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TodoDeku Lemon

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Izuku had been dating Shoto for a month or so now, and it was great. He had someone to go to, who treated him like something special. After years of hanging out with Katsuki, he still wasn't used to that. And the best part was getting to Shoto happy, genuinely loved and cared for. Izuku knew he couldn't heal all of the hurt, and he hated knowing what the poor boy had been through, but he knew that Shoto had a safe place, and loving arms to run to. And that's all he needed.

Those arms were currently wrapped around his precious Shoto. Izuku stirred, having dozed off earlier and readjusted his sleeping position. He pressed sleepy kisses into the back of his boyfriend's neck and shoulders.

Day dreams of things he could be doing with this sweet little soba noodle played through his mind, making him rock his hips slightly. He breathed out a soft moan as he pressed his *ahem* against Shoto, still too sleepy to notice what exactly what he was doing.

Shoto woke up to gentle kisses being pressed to his neck and shoulders. He stayed still for a minute before turning over to face his boyfriend. As he did, he felt something hard brush against him. He looked down and noticed Izuku's little problem.

He decided to pull Izuku closer to him while he pressed kisses to every inch of skin he could reach. While he was doing this, his hands were roaming up and down his boyfriend's back. Stopping every once in a while to squeeze his butt.

Izuku hiked a leg up over Shoto's hips, allowing him to press closer. He'd gotten used to these surprise make-out sessions, no longer getting unnecessarily flustered. But then a need presented itself.

Izuku whimpers as his face goes red. Still grinding on his boyfriend and starting to breath heavily. He wanted, no needed Shoto. Izuku caught his lips, starting a tongue battle with him. His hands roamed and he felt himself twitch a couple times when he thought of how easy it would be to pin Shoto. Or even what it would feel like to be pinned by Shoto.

He shudders with another soft whimper, not sure how to communicate that he's ready for more. I mean, it's his first time after all.

Shoto took Izuku's whimper as a sign that he wanted more. So he flipped them over and pinned his boyfriend down to the bed, pressing their crotches together for more friction.

He kissed Izuku again before pulling back to look at him. "Are you sure you want to keep going?" He asked. He lightly stroked Izuku's cheek while he waited for an answer.

Izuku, now a flustered, panting mess, squirmed and bit his lip.
He nuzzles into Shoto's hand before burying his face in his neck and uttering a soft and desperate "Please~"

His heart raced as he continued rolling his hips into his boyfriend's finally managing the courage to his two tone eyes. He ran his fingers through Shoto's hair "I want you, Shoto" he pants before pulling him into another kiss.

Shoto leaned back into the kiss happily. He ran his hands over Izuku's body, rubbing and squeezing as he went. He pulled his boyfriends shirt off and kissed his way down his chest to his waistband.

Once he reached his pants, he slowly pulled them down along with his boxers. Finally releasing Izuku's straining erection. Shoto kissed his way back up his legs to the middle of his pelvis, taking his boyfriend into his mouth. He started to slowly bob his head up and down on him while looking up at Izuku to see his reaction.

Izuku watched with awe as Shoto made short work of his clothes, working his way lower and lower. He shudders as those lips found more sensitive skin, gasping as the wet heat of his boyfriend's mouth enveloped him.

Izuku watched eagerly, brushing the hair back from his lover's face as their eyes met. It was such a beautiful sight, he almost couldn't stand it. His fingers tangled into Shoto's hair, mixing red with white as he resisted the urge to thrust deeper.

Shoto loved seeing his boyfriend come undone underneath him. The look he gave him as he pleasured him was almost enough to make him come undone himself.

He pulled away when he felt Izuku was getting close. He stood up and slowly stripped for Izuku, wanting him to see just how turned on he made him. Once his clothes were off, he pressed their bodies together again. As he rotated his hips against his boyfriends, he kissed and bit his neck leaving marks.

Izuku moaned in protest when Shoto pulled off of him. He gazed up reverently at the strip show that followed, completely mesmerized by the creature before him. He couldn't help but reach out and run his hands over that gorgeous body.
Before he knew it there were lips and teeth at his neck, making him gasp and moan. He melted beneath his boyfriend, panting as his struggled to find a resting place.

That's when he had an idea. Izuku took his next opportunity to flip them over, returning all the kisses. Gradually, he made his way down lower and lower, worshiping the flesh beneath him until he got to Shoto's dick.

Little did his lover know, he'd been doing some extra "training" in his spare time.
He gazed up, licking the length of the shaft before taking it into his mouth. He concentrated on controlling his gag reflex as he took it deeper into his throat, humming around it and bobbing his head gently.

Shoto was surprised when he found their positions reversed. The surprise didn't last long because he was soon taken into his lovers mouth. He couldn't help but let out breathy moans, just the feeling of his lovers touch made him fall to pieces.

He ran his fingers through Izuku's hair, tugging on it when the pleasure became too much at times. Finally after a while, he pulled his lovers head away from his dick and flipped them back over.

"Where did you learn how to do that?" He said seductively, while rolling one of his lovers nipple between his finger.

Izuku gasped when a sharp tug pulled back from his lover, swallowing instinctively to soothe his now sore throat.

He laid back obediently, letting Shoto flip them as he panted. He was actually quite proud of himself, until said angel questioned how he did it.

Izuku blushed harder, if it was possible, and hid his face in his hands completely unable to answer.

The answer was porn. Lots of porn and a month of gradually desensitizing a natural reaction with toothbrushes and cucumbers. But Izuku wasn't about to explain that, especially not now.

He shuddered and moaned, peeking out from behind his fingers to shoot his lover a shy look as he squirmed in his grasp. "I... wanted to impress you.." he gasps pathetically, trying to look cute.

Izuku pulls his legs open, signaling that he's about done with foreplay. His little trip to Todo's "peppermint patch" left him dizzy and desperate, and he was ready to take whatever that boy had to give him. "Shoto, please..." He whines with lust glazed eyes.

Shoto watched as Izuku's face turned bright red after he asked his question. And once he answered him, his eyes grew darker with lust for his lover.

"Don't worry, you definitely have. My little Izuku." He whispered into his boyfriend's ear. He sat back so he could reach over and grab a condom and lube. Once he did, he put the condom on himself before smearing two fingers of his in lube.

Shoto gently pushed one finger into his lovers tight ass. Going slowly to not cause him any pain, then adding another when he thought the other was ready. Once he thought his lover was stretched enough, he pulled his fingers out and coated his dick in more lube.

"Are you ready?" He asked, looking Izuku in the eye, he wanted to make sure he still wanted this.

Izuku's eyes rolled back as he melted into a moaning mess. The way those fingers worked him was magical. He pulled his eyes back to Shoto, shivering under the lust soaked gaze that met his.

After what felt like mere seconds of bliss those fingers were gone, readying something bigger and better. "Are you ready?" He heard the other ask. Izuku met those loving eyes, shining back with the same need and passion. "Do it." He nodded, grabbing the sheets in preparation for what would come next.

Shoto gently pushed his dick inside his lover, going slowly until he bottomed out. He leaned forward, resting his upper body on Izuku. "Are you alright?" He panted into his lover's ear.

Izuku bit back a cry, letting out a soft yelp as Shoto sank into him. The prepping helped, but his boyfriend was longer than either of them had able to reach before. He wrapped his legs around the other's waist, clinging to him as his body adjusted to Shoto's size.
"Yeah" Izuku squeaks, trying not to make too much noise "You can move now." He pants, starting to relax a little now.

Shoto started to thrust his hips slowly at first, as to not hurt his boyfriend. Once he was sure that Izuku wasn't in any pain he sped up. He leaned up and brought the other into a short kiss, before leaning back a little to watch him come undone below him.

As his pace picked up, he brought one hand down to take his lovers dick in his hand. He stroked him at the same pace as his hips, trying to bring them both to the edge.

Izuku moans, trying desperately to stay quiet as His boyfriend started to thrust.
It was an odd sensation at first, but as Shoto sped up he hit deeper and harder. Izuku's head rolls back, eyes half lidded as he gasps "Oh fuck, Shoto, yes!". His hands reached up to claw at the pillows behind him, which came in handy when Shoto's hands started to roam.

Izuku could hardly handle the pleasure of fucked and jerked off at the same time. He clapped a hand over his mouth to muffle his cries of ecstasy.

It wasn't too long he was gasping again "Sho-AH... God, I'm- I'm gonna..." he squirms and bucks, trying to last as long as he can.

Shoto pants hard as he gets closer to coming, he leans forward and gives his boyfriend a chaste kiss. "It's alright, let go for me." He whispered, he makes sure to angle his thrusts just right to hit his lovers prostate on every thrust.

As he reaches the edge, he pulls his boyfriend into a deep kiss, silencing any scream Izuku may make.

Izuku finally gives in, painting their stomachs before Shoto could even finish his sentence. He shudders, riding his orgasm for a good 5 seconds before a jolt of pain pulled him back to earth.

Izuku whimpered and whined into his lover's lips, tears welling as his overstimulated body shook. He didn't hate it though, and pulled his boyfriend closer, clawing down his back as he waited for Shoto to topple over that glorious edge.

Shoto didn't last long once Izuku came, he thrust a few more times before coming in the condom. He pulled out of his lover and took the condom off, tying it and tossing it in the trash. As well as cleaning his lover up.

Once he finished, he fell on his back, pulling his boyfriend to rest on his chest. He kissed Izuku on the forehead and wrapped his arms around him. "Are you alright? You're not hurt are you?" He asked, afraid he hurt his boyfriend.

Izuku shuddered one last time as Shoto pulls out. Taking a moment while his boyfriend was distracted to wipe his eyes. He didn't want him worrying. He moved carefully, helping Shoto clean things up before settling back down into the other's chest.

Izuku hummed as gentle arms wrapped around him. "No, I'm fine." He smiled, snuggling in. "That was incredible." He swoons, hugging Shoto tightly.

Shoto smiles at Izuku before leaning down and kissing him softly. He pulls back to look at his boyfriend. "I hope it's not too early to say this. But I love you Izuku." He says softly, holding Izuku's gaze. Waiting to see if he messed up by saying that or not.

Izuku's smile quivers slightly, but doesn't falter. He felt his heart skipped several beats as those words registered. "Shoto..." he whispers as his eyes start to water again.

He moved a hand to brush gently across his lover's cheek before pulling him into a deeper and passionate kiss. "I love you too, Shoto." Izuku grins through elated tears, resting their foreheads together. He couldn't do much more than grin, happier than he'd ever been before.