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If I Called You Mine

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The truth is, Keith never expected to fall in love with Shiro.

He watches Shiro finish off a round of training, how his tail flicks back and forth, how his brow is sweaty from the exertion. He looks at him and thinks, yeah, he’s in love. It’s not a new feeling, but something that sits gently in his chest, warm like a slowly growing fire.

Keith observes him from afar, arms crossed and leaning against the door frame to the training room. Shiro hasn’t noticed him yet. But it’s just as well— this way, Keith can just drink him in, uninterrupted.

Shiro wipes his brow again and dives back into his training routine— unsheathing his blade and transforming it into a curved, sharpened edge, diving at the automated attack drones. He moves like water— fierce and unstoppable, but smooth and silent. Keith knows how hard Shiro’s worked to achieve that, knows how hard he’s trained himself when everyone doubted his stealth ability, considering his size. That Shiro can move without sound is a hard-earned skill he’s practiced relentlessly.

Keith’s been working with Shiro for the better part of a decaphoeb now, and it’s been a good partnership. Keith can see the ways he’s become a better Blade for it, too. He might have had his doubts, taking Shiro on as a mentee way back when, but he’s never once regretted the decision.

Keith opens his mouth to call out to Shiro but hesitates— waits as Shiro grunts and sweeps his blade through a drone, splitting it clean in two. The drone gives a little whirl of stuttering technology and falls to the ground, sparking electricity before going still.

Keith smiles to himself, watching Shiro’s tail swipe along the ground, betraying his pleasure and satisfaction.

Maybe Keith should have known how his feelings for his mentee would grow. Maybe he should have guessed, that first day they met. Shiro took one look at Keith, wide-eyed and blushing, and then could only grin at him. He’d been excited in a way he couldn’t disguise if he tried. Keith still remembers meeting Shiro, listening to him gush about all of Keith’s accomplishments and strengths. He’d been so excited to be trained by Keith— not resentful of being assigned a half-Galra commander, as Keith had privately feared.

“Nice job,” Keith calls out and grins when Shiro startles, nearly dropping his blade.

Shiro whips around, looking for Keith. When he spots him, his ears quirk up and he beams over at him. Keith can’t help but smile back.

Keith knows that Shiro thinks he’s only doing him a favor by taking him under his wing. But the truth is, Shiro’s helped more than he knows. It’s been a rough few decaphoebs for Keith. Galra second puberty hit him hard, in a way that he wasn’t fully expecting— when he looks in the mirror and sees his purple skin and Galra features, it still arrests him. He still expects to see a fully-human face staring back at him.

Shiro never questioned it. Shiro only ever wanted to do better, be better. They make a good team.

And, well, now Keith finds himself in love.

Keith pushes away from where he lurks in the doorway and approaches Shiro. It takes only two steps before Shiro starts purring.

And that’s maybe most remarkable of all— that Keith’s presence is enough to make Shiro this happy. That’s just how Shiro is: purring just at the sight of Keith.

“Hey,” Keith greets as he gets closer.

“Hi, Keith!”

Shiro towers over Keith. Keith’s gotten used to the crick in his neck from always looking up at him. He keeps smiling up at Shiro now, just relaxing into that comforting rumble of Shiro’s purr.

“Hope I’m not interrupting,” Keith says, knowing full well that he is.

But Shiro shakes his head, his blade retreating into its smaller form as he returns it to its place on his back, still beaming down at Keith.

“Were you watching?” Shiro asks, delighted. His ears quirk towards Keith, eager. “Did I do well? I did well, right?”

“Yeah,” Keith teases, laughing softly. “You did great, baby.”

Shiro’s smile turns delighted, just on the edge of smug. He looks so happy that it makes Keith want to cry. He’s never been able to do this to someone before— make them happy simply by existing.

But then again, that’s what Shiro does for Keith, too. They work well together, Keith thinks, his heart twisting up in his chest.

“You’re still a little sloppy on your left side, though,” Keith says, sweetly, and draws his blade from his belt. He tilts his head, feigning innocence. “I guess I still need to show you a thing or two.”

He doesn’t give Shiro time to process the words— launching himself at Shiro as soon as he finishes speaking. His blade transforms as he sweeps it down, just in time for Shiro to dodge, ducking away with a firm handspring. Shiro covers more ground quickly with his larger stride, but Keith’s always been quick.

He gives a delighted laugh as Shiro dodges again, rolling away from Keith’s onslaught. They move like that, an ebb and a flow, Shiro on the defensive as Keith lays out a standard attack formation. Shiro’s gotten better at his dodging, knows now how to throw his body without hurting himself, how to tumble away and get back on his feet quickly.

The sweep of the tail is a new trick, Keith thinks, as Shiro’s massive tail hits him hard at the ankles and knocks him off his feet. It’s a new move but a good move and Keith barks a surprised laugh as he hits the ground hard on his hip and rolls away, springing back onto his feet before Shiro can pin him down.

He volleys Shiro’s blade away with a sweep of his own, blocking Shiro’s parry with little effort. Shiro’s strength has always been his size and speed, hand-to-hand his usual go-to. Keith’s strength has always been the blade.

He jumps when Shiro goes to hit him with his tail again, laughing as he grabs Shiro’s shoulder and uses his weight against him, forcing Shiro to his knees as he swings himself away. He nearly gets Shiro into a headlock, but he’s not quick enough. Shiro wraps his arm tight around Keith’s waist and throws him down.

Keith hits the mat with a gasping breath and Shiro’s on him instantly, his huge thighs pinning Keith’s legs down, his arm across Keith’s chest and trapping him there. Keith struggles, once, but it’s too difficult to get out from under Shiro.

Shiro’s managed to actually pin him. Keith hums his approval.

“Caught you!” Shiro says, looking so proud of himself.

Keith gives that same low hum, unable to muffle his smug smile. He lifts his hands, tucking them behind Shiro’s ears and stroking along the furred underside. It’s a cheap trick, but it’s one that Keith knows will work. Shiro gasps and shudders, jerking away from Keith.

Keith rolls languidly to his feet, grinning down at Shiro as he gapes back up at him.

“Maybe next time, baby.”

Shiro almost pouts, sitting back on his haunches and letting out a low whine as he looks up at Keith. “That’s not fair! No enemy would do that…”

Keith shrugs, stepping close to Shiro again. “Who could resist your cute ears?”

It makes Shiro blush— which is always Keith’s favorite part. Keith grins and stretches his hand out, giving Shiro plenty of time to duck away if he wishes. But Shiro lets Keith card his fingers through his hair and cup the back of his skull, scratching his blunt nails along his scalp. He lingers for a moment, then trails his fingers along the line of Shiro’s jaw, cupping his chin and tilting his face up to look at him properly.

“You know you have to use all your advantages if you have them, Shiro,” Keith tells him, gently. “The Empire doesn’t play fair.”

Shiro’s ears twitch and then flick back, pressing against his skull as he sighs. Keith knows Shiro doesn’t like such a reminder, but also knows that Shiro has more than enough proof for that fact. Keith gentles his hand, stroking Shiro’s cheek in a soothing little circle, his thumb tracing his white marking skidding down his cheek.

“You okay, baby?” he asks.

Shiro sighs and nods. He leans against Keith’s hand, eyes falling shut. Keith’s mouth turns tender as he shifts to kneel in front of Shiro, his free hand resting on his shoulder. He keeps stroking his cheek with his thumb.

“You did well,” Keith tells him and watches Shiro’s mouth twitch with a smile. He blinks his eyes open to look at Keith. “You did manage to pin me this time.”

“I’ve been practicing!”

“I know,” Keith murmurs. Feeling bold, he lets his thumb drag across Shiro’s bottom lip. “I’m proud of you, Shiro.”

Shiro goes breathless, lips parting as he blinks at Keith. Then, slowly, his entire face burns red. Keith’s used to that, too— Shiro’s crush on him is well known among the Blades. He’s never been exactly subtle.

“T- thank you, Keith,” Shiro whispers. Keith can feel the ghost of Shiro’s breath against his thumb. It makes him smile more, which just makes Shiro blush deeper in turn.

So cute, Keith thinks absently.

“I know how hard you’ve been working,” Keith continues, stroking Shiro’s bottom lip perhaps a little too blatantly. Shiro keeps blinking at him. “Maybe I should reward you for doing such a good job?”

Shiro’s face is a sweet mix of purple and red. Keith thinks he might be pushing it too much, but he also can’t resist. Yeah, he’s flirting— he’s been flirting with Shiro for ages now. There’s nothing different about today, not really, but just like every day before this, Keith finds himself drawn to Shiro like a moth to the flame. It’s impossible not to gravitate to Shiro. It’s impossible not to love him.

“Reward?” Shiro asks, blinking up at him.

“Sure,” Keith says with a casual shrug, his mouth playing at a smile. “Anything you want.” When Shiro doesn’t say anything, Keith offers, “That Earth candy you like, maybe? I could find some in my supplies. Joyride around the system?” He grins. “A kiss?”

“I—” Shiro begins, hushed, his eyes widening further.

“Personally,” Keith continues, conversationally, pressing his thumb against Shiro’s mouth now, outright. “I hope you pick the kiss.”

Shiro goes very still. Keith isn’t worried he’s insulted him, only shocked him. It’s cute. Keith waits— patient, always patient when he must be.

“You’d— you’d kiss me?” Shiro asks, breath rushing against Keith’s thumb, still poised against his mouth.

“Of course,” Keith says, casually.

“I— oh,” Shiro whispers as Keith’s words settle. Keith watches the realization dawn on his face. He watches Shiro’s eyes go wide; if he weren’t already blushing, he knows this would be enough to do it. “Me?”

“Yes, you,” Keith laughs, his heart all twisted up in his chest— really, he’s helpless against it. He was always going to be weak to Shiro. “Who else?”

The question seems to stun Shiro. His ears perk right up and Keith watches how starkly contrasted Shiro’s white markings stand out against his blush.

“I—” Shiro begins and then stops, blinking at Keith. It’s almost cute, kneeling on the floor here with Shiro as he looks so utterly stunned.

“I’ve been flirting with you for phoebs, Shiro,” Keith explains, gently. In all actuality, he thought he was laying it on pretty thick. In hindsight, he realizes he could have been even more blatant if this is Shiro’s reaction. “You didn’t notice?”

It’s remarkable to watch how bashful Shiro becomes. He’s so tall and big, in general, and yet he looks so small as he ducks his head, embarrassed.

“I didn’t think you’d—” Shiro pauses, clearing his throat. When he peeks his chin up, peering at Keith, his eyes are big and hopeful. “Keith…”

Keith smiles to hide the shiver that curls down his spine. Shiro really has no idea how it affects him to hear the way he says his name. But that’s just Shiro’s way— he has no idea the effect he has on anyone, much less Keith.

“Well,” Keith murmurs, quietly, his eyes hooded. “If it bothers you—”

“It doesn’t!” Shiro bursts in, abruptly, and then looks vaguely horrified to have interrupted Keith. It’s cute. “I mean,” Shiro fumbles. “You couldn’t ever bother me, Keith.”

“Mm,” Keith hums, tilting his head, his smile playful. “So where does that leave us?”


Keith shrugs, nonchalantly. “I think I offered a kiss. I haven’t heard your answer.”

Shiro makes a soft sound, something akin to a peep. “You’re not— you’re not joking, right?”

“No,” Keith answers. He drops his hand from Shiro’s mouth to give him some space to breathe. “I’ve been flirting with you and you didn’t notice.”

“I’ve—” Shiro grunts, rubbing his hands over his face. His tail twitches back and forth, not quite agitation but barely suppressed emotions. He looks overwhelmed. “Keith!”


Shiro drops his hands, his eyes big and imploring. “I’ve been… I’ve been trying to figure out how to court you for phoebs!”

That’s new information. Keith feels his eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

Shiro’s ears flick back and he presses onward, relentless. “I— I know you’re… I know you must have a lot of people who are interested in you. You’re you! And I’m just me.” Laughable. Keith wants to immediately protest, but Shiro’s not finished, barreling through his words. “You’ve taught me so much and you’re so strong and I just… I—”

“Shiro,” Keith interrupts, gently. He seizes Shiro’s hands, tangling their fingers together as he peers at him. “You’re so good.”

It’s perhaps a little unfair. Keith knows what praise does to Shiro, and his pleasure at the words goes undisguised on his face. Keith watches Shiro shiver, his mouth fighting a relieved smile.

In reality, Shiro has no idea what power he holds over Keith. He’s good. From the first day they met— after Shiro’s trial and getting assigned to Keith for training. Theirs was an easy friendship, and Shiro’s always had this propensity for finding all of Keith’s barely disguised tender spots. He worked his way into Keith’s heart before Keith even realized it was happening.

“I’ve been calling you baby for movements,” Keith teases.

“Yes,” Shiro agrees, head tilting. “So?”

“So, it’s an endearment,” Keith laughs.

“Yes, among friends.”

“No,” Keith laughs deeper. “You don’t call your friends that unless you want to fuck them.”

He watches Shiro’s blush kiss his ears— it’s always worth being blunt when it comes to flustering him. Keith smiles at him.

“Oh,” Shiro whispers. He pauses, tail sweeping in little circles along the floor behind him. “You… Keith, you want—”

“To fuck you?” Keith asks when Shiro fumbles. “Yeah. Obviously.”

That seems to stun Shiro most of all. He blinks owlishly at Keith, face flushed. Keith waits, quiet, and squeezes Shiro’s hands once. He lets Shiro sit with the information, processing it.

When Shiro doesn’t say anything, Keith tilts his head. “We can go slow. If you wanted to court me. But you don’t have to.”

Keith’s still learning all the fine workings of Galran culture, admittedly. The Blades are probably not the best teachers on that front, but Keith’s willing to follow Shiro’s lead. He knows courtship is something of a big deal among the Galra. He’s also just as happy fucking the lights out of Shiro, too.

“I— I do want to court you,” Shiro insists, ears pressing back. “But I also— I.”

He doesn’t finish the thought. But Keith smiles and stands, tugging on Shiro to pull him to his feet. Keith tilts his head back to look up at Shiro as he straightens to his full height, towering over Keith.

“But you also want to fuck me?” Keith guesses and grins when Shiro averts his eyes, his blush still as deep as before. “You can do both, Shiro.”

“I— yeah,” Shiro murmurs, eyes wide, like he still can’t believe this is happening. Maybe he can’t. His eyes flick back towards Keith, staring at him.

Keith waits a beat and then smiles up at him. “So, take me back to your quarters.”

Shiro startles, as if he’s been smacked, and jerks forward. He takes Keith’s hand and pulls him as he moves towards the door. It makes Keith laugh, quick to follow. Shiro moves with a quickness he’s never seen from him— eager and fumbling at once. It’s adorable. Keith nearly trips down the hallway in his effort to keep up with Shiro.

Shiro’s quarters aren’t far from the training room. Shiro’s hold on his hand is sure as they hurry down the hallway and slip into Shiro’s room. It’s a modest set-up, as all the rooms for the Blades are. Just a bed and some basic supplies. Nothing personal, although Keith knows how deeply Shiro wants to personalize his room. But it’s not the way of the Blades.

The door whooshes shut behind them and Keith watches Shiro’s back, watches his ears twitch a little and his tail sweep around. Again, not agitated, just expelling nervous energy.

Keith sighs a little, watching him. He really never stood a chance against him.

Shiro turns back towards him, not releasing his hand. He looks nervous again, his eyes big and hopeful. Keith smiles up at him, sweetly, and squeezes his hand.

“Keith,” Shiro says and nothing more. He looks down at Keith, expression definitely hopeful now. Keith hums.

“I’ll kiss you as your reward,” Keith teases. “But only if you promise me you’re going to pin me again.”

Shiro looks so, so serious as he nods. “I’m still training but I’m always doing my best to—”

“I don’t mean in training,” Keith interrupts, eyebrows lifting.

“Oh,” Shiro whispers. He pauses and then, gently, lays his hands on Keith, slotting his massive palms against Keith’s waist. He swallows, ears twitching forward. “I— I promise, Keith.”


Keith steps closer to Shiro, looking up at him with a small smile.

“Have you done this before?” Keith asks gently, brushing his fingers through Shiro’s hair.

Shiro blushes and shakes his head. His hands are huge when they slide down to slot over Keith’s hips, holding tight to him, as if the confession would mean Keith pulls back from him.

Keith strokes his fingers along Shiro’s cheek. “That’s okay,” he assures him, smiling. “You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Shiro shakes his head again, blushing deeper. “I’m not. I just— I want it to be good for you, Keith.”

Sometimes he forgets how young Shiro is. He smiles up at him, feeling all squirmy and overwhelmed with how Shiro stares down at him. He cups his jaw and swipes his thumb over his cheek, then guides him down.

“Come here,” he whispers, although he doesn’t need to say it— Shiro’s already bowing to him.

He feels Shiro’s hesitancy when they kiss— not for lack of desire, Keith knows, but nervousness. But Keith is gentle, taking his time and letting Shiro press closer. Keith shifts his hands to hook around the back of Shiro’s neck, anchoring him there. He can’t imagine it’s a comfortable position for Shiro, but the whimper he lets loose as Keith licks into his mouth is nothing short of blissful.

Shiro’s hands flex on his hips, squeezing once, and then he curls his arms around Keith. He can’t help his breathless little chuckle as his feet leave the ground. Shiro hugs him close as they kiss and Keith doesn’t protest, trusting Shiro to hold him up.

He tightens his grip around Shiro’s neck and kisses him deeper, licking into Shiro’s mouth and letting loose a low, pleased growl at the ghost of Shiro’s teeth on his lip, at the soft, determined way that Shiro kisses him back— seeking him, wanting it to be good. Shiro’s so good. Keith never stood a chance against him.

Keith’s helpless in Shiro’s arms, but that’s never stopped Keith before. He hooks his legs around Shiro’s waist and clings there, feeling the deep swell of Shiro’s chest as he sucks in a surprised breath. Keith lets out a soothing sound into the kiss, stroking his fingers along the short buzz of Shiro’s hair at the nape of his neck.

He breaks the kiss only to nuzzle at Shiro’s jaw, squeezing his legs around him as Shiro’s hands drop to support Keith, his hands curling easily around the underside of his thighs.

“Okay?” Keith asks him, dragging his fingertips down the back of Shiro’s neck.

Shiro nods, his eyes so dark as they lock onto Keith’s. “Yeah.”

“Good boy,” Keith murmurs, his fingertips dragging through Shiro’s hair, just glancing off the back of his ear.

Shiro’s shiver is full-bodied. “I can be good, Keith,” Shiro insists, breathless. “I can— I can.”

And that’s always been Shiro’s way, Keith thinks. Shiro was always going to dive in, enthusiastic and driven. It’s only one thing on the long list of reasons why Keith adores him.

He knows his smile is helpless. “I know, Shiro. You already are.”

“I can be even better, then,” Shiro insists, the stubborn darling that he is. Keith smiles at him, sweetly, and pets his hair.

“Get on the bed,” Keith coos and nudges his leg into his side, guiding him towards it. Shiro has one of the larger beds in the base by pure necessity of his size, but even so it’s a tight squeeze as Shiro sits down on the mattress heavily and Keith crawls after him.

Keith strokes his fingers along Shiro’s cheeks, just studying his face.

“What do you want to do?” Keith asks him, thumb tracing along the scar bisecting Shiro’s nose.

“I— anything,” Shiro answers, because of course he does.

Keith smiles softer, endeared despite himself, and scoots closer. “Baby,” he murmurs just to make Shiro shiver. “What have you thought about?” His eyes drag over Shiro’s chest and down, over where Shiro’s dick starts to swell against his Blade suit. It really does leave little to the imagination. “What have you thought about me doing when you’ve touched yourself?”

Shiro gasps, eyes wide.

“You have, haven’t you?” Keith presses as he nudges Shiro’s legs open and crawls into the vacated space. He cushions his hands against Shiro’s hips and leans in, smiling at him. “Thought about me and what you could do to me, if I let you? You can tell me. I’ll do anything you want.”

“I want— I want to be good for you,” Shiro confesses, eyes still blown wide.

Keith smiles, heart thrumming in his chest. “You are, baby.”

“No, I mean…” Shiro pauses, biting his lip. “I want to take care of you.”

Keith’s heart thuds in his chest. It’s so like Shiro— this has always been Shiro’s way. No matter what Keith does, Shiro always wants to put him first. It’s been like that since the day they met— even before Shiro’s trials. No, the first day they met, when Keith infiltrated an Empire’s gladiator arena and broke out another Galra, caged in and desperate to escape.

Even then, Shiro hadn’t thought of himself escaping, but how Keith was putting himself at risk. How, even then, Shiro’s first priority was to find a way for Keith to get out safe. Even though they didn’t even know each other then.

“Sweetheart,” Keith coos, his heart full. “You take care of me.”

“Tell me what I need to do,” Shiro begs.

“So eager,” he teases, but his words come out too tender anyway. He touches Shiro’s cheeks then brushes his hands down over his throat and across his collarbone. “Shiro…”

Shiro trembles under his hands. “Keith,” he answers, reaching for him. “Keith, tell me what to do—”

“I’ll show you,” Keith assures him. “What kind of mentor would I be otherwise?”

“Oh, I—”

“Get undressed, baby,” Keith interrupts gently. “Let me see you.”

He pulls back from Shiro enough to give him space to pull his skin-tight uniform off. Keith drinks him in, eyes dragging over every exposed inch of Shiro’s skin. He sweeps his hands down Shiro’s chest once he peels his uniform away, fingers tracing along the curves of Shiro’s scars, the dips of his muscles. He runs his fingers through the soft purple fur, touching him all over with a soft, pleased hum.

Shiro shivers beneath him and wriggles his hips so he can scoot out of the rest of his uniform. Keith drops his hands to grip the material at his thighs and yank them off, leaving Shiro exposed and naked.

Keith’s eyes stray to Shiro’s cock and hold there. Shiro’s huge, even while only half-hard. But Keith’s always guessed as much just based on how big the rest of Shiro is. Teasing, Keith reaches out to stroke Shiro’s belly instead, not taking his eyes off his cock.

Shiro’s stomach tightens beneath his touch, tensing, and then he lets his breath out in an embarrassed rush. His tail twitches on the bed and he spreads his legs just a little. Subtly, but obvious to Keith. Eager boy.

He strokes Shiro’s stomach, following the lines of his abs. Shiro’s cock is thick and long. Keith’s eyes trace its many ridges thickening beneath the triangular head. It thickens at the base with the bulb of Shiro’s knot and, fuck, Keith wants it inside him.

“Keith,” Shiro whispers, voice quiet.

“Yes?” Keith asks and looks up at him. Shiro looks flushed and it just makes Keith smile. He crawls in closer, tipping up to catch his mouth with his. “Shiro…”

Shiro sighs and sinks against him, kissing him. Keith strokes his hands over his chest and stomach, soothing but teasing, and kisses him deeply. He tugs on Shiro’s bottom lip playfully and then sweeps in, kissing Shiro breathless. Shiro gives one low keen and kisses him back, his mouth gentle against Keith’s.

Slowly, gently, Keith works his hands down and curls his fingers around Shiro’s cock. Shiro’s hips jerk up and he gasps wetly into Keith’s mouth, his response immediate and undisguised. Something like pride hums through Keith’s blood and he nibbles on Shiro’s lip as he whimpers breathlessly into Keith’s mouth.

“Good, Shiro, good,” Keith praises and strokes Shiro’s cock. It’s thick in his hand, pulsing, and slick with his natural lube. It makes Keith squirm closer, feel his own body responding— his slick pooling inside him and his cock thickening beneath the heavy robes of his senior uniform.

Shiro rocks his hips up, seeking that friction, but Keith doesn’t let him get used to that. He has bigger plans. He pulls back from the kiss with a low, indulgent smile.

“Gonna blow you,” Keith murmurs in a low whisper, punctuating the declaration with a sharp twist of his hand, palm pressing against the triangular head of Shiro’s cock. It twitches against him, a little spurt of precome flooding out as Shiro gasps. “Good idea?”

“Keith,” Shiro whispers, the only thing he can manage.

“Pay attention,” Keith murmurs. “If you want to do it to me, too.”

Shiro nods, eyes wide and ears perked as he scoots back on the bed, leaning against the wall and spreading his legs. Keith smiles at him with an encouraging nod and crawls after him, settling himself comfortably between Shiro’s spread thighs.

He takes his time, running his hands over Shiro’s thighs and hips, peering up at Shiro. Shiro’s eyes are locked on him, not daring to look away. He watches Keith closely, his lips parted and face flushed.

“I’m—” Shiro starts.

“Mm?” Keith prompts.

“I’m big…”

Keith can’t help his barking laugh, hand reaching out to curl around the thick base of Shiro’s cock, thick enough that his fingers don’t even meet. “Baby,” he laughs. “Yeah, I know.

“I just mean—” Shiro fumbles, embarrassed. “You don’t have to if it’s too much.”

Keith snorts and lets go of him, but only so he can make a show of licking his palm and reaching, curling his hand around him and stroking. It’s more a gesture than anything else— Shiro’s making enough lube that Keith’s fingers slip easily. But it’s the principle of the thing.

“You don’t think I can handle you?”

“I didn’t say that,” Shiro protests, mouth fighting a disbelieving smile. “Keith, you’re so…”

He doesn’t finish the thought, but Keith just hums and leans forward, sinking his mouth down over Shiro. It’s true that Shiro’s big— big enough that he’s surprised by the stretch of his mouth as he takes only the first mouthful. There’s still so much of Shiro left, barely any of him disappearing into his mouth.

But still, it feels good. And clearly Shiro agrees if his stuttering moan is anything to go by. His hips thrust up before he tries to rein himself in, mindful not to choke Keith. But fuck, Keith wants to choke.

He curls his tongue around Shiro, tasting him, and feels Shiro’s moan shudder through his whole body. His thigh twitches beneath Keith’s sure hand and presses up. Keith moans appreciatively, dragging his tongue along the bumping ridges of Shiro’s cock. He can’t wait for each plateau of his cock to disappear inside him, ridge by ridge.

For now, he contents himself with working Shiro towards the edge with his mouth. It hardly takes any time at all. It’s clear that Shiro is young, that he has no experience with this— Keith can’t even coax Shiro down his throat before he feels Shiro’s body start to shudder, chasing an orgasm.

Humming quietly, amused, Keith sucks gently on Shiro’s cock, his hand slipping down between his legs, seeking out his hole. He feels for him and is unsurprised to find Shiro slick already.

Shiro gasps out, body trembling immediately from the touch. Keith smirks, ducking closer. Shiro’s cock pushes against the inside of his cheek and Keith mouths around him, suckling absently as he focuses on teasing Shiro’s hole, sliding his fingers around the edge of it, circling.

He intends for Shiro to fuck him, but that doesn’t stop him from exploring. He pushes two fingers inside Shiro easily, his fingers small and Shiro’s body slick and ready for him. Shiro lets loose a muffled shout, hips jerking and Shiro’s cock pulsing on Keith’s tongue.

Keith draws away to press a sloppy kiss against one set of ridges. “Relax, Shiro.”

Shiro whimpers but obeys, his body going limp beneath Keith. Triumphant, Keith smirks and bobs his head down again, swallowing around Shiro’s cock.

Keith doubles down, determined to pull all the sounds from Shiro that he can. Shiro whimpers, body shuddering and, he realizes, trying to pull back. Keith grunts and sinks down deeper, working the thick cock into his mouth, pillowing his tongue and lips against him.

He twists his fingers inside Shiro, teasing him, pushing deeper. It means Shiro’s chasing both Keith’s mouth and his fingers.

“Keith,” Shiro begs, his voice hitching. He’s close, if Keith has to guess.

He fucks his fingers inside Shiro, more teasing than for any desire to get him off. Shiro whimpers above him, his tail thrashing. Keith smiles to himself, suckling on the pointed head of Shiro’s cock. He works his fingers out from inside Shiro to smooth his hands over his thighs instead.

“Keith,” Shiro whispers, definitely begging now.

Keith ignores him. He pins Shiro down, hands on his hips, and keeps fucking his mouth over him. He feels Shiro racing towards that edge.

“Ah— Keith!” Shiro grunts and tries to pull his hips back. He manages to let his cock slip from Keith’s mouth, his cock bobbing in the air, thick and pulsing.

Keith hums, pleased, and chases after him— in time to feel the twitch of Shiro’s huge cock in his hand and the first hit of his come across his lips. He groans, mouth falling open as Shiro’s come covers his face— thick ropes of it hitting his mouth, his nose, his cheeks. He closes his eyes and just lets himself feel it, shivering all over. Marked by Shiro.

He knew Shiro would be responsive.

“Good boy,” Keith coos as Shiro shudders through his orgasm.

Keith licks his lips and laps his tongue against the narrow head of Shiro’s cock, suckling and drinking him down. Shiro groans, thrusting up weakly.

Keith looks up at Shiro, watching him gulp down air.

“I’m sorry,” Shiro says in a rush, once he realizes that Keith’s face is shiny, covered in his come.

Keith smirks up at him, tilting his head. “What for?”

He knows it’s unfair— Shiro is weak to Keith’s smile in any context, but like this it must be devastating. He watches Shiro’s mouth fall open, his eyes wide. He blushes so hard that it comes through his fur.

Keith gives one last, solid lick to the head of Shiro’s cock, beaming up at Shiro as he trembles.

“You did so well, baby,” he purrs and Shiro makes a strangled, gasping sound.

Keith pulls back, smiling and lifting his hand. He swipes his thumb over his cheek, drawing it away to study the come there. He gives it a little lick, tasting Shiro. Shiro makes a strangled sound, reaching for him and crowding in close.

His hands are massive on Keith’s shoulders and Keith tilts his head up, humming gently. He knows his face is a mess and he doesn’t care. He imagines he must look good. And there’s something sweet about being marked in this way by Shiro.

“I’m sorry,” Shiro says again, one of his big hands reaching to cup Keith’s cheek. He wipes away the come left there. Keith shrugs, unconcerned, and catches Shiro’s fingertips before he can draw away.

Shiro makes that same low, strangled sound as Keith sucks his fingers into his mouth.

“You did good,” Keith says again once he draws away, nuzzling against Shiro’s palm until he takes the hint and cups Keith’s cheek. Keith sighs, smiling as he leans against him. He feels all squirmy and pleased, his body slicked up and aching for Shiro. “No one’s done that for you before, hmm?”

Shiro shakes his head. “I’m sorry, I should have—”

Keith plants a pointed kiss against Shiro’s palm. “Shh, baby. I want to make you feel good.”

True to the frankly insane Galra stamina, Shiro’s cock is still hard and thick against Shiro’s belly. He watches Shiro open his mouth, ready to apologize again no doubt. Keith sighs and reaches down, cupping Shiro and then stroking his hand over the full length of him, squeezing and tugging, dragging him closer towards him pelvis-first.

“If you really feel bad,” Keith says, “You can let me do it to you, too.”

Shiro’s mouth falls open again, his eyes wide. Torn, perhaps, between being overwhelmed by that and being eager to do anything Keith even hints at wanting. He doesn’t know what he’s done to earn Shiro’s implicit trust like this— but he’ll do everything in his power to make it good for him, too.

Keith twists his hand sweetly, corkscrewing down the full, thick length of his cock. He hums in question, blinking up at Shiro with a small smile.

“Were you paying attention, baby?” Keith teases gently. “You want to suck me, too?”

Shiro’s so quick to nod his head that he nearly butts Keith on the forehead with his chin. He scrambles in closer to Keith, already reaching for him. Keith chuckles, lifting his hands to catch Shiro and bring him in. He kisses him, slow and sweet and luxuriating, licking into Shiro’s mouth and pulling out every blissful little sigh he makes.

Shiro’s hands are surer as they run over Keith’s body, pulling and tugging at the intricate twists of his Senior Blade uniform, the fabric falling away to reveal the body suit beneath. Keith squirms out of it, eager to get naked while still kissing Shiro. He strokes Shiro’s cheek and cups his chin, kissing him deeper now. When Shiro whimpers, it just makes Keith smile and bite his tongue before sucking it into his mouth.

When Shiro presses closer, Keith drops his hand again to squeeze gently at his cock, teasing him. Shiro whimpers into the kiss, his mouth going soft and distracted as he rocks up into Keith’s hand. Keith smiles to himself, curling his tail around Shiro’s hips and pulling him in closer towards him.

He breaks the kiss just to nuzzle at Shiro’s jaw, pressing a few sloppy kisses there.

Shiro tips back, just enough— and Keith realizes he wants to look at him. Keith lets him, relaxed and breathless as Shiro’s eyes drag over him, drinking him in. He wonders what Shiro sees. There are still spots of his torso that skew more human skin tone than Galran, a motley smattering of pink and purple. The stripes on his cheeks converge on the back of his neck and sweep down his spine, curving over his ribs and hips in patches of color akin to tiger stripes. He doesn’t doubt that Shiro will find him beautiful— but it’s still a strangely vulnerable moment, that pause before Shiro says anything and simply looks.

Shiro’s eyes stray to Keith’s cock, and then flick back up, studying his belly button. It makes Keith laugh, softly. Shiro’s ears twitch up and then he looks to Keith, blinking.

He looks wondering— it makes the amusement slip from Keith’s smiling mouth, leaving him simply staring down at him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Shiro says, so sweet and so earnest. He’s not saying that simply for the mood of it all, or to flatter Keith— he means it, completely.

Keith knows his smile is moony. He doesn’t care.

“Keith,” Shiro begs, his mouth kiss-swollen and face pink. He’s about to say something more but gets distracted when Keith pets the back of Shiro’s ear, rubbing gently at the seam between ear and skull.

“You really will do anything I ask of you, won’t you?” Keith murmurs, ruthless as he pets Shiro’s ear, brushing along the soft, downy fur.

Shiro whimpers, melting, and hunches down to press his face against Keith’s neck, his breath damp and warm against his skin. Keith hums and nuzzles into his hair, smiling to himself.

He flicks his tail, letting it curl around Shiro tighter and dip down. He nudges at Shiro’s hole just to hear him gasp again— really, he’s just too easy to tease, far too responsive. Shiro gasps wetly against his neck, shuddering as Keith teases him.

“Okay?” Keith murmurs in his ear as he strokes the end of his tail over Shiro’s hole, nudging once without breaching. Teasing. Shiro gives an enthusiastic nod against Keith’s neck and then bites down on his skin, keening.

“I— I thought—” Shiro begins.

“Mm?” Keith asks as he pushes his tail into Shiro’s slick hole easily. He’s still getting used to handling his tail, really, and it’s a strange sensation— like how it felt to have his fingers inside him, but smoother.

“I thought you wanted me to fuck you,” Shiro whispers, ears twitching.

Keith laughs, petting his fingers through Shiro’s hair. “I want that, too. Doesn’t mean I can’t tease you a little, right? You make the cutest sounds.”

Keith,” Shiro whines, embarrassed.

“Pay attention, baby,” Keith whispers. “Want you to do this to me, too.”

He drops his hand and catches Shiro’s tail, fisting it and squeezing. Shiro gasps again and it tapers off into a moan as Keith starts stroking it like it’s his cock, twisting his palm and flicking his thumb down the thick length of it.

“Keith—” Shiro whimpers. “It’s sensitive—”

“I know,” Keith answers, smug, and twists his hand just to make Shiro gasp again. He tugs on Shiro’s tail and presses his own deeper inside Shiro.

Shiro, helpless, can only moan and arch his back. He pulls his face away from Keith’s neck, face all twisted up in pleasure, his mouth open and so damn kissable. Really, Keith isn’t sure if he’s ever going to get enough of him.

“Look at how quickly you fall apart,” Keith murmurs. “You’re so good.”

“Keith… Please.”

Unable to hide his answering smile, Keith only hums, touching Shiro slowly. He’s gentle, careful. He loves how overwhelmed Shiro looks, but he doesn’t want to push too hard— doesn’t want him to feel too much at once, to have to withdraw.

Shiro is too good. He deserves the world. The least Keith can do is make it good for him.

Shiro’s pouting at him now, though. Keith brushes his fingers over his cheek, petting him. Shiro wriggles, pushing his hips back against Keith’s tail. Unable to resist, Keith leans forward and bites that pouting bottom lip.

Shiro grunts but kisses him back. His hand touches Keith’s face, cupping his cheek gently and pulling him in closer. He’s bolder now, kissing him slow and languid, mimicking Keith’s earlier actions. Keith sighs and lets Shiro take the lead, licking into his mouth and nibbling on his bottom lip.

Shiro purrs as he kisses him and Keith shivers, leaning against him as they kiss. He pets his fingers through Shiro’s hair. It’s a nice feeling— Shiro all around him, big and thick and gentle, his cock pressing against Keith’s belly as they slide closer together.

And then he feels Shiro’s tail push against his hole. This time, it’s Keith who gasps. He has to break the kiss, tipping his chin back and blinking rapidly a few times as he adjusts to the feeling of it. He didn’t realize how wet he’d gotten, his slick pooling as Shiro strokes his tail over him.

He spread his legs, clinging to Shiro and smiling at him. “Yeah?”

Shiro nods and nudges at his hole with his tail. It, just like the rest of Shiro, is huge, and Keith can already tell the stretch will be too much, such a pleasant, wonderful feeling. Keith pets Shiro’s face, cupping his face and kissing him again and again, just a series of short, gentle pecks.

When he has to pause to breathe, he presses his forehead to Shiro’s— and sinks his hips down. He coaxes Shiro’s tail against him and, finally, feels that pressure as it pushes just a little inside him. Keith whimpers, spreading his legs and arching his back.

“Good, yeah. Yeah, good, Shiro,” Keith breathes, arching his back. Shiro’s hands fall and catch him, holding him upright easily, one hand splayed over his back and the other cupping his thigh.

Shiro smiles at him, his expression gentling as he just— looks at Keith. Keith smiles back, exposed and helpless and feeling so good, cradled in Shiro’s capable hands. He cups Shiro’s cheek, thumb stroking along the white, curving mark.

“Can’t wait to have you inside me,” Keith whispers and Shiro groans. His hands flex against Keith’s body and it’s not enough. He rocks down against the tail, trying to coax it in deeper.

“If I—” Shiro begins and stops.


“If I suck on you,” Shiro says, quietly, “Will you come on me, too?”

Keith laughs. “I was joking before. Do you really want me to?”

Shiro bites his lip as Keith reaches out, brushing the hair away from his face. “I want to feel you.”

“Okay,” Keith whispers, tugging on a piece of Shiro’s hair. “Come here, baby. Show me what a fast learner you are.”

Shiro is eager to obey him— laying Keith out on his back, making sure he’s comfortable. Keith smiles up at him, spreading his legs and fucking down on Shiro’s tail, his hands splayed out on the mattress beside him. He grins up at Shiro, drinking him in as he towers above him.

The angle is different enough that Shiro has to withdraw his tail as he scoots down, settling between Keith’s legs. It’s almost laughable to watch Shiro navigate the space, trying to get into a comfortable position. He ends up halfway off the bed. And Keith feels so small, sprawled out like this.

Shiro kisses his knee and it’s strangely reverent, devotional in a way Keith doesn’t know how to process. He shivers.

Keith whines a little when he feels Shiro start to pull his tail away entirely.

“Wait,” Keith gasps. He reaches down, touching Shiro. He cups his face, fingers slipping up to play with his ears. He’s too far away. “You should pin me against the wall and blow me that way. Then you can keep fucking me.”

“Wh—” Shiro begins, eyes widening. Then his brow furrows. “You won’t be comfortable that way.”

Keith smiles indulgently, and pets Shiro’s ears. “Shiro,” he whispers. “You’ll take care of me, won’t you?”

Shiro keens and reaches for Keith, hauling him back up again to kiss him. “I can try,” he mumbles against Keith’s mouth as they kiss, nuzzling closer. “I want to be good.”

Keith pets his fingers through his hair and down the back of his neck, kneading. “You’re doing great, baby boy.”

Shiro heaves a breath and then, effortlessly, picks Keith up. He holds him up and Keith scrambles, draping his legs over Shiro’s shoulders as Shiro presses him up against the wall. The angle’s still a bit awkward for Shiro, hunched down enough so his long tail can still reach Keith. As soon as he has a steady grip on Keith’s ass, spreading him open, he slips his tail back inside.

Keith pants, squirming, his cock twitching against his stomach. He can feel the soft ghost of Shiro’s breath, level with his cock and staring at it as it beads with precome. His cock’s still relatively human-looking, as far as Keith can tell— and Shiro’s fascination with it is cute.

“Go on,” Keith coaxes. “Go slow. Don’t try to take me all at once.”

His cock is much smaller in comparison to Shiro’s, but it’s still solid advice. He watches Shiro’s brow pinch, though— he’s a competitive one, in the end, and hardly one to back down from a challenge.

Still, Shiro moves slow as he dips in and licks at Keith’s cock, tasting him tentatively.

Pinned so effortlessly, all Keith can do with his hands is cup the back of Shiro’s skull, not coaxing him in closer or pulling him back, but simply resting. He hums his approval as Shiro nuzzles at Keith’s cock, exploring him. He’s much smoother than Shiro, thinner and with a blunter head. But Shiro seems intrigued as he sucks gently at the spot where his cockhead flares into the shaft.

“Yeah, Shiro,” Keith coos. “Good.”

He reaches with his hand to curl around himself, guiding himself. He pats his cock gently against Shiro’s cheek to coax him to open wider and slips his cock inside, sliding it over his tongue.

At first contact, Shiro’s response is blissful. His eyelids flutter as he closes his eyes and he moans, closing his mouth around Keith’s cock. Keith, too, feels his body give a languid shudder. He grips himself tight at the base and lets himself slide deeper into Shiro’s mouth. He keeps it shallow, just rocking back and forth against the flat of Shiro’s tongue, letting Shiro explore and taste him.

But then Keith loses all sense as, with a definitive flick, Shiro’s tail presses deeper inside Keith, Shiro’s hands flexing on his ass and pulling him open.

“Fuck!” Keith gasps, before he can stop himself. He shudders and thrusts forward into Shiro’s waiting mouth.

Shiro trills and then gags, pulling back enough to let out one little cough, Keith’s cock popping free. Panting, Keith reaches for him and pets his cheek in apology.

Instead of answering that apology, Shiro just ducks forward and swallows around Keith’s cock again. He seems to focus on mimicking Keith, suckling first at the head and then swirling his tongue along where Keith would have ridges, if he were more Galra-inclined. Still, it feels good, and soon Keith can only heave in breaths, clinging to Shiro as he’s held aloft, pinned to the wall with his cock in Shiro’s mouth and his tail in his ass.

He moans weakly as Shiro sucks him deeper into his mouth, the low rumble of his purr as he works his tongue over Keith’s cock almost deliriously pleasurable. He pushes in deeper, chasing Shiro’s mouth.

Shiro keeps him pinned against the wall, his tail slipping in and out of him, spreading him wide. Keith feels loose and open, his slick dripping down the long length of Shiro’s tail, leaving his hole puffy and ready and needy. He’s not used to feeling so out of control like this, but he trusts Shiro to hold him up, to keep him feeling good.

He scrambles his fingers over Shiro’s head, dragging him in closer, fucking into his mouth. Shiro groans enthusiastically and bobs his head to meet him, choking once but quickly finding his rhythm as he suckles Keith’s cock deep into his mouth.

When he feels himself get close, he grabs Shiro by his bangs and tugs his face away from his cock. “Shiro,” he pants. “I’m close.”

Shiro blinks his eyes open, looking bleary and fucked-out and just as happy as Keith feels. He blinks up at Keith and then, as the words settle, nods his head, leaning forward to lick at Keith’s cock, his mouth open and face angled.

Keith groans, dropping his hand to fist himself and jerk off into orgasm. When he comes, it’s with a low moan of Shiro’s name and the thin streaks of his come hitting Shiro’s face. Shiro’s eyes fall shut and he looks so blissful, his lips shiny with Keith’s come.

Keith slumps back against the wall once he’s spent, breathless, his chest heaving. He pets absently at Shiro’s ears and hair, just for the sake of touching him. He hears Shiro give a low whine and squirm closer, nuzzling against Keith’s cock and mouthing at his thigh.

“Baby,” Keith murmurs, unsure what else he wants to say. He feels Shiro’s pleased, rumbling purr.

“Did I do good?” Shiro asks, looking up at Keith.

Keith smiles, thumbing over Shiro’s lips and lifting his hand up to lick at his own come, tasting himself.

“Yes,” Keith whispers. “Perfect, Shiro.”

Shiro trembles, pleased and happy and thrilled. His hands are unbearably gentle as he moves Keith from the wall and lays him out on the bed again, one big hand stroking over Keith’s trembling thigh and hip.

“Are you comfortable?” Shiro asks, because of course he would.

Keith sighs as Shiro moves to settle over him. Without Shiro’s tail inside him, without his mouth pressing to Keith’s skin, he feels empty. He blinks up at Shiro, studying his face.

Shiro hovers over him, tail flicking behind him. His hand lifts, touching Keith’s cheek— a gentle, sweet touch. His thumb is big, pressing against his mouth, his eyes wondering.

Keith can’t help his smile, sweaty and fucked open, but happy. He presses his mouth against Shiro’s thumb, licking the thumbprint, laughter in his eyes.

“Baby,” he coos. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

It’s worth it to watch Shiro gasp, pupils blown wide. Helplessly, he nods, towering above Keith like this and yet so fully in Keith’s hands. Keith strokes along Shiro’s flank, fingertips following the curve of scars and keying along his ribs.

“Baby,” Keith says again, softly, not quite begging. “Come on and fuck me. Be a good boy and fuck me.”

Keith,” Shiro whines, scrambling to do just that— and he’s such a good boy, so good, just wanting Keith to feel good. Keith sighs, relieved, clinging to Shiro’s arms. He doesn’t deserve him.

“Go on,” Keith murmurs.

But Shiro hesitates, hovering above him. His eyes are so big, the desire clear— but still hesitating all the same. He’s so good, so gentle and kind. Keith doesn’t deserve him. He strokes his hands up Shiro’s big arms.

“You can,” Keith assures him. “You can do whatever you want.”

“Keith,” Shiro whispers again, shivering. “I don’t want to hurt you, I—”

But Keith’s already so slick just from the teasing, just from the very thought of having Shiro inside him. Shiro’s big, yes, but Keith’s always been up for the challenge.

“Fuck me,” Keith repeats— not begging now, but commanding.

Shiro whimpers, his cock twitching between his legs. It’s so big, pulsing and slick with lubricant.

“Fuck me,” Keith says again, staring into Shiro’s eyes. “Knot me.” He tips his chin up, watching Shiro closely as he starts keening above Keith. “Make me yours.

Shiro makes a sound like he’s wounded and ducks down, squirming closer. He wraps his arms around Keith and rolls them over, pulling Keith to him so he’s splayed in Shiro’s lap instead. Keith sighs, slumping against Shiro and curling his arms tight around him, anchoring as Shiro’s thick tail presses against his ass and lifts him up, his hands gripping his thighs.

“That’s what you want, right?” Keith whispers in his ear. “Been thinking about fucking me, haven’t you? All you want is to make me yours.”

“Keith,” Shiro whimpers.

“Tell me what you want,” Keith commands.

Shiro whimpers again, shuddering, his cock sliding along the cleft of Keith’s ass, already slick and ready for him. Keith shivers, rocking his hips back to feel the full heated pulse of his massive cock.

“I want—” Shiro groans, biting down hard on his lip as the head of his cock nudges against Keith’s hole. It’ll slip right inside, Keith knows. All he has to do is angle his hips back. All he has to do is sink down, feel Shiro spread him open. He wants it. He wants it so bad.

Keith sighs, nudging his hips back, squirming. He feels himself getting slicker, feels it slipping down his legs as he drops his hand and drags his palm over Shiro’s thick cock, guiding it to press against him. He takes a breath, inching back, letting the very tip of his cockhead nudge inward.

He groans and Shiro gives a gasping whimper.

“Tell me what you want,” Keith says. He pushes down.

“I want to be with you,” Shiro whispers, his cock sliding inside Keith like he was made to be there. “Forever.”

“Oh—” Keith gasps, both from the sensation of being filled so completely and from Shiro’s words. He looks so heartfelt as he says it, eyes big and wide, mouth falling open at the sensation of entering Keith.

It’s not what Keith expected him to say.

Keith loses all language like that, letting out a gasping, hitching breath as he sinks down onto Shiro’s cock. It feels endless, just massive and thick and filling him so completely. He bows his body up, gasping out, clinging tight to Shiro as he adjusts to his girth, to the feeling of having him inside his body. Shiro’s hands are gentle but firm against his thighs, holding him and letting Keith set his pace of inching downward. He feels the swell of Shiro’s tail, too, holding him aloft.

Keith’s a panting mess, pressing his face against Shiro’s neck and just breathing him in. It feels good, better than he ever thought it could, even in his wildest imagination. Shiro’s panting, too, his chest heaving against Keith’s. Keith nuzzles against his neck, licking at the tightened tendons, hoping to soothe him.

He doesn’t know what to say. All he can focus on is the feeling of Shiro inside him, pulling him open. All he can focus on is the feeling of Shiro’s pounding heart, his panting breaths as he holds Keith so tight in his lap, holding himself still instead of fucking into Keith.

Shiro holds him close, his hands so gentle on his body. Keith squirms, adjusting to the girth and size of Shiro inside him. But it feels good. Keith’s a trembling mess and it feels good.

His hand falls, feeling at the place where Shiro’s cock disappears inside him, fingertips playing along the ridges, the bulbous swell of his knot sitting at the base of his cock. It feels like too much to think of the cock inside him, how much of Shiro fits inside Keith like it’s always meant to be like that.

“Fuck,” Keith whimpers. “Shiro.

Shiro’s response is just a low whine and Keith pets his cock with one hand, his other arm looping around Shiro’s neck and anchoring him close. He presses a little kiss to his pulse point.

“Did I hurt you?” Shiro asks.

Keith shakes his head, laughing breathlessly. His hand lifts, helplessly stroking his fingertips over Shiro’s blushing cheek. “You feel so good,” he tells him as he draws away to look up at him. “You feel so good inside me, Shiro.”

Shiro bites his lip, his face flushed. He’s still holding himself back, something hesitant in his gaze.

Keith keeps petting his cheek. “You’re doing so good, baby.”

Shiro studies his face— searching for discomfort, he thinks— and pouts again. Keith huffs a breathless laugh and cups his chin, kissing him.

“Are you happy?” Keith whispers, thumbing his bottom lip. “Feeling good?”

Shiro nods quickly, eager to assure him, and grips Keith tighter. His hips shift up and, with it, his cock slips deeper inside Keith. It makes Keith cry out, body arching.

Yes,” Keith whispers. “Move.”

Shiro obeys him— he rocks up, slowly, movements almost jerky as he observes Keith, studying his response. Keith writhes, clinging to Shiro and thrusting down to meet him. He feels Shiro move inside him and it’s so much. His hair clings to his forehead and he feels sweaty all over, slick between his legs, his body spread wide to accommodate Shiro’s size.

But Shiro is gentle with him, because of course he is. Keith slumps against him but he’s there to catch him, his arms curled around him, his tail pressing against Keith’s hips to keep him flushed flat against Shiro’s chest.

Keith wriggles, rocking down against the cock but feeling his own plump up against Shiro’s stomach and chest, rocking against him. He keens and arches up, seeking Shiro’s mouth.

Shiro ducks down, kissing him with unbearable gentleness.

“I, um,” Shiro begins once they part, Shiro’s face just as flushed and fucked-out as Keith feels. “About what I said—”

Keith blinks at him, circling his hips, trying to inch Shiro in deeper. He’s come up on the base of Shiro’s cock, so wide and his hole so small. He drops his hand down, sliding one finger inside himself alongside Shiro’s cock, trying to pull himself wider to ease down deeper. It makes him bite his lip and whimper.

“Keith,” Shiro murmurs.


“I know I’m young,” Shiro says, quietly, his eyes big. “I know I— I know you could have anyone you wanted. But… but if you’ll have me—”

Keith freezes and tips his chin back to stare up at Shiro in surprise, watching him start and stumble. Shiro’s face burns bright red.

Keith watches Shiro stare down at him, imploringly, and then mistake his silence. His eyes slide away from Keith, his ears drooping.

“I’d do everything I can to be a good mate to you, Keith,” Shiro insists. And, really, Keith’s never doubted that. Could never doubt that.


“I know I should have waited, I just—” Shiro interrupts, eyes wide. “I— I want to take care of you. Y- you don’t have to— I don’t want you to do this just because we’re partners or because you’re my mentor—”

“What?” Keith asks, startled. “That isn’t what…”

Shiro ducks his head, still holding Keith so gently despite all this. Keith feels sore and tense, suddenly, vividly aware of their situation. He frowns.

“I just wanted to tell you,” Shiro says in a little voice. “You said— I haven’t just been thinking about doing this with you. I have! But, I mean… I also wanted—”

“To mate me?” Keith asks.

Shiro nods. “I’m— I’m sorry. I should have said so from the start.”

Keith’s done this all wrong, he realizes. He’s been so sure of Shiro’s feelings— he’s so obvious, so clear in his feelings— that Keith took for granted that he’d be equally as obvious. Shiro doesn’t know.

He wants to laugh. But he also wants to cry.

He reaches his hand up, cupping Shiro’s cheek and guiding him back to look at him, hoping he looks as gentle as he feels. He knows he’s no good at this kind of stuff— knows, really, that Shiro deserves so much more than what Keith can offer. He doesn’t know what he could have done to earn this level of affection and love from Shiro.

“Shiro,” he whispers, once their eyes meet.

There’s so much he could say. All the ways Shiro’s saved him. How desperately he wants to make Shiro happy. How every day fighting by Shiro’s side makes the universe just a little bit more worth protecting. How even his smile is enough to make Keith feel invincible.

No words are enough. And so Keith says the only thing that matters: “I love you.”


Shiro looks so shocked— it breaks Keith’s heart, to think that he’s somehow failed to demonstrate to Shiro just how deep his devotion runs, too.

“Baby,” he whispers, “look at me?”

Shiro snaps his eyes up to meet Keith’s instantly. Keith smiles, helplessly, stroking Shiro’s cheeks.

“Of course I want to be with you forever, too,” Keith murmurs. Shiro’s eyes widen, looking glassy, and really, it’s Keith who should consider himself lucky to have Shiro in his life. Shiro has no idea all he’s done for him. “I love you, Shiro.”

“Keith,” Shiro whispers and doesn’t protest when Keith tugs him down and kisses him.

He keeps it gentle, just mouthing against Shiro’s lips, laving his tongue along the swell of his bottom lip, laying worship to him with his breath, with all the air in his lungs. Everything he is belongs to Shiro.

“I love you,” Shiro says when they pull back, his voice wondering. Keith strokes his cheeks and cups his jaw, pressing a tiny kiss to his mouth. “Keith.”

“Yeah, Shiro,” Keith agrees, nuzzling his nose to his. He feels sappy and just a little too moony, but it doesn’t matter. Shiro’s already seen every side of him— he doesn’t need to be anything but this, doesn’t need to be any sort of leader or cool and collected or so sure of himself. He just needs to be Shiro’s.

And, god, he is. He is. He’ll spend the rest of his life proving to Shiro that he’s everything if he has to. It’s no hardship.

“Be my mate,” Keith tells him, his tail sliding along Shiro’s and twisting them together. He feels Shiro shiver and then curl his tail around Keith in turn, cradling them together, interwoven.

“Yeah,” Shiro whispers, staring at him with wide eyes, like he still can’t believe that Keith feels the same way for him. Maybe he doesn’t. That’s okay, too— Keith will spend the rest of his life proving his devotion.

“I should have told you sooner,” Keith whispers. He kisses Shiro— again and again. And again. “Shiro.”

Shiro blushes, but looks pleased, regardless. He pulls Keith in closer and kisses him, slow and lingering. When they part, he just smiles down at Keith— his eyes so impossibly tender. Keith’s never been used to someone looking at him like this. He’s not sure if he ever will.

Shiro considers and there’s a new look in his eyes— that quiet sort of confidence Keith’s been trying to kindle in Shiro since the day they were assigned as partners. Keith smiles as he spots it, the way his eyes turn dark with desire even as he regards him with such gentleness.

“Keith,” Shiro whispers. “I’ll be good for you.”

His big hands cup Keith’s hips and he pulls Keith down.

Keith goes with a gasp, body sliding down over Shiro’s cock. He arches, clawing at Shiro’s shoulders to hold tight to him. But Shiro’s grip is unrelenting. He lifts Keith up and pulls him back down, letting Keith bounce on his cock.

Inside him, Keith feels Shiro’s cock twitch and push deeper. Keith lets out a sound akin to a yowl, unrestrained and unable to keep it in check. It rumbles out of him. He shudders and then fucks himself on Shiro’s cock. Shiro hardly needs to guide him. Keith rocks his body down.

They set the pace like that and it’s so much at once. Keith cries out as Shiro strikes deeper inside him and as he squeezes around Shiro, he hears Shiro let out a hitching groan, clinging to Keith. They move together, Shiro fucking into Keith so sweetly.

“Wow,” Shiro marvels, staring down at Keith, and then smiles. He looks shy, wondering, and so sweetly boyish even as he towers above Keith, so massive and so strong, his cock so thick inside him. His hand falls over Keith’s belly. “You can see me, Keith.”

Keith’s eyes fall to Shiro’s hand. He watches Shiro draw Keith up and, with it, watches his stomach shift— how, when Shiro rocks him back down against his cock, his belly swells.

“Oh, fuck,” Keith gasps.

He closes his eyes and comes, unable to resist the pleasure that pierces through him. He shudders through it, taken completely by surprise. Shiro gasps, grabbing at him and holding him close, one massive hand curling around him to feel his cock twitch as he comes, painting Shiro’s stomach.

Keith’s left a trembling mess, overwhelmed by the sudden realization of the bulge of Shiro’s cock distending his stomach. His hand falls, touching at the spot where he can see the sharp outline of Shiro’s cock. He whimpers and looks up at Shiro, eyes wide, hair sweaty on his forehead, and needing more.

“Keep fucking me,” he commands and Shiro, the good boy that he is, doesn’t need to be told twice.

He does hold Keith gently, though, lifting him and pulling him back down. It’s a slow drag, but that’s how Keith wants it— he presses his hands to his stomach and keens when he feels the swell of Shiro’s cock inside him. The slower Shiro goes, the more Keith can luxuriate in the feeling.

He’s trembling by the end of it, oversensitive and just on the edge of too much. His toes curl. He slumps against Shiro, whimpering.

“Lay me down,” he says and, once more, Shiro does as he’s told. He puts Keith on his back, hovering above him. Keith closes his eyes, hands flat on his stomach. “Keep fucking me.”

Like that, too, his body parts to meet Shiro, to welcome him inside. He feels his belly swell with it and presses his hands down, wriggling his hips. Shiro fucks into him, slow and determined and trembling. He knows he must be just on the edge of coming, knows he’s been holding himself back for Keith’s sake. His knot’s only growing.

“When you want to come,” Keith moans, lifting his hips and rocking down to meet Shiro’s cock. “Do it. Don’t hold back, baby.”

Shiro moans weakly, losing his pace briefly as his hips shudder forward. Then he keeps moving, fucking into Keith— speeding up, going deeper, just a little rougher. Keith opens his eyes to stare at Shiro, gulping down breath as he studies the beautiful boy above him. He’s panting, chest heaving, his face flushed and his hair all stuck up at funny angles. His tail whips behind him, his body poised and sheened and moving just for Keith.

He feels the moment before Shiro comes. He feels the cock inside him twitch and then thrust deeper. Keith arches his hips, trembling, shuddering, and squeezes around Shiro’s cock. He only has to do that once before Shiro chokes off a desperate moan and comes.

Keith feels Shiro’s come filling him. He feels Shiro thrust into him desperately. He feels his body nearly split in half around the wide girth of the knot as it plugs him. Keith’s nonverbal, mouth open but no words escaping him. He claws at Shiro’s back and shoulders in an attempt to get him closer, deeper. He’s never felt so out of control as he does in this moment.

Shiro, too, seems similarly gone— just fucking into Keith, moaning and panting Keith’s name, almost like he’s fallen into a rut as he thrusts inside Keith. He grips Keith tight, pinning him down. Keith can’t focus— staring into Shiro’s eyes and staring at his belly as it swells with Shiro’s movements.

When, finally, Shiro stills, Keith feels overfull, stuffed with Shiro’s cock and come, the knot keeping them locked together. It’ll be a time before it goes down enough for them to separate.

Shiro whimpers, once, in a low, pathetic whine. He slumps down closer, trying to reach Keith.

Keith is there to cup his face, kissing him. The angle’s awkward with Shiro’s size, but it doesn’t matter. Keith licks into his mouth and sucks on his bottom lip like it’s his cock. He feels all squirmy and stuffed and satisfied.

“I love you,” Keith whispers into Shiro’s kiss just to feel him tremble. He pets his jaw and neck and drops down, stroking his chest. “You did so well, Shiro.”

“I did okay?” Shiro asks, eagerly.

“Perfect,” Keith corrects. “You were perfect.”

Shiro seems to glow— his expression turning sunny, his eyes so bright and boyish. He grins and then ducks down to kiss Keith again. It’s a sweeter kiss and he strokes his big hands over Keith’s chest, soothing him.

“Thanks for showing me,” Shiro murmurs.

Keith wants to laugh— he hardly did anything like that. But he also just smiles up at Shiro, indulgently. He brushes one finger down his nose, just because.

“You’re so handsome,” Keith marvels, quietly.

Shiro grins wider, blushing. “So are you.”

Keith hums, disbelieving but not willing to press it. He folds his fingers behind Shiro’s ear and scritches absently, eliciting Shiro’s pleased purr. Shiro turns boneless, ducking down closer towards him. Keith kisses his nose once it’s close enough.

“I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clearer before,” Keith murmurs.

Shiro shakes his head with a sigh. “I should have— I’ve wanted to announce my formal courtship to you for phoebs and I just. I kept finding an excuse not to.” He looks at Keith, his eyes wide and sweet. “I never— I didn’t think—”

“I love you,” Keith interrupts.

Shiro’s smile nearly hides his glassy eyes. Nearly. “I love you, too.”

He pets Keith’s face, big hand cupping his cheek and stroking over his lip. Keith smiles and kisses the thumbprint, his eyes soft.

“Kiss me,” Keith coaxes and Shiro doesn’t need to be told twice, ducking in and kissing him with a tender smile.

“You were really flirting with me all this time?” Shiro asks once they pull back.

“Yes,” Keith laughs, feeling a little twist of embarrassment set in.

“Wow,” Shiro whispers, and beams.

Keith feels Shiro’s knot start to go down and mourns it— misses, already, that exquisite feeling of being so unbearably full.

He contents himself with stroking his hands over Shiro, keeping him close.

“What else can I do for you?” Shiro asks, in perfect seriousness. Always ready to serve. “What now?”

Keith smiles up at him.

“Now,” Keith says, pushing his hair back from his face. “I’m going to blow you again.”


Before Shiro can say anything else, Keith pushes him back and crawls between his legs. He curls his hand around Shiro’s cock, already hard and twitching for him, and wastes no time taking him into his mouth.

He goes too deep and lets himself choke, throat closing up around the thin head of Shiro’s cock. Shiro gasps above him, his fingers folding into Keith’s hair and holding him tight, cradling his head as Keith bobs down, swallowing around him.

Fumbling, he reaches back and fingers at himself. He’s still loose and open from Shiro’s cock, his come slipping out of his hole as he works, but it just makes him whine as he swallows around Shiro’s cock.

Shiro trembles above him, wordless and nonverbal as he shudders. “Keith,” he finally manages to choke out. “Wait—”

His good boy. All he wants to do is make Keith feel good. But Keith’s too far away to do anything to, really, aside from fucking his mouth with his thick cock. Keith moans, enthusiastic, and sinks down deeper onto him.

When he makes Shiro come— because of course he does— Keith drinks him down, smiling and purring from the taste, satisfied and pleased to leave Shiro a gasping, boneless mess in his bed. Keith strokes his hands over Shiro’s thighs and hips, squeezing him close as he swallows the last drops of Shiro’s come.

Then he crawls up towards Shiro, sinking down against him and rocking his hips forward, his cock sliding against Shiro’s chest as he kisses him. Shiro gives a pleased whimper as he licks into Keith’s mouth, tasting himself. Keith gives a pleased keen when Shiro’s tail slides down his back and over his ass, pressing against and pushing inside his hole. It’s not as thick or full as Shiro’s cock, but it’s better than being empty.

“You’re so good, baby,” Keith whispers, mouth dragging over Shiro’s.

Shiro keens, body arching as Keith fucks himself on Shiro’s tail. “Keith—”

“Yeah,” Keith praises, biting his bottom lip and tugging. “My good baby,” he coos. “Look at how good you fuck me.”

“Keith,” Shiro whimpers.

“Good, so good,” Keith continues, relentless. “Good boy. Shiro— my good mate.”

It was a good guess— as soon as the words leave Keith’s lips, Shiro gives a lone cry, his entire body shuddering as he clings to Keith and drags his body down, giving Keith the friction he needs, his cock rubbing over Shiro’s chest, his tail shoving inside him. Keith groans, shivering in pleasure as he fucks himself against Shiro.

They come like that, pressed together, clinging to each other. Shiro’s a good boy, but insatiable— he hardly gives Keith a chance to catch his breath before he’s pulling him up and coaxing his cock inside him instead, hands pressed to his belly.

And really, Keith can get used to that. Shiro’s come from before slips out of him as Shiro pushes home once more, but it’s worth it to be so full again.

“Perfect,” Keith coos and rocks his hips. “Perfect, sweetheart.”

And, really, he can’t wait to see what else Shiro will do in his quest to make Keith feel good. Keith can’t wait to teach Shiro a thing or two himself.