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Tony woke up with the taste of liquor still coating his tongue. 

Damn, but it had been awhile since he’d allowed himself to get that drunk. Ever since Obadiah had fomented rebellion in his board, leaving him open to a hostile takeover that he’d barely scraped the company out of, Tony had resolved to learn from his mistakes. 

A few fingers full never hurt. 

A few dozen fingers full was completely off the table. 

But yesterday had been particularly rough. Another tedious board meeting had pulled him away from his lab, and by the time he’d made it back, Butterfingers was just managing to set the place on fire. His fault, really - he could have sent his robot kid back to his docking station, or cleaned up the flammables. By itself, a small fire in the lab wasn’t anything to be concerned about. 

He’d certainly managed to set enough of them himself over the last few decades. 

But then Pepper had been up his ass about… something, he wasn’t really paying attention. He’d received word that a manufacturing deal fell through. And he’d been slapped by a pretty reporter outside a banquet hall. 

And that was it. He’d had enough. 

He wasn’t as well known in New York, although that was changing ever since he’d taken his company bi-coastal. Still, there were plenty of places that he could blend in for the night, lose himself in the feel of booze and hot bodies. 

...he hadn’t actually planned to go all the way to Queens for it, but hey, it definitely worked out in his favor. 

He stretched, relishing the burn and tension in his muscles, and then reaching blindly onto the bedside table for a pain reliever as a crack of pain glanced through his head. 

“What’s the weather like today, JARVIS?”

“You would know for yourself if you would let me unblock the windows, sir.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Cute,” he said. “But not happening yet.”

“The high today is seventy-two degrees,” JARVIS said, and Tony snorted at the slightly put-upon tone in his voice. “It is expected to be sunny until approximately two pm this afternoon, when light showers will commence until approximately six pm.”

“Perfect, Jarv,” Tony said, sitting up. He had an idea for that new machine gun they were working o- wait. The sense memory of perfect lips wrapped around his dick made him twitch with interest, a flash of some innocent twink’s face gazing up at Tony like he was some kind of nirvana.

At the time, he hadn’t appreciated it nearly enough. 

“JARVIS, can you pull a visual of that kid I was with last night? The one in the alley.”

There was a moment of delay. “I regret that the only clear picture available near the site of your assignation does not show your paramour’s face.”

Tony made a face at that. 

“Would you like me to widen the search area?”

Tony opened his mouth - but shut it again. It wasn’t like him to care so much about a one night stand. He didn’t have the time or inclination to seriously date anyone; he was selfish about his need to be alone to create, his need for variety - a different person every night on his arm. 

“No thanks, Jarv,” he murmured, but it didn’t stop his fingers itching to bury themselves in last-night-man’s hair. 

Formulas and equations soon overtook his thoughts as he started his day, but there was a lingering sense of curiosity, a long-sleeping part of him just beginning to waken. 

Maybe he would pay Twisted Twinkie another visit. It wasn't like it could hurt.