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Bonnie made a few kissy noises with her new toys: Gabby Gabby and Benson before she heard her mother calling for her to come downstairs and have some breakfast. The girl had set both the pull-string babydoll and ventriloquist dummy on her light green bedspread before running out of the room. Within seconds, Gabby Gabby and Benson, sat up and blushed crimson from Bonnie’s role playing.

The closet door creaked open, revealing the girl’s other toys—Jessie, Buzz, Rex, Buttercup, Dolly, Slinky Dog, the Potato Heads, and Mr. Prinklepants, who were all curiously peering up at the two individuals on top of the bed.

“Look, Benson! Toys!” Gabby Gabby picked herself back up on her feet. “I remember you,” she pointed directly towards Buzz. “You’re that space man who was trying to help Woody...”

“Affirmative,” Buzz Lightyear answered. “Aren’t you the one responsible for holding Forky captive?”

The other toys gasped.

Benson comically shook his painted head and made his wooden jaw slide out.

“You monster!” Rex roared.

“Evil!” Buttercup added.

“Good grief!” Mr. Prinklepants whimpered.

“Let’s get them!” Mrs. Potato Head screeched.

Jessie whistled for silence. When everyone fell quiet, Dolly waved an arm at Gabby Gabby, who had been shielding Benson for protection.

“Why should we trust you?” the purple-haired cloth doll demanded.

“You know Woody?” Jessie questioned.

“Of course,” Gabby Gabby beamed. “Why, he’s that sweet cowboy who gave me his voice box I so desperately needed. He’s such a good man.”

Jessie raised her eyebrows not sure how to react to that. Gabby Gabby folded her hands together and looked around. “Now where is my lovely Forky?”

“Building lint balls with his new girlfriend in the laundry room,” Dolly snorted. “That’s where Bonnie left them last.”

“Girlfriend?” Gabby Gabby’s eyes watered, but they were tears of joy. “My little utensil is growing up!”