against the floor, hips involuntarily arching into the coaxing caresses. Heat licked anew through his lower stomach, sizzling to the surface with his hardening arousal. Shikamaru was vaguely aware he’d gotten off without his cock being touched.

Having Naruto inside him was more of a turn on.

The sudden realization left the jounin lightheaded and trembling. Naruto’s hands slipped beneath his hips, squeezed his ass and slid up his back, fingers pressing along the curve of his spine. “D-Damn it, Naruto.” It was almost too much for his already overly stimulated skin.

Red eyes shifted to his face briefly, dark and challenging. Something warm and wet flicked across his left nipple. Shikamaru startled, hands flying to twist through blond locked. That was his tongue! The delirious thought flew through his spinning mind, leaving him in light-headed astonishment. He let out a lungful of air when Naruto leaned down to close his lips around a nipple and sucked. All Shikamaru's blood seemed to rush right to his cock to leave him hard and aching again.

"Alpha, alpha please," he gasped and shook when Naruto switched and bit down hard enough to leave a ring of teeth impressions around his right nipple. Shikamaru knew the gesture for what it was, a possessive way of claiming an omega without marking them as a mate.

"You're so perfect, my Shika," the blond praised. His hands were two hot points of contact trailing down the jounin's back, across his hips and over his ass. Nimble fingers dipped between his asscheeks, stroking their apex until Shikamaru was a moaning, shaking mess beneath him.

Then finally, finally, Naruto's hand closed around his aching cock and Shikamaru couldn't think anymore. He burned inside and out with Naruto's cock, his knot, his hands, his lips, all of it was too much and yet not enough. "Move, Alpha, please move. I-I need-!" He needed, oh how he needed! Shikamaru rolled his hips, enticing, pleading with both his body and his words.

Naruto rocked into him, deep and hard enough to make them both moan anew. The knot still held. It restricted Naruto's movements, pulled maddeningly at Shikamaru's inner walls with each drag of his cock. Naruto stroked him in time to those grinding, probing thrusts, making the jounin jerk and arch beneath him needily.

Shikamaru curled around his friend and hooked his legs over his hips. His hands alternated between carting through blond locks and kneading the taut muscles in his shoulders and upper back. The room bled away until all he could see was Naruto. All there was, all that mattered at that moment was this man.

Just Naruto.

When the blond moved to kiss him, Shikamaru met his advances, lips parting eagerly to taste and take what was so easily given -Naruto's affection and trust.

His friend stiffened and shook above him, every muscle stretched tautly. Garbled half moans were muffled by their kiss. Clawed fingers dug fresh bruises into his hips. The sudden rush of seed, thick, potent and so deep inside him, pushed Shikamaru over the edge. The world exploded white behind his eyes, every nerve ending buzzing from the overwhelming rush.

Naruto's full weight dropped onto him, pinning him to the floor. Grunting from the impact, Shikamaru's legs fell from the blond's hips. His heat ebbed back to a low smoulder that let the full force of his fatigue wash over him. Naruto nosed into the crook of his neck, scenting deeply but showing no indication of moving.

They were both exhausted.

Shikamaru's head rolled to the side on instinct, giving the blond better access to his neck when he felt a graze of fang and lazy kisses get pressed to his overheated skin. Raking a hand through spiky, dishevelled blond hair, he massaged Naruto's nape with his fingers. Tanned hands ghosted over his bare ribs and hips. The intimacy of those gentle caresses and kisses left Shikamaru trembling. “Naruto,” he murmured and shifted just enough to coax his friend into a clumsy, tired kiss.

Shuddering, the alpha nuzzled into his neck once more before all but melting into the kiss. A few blinks mostly returned his eyes to their normal blue. Just a slender ring of red remained at his irises’ peripheral. The knot softened enough for Naruto to pull out. Shikamaru bit his lip to keep from whimpering at the sudden loss.

Keeping close, Naruto smoothed his hands across the jounin’s quivering thighs. “You-,” he swallowed hard, voice raspy from the growls and snarls. “You alright, Shika?”

“Mhm,” he hummed in response, eyes half-lidded and body relaxed. The fatigue left his limbs heavy and sluggish. It took all his energy to fling an arm over his eyes. Moving was too troublesome and the floor felt strangely comfortable with Naruto’s arms around him, “just tired.”

“Okay, Shika, I’ll take care of you.” Naruto’s weight suddenly disappeared.

Shikamaru shivered, suddenly cold without the extra body heat. He was vaguely aware of water running somewhere off to the right, and footsteps. A cool cloth slid across the jounin’s bare stomach, the dipped between his legs, making his muscles quiver slightly. “...Thanks.”

The jounin blinked up at Naruto when his fingers closed around his wrist. “Come on, Shika, the bed’s comfier.” Gently, but persistent coaxing got them both onto the bed.

Sinking into the mattress, Shikamaru groaned softly. Sleep tugging at the back of his mind. Gentle fingers rid him of the rest of his clothes, baring him in Naruto’s company for the first time. The bed dipped then and Naruto flopped unceremoniously at his side. A bandaged hand sought his own, lacing their fingers together with a sigh.

Using the last of his strength, Shikamaru cracked an eye open and immediately froze. Blood went in two directions: to his face and his cock. “Wh-what the...?”

Naruto was butt naked!

When the heck did he get that handsome? Shikamaru was gawking, he knew he was, but damn it all if he couldn’t look away. Naruto’s cheeks flushed in a way that only highlighted his tanned skin. “Ah, Shikamaru, y-you’re kinda staring,” The blond stammered, his bandaged hand scratching his cheek awkwardly.

Wasn’t a flustered Naruto very appealing?

Damn, just damn.

Had he always been this attracted to his friend or was his heat influencing him that much? Ah well, he’d have plenty of time to analyze that later. “Sorry, got lost in thought.” Rolling onto his side, Shikamaru pulled Naruto in for a light kiss.

“It’s fine,” Naruto’s arms closed around him as he nuzzled their foreheads together. “That’s what I like best about you.”

“You like me because I think a lot,” he rephrased blankly.

“Yeah!” Grinning, Naruto’s hands slid up his back, drawing them closer together. “You’re always thinking, always planning. I never have to worry cause I know you can come up with a solution for anything, Shika. I trust you to have my back, ya know? When I become Hokage, you’ll be my advisor.”

The jounin stared at the blond in surprise. A strange warmth filled his chest as Shikamaru gave Naruto a lopsided smile. “Damn right I will be.” 

Chapter Text

Hot water hit Shikamaru's feverish skin with a dragged-out groan. The shower quickly soaked his hair, weighing the thick mass down over his shoulders. Wet clumps clung to his neck, trapping the feverish heat in his face until his cheeks flushed softly. 

Arms curling against the wall of Naruto's shower stall, the jounin rested his head against the cool ceramic. A deep, exhausted ache had settled in his body, despite having slept like a rock the last four hours. With a sigh, his eyes slipped closed as Shikamaru let the water wash the sweat, slick, and semen from his skin. 

It was a temporary measure at best. Shikamaru could already feel fresh slick beginning to build between his thighs. He'd just felt so disgusting waking up like that. He supposed three days of on and off sex would do that to a person. Not that he had much experience to compare it to. This was only his third heat and by far the most intense he'd ever experienced. He knew it had to do with the extended time he spent on suppressants. But really, who had time for a heat when world war broke out on the heels of their entire village being decimated? Certainly not him. 

Still, how long was this going to last? Shikamaru knew heats averaged three to five days depending on the omega. His last two were on the shorter side, peaking on day two and petering out by the third. Yet, the urgency inside him hadn't eased. It continued to build and ebb in heated waves that almost made him lose his mind sometimes. 

Being with Naruto was the only thing that eased the need enough to eat, to sleep, to even think. 

This was bad. Shikamaru knew it was bad. That didn't stop him from begging, pleading, sometimes outright screaming for his friend to fuck him. He wanted it. Every single time he wanted Naruto inside him, pinning him down and filling him in ways he'd never been before. It didn't matter how or where as long as Naruto's arms were around him.

How many times have we had sex? It wasn't the first time the question posed itself. Naruto's apartment wasn't that big. They'd definitely sullied most surfaces capable of holding their combined weight. He absentmindedly started to count each time off on his fingers. Kakashi's desk, then on the floor, twice on the bed, then the kitchen table when Naruto had the intention of cooking while he slept. Shikamaru awoke to delirious need burning through him and literally jumped the unsuspecting alpha. Naruto made the cutest noises when surprised.

Even the walls, dresser, and genkan weren't spared.

And then there was the kotatsu.

Sage help him. He'd never be able to look at Naruto's kotatsu without turning bright red again. His friend's preference for kotatsu fucking wasn't quite a fetish, but it straddled the line a little too closely. Shikamaru had found himself face down against the wood, on his back atop it, and under it with the quilt deliciously overstimulating his sensitive flesh. He'd found himself sitting on it, tied to the kotatsu's short legs and a few more creative uses of the damn thing Shikamaru hadn't even considered. Naruto brought his unpredictability into sex. 

Fuck if that wasn't hot. 

Shikamaru ran out of fingers. 

He bit back a moan. They'd fucked sixteen times over the last three days. Of those couplings, Naruto had knotted him five separate times. The realization alone was enough to curl fresh heat through his lower stomach. His cock stirred, quickly hardening with the wanton need rising inside him. "...Fuck."

Gritting his teeth, Shikamaru's fingers curled around the base of his cock. Water eased the slide of his hand as he slowly worked himself over. He bit back a half-choked whimper as slick completely coated his inner thighs. It wasn't enough, not nearly enough. His instincts screamed at him to go to his alpha, to get what he really needed to feel whole and satisfied.


But he'd left his friend sprawled akimbo on the bed, snoring loudly in an exhaustion-deep slumber. Naruto wasn't in rutt, though it was a miracle his heat hadn't triggered it. He didn't possess the same primordial adrenaline fueling his system as Shikamaru currently did. Naruto needed to rest while he could. 

Instead of giving in to the urge to seek out his alpha, Shikamaru concentrated on the press and stroke of his hand and let his heat-addled mind run wild with memories from the last few days. He could almost feel Naruto's fingers digging into his hips, his weight pressing him down in a pin, his cock and knot stretching him open-

"Shit!" The desire spiked suddenly, leaving him weak-kneed and trembling. Moving with blind need, Shikamaru pushed fingers inside himself, pressing knuckle-deep until he hit his prostate. "Ahh…!" A guttural groan passed through his parted lips, hips rocking back against his own hand as pleasure thrummed through his system. Naruto's fingers were bigger than his, they felt better. His cock always hit just the right spot. 

Frustrated tears left Shikamaru's eyes watery. He ducked his head beneath the shower stream, biting down a heady whimper. The quiet pleas slipped past his lips without him even realizing it. "Alpha, fuck me, fill me, please…" He wanted Naruto inside him again. No, he wanted his alpha to knot him and pump him full of cum again. 

The sudden realization almost startled Shikamaru right out of him heat-flushed skin. "N-Not good, this is so not good." He hissed even as that primordial part of his hindbrain crooned in acceptance. 'Alpha will make petty, blue-eyed pups~' That irritating little voice sang inside his head. Naruto really would. He had the most gorgeous azure eyes, always so bright and full of life. They'd compliment the Nara Clan's dark hair rather well. Their pup would be beautiful, perfect…

The bathroom door opened with a knock as Naruto poked his head inside, yawning noisily. "Oi Shikamaru, is another wave of your heat coming? I can smell you all the way from the-" Something clattered to the floor behind him. Shikamaru couldn’t see what it was or what his alpha was doing, but he didn't have to. The spike in Naruto's scent spoke for itself. "...Holy hell." 

Shikamaru whined loudly -a truly omegan sound. He crumpled against the shower stall wall, face rubbing back and forth over the cool tiles. "Alpha…" He turned then, reaching out for what he needed so desperately. 


His friend came to him, ripping off clothes and flinging slippers. "I got ya, Shika." Naruto's arms came around him. Fangs grazed across heated flesh as he sucked another hickey onto Shikamaru's neck. No time was wasted on gentle touches or foreplay. Naruto pushed three fingers inside him, prodding and twisting roughly until he found the spot that made Shikamaru wail. "What do you need?"

'Alpha's pup,' that primal voice prompted immediately. The jounin could only moan. Molten pleasure coursed through his veins, lighting him ablaze with wanton need once again. Naruto's scent filled his senses and left his mind a pleasant, warm haze. "F-Fuck me," Shikamaru rocked into his friend, enjoying the slide of their hard cocks against each other. "Knot me, c-cum inside me, alpha please." With each word he spoke, Naruto's blue eyes bled red and his irises slitted. "I want-" his fingers brushed across whiskered cheeks, "I need-" he pressed their foreheads together, utterly trusting and open, "you, all of you, my Alpha."

The growl Naruto let loose made Shikamaru's heart stutter in his chest. "Mine!" Large hands gripped the backs of his legs, lifting the jounin with a strength he didn't often see Naruto utilize. "You're all mine." An open-mouthed kiss landed against his collarbone as Shikamaru grasped his friend's shoulders to stabilize them both. His feet left the ground, legs wrapping firmly around Naruto's hips with little urging. 

Slick slid down his inner thighs, thicker than the beating water. “Yes,” he murmured breathlessly against Naruto’s mouth, urgency blazing through his system like molten lead. Shikamaru keened, hips rocking back against the hard cock that slid between his ass cheeks. “I’m yours, all yours. Please, please, Alpha-!!”

A quick shift of his hips and Naruto pressed inside, pushing so deeply Shikamaru saw stars behind his tightly clenched eyelids. His body knew the feel of the blond intimately well. He arched into Naruto’s thrusts, straining against him until they pressed flush together. Naruto knew exactly how to move to make him scream, what felt the best, where his most sensitive spots were, and how to use that knowledge to his advantage. 

The shower stall was cold against his heated flesh when Naruto pressed his back hard against the walls. The blond’s hands adjusted on his hips, claws leaving more half-moon abrasions behind on his already marred skin. Fingerprint sized bruises littered his hips and ass, marks Shikamaru carried without a second thought.

Evidence of their time together. 

“Shika,” Naruto crooned and nuzzled his face into the crook between his neck and shoulder. “Shika, Shika, my Shika…” Each thrust was rough and accurate, striking his prostate hard enough to make the jounin arch and shake. 

A quick brush of fangs was the only warning Shikamaru got before his friend sank sharp teeth deep into his shoulder. Every inch of him felt so utterly ablaze, he barely felt the sharp sting. It wasn’t the first time Naruto bit him. Matching teeth impressions ringed his left nipple, hip and other shoulder -right where an ANBU would be tattooed. It was a strange kind of possession, marking him without mating him. 

Shikamaru rolled his hips, enticing his alpha in the way he knew riled him the most. Hissing against his shoulder, Naruto ran his tongue over the fresh teeth marks. His scent spiked, rolling over the jounin in a mind-muddling haze. Ozone and citrus, a mixture as vibrant and shocking as the man it belonged to. Shikamaru couldn’t get enough of it. Pressing his nose to the sensitive flesh just beneath Naruto’s ear, he breathed in his friend’s, his lover’s, heady pheromones. 

Heat sizzled through his veins, accentuated most predominantly at the fire steadily building through his thighs and lower stomach. Each thrust pulled wanton moans from Shikamaru, the urgent sounds swallowed up by Naruto’s demanding, insistent mouth. Those kisses left him breathless, his chest heaving from the struggle to fill his lungs. Sex with Naruto never lost that exciting, toe-curling urgency, no matter how frequently they came together or how well they’d come to know each others’ bodies after three days of heat heightened fucking. He just couldn’t get enough of this strikingly powerful alpha. 

Shikamaru was only slightly aware of the frantic, urgent sounds being ripped from his throat. All words fled him, leaving needy moans and gasps behind. His nails bit into Naruto’s shoulders hard enough to gouge when the blond struck so deep, Shikamaru jerked in his arms. It was all too much, yet not enough. 

Nowhere near enough!

As if hearing his scattered, clamorous thoughts, Naruto tied them together with a sharp twist of his hips. Shikamaru’s back arched, hips buckling at the sudden, delicious stretch of the alpha’s knot pushing into him. His head fell forward onto Naruto’s shoulder, a full-body shudder rolling through him. He could barely think, barely breathe, with his lover filling him so utterly and completely. 

Shikamaru felt himself clench around the thick intrusion. “You feel so good, Shika, you’re so fucking amazing. I love being with you like this.” Naruto was murmuring sweet, smoothing praise against his shoulder. Tanned hands smoothed across his lower back and hips, keeping them unbearably close together. He didn’t realize they’d sank to the floor until his bare ass hit the linoleum. Naruto nudged aside his hair just enough to get to his neck. A hot tongue ran from collarbone to ear before taking the lobe between his teeth and biting down lightly. 

Arching against his lover, Shikamaru moved with each deep, rutting thrust. It was Naruto’s hands on his cock, the skillful jerk and twist of those large fingers, calloused from so many years of weaponry use, that finally caused his undoing. Everything coiled like a spring, the heat and ecstasy wound together, tightening every muscle as his release washed over him. Throwing his head back, Shikamaru let out a heady moan.

Growling into his neck, Naruto followed close behind him into pleasurable oblivion. His cock pulsed inside Shikamaru's body, over and over, hot and so deep inside him. The intense sensations washed over him and blackened out his vision. 

When he finally came back to himself, he found the alpha had resettled them with Shikamaru resting in his lap, his head pillowed against his shoulder. “You still with me, Shika?” Naruto's fingers carded through his hair, stroking almost lovingly down his back and arms.

“Y-Yeah, I’m good.” Pushing some hair away from his face, Shikamaru shifted back in his friend’s lap. He flushed, a shiver involuntarily rolling through him. They were still knotted together. Damn, this wasn’t how he intended to start the day. 

Naruto pressed his lips to the fresh bite mark on his shoulder. “You weren’t in bed when I woke up.” 

“'Needed a shower,” he grunted, slowly shifting to the side so the blond could kiss up his neck. “You looked tired, 'wanted to let you sleep some.”

Naruto drew away just enough to meet him eye-to-eye. He grinned smugly, smile all sharp fangs, and wiggled his brows in a display of pure debauchery. “Had to make sure I was well-rested for later, huh?” 

It was moments like this that made him think Jiraiya-sama had rubbed off on Naruto a little more than he wanted to admit. With an exasperated but fond sigh, Shikamaru rolled his eyes. “And there goes the afterglow.” 

The blond pressed their foreheads together as his hands shifted down to Shikamaru’s hips. “I’m sure we can fix that, ya know,” he all but purred.

“Is that a challenge, you troublesome man?” The jounin’s arms slid around Naruto’s shoulders. 

A soft, possessive growl rumbled in the blond’s throat. His arms tightened around Shikamaru. “No, I just want you.” Pupils slitted amongst that sea of crimson, giving Naruto a distinctively demonic look when coupled with the dark whisker marks on his tanned cheeks. Kurama's influence had been painfully obvious throughout his entire heat.

To Shikamaru, however, his lover never looked more beautiful.

“You already have me, Naruto.”

Chapter Text

Pleasure shot up Shikamaru's spine like a lightning bolt -sharp and all-encompassing. His hips buckled in his lover's hold, unintentionally biting Kyuubi-enhanced claws into his taut muscles. Perspiration glistened across the jounin's body from the constant exertion. He'd lost track of time like he did every time Naruto was inside him. 

A particularly hard thrust struck his prostate and Shikamaru let out a loud cry. "Alpha!" His legs tightened around Naruto's hips, forcefully holding the blond against the spot that sent molten fire sizzling through his veins. A delicious, familiar pressure had begun to coil through his lower stomach and thighs. "R-Right there! Oh... oh fuck, yes please, there!" 

Four days in and Shikamaru's heat had yet to lose its intensity. He wanted, yearned for, needed Naruto with a desperation he'd never felt before. It would've been jarring if not for how safe and protected the blond made him feel. Being with Naruto had become as natural as breathing. It was so easy, so gratifying, even if he frequently felt like he was burning alive from the inside out. 

"Fuck, Shika," Naruto cursed against his shoulder. "Yeah, j-just, let me-" A tanned hand slid from his hip to asscheek and lifted him just enough to sharpen the angle. 

The next thrust sent white-hot jolts shooting right to his aching cock. Pre-cum coated Naruto's abdominal muscles with every frantic movement. A familiar pressure built against his rim the split second before his lover tied them together. 

Shikamaru's back arched, hips coming completely off the bed as he let out a guttural groan. "Naruto! " Naruto's knot was hot and swollen inside him, stretching him open in a way that completely obliterated his last vestiges of logical thought. "Cum inside! Pl ease , please, please, Alpha!!" Giving in to the instinctual part of his hindbrain was so easy now. Shikamaru long stopped fighting the little voice that whispered deeply-ingrained omegan instincts in the back of mind. Naruto gave him everything he needed so freely and openly.

His nails bit into Naruto's shoulders and ranked down his back, leaving angry red lines behind. "'Want you, need you…"

The broken, half strangled whine Naruto let out in response made Shikamaru's chest tighten painfully. No. A sound like that should never come from his alpha -not his attentive, warm, sunshine-bright alpha. "So-o h good," Shikamaru pulled his lover down, took all the blond's weight onto himself until they were pressed flush together. Nuzzling his feverish cheek to Naruto's whiskered one, the jounin tangled both hands in spiky blond hair. "Y-You make me feel so, so good, Alpha," he babbled between gasping breaths. 

"Fuck, listen to you." Kyuubi red eyes bore into his face through slitted irises when Naruto drew back just enough to nip at his chin. "You're so wet, so fucking tight and you're all mine..." Strong arms framed Shikamaru's head, balancing the alpha above him. "You want me to fuck you like this?" Short, rough thrusts pulled a warbled cry from Shikamaru's lips.

"Yes! Ahh-Alpha, yes!"

"You're mine, Shika, mine." A possessive growl rumbled through Naruto's chest, his scent spiking suddenly. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, fill you so full of my cum, you'll never want anyone else inside you." 

"N-No one-" Shikamaru shook his head through the haze, barely able to bite back a whimper. "No one else, my Alpha."

That declaration seemed to snap whatever strand of self-control Naruto was hanging onto. A sharp twist of his hips struck deep inside Shikamaru -as deep as he could go. His pelvis pressed flush against Shikamaru’s inner thighs. He could feel Naruto’s cock swell and spasm inside him, and then the overwhelming heat of Naruto’s seed flooded hot and deep. It was like a trigger for his own release. Pleasure coiled tightly in his lower stomach and exploded. With a cry, Shikamaru toppled into oblivion. 

The jounin drifted like that, warm and exhausted, beneath his lover. With their bodies still tied together by Naruto’s knot, his heat finally receded for the time being. The worst wave yet had finally passed. When the exhaustion came, Shikamaru let it pull him into a relaxed slumber. He could rest easy, knowing he was safe, secure and sheltered in Naruto’s arms.  



Dusk painted the bed with soft, golden-orange hues when Shikamaru finally reawakened. Rolling onto his stomach, the jounin stretched his arms beneath the pillow he’d been sleeping on. His hips and thighs ached dully, a constant reminder of the intimacy he and Naruto shared the last few days. 

His mind was surprisingly clear, not back to his usual, analytical self, but enough for him to think and consider. He wasn’t able to do that for a while. Though he could still feel his heat sizzling just beneath his skin, it was dull embers compared to the raging inferno of the last thirty-six hours. Did that mean the worst was over? Was his heat finally winding down? 

Slowly, Shikamaru worked the tenseness from his muscles and kicked off the mound of blankets Naruto covered him with. He was alone, though his lover’s alpha pheromones lingered heavily, mixed his with own cool, sweet scent. Naruto wouldn’t be far, he never was. Flicking the lamp on, he was pleasantly surprised to find a set of clothes waiting for him. 

His fingers brushed over the orange jogging pants -soft with age, the colour faded. These are Naruto’s. The thought flushed his face so suddenly, his cheeks burned. After how sexually intimate they'd been, this was what embarrassed him? How utterly ridiculous that seemed. His lover knew him in a way no one else did now. Shikamaru quickly tugged the offending pants on and pulled the accompanying black muscle shirt over his head.

Naruto’s jogging pants hung low on his hips, putting the difference in their physical builds on display. Despite the bagginess, the material felt constricting after days of being naked. The cotton rubbed against his over-sensitive skin with each movement. It took all his self-control not to strip down again and wrap himself back in the blankets-

“Hey, Shika! You’re up and dressed, that's awesome! I was starting to wonder if you’d ever wake up.” Naruto poked his head in the bedroom door. A bag of take-out from Ichiraku Ramen dangled from his bandaged fingers. “You’re hungry right? I didn’t have much to eat left so I sent a shadow clone for some ramen. You feel up to joining me?” 

As if on cue, the jounin’s stomach grumbled loudly. No, Shikamaru wasn’t just hungry, he was famished! How he hadn’t realized it until then was astounding. When was the last time he ate a proper meal? His heat left him completely dependent on Naruto for food. “Uh, yeah thanks,” he answered, voice raspy and throat raw from screaming. 

Naruto just laughed. “You want to watch a movie while we eat? The newest one in the Princess Gale series is gonna air in like ten minutes. It’s the first one Koyuki made since the war. I haven’t seen it yet.” The resulting smile was blindingly bright as any Shikamaru usually received from his friend, but for some reason this particular one sent a strange, warm fondness rushing through him. 

“Sure, that sounds nice.” 

“Awesome!” In a rush, Naruto bound into the bedroom, scooped Shikamaru up bridal style and headed for the kotatsu. 

“Naruto!” Shikamaru threw his arms around his lover’s neck, instinctively curling into the strong arms cradling him so tenderly. 

In a matter of minutes, they were cuddled beneath the kotatsu -backs to the sofa, with a blanket thrown over their shoulders- steaming ramen in their hands and Princess Gale: Discourse in the Land of Always Winter playing on Naruto’s tiny television. 

Shikamaru leaned into the blond as they broke their chopsticks and dug into their take-out. He wasn’t the biggest ramen fan, but he was so hungry the simple miso ramen topped with an egg tasted like the most delicious thing in the world. He powered through his bowl as quickly as Naruto did. 

With their stomachs full, the empty containers were sat aside. Naruto shifted them around until Shikamaru was leaning back against his chest. Wrapping them both in the fluffy blanket, the blond sank back against the sofa. The warmth radiating from the kotatsu and his lover lulled Shikamaru into a light doze. His eyes slid shut, attention more on the strong, steady heartbeat beneath his ear that the movie or Naruto’s running commentary.

When was the last time he felt this relaxed or content? Naruto gave him such a strong sense of peace. 

He didn’t even notice when the blond’s nose nuzzled into his loose hair until lips grazed his earlobe. Sighing softly, Shikamaru turned his face into Naruto’s neck. That warmth slowly spread through him -from his toes to his scalp. It swept over him, building at a slow, almost pleasant rate until he was close to slipping completely into slumber. 

The kiss Naruto pressed to his lips was tender and slow. It coaxed without demanding, drew him in with a gentle parting of lips and a flick of tongue. Shikamaru shifted closer, seeking more contact, more of that ebbing warmth. Whatever his lover was willing to give, he wanted. 

A low rumble rolled through Naruto’s chest as his hold tightened. “Shika,” the nickname was a purr against his lips, seeking, questioning in an urgently silent manner. It followed quickly by several butterfly kisses to his cheeks, eyes, nose and mouth. 

Each of those chaste little kisses stoked the glowing embers of his heat until Shikamaru groaned against his lips and his hands sank into Naruto’s spiky hair. The hot flare inside him lacked the all-consuming, mind-devouring intensity of his heat's peak. This time he was able to savour the taste of his lover’s lips, how Naruto’s hands smooth down his stomach and slipped beneath his waistband. 

A shudder rolled through Shikamaru when those tanned fingers curled around his growing erection. A few firm strokes had him fully hard and panting against Naruto’s mouth. His legs parted to allow better access. Hips arched, pushing his cock through his lover’s fist. A thumb stroking across his head drew the first guttural groan from his lips. 


After being together so frequently in such a short amount of time, Naruto knew his body, his reactions, his preferences almost better than he did. Breaking the kiss with an impatient groan, Shikamaru threw his head back against the alpha’s shoulder. “D-Don’t tease me, Naruto.” 

The only response he got was a shift of hips that pressed the bulge in Naruto’s pants against his ass and a bite to his exposed shoulder. The graze of sharp canines shot right to his groin. His cock throbbed in Naruto’s grip. Precum coated the jinchuuriki’s fingers and all Shikamaru could do was curse. “Damn it, Naruto, please…”  

A dark chuckle echoed in his ear and sent shivers crawling across his neck. Naruto’s bandaged fingers hooked into Shikamaru’s waistband and tugged. The soft cotton was already damn with slick when it bunched around his hips. A soft click barely registered over the roaring in his ears. Vaguely, he assumed that was Naruto’s pant button.

But then Naruto's cock was free and he pushed inside Shikamaru so agonizingly slow it was beautiful torture.

Shikamaru keened, long and loud. Naruto was hot and hard inside him, every inch making the jounin ache from the delicious stretch of being filled so completely. He couldn’t stop himself from shifting his hips just a fraction, especially when he was rewarded with his alpha’s heady groans. 

Naruto’s first thrust left Shikamaru's face flushed, the second pulled a gasping moan from his kiss-swollen lips, the third arched his back and the fourth seemed to set his very blood aboil. Each press of velvety hard flesh deep inside him left Shikamaru reeling in his lover’s embrace. Before long, he was a trembling mess, skin sweat-soaked and glistening. 

Sharp fangs bit down on the juncture between his shoulder and neck. Shikamaru gave a surprised, pleasured cry and pushed his back flush into Naruto’s chest. “Alpha!” That bite was so, so close to his mating gland, the jounin couldn’t help the whine it pulled from his lips or the tilt of his head. His instincts screamed in the back of his head -to be marked, branded, claimed, so the whole world would know Naruto was his alpha. 

The blond's teeth released sensitive flesh just enough to let out a shaky groan. Dragging his nose along Shikamaru’s nape, Naruto inhaled deeply. “You smell so good, Shika. My Shika…” His tongue was a hot, moist pressure when it stroked over the sensitive gland. 

Shikamaru couldn’t hold back his whimper or the way his hands fisted knuckle-white into Naruto’s grey capris. Each graze of fangs was torturous and left him feeling incomplete. “Bite me! Bite me, please, alpha!” The words flew out of his mouth so quickly, he barely registered their significance before Naruto was shuddering and growling like a man possessed. If the crimson tint of Kurama’s chakra was any indication, maybe he was. Shikamaru didn’t care. He wouldn't change a thing about his lover. 

He wanted Naruto exactly how he was. 

Naruto openly whined against his nape, “Shikamaru…!!” Those canines grazed across his mating gland again -once, twice, thrice, as if pondering, considering, conflicted on what to do. With a snarl, Naruto clamped a hand over Shikamaru’s nape. There was a punctuating crunch of teeth on bone. Shikamaru’s breath caught in his throat. 


Naruto just bit himself!

Blood trickled from the perfect ring of teeth impressions left on his lover's tanned hand. Shikamaru watched, utterly raptured, as the crimson-dotted grip returned to his aching cock. A skilled twist of hips struck Naruto’s cockhead against his prostate. That hand stroked down, from tip to base and back again, aligning perfectly with Naruto’s hard, demanding thrusts.

Shikamaru completely lost himself to the overwhelming pleasure centred completely on those two points of contact. He cried himself hoarse, thrashed and buckled, unsure which sensation to chase. Then Naruto groaned in his ear -a husky, desperate sound- pushed so deep his hips hugged the jounin’s ass, and-

-and suddenly there was a potent, familiar heat rushing deep in him. The feel of Nauto’s seed, filling him so gloriously, was enough to trigger his own release. Every muscle went taut. White light exploded behind his tightly clenched eyes. With a soft moan, his cum spilled over his stomach and his lover’s hand. 

Shikamaru collapsed against Naruto’s chest, panting open-mouthed as the alpha eased him down from the sudden, unexpectedly intense high. Kisses were pressed to the side of his neck, his shoulder, his jaw, any inch of bare skin Naruto could reach. He wiped them both down with a blanket, tossed it aside, and tugged their pants back into place before Shikamaru was even able to string a sentence together.

When he finally managed to speak, it was a stuttering apology, “S-Sorry, d-didn’t mean… you’re bleeding.” Shikamaru reached for the blond’s hand. 

Naruto just laced their fingers together and held firmly. Blond hair shook against his shoulder as a damp face pushed into the crook of his neck. Kurama would have the small incisions healed in a matter of minutes. Naruto half curled around him, his hold tight and chest heaving from breathing as laboured as Shikamaru’s. 

Movie end credits rolled across the tiny television accompanied by an instrumental soundtrack. The jounin fell silent. No, this wasn’t the time for words. That would come later when things were settled and his heat had fully passed. They could return to normal then, back to their normal lives, being shinobi of Konoha.

Being friends. 


Shikamaru wasn't sure he wanted to.

Even if he did, how was he supposed to when it felt like Naruto possessed every part of him? Body, heart, mind, spirit -at some point Naruto became intertwined in his very being. That should have terrified Shikamaru, but it didn’t. 

Not really. 

Not when being with Naruto felt like coming home after a long, difficult mission.



Utterly, wonderfully, magnifically perfect.

Chapter Text

Limbs stretched akimbo across the bed, Naruto snored in deep sleep that spoke of exhaustion. A small smile curved Shikamaru's lips. He was in the shower for less than ten minutes. So much for Naruto’s claim of not being tired. Scrubbing the towel through his hair a final time, Shikamaru poked his friend none-too gently in the ribs. The only response he got was a snort and mumble of protest. 

Damn, that shouldn’t be so cute. 

Discarding the damp towel in the corner, Shikamaru flopped half atop the blond without any qualms. Getting self-conscious around each other after fucking like rabbits would be a total drag. Besides, he was damned tired and curling up with his lover too tempting a prospect. Naruto grunted, bleary eyes blinking momentarily. He sighed, wrapped both arms around Shikamaru and cuddled deeper into the blankets.

Shikamaru shifted to get comfortable, content to rest in Naruto’s arms after the last few days. The soft cotton of his borrowed clothes prickled against his overly sensitive skin. His heat finally eased off a few hours ago. Now, every muscle, especially his thighs and ass, ached. It felt like he spent the last five days training with Rock Lee and not getting screwed by a hot blond. Shikamaru didn’t know if the aches were pleasurable or just annoying at this point. 

The relief, however, was immeasurable. 

The blasted heat finally ended! No more insatiable fire burning him alive from the inside out. No more feeling like he’d crawl out of his own skin. His instincts no longer screamed at him, urging him towards biological impulses he couldn't control. Shikamaru could think clearly again. 

If not for Naruto, he would’ve lost his damn mind. 

How the hell did omegas manage their heats solo? Was it this bad for alphas in rutt? He grew up distinctly lacking alpha influences in his life. Both his teammates, father and Chouza were betas, his mother and Inoichi omegas. Even Iruka-sensei, his former Academy teacher, was an omega. 

Asuma was the only alpha he spent any significant amount of time with until his extended friend group started presenting as teenagers. He remembered Asuma getting more aggressively competitive in shogi matches during his tenure as Team 10’s jounin sensei but that was it. Nothing else really indicated an approaching rutt. He and Kurenai-sensei would take a few days off, then things would go back to normal. Asuma-sensei had been nothing but supportive, warm and approachable. 


Shikamaru’s chest constricted painfully. He pushed the memories down. His sensei was two years gone, avenged and buried, with a beautiful little girl left behind he promised to protect. Mirai was a joy, a bright light of hope for the future. She'd grow up in peace, without war and death hanging over her head. He'd make sure of that.

"'Can hear ya thinking, Shika," Naruto mumbled into his hair with a loud yawn. "Sleep now, ponder later, 'kay?"

The jounin shifted enough to rest his cheek on tanned skin. His lover's heartbeat steadily beneath his ear, comforting, reassuring. It eased his anxieties. "Never thought I'd see the day your boundless energy ran out," he teased lightly. 

“Gimmie a break, Shika.” Naruto's face scrunched up in a pout. “I’ve never been with an omega in heat before and yours was crazy intense. Are they all like that? I had to take Sakura-chan’s special emergency rutt suppressants. Any more and I’m sure my dick would’ve fallen off, ya know?” 

Shikamaru buried his face in his friend’s shoulder to hide the mortified blush reddening his face. “Impossible, troublesome man,” he groaned, caught somewhere between incredulous and mortification. “How am I supposed to know what others’ heats are like? We don’t exactly discuss that over afternoon tea.”

Damn, he needed a cigarette. 

“Yeah, well,” Naruto scratched one whiskered, slightly-red cheek. “I mean like, are all your heats like," he waved his bandaged hand between them in a vague gesture, "that?” 

“Not particularly, but it’s been a while.” Reaching up, he laced his fingers through the jinchuuriki’s bandaged ones and dropped their hands atop the sheets. “I stayed on my heat suppressants longer than recommended. I’m assuming that’s why it went a little out of control.” 

Naruto nodded, uncharacteristically quiet. He didn't ask why, but Shikamaru could almost see the gears turning in his head, working through whatever questions this new bit of information garnered. When he finally spoke, it wasn’t what Shikamaru expected. “...Are you sure I didn’t hurt you at all?” 

“Naruto, I’m fine,” Shikamaru sighed. Troublesome man, was he really still worried about that? “I’m a little sore, but I think that’s to be expected considering the circumstances.” 

“Uh yeah, that was something else, Shika.” Naruto gently traced the teeth impressions marring Shikamaru’s shoulder. “I’ve never been this attracted to anyone before,” he admitted quietly. Tanned fingers slid from shoulder to hip, massaging lightly through Shikamaru’s boxers.

The confession sent a wave of heat rushing through Shikamaru that had nothing to do with his biology. It was a warm kind of yearning that sizzled through his chest. “The sex is good,” he agreed. Shikamaru’s fingers curled into his lover’s muscle shirt. “Really good.” 

Naruto shifted to his side, bringing them face-to-face. With his mouth set in a firm line, those beautiful blue eyes searched Shikamaru’s face. “Why did you ask me to spend your heat with you, Shika?”

“I wanted you too,” he answered without hesitation. Nothing changed from his initial decision in Kakashi’s office. “I felt safe with you. I trust you to have my back.” 

“I always will.” Grinning, Naruto tightened his arms around Shikamaru. “Whenever you need me, I’ll be there for you, ya know?” 

“Yeah, I know.” 

His lover’s fingers flexed against Shikamaru’s back, slowly rubbing in small circles. “It’s gotta be a relief right? The heat being over I mean. Things can get back to normal now. Iruka-sensei’s probably ready to pull his hair out trying to keep Kakashi-sensei in line and looking after Houki-chan.” 

“If anyone can keep the Rokudaime Hokage from slacking off, it’s Iruka-sensei.” His lips quirked into a brief smile. The image of an angry Iruka standing over a sulking Kakashi with a baby on his hip was too vivid. 

Naruto’s shoulders shook from the effort to contain his merriment. “How many nights to do you think Kakashi-sensei spent on the sofa?”

“My bets on the last two at least.” 

“Oh totally!”

They stared at each other for a moment, then Shikamaru snorted and Naruto roared. They broke down laughing in each other’s arms until Shikamar’s ribs hurt and tears dampened the alpha’s cheeks. 

Naruto’s laughter was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. 

“What if I don’t want things to go back to normal?” 

Naruto paused as a myriad of emotions flickered through his eyes -confusion, uncertainty, hope. “Shikamaru,” Naruto swallowed hard and cleared his throat. “I like having you here. You fit well, ya know?”

Shikamaru stifled a snort with his hand. Well, that was one way to put it, he supposed. Smoothing Naruto’s spiky hair back from his forehead, he pressed their temples together. “I could drop by from time to time.”

The blond’s face scrunched up in a pout. “Kakashi-sensei sends me on so many missions I’m hardly ever home.” 

Shikamaru sighed softly. Having his lover fret like this was such a drag. “Naruto, I’m Kakashi’s personal aide. I see you almost every time you make a mission report.” Rolling them over, Shikamaru straddled the alpha’s hips. “You can literally sense my exact location with Kurama’s chakra. I think we can make this work.” 

Those large hands curled around his hips, fingers splayed wide against his boxers and began to knead. “Yeah, yeah we can!” Naruto grinned sunshine bright and Shikamaru felt his heart thunder in his chest. 

Balancing his weight on his hands, Shikamaru leaned down just enough to brush their lips together. A soft, tentative sealing of their new agreement, a testing of the waters without his heat fueling their actions. Naruto’s mouth opened on a moan, pliant and eager for more. The kiss lost all semblance of innocence. Teeth clashed, tongues explored, seeking and taking what was readily given. 

Need curled lazily through Shikamaru’s lower stomach. Naruto was already hard against his inner thigh. The jounin groaned into the kiss, his own arousal stirring in response. 

Shikamaru pulled away only when the need for air became too great to ignore. Naruto chased after him with red-rimmed irises, seeking more. Kisses peppered his cheeks, jaw, neck, slowly worked to the edge of his shirt collar. Fangs worried the soft cotton, tugging lightly. “Shika, can we...?” Naruto’s hands slid back to squeeze his ass. 

Shuddering softly, Shikamaru bit back a frustrated groan. “I’m too sore right now.” He kissed his lover’s jaw to keep him from pulling away. His hips shifted slightly, bringing their bodies into alignment with a soft inhale. Naruto groaned, arching in a needy rock that rubbed their cocks together through their boxers. They rutted together until both trembled, hands and mouths exploring every inch of bare skin they could reach. 

Slipping a hand inside his lover’s boxers, Shikamaru wrapped his fingers around Naruto’s cock and gave a hard stroke. Precum coated his fingers. Naruto’s hips jerked, a breathy curse tumbling from the blond’s mouth, “fuck!” 

A smug satisfaction curled with the rising pleasure in his stomach. Shikamaru swirled his thumb around the head, spreading moisture along the thick length on the downward stroke. Naruto threw his head back, fingers digging into his hips hard enough to leave another set of bruises. Shikamaru had several matching sets dotting his hips and ass like dalmatian spots. “I’ve got an idea I think you’ll like.” Tugging their boxers down, he took their cocks in hand and pressed them together. Shikamaru couldn’t stop the soft gasp slipping past his parted lips. The slide of velvety hard flesh against his own sent a whole new cavalcade of sensations rushing up his spine.

“Holy hell, Shika.” The moan rumbled from his lover in a barely controlled baritone. Naruto’s hand closed over his own, wrapped both their fingers around their cocks in a combined grip. They rocked together, hips working in a delicious slide that curled Shikamaru’s toes against the mattress. 

Open-mouth kisses turned clumsy in the heat of shared ecstasy. It was a different kind of build from that of his heat. Less frantic and more of a steady rise no less satisfying. 

Naruto made such a breathtakingly beautiful sight beneath him. Tanned skin flushed and glistening with perspiration, head thrown back against the pillows, the strong column of his throat working with each wanton groan. Muscles flexed, back arched, hips quivering and working beneath him, against him, straining for the mutual pleasure they shared. 

Shikamaru found release in that lovely sight. Biting his lower lip, he stiffened, every muscle taut as his seed spilled over their hands. Naruto’s grip tightened, the needy press directing Shikamaru’s hand just the way he wanted. With a sharp groan through clenched teeth, his lover followed him into ecstasy. 

He wiped them down with the towel previously discarded after his shower. Boxers were pulled back into place, sheets kicked off and limbs tangled together as Shikamaru settled completely over his lover. Breathing still laboured, Shikamaru rested his head on Naruto’s heaving chest. The alpha’s heart thumped frantically beneath his cheek. 

“...Wow.” Naruto finally vocalized after several moments of comfortable silence.

Shikamaru snorted and leaned up for another kiss. “Troublesome man.” It was a relief to know the attraction truly did extend beyond his heat. Naruto wanted him for who he was, not just because of biological impulses. 

Pouting, Naruto trailed his fingers lightly down Shikamaru’s ribs. “I’m your troublesome man though, right?” 

Shikamaru ignored the way his heartbeat sped up and simply brushed his thumb over Naruto’s lips. “Yeah, you are.”