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I'm Just a Guy who's a Substitute Teacher for Fun

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"Shoto Todoroki?"


"Toru Hagakure?"

"Here sir!"

Saitama looked for a student, and only saw a floating schoolgirl's uniform. He nodded his head and decided to skip onto the next student.

"Katsuki Bakugo"

He saw an especially spikey child made explosions in his hands.

"No sparklers in class please, I don't know if they fine substitutes for property damage. Izuku Midoriya?"

The green haired child was sitting at his desk, visibly sweating, with a multitude of notebooks scattered around his desk.

"I know it has to be in here som--- ah, sorry! present sir!"

Saitama could see that Midoriya seemed to be troubled by something, but figuring out what was troubling was not exactly part of the job requirements of a substitute teacher. Besides, if he had any pressing issues he was sure the student would ask, or something.

As Saitama was finishing up roll call, he grabbed a VHS from the desk. The best part about being a substitute teacher was that you only had to grab the cart with the TV on it, and play a video. Sure, it wasn't exactly heroic, and he had forgotten his VHS at home and was lucky that Eraserhead had remembered to put a spare copy in his desk, but a payday is a payday

"Ok kids, this video right here is .... 'Super Training and You! A Workout Regiment by All Might!' where he teaches about... stretching and ... moving tires." Saitama was looking at it incredulously, as it seemed to be lacking in the sit-ups, push ups, squats, and running department. He shrugged and started to put the tape into the player, but was stopped by Midoriya nearly shouting,

"Um, excuse me, sir! Are you the Caped Baldy? The Prank Hero from Z-city?" Midoriya asked.

Saitama tilted his head in confusion, his brows raising,

"Well I'm a hero for fun, I don't think that's really pranking anyone though," Saitama said as he scratched his head.

All of the students gave confused stares, having no clue what Midoriya was talking about. Sensing the confusion in the room, Midoriya opened up a notebook full of notes on Genos,

"Demon Cyborg, Quirk: Update Patch. He always goes all out in fights, sometimes even endangering himself, but always comes back stronger and with new techniques. He also has a sidekick, Caped Baldy. Quirk: ... Unknown"

Bakugo groaned after hearing the explanation

"Demon Cyborg's sidekick!? Why couldn't we get an awesome hero like that, instead of his lame-quirked nobody? Let me guess what it is, Bystander? Standby?"

Saitama only looked at the student with a completely blank face, almost seeming detached from the world, as Bakugo rattled off more quirks, laughing wildly to himself.

Saitama pushed the VHS into the player and remembered to take note of the particularly spiky and shark-faced child, remembering to wait on helping him if he ever saw him fighting a villain someday.

While Saitama sat as his desk waiting for the class to be over, forgetting to have even passed out the worksheets for the video, Midoriya and his peers whispered to one another about their substitute teacher. The murmurings were almost loud enough to make Saitama tell the students to pipe down, but he wasn't about to be interrupted from looking at the local discounts section in the newspaper he had brought with him.

He had never noticed it before but now that he had the notebooks and was looking at with his classmates, He was noticing that Caped Baldy was in the background of almost every major fight that had taken place outside of school grounds in the last couple of years; most of the times it was only a single limb in the frame of the photos, or most of the time he had his entire back turned to the camera, but he was still there.

Just as Midoriya looked like he was going to ask another question to his substitute teacher, a loud explosion was heard outside of the classroom.

The students all ran to the window, while Saitama calmly walked over, seeing about 30 hulking black figures with crow-like features, one young man in all black with a hand attached to his face, and what seemed to be some portal creature in a suit who had glowing yellow eyes. They were standing on the baseball field, looking like they were ready for the fight of their lives.

"Hello heroes, and welcome to the last days of UA," said the young man, motioning to his small army. "These Nomus are each as powerful as All Might, and will show that UA can truly never protect its students! And when all of your parents wonder how they could let their children get involved in this, they'll remember that it was the failure of the heroes, and the power of the League of Villains!"

Most of the students were nearly shaking with fear. They had seen one Nomu nearly beat All Might before, but now they were supposed to take an army of them on and Shiguraki and Kurogiri?

Bakugo was just about to open the window to jump out and fight them, ready to prove his worth with a vicious smile on his face, when he noticed his substitute teacher was already standing in front of the Nomus. When did he even have the time to get there?!

Saitama was pleasantly smiling with his eyes showing a large amount of interest, slowly scanning each Nomu,

"So there all as strong as All Might huh? And You're as strong as...Demon level at least, right kid? And you... God? Maybe?" He said as he vaguely motioned to the two Villains behind the Nomus.

"I'm Tomura Shigaraki and this is my partner, Kuorigiri," said the young man with a hand attached to his face. "However, you're no one. Probably some sad wannabe who needs a hero to save him. Well, heroes." An evil and crinkly smile formed on Shigaraki's mouth as he looked at the students and said, "Save him."

As the villain finished his sentence, all Of the Nomu's jumped at once, ready to pounce on Saitama.

Midoriya and Bakugo were leaping from the window with their classmates following close behind them. Midoriya had activated Full Cowl100%, and Bakugo was exploding at full velocity, but it was no use. As Soon as the battle had started, it was over.

Saitama punched the air in front of him and made what looked like a condensed sonic boom, knocking each and every one of the Nomu's into the stratosphere and beyond. Saitama frowned at Shigaraki.

"You said they would be as strong as All Might. Why did you lie?" Saitama asked.

Shigaraki was shaking in terror, as his assistant quickly opened a portal over his master and fled the battle, out of fear that their lives would be ended next.

The students looked at their substitute teacher in a state of shock, and Saitama moved his hands to shoo them away.

"Go on, back to class, nothing but a guy and his weird bird friends, probably an everyday occurrence here."

The students slowly walked back into the classroom, their minds overflowing with questions for their substitute teacher when he returned.

As the students got back in through the window and shut it behind them, Saitama was walking back into the building by going around it. Maybe if he was lucky he could add more time to the clock and get a little extra pay.

Halfway through his stroll around the building, Saitama ran into All Might, head on.

"Ah, sorry Mr...sir, but there's an emergency we have to be checking on this instant!" Shouted All Might, he was helping Saitama get up from the bump, but was also dragging him along by his wrist towards what was once danger.

"I handled it," Saitama said plainly

"You...? Oh, sorry, it must have just been something mechanical on the baseball field making that noise, right? Or maybe some friendly student sparring? " All Might asked, followed with a booming laugh.

"Yeah, sure, anyways I gotta go back to teaching so... bye," Saitama said as he jogged along, now that he had been seen taking the long way around, he had to make sure to get back quickly or else they may avoid asking him to substitute again.

All Might merely scratched his head as he watched the caped bald man leave. During the entire walk back to his office he couldn't help but feel that he had seen him somewhere once before. Maybe at that furniture sale yesterday?