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When I Got What I Got

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The sunset just over an hour ago. They continued down the road filled with fields and mountains over the horizon. The countryside of Colorado were always great for looking at the stars paired with extraordinary mountains. The cool summer breeze paired with the blanket of stars covering over the planet. 


Dean had been driving all day usually he wouldn't complain, but he just wants to have a moment with his beautiful passenger before they hit Kansas. He looks away from the old road to a stunning dark haired, blue eyed angel. He just has to pull over and create a memory with Cas in Colorado. So far they have 15 out of the 50 states. Not that he’s counting, but yeah he’s counting. Dean started steadily slowing the impala speed pulling off the road into a field.


“Dean what are we doing?” Cas gave Dean a puzzled looks.


“I wanna have a moment before we head back.” Dean gave Cas smile the one he only shared with Cas.


The impala pulled into the field and Dean put it into park. Cas pulled himself out of the passenger seat of the impala waiting for Dean in the front. Dean went to the backseat and pulled out a blanket. He quickly emerged to beside Cas and went to lay down a blanket on the ground. Cas took a seat, Dean took a seat right beside him. Dean slowly put his arm around Cas pulling him down and towards him as he laid down. 


They both laid there looking up at the stars.




“Yeah Cas?”


“Why did we pull over just to look at the stars? When I could just show you the same thing with my grace? Not that I don’t enjoy this moments.”


“As much as I love you showing me images when I get nightmares, I prefer us creating our own memory.” Dean placed a kiss on Cas’s forehead.


They laid their for a couple of hours listening to the radio playing softly in the background. Dean loved the moments where it was just him and Cas. He loved sharing the little things with like waking up next to each other, sharing showers, and even listening to Cas talk about the bees.


Then Cas spoke. “Can I ask you questions Dean?”


“Yeah of course Cas.”


“Do you ever miss being alone?” Cas looked Dean in the eyes.


Dean looked shocked at Cas’s question but he already knew his answer. “Hell no I don’t!”


“Do you really think... I’m where you belong?”


“You know and I know that you’re perfect for me. You’re everything I’ll ever need man. When I got what I got I don’t miss what I had.” He looked at Cas like he was everything the stars, the moon, and the air.


Cas looked at Dean with genuine eyes. He knew Dean met what he said with every ounce in his body. 


“You know I can’t just show you images?”


Dean looked a Cas. “What else can you do?”


“I can show you my memories as well as yours, but I get it if you don’t want me invading your privacy and….”


Dean stopped Cas from rambling and kissed him. “I trust you Cas with everything including what’s in my head..”


“Are you sure Dean?”


“I’m sure”


Cas cupped Dean face placing their heads together, next thing Dean knew there was a bright white flash. Then he seen it all his memories began appearing around him. He saw the first time he and Cas met way back in the barn. He seen it all the times they shared a moment. The times where he was about to wake up screaming from a nightmare then Cas appearing blowing the nightmare away. Even when they both shared their first kiss. Then Cas appeared next to him taking his hand in his and entangling their fingers together.


“Is this all my memories?” Dean looked around and even seeing when he appeared at Stanford for Sam. Also seeing some others mixed with his.


“Yes and mine as well.”


Dean approached one that looked like a mirror of his younger self. So naive letting what other people think about him define him. He has a very different mind set now. He remembers a time when he was confused and in denial about his feelings concerning Cas. Now he doesn't give a shit what anyone has to say. Dean shows his love for Cas all the time every time they go into a restaurant, Dean grabs hold of Cas’s waist. He stared back at the reflection for a moment before turning his attention back to Cas. Dean remember their conversation before sharing their memories with each other.


He looked over to his side staring into Cas’s ocean eyes leaning their foreheads together whispering into his ear. “The old me here belongs here in the past and I know in the back of your mind you might think there’s something more I want, but when I got what I got Cas I don’t.”


Cas looked at Dean with everything like his only thing. Even all these memories don’t stand a chance from this one right here.


“You know you sounded a little crazy back there right?” Dean smiled at Cas.


“I just keep thinking that you will say you made a mistake.” He tried turning is eyes away from Dean, but he moved his eyes back to his green eyes.


“I don’t have no second thoughts, no regrets, no turning back the clock.. I’m all in baby.” Dean took Cas in his arms holding him close.


They stood there holding on to each other in like the other was going to disappear if one let go.


Dean lifted Cas’s chin up. “You’re all that I want all and all I’ll ever need... You, Sam, the kid are it for me man.” 


Cas stared into Dean’s emerald eyes before saying. “Your important, your everything to me, and your my home.”


They both leaned in to each other a shared a deep passionate kiss. As Cas steadily eased them back into their bodies. They both opened their eyes and look at each other Cas reached for Dean as Dean reached back for Cas. Both finding each other again holding on to each other as if one of them were about to be stolen away from each other. They both moved to each others neck steadily sucking leaving a mark on each others skin falling into each other. Steadily taking off each others clothes with each kiss never breaking contact.


Dean fell asleep naked against Cas wrapping his arms and legs around his love, his angel, his everything. Cas kept'd Dean warm and safe all night listening to his heartbeat steadily against him until the sun came up. Dean woke up looking at Cas with his droopy green eyes. Cas was about to get up when he felt Deans arms wrapping tightly around him, pulling him on top of him.


“Not so fast I wanna enjoy the view.” Dean smiled and started playing with Cas’s messy sex hair.


Cas laid there on top Dean slowly making another mark where only Dean could look.

They laid there for another hour. Then slowly started getting dressed, Cas stole Deans flannel shirt instead of putting back on his suit. Dean didn’t care he actually liked when Cas wore his clothes it make him feel warm inside. They packed up the impala and shares another moment in the front seat. 


“Cas do you ever miss being alone?” Dean gave him a teasing smile.


“No... I think you said it best. when I got what I got I don’t miss what I had.” He gave Dean a gushy smile back. 


Dean looked at Cas and leaned in and kissed him again, over and over before starting the impala.


“Alright let's get home Cas..”


He started up the impala letting its cold engine roar to life. Then pulling back onto the road grabbing Cas’s hand and holding on to it while driving.




Dean and Cas pulled into the garage still holding onto each others hands. Walking further into the bunker They agreed to meet in the bathroom, because even though the shared a moment together they wanted to be stingy and clingy with each other. Cas quickly put on his trench coat over Deans flannel and went to check on Jack


Sam approached Dean. “Hey what took so long, it was just a normal vamp nest and where is your button up?” 


“Sam things took a lot longer than expected. It's in my duffle.. I’m gonna go take a shower.” Dean quickly took off towards his room.


Before he even had the chance to get away Sam noticed he had a mark on his neck. “Before you leave can I use the impala?” 


“Yeah sure sammy.” Throwing his keys to Sam, keeping distance between him and Sam.


Sam walked towards the war room Jack was sitting there watching youtube again. Cas was sitting next to Jack sharing details about vamps. 


“Hey Cas, What are you doing?”


“Hello Sam!” Jack waved at Sam.


“Hello Sam, I was just telling Jack here about Vampires we encounter during the hunt.”


“Me and Jack are going to get some ice cream, do you wanna come?” 


“Uhhh no sorry Sam, I got something to do, I’ll see you later.” Cas said while running out of the room.


Sam got a look at Cas neck before he left seeing the same mark on Dean. Then he noticed it, one of Deans flannel shirts underneath Cas trench coat. When he left he wasn’t heading towards his room he was heading towards the bathroom…


“We should probably get going Jack.”


“Alright let me finish this video first Sam.”


Just then he heard the door shut towards the bathroom.


“Uhhhh.. NO TIME LET”S GO!.” Sam basically grabbing Jacks arm and running towards the impala. 




Steam filling the bathroom while Cas came in with a pair of clothes for the both of them he began stripping down naked.


“Do you think Sam noticed I was wearing your flannel?”


“Who cares, that’s probably why he asked for the keys to the impala.” Dean smiled gently reaching out for Cas pulling him into the shower.