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it’s an old tale (from way back when)

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In the beginning, there was the Void. From the Void came the Earth, the Abyss, the Darkness, and the Night.


From the union of the Darkness and the Night came the Brightness and Day.


From the Night came multiple children. The most well-known of them were Stability, Shouta; Sleep, Nemuri; Death, Hitoshi; and the Fates, raised in the bosoms of the Night and Darkness.


From the Earth herself came the Sky, the Sea, and the Mountains. She came to wed the Sky as he enveloped her and from their union came the three Hecatoncheires, the twelve Titans, and the three Cyclopes.


The Sky was a horrible husband and hated his children and so was a cruel, cruel father. He didn’t allow them to see the light of day and imprisoned them into the hidden depths of the Earth.


The Earth was enraged and plotted with her children against the Sky. She made a great sickle made of her strongest materials and cajoled her children to use it upon the Sky.


Only the youngest Titan, the Titan of Harvest, took the sickle.


Mother and son readied an ambush. When the Sky came to lie with the Earth, the youngest Titan reached out and castrated him. The Sky’s blood fell on the Earth and from them came the Erinyes, the Giants, and the Meliads.


The youngest Titan threw the castrated genitals to the Sea. They splashed into the waters of the Sea and, from the foam of the resulting waves, beauteous Mitsuki came to be.


With the defeat of their cruel father, the Titans claimed rule over the cosmos.



The youngest Titan ruled over the Titans and wed a fellow Titan. He titled himself “All for One.” Their union bore five children but the Earth and the Sky prophesied that the youngest Titan would be overthrown by one of his children and so, he mistreated his children and swallowed them whole: Ryuko, Ryuuko, Inko, and Sekijiro. All but one.


The Titaness was distressed with her husband’s actions and so, like the Earth, started to plot. She begged the Earth for help and she did.


Toshinori, the youngest, was replaced by his mother with a clothed boulder for her husband to swallow so the godling would not be eaten. The Earth took him in to be raised in secret.



When the time came and Toshinori had grown, he went to Tomoko, the Titan of wisdom, for help.


The eccentric Titan of wisdom gave him a drink she had made from a mix of wine and mustard indistinguishable from his Titan father’s favorite drink that was made to make the arrogant Titan hurl for a long, long while.



Toshinori disguised himself as a cupbearer and served his Titan father the drink Tomoko had given him.


The Titan started to hurl.


Along with his vomit came his swallowed siblings Ryuko, Ryuuko, Inko, and Sekijiro. Thankful for their rescue, his four older siblings acknowledged him as their leader.


With his siblings, they free the Hecatoncheires and the Cyclopes their father had imprisoned in the Abyss to help them in the impending war.


The war for the cosmos was brewing.



The children of the Night watched as the Sky was overthrown, as the Titans claimed rule of the cosmos, as the youngest Titan’s children started their rebellion.


Strife, Retribution, and Doom delight in the chaos, their power growing as the chaos unfolded. The others are indifferent, uninvolved.


All but the righteous Stability, Shouta, wanted to intervene.


The children of the Night are ungoverned by any but the Balance and Shouta, the most sensitive to its Scales, feels them tipping. He feels he is only doing what he is made for if he interposes.


And so he steps onto the Earth.



Toshinori and his siblings were approached by the primordial Stability who had introduced himself as Shouta. The son of the Night said he’d wanted to help.


The siblings were dubious, the war was between the children of the Earth and now this son of the Night, an outsider, was offering them help.


Shouta explained, “The Balance is in danger. The Titans are tipping the scales dangerously by resisting the change of the times. It is only prudent of me to ensure that it happens to maintain the Balance of the cosmos. I am one of its Keepers, I gain no other benefit from this. None of my siblings want to interfere. I made this choice myself for the sake of Balance.”


“How can we ensure you’re not lying?” skeptical Sekijiro spoke, eyes narrowed.


Shouta let out a frustrated sigh and opened his mouth to speak but—


“I have an idea,” Inko interrupted. She flushed when all eyes turned to her but still, she straightened her back and spoke her mind, “Would you be amenable to a blood oath sworn on the Styx? That would dissuade most of our suspicions.”


The siblings collectively turned their gazes to the son of the Night.


Shouta turned it over in his mind, thinking. He saw no harm in being their sworn brother, they were all trustworthy enough from what he’d witnessed from his mother’s realm. He nodded.


And so, the Titan-born siblings and the son of the Night swore themselves as sworn siblings.



They started their preparations. The three freed Cyclopes armed them with weapons; Toshinori with his gauntlets forged from lightning, Sekijirou with his bronze trident that controlled the waters of the land and the waters of the being, Inko with her silver daggers, Ryuuko with her earthen sickles, Ryuko with her draconic blades, and Shouta with his adamantine spear.


They gathered their forces, gaining the allegiance of the defecting Titans—Mirai the Titan of Foresight and Chiyo the Titan of Order as well as the majority of the Titans’ progeny. Tomoko had long since separated herself from the tyrannical Titans she had once called her family.


They built their stronghold on Mount Olympus where they plotted and planned and strategized, doing all they could to prepare before everything came to a head.



After a month of preparation, the blade of fate fell and the war began.


Old but still powerful, the youngest Titan opted to enlist the strength of the Titans loyal to him, lead by the vicious Gigantomachia, the Titan of Strength. Vicious Gigantomachia and his army lead the assaults against the forces of Mount Olympus.


In one such assault, Shouta was left to fend for himself when he was ambushed by Titan forces when he was making his rounds in the outskirts of Olympus, one of the rare times he was alone and the Titans took their chance and—severely weakening him with an initial corrosive blast that was made specifically to harm Shouta—tried their best to take him down.


He’d been one of the largest thorns on their side ever since the war started and almost paid the price.


Shouta had had to fight for an entire day alone until his shadow messenger reached the peaks of Mount Olympus to notify his sworn siblings.


The gods came to a heavily battered Shouta, his physical vessel almost thoroughly broken, shadows barely holding him together.


A powerful Primordial he may be, he couldn’t take on multiple waves of Titans alone while severely weakened.


He had to recuperate in his mother’s bosom in her dark realm for three days to put his corporeal form together.


Despite his mother and siblings’ (both sworn and blood-bound) concerns—Nemuri had almost forced him under when she heard of his plans to leave earlier than he should have but he managed a timely escape—, he returned to the battlefield, not fully healed.


That was how he earned his multiple scars.


Since then, Shouta had never allowed another attack to catch him off guard, him and his shadows constantly vigilant, his eyes glowing red as he used his shadows.


Never again.


(Only when the war ended did he let his eyes go back to their natural pitch black.)



In the midst of multiple battles, gods came to be.


When Ryuuko fought with her siblings in an offensive against the Titans, she was heavily wounded, weakened by how long the battle had gone on. Her blood flowed on the remaining flora of the almost decimated landscape and came upon a particularly stubborn flower.


With the blood of a god to nourish it and with the sun bright in the sky, the flower flourished and tall Hizashi came to be, eyes blood red—it was only when the war ended that it turned a lively green.


Delicate-looking he may have looked, he decimated the forces Ryuuko had been fighting with a stomp and a rise of once-harmless foliage.



In another battle, Toshinori was fighting head to head with Gigantomachia.


His head bled with a large wound, his stomach was almost all gone, and just when he thought he would die, laid on the ground after a ferocious blow from the Titan of Strength, Tomoko interfered with her concoctions that forced Gigantomachia back but not before the vicious Titan wounded her.


Her blood spilled and fell on Toshinori’s head wound as he was on the ground.


Tomoko rushed him to Olympus to heal. He didn’t remember much after that.


It was only when he was mostly healed that a great headache split his head open and out came Nedzu.



The war reached its climax when the gods, with advice from the Earth, readied an ambush for the terrible Titan of Harvest. Toshinori retreated his army.


The Hecatoncheires with boulders in their many, many hands, rained down their ammunition on the heads of the pursuing Titans, forcing the Titans to flee.


They had won.



They exiled the Titan of Harvest and his forces into the depths of Tartarus in the Underworld—with the exception of Gigantomachia who was forced to carry the heavens on his shoulders—wherein Shouta was found to have possessed much control over.


With eyes glowing gold and hair floating, Shouta dragged the Titans down into Tartarus and secured their imprisonment with a stomp of his bare foot on the earth of the Underworld.


And so, the war ended.



As time went on and the seasons went, the great war for the cosmos came to be known as the Titanomachy.


The Earth healed and so did the new rulers of the cosmos.


The three most recognized gods chose their dominions: Toshinori assumed rule over the skies, Sekijiro the seas, and Shouta the Underworld.


As order came to be, the Assembly was formed and the Centennial Assemblies started.


And so did Shouta and Hizashi meet.


The rest is history.