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In a blink of an eye

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When Isshi met Nao, he realized that Naoki Yamada is the weirdest, craziest and clumsiest person he met in his life. He also thought that he won't met anyone as optimistic as him ever again.

Then he met Keiyu. People say to don't judge the book by the cover. That was the perfect description of Keiyu. Even though he way weirder and crazier than Nao, he was a realist. If one person was sure they'd win the lottery and the other one was sure they won't, he would say they both waste their time on wondering, because no one will earn anything.

Nao was a no match for Keiyu in one thing. Keiyu was so perverted it was hard for another person like that. He was even worse than Akiya, who Isshi found in a broom closet with Shin, where they both fallen asleep covered only by the plaid shirt of the taller guitarist.

One beautiful morning, when the birds were singing, the sun was shining and the butterflies flied around, Isshi woke up with Keiyu's legs around his waist. He thought to himself that he's never going to let the younger vocalist stay the night ever again. Especially since he was horribly hungover and didn't remember a thing, while Keiyu remembered everything in detail and felt fine.

At some point Isshi noticed that Nao is acting even stranger than normally. He got caught up in his thoughts so far the only way to get his attention was to snap fingers in front of his eyes, which sometimes caused the bassist to flinch.

Isshi started to wonder why was this happening. Especially since Nao's behavior has gotten worse. The bassist was getting more and more broody while at the same time trying to spend more time with Isshi.

It was a beautifull, colorfull Autumn, the year 2007 was getting closer to it's end and Isshi had some weird thoughts coming to his head. He wasn't annoyed anymore by Nao, who followed him like a shadow and he started to enjoy the daily coffee made by the bassist. In generall he noticed him more than usuall. It was weird for him, because he got a feeling he discovered something that was there all along, yet he couldn't find it.

The breakthrough moment was the kiss. Completely unexpected, because Isshi wouldn't have thought that Akiya would kiss him. He was shocked for the first few minutes because of two reasons. First one being the thing that just happened and the second one being his thoughts after the incident.

"Why Nao wasn't the one who kissed me, instead of Akiya?"

Isshi had to ask himself an important question. Does he love Nao? Didn't Keiyu notice the way he stares at Nao? Keiyu didn't believe in love, yet he noticed there's something going on. When Shou heard that, which probably seemed obvious to him, he laughted and told him to do something about it. He also was positive about the outcome of things.

It took Isshi four months to think about pros and cons and he decided that there were more pros. So when he had an opportunity, even though he imagined it looking different, he got the courage to tell Nao his feelings and kissed the confused bassist.

No one was surprised that Isshi and Nao got together. Only Tora, who thought he's 100% straight was surprised about it. So surprised that he came to a conclusion that he himself doesn't love any woman at the moment...

For a year Isshi's and Nao's relationship consisted of cute names, bed and fights. Very intense fights which all the Isshi's pets, other Kagrra, members and the rest of PSC, especially Shou and Keiyu had enough of.

But all it took to change everything was one evening. Illusion in which Isshi drowned made him realise that Nao is more important to him than the whole world.

At first everyone felt relief. Later they felt nauseated since Isshi was still mean, but Nao became an apple of his eye. He did whatever Nao asked for. If Nao wished for a star from the sky, Isshi would probably grab him one. Nao was tied to Isshi by an invisible thread, no one could cut off.

March 25th 2010 was the worst day in Isshi's life.

"You're dying, Mr. Hitoshi."

Isshi wasn't afraid of death. He was scared of parting ways with Nao. That terrified him more than his death.

Isshi tried to tell Nao, but he gave up for one simple reason. Nao didn't take good news about dying people. This usually had few stages:

1) Phase of crying - usually took two days, sometimes a little more, depending on the feelings Nao had towards that person.

2) Phase of panicking - Nao cried after a mere mention of the dead person or any thing that reminded him of them. This lasted for about a week.

3) Phase of questioning - Nao walked around the house, practice room, studio and so on repeating one question "Why does it always have to be me?".

4) Phase of promises - this one was the worst for Isshi, after he learned he'll die, because Nao would always come to him and ask:

"You won't die, right?"

Before Isshi learned about his illness he'd smile and promise he'll live for at least fifty years. After knowing the horrible truth he just noded his head and hugged Nao, trying not to cry. Then he wrote the "Shiroi Uso" lyrics and no one know from where he got that idea.

Isshi's life passed in a a blink of an eye, even though Nao thought he'll live forever.

"Shino? Shino, say something to me, please. Shino..."

"Nao, that's enough, come with me."

At first Shin and Izumi were the ones who took care over devastated Nao, even though they also suffered. Even Shin couldn't believe what happened.

"Shino will come back, right, Hashidani?"

"Nao, dead don't come back."

"So I'll go to him. He'll be happy."

"I'd doubt it."


"Haven't he told you to not do something stupid?"

"Oh, right. It doesn't change the fact, that I wan't to die, though..."

After Shin and Izumi, Tora and Akiya were the one who looked after Nao, which wasn't a good idea. Nao's mental condition had bad influence on Akiya's mood, who still remembered the cold skin under his fingers.

"Kill me, Akiya."


"Kill me. I wanna go to Shino. I want to see him. Now!"

"Nao, wait, no!"

Luckily Tora was fast enough to catch Nao, before he reached the balcony door. Nao wrote the lyrics to "wanna see u" after this and Tora composed the music.

For everyone who saw Isshi's spirit, his words became the truth. Death was just the begining of the eternity. Or at least the continuation of it. Eternity begun, when Izumi introduced Nao to Isshi.

The end