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just one minute more

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These days, Lan Wangji found himself in a troubling situation.

Since he came back to Cloud Recesses, hand-in-hand with Wei Wuxian, it was getting harder and harder to get out of bed every morning.

It was hard because Wei Wuxian would be on top of him, legs entangled with his own and his head next to his heart, snoring so softly that they felt like kitten purrs. He’d have his arms around him so snugly that he could feel those purring snores resonate through him.

Furthermore, the mornings were always cool high on the mountains where the Cloud Recesses sat, so the warmth of Wei Wuxian’s body was especially enticing, emitting heat that filled Lan Wangji’s soul.

It was even more difficult, because if Lan Wangji moved to start getting ready for the day, Wei Wuxian would shiver and, in his sleep, mumble, “Er-gege, be good, come back to bed…” and the space between his brows would crease unhappily.

Every time, Lan Wangji leant over to smooth them over with his thumb, trailing down to map out the canvas of his cheeks, he would lean into his touch and mumble again, “Lan Zhan.”

It was difficult, because Wei Wuxian had a hundred different ways of saying his name, but this, at this time, was especially tender, especially vulnerable. In the stillness of mao hour, in the darkness of their room with their sheets smelling of the both of them, Wei Wuxian said, “Lan Zhan” in his sleep, breathed out like it was exhaled from his heart. Like, I love you.

Faced with this kind of situation, how could one blame Lan Wangji’s current difficulties? How could he not lie there, every morning, with Wei Wuxian’s kitten snores, and just… get out?

He used to dream of this, back when he was a boy. Now here he was, a man, and his dream was in his very arms.

One more minute. So he could feel Wei Wuxian’s soft breaths against his chest.

Lan Wangji, however, found that this made the situation even harder to bear. Now he had to look down and see Wei Wuxian’s face slack in sleep, gentled by soft dreams. He’d suffered so much in life. Lan Wangji remembered him with his skin clinging to his bones and something indescribably terrible trailing his footsteps during the Sunshot Campaign. His smile was a defense then, eerie and unsettling, and it pulled painfully at the corner of his lips and at Lan Wangji’s heart.

He turned them both over to their sides, careful not to jostle too much, and buried his face into his neck. He pressed his lips into smooth skin, right above where his pulse beat a steady rhythm. The present was the present. The present was a gift and it thrummed there, right there.

He would surely make up for this later and be extra hasty when he got ready for the day. However…

Wei Wuxian was so warm. He smelt good too. He hugged him closer to his own body, buried his hand in silk-smooth hair.

One minute more, and he would get out of bed before the sun rose.

But… wouldn’t it be nice, to bear witness to the way the morning glow would fall across Wei Wuxian’s face? He could count his individual eyelashes and watch his eyes flutter open against the sunlight. He would groan and grumble against the intrusion, but then Lan Wangji would be the first thing he would see. He would smile sleepily, still hazy, and sigh, “Good morning,” and it would make Lan Wangji’s heart pound harder.

Lan Wangji let out a long exhale. He pressed a kiss to his pulse and then continued to kiss up his jaw to his cheeks. The hand that was in Wei Wuxian’s hair smoothed down to stroke his back.

“Sweetheart,” he whispered. Immediately, he could feel his face warm with a hidden blush. How bold! He could not ever dare to say this out-loud when Wei Wuxian was also awake. He could say this now though, in these quiet hours.

One minute more, to say these words of endearment.

Maybe, maybe someday he could also say it during other hours? Momentarily, Lan Wangji became dizzy at the audacious thought of it. To be so frank with his words, it would surely cause certain people in the sect to combust! However, Wei Wuxian would be in delighted fluster. For someone who loved to be so shameless in his flirting, he reacted too well when the flirting was turned on him, no matter how terrible Lan Wangji was at it.

To tell the truth, Lan Wangji enjoyed it too. He liked being able to pull Wei Wuxian onto his lap whenever he wanted. He liked to kiss him, to hold his hands caress a thumb over every knuckle. He liked to hold him during every parting, every greeting, and every time he felt like it. It was liberating, it was exhilarating, and it was good.

Emboldened, he said again louder, “Sweetheart.” His hands reached under Wei Wuxian clothes to trace tender circles on his hips.

One minute more, just to touch. Just to feel.

Wei Wuxian shuddered pleasantly under his hands. “Mmm,” he said. He said more things, but it was unintelligible.

Lan Wangji kissed Wei Wuxian’s temple. The sounds of life were starting to sweep over outside. He would need to rush to get dressed, and to be able to finish his morning duties on time. By the time he would be back in the Jingshi, he would lift the still snoozing Wei Wuxian out of bed to pamper him awake. He’d be able to watch Wei Wuxian come completely to, yawning and grouchy.

What a wonderful feeling this was. Lan Wangji didn’t think he would ever get used to this. He hoped he would never get used to this.

How difficult it made his mornings, however. It was just like Wei Wuxian, to get him to break another rule like this, even unconscious as he was now.

Lan Wangji closed his eyes, humming lightly. Just one minute more.