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Skryim- Vilkas/Reader

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        Today was a special day for the Empire, the war between Stormcloak and Imperial was one more death away from coming to an end, Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm and leader of the Stormcloaks had been captured, and was on his way to execution. There only hushed whispers from turned heads from the people in Helgen, no one cared or saw them as anything more then the enemy finally being taken care of. But, one thing would bring some light to this terrible day, with no guards standing near the farthest cart to the left, I could sneak over to the Stormcloak prisoners and talk to them about serving beside Ulfric. I would never state this out loud, but I desired to join the Stormcloaks, solely because the Imperials proved themselves as worthless beings that stole and wasted their time and money on their "overworked" selves rather then to do their job and protect us.
        "Who are they father? Where are they going?" The voice of my young neighbor, Hamming, was heard.
        "You need to go inside, little cub." His father speaks.
        "But I wana watch the soldiers!" he whines.
         "Inside, now." his father said sternly. A sigh follows after.
        "Yes Papa." he said, walking back inside. The rest of us watched the soldiers directed to the execution block. Each of the Stormcloaks had their names written down, then they spoke to the last prisoner. He wasn't on the list, yet they still were going to execute him. The rage this brought was unbelievable, it was proof of one of the many reasons for the hatred felt to them, executing someone who isn't even a part of the war? They're nothing more then heartless bastards.
        Letting out a quiet, frustrated sigh, not wanting to think more on it anymore, I unobtrusively make my way over to the Stormcloaks. I saw the Jarl, Ulfric Stormcloak himself, I found myself between being in awe of such a powerful man, but as well feeling saddened, realizing how quickly his life was about to end. He was surrounded by fellow companions, both male and female, among them was Ralof, recognizable by the long and gentle dirty blonde hair, followed by a single braid he had in his hair and his poorly grown in beard. 
        Being as careful as I could, I quietly get near the back of the carriage they'd piled out from. Taking a quick look around the ground below me, I pick up a small pebble and looking back to him, aiming and throwing it. It hit Ralof on the shoulder, he slightly jumps in surprise, turning his attention to me.
        "Lass?" he whispered, looking shocked and gives a quick glance around before taking a few steps back towards me. "What're you doing here? You shouldn't be watching this or trying to talk to us, who knows what these Imperials punish for it." He warns. 
        "Oh please Ralof, you think that I care about what they think?" I question, "I wanted to talk to you, ones last thoughts should be happy ones if not of home, no?" I hum.
        He chuckled, raising his bound hands to my head and ruffling his fingers through the locks of hair. "Aye lass, you really do pay attention." he said. I smiled a bright smile and watched as they called up the prisoners. A loud roar emerged from the mountains. It went silent as the people murmured about it, but it was dismissed and the execution continued. I hid behind Ralof as they spoke unheard words. Afterwards, they turned to a priestess who began a prayer for them. We all knew no one wanted to hear that
        "As we commend your souls to Aeterus, Blessing of the Eight Divines upon you, for you are the earth of Wirn, our beloved-" She was cut off by a Stormcloack Nord stepping up.
       "For the love of Talos shut up and lets get this over with!".
        She snarled at him. "As you wish." She said. I stifled a laugh, admiring his bravery, or his stupidity. The captain put her foot on his back and pushed him down to the block.
        "My ancestors are smiling at me Imperials, can you say the same?!" he speaks. The executioner brought the heavy axe down on his neck, decapitating him.
         Ralof's expression twisted into one of anger and sadness. "As fearless he was in life, as he was in death."
        "You Imperial bastards!!" One of the female prisoners shouted.
        "Next! The Nord!" She said referring to the unknown prisoner.
        Before he could walk up, the loud roar was heard again. Everyone looked up to see. "There it is again. You heard that too right?" General Tulias said. The captain didn't care.
        "I said, next prisoner!" she said. The Nord approached the block, kneeling down and preparing for death. As the executioner rose his axe, ready to strike down, a panicked voice interrupts.
        "What in Oblivion is that?!" Everyone looked up seeing a large dragon landing on top of the watch tower. He let out a loud roar that caused panic to spread everywhere, then a loud shout which spread fire.
        Chaos broke out immediately, panic ran through as people scattered to avoid the spreading flames, some running for the gates, others running to their homes. Before I could turn to run to my house for safety, I felt a pair of arms grab me, picking me up and started running. I looked up seeing Ralof carry me. "Get in the keep! The Gods wont give us another chance." he shouted, the unknown prisoner ran in after him.
      Ralof sets me down, turning to the prisoner as he directed us. He left no room for discussion, only sending us off as he turns. The prisoner grabbed me by the wrist and pulls me along with him up the stairs of the Keep, only to stop as the dragon broke through the wall and blocked the stairs.
        With only a split second decision, the prisoner grabbed me and jumped from the breeched hole the dragon created and into a house with the top burned off. He jumps to the first floor through another hole and rushes us out, evading flames and burning wood. The gates were closed off, so we had to get out through underground tunnels of the Imperial headquarters of Helgen. 
        We approach it, Ralof rushing towards us was the most relieved sight so far. I pull my wrist away from the Nord's grasp and hug Ralof. We take a moment to breathe in the middle of the shit we were going through. We turn to go inside, but watch the Nord suddenly following an Imperial into another Keep. I frown, while Ralof has an expression of disappointed rage. We rush inside the headquarters quietly, betrayal felt heavy. 


        Escaping Helgen was easier said then done. I had never fought before in my life, yet suddenly I was given armor and a greatsword, expected to fight and survive. I didn't have time to mourn and process over all that had just happened, when Ralof turned to me and gave me instructions. "I need you to go to Whiterun. You'll be safe there. Go to the Companions." He said, handing me a crumpled piece of parchment. "Give this to Kodlak, he'll help you. I promise you, we'll meet again." He said.
        The urge to cry was strong, but I stood tall as I nod my head. "O-Okay Ralof."
        "Good lass." he said. He pulled off the amulet of Talos that hung around his neck and handed it to me. "Here." He carefully put it over my head. I smile sadly looking down at it. Without hesitation, I reach up and hugged him tightly.
        He was immediate to return the gesture. "I'll see you soon, lass." He said as we parted. I turned, giving him one last look before going off.

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                 I reached the gates of Whiterun. As I ran up to the door, the guards stopped me. "Halt. The city is off limits due to the ongoing threats of dragons. What business do you have here?" He spoke.
        I started thinking of something to say." I have news of the attack on Helgan. " I said. I thought it wouldn't work, but in the end they let me through with no further questions. I rushed in, looking around the town, at the blacksmith and the merchants stands, all talking among one another. I walked up the stairs and saw a large tree with benches surrounding it. I eyed them, desperately wanting to take a break. I almost did, but pulled myself up the stairs and into the place called Jorrvaskrr. The moment I entered, everyone's eyes were on me.
        I felt uncomfortable, not enjoying being stared at. I looked around nervously as a woman with war paint, red hair and slightly revealing armor came up to me. "Hey there, how can I help you little one?" she asked.
        "I'm looking for Kodlak..." I said hesitantly. She rose an eyebrow before pointing to the left side of the room. "Down the stairs, at the end of the hallway." She said. I nodded, quietly thanking her and rushed down the stairs to the Jorrvaskar living quarters. As she said, two men were seated at the end of the hall, their conversation interrupted by my approaching. 
        "A stranger comes to our halls." Kodlak said as he turned his attention to me. He was an elderly man with a grey beard. He had grey eyes and armor I had never seen before. Beside him sat a man with black hair and war paint around his eyes, wearing the same armor.
        "U-Um.." I stuttered. I snapped myself out of my awkward trance and handed him the note Ralof had given to me. There was silence as he read, the man sat aside from Kodlak was staring at me the entire time.
        I shifted uncomfortably as Kodlak turned his attention back up to me. "I'm sorry to hear about Helgen. Your parents and I were good friends." He said. My heart hurt at the mention of them. I shook my head.
        "I'd like to join the companions, to build myself up and avenge my parents death. No dragon will be left in Skyrim." I said clenching my fists. 
         "Let me have a look at you.." he stood, observing me. A small smile formed on his lips. "You have a kind hearted spirit, and much bravery. I think you'd be a great addition to the companions." He said.
        The Nord beside Kodlak looked at him. "Master, you aren't serious about allowing her in here are you?" he asked
        "I am no one's master, Vilkas." Kodlak said. "And besides, I seem to remember Farkas saying something about having empty beds around here." 
        His name is Vilkas? Who is Farkas? I thought to myself.
        I stifled a laugh when Vilkas seemed taken back, he glared at me. "Apologies, But perhaps this isn't the time. I've never heard of this woman." He said.
        "Sometimes they come to us for their own reasons, fame, fortune, honor, skill, and so on." He spoke. "What really matters is their heart.".
        "And their arm." Vilkas sighed.
        Kodlak gave a smile before standing up. "How are you in battle?" he asked, turning his attention to me.
        I looked at my sword. "Not very good.." I frown. "I'd only helped fighting Imperials with Ralof to escape a few times."
        Kodlak gave a reassuring smile. "It's alright, Vilkas here will teach you how to fight." He said turning to look at the man. "Vilkas, take her out to the yard. See what she can do."
        Vilkas sighs in annoyance. "Aye." He said and stood up. He gave me bit of a side glance before walking out of the quarters, me following close behind him.

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        Vilkas and I walk out into the yard, ratted and beaten up training dummies and a few racks with weapons were all littered along the wall. Vilkas turns to me, catching me staring. "We're going to start with hand-to-hand combat." He said. I nod and watch as he gets into a stance, his fist raised. I copied his form, my fists raised and my legs in a loose position to move. He observed for a moment. "Begin!" He shouts, instantly he and I lunged at each other. Both of us landing a few hits, but mostly it was dodging and moving. After a moment of waiting for an opening, I got a punch directly on his nose. He stumbled back, his hand reaching to his nose. He looked at me with an angry but proud grin as he wipes the blood away. "I'll give you that one." he said. "You can handle yourself with your fists, good."
        I grin in response. "What now?" I asked.
        He stood up straight and pulled out his greatsword. "Now we do some real training." He says. A small wave of nervousness and some panic rises, I shakily unsheathe my greatsword and held it up. "You're just going to block." He said. I tilted my sword lightly in response, making a small face of confusion. He sighs, sheathing his weapon and stood beside me. "Get in a position." He said. I got in a position to lunge. He stepped behind me and placed his hands over mine, carefully moving them on the handle so I had my sword tilted at an angle to his liking. "You hold it like this." He said, placing his hands over mine and gave it a small squeeze. "You keep a tight grip and keep it steady. You might stagger, but you'll have to get used to it." He said.
        I take a moment to take in the information and nod slowly. He stands across from me drew his sword again. "Ready?" he asked.
        "No... but just go." I say, tightening my grip for my anxiety. He stepped forward and bashed his sword against mine. I struggled as I pushed against him and tried to knock him off. We pull back, the same action repeated, pushing our blades against each other, waiting till one fell.
        Our faces were inches apart, jaw's clenched. I wanted to back down, but knew he would never respect if I didn't. I gather any energy I had and pushed my weight onto my sword, hitting against his one last time. He stumbled backwards, I took the opportunity and kicked his legs from under and knocked him down.
         My brain took a while to process my victory, breathing heavily, I manage to speak. "I win." I say looking down at him, the sword in my right hand weighing down against the ground. 
        He scowled, grabbing ahold of my arm and flipped me over, so he was on top, "Not quite." he said. "Are you sure you haven't fought with swords before? You do good for a whelp.".
         "Maybe I'm just better then you." 
        He laughs. "Sure, whatever you say." He reaches his hand down and helped me up. We both go still, looking into each others eyes, our hands still holding. It takes us a moment, but with a small laugh, we both let go. "You fight well, truly, you'll be a great addition to the Companions." He says, sheathing his sword, I copy him.
        "I'm glad to be a Companion." I smile. We both walk back inside. The air was heavy when we stepped in, an uncomfortable silence became prominent. What made the situation all the more unnerving, was that all eyes were on us.

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         The silence stayed as the uneasy feeling became worse, small amounts of panic was raising, what were these people thinking about? Did Vilkas know? Was it bad? My thoughts went unfinished when Vilkas's hand gently rested on my shoulder. "Come on. Don't let 'em get to you." 

        My gaze averted, silently nodding. My head stopped spinning with worry after a moment. "R-Right.." I mumble, going silent as I made my way to the living quarters. I slowly let more thoughts come through, each distracting enough to make me oblivious to the other people, the result ended with me accidentally running into someone. The moment I collided with them was a world of hurt, they had on strong armor, enough to make me stumble back. I look up to apologize, but was taken back when I looked at a man who resembled a little too much of Vilkas. 

         "Sorry friend," He said and helped me steady myself. I continued to look at him, he didn't sound like Vilkas.

        "I...uh..." I trail off, continuing to stare at him, "sorry about that." 

         He smiled a little. "It's okay." He held his hand out. "I'm Farkas, I'm sure you've met my brother Vilkas."

        'His brother? Oh, his brother.' I took his hand and shook it. "Yeah, I have, I'm Y/n." I said smiling shakily. His grip was terrifyingly tight. "I didn't know he had a brother, a twin on top of that." 

        Farkas gave an amused chuckle. "Nice to meet you." He said. "That little detail tends to confuse the new-bloods around here, a good way to mess with them." He says with a small laugh. After a moment, he speaks again. "I don't suppose you want to go and get a drink with Aela and I?" He offered. "I'd love to hear all about how the newest recruit took down Vilkas."
        "Oh, I didn't take him down, it was just a training session." I smile. 
        "To you maybe." He says quietly. 
        "What do you mean?"
        "Oh, nevermind it, you want to go?"
        I decide not to push it anymore. "Sure."

       "Great, follow me." He smiles and walked out of the quarters with me. We met up with the gal from earlier I met, her long red hair covering her enticing armor, she was gorgeous. 
        "She's joining?" She speaks. 
        "Yeah, thought you'd want in on the story of her and Vilkas." He chuckled. 
        "You're damn right I do," She says. "Lets head out." She said, stepping out. 
        We walk down the stairs of Jorvaskrr, heading down to the Bannered Mare. It was silent between us, till Farkas spoke up.
        "I've been meaning to ask, where are you from?" He questions. I felt my eyebrows furrow, frowning lightly as I let the question sink in. It didn't really hit me that only hours ago I lost not only my home, but my family. I didn't know who made it out of Helgen, or if anyone that did was still alive.

        "....I'm from Helgen."

        Farkas was quiet. "Oh...I'm sorry for asking." He said.

        I shook my head and put on a smile. "It's okay... You didn't know."
        Aela looked at me. "Hold on," She said and turned to face me. Her gaze hardened as she leads me over to one of the torches on the walls, lightly pulling down on the fabric collar of my top. "Farkas, look at this." She said. He didn't say anything as he looked as well. Aela looked down at my neck. Her eyes widened.

         "What? What is it?" I warily ask. 

         "You have...burn marks along your neck." Farkas answers.

        My heart dropped. I go silent, covering my neck with my collar once again. "Come on." I mumble, walking with them up the stairs and into the Bannered Mare.

        It was warm inside, there was nice music playing and light conversation between others. We all approach the lady behind the counter, ordering our drinks, Farkas and Aela ordering something strong with a couple things of food, while I chose something light to drink and a few fruits. Once the two have their orders, I ask Hulda for a piece of parchment and something to write with, she happily complies. The three of us split and sat at our own areas, Farkas and Aela in the middle bench by the fire, while I took my place at the entrance, in a single table with my drink and small fruits. I look down at the paper and sigh slightly. I pick up the quill and quietly start to write, it wasn't anything more then babbles of breaking and depressed mind. It turned from an "I miss you letter" of home and family, to a small written rant of what I was going through, the fire, the companions, Vilkas, everything. It was nonsense, that was all it would be.

        "Lass?" A voice spoke, catching me by surprise and causing me to jump. I look up with wide eyes as I saw Vilkas.

        "You startled me..." I say quietly. He sat down across from me.
        "My apologies," he frowns. "What are you writing?" 

         I folded the paper and placed it under the small plate. "O-Oh, it's nothing.." I keep my head down, but carefully lift my gaze to him. He has an eyebrow raised.
        "Are you okay?" he asked.
        "I'm perfectly fine." I say sternly. He leaned forward and brushed his hand along my cheek.  

        "You're crying." He says softly.

         "I-I'm fine..." I swat his hand away and wipe my eyes. "I was just... thinking too much about what I was writing." I mumble.

        Vilkas's voice softened as he spoke. "I'm not sure what you're going through, and you don't have to talk about it, but Farkas, Aela and I are here if you need something."

        I sniffle quietly, my heart aches hearing him say that. "Thank you Vilkas.." I said.

        "Come on, Lets get you back to the quarters. I wana take you somewhere tomorrow though." He said. I look at him curiously, but nodded and stood. I finish the last of my drink and look to him. I saw his arm move for a moment, but returned to his side. He and I quietly leave, not another word spoken as we return to Jorrvaskr.



                                                                                 [POV change]

   After the sparring session, Vilkas was eager to sit down and eat. He watched as Y/n went down to the living quarters, waiting till she was out of sight before returning to his food. He had a book set in front of him, one of the many copies of The Wolf Queen. He read till his eyes no longer transferred what he was reading to his brain. He sighs, closing the book and stands. The dining hall was now almost empty, only a few members left around. Before he could make his way to go rest, Kodlak approached him.
        "Vilkas, how is our newest recruit doing?" He asks.
        "Y/n?" He questions, a small sigh escaping. "She's a whelp, her fighting skills barely meet tolerable." He harshly criticized. He saw Kodlak's unamused look. "But, she's strong. She has potential." He says. Kodlak's expression turned to a smile.
        "I'm glad to hear you say that, I want you to take her on your job tomorrow, show her what being a companion is about." he says. 
        "Are you sure? I'm not sure she can handle something as tough as what this one will be." He questions uneasily. 
        "That's why I'm trusting you to make sure you both come back." He says, placing his hand on Vilkas's shoulder. "Don't fail me, Vilkas." He says, giving the shoulder part of his armor a small pat before walking away. Once he's gone, Vilkas lets out a heavy sigh.
        After a search for Y/n to inform her though, he's met with the realization she was nowhere to be found. He approaches Athis to question him.
        "The new-blood? Yeah, she left with Farkas and Aela not long ago." He informs. Something about that sentence made him feel odd, but he wasn't concerned enough to question further. He walks out of Jorrvaskr and makes his way down to the nearest place to drink, the Bannered Mare. Once he's inside, the first thing, or rather person, he sees is Y/n, sitting at the table beside the entrances alone and writing. He scans around for a moment and spots Farkas and Aela drinking away and laughing. He figures them as fine, and instead turns to Y/n. 

          "Lass?" He calls. He watches as she jumps in response, her eyes slightly wide as she looks at him.

        "You startled me..." she speaks quietly. He pulls a chair up and sits adjacent from her.
        "My apologies," he frowns. The silence bothers him, but he turns his attention to the paper he noticed when he first entered. "What are you writing?" He asks. She doesn't respond, instead quietly folds it and hid it under her mug, thus dismissing it. He raised an eyebrow at the action and watches her. Her eyes meeting his for a mere moment. "Are you okay?" 

        "I'm perfectly fine." She speaks, the tone in her voice changing completely.. He leaned forward gently brushed his hand along her cheek, hoping it wouldn't upset her.  

        "You're crying." He says softly.

        She swats his hand away and wipes any other evidence of tears. "I-I'm fine..." she speaks, her voice returning to small and quiet. "I was just... thinking too much about what I was writing." 

        He realized that it was something personal, and very much possible that it was a topic not for him to ask her to speak about at the moment. He quiets his voice, sounding more gentle as he spoke. "I'm not sure what you're going through, and you don't have to talk about it, but Farkas, Aela and I are here if you need something."

          "Thank you Vilkas.." She speaks.

        "Come on, Lets get you back to the quarters. I need take you somewhere tomorrow." He said. He watches her expression as she stood and picked up her mug. She finishes her drink, while she does that however, he notices the paper on the table. He reaches and carefully takes it, setting it within his glove as she finished. "Ready to get going?" He asks. She nods her head, and just like that, the two leave Jorrvaskr, Vilkas pondering what would be in the note, and if he should risk reading it. 

Chapter Text


        After arriving back to Jorrvaskr, the terrors of today began to sink in, a frown found its way to my face. "Vilkas..." I begin, looking up at him, "I'm going to head to bed, okay? Wake me early tomorrow and fill me in, yeah?" I smile. 
        He made a bit of a face, but nodded his head. "Alright, rest well." 
        With that I make my way to the living quarters, wanting nothing more then to sleep and ponder. I pass through the doors and find an empty bed, laying down on it. My head resting on the small excuse of a pillow allowed my body to relax and think, but the only thinking I could do resulted in the stress and sadness catching up. It all hurt, so I gave up, allowing exhaustion take over me. My eyes closed, my body loose, but I was still conscious enough to hear around me. The silence of the room was broken as the voice of two entering women began speaking.
        I steadied my breathing as they continued to talk. "Oh great, she actually made it in. Now we have to see her every day." I recognized the voice of Njada speaking, there was a very clear dislike in her voice.
        "How could Kodlak accept her? She's just a whelp, she can't do anything." I hear, now recognizing that voice belonging to Ria.
        There was silence for a moment.
        "I have an idea." Njada began, my grip on the bed sheet tightened slightly. I listen as they approach my bed, faring for my safety, I begin to open my eyes, but stop when they speak again. 
         "Just a drop. We don't want to kill her."
        That set the panic in place, I open my eyes quickly, only to feel them pouring some kind of liquid into my mouth. I sat up, hitting the bottle away and begin to cough, it burned. I spat out as much as I could, trying to call out for help, but my efforts were wasted as I felt a hand cover my mouth. I continued to struggle, trying to push her hand off, but my body began to feel weak, weak to the point I couldn't do anything. I stop struggling, slowly blacking out. 

                My body ached when I opened my eyes, feeling heavy as I tried to figure out what was going on. I slowly sit up, my head throbbing in pain and my throat was burning. There was a strong, stinging pain in my side as I sat up. I carefully turn my body to look, the cloth surrounding the blood was shredded open, below was what looked like claw marks, still bleeding. I carefully set my hand over the wound, applying some form of pressure to subdue any of the bleeding.
         I place my free hand on the wall beside me and pull myself up, biting hard as the pain became excruciating. I take a moment to calm myself, not wanting to fall again. I look around me, trying to figure out where I was.  It was mostly pitch black, the smell of blood was horrifically strong. It took me a moment to realize I was in some kind of cave, the only light coming from what I assumed to be the moon near the entrance. I keep as tight a grip on the wall as I began making my way  out, carefully as to not put myself in more pain then I already was. 
        As I near the way out, the cold breeze of the night hit me and filled me with relief, but it was short lived by a loud roar. With caution and tense movements, I turn my head to look behind me, there was a necromancer, and next to him were two clearly summoned animals, a wolf and a bear. I instinctively reached behind me to pull out my greatsword, but felt nothing but air. 'Where is it!?' I panic. My expression turned to a fear, but then a snarl as I face them, raising my fists, just like Vilkas taught me, and got ready to attack. It was now fight or die.
        "Come at me, bitch."

                                                                [Change in POV]

        After the two arrived back into Jorrvaskr, Vilkas and Y/n exchanged partings as she left to rest, while he sat away from others to read a book, just as he did every night. It was late, so the dining hall was empty, the others had gone to bed. He takes a moment to read before deciding to do it in his room. He stands, ready to head down to the living quarters. As he turns to go, however, he watches as Njada and Ria carry something over their shoulders out the door. He raised an eyebrow, completely concerned and curious, but not curious enough to risk upsetting Njada. He shakes his head, going down to his room without a second thought.


           Not too long later, Vilkas was awoken by the sound of his bedroom door being slammed open. He jolts awake, hand on his swords handle in seconds, he makes a face of anger when he saw Njada and Ria. The two stood there, Njada looking guilty while Ria looked panicked. "Do you two have any idea what time it is? What's the meaning of this?" he growls.
        Ria was the first to speak. "We didn't know there was a sorcerer! We didn't mean to give her too much! It was just to get at her!"
        "The hell are you two going on about?" He sighed.
        She went silent, she looked like she was about to faint. "We gave Y/n this poison that was just supposed to weaken her when she woke up as a joke, but... we put to much and messed up something with her! We took her to find a healer, we met this man and said he could help and that he could help and just needed a few ingredients outside the walls but he was a necromancer. We stupidly let him take her and before we knew it he summoned the most terrifying and strangest creature you've never hunted and took her. We tried to fight them but they were too powerful so we ran and came to tell you! We don't know what to do Vilkas, please help!"
                His expression turned to a panicked hate. "You what?! You idiots, go tell Kodlak this!" He shouts, grabbing a few things from his room and hurries out of the Jorrvaskr. He could hear his own heartbeat racing as he ran out of Whiterun. As he stepped out of the walls and down towards the stables, he takes a moment to stop and look around, finding areas of blood on the ground below him.
        He's quick to start following it, watching as the trail went dead after a while, it sparked more panic. It completely vanished after a moment, leaving him to guessing his way. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, letting only his ears tell him what was going on. He exhales, then slowly breathes in and holds a moment more, and releases, repeating it again, he picks up on the scent. He opens his eyes, his body having a reaction he didn't know if he could handle, and allows his nose to guide him. he arrives to a cave, outside of it was littered with ash piles. He unsheathes his greatsword, taking a moment to compose himself. 
        He steps inside, going still as he takes a moment to observe. He's met by the strong and foul stench of blood and decay, he raises one of his hands to his nose to try and deflect the smell. He continues further inside, hesitantly and cautiously. As he makes his way further in, he hears a loud, heart dropping roar  ahead of him. He runs quickly further in the cave, but stumbles to stop when he realizes what was in front of him. There stood a terrifyingly large creature, with blood all over it, the creature stood beside a tall, hooded figure. With a careful look closer, Vilkas saw a dark glow emanating from his hands. They were facing the wall of the cave, there he could see the outline of someone, he recognizes it as Y/n.
        Before he can speak, the creature suddenly lunged at her, with only a moment to act, he rushes to stand in front of her, his hands gripping at whatever he could of the beast and attempting to push the creature away. It had a scent familiar to him, but the heart beat was that of a different creature than he thought it was. His blood ran cold at the realization. 
        He was going hand-to-hand against a Werebear. His realization led him to distraction, leaving him unable to keep stable against the creature and stumbled back, the creature was immediate to lean down over him, raising its claw at him, but is stopped when something hits its head. 
        Y/n stood beside the two, one hand clutching her side, the other wielding a heavy rock. She brings the rock down on the creature's head, only causing it to avert for a moment. It raises its clawed hand and shoves her to the floor. It rises off of Vilkas and towers over her, giving him the time to grab ahold of his sword and rise to his feet. He lifts it behind his head, and with all of his might, he brings the sword down on the creature, the blade embedding into the neck of it. The depth he had cut it into the Werebear had him struggling to pull it out of the creature. He watches it's clawed hand again raise up to slash at him, his instincts kicked it, in was either die right there or keep fighting without a sword. The split second decision had him caught, he lets go of the sword and stumbles to the side of the monsters hit.
        He didn't completely avoid it.
        He's hit with an unbearable pain in his leg, sending him to the ground and clutching at the shredded skin and muscle, blood pouring out all over his hands. The Werebear suddenly became more interested in Vilkas, getting closer to him, and lets out a loud roar, one that was all too familiar to him and sent his body into a chilled panic. He looks to where Y/n is, only to see her laying limp on the ground, curled up and facing him. 
        Time slowed, his breathing became slow and loud in his ears, he growls lowly and stands up weakly, his leg stinging in pain. He looks the Werebear in the eyes before hunching over and allowing the curse that tortured him so deeply.
        He feels his body heat up, his muscle stretching and tearing, his body growing taller, his senses began overloading. He watched as his hands grew to large claws, as his face grew longer and his teeth sharper. He transformed. 
        Once it was complete, he stood as tall as he could, looking the Werebear in the eyes and lets out a loud, fear educing roar. The Werebear seemed to shrink back, but switched. The two lunged at each other, claws out and tearing each other apart. 
        Vilkas, however, failed to notice Y/n only fading into a deep unconsciousness, after he had transformed.