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My wife is a busy woman.


Most of the time she spends she is traveling for work so it's not uncommon to leave her son and her husband alone, I understand that she wants to make sure we have a comfortable life, but she should also understand that she is starting to neglect us.
I'm more worried about our son, she doesn't spend much time with him and he doesn't like her mother very much, and recently he got in trouble for stealing a car and she insisted on traveling to Japan instead of helping him, our son is becoming more and more a problematic every time, getting into fights at school or fighting with other boys older than him. I guess this cause the absence of his mother.

However, now she is here, she says that is taking a break for a few weeks and wanted to spend time with us.

It's been a week since she got here, our son is not very happy with her, almost all the time he is ignoring her or calling her a bitch, I dislike his attitude, but, although I try to explain I can understand that he is upset with her, Jouko doesn't care much about his attitude.
With me it is different, she is still kinda cold and innexpressive, but it seems that she is trying to get closer to me, she has been insisting on going out together and when we go to sleep there are nights where she wants to hug me from behind. She is kinda cute like this, but it is not normal coming from her.

Actually, it seems as if she were kinda sad, the way she moves or speaks is as if she were sorry. He may have made a mistake at work or something similar, but that meant he had only come here to lift his mode. It is understandable, but at the same time hypocritical considering that it is never here for us.

I always tried to be good to her, I try to understand her with her work and accept her cold behavior even if it bothers me that she hides things from me. I always wanted to respect her and support her in everything she does hoping she will do the same, but at the end she keeps leaving us behind, keep hiding things. And frankly I don't know how to keep dealing with her.

"Where is Jolene?" She told me entering the living room, she had been sleeping in our bedroom for the afternoon, now it's almost 7 pm. I was getting my briefcase ready, that day I would have a meeting in the office.

"He went camping with his friends, he will be here the day after tomorrow in the morning." It was no surprise that Jolene didn't say anything to her.

"You will go out too?"

"Yes, I have a meeting at work. I won't take so long so when I arrive we can watch a movie if you want to."

"That would be nice... " He replied shortly, leaning on the wall, my suitcase was ready and I had to hurry if I wanted to arrive on time. I went with her and placed a kiss on her head to say goodbye.

"I'll see you later."




The meeting ended up being postponed. It's frustrating that they made me go to the office on a Friday night just to end up doing this, and the traffic was horrible. At least now he would have more free time and there was not much way left to get home.
I wonder if Jouko will want to watch a movie, she didn't seem to have plans after all.

Besides, without Jojo here we could even have sex...

But probably she won't want to, I think I can count with my fingers every time we had have sex, since she is never at home and always maintains a selfless and asexual behavior towards the subject.
All my friends tells me how lucky I am to have her as a wife, they would really laugh at me if I told them that I almost never touch her.


"I finally managed to arrive…" I parked the car and entered the house, she is not in the livingroom, she must be in our bedroom.
I put my briefcase aside and went to the kitchen to get some water, it doesn't seem trace of her in the living room.


"You like it like here baby?..."


A voice was heard. I managed to slightly hear a male voice before I could even bring the glass of water to my mouth. A voice I didn't know, but I was sure it was the voice of a man.

Jouko ... invited someone?
But if so ... Why aren't they in the living room?

I listened to it again, I did not heard it as clear as a moment ago that I could understand what he said, but I can safely say how he is talking to my wife.
I left the kitchen following the sound, feeling as with each step I took the sound became louder and clearer.


I stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at the second floor, the sound comes from there.


In a situation like this one can imagine the worst, but, I must keep hope, Im talking about my wife, the woman I fell in love with, the woman with who I had a son and with who I married. My wife may be able to leave us aside, ignore her son, almost don't show me affection and remain absent without giving us any explanation, but she cannot be so bad, isn't?

She wouldn't do that to me, she wouldn't cheat on me, isn't?

I continued standing on the bottom of the stairs listening to the sounds coming from our bedroom, my heart began to pound and it was getting harder and harder for me to breathe, the tie and buttons on my shirt seemed to be hanging me. I quickly took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, I couldn't just stand there, I needed to go up, I have to find out, I must go up and discover that all this was just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding of which I will end up laughing at, a misunderstanding of which she will laugh out too.

I was on the second floor, the light in our bedroom is on.
I started to sweat, I could hear the voices clearer from there. I was approaching slow steps taking care that they did not heard me. I arrived at the door. I stayed there for a while, took a breath and opened it quickly.


I saw my wife in our bed wearing only her bra and long stockings which were held by her lace garter belt. A man was with her touching her clit. The two stared at me.


At that moment I acted on impulse, I entered the room approaching to the man and quickly punched him in the face and then threw him out of the room and insulting him. He did not resist and simply ran away scared.
After that I turned to see my wife and as cold as It could sound I slapped her in the face.

"What have I done to you?!"

She did not answer, she was paralyzed placing a hand on her cheek while listening. I had never yelled at her before, i didn't even raised my voice to her before.

"In spite of all the times that you left without saying goodbye and of all the times that you neglected our son I was always waiting for you, I always stayed here with Jolene without asking you anything clinging to the idea that one day you would change and simply decide to stay with us. And now when you finally come back you decide to cheat on me in our own house and in our own bed." She just looked at me with fear and some sadness while covering her body with the sheets. I sat in front of her tired of talking so much. "You... You really hate us, right?"

"I'm sorry ... I'm really sorry ..." She pressed the sheet between her hands and ducked her head as she began to cry. "I know I shouldn't have done it just ... he was treating me so well and I think I started to feel things ... I tried to forget it coming here, but he insisted on see me and I just let myself go... "

"And I don't treat you well?" She and I knew there was no excuse for this situation, for what she did to me. Right now I wanted to cry, I felt so pathetic for trying to save a relationship that was already broken. What will Jolene say...

"No of course you do... Dear, nobody had treated me as well as you did... You're the best husband any woman could have..."

"But you don't like that, do you?" I whispered as I pressed the sheets tightly. "You don't want a man that treat you well, do you?"

I didn't think it twice, maybe because of how angry I was, but at that moment I just held her and began to kiss her forcefully, she tried to breathe in the surprise of the moment while holding her by the wrists and passing my tongue in her mouth looking for hers. I lengthened it more than usual without caring that the air ran out or that the drool would start dripping down our jaws, I didn't want to stop, it seemed as if I wanted to devour her.
My wife was still somewhat lost with all this, but still managed to let go when she needed to breathe, it was not difficult cause how strong she was. I took advantage of that to take off my blazer and throw it aside.

"What ... What was that?"

"I don't know ..." I climbed into the bed completely, cornering her "I don't know what's going to happen from now on, I don't know how we're going to see each other. That's why I need to do it, right now."

The more I cornered her against the headboard, I began to open my pants, bringing my crotch to her face while she looked at me with some fear without objecting.
I held her by her hair and inserted my alf hard dick into her mouth. She just complained a little and laid her hands on my thighs, I stood still for a while waiting for her to get used to it even though I wanted to move my hips and start fucking her throat, I always wanted her to give me an oral.

"Are you going to suck it or you want me to move?" She let out a groan stifled by my member and remained accustomed to the sensation for a while and then began timidly to suck with eyes closed. At least her inexperience showed me that it was the first time she did this.

She didn't do it bad for the first time, maybe it was because it had been a long time since I even masturbated, but my wife didn't do it badly, besides the vibrations of her voice gave a very pleasant sensation.
I still wanted to hold her hair and move strongly against her throat. With how inexpressive and cold my wife was at that moment I only began to think at how her face would look crying and drooling while getting fucked hard, how her voice would be heard being completely broken between gasps and groans. Just by thinking about that my size increased, Jouko reacted to this with a groan moving his head away.
"Are you shy? How cute..." I whispered while stroking her hair, involuntarily I began to move my hips giving slight lunges. She was still not complaining, in fact, she began to rub her thighs trying to rub her crotch. So she does like to be treated like this "Do you like this?" Do you want me to go harder?"

I Increase the speed while holding it firmly, her hands clenched on my thighs while trying to breathe. It felt amazing, if I continued like this I would ejaculate soon and I wanted to cum in her mouth, at least I would like to cum in her face, but I think it would be better to endure until the end. After all, I don't want to finish to soon.

I removed my limb and let her breathe as I continued to pet her hair, saliva strings connected her lips with my glans, she looked so fucking hot.

"Did you like to eating my cock honey?" i change position and place myself between her legs to admire her, she liked to wear garterbelts that held her long stockings instead of pantyhose that would be the most convenient and without her underwear she looked amazing in those, fluids began to drip from her pussy while all her organ throbbed by the stimulation.

My eyes went to her breasts, she still has her bra, I really wanted to see her using only her stockings and instead of unbuttoning it I ripped it off, she raised her face ashamed

"What is this?" When i removed her bra, I notice something, her nipples are pierced, adorned by two small platinum piercings. "When did you do this to yourself? I had never seen them before..." I started touching them and lightly pulling them.

"I ... I pierced them in high school ... -"

"Why you never show me? I love them... They look so good in you..." I lowered my head and started sucking one of her nipples while massaging the other one and pulling the piercing, I really didn't expect her to be this kind of woman. I understand that as a young girl she pierced her ears and other places, she told me that she used to be a kind of delinquent in her seventeens, but how many times will she have used them again?.
In addition to that she likes to wear fishnet stockings, garter belt and tight skirts, she should like to feel sexy looking like that. It is not a bad thing, but, the more i think of that, the more I regret haven't touched her in all these years.


"Dear..." She sighed as I continued sucking her " I'm going to cum..."

"Are you really that excited?" I removed my mouth from her nipples and instead place my fingers on them while I brought my face to her ear and neck. "I haven't even touched your pussy yet and you want to cum? It's not like you were virgin, at least this tells me that you didn't cheat on me with more guys..."

"Of... Of course not ..." She was trembling to hear me speak so close to her ear. I think she likes it.

"How to know? If you are traveling all the time going from here to there. Maybe you were a damn bitch all this time and I didn't know." With each word added to the stimulation in her breasts she was already arching her back in the bed while sinking her head. "You have no idea how much I wanted to touch you. You have no idea how many times friends and coworkers tell me how lucky I am to have you as a wife and tell me how hot you are. I'm sure you'll will open up for them and let everyone touch you, right? I wouldn't mind seeing how you would get gangbaged by all of them..."

"Dear…! If you continue I will...!"

"Hold it..." I withdrew my hand from her breasts and returned to my initial position between her legs. With my hands I held his outer lips and separated them to admire the interior.She is so open and wet, it seems as she will cum with the minimum rubbing of her clit "I want you to cum when I used you, okay?"

She trembled and made a slight nodding as she tried to hold her orgasm, i had never seen her so horny before.

I didn't want to leave her waiting and my dick was also hard so i slowly began to introduce a pair of fingers inside taking care not to make her cum, I moved them slowly, it was warm and wet inside, I think it will not be necessary to prepare her. After a few seconds without moving them much I took them out and began to cover up my penis with her fluids, she watched silently as I prepared while trying to open up more with anticipation.

In a way it was surprising, at the beginning of everything I was really upset with her for cheating on me, but now that I see her in front of me naked with legs open while trying not to cum i just forget that i was angry in the first place. In fact, I don't remember the last time I had felt so much love and affection for my wife.

I couldn't wait any longer, I immediately grabbed her legs and entered her in less than a minute. I stayed there for a while enjoying its cozy and warm inner walls, it seemed as if it was made to fit my dick, my wife meanwhile sank her head into the pillows as soon as she felt me entering, now she was groaning under me as she trembled with the tongue out.

I began to move, it felt so good that it seemed that I did it involuntarily, I removed my hands from her legs to take her wrists and hold her while I rammed her and accelerated the pace, at this she squeezed me while moaning louder.

"Do you like it strong? ..." It seems that she can't speak with all the stimulation, she just hugged me with his legs while squeezing my limb.

She closed his eyes trying to breathe normally between the gasps, tried to open his mouth before being interrupted by his spasms and then try again to calm down and stop moaning. Was she trying to speak?

"Yes ... Dear. It feels amazing ...!" I knew it, she likes it, I think more than I expected. It surprises me that she hasn't cun until now, maybe it's that i haven't touched her clitoris yet or maybe she keeps on retaining her orgasm. "Yes… Your fat cock… I love it… dear…!"

"Fucking bitch ..." I began to move so fast with energy as i look her. Her face and other parts of her body were red and sweaty and her pierced breasts bounced with every thrust. She looked amazing, I wish I have a camera so I could take a picture of her in this state for masturbate when she's not here.

I paused to release her wrists and bring her closer to the pillows and headboard by slightly raising her torso, then I placed my fingers on her clitoris and began to rub quickly while staying in my place.

At this she released a noise of surprise feeling the stimulation, while placing a hand on her hair and moaning. I began to move as I continued masturbating her while looking her tearful face full of pleasure, she was close, it showed on her face and how the inside contracted.

"Ah ...!" As i expected, she reached orgasm in no time. The sensation of moisture and contraction that made her pussy felt fucking amazing.

I was not going to last much longer, in a need to cum myself I held her hips with both hands and rammed her hard again and again while she was still in her orgasm and even when she was already finished i continued. I stayed like that for about two minutes until I managed to cun, burying my cock deeply and cuming to the bottom.

It didn't end there, it definitely wouldn't end there. I continued doing it with her almost all night in different positions all throughout the room. I finished so many times inside that if she wouldn't be sterilized Jolene would definitely have had a brother after this. We ended up so tired that we fell asleep as soon as our heads touched the pillows.


I was the first one to wake up around eight in the morning, I was tired and my body was covered with dry sweat, my wife was still sleeping on the other side of the bed, I looked over her back and watched at her calm face, if I was tired sure she should be exhausted, I should prepare the bathtub for when... No, wait just a moment, I think I had forgotten the reason of this situation. She can prepare the bathtub alone.

"Hm ..." I heard a slight sound coming from her, it seemed that she was waking up.


"Shh... " I approached her and hug her back, i really don't want to get up, the morning is quiet and the atmosphere was comfortable. Even that i couldn't prevent her from waking up I managed to stay with her in that position, quiet and comfortable sinking in my arms.


"Dear... "


"¿Yes? "


"I ... I will understand if you want to leave me... " There was a time of silence, I looked her face again. "I also understand if you hate me, despite that I will continue to send money and... "


"I'm not leaving you... " I interrupted her. She turned to see me kind incredulous.

"Eh? " She turned his body and looked at me E"But ... after everything I did, are you still going to forgive me?"


"Yes, I will. " I hugged her by taking her by the waist and clasping my forehead against hers. "Because from now on things will be different. You'll be a good wife and you won't leave Jolene and me alone anymore. Do you understand? "


"Wait a second. It's not that easy. "

"Jouko, in all this time you have benn hideing things, your son almost does not recognize you, and you cheat on me. Even so, I will forgive you if from now on you will change." She was still incredulous about my request, i know it sounds stupid that i'm managing to forgive her, but i hoped that this would finally make her reconsider things. "All I want is to have you here, I want you in my life, please. "

I hugged her, maybe because of the feeling of not knowing what she is gonna say, at least I wanted to remember this moment. I know that many would chose leave her, but in spite of everything I am still weak, I still clung to the idea that she would said yes, i still held on the idea of having my wife at home, I want our son to have a mother figure, I want to be able to make love with her like last night...

Please, just tell me yes.


"I will... "