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The Kamen Rider Sketch Dump

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Skill number 1243, Kaoru has learned, is apparently making excellent coffee no matter how poor the supplies on hand are.

“How do you manage it?” he says, taking another baffled sip. “I don’t think I’ve ever had hotel coffee that was more than passable.”

“Spices.” Yusuke grins and holds up a little bottle. “I learned it in Morocco. It’s good, right?”

“It really is.”

Now that the coffee’s made, they sit in silence, and the only skill currently on display is “looking absolutely spectacular in nothing but a towel.” That one probably doesn’t have a number, but it might be Kaoru’s favorite. It’s certainly not one he’d ever dared to hope for a demonstration of, and yet now here Yusuke is, sitting on his bed at his aparthotel, drinking spiced coffee and watching him like he’s the special one.

(Yesterday afternoon, outside headquarters: “Your girlfriend in Nagano must be pretty special, right? To be dating a guy like you.”

“Are they still keeping that joke up?”

“So you don’t have a girlfriend.”


“Does that just mean you’re really busy, or can I ask you out on a date?”)

Yusuke finishes his coffee and says, cheerfully, “I think the way you keep looking at me and smiling might be the nicest thing that’s happened in ages.”

Kaoru coughs. “Am I that obvious about it?”

“I mean, to be fair, I’m noticing it because I keep looking at you and smiling. So I don’t think either one of us is really being subtle.”

“I guess not.” It feels strange to be shy at this late stage, and Yusuke certainly doesn’t encourage shyness, but Kaoru feels shy nonetheless, and hides it in the last sip of his own coffee.

(Yesterday evening, outside the hotel: “Would you…like to come up?”

“I’d love to. If you’d like me to, that is.”

“I would. I would very much…like you to.”

“Then yes, please.”)

“You know what?” Yusuke blinks, and then claps his hands as if he’s had a revelation. “I think I’ve figured out a new skill!”

Kaoru frowns. “What, really? Just now? What number is this one?”

Yusuke flashes his infectious grin again. “This’d be 2001. Beat my goal.”

“Will you have to update your business cards?”

“Nah, I might leave this one off, it’s kinda private.”

“Am I allowed to ask what it is?”

“You’re the only one who gets to know what it is, actually. Go ahead, ask.”

Yusuke looks at him thoughtfully for a moment before saying, “What’s skill number 2001?”

(Last night, in hotel room: a breathless countdown of skills, half-laughing. Every touch, though, is meant entirely seriously.)

“I’m pretty sure,” says Yusuke, leaning across the bed and pulling Kaoru towards him, “skill 2001 is kissing you specifically.”

There are several minutes in which talking is out of the question, and then once he’s able to, Kaoru says, “I mean, you may have mastered that one already.”

Yusuke smiles and doesn’t let go of him. “Actually, I think I might need to practice some more.”