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A Magician Lost in a Shadowhunter's World

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She was shaking. She was breathing too fast. She couldn’t think clearly.


A high pitched scream pierced through her terror only a bit, bringing her back to the moment slightly. Her vision was blurry, tinted red. She slowly reached a trembling hand up to her own face, gently dragging her fingers over her face. It hurt to move her hands. The Beast had cut them off earlier, but them sewn them back on, jaggedly, horribly. They didn’t work properly, just enough to twitch and tremble in her fear. Blinking a few times to try and clear her sight enough to see what was happening, she saw that her hand was red. Her breath was coming in shorter, light gasps.


Her focus was drawn to the ground in front of her. A bloody face was staring up her. Eyes wide and unseeing. And pale. So, so pale. Her brain sluggishly recognized the face. He had once been beautiful, but now the light in him was gone. Eliot. That was his name. It didn’t register right away that he was dead. She couldn’t wrap her head around why he was so pale, or why he didn’t blink. Her hands shook more as the realization settled on her mind like a gradually filling glass of water.


She looked away quickly, unwilling to look at Not Eliot Anymore. Dead Eliot.


The next place she looked wasn’t much better.


She recognized the pink coat immediately, but it was dirty and streaked with red. Margo’s head was laying beside her feet. The Beast had cut it off. She gasped, the air not filling her lungs as it should. The trembling of her body was getting worse.


Another scream caught her attention. She lifted her head up sluggishly to see the body of Julia drop to the ground like a rag doll. Her arms were sitting at odd angles, and her face was facing the wrong way. She looked at her for a moment and saw blood begin to pool around Julia’s mangled body.


“Martin… Stop… Please.” A male voice said. Quentin. She remembered that Quentin was there. So, still alive for the moment. She tried to turn to see where he was, but she felt that her feet were stuck. She looked down and saw that the chain that was holding her in place was still there. She tugged gently, but the magic in the chain flared and shot up her leg and the rest of her body. She tensed at the pain, but couldn’t cry out. Her hands were still shaking, still covered in blood.


“Oh, Coldwater. It’s always so pitiful when you beg. Although I am pleased when you call me Martin. It’s a bit annoying when I have to kill you in the times you don’t even figure out my name. I’m glad that you and your friends were smarter this time around.” There was an audible snap of bone, the pain-filled cry from Quentin’s mouth, and a little chuckle from The Beast.


“I must admit. It was valiant to try and save your Traveler. Noble, even.” There was a pause, and another snap of bone and another cry. “Tell me though. Was she worth it? You’re all going to die this time around.”


She mentally agreed. This time, it had been different. This time, Julia hadn’t been part of the team until the very end, Margo and Eliot weren’t close friends like they had been, and Todd, for some reason, had been part of the group to stop the Beast. She remembered that Todd had been the first to die at the hand of the Beast. His neck had been snapped and his throat ripped out in front of them in three seconds flat. None of them had been able to save him. She had tried to get free of the chains that held her there, captive for the Beast’s use and enjoyment, but the magic in the chains flared each time she drew on the ambient magic in the air, or from within herself. She wanted to speak up, and tell Quentin that it was okay, that he was amazing, that he did all he could. But she couldn’t say anything. The Beast had cast a silencing spell on her before they had arrived, so no matter what, she wouldn’t have been able to say anything. She was at the Beast’s mercy, his personal Traveler.


She could feel tears flowing down her cheeks, causing streaks through the blood that was caked on her skin, whether it was from earlier, or from Eliot, Margo, and Julia, she couldn’t tell.  Her eyes flicked down across the room behind the Beast, past Quentin and saw Penny’s body laying in front of the fire place. His hands had been cut off and strewn over the office space that they were in, his torso separated from his lower half. Her best friend, her mentor, and fellow Traveler. Dead and gone before he had the chance to save her. They had tried to connect mentally, psychically, but it hadn’t worked.


Quentin cried out, but it quickly turned into gurgling, as his blood was beginning to push up this throat. Her eyes were drawn back to him as he started to spurt blood out of his mouth. Her eyes went wide; her mouth open in a silent scream. She couldn’t catch her breath, as she watched Quentin sink to his knees, skin turning pale, and finally slump forward face first onto the ground. His body convulsed for a moment, as all the blood from his body was being pumped out of him. She heard a chuckle, and then the Beast started whistling his favourite tune. It sent a cold shiver down her spine, and the feeling of terror and dread settling into her stomach.


She kept her eyes on Quentin’s body, even though she felt the Beast move closer to her. The whistling was getting louder, and the horrid smell of moth balls and ash mixed with mint filled her nose.


“Now, where were we before they so rudely interrupted, hm?” The Beast asked, bringing his mutilated hand up to her face and gently caressing her cheek despite the blood. She cringed away from the touch, a sob stuck in her throat.


“Oh, that’s right.” The Beast waved his hand, and she could feel the silencing spell lift. She let out a gasp of pain and fear, but at that moment, her body wasn’t responding to what her brain was trying to tell her to do. She wanted to cry, to scream, to run away, but she was stuck. Frozen. Helpless against this Beast who had just killed her friends. Again.


“Those screams that you’ve been holding in are mine, Miss Eryn. Let me hear them.” The Beast said gently.


He raised his hand slightly higher, already beginning a spell to begin cutting into her skin on her face. Her body was held still by his magic, so she couldn’t squirm away from the pain that was blooming on her right cheek. The Beast went slowly, like he always did, trying to elicit the loudest, pain-filled screams from her throat. She grunted in pain, trying to hold it in, but as he got farther across her cheek, he began to dig deeper, nearly hitting bone. She cried out furiously, her body only able to tremble slightly under his power. She heard him sigh contently as her scream tapered off. She felt his hand lower away from her face. She sagged a bit into the hold his power on her, her legs giving out on her, but unable to collapse. The Beast didn’t like it when she wasn’t standing. He called it lazy and unsuitable for his… enjoyment.


She could feel a new wave of blood seeping through the cut on her face, dripping down her jaw and trailing down her neck into her shirt. It had once been a light gray colour, but it wasn’t anymore. It looked black from all the blood and dirt that covered her.


It was moment before she registered that the whistling had stopped. She looked up sluggishly and saw that the Beast was frozen, mid-step. She glanced at him, confused. His eyes were shifting, but the rest of his body was frozen. His hands couldn’t move, his lips were still pursed for his chilling tune, but no sound was coming out.


She felt a shift in the air, and she felt his power fall away from her. She sagged further, barely catching herself from falling straight to the ground. She heard hurried footsteps moving towards her, and she glanced up wearily. A blurry image of a woman was in front of her face, gently placing touches on her face and shoulders. The woman was saying something, but her mind wasn’t taking it in. The more she looked at the woman, the more clear she became, and her voice cut through the haze in her brain. 


“Lena! Lena, can you hear me?” The woman asked quietly, gripping her by the shoulders. The sound of her voice was still so loud. 


It was Alice. Alice, who had disappeared a while ago. What was she doing there?


She tried to speak, but her throat was sore from having her screams forced to stay inside her for so long; all the silent screaming and crying taking its toll on her body.


“Shh… It’s ok, don’t speak. We don’t have that long.” Alice said. She made quickly work of the chains that was holding Lena captive, her hands performing an intricate unlocking cast that was far beyond what they had learned to do at Brakebills.


“I found Umber.” Alice began to say. Lena tried to follow, but her mind was becoming fuzzy from exhaustion and the adrenaline that had flowed through her veins was beginning to fade.


“The Beast didn’t kill him, just banished him. He gave me only enough power to save you.” Alice did a few more movements with her hands, and the air around Lena began to glow. “I’m sorry, but Umber spoke with the Watcher Woman and the only way for this to work is for you to live. And you can’t stay here or at home. So, I am sending you away.” Alice explained, continuing to work her hands in intricate patterns. The air was becoming thick around Lena, around her arms and legs and body, almost constricting her. There was pain growing along her arms as well, around the anchors that allow Lena to stay linked to her world.


She tried to move away from that pain. She tried to move away from the panic that was rising. She couldn’t lose her links to this world, to any of her worlds. She felt her head begin to shake.


“N-No…” she groaned, although it wasn’t very loud. No more than a whisper.


Alice glanced up from her work, her eyes glistening with tears. “I’m so sorry Lena, but this is the only way. In order for the loop to reset, you have to live. It’s always you who has to live.”


Lena could feel that panic begin to grow. She shook her head more forcefully, although it caused her to see stars. She tried to speak again, but the pain on her arms suddenly increased. She cried out as she felt the links fall away from her, her only anchors to this world just disappeared. Fresh tears began to pour down her face, even though she didn’t think she could cry anymore. Her body was slowly beginning to realize the release from the bonds that kept her tethered to the earth. She began to mumble incoherently, but Alice was ignoring her. Alice continued to do her intricate work of dismantling Lena’s Traveler wards and anchors, replacing them with a different type of anchor. Heavier, more painful.


“This anchor will take you far away, and keep you there. Hopefully, wherever you land, there will be enough magic for you, if not more.” She slowed her hands a bit, seemingly finishing up the last of the cast.


“Please… Alice…” Lena whispered, her voice cracking at the end in a sob.


Alice looked at her in the eye. “Lena. It has to be done.” Her eyes went wide for a second. “Shit! This was put in my pocket after I spoke with Umber. I am supposed to give it to you.”


Alice pulled out a small box from her pocket. She opened it to reveal was looked like a pill inside, small and round. She shook her head again, but Alice used a gentle hand to open her mouth and force her to take the pill. Lena swallowed instinctively, feeling it go down her throat, scratching and dry. She could taste blood in her mouth and on her tongue, but it had somewhat dried, making the motion churn her stomach. Alice grimaced a bit, and bit her lip. She was nervous, and Lena could feel it beginning to grow.


Alice looked at Lena again, and then glanced behind her towards the Beast.


“The magic is going to wear off soon. I need to throw you now.” She paused. “I’m sorry. I really am.”


Lena shook her head again, despite the dizzying effect it had on her brain, looking at Alice with pleading eyes. “Please,” her voice broke with pain, “Alice… no…” she rasped. A single tear rolled down Alice’s face as she lifted her hands once more to finish the last of the casting.


“I’m sorry.” Alice said once more, before she finished the cast and threw hands towards Lena.


It was a sudden jolt in the pit of her stomach, and then a yank that pulled Lena backwards. The breath was forced out of her lungs like a hard punch to the stomach. So much so that she couldn’t scream, couldn’t yell, couldn’t breathe in again despite the burning in her lungs. She was pulled violently backward into the void that she had become familiar with as a Traveler, before everything had happened with the Beast. But this time, she was afraid, terrified, because she didn’t know where she was going, or how long she was going to be held in limbo before she landed somewhere. If she did at all.

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In his loft in Brooklyn, High Warlock Magnus Bane was putting together a potion for a client who was paying a shiny penny for it. It had been stewing for a few hours now, slowly coming together as he added the necessary ingredients one at a time. In the background, there was soft music playing, filling the loft with gentle vibrations. Magnus bobbed his head slightly to the beat. After 400 years of living, he had acquired many different types of music, enjoyed a great deal of them, but there were always a select few that he constantly returned to.

As he shuffled over to his shelf of ingredients, he felt a sudden blast of magic radiate around him and the loft. It knocked the wind out of his lungs with such force that he stumbled. He glanced around to make sure everything was in order, checking the potion to see what had happened. He had followed the directions precisely, so he looked into the pot in confusion when he saw that it was perfectly fine.


Glancing around, he lifted his hands and began to reach out through his magic to find the source of the surge. He drifted into the living room, following the light trail of residual magic, concentrating on its energy. His brows furrowed in confusion. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before, and he had plenty of experience dealing with magic.


His concentration was broken when his phone began to ring. He walked over to the coffee table and picked up his cell. The caller ID said “Little Cabbage”, and he picked up after the third ring.


“Did you feel that?” Ragnor asked before Magnus even had the chance to say hello.


“Indeed I did. I am assuming you did as well?” Magnus asked, trying to pass off his unease as teasing.


“Yes I did.”


“Well, what did you do that I could feel it in New York?” Magnus asked, turning towards his drink cart to put together a martini. His unease grew more steadily as the phone was silent for a beat. 


“I didn’t do anything," Ragnor said sternly, "I was reading.” The indignant tone in his voice seemed forced, as if he was also trying to settle his unease.


Magnus chuckled, “Oh my dear cabbage, it’s alright if you did.”


“It wasn’t me, Magnus! It originated in New York, and reverberated around the world. I’m currently in Spain with a colleague, and even she felt it.” Ragnor explained, a trace of fear entering his voice.


Ragnor’s words made Magnus pause. He reached out again with his magic, and found a thread of the unknown magic. It was strong, and pulsating.


“How soon can you make a portal here?” Magnus asked, keeping his eyes fixed on the thread.


A purple glow appeared in the peripheral of Magnus’ right eye, and he saw Ragnor step through.


“Shall we follow it?” Ragnor asked, as the portal snapped shut behind him.


Magnus nodded, keeping his concentration on the thread. He hung up his phone and put it into his pocket, and then gathered up the thread in his hands more firmly. Both he and Ragnor followed the source out of his loft and down into the street. They walked for a while, heading towards East Village. It was later in the afternoon, so the sun was lower in the sky, beginning to cast shadows on the buildings and sidewalks. The two Warlocks walked for another 20 minutes, until the thread began to glow even brighter.


“We’re close,” Magnus said, flicking his eyes all around to see if he could locate the source.


“Magnus. Over there.” Ragnor murmured. Magnus followed Ragnor’s hand towards the clearing between the tree of a small park. Well, at least, there was a clearing now. The branches on the trees had been broken from a strong blast, and were still somewhat smoking.


They advanced slowly. Magnus wondered vaguely if any of the Shadowhunters had felt the surge too, although he doubted it. They probably had other things to deal with, and since this was seemingly magic based, it was the duty of warlocks to investigate. They came into the clearing, only to find the ground ripped up, as if it had been hit with a meteorite, and a big one at that. Ragnor and Magnus glanced at each other, and then continued forward, arms raised with magic waiting at their finger tips for anything.


As they moved closer to the crater, they saw a translucent oval at its center, pulsating like the thread of magic from earlier. The transparency of the oval shape fluctuated, and to their utter amazement, they saw a body inside.

A woman.

And she was covered in blood.

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Alec Lightwood stood in the Ops centre watching security footage of the latest demon attack that had killed 3 mundanes and injured a Shadowhunter. It had been his responsibility to send the team out and take care of the demon, but with so many Shadowhunters out of commission for inane meetings and training sessions ordered by the Clave, he barely had enough staff to run regular patrols. The team that had gone after this demon attack only had two people, and it was Alec’s preference that all teams had at least three people for situations just like this one.


As he moved to stop the footage to play it over again, a sudden surge of energy pushed him like a wave, causing him and several others in the Ops centre to stumble. He whipped his head around to check if anyone was injured, but the blast of whatever that was hadn't seem to have injured anyone.


“Someone find out what that was.” He ordered, voice clear and firm. Many heads nodded and made themselves busy, while Alec turned to the computer in front of him and began his own task. He pulled up a map of New York, and searched for a pattern in the blast. Nothing showed up on the monitor, which only turned his scowl into a grimace. He didn’t have time to deal with a new threat, if that was what this was, but it was the duty of Shadowhunters to ensure the safety of the Shadow world and the mundane world.


His parabatai Jace came jogging out of the training room. He reached Alec and looked at the monitor. He was sweating, and still in his work out gear, hands wrapped for the punching bag.


Clearing his throat a bit, he gestured to the monitor, “Did you feel that too?” he asked, beginning to unwrap his hands.


Alec nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t know what it is. I don’t think any does at the moment. We should get Izzy in here to try and locate the source of the blast, see what we are dealing with here.”


Jace nodded in agreement, and was about to pull out his phone to text Izzy, but they heard the distinctive click of high heels on the floor. They turned around and saw Izzy in all her glory, walking towards them with a tablet in her hands.


“Already on it, bro.” Izzy said with a grin. She flicked her fingers across the tablet and then suddenly, what had been on her tablet was now on the screen in front of them.


“It seems that the blast of whatever that was originated near the East Village. No specific downworld territory to speak of, and it doesn’t seem there were any human casualties. At least, so far as we can tell right now. This is just preliminary tracking of the energy, so it isn’t definitive.” Izzy explained, pointing out the area in which the source began.


“Alright. I think we should go check it out. It could be a demon attack.” Alec suggested. His scowl deepened, and he pulled his arms across his chest. Unable to shake his feeling of unease, he shook his head slightly and continued, “But it’s a weird energy, so I’m not sure on that.”


Jace and Izzy nodded in agreement, and then glanced at Alec. Jace piped up, “Meet back here in 5 minutes, and then we’ll head out?” Alec nodded, and then headed over to another Shadowhunter to let them know the plan. He left Underhill in charge, and he quickly went to retrieve his bow and arrow from the weapons room.


Once the trio had left the Institute, they followed Izzy’s directions from her phone, activating their runes to get across the city faster. In about half an hour, they reached the edged of the park where the source was coming from. They took in their surroundings and deemed that it was less likely to have been a demon attack, since it was still relatively sunny out.


They fanned out without having to say a word, each of them knowing their movements without fail. They walked around the trees and towards to center of the clearing, where they saw branches and leaves still smoking. Alec kept his eyes up, scanning for potential threats, when he saw two warlocks directly across from them. He watched them carefully, but he noticed that they were confused, but also tense, as if ready to go on the defensive. He followed their gaze to what looked like a crater, and taking a few more steps forward, he saw what they were confused about.

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The pain was everywhere. It had no end, or a beginning, it was just constant. She couldn’t feel her own body, yet she felt every fibre. It was excruciating, and it was flowing. She couldn’t tell if she was breathing, but she knew she was alive, because if she were dead, there wouldn’t be any pain. Right?




Magnus looked at the woman inside the oval, his heart aching for the state of her. She looked as if she had been in battle. Blood was everywhere, and had long since soaked and dried on her clothes. Some looked to be freshly spilled, so wherever she was from, it was only a short while since she left there and landed here. He reached out gently with his magic to encircle the oval, assessing its magical properties, sensing Ragnor doing the same. They carefully walked around the oval, as to not disturb it and cause any undo harm towards the girl inside, or to themselves.


His concentration was broken when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and saw three Shadowhunters approach them cautiously. Magnus took in the three, one blond haired male, a black haired woman, and a tall black haired male. Their runes were clear as day on their skin, but Magnus found that his eyes kept on focusing on the tall, dark haired one. Something about him caught his attention. Intriguing, Magnus thought to himself. The blond guy and the girl walked forward, while the tall one hung back, hands holding a bow and arrow, constantly looking around for danger. Something inside Magnus fluttered a bit, but he shook it off. There were more important things to deal with at hand. Possible flirting could happen later, maybe.


“Ah, Shadowhunters. Glad you could make it.” Magnus said, turning his attention to the trio. He glanced at Ragnor, whose brow was furrowed under his horns in concentration. His magic pulsated around the oval, deep russet and sparking.


“What happened here?” The blonde one demanded. He was good looking, there was no denying, but he had an arrogance about him that made Magnus uneasy. Any Shadowhunter that seemed openly arrogant was dangerous.


Putting on his fierce façade, Magnus gestured around him, “We are still trying to figure that out. This magic is not normal. The magnitude of it shook around the world, which is why my associate and I came here to investigate.” He explained, gesturing toward Ragnor.


“We felt it too. We thought it might have been another demon attack.” The girl spoke up this time, her voice sultry and filled with concern as she eyed the woman in the orb.


“Thankfully, no demons. However, I don’t know what this is exactly, so I don’t think we can rule out this being a dangerous situation.” Magnus cautioned.


Magnus’ gaze flicked up to the Shadowhunter behind the other two, who was still keeping an eye out around them, but obviously paying attention to the conversation. As he was beginning to let his mind wander, just a teensy bit, the translucent oval pulsated, strongly. Magnus felt the sheer force of its power in his bones, and it was slightly unsettling. Not in an ominous sort of way, but any power that is strong enough to shake even Magnus Bane is dangerous.


“Can we move it?” The girl asked, stepping forward towards the oval.


Magnus quickly put a hand out to stop her progress. “Ah – Please don’t go near it right yet. We don’t know what would happen if one of us touched it right now. So, no, I don’t think we should move it. Ragnor and I will continue to assess it until we can come up with a plan.” Magnus looked at Ragnor, who nodded in agreement. His magic continued to work its way around the oval, and Magnus joined in once he was sure the Shadowhunters would not interfere.


“We should make a perimeter. Can’t have any mundanes around if this goes sideways.” The tall one called out.


Magnus shivered slightly. That voice. He glanced a look at the tall man, watching him pull out a cellphone from his pocket. Probably sensing Magnus watching him, the tall one looked up and their eyes connected. Magnus swallowed, his throat suddenly constricted a bit. Beautiful, he thought. The tall one looked away quickly and brought his phone up to his ear. Did I see a slight blush? Magnus thought.


The oval pulsated again, equally as strong as the previous one, which pulled Magnus’ attention back to it once more. As he watched the oval, it began to pulsate more regularly. Almost like a heartbeat, Magnus thought. Reaching out again with his magic, he tried to feel for something akin to a life source. Faintly, he could sense the woman inside. Much to his surprise, the pulse of the oval was the same as her heartbeat.


“Ragnor, I think this is connected to the girl,” Magnus explained, not looking away from her.


“I agree. Possibly a sort of protective shield?” Ragnor suggested.


“Possibly. I’m just worried at the state of the girl inside.” Magnus responded, speaking low, “I can only feel her faintly, so I can’t assess whether or not she is badly injured, or just slightly. The blood looks to be fresh, but… it doesn’t look like it is all hers. Aside from the cut on her cheek, I don’t see any open wounds.” Magnus was beginning to feel agitated, exasperated, and generally nervous.


If they couldn’t figure out how to get her out of the oval, they may not be able to help her if she should need it. His brow furrowed in concentration, trying to reach further into the oval, but it kept his magic out. “We will need to call Catarina. She should be able to help her more when – if – she comes out of whatever this is.”


“Yes,” Ragnor sighed. Magnus could tell he was equally worried, his green skin showing in his nervousness. “Go call her. I shall stay here to monitor,” Ragnor said, flipping his hand towards Magnus in a dismissive way.


Magnus nodded slightly, turning away to grab his phone from his pocket. He pulled up his friend and fellow warlock Catarina’s number, and called her.


Catarina picked up after three rings, “Hey Magnus. How are things?” Her tone conveyed some worry, she probably had felt the tremor as well.


“Not too sure yet. The situation, however, calls for your expertise. There is a woman who will need your help.” Magnus explained.


“Okay… I can be there in 5 minutes, just let me tie up some loose ends here.” Catarina said. Magnus heard some shuffling, so he could tell she was moving quickly.


“Thank you Cat, we are at Tompkin Square park.”


The line disconnected and Magnus put his phone back into his pocket. He turned back towards oval, and walked around it to Ragnor.


“Catarina is on her way. Any changes?” Magnus asked quietly.


“The pulsing is getting stronger, but I have a feel that might be a good thing.”


Magnus nodded in agreement. He watched for a moment, his mind concentrating on the girl inside. It was an unusual situation, to say the least. And especially if the Shadowhunters had felt the surge of power, who knows who else might have felt it. There were no crowds of mundanes, so Magnus assumed they had not felt it, at least no consciously.


A portal opened up on the ridge of the cater, to which the Shadowhunters turned with their weapons ups. The tall one had his arrow notched and ready to fire when Catarina walked through.


“Cat! Thank you for coming,” Magnus said loudly, then gracefully turning towards the tall one, he flicked a finger towards him, “Down pretty boy.”


The tall one’s flicked towards Magnus, his brow creasing slightly. But Magnus did note that his cheeks flushed just the tiniest bit before he lowered his weapon and put away his arrow.


Interesting, Magnus thought, stowing away that little nugget of information for later.


“What’s the situation Magnus?” Catarina asked, stepping forward cautiously towards the oval.


“The woman that I spoke to you about is in there,” Magnus explained, gesturing to the oval, “We believe that this oval is keeping her alive and safe, for now. Based on how she looks, I wanted to have you here to make sure that if or when she comes out of that thing, she can be treated medically.”


Catarina nodded in agreement, raising her hands to stretch her magic around the oval, like Ragnor and Magnus. She frowned as she focused on the woman inside, but Magnus could tell she wasn’t getting much from the woman, just like he had.


“Any theories about how or why she is here?” Catarina asked, bringing her hands back to her sides, and breathing deeply. She looked tired, and Magnus suddenly felt guilty for taking up her time. As a full time nurse, she was always busy and as a result was tired quite a lot. But the situation warranted her skills, so Magnus carefully shook away those feelings.


Magnus shrugged his shoulders, “I haven’t had the time to really process what this is or how she got here. This is a mystery.” Magnus said, drawing out each word slowly.


“What do you want us to do?” The girl Shadowhunter asked, stepping forward a bit towards Magnus, but maintaining her distance as Magnus had asked earlier.


“For now? Nothing much I’m afraid. Until something with this thing happens, I’m not sure what to do in this moment.”


“We should check the perimeter. Make sure no one is snooping around.” The tall one stated, coming closer to join the conversation. Magnus noticed that the tall one actively avoided his gaze, keeping his eyes fixed on the girl. They looked similar, so Magnus guessed they were siblings.


“Sounds good. You take the northern ridged area, and Jace and I will spread out opposite?” the girl suggested, turning full on to face the tall one.


So, the blond one is Jace. Now, I just need the tall one’s name, Magnus pondered, watching the trio agree to the plan and split up. He watched the tall one for a moment longer, before turning back to the oval to continue his magical assessment. What in the world was this thing?

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The pain seemed everlasting. She didn’t know how long she was stuck in limbo, or if she had left it and landed somewhere. All she could think about what the pain that encased her entire body, her mind, and her soul. All her friends were dead, the pain of their murders slashed through her again and again as the scene played out in her mind. She couldn’t cry out, she couldn’t move. The pain wouldn’t let go of her. It was white hot and blistering, scorching through her veins like fire following a line of gasoline straight to her heart. Her mind throbbed with echoes of screams and voices of her friends, of Penny, of her own. The horrible whistling of the Beast surrounded her like a shroud, making it impossible to breathe, impossible to move. So much pain, so much…



Alec carefully averted his gaze from the warlock, the one who was all glittery and dress so beautifully. But despite his best efforts, his face wouldn’t listen to his brain. He could feel his cheeks blush whenever the man looked at him, or said something. His voice was amazing. His hair was done up so intricately, but also effortlessly. He internally shook himself, chastising himself for not focusing on the problem at hand.


Alec knew his siblings knew the drill when it came to seriously situations, so he didn’t need to pull team rank on them. And at the moment, he didn’t think he could. He was somewhat grateful to leave the crater, but part of him was disappointed as well. Again, he shook himself to focus.


Walking around the perimeter to the north, he didn’t notice anything out of place or out of the ordinary, which was a blessing. This thing wasn’t attracting unwanted attention, so there was less work that they would need to do, less ground to cover with the Clave and the Institute. He checked the perimeter once more before he started to head back. He saw Izzy and Jace doing the same, but as they were approaching the crater, one of the warlocks cried out.


“Stay back! Something is happening and we don’t need you down here!” The glittery warlock shouted, a grimace contorting his pretty face.


Alec was instantly alert. He made an arrow appear in his hand and bow, prepared for anything if necessary. Jace and Izzy were equally prepared. He watched the warlocks as their magic flared out around the white oval thing. As he looked closer, he saw that the thing was pulsing more, and faster, but also shrinking.


Alec was itching to do something, but he was a Shadowhunter, so magic was out of his jurisdiction. He watched from the side helplessly as the oval thing shrank, enveloping the woman inside, pulling tighter and tighter around her body until it was like a skin suit. At that moment, even Alec felt the pulse of magic that blew out from the white thing, rocking him to his core. He held his ground, but had he not activated some of his runes, he would have fallen to the ground. The warlocks were not so lucky. They were blown back, away from the oval by several feet. They landed hard on the ground, their magic fading from their hands. Without really thinking, Alec ran over to the glittery one and knelt beside him.


“You ok?” he asked, a little breathless. His eyes roamed over the warlock’s body, looking for anything broken or wounded. A small part of his mind also registered just how gorgeous the warlock was. He looked up at the warlock’s face, and stared straight into lovely brown eyes.


The warlock nodded slightly, a look of surprise coming across his features. Alec nodded back, and looked down the crater.


The white oval thing had disappeared, and all that was left was the woman from inside. She was covered in blood, her clothes dirty and torn, and her hair was matted.


Alec stood slowly and cautiously approached the woman. He heard the warlock behind him stand as well, and he felt his presence on his left side.


“Careful,” the warlock cautioned, his voice barely above a whisper.


Alec nodded once to acknowledge him, and started moving again. Slowly, both Alec and the warlock were near the woman. She was breathing, albeit shallowly. Alec took in her appearance for what he could, since the blood on her face obscured it. He looked at the warlock beside him, his face serious.


“What do we do?” Alec asked.


The warlock looked shocked for a moment, but the moment passed quickly. The warlock turned away from him and spoke quietly with the female warlock.


Turning back, the warlock looked hesitant. “We need to heal her. But I don’t think we can take her to a normal hospital, not with the power that is emitting from her. Catarina and I can handle it together, but we would need a sterile environment,” he paused, as if unwilling to say his next little bit, “and, to be honest, my place isn’t exactly known to many, and I would like to keep it that way.” The warlock seemed almost apologetic. Almost.


Alec considered the warlock’s explanation about the woman’s situation and he quickly made a decision.


“You can use the Institute’s facility. We can grant you an invitation. One condition. Once she is healed and stable, we have to move her to the lower holding cells, at least until she is conscious and able to tell us who she is.” Alec proposed, his tone making it clear that it was a non-negotiable term.


The warlock glanced between the woman and the female warlock, Catarina, clearly worried of the implications of such a set up, but with a twitch of his lip, he nodded.


“Alright. We will prepare the woman for transport, and then we will portal to the Institute doors.” The warlock declared.


Alec nodded in confirmation. Looking at Jace and Izzy, he her carefully walked away from the woman and the warlock.


“I need you to go back to the Institute and let Underhill know that we will have two warlocks coming to take care of an unknown. Izzy, set the med bay for them and have everything ready. Jace, I need you to clear the area so no unnecessary hunters are gawking about. Make sure everything is in order by the time we get there.”


“You’re not coming?” Izzy asked.


“I’m going to accompany the warlocks and the woman for now, in case something should happen between now and then,” Alec explained. It seemed like a good enough reason. Part of him mostly wanted to stay with the glittery warlock. He had a suspicion as to who he was, but he wanted to know for sure.


“Sounds good. See you back there.” Jace said, putting his seraph blade away and turning to walk out of the park.


“Be careful,” Izzy said, placing a hand on Alec’s arm and giving him a squeeze.


Alec placed his hand over hers and squeezed it back. He watched her go before turning back to the warlocks. He watched for a moment as their magic flared and pulsed around the woman. He took up a position near the top of the crater to watch for any problems or threats while the warlocks worked.


He found, however, that it was difficult to keep his eyes from straying to the glittery warlock. He hadn’t caught his name yet, but he really really wanted to find out. Alec chastised himself for not focusing. He was a Shadowhunter. He didn’t get distracted by anything, let alone a warlock… a really pretty warlock. Stop it, Alec, he thought to himself.


Thoroughly shaking himself, he forced himself to the task at hand. After about another ten minutes, the warlocks were done their preparations.


“I can accompany you to the Institute, just so there are no issues.” Alec explained, walking a bit closer to the three warlocks.


The glittery one turned around quickly, as if surprised to still see Alec there. Alec notices that the warlock’s eye flash gold for a split second. The warlock slowly walked up to him, straightening his jacket as he did.


“We haven’t been formerly introduced. I’m Magnus. Magnus Bane.”


Alec’s mouth twitched into a small smile, the warlock’s voice so velvety and smooth it sent shivers down his spine. “Alec,” he replied, feeling a bit foolish for taking so long to reply.


Magnus smiled in return, using his hands to gesture back towards the woman and the two warlocks, “We are ready to go. Shall we?” he asked.


Alec’s eyes followed Magnus’ hands, his heart beating a bit faster when he saw that the bejeweled hand was being held out to him. He moved forward to grasp it.


“Ragnor, Catarina,” Magnus said, directing them with his other hand. Alec felt the surge of power through their connected hands as Magnus opened a portal in front of them. It was warm and electrifying, and it took Alec a bit by surprise.


With a nod, Alec led the group forward into the portal, where a group of Shadowhunters, with Jace in the forefront, were waiting for them at the front doors of the Institute.

Chapter Text

Despite the fact that all Magnus wanted to do was hold Alec’s hand continuously, he had a job to do. Magnus let go of Alec’s hand once they had gone through the portal and it shut behind everyone. There was a flurry of activity getting the woman and Catarina and Ragnor into the Institute, Alec leading the way to the infirmary.


There was still no response or movement from the woman, but at least they could tell she was alive. Ragnor and Catarina walked quickly ahead to get situated in the room, while Magnus used his magic to lift the woman onto the bed. Magnus quickly released the woman from his magical hold, and Catarina immediately set to work. There was another Shadowhunter on the side waiting for instructions. Catarina spoke with the commanding voice she used for work, and the Shadowhunter, surprisingly, quickly complied.


Catarina’s blue green magic reached out to the woman, seeping into her skin, as Catarina finally managed to assess her properly. Magnus watched carefully as her face changed from focused to pained horror.


“What’s the matter?” Magnus asked quietly. He stepped closer to her, fearing that her magic was weakening from strain.


Catarina pulled back her magic a bit and blinked a few times. She was shocked, that was clear to see, but Magnus felt that something was seriously wrong.


“Cat?” He urged again, gently touching her elbow.


“Magnus… I don’t… I don’t know how this girl is alive.” She murmured. She turned her head towards Magnus, and reached out her hand. He grasped it, and she pulled him in with her magic so he could see what she was seeing.


The breath was sucked out of Magnus the moment it happened. The woman was in serious pain. As if she was dying over and over again, and yet her body remained intact and still. He could see the injuries that had been inflicted on her, and could see that something was still harming her as they spoke. There was so much pain, he couldn’t breathe. He had just enough will power to pull away from Catarina’s grasp and lean against the bed for support.


“What the hell…” Magnus breathed.


Catarina shook her head slowly. Her mouth opened once, twice, but no sound came out. After another moment, she cleared her throat,


“This girl was tortured. All her injuries have healed, but have been re-broken, and then healed again.” Her voice strained with emotion, forcing her to clear it once again. “Magnus…” she trailed off.


Both Catarina and Marina looked at each other, their faces pained with worry. It was that moment that Ragnor came into the infirmary. Once he set eyes on the other warlocks, he immediately grew concerned. Magnus walked over to him and explained the situation.


“We need to be delicate in this, who knows what she has gone through. But in order to make sure she heals properly, Catarina will have to do extensive healing. I will be lending her my magic. Would you be able to gather a few things from my loft and bring them here?” Magnus conjured a list of ingredients that would help the woman and Catarina, and handed it to Ragnor.


Before he turned away, Ragnor reached for his arm. “The Head of the Institute wants an update soon. Shall I give it, or do you wish to do that?” he asked quietly.


Both men looked at Catarina, who was now working on the woman with a focused air about her. The magic was pulsing in the room, but surprisingly, or rather not really, the woman was still comatose.


Magnus shook his head, trying to clear it. “I will go and speak with them. Who is it?”


“The tall one that led us through the portal. He is the acting Head apparently.” Ragnor explained, before opening the door and walking out.


Magnus was pleasantly shocked for a moment. He was getting the chance to see Alec again. He just wished he had better news to give him.

*Some small part of him, however, had a vague feeling that he knew something about Alec, but couldn’t place his finger on it. His looks, his position as Head, the older brother. He pushed his pondering aside for the time being, needing to speak with Alec before they moved forward with the girl.


He glanced back at Catarina before leaving the room in search for Alec, although he did not have to go far. The man was pacing up and down at the end of the hallway, clearly agitated, and waiting for some news. Magnus took a moment to appreciate the way he moved and held himself, his black leather jacket suiting him very nicely.


The moment, however, was brief, as Alec took notice of Magnus fairly quickly and stood at attention.


“Well?” Alec asked.


Magnus took a deep breath. “It’s not good. Catarina did a full assessment on the woman and… This girl has been tortured. For a long time. There are injuries and wounds that vary from a week to over a year. I have never seen Cat look so distraught before. In all her time as a nurse and healer, she genuinely does not know how this girl is alive right now.” Magnus explained slowly.


Alec remained quiet throughout the entire explanation, the only indication that the information was being acknowledged was the slow increase of tension in his jaw and eyebrows.


“Do we know anything else?” Alec finally asked after a few moments of digesting Magnus’ information.


“Nothing so far. Cat will need to re-heal some of her worst injuries, especially the woman’s hands. They had been cut off and sewn back on cruelly. It will take time, and power, both of which I will do my best to help and provide.” Magnus eyes him carefully. “It isn’t safe to transport her anywhere else at the moment. Is it alright that we stay here?”


Alec nodded immediately. “Of course. It was agreed upon that this was the best place for her for now. When the time comes, we will figure out what needs to be done. Do either of you need anything?” Alec asked, gesturing vaguely between Magnus and the door down the hallway.


“I will need access to allow Ragnor to return with supplies that we will need. And potentially a Silent Brother. We don’t know what we are dealing with here, and every set of eyes will help.” Magnus was surprised at Alec’s generosity in this situation. Maybe he is different, Magnus thought to himself. He immediately pushed the thought away, but it still nagged at the back of his mind.


“Ok, whatever you need.” Alec stated simply.


Again, Magnus was sort of speechless.


Both men stood there for a moment, unwilling to leave, but having nothing more to say at the present time. Magnus glanced up at Alec just as his tongue darted out to lick his lip, and Magnus internally sighed. This man was doing things to him, making him feel things he had not in a very long time. It was unsettling, but Magnus wanted more of it.


Another moment passed, neither of them spoke, but there was a change in the air between them. Alec seemed to have relaxed a bit in front of Magnus, despite the confusion and complexity of the current situation.


Magnus took a leap, “So… acting Head of the Institute. Well done.” He may have added a flirtatious tone to his voice, in order to entice a reaction from the gorgeous man.


And his efforts were rewarded. Alec’s cheeks blushed a bit, and his lips twitched into a lopsided grin. “Thanks. I’m, uh, I’m still getting the hang of the politics of it.”


It was then that Magnus realized that Alec was flustered, the feeling confirmed by Alec’s shy movement of moving his hand to rub the back of his neck. It was possible that no one had really congratulated him on his success, something that Magnus filed away in the back of his mind. Magnus also noticed that Alec’s behaviour was not that of a straight man’s. Usually, Magnus’ flirtatiousness and general persona was off-putting to most men, which made Magnus giggle with delight from time to time. But with Alec, Magnus got the feeling that he was eyeing him up like a three course meal, or just the dessert. It made Magnus shiver.


Magnus smiled kindly, feeling somewhat shy himself. “I’m sure you are.”


To anyone else, they both probably looked like grinning idiots, standing silently in the hallway just staring at each other.


Again, to Magnus’ surprise, Alec spoke up first. Magnus watched as Alec gripped his left hand in his right tightly before letting out a long breath.


“I – uh, Would -, would you, maybe, want to get a drink sometime?” he asked, his words stuttering at the beginning but then rushing out like he couldn’t say them fast enough.


Magnus’s smile grew, and the little spark of hope in his chest grew a bit as well. “I would love that.”


Alec smiled brightly, “Great,” he sighed, almost like it was a relief.


“Magnus!” Catarina called from the infirmary.


Magnus immediately spun around and darted back into the infirmary room. He took in the scene as he walked closer to the bed.


The woman was fading away one moment, and than solid the next. He looked up at Catarina, who was just as stunned and confused. It was like a dimming light switch, turning up all the way, and then down all the way, but inconsistent and choppy. It was like the woman was unable to remain stable.


“What do we do?” Catarina asked, her voice laced with panic.


Magnus tried to think of what could possibly be causing this, but his mind couldn’t bring anything to mind. He had never encountered magic like this before, and therefore, had no way to really combat it.


He shook his head at Catarina, unable to give her an answer.

A fire message sipped into the zoom just then, and Magnus caught it in his hands. Ragnor was ready to come back. Magnus quickly opened a portal for him and brought him straight into the infirmary. It was also then that Magnus noticed that Alec had followed him.


Unable to focus on his at the moment, he quickly surveyed what Ragnor had brought with him. He glanced over everything, but nothing was shouting ‘Use this!’ at him for this situation. Ragnor and Catarina were standing on either side of the fluttering woman, trying to use their magic to stabilize her.


Unwilling to stop trying, Magnus started throwing together whatever came to mind. A stabilizing spell, a freezing potion, a calming balm. Anything and everything, he whipped it up to try and use it on the woman.


He was bringing over the first potion to the bed, to place it on the woman’s forehead, when suddenly, and without any warning, the woman opened her eyes.

Chapter Text

Lena felt the moment when the anchor had fully settled on a world. It was a heavy feeling, like gravity working overtime on her body, adjusting to the new environment. She tried to breathe, tried to move, but she couldn’t make her body function properly. Her mind was still reeling and she could feel the telemetry of her internal compass going haywire, and that the elements of this world were just slightly different from her own.


But it also meant that she would travel unwillingly and uncontrollably until she managed to cast a grounding spell. If she could do that at all.


She could feel her body begin to move in space as the effects of the anchoring spell were off. She tried to catch her breath, but each time she did, her body move involuntarily. It was becoming increasingly painful, and her anxiety was increasing. If she didn’t wake up to consciousness soon, she could end up somewhere that might kill her. The first time she had ever traveled by accident, she had ended up in the middle of a gun fight. A bullet had grazed her arm, and she had to duck and run for cover before she managed to travel back. It was a few months after that that Dean Fog had come to her personally to offer her a position at Brakebills, and introduced her to Penny.


Thinking about Penny tore through her like a hot knife. She gasped and managed to open her eyes. Thinking about how he had saved her life on more than one occasions made her wake up. He saved her yet again, but this time, she couldn’t thank him, or touch him, or say anything.


Instead, she wildly looked around. She was lying down, in a room with too bright lights. She saw three unfamiliar faces looking down at her. They were too close, too loud. She was gasping for breath, she could hear herself, despite how much her heart was pounding. The people surrounding her were not fully human, she could tell that much, but her initial gut feeling in that second wasn’t fear, it was relief, as she could feel their magic around her. She tried to take a deep breath, so she could talk to them, hopefully they spoke English, or some variant of it.


Her body traveled again, but she painfully pulled back to her present placement, causing her to groan loudly.


“Aaah – fuck!” she gasped, as she pulled harder against the need to travel.


She didn’t notice the glances around the bed, the bewilderment and shock that flew across all their faces. She was more focused on staying still long enough to tell them what she needed.


Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to speak coherently, at least a bit.


“Grounding, circle. Black chalk.” She managed, through gritted teeth. Her voice was raspy and dry.


The cat eyed man was the first to move, waving his hand and materializing some black chalk in his hand. But other than that, they remained still. Lena cursed, silently or out loud she didn’t know, figuring that the difference in world may also most likely mean a difference in magic. Mustering up as much energy as she could, she hauled herself upright, much to the shock and anxiety to those around her. Shaking her head at them, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and gently tried to hop down. She stumbled immediately however, her legs sore and tingling from disuse for gods know how long. The female with blue skin caught her, or what she could, because Lena traveled a bit again, causing both women to fall to the ground. Breathing heavily, Lena forced herself back together, and reached out a hand to Cat eyes for the chalk. Quickly, he placed it in her hands, and much to her surprise in that moment, she could move her hands properly. Not having the time to ponder beyond that, Lena learned forward and started drawing a large circle, big enough for her to sit inside it, and began to draw the delicate but simple grounding spell to keep her still and stable until she could make a new anchor on this world.


It took Lena several minutes to complete it, as she would travel a bit and the chalk would drop. But once she finished the last curve, she felt the weight of the spell fall on her like a weighted blanket. She gasped loudly as it did and she sighed in relief.


“Holy fuck.” She exclaimed as she panted harshly. She was exhausted, she felt sticky and gross, and she was hungry of all things.

It was another few minutes before Lena noticed that no one in the room had said anything, or even moved. Everyone was too afraid to breathe. She could feel their thoughts all at once, and she groaned. No one had wards on their minds so everyone was like an open book. She closed her eyes tightly against the onslaught of emotions and thoughts, trying to build up her walls again. They had been torn down one too many times by… She shivered at the brief memory.


It was that moment though, that Cat eyes moved forward cautiously, crouching down to her level.


“Hello. My name is Magnus.”


Lena looked at Magnus hard for a second, but nothing about him screamed danger, and his thoughts only expressed concern for her. She tried to lick her lips, but her tongue was dry, and both were still covered in blood.


“Lena.” She croaked.


Immediately, Magnus materialized a glass of water, and held it out for her, careful not to cross the line. She reached for it gladly, not worried about the integrity of the temporary grounding spell. It would wear off in about an hour anyway, so she would have to redo it.


She took a sip of the water, shockingly cold against her mouth. She swishes it around her mouth a bit, and Magnus brought up a small bowl for her to sit in. She did so, and the liquid that came out was mostly red. She stared at it for a moment, remembering just how she got it in her mouth in the first place. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes as flashes of her last moments on her world pushed through her mind. Shaking her head gently, she pushed the feeling down in order to take a proper drink, the first one in about 4 or 5 days. Or longer, depending on how long she had been in limbo.


Everyone remained silent in the room, and she could hear new voices among the minds. Another female and male, but they were different from the magical ones. Lena closed her eyes, trying again to form walls around her mind for the time being. She was too tired and in pain to take much of the onslaught of voices in her mind.


The blue skinned lady was still near her, ready to help her, although she seemed afraid to touch Lena any more than necessary. Lena could hear her concern. It made her feel somewhat safe, for the first time in a long time. But Lena also didn’t trust it. She was too vulnerable right now, and she had no way to defend herself, at least not yet.


Lena turned her head to look at the blue skinned lady, having finished her glass of water. Her throat was still painfully sore and hoarse, but better than it had been in a long while. She cleared her throat a bit.


“You healed my hands?” she was still raspy, but at least the dryness was mostly gone.


The blue skinned woman nodded, “Yes, and most of your other injuries.” The corners of her mouth curved into a small, soft smile. “I’m Catarina.”


Lena nodded, her throat constricting with emotion. She could move her hands again. They worked, and they would move at her own will again. She held one up to her face, and turned it back and forth, to feel the movement. It was bloody still, from… but it could move again. It wasn’t shaking, it wasn’t blue and purple. It was her hand again. A hot salty tear rolled down her cheek and ran into the corner of her mouth. It was tinged with blood; Lena could taste it.


“Thank you,” she replied, her voice, barely a whisper, was shaky from the sudden emotions. The relief, the pain, the gratefulness.


It was like opening a shaken can of pop. Once it was opened, there was no way to put it back in. A sob tore out of Lena. Her vision blurred as more tears fell down her face. She couldn’t see her hand clearly anymore, but she could still feel it.


She was alive. She couldn’t believe it. She was alive, breathing, and physically healed. The blue skinned lady, Catarina, had healed her. She was in a place that saved her, and healed her. A tremor shook her entire body as more sobs wracked through her. Lena could feel every eye on her, but she couldn’t stop. Everything was just bubbling to the surface.


There was no more Beast to hurt her.


There was no more torture.


There was no more pain.


Not physical anyway.


Lena took a deep breath, letting out another sob, but this time, of relief.

Chapter Text

Magnus’ heart ached for the woman as she cried in her circle. He wanted to help her somehow, hold her, take the pain away, whatever he could. But at that moment, no one could do anything. Whatever had happened to this woman, there was nothing they could do right now, except be there when she calmed down.


Her sobs echoed in the small room, and had attracted a small crowd outside in the hallway. Magnus turned to Alec, who was watching the woman as well, and saw the pained expression on his face as well. The anguish in her moans and sobs was making everyone feel helpless.


He stepped over to Alec and caught his attention.


“I think you need to take care of those outside,” he murmured, gesturing behind them towards the door. “She doesn’t need an audience.”


Alec nodded in understanding, and turned on his heels out the door. Magnus could hear his commanding voice through the door, and then silence, apart from Lena’s wailing. Magnus turned once again to face Catarina, who was still down beside Lena. Her face was streaked with tears as well, watching this woman relive whatever she had gone through.


It was several long minutes before Lena’s sobs subsided to low whimpers, her breath hiccuping as she tried to breathe in order to calm herself down. She was still sitting in her circle, but Magnus could tell that she was exhausted. But thankfully, she was no longer flickering or fading.


He studied the circle she had drawn. A grounding circle, she had said. Looking once more at the circle, he moved over to the other side of the bed, and summoned another piece of black chalk. He hadn’t heard her recite an incantation when she drew it initially, so he just began to draw the circle. He kept glancing at the circle to make sure he was getting it right, matching each curve and point perfectly. He made sure to make it large enough to include the bed, so they could move her onto it.


Once he completed it, he turned to Catarina and waited.


Catarina looked up and saw what he had done, and she started talking quietly to Lena. Magnus heard her explain what they wanted to do for her, and slowly, Catarina began helping Lena stand up and sit on the bed. Lena flickered a bit, transitioning from one circle to the other, but once she was situated on the bed, she settled once again.


It was at that moment that Magnus realized that Lena was still covered in blood for the most part, and her clothes were disgusting.


He walked over carefully towards the bed, to face Lena.


“Lena? Since it seems you need this circle to stay stable, I am going to use magic to clean you for now. Would that be alright?” Magnus asked gently so as to not disturb her.


Lena looked up at him with wide, red rimmed eyes. She nodded a bit, but did not seem surprised by the mention of using magic. Raising his hands in front of him, he snapped his fingers, sparking them up with blue magic, and gently, slowly, passed them across Lena. In seconds, she was relatively clean, and her clothes were fresh. They could now see her clearly. She had short, dark blue hair, tanned skin, and scars along her arms. They were ones that Magnus or Catarina could not heal, since they had been there a long time. Her eyes were dark brown, almost black.


Lena visibly relaxed, her shoulders slumping, and slowly she leaned down to lay down flat. She curled her body to the side, bringing her knees close to her chest, sniffling quietly.


Catarina passed some magic over Lena, to help her fall into a deep sleep. She also fixed a few cuts that they had missed previously. Once she finished, she rubbed her hands together roughly, as if she was trying to rub life back into them.


She turned away from Lena, and came over to Magnus.


“She is going to need help. The spell I put on her should last about 12 hours, and then she should slowly wake up. I’m going to go home, and call someone to cover my next shift.” Catarina passed a hand over her tired face.


Magnus nodded, “Of course. I will remain here to monitor her; in case the circle starts to fade. I will send Ragnor home as well, maybe he can try to start figuring what brought her here.”


Both warlocks looked at the sleeping Lena, unsure of what to do next when she would wake up.

Chapter Text

Despite the spell Lena felt Catarina place on her, she couldn’t sleep. Lena’s mind was racing, bombarded with flashes and images of her memory. Whistling. Screams. The searing heat of the chains burning her wrists and ankles. The emptiness of a magic-less prison.


She could feel her tears in her eyes, burning hot as they tried to escape, but her body wouldn’t listen. The spell was strong, not allowing her to bring herself to consciousness. She could feel herself beginning to panic. She could mentally tell what was happening, but she couldn’t move again. She pushed against the magic, but to avail.


So she tried something else. There was magic around her, she could feel it. If Catarina’s spell wouldn’t let her wake up, she would project. Just to get out of her own body, her own mind, so that she could roam a bit and be somewhat free.


Concentrating, ignoring the painful memories, she began the process of lifting her soul out of her body. Astral projecting was always an easy feat for her, Penny had even been impressed. Despair flashed across her chest at the thought of Penny. Shaking off the pain as much as possible, she redoubled her efforts to project out of her body.


With a final deep breath, she pushed past the spell and she projected into the in-between realm. She opened her eyes, and she looked around.


The magic was thick, like a viscous syrup, but it was so sweet that it made Lena’s mouth water, and she could feel the magic seeping into her body and her soul. It was so good. She sighed in relief with the magic cushioning her. Her immediate thought was that the magic was like maple syrup, beautiful and warm, sweet on the tongue. She moved around a bit, relishing in the feeling of not being trapped and cramped. Lena turned around to look at her body on the bed. She looked tired, bent out of shape, and lacking in the many tattoos she had accumulated over the years. She made a mental note to remedy that when she could. First one would be figure out the right grounding anchor for this world, aside from the one Alice put on her.


Her mind quickly angered at the thought of Alice. She knew she shouldn’t, Alice had saved her life. But Lena couldn’t help it. She was angry that she was no longer connected to her world.


Her thoughts were interrupted when someone came into the room she was in. She watched them as they walked around the bed to check on her body. They seemed professional and hard. She could tell they weren’t Magnus or Catarina. They didn’t have the right magic around them. This person had tattoos, or rather runes. Some, Lena recognized, but others she had no idea what they meant. There was a different glow to their aura, but Lena couldn’t figure out the what or the why of that particular question.


Shifting away from the bed, Lena wandered out of the room, passing through the door like a ghost. She never had this type of freedom with the Beast. She had always been under magical lock and key, so she had been stuck. Now, she could exercise her will and her legs, at least mentally. She walked down a short hallway before she decided to turn left, and continue down another hallway. Lena could hear people in that direction, and she figured it was the best place to potentially find some answers as to where she was.


Briefly, Lena felt a tug of magic at her soul, as if she was going too far from her body. She stood still, looking behind her to see what was causing the tug. The connection between herself and the body on the bed was visible in this in-between, which was an interesting development for Lena. She carefully caressed the link, and with her touch, she could feel it expand and grow. She smirked slightly before turning back around and walking towards the commotion.


She came to a large open room. There were a lot of tattooed people milling about, all of them wearing weapons on their person. The walls were rough stone, and on one wall, there was a large stained glass window. It reminded Lena of a church. In the room’s center, Lena saw large desks with computers on them, somewhat more futuristic than the ones at Brakebills, although, no one at Brakebills really liked computers, nor were there any real spells available online. Old, dusty, horny books were the way to go.


Lena’s heart yearned to see Brakebills again, to walk its halls and sleep in her own bed at the Physical Kids’ cottage. She wasn’t necessarily a Physical Kid, but no one really gave a fuck. She, Eliot and Margo just liked to drink with each other until dawn, occasionally joined by Penny, Quentin, and Julia. Alice never liked drinking, always being too busy with studying. Maybe she had been onto something.


She could feel tears threatening in her eyes, even in her projection. She shook herself, and tried not to think about it. There was nothing she could do about any of it now. They were all dead. And she was off world. Done.


Focusing again on the scene around her, she walked carefully around the room. She heard snippets of conversations, but didn’t really pay attention to any of it. The movements of the people were enough to send her mind reeling a bit.


Somewhere off in another room, she heard people grunting and shouting. And the loud thwacks of sticks. Interest peaked, she wandered over to another room that opened up to a much larger room. There were several pairs of people fighting each other. Some were hand to hand combat, others were using long pole like sticks. They were elegant and lethal. Lena couldn't help but in a bit impressed with them all. They were precise and would correct each other when a move was a bit off or was being repeated.


Through a set of enormous pillars, there was another pair fighting, but this time Lena could hear the clank of metal. They were fighting with fucking swords? Lena thought to herself. She walked over, surprised that that was exactly what they were doing. Two guys were fighting with large swords, also runed. They were graceful and deadly, although on occasion they would grin at each other before pouncing again. She watched for a moment, thinking she recognized one of them, before losing interest. She walked out of one of the connecting doors, where she came out into a hall way that had two directions: to the left was back to the computer room, and the other was to a few large set doors, with small windows that glimpsed what Lena believed was outside. Eagerly deciding to go right, she walked quickly towards the doors and through them.


She was outside, standing on a set of stairs. She stared wide eyes around her. She could see and feel the flow of the magic of this world, it made her dizzy. She gasped at the sheer volume of magic, which had been diminished somewhat inside. It was intoxicating, and she loved it. The ambient magic was tangible, and smelled amazing. Julia would have loved to see this and learn from it. Lena started crying, feeling guilty and happy all at the same time. At least Alice didn’t fuck up in sending her somewhere without magic. Big, hot tears flowed down her face, as she took a few steps down, moving through the magic like water. It parted gently for her, but licked her limbs, as if it knew she wasn’t from around here. She brushed her hands through the air, feeling warm and tingly all over. She gazed up at the sky, and noticed immediately that the elements and circumstances were different. The stars were different. Completely different constellations. Lena sighed heavily, still feeling a bit high from the magic, but deflated a bit. She was going to have to learn a lot about this world in order to do her magic properly. Adjust certain casts here and there, and traveling was out of the question for a while. Astral projecting seem pretty ok for now, but already Lena was feeling tired. The strain of doing magic for so long after not having access to it was draining.


With her head tilted back, she watched the sky move above her for a second before she closed her eyes and felt her soul float back into her body.

Chapter Text

Alec sat in his office, rubbing his forehead that was pounding from the mountain of paper work that he had on his desk. Transfers, requisitions, and angels knew what else. His mind kept drifting however, to the woman in the infirmary, and as a result, to Magnus. He had asked the man out for drinks. In the moment, he couldn’t believe that he had done that. His heart had pounded in his chest painfully, both because he was excited and nervous. What would a warlock of Magnus’ caliber want anything to do with him?


Thinking of the warlock, however, also led Alec to think about the several complaints of so many warlocks being in the Institute at once. Many were still uncomfortable with Downworlders, despite the regimens that Alec had begun to set in place. It was hard work, and it was taking all of his patience to remain calm when majority of his Shadowhunters were arrogant and close-minded due to their upbringing.


Alec had had the same upbringing, but when he was 13 years old, he had figured out that he liked boys instead of girls. It gave him a different perspective towards those who were different, because in his world, within the Shadowhunters, it was considered a disgrace and humiliating to be gay. He wasn’t exactly open about it, but he also wasn’t completely in the closet. Izzy and Jace knew about his sexuality, and supported and loved him still. He supposed that some people knew, or at least had heard rumours, but no one had said anything to him about it. Yet. He was the best Head of any Institute, at least, Acting Head, which is why the Clave didn’t demote him, or mess with him because of his sexuality. He was too valuable as a leader to get rid of him. His Institute was successful, and had the least amount of losses out of any Institute in North America.


But it still bothered him when his Shadowhunters were prejudice against Downworlders, and so openly. He scowled as he read several complaints, before he threw them down on his desk in frustration.


There was a knock at the door, and withholding his groan, he called for the person to come in.


Izzy opened the door and walked in. She was dressed to the nines and ready to kill, but her face was kind and smiling at Alec.


“Hey bro. How are things in here?” she asked, plopping down on one of the chairs in front of his desk.


He grimaced, “Annoying. Dealing with paperwork for the Clave, and now this situation with the woman, Lena, that apparently has too many Warlocks involved within the walls of the Institute.”


“Luckily you’re in charge, then.” Izzy said, a smug grin flashing across her features.


He returned it halfheartedly, but the pounding in his head raged on. Izzy looked at him with a bit of concern, but knew better than to push about it. Alec was thankful that she knew him so well.


“How is the woman anyway?” Alec asked after a moment.


Izzy sighed, “She’s doing alright, as far as our tech can tell. The spell Catarina placed on her seems to be doing some good. She should wake up in the next few hours or so. But we won’t know more until then.” Izzy looked sad, concerned. Alex knew exactly how she felt.


He nodded at the information, his mind wandering to Magnus again. The brief loss of his carefully placed mask was quickly snapped up by Izzy. She eyed him closely for a second, before a knew, knowing grin spread across her lips.




Alec looked sharply at her, “What?”


“Oh don’t play dumb with me Alec. Spill the reason behind the blush.” She urged, vaguely gesturing at his face.


His ears were indeed a bit hot, as the continued scrutiny of Izzy’s eyes watched him like a hawk. He let out a breath quickly before thinking over his words.


“I may have… asked Magnus out.”


It was silent for a moment, as shock registered on Izzy’s face. But that silence was quickly broken by her very high pitched squeal. Alec winced, his brain practically flinching to get away from the sound.


“Oh. My. God. Alec you didn’t!” Izzy asked, punctuating each word with a little hop towards the edge of her head. She was very excited, Alec could tell, and all Alec could do was smirk incredulously.


“Yeah… I asked if he wanted to get drinks.” Alec explained slowly, rubbing his hand on his neck, feeling the blush deepen.


Izzy giggled, “And??”


“He said yes.”


“WOOOO!” Izzy shouted.


“Shh! Iz!” Alec hissed, instantly moving forward, as if trying to cover her mouth.


Izzy laughed loudly before settling back into her chair. “Oh Alec, that’s awesome! I’m so proud of you!” She looked at him with so much pride that Alec’s insides twisted with happiness.


He smiled, still blushing, “Thanks.”


Before either of them could say anything else, Jace knocked on the door as he walked in.


“Hey, Catarina is back. She says that she is going to lift the spell on Lena. Something about her magic doing something weird?” Jace said with a shrug, although his face displayed his concern for the situation. He was uneasy, that much Alec could tell, and he wasn’t alone. Alec was uneasy about the situation as well.


One of the first things that came to his mind when the woman had shown up. That Valentine was back and making his first, weird, move. The unease had only increased with the presence of three warlocks, not because he thought they were a threat, but that Valentine was using the woman as bait for a trap. He still thought it was a possibility, but now that the warlocks were relatively safe, he was a bit more satisfied. But there was still the enigma of the woman.


Who was she? Where did she come from? And why did she come here?

Chapter Text

Lena felt the spell being lifted from her body. It wasn’t exactly a constricting spell, but she felt that she could breathe easier now that it was gone. But that didn’t mean that the effects of the spell had worn off completely. Now, she was just simply able to move herself out of unconsciousness.


Slowly, she tried to open her eyes. It was too bright, and she immediately shut her eyes again. A small, breathy groan escaped her lips, as she tried to orient herself. Her head was spinning a bit, and the noises in her head were just a bit too far on the loud side. She tried to open her eyes again. This time, figures came into view, although very blurry. She blinked a few times, trying to clear her vision, until the figure in front of her became clear. She felt safe, the figure’s presence calming her. She opened her eyes fully and looked at the person standing next to her bed. She smiled slightly and swallowed.


“Hey,” she said quietly. The figure stood still for a moment, and then took a step closer.


Lena’s eyes adjusted, and Penny came into view.


“Penny…” she breathed. Something in the back of her mind told her that something was off, but she ignored it, tried to push it away. Penny was here, he was ok.


Flashes of memories flitted across her mind, making her wince. “Was it a dream?” she asked Penny. She was finding it odd that he wasn’t replying to her, nothing of the regular sarcasm or dry humour that she had grown accustom.


Penny smiled sadly at her for a moment, before reaching out his hand to grasps hers. Lena looked down at her hand and it didn’t feel right. His hand was there, she could see it, but she couldn’t feel it. She looked back up in confusion.


Penny sighed gently. “I’m not here Lee. We’re not here anymore,” he stated, shaking his head slightly.


Lena felt tears spring to her eyes, fearing that her nightmares were becoming true. She could feel it deep in her gut that what she was seeing wasn’t real.


She inhaled shakily, “Penny… please stay… Please… don’t go…” she could feel the tears falling down her face. She didn’t want him to disappear. She wanted him to stay. “Please. I need you to stay Penny, please.” She choked out.


“I’m always here for you Lee. You know that. I’ll see you when you get down here.” Penny said, stepping away from her bed.


Lena gasped out a shaky breath. She reached for his hand desperately. “No, Penny!”


He smiled gently, before fading from her view. She blinked again, and she was looking at another man, with Asian features, dressed in fashionable clothes and glitter. She blinked at the man, tears still rolling down her face. The magic of the spell had worn off completely and Lena was back to her reality.


She breathed in deeply to calm her nerves. She reached up with a hand to wipe away the tears on her cheeks. She paused for a second as she looked at her hand. It moved properly, and was warm. She brought up her other hand and it was the same. Lena slowly remembered that the magical female, the Blue one, had healed them. She closed her eyes in relief. She hadn’t dreamed that part, thank the gods.


When she opened her eyes again, it was because the noise in her head had become very loud. She looked around her and took in what was happening.


There were five people, either standing near her bed, or in the room in general. The two magical ones were closest to her. Cat eyes, and Blue were checking her vitals and assessing her magically. She could feel the tingle of the magic over her skin. They were thinking a hundred miles a minute, and Lena found it hard to concentrate on them for very long. It was like they were having multiple conversations in their heads with themselves that was just confusing to Lena. Trying to ignore them, she focused on the other three in the room. One was a girl, young-ish, and hot as hell. Her mind was relatively quiet, more focused on the medical aspects of Blue’s actions then Lena. The blond boy was jumpy, even in his mind. He wasn’t stringing together one coherent thought, just jumping from one to the other in the middle of the previous one. She quickly diverted her attention to the Tall dark haired one. His mind was the calmest of the bunch so far, and that wasn’t saying much. So much was running through his mind, like a mile-long checklist, she being near the top. One thing that surprised her was his attention to Cat eyes. She filed that away for later.


Sitting up carefully, Lena shifted enough that she could lean back against the head board of the bed. She looked at Cat eyes, since his mind immediately began to formulate questions that he was bursting to ask.


Lena cleared her throat again. It was thick from crying, and the long sleep she had been under. She didn’t know what to say at the moment she opened her mouth. Her mind blanked.


Cat eyes quickly took over, shifting his hands, one of them reaching up to play with one of his earrings.


“Hello, Lena. Welcome back.” He said carefully.




“How are you feeling?” Blue asked.


“Mentally or physically?” Lena questioned in turn.


“Physically for now.” Blue clarified.


Lena breathed deeply. “Sore, tired. Oddly ok.” She was confused about the state of her own body. She had grown used to being in constant pain, unable to move by her own free will.


Blue nodded, as she understood what Lena was talking about. “And mentally?” she asked slowly.


Lena stared at her for a moment, considering her answer before she spoke. “Truth, or glossy?” she asked, genuinely curious what her answer would be if the Blue one asked for the truth.


“Whatever one you are ok with sharing.” Blue assured.


Lena glanced at the other people in the room. She felt slightly uneasy with the non magical ones standing there, watching her like she was a bomb about to go off. “Do they need to be here?” she whispered.


Blue looked at Cat eyes, before Cat eyes looked at the tall dark haired one. His mind was stubbornly saying that he was staying put, even if it meant that he sent out the other two. Jace and Izzy, she heard. She didn’t know if she felt ok with even that, but at this moment, she would take what she could get.


“Jace, Izzy, can you give us the room.” The tall one ordered.


Both of them turned away and walked out, but no before Lena heard Jace’s disjointed disappointment of not being a part of the action. Izzy remained silent, probably respecting the decision.


Lena looked directly at the tall one and breathed in again deeply. He was serious and intense, but he didn’t seem to want to harm her. Rather, he seemed more concerned with her well being in this place. That was where Lena felt the unease coming from. The place she was in was not safe, at least, not for her. She could feel it.


Cat eyes caught her attention by clearing his throat. “Lena. Whatever you feel up to sharing, please do. We would like to help you as best as we can.” His voice was soothingly and gentle, as if he had done this sort of thing many times before.


Lena swallowed hard, thinking of her answer. Not all of it, but enough to appease them. She couldn’t think of certain things right now. It was too painful. And she didn’t want to cry again, although she doubted her could.


“Mentally… not great.” She croaked. She grimaced a bit, as the minds of both magical persons beside her flared with sympathy. Her brows furrowed slightly as something had occurred to her.


“What world am I on?” she asked, looking directly at Cat eyes.


The man stood stalk still for a moment, his face registering what she asked slowly, before curiosity and confusion filled his mind. And the other two’s minds.


“What do you mean?” he finally asked.


“I know I’m not on my own anymore. So.. uh.. what world is this?” She licked her lips. Whenever she had asked such a question, usually the people she met knew at least an inkling of what she was talking about. Here, it was all blank. As if they were thoroughly confused by the question.


“Uhm… This is Earth. You’re currently in New York City.” Cat eyes explained, although doubt filled his mind as if he felt that he wasn’t answering her question.


Lena nodded, “Okay. Parallel then. Or, at least, partially.” She licked her lips again, and this time, the Blue one handed her a glass with a straw. Her lips twitched in a small not-there smile, as she accepted the glass and took a long sip. It was clear and cool, and was delicious.


As she handed back the empty glass, she looked at Blue, “What’s your name?”


“Catarina. You may call me Cat.” She replied.


Lena nodded, “Cat. And yours?” she asked, turning her gaze to Cat eyes.




“Thank you. It’s easier now that I don’t have to call you Cat eyes and Blue anymore.” Lena sighed.


Suddenly, there was shift in the room, almost tangible. Plus, she heard it in all their minds.


“Cat eyes?” Magnus whispered, just as Catarina whispered, “Blue?”


Lena glanced at the both of them in turn. “Yeah…?” Lena asked, feeling uneasy at the sudden change.


“You… you can see my eyes?” Magnus asked, his voice having a bit of an edge to it, although it was more surprised than angry.


“Yeah… and her blue skin. And the amount of magic coming off of you both is intoxicating.”


Magnus’ mouth dropped open slightly, but he quickly composed himself. “You have the sight.” It was more of a statement than a question.


“Sight?” Lena asked.


“The ability to see the Shadowworld.” The tall one interjected. His speaking voice was shockingly louder and more serious than in his mind.


Lena looked directly at him, and frowned. “Shadowworld?” One eyebrow quirked up.


“You can see people from the Shadowworld, Warlocks, Seelies, Vampires… Shadowhunters.” Magnus explained, gesturing to the tall one at the last thing mentioned.


Lena processed the new information slowly. So, she was in a parallel-like world that had a different type of magical underbelly. Okay, she could work with that.


“Alright. Sure, I have the sight.”


“How?” the tall one asked.


“Name?” Lena asked,




“Well, Alec, considering I don’t know what the Shadowworld is, I don’t know how I have the sight.”


Alec shifted from one foot to the other, before settling both feet equally, and crossing his arms.


“But you are human?”


Lena’s lip twitched at the corner at the seemingly silly question. “Yes…?” she replied slowly. “Can humans not usually see the Shadow-whatever?”


“No, not usually.” Magnus said.


“Hm… Okay.”


“Okay?” Magnus asked.




“Have you dealt with this sort of thing before?” Magnus asked, moving forward a bit, his curiosity bursting in his mind. Lena was an enigma to him, that much was clear.


“I mean, yeah. I’m a Magician, so I deal with the magical all the time.”


“You have magic?” Alec asked, his voice betraying his surprise. His mind also registered surprise, but it made Lena feel on edge. Apparently being magical meant something different here.


“Yeah… My discipline is Traveling.” Lena stated, not really wanting to explain it all right now. She could feel her mind becoming tired with the many questions and battering in her mind.


“What is traveling?” Magnus asked gently.


Lena winced, Alec’s mind was becoming louder and more agitated. She swallowed hard, slightly afraid of answering any more.


Thankfully, Catarina noticed her wince, and quickly spoke up.


“Alright, I think that’s enough for one day. Magnus. Alec. She needs to rest. We can pick this up later. Out, both of you.” Her voice demanded respect and nothing short of obedience. Lena liked her already. She like Magnus too, because he had magic as well, so she felt more comfortable there. It was Alec, and this space that was making her feel weird.


Both men walked out, and blessedly taking their thoughts with them. Lena sighed loudly, bringing her hands up to her head to rub her temples.


“Headache?” Catarina asked.


Lena simply nodded. She felt the tingle of magic caress her face, and when she opened her eyes, she saw that Catarina was pushing soothing magic into her head. It was yellow and warm, and it made Lena’s eyes droopy.


“Sleep a bit more. I won’t make this spell as strong as the other one. That was had a seemingly unpleasant after effect, hm?” She asked, gently helping Lena lay back down.


Lena nodded her head slightly, and Catarina’s mind told her that she saw it.


“Thank you,” Lena whispered.


She drifted quickly off to sleep, that she didn’t hear Catarina’s reply.

Chapter Text

As both Alec and Magnus left the room, Alec’s mind was reeling with the information that Lena had given. Although it was little, it was beyond confusing. He walked a bit down the hall, feeling rather than knowing, that Magnus was close behind him. When they reached the end of the hall, Alec turned towards Magnus. The look on Magnus’ face suggested that he was equally confused and just a touch concerned.


“What are you thinking?” Alec asked.


Magnus snapped out of whatever train of thought he was on and focused on Alec. Raising his hand in a sort of flippant way, he shrugged, “I… I have no idea honestly.”


Alec frowned a bit. He crossed his arms in front of him, and leaned back against the wall a bit. “She’s human.” He stated simply.


“Yes. Catarina and I checked.” Magnus sighed heavily. “No demonic blood present.”


Clenching his jaw, a bit, Alec tried to work out what do to in this situation. He didn’t have much time to ponder it, as Izzy came around the corner.


“Alec,” she started, but paused. The look on her face made Alec’s stomach drop. “Mother is here.”




Alec walked into his office – his mother’s office technically – and saw her standing behind the desk. She was leafing through some papers that he had been working on, her face a mask of derision and slight disappointment.


Without looking up, Maryse spoke. “You need to work on your penmanship. These reports are pathetic.”


Alec swallowed hard, “Yes, mother.”


Placing her hands down on the desk, she finally looked up at Alec. “Why are there two Downworlders in my Institute?” The disdain for Downworlders was clear in her voice.


Keeping his face clear of any fear or anger at his mother’s tone, he cleared his throat. “There was a situation that called for the assistance of Warlocks.”


“Yes, you’ve said as much in your report. My question is, why are they still here? Have you not handled it yet?”


Her lack of confidence or faith in Alec always made him feel small and hurt, and nine times out of ten he knew it was because she was not happy or on board with the fact that he was gay. Anytime that Alec had failed to do something to her standards, it always came back to that little detail of his life. Of who he was.


But instead of taking the bait, Alec replied, “The situation is still being evaluated. It is an unprecedented scenario that requires the help of warlocks. The High Warlock of Brooklyn was the first on the scene, so it is clearly of importance.”


Maryse stood up straighter at the mention of the High Warlock. “Magnus Bane is here?” she asked quietly.




Maryse stood still for a moment, but Alec couldn’t read her face. After another minute or so of silence, she shook her head slightly, as if to bring her back to the present moment.


“What of the girl?”


“Her name is Lena, she is human, but she calls herself a magician.” Alec stated. He paused for a second before continuing, to gage her reaction. She gave nothing, so he continued, “She said she was a traveller, but whatever that means, we haven’t found out yet. In the preliminary check when we brought her here, she was in seriously rough shape. Wherever she came from, something bad happened to her. Torture. She is recovering now. Catarina, the other warlock, is seeing to her care.”


Maryse nodded slightly when Alec finished, but something told him that she was not content with the steps Alec had taken in this situation. He stood uneasily, watching her.


Finally, Alec saw his mother come to a conclusion.


“Is she stable?”


Alec hesitated, “Sort of.”


Maryse raised a brow at him.


“When we brought her here, the magic that was containing her sort of… disappeared? And then she started fading, flickering almost. It was… odd to say the least. Even Magnus hadn’t seen something like it before.” Alec noticed that her eyebrow twitched at the casual use of Magnus’ name, but she didn’t press. So he continued. “She woke up then, and immediately started drawing a circle on the ground. I think she called it a grounding circle. Once she had finished it, she was stable.”


“Can the drawing be replicated?”


Alec hesitated for a moment, worried about where this was going. “I believe so, yes.”


“Okay. Move her to the holding cells downstairs, and redraw the circle. Although, down in the holding cells, no magic can be used so she should be fine.”


Alec was silent for a moment. He had thought about moving her down the holding cells when he first had approached the situation. But once he saw the state Lena was in, he decided against it. Now that she was somewhat stable, he was unwilling to move her down there. “Is that necessary?” He asked.




“Did you not read about the condition she was in when we brought her here?”


“I did, but did it not occur to you to think about that potential that she is working for The Circle?” Maryse asked, staring daggers at her son.


Alec’s face contorted a bit in confusion. “The Circle? No, that didn’t come to mind.”


“The Circle is capable of many things Alec, and even though Valentine might not be around anymore to lead them, they are still following his ideas. Who knows what they are doing now! We have to be cautious about this, Alec. I thought I raised you to be smarter than this! And to trust Downworlders like this? I mean, Alec, what were you thinking?” She half whispered, exasperation flooding her voice.


Alec stood there dumbfounded for a moment, unable to respond. He looked at his mother in confusion, his eyes narrowing a bit in disbelief. He knew she had her reservations against Downworlders, but to see it so openly in front of him was new.


Before Alec could do or say anything, Maryse picked up her phone that was laying on the desk and texted someone. A few seconds later, a knock came at the door. One of the security operatives, Underhill, came into the room.


“Underhill, move the girl from the infirmary to one of the holding cells downstairs. Alec will meet you down there.” She ordered, her voice firm and non-negotiable.


Underhill nodded, glanced at Alec, and then left the room.


Alec continued to stare at his mother, unable to process what had just happened. He quickly shook his head, and tried to think of a way to get control of the situation again.


“Mother, I do not think it is a good idea to place her down there. Not after what we found when she appeared.”


“It may be pretense, Alec. Or if it isn’t, she could be a decoy for the Circle. We need to protect our people by taking the necessary precautions, something that you clearly haven’t thought of yet.”


Alec stood a bit straighter before inhaling sharply, “She is no threat. We assessed the situation and only after we determined that she was not a threat did we bring her here. That is also the reason why Magnus and Catarina are still here. Their magical abilities can help contain any and all magical threats. Magnus - ”


Maryse cut off Alec quickly, “It still does not excuse your lack of leadership in this Alec.


Alec breathed out heavily, “Mother, she is human. There is no way the Circle would use someone like her. We don’t know the whole story yet.”


“And whose fault is that? Your lack of leadership had led to the careless use of our resources and put our safety in jeopardy by allowing two warlocks into our home, as well as an unknown magical human! You need to think of Everyone, not simply the Shadowhunters under your temporary command. Our family needs you to be the best, not to make stupid mistakes like this. Thankfully, I am back for a few days, so I can handle your mess and make sure the Clave doesn’t see any of it.” Maryse spoke angrily.


It felt like a slap in the face. Alec had thought of every precaution, and had followed protocol as much as he could, given the situation. There was no precedent to take Lena down to the holding cells once they arrived at the Institute, and Alec firmly believed that. But seeing his mother seething, and taking care not to look directly at him, Alec could feel something inside him deflate. Had he really done something wrong? Had he not taken the safety of his people, his family, into consideration? Despite his mind’s persistent reassurance that he had, his mother’s disappointment superseded his confidence.


He hated the fact that his mother could reduce him to feeling so small, but ever since she found out about his sexuality, it has been an uphill battle to win back a tiny shred of love or pride from her. So, even now, he straightened his back, fixed his arms behind his back, and looked straight ahead as he agreed to his mother’s orders and walked out the office.


Without looking at anyone, he walked directly to the infirmary. He saw Underhill speaking with Catarina, who was standing between Underhill and Lena, blocking him from her. Alec looked down at the grounding circle on the floor and mental remembered each part. He entered the room, picked up a pen from the side table and drew the circle onto Lena’s arm. Lena was still asleep, Catarina had seen to that, so she didn’t stir when Alec placed the rune-like drawing on her arm. After comparing the one he drew to the one on the ground, he nodded at Underhill to begin moving her. Slowly, they moved the bed out of the circle and waited for a second. Nothing happened, so Alec’s guess had been correct. Nodded to Underhill once more, the man led the bed away towards the elevator at the other end of the hall.


As Alec began to follow them, he turned to see Magnus standing in the hall. His face clearly displayed his anger. His mouth was a tight line, and his eyes were narrowed a bit. Alec could see the storm brewing behind them, and it made Alec’s chest hurt a bit.


“Where are you taking her?” Magnus asked coldly.


Alec shivered at his voice slightly, but not in a good way. Internally, Alec knew that if he ever got the chance, he never ever wanted to be on the receiving end of Magnus’ voice again.


He hesitated for a slip second. He couldn’t help but feel shame for what he was doing, especially in front of Magnus. He also didn’t really understand why he was feeling this way. He had only met Magnus yesterday, and had only asked him out for drinks.


But still, his next words felt horrible on his tongue, his shoulders slumping a bit, “I have my orders.” He said quietly.


Magnus nodded slowly, half shaking it as his lips pursed slightly. “Shadowhunters,” he said as if the word was fowl in his mouth, “Always stick to their own. That never changes.” His voice dripping with venom. “I don’t understand why I thought you would be any different.” Magnus spoke those words with such finality that Alec had to suppress a whimper that had bubbled up inside unexpectedly.


He opened his mouth the speak, but Magnus raised a hand, effectively cutting off his reply. Magnus walked up to him for a second, but then quickly moved past him, into the infirmary room behind him without another word or glance. Alec hung his head slightly, the weight of his mother’s orders on his shoulders, as well as his guilt for not standing up for Lena, and the shame of seeing Magnus see him as some shallow Shadowhunter goon.


He moved a bit towards the elevator, but turned back a bit. He saw Magnus lead Catarina out of the infirmary, and down the hall without a backwards glance at him. Alec swallowed, and his stomach felt hollow.


He was confident about one thing though; he no longer had a date.

Chapter Text

As Catarina’s spell began to fade, Lena felt rested. Not completely, but there were no nightmares to torment her mind while she slept. She shifted carefully on the bed she was on, and that’s when she felt it. Terror streaked down her spine as she felt the chill of cold metal on her wrist. Her breath caught in her throat as images sprang up in her mind. Blood, whistling, screams of pain, surrounded her like a vice grip, pulling tighter around her with each breath.


She opened her eyes slowly, afraid of what she would find. Deep down, she knew the spell Alice had cast was real, because the pain was real. But part of her began to think that maybe it was all a plan created by The Beast to trick her. To torment her again and again. When her vision cleared against the bright white lights, she glanced around. The room was unfamiliar, which was both unsettling and reassuring. It reassured Lena that she was no longer in the clutches of The Beast, because the room was new, and pristine. Not like the cold, wet, and dark dungeon that she had spent the better part of 2 years held in. What unsettled her was the fact that she was no longer in the previous room she had been in before. This one was different; Lena could feel the difference in the air. The magic was muted here, not completely gone, but muffled and held back.


She glanced at her wrist, and saw that it was cuffed to the side of the bed. She could feel her body begin to shake as she took in the image. For too long, had she endured her hands being bound. For too long, had she experienced the control of her body begin taken away from her. She breathed deeply through her nose in the attempt to calm herself, but she could feel the panic rising in her chest. A small, choked sob escaped her mouth as she moved her arm a bit, and the cold bite of the metal hissed across her skin. Luckily, it was just the one hand that was bound, as Lena quickly found out, but it still didn’t help her growing panic.


She hastily sat up, trying her best to ignore the sharpness of the cuff, and she glanced around. It was an empty room, save herself and her bed. There was a large glass window to her right, and a door directly in front of her. She swallowed another sob that was rising in her throat as she hoped in vain to see Magnus or Catarina.


Suddenly, the door opened, making Lena jump and flinch as the cuff dug into her wrist. A tall woman with dark black hair walked in with two armed men. Lena could feel and hear the disdain and disgust in the woman’s mind, all of which was directed at Lena. She couldn’t understand why. All Lena wanted to do was to hide away from this woman, to get out of this place and find Magnus or Catarina.


The woman stopped a few steps in front of Lena, her dress professional and pristine, and her hair pulled away from her face. Her face was severe and dark, and it took all Lena had not to cower under her gaze.


“Your name is Lena, correct?” the woman asked. Her voice was icy, and unfriendly. It made Lena shiver, but also reminded Lena of someone, just a bit.


Lena nodded.


“What is your full name?” The words came out sharp.


Lena gulped, trying to breath. This woman’s mind was reeling with terrible, horrifying ideas that it made Lena’s stomach turn, despite the fact she had no food in her belly.


“What is your name?” the woman repeated, her voice ringing in Lena’s ear.


“Lena.” She whispered. She wasn’t going to give the woman her name. That much, she though, she could control.


The woman’s face twitched a bit, before twisting into a sick smirk.


“You’re pretty good. For one of the Circle’s lackeys.” The woman clasped her hands in front of her. “Tell me, why would a human be of any use to the Circle?”


Lena looked at the woman in confusion. She shook her head, shrugging her shoulders a bit. Her voice didn’t seem to want to work.


Lena felt the patience of the woman snap before she saw it on her face.


“Speak, when spoken to, Downworlder!” the woman snapped.


And then something in Lena snapped as well. She felt a surge of anger fill her gut as she watched this woman look at her like she was the scum of the earth. She had dealt with enough prejudice in her short life to recognize it when confronted with it. She narrowed her eyes a bit, and she could feel her body begin to calm down.


“What the fuck is a Downworlder?” Lena asked, doing her best to keep her voice level.


Lena felt a slight sense of satisfaction to see the grimace on the woman’s face transform into surprise, even if it only lasted for a second. Then the surprise was quickly taken over by anger.


“Don’t play dumb with me, girl.” The woman’s voice was veiled with a threat.


“I’m not.” Lena said simply. She could feel her confidence growing. Just a tiny bit, but enough to want to push against this woman who clearly didn’t like her. It was a different menacing than The Beast, and part of Lena wanted to fight.


“You conveniently show up just as new Circle activity has occurred. Care to explain?” The anger in the woman’s voice was pulled back slightly, now that Lena was talking, but Lena could feel it in her mind that the woman’s plan was far from being over. Lena gulped at a particularly gruesome scare tactic that the woman was thinking of, but she did her best to keep her face controlled.


“I don’t know any circle whatever. I’m not from here.” Lena explained.


“Where are you from?”


Lena shifted a bit uncomfortably, the cuff cutting into her wrist, and her legs feeling a bit numb. She glanced down at her hands and noticed that someone had drawn the ground circle on her arm. She was slightly surprised that it was holding up so long on her body, but it also made her aware of what it was doing to her body.


“Where are you from?” The woman repeated impatiently.


Lena took another moment to assess what was happening to her body, feeling the magic inside twisting and turning. Transforming. Looking up, Lena stared at the woman.


“A completely different earth.”


It was so silent in the room; a pin drop could be heard. Confusion filled everyone’s minds as they processed what Lena said. The woman was the first one to snap out of it.


“What is that supposed to mean?”


“I’m literally from a different earth. Possibly parallel, but I can’t tell for sure.” Lena spoke quietly, but firmly.


“Stop talking about nonsense. Where are you from?”


“New York,” Lena said slowly, not too sure how to explain that it was a different New York, on a completely different planet, more likely a different cosmos.


The woman smirked slightly, as if she had something against Lena. Lena was mainly confused at the woman’s thought process. But it also made her nervous. Lena could feel that whatever she said, the woman would twist it against her, making her answers fit into whatever scenario the woman wanted.


“Then you obviously know what Downworlders are, considering you are one. Warlock, I’m presuming?” The woman shifted from one foot to the other.


Lena shook her head slightly, “No… I’m human.” She said hesitantly.


“But you have the sight, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to naturally see me or the Institute.”


“Or the two warlocks upstairs right? Yeah, they asked the same thing.” Lena finished for the woman.


The woman was silent for a moment, surprised crossing her features again. Clearing her throat, she glanced at the camera that was located behind her on her right.


“I was told about your little… situation. But that doesn’t make any sense. So, you are going to drop the façade and tell me the truth. Do I make myself clear?” The woman said, taking a step closer to Lena, to intimidate her.


Now, Lena was beginning to feel annoyed. She hadn’t felt like this in such a long time, she was almost relieved that she could feel it again. She looked between the woman and the two men, and she took a deep breath.


“You want the truth? Or a ‘truth’ that suits the story in your head?” Lena asked, leaning back slightly to look at the woman straight on. This woman had nothing that scared Lena, she found. Not like the fear that The Beast had instilled in her. Lena could feel the anger of being chained, interrogated, and judged, build up in her mind and her body.


“Watch your tone. You’re under investigation here, so I suggest you choose your words wisely.” The woman’s spoke, her voice clipped and short, as if she was trying to contain her impatience.


“Fine. I’m a Magician from my earth. My discipline is Traveling, which gives me the power to travel wherever the fuck I want. Up until whenever I got here, I was being held in a dungeon on a world called Fillory by The Beast, who was a lot better and accurate at scare tactics, and he broke me.” All the fury that Lena had felt begin to build in her chest came pouring out. She could tell that her voice was raising as she continued to speak, but she didn’t care. The woman was struck dumb for the time being while Lena spoke.


“He tortured me for who I am, because he could. He liked it. He killed everyone of my friends when they came for me. Penny… Penny was first. Do you know how hard it is to cut someone in half? When you are power like The Beast, it is merely a flick of the wrist. Have you seen someone literally boil from the inside out? Quentin did, right in front of me as he begged for his life!”


“That’s – “ the woman interjected, but Lena kept going.


“No, no! You wanted the truth! Then fucking listen up! Julia was broken like a doll, Eliot was choked that his head nearly popped off, Margo stopped breathing because the Beast fucking told her to with a spell. Todd was 19 when the Beast tore him apart. Josh was stuffed so full of his favourite food he died because the Beast decided it would be fun to stuff him like a fucking Christmas Turkey. Dean Fogg, Eliza, Katy, Marina, Poppy, Victoria, Melanie, Pearl. And me? He was saving me for last. He made me watch as he tore my family apart, limb from limb, all the while I couldn’t move! I couldn’t… I… I was… I was stuck, with fucking chains on my body because He wanted a toy to play with when he was bored!”


Lena could feel tears pouring down her face, her hands were shaking again, but she didn’t care. She was done being a victim, being helpless. She needed to get all of this off her chest. She couldn’t hear anything else but her own sobs as they racked her body. Flashes of everyone came across her mind, and she hated the fact that all she could remember at this time was their deaths.


She took a deep breath when she could feel like breathing again.


“Whether you fucking believe me or not, nothing, nothing you do can even come close to what that fucker did to me for two fucking years. So whatever you’ve got, come at me, you bitch.”


Again, all that could be heard in that small room was the sounds of Lena’s harsh breathing. She glared at the woman through her tears, which she raised her free hand to wipe away roughly.


The woman’s mind, however, seemed unchanged when Lena could calm down enough to focus on it. Lena barely managed to keep her face in check when the words the woman was going to say formed in her mind.


“When you decided to tell the truth, and not some made up story of made up worlds, I will come back. Then we can have a proper discussion.” The woman said calmly, stepping forward another step.


Before Lena could reaction, the woman swung her hand and slapped Lena across her face. The breath was knocked out of Lena as she felt the sting on the side of her face bloom into a painful throb.


“And don’t you ever yell at me, or call me bitch again. Understood?” The woman whispered.


Lena didn’t respond. She didn’t even look at the woman. She could feel the triumph the woman was feeling in her mind. She gently placed the back of her hand against her burning cheek, as she heard the three left the room and closed the door.


It was silent in the room except her breathing. But Lena wasn’t crying anymore. She was angry. She was sore, and she wanted to get the fuck out of there.


Focusing the magic inside her, she felt out what had changed, looking for the difference that she had felt earlier. She realized that she had been on this world for just long enough for her body to begin to become accustom to the type of ambient magic. She could feel it in her bones. Part of her mind wandered to the last moment before Alice threw her into the void, and remembered that she had given her a pill. She wondered if the change and shift in her magic was because of that? Perhaps, a way to avoid rejection or overload?


In any case, Lena could feel that she had enough magic to get herself out of the room. From when she astral projected, she knew that she was in a New York. It would be extremely dangerous for her to Travel without a secure knowledge of the elements and circumstances of this world, but Lena was willing to take that risk. Penny would be proud of her, pushing past all of her feelings in this moment to get out.


Opening her eyes, she realized that some time had passed while she was assessing her magic. She could see several people standing on the other side of the glass wall, clearly talking, with their hand gestures and body language, but Lena couldn’t hear anything, and they were too far away for her to hear them mentally.


Turning her body away from the window, she focused on the cuff on her wrist. She thought back to her lessons at Brakebills and tried to remember the cast for unlocking or freeing hands. She grimaced as she tried a few, but none were working. Then she thought of Julia, and her fingers began to cast. Nothing happened, but she quickly remembered part of the charm.


She began again, but quietly whispered, “Odemknout”.


The cuff dropped off her hand.


For the first time a very long time, Lena smiled. She rubbed her wrist with her hand, and she carefully turning back around. There were still people talking outside the window, but this time, she could see the woman standing there was well. Taking a deep breath, Lena stood up, and walked into the middle of the room, grabbing the attention of the people.


One person caught her movements and pointed at her. They all moved suddenly, but all too shocked to move properly towards her. Taking another deep breath, Lena reached inwards to touch the newly formed magic. It was still familiar, but just had something new to it, like a new phone case, or jacket.


Her lips twitched into a small grin as she could feel her traveling power come to the surface. She opened her eyes again after a third breath, this time she could see that they were all moving a bit closer, as if cautiously approaching her to not spook her. She grinned more fully this time, despite the growing fear in her gut. This was going to be so fucking risky, but she couldn’t stay here. Not with that lady. No way was she going to be stuck in another fucking dungeon after all she had gone through.


So, pushing down her fears firmly, she raised her hand towards the group of people, gave a little wave, before twisting her hand to flip them her middle finger. And, once more, she closed her eyes, and traveled the fuck out of there.



The group of Shadowhunters stood there dumbfounded. The room was no empty, where there had been the girl just a second previously.


Alec was standing near the back of the group, but had seen what happened. His eyes were wide open in shock. His mouth was hanging open like many of the others standing with him. His mother recovered quicker than everyone else though.


“What the hell just happened?” she asked sharply.


No one had words.


The girl, Lena, had disappeared with a flip of the bird, in the blink of an eye.


Chapter Text

Magnus sat on his couch, twirling his pinky finger in his drink, as he gazed unseeing out his balcony window. His mind was still on Alec, despite the many efforts to not think about the tall, handsome man. He was both angry and intrigued by him, which is why Magnus was feeling so conflicted. He had thought that maybe Alec would be different from the other Shadowhunters, especially considering his sexuality. It hadn’t been said, but Alec’s request of getting drinks only confirmed Magnus’ suspicions.


Shaking his head to rid his mind of thoughts of Alec, he raised his glass to his lips and took a long pull of the burning liquid. It was good going down his throat. Real. Grounding. But he had to admit that seeing that man, talking to him, agreeing to go on that date, had unlocked something in Magnus. Something that Magnus thought had been locked away forever.


But then Magnus remembered why he was angry at Alec, and his mind strayed to Lena. The curious girl who apparently had magic, yet was completely human. And now, was a prisoner of the Shadowhunters. He couldn’t fathom what she was feeling, if she was awake by now. The trauma that he and Catarina had healed on her body was intense, extreme, so Magnus could only imagine how she would react to being in the holding cells in the basement of the Institute.


He sighed heavily, flicked his wrist to turn on his music, a hard melody playing through the speakers to drown out his own thoughts. He stood up from the couch, finished off the rest of his drink, and walked over to his drink cart to make another. He liked mixing his drinks by hand, especially when he was upset, or agitated. That way, he could actually measure how much alcohol he was putting into the glass, rather than just simply magicking it. One too many times he had done that in the past, and one too many times had that gotten him into trouble. Peru, being one of them.


His mind drifted again to Lena, thinking about how she showed up, and the magic that had surrounded her. It was a magic unlike anything he had ever seen, but it was extremely powerful. And to top it off, the magic had been absorbed into Lena’s body, which caused Magnus even more confusion. With mindless curiosity, he walked into his office and perused his shelves, looking for a text that may mention the type of magic he had encountered. Sipping on his glass delicately this time, he pulled out a few books, some ancient, some not so much, and put them on his desk to look at.


As he finished off the last of his drink, he summoned a hot cup of coffee. He could feel that his curiosity in the girl would need a somewhat clear mind, and his decision to actually begin looking at books had made him think twice about having a third drink. Stepping around his desk, he settled into the comfortable, ornate chair, sipped the coffee gingerly, and then opened the first book.



Several hours, and 3 more books, later, Magnus leaned back in his chair in a huff. There was nothing in his texts that pertained to the type of magic that Lena apparently had. Magnus was beginning to believe what Lena had claimed earlier. Maybe she was truly not from this world, and this magic was entirely new. His brow creased in contemplation, his eyes strained from look at the small text for hours. He gently rubbed his face, not caring about his meticulous make up. It was probably smudged anyway, so what did it matter to mess it up a bit more?


He glanced at the small clock on his desk and read that it was near 2 am. He sighed and hung his head a bit, his neck sore from leaning over the books. Rubbing his neck, he pushed the chair back and stood up. Stretching his arms up above his head, he decided that he would have a quick shower, and then get some sleep.


He walked through his apartment, slowly taking off pieces of clothing as he went, banishing them to their rightful place in his closet as he went. By the time he was in his bathroom, the shower was on, hot and steaming, and he was naked. He stepped carefully into the shower and let the water cascade down his body. It was a soothing and relaxing feeling, having the hot water run down his body.


It was at that moment that his thoughts of Alec returned to the forefront of his mind. He shook his head again, but this time, the thoughts weren’t going away. He kept on seeing Alec’s blue eyes, and his dark hair. And that sinfully place rune on his neck. He wanted to learn what it was, and why it was placed there, on one of the body’s more sensitive places. He licked his lips unconsciously at the thought. Magnus could feel his body begin to heat up, and it wasn’t from the shower.


It wasn’t like he had never fantasized about anyone before, but Magnus couldn’t believe the reaction his body was having by just thinking about Alec’s face. He hadn’t even gotten to thinking about the rest of his lean body yet. It had been a long time since Magnus had felt like this. He was surprised, but he was slowly realizing that it was more pleasant than shocking.


So instead of trying to fight it, Magnus gave into the feeling. He arched his back slightly as he thought of Alec, pressing up against him from behind. He moved his hands to touch his chest and stomach, imagining that Alec’s hands were in place of his own. Since Magnus’ body was very sensitive, especially once he worked himself up, the slight touches of his hands made him gasp quietly. He continued to move his hands, sliding them up and down his chest, the water making it easy for him. He could feel a slight twitch in his member, as it surged to life when Magnus thought of Alec’s lips. Alec’s lips pressing against his neck, against his chest, against his own lips. He wondered what they would actually feel like. From what Magnus remembered, Alec’s lips looked plump, and completely kissable. Magnus wondered what they would look like, bruised and swollen from a heavy make out session. Magnus bit his own lip at the thought, which only made the twitch in his groin more pronounced.


Slowly, he moved his hand down to reach for his member. He grasped it firmly, feeling it fill to full hardness, and his mouth relaxed open. He imagined that Alec was using his hands to touch him gently, to caress him so thoroughly that it made Magnus pant with need. He stroked himself, speeding up and slowing down at different intervals, relishing in his imagining Alec whispering dirty words and images in his ear, or sweet nothings that would send shivers down his spine. He placed a hand on the shower wall in front of him to keep balance as he moved his hand faster on his member. It was slick with the water, and the pre-come that had beaded at the tip. Magnus was panting more forcefully now, thinking about how Alec would hold him, how Alec would kiss him, how Alec would move against him. He wondered what Alec would feel like in him, or how it would feel to be in Alec. Magnus groaned out loud at the thought, his body shaking with the effort to keep standing, as he could feel the heat begin to pool in the pit of his stomach. It was growing with intensity, and with a final thought of Alec whispering his name, Magnus came with a drawn out grunt, breathing heavily.


His eyes were closed the entire time, and when he opened them, he could feel his glamour had dropped. He tilted his head in surprise. That was new. Even when there was no one around, Magnus kept his glamour up, although he was not entirely sure of the reason why. But to feel it down when he had thought about Alec made him pause. It was a nice feeling to have his glamour down, and his warlock’s mark on display.


Finishing up his shower, having actually cleaned himself up, he got out, fully and completely relaxed. His body was slowly becoming more tired as he magicked himself dry and wandered into his bedroom. He lay down on the deep red silk sheets and relished in how comfy the bed was. He sank into the sheets a bit further, bringing them up to his chin and settled into the pillow.


His eyes were drifting shut, happily blissed out and sated, when he heard a quick rustle of paper. He opened his eyes again with a slight groan, and focused on a burning, floating piece of paper above his head. Cursing in another language, Magnus sat up and snatched the fire message from the air. Rubbing his face gently, he looked at the message. His hand stilled as he read, his mind waking up again.




Lena has disappeared. We need your help.

I need your help.




Magnus continued to stare at the paper, shocked at what it said. Alec had sent him a message asking for help. He wondered vaguely why Alec didn’t just call, but then he remembered that they hadn’t exchanged numbers yet, and Magnus knew that the Institute didn’t have that, or his address, on file. So the only way to reach Magnus was through fire message. Even then, it was a gamble, especially if Magnus had made it impossible to get them to him with his wards. But part of Magnus was happy that he didn’t.


Moving to the edge of his bed, he placed the message on the bedside table, conjured a cup of coffee, and strode into his closet. Lena had disappeared, somehow escaping the Institute, which intrigued Magnus to no end. He dressed quickly, and before leaving his bedroom, he glanced at the mirror on his boudoir and magicked his make up and hair into place. Once he was happy with the result, he walked into his living room and created portal to the Institute front doors.

Chapter Text

It had been a risk to Travel in this new world, Lena knew that.


She knew it the second she traveled out of the holding cell, and ended up horizontal, 5 feet off the ground, on a crowded street.


With a yelp, she landed painfully on the ground, bashing her head hard on the pavement.


She grimaced, and muttered, “Ow. Fuck.”


There was some shouts and cries from other people who were surprised at the sudden appearance of a girl falling to the ground.  


Gritting her teeth, Lena moved to get her arms and legs under her. She could feel blood trickling down her face, clearly from the cut on her forehead. One thing that could always be counted on though, was the obliviousness, or general lack of caring, of New Yorkers. She glanced around herself when she managed to sit up, and watched the people walk around her, steering their gazes away from her. She breathed in deeply against the pain that radiated throughout her body, and stood up. She grimaced as she straightened up, and took in her surroundings.


It was dark out, but just the early evening, considering how crowded the street was. And it was cold. Lena felt a shiver rolling up and down her spine as she began to feel the cold. She looked down carefully and saw that she had no shoes on, and a thin pair of black sweatpants, and she was wearing a grey tank top that did nothing against the cold. But at least she was clean, and didn’t have blood all over her. She wrapped her arms around herself and started walking in a random direction.


She walked until her feet ached from the cold, which forced her to stop and make a plan. She looked around, searching for something that would spark an idea. Her focus narrowed in on an ATM that had seen better days, but was still functional. She quickly walked over to the ATM, wobbling a bit as her legs faded a bit. She looked down at the drawn anchor in her arm and saw that it was beginning to fade as well. She needed to find a pen to redraw it, since it apparently worked that way.


Standing in front of the ATM, she shivered, but uncrossed her arms and assessed the machine. There was no camera on it, which was good, and there weren’t too many people looking at her. Glancing behind her shoulder once, she turned her attention back to the machine. Remembering a spell that Marina had taught her, she placed her hands at the proper positions, muttered the short incantation, and completed the spell. It took a few seconds, but the ATM slowly whirred to life, and spat out some money. Lena targeted only a couple hundred from the machine, since she didn’t currently have a place to put it all, other than the thin bra that she had on. Whoever put it on her, she didn’t know, but she was silently grateful for it. Turning away from the ATM, she looked for a shop that would sell a decent pair of shoes and some clothes. It was a fairly well-lit and populated part of the city, so it wasn’t hard finding a place.


She chose a small looking boutique that seemed to have fair priced items. Nothing too fancy or expensive, and it didn’t look too modern, compared to other shops she had seen.


Stepping up to the door, she reached for the handle, but her hand passed through it. The drawn anchor was fading quickly now, and Lena could feel panic beginning to set in. Pulling herself together, literally, she grasped the handle firmly and yanked it open. She walked into the store and was immediately greeted by a blast of warm air. She shivered at the sudden change, but was so happy to be inside. Casting her eyes around the store, she felt weirdly at home. The place reminded her of the Physical Kids’ cottage, with random knickknacks and oddities strewn everywhere. There were clothes everywhere too, mixed and matched in different places. She breathed in deeply, and it smelled like dust, coffee, and books.


Cautiously, she called out into the shop, “Hello? Anyone here?”


There was a thump, and a small crashing sound from the back of the shop.


“Yeah!” the voice said, “Coming!”


Lena’s body stilled, as the voice sounded eerily familiar. She gulped at the sound, but then shook her head. She glanced down at the desk in front of her where the register was, and she saw a black marker. Without another thought, she snatched up the marker and redrew the anchor on her forearm, repeating the lines a few times to make it more secure. Not wanting to part with the one thing that currently held her together on this planet, she put the marker in between the fabric of her sweatpants and her skin, pulling her top over to cover it.


Shortly after that, the person from the back stumbled through the narrow hallway, putting things away as they went and taking things out. It was a bit dark in the shop, at least, down the narrow aisle, so Lena couldn’t see the person clearly, but the outline of the figure seemed familiar to her.


She watched as the person came closer, and when they finally came close enough to make out their features, Lena’s jaw dropped.


All the breath was taken from her lungs in that moment. She couldn’t breath, she couldn’t look away, despite the fact that she knew she was staring oddly at the man in front of her.


Forcing herself to take a deep breath, which turned out to be more of a gasp, she found her voice.


“Eliot?” she whispered, her voice strained from the effort.


The man looked exactly like Eliot. His hair was slightly longer than Lena remembered, but his face was the same. Long and elegant, thin but in a defined and regal way. His eyes were the same deep brown. And the smile. It made Lena’s heart ache from looking at him.


The man who looked like Eliot smiled sweetly, but shook his head. “Almost. I’m Eli.”


He stuck out his hand to shake Lena’s, but all Lena could do was stare at it.


Looking at his hand, she immediately thought back to the moment that she had met Eliot.



“Hi. I’m Eliot.”


His voice was smooth, and the way he spoke sounded as if Lena was blessed to even hear his name, as if it was the most obviously glorious name in the world.


Lena regarded Eliot with a scrutinizing eye, looking him up and down before settling back on his face. He was handsome, there was no denying, and he was dressed impeccably. His collar was turned up slightly, his vest fitting snugly in all the right places, and his pants fitted and tapered down towards his ankle, his feet encased in small, well made shoes. His hair was short but curly, dark brown and looking effortless. The coy smile on his lips and the little glint of mischief in his eyes, however, was what won Lena over.


“Lena,” she replied, reaching her hand to grasp Eliot’s. His hand was smooth and strong, perfect for spell casting.


“First year?” Eliot asked, pulling out a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it with a whisper on his fingers. The cigarette began to glow and he took a long drag.


“Yeah. Dean Fogg invited me.” Lena explained.


“Wait,” Eliot put up a hand to stop Lena from continuing, “Dean Fogg invited you? You mean, as in a free pass? Did you have to do the entrance exam?”


“Nope. Found out recently that I’m a traveler. And so he brought me here to start learning.”


“Well, fuck. I mean. Great for you.” His tone was almost sarcastic, but Lena detected a hint of approval.


He took another long pull on his cigarette and then blew it out in one go.


“So, I guess that means you’re not a Physical Kid, huh?” Eliot asked, as he began to saunter away from her, leaning back just a bit to get her to follow him.


“Nah, Psychic.”


“Ugh, I hope you don’t become a hippy. No offence.” Eliot said quickly, although it sounded as if he meant it to be offensive, at least a little bit.


“No, I don’t like to meditate, or any of that shit. I just hope I won’t have a teacher like that, but I hear that’s all there is…” Lena said, not really hiding her feelings on the matter.


Eliot grinned, letting out a little chuckle. “I think you need to find Penny. He’s a dick, but he’s fun. Dry and pissed off all the time. But I think you two would hit it off. Maybe fuck each other. Who knows?” Eliot suggested, casting a side glance at Lena to catch her reaction.


Lena simply shrugged.


Eliot threw his head back and laughed heartily. “Oh yes. I like you now.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Sorry… I bond quickly.” Eliot explained as he saw Lena raise an eyebrow at him.


She smirked, “It’s all right. I’m down for pretty much anything. Anything to drown out the endless chatter of people who can’t ward their minds.” Lena looked at Eliot, “Thank by the way.”


Eliot nodded knowingly, “Ah, yes, you aren’t equipped well enough yet to deal with any of the plans or thoughts that run inside my head, my little duckling. Only Margo gets to know that kind of fucked up shit.” He finished his cigarette and tossed it to the ground to smash it with his shoe.


He looked up and sighed, “Speak of the She-Devil herself.” He unhooked his arm from Lena and strode over to a short girl, dressed impeccably as well from head to toe, the toes being encased in a very tall black stiletto heel.


“Hey babe, who’s your new friend?” Margo asked, her voice a mixture of genuinely curious and ready to strike with icy insults and fire.


“This is our friend Lena. Lena, this is the brilliant and sexy Margo Hansen.”


Margo looked at Lena with a critical, but bemused face. She smirked. “Eliot, what is it with you and the new flavour of the month?” she asked coyly.


“Oh, I don’t know. She seems fun. I can tell. We love those.” Eliot replied, equally as flirtatiously.


Margo grinned, and giggled a bit.


“Ok. Lena,” she stated, turning towards Lena straight on, “what say you on a little party?”


Lena smirked in reply, “I’m ready when you are.”


Both Margo and Eliot smiled hugely, Eliot knowingly, and Margo somewhat impressed. They pulled Lena in between them and hooked their arms with hers.


“We are going to have so much fun.” Eliot murmured as they began to walk.


Lena looked at him, and then at Margo, and then back to Eliot. The smile he had on his face was genuine, and friendly. Lena could feel that he was being sincere, and she already liked him, and Margo.


Lena felt at home with them, arm in arm with them.




Lena blinked, her mind slamming back into reality as the hand was still held out in front of her expectantly. She could feel tears brimming in her eyes at the realization and acceptance that her Eliot was dead, lying in a dark office on Fillory. She felt a tear slip down her face.


The man started, “Shit… Are you ok?” he asked quietly, stepping closer to Lena.


Lena shook her head to clear it, and turned her face away to wipe her tears.


“So – sorry… It’s just… you look like a friend of mine. He…” she choked at the last bit, unable to say more. She tried to wrangle her feelings down, but seeing this man standing in front of her was a bit too much to push them away.


“Oh honey… here, come sit. I’ll be right back.” Eli said, gesturing towards one of the chairs that was on the other side the desk.


Lena followed his directions and sat down. He was gone for about a minute, before he came back with two glasses in one hand, and a bottle of brown liquid in the other.


He placed everything on the desk, and opened the bottle. “I know sad tears when I see them,” he said while pouring out a bit of the alcohol into each cup. Passing her one, he grabbed the other and raised it a bit. “I’m sorry for whoever you lost.” He raised his glass a bit more to clink with hers, and then he tossed the shot back quickly.


Lena stared at him for a moment, before doing the same. She hadn’t really had the time to mourn her friends properly, and by all measures, this is the way that Eliot would have wanted his funeral to have started. Strong whiskey down the hatch, followed by some of his more notorious cocktails.


Lena savoured the burn of the whiskey down her throat, the warmth flooding through her body. She shivered again, and this time, Eli caught it, and quickly reached over to grab a blanket from one of the shelves that was near by.


“Here. Fuck, you’re freezing.” Eli said as his hand brushed her arm. “How long have you been outside like this?” he asked, his face scrunched with confusion and concern.


Lena looked at Eli, marveling at how similar he was to Eliot, but also noting how different he was as well. Her Eliot and this Eli seemed to have on major thing in common however. They bonded fast. Already, Eli seemed to be open to Lena, immediately offering warmth and comfort without any judgements or need for explanation.


She realized that she hadn’t answered Eli for a bit, so she cleared her throat and tried her best not to let her voice shake.


“A while. I…uh… got mugged. Knocked me out cold and took basically everything.” Lena lied. Somehow, she felt that Eli didn’t exactly believe her, but he didn’t let on if he didn’t. He simply nodded his head as he looked at her.


For a moment, they just looked at one another, and it was after a few breaths that Lena realized something. One big, major difference between her Eliot and this Eli, was the fact that Eliot was fully human.


Eli was not. 

Chapter Text

Alec was standing in the ops center, glaring at the screen table, hoping and wishing that something would happen. That something would change. His mind was still reeling from what happened. Lena had been in the holding cell one moment, and then, poof, she was gone. He had never heard his mother swear or yell so much in his life, and her reaction only made the situation more confusing. He knew that she had particular ideals when it came to Downworlders, but whatever had happened in the holding cell had Alec’s mother in an odd state. Almost as if she was panicking.


Alec’s frowned deepened. Was it just because Lena was unknown and new that scared his mother? Or was it something else entirely? Alec thought back to the conversation he had with his mother before, and remembered the possibility of the Circle being a part of Lena’s sudden appearance.


But Alec didn’t think it had anything to do with the Circle. His gut told him that it wasn’t it.


As he continued to stand there, he heard the distinctive clicks of heels on the floor. His mother strode into the ops center, a trail of Shadowhunters in her wake. Her gaze was locked onto Alec, and Alec could feel his insides churn. He knew she blamed him for this mess, and Alec took it in stride. No matter how hard he tried at anything, there was always something that caused her to be angry with him.


“Where are we in locating the warlock?” Maryse snapped, as she stepped up beside Alec and surveyed the screen in front of her.


Alec swallowed and flicked his gaze between the screen and his mother.


“We don’t have a way to locate the girl. First, she mundane. Jace is looking into the local law enforcement for information. Second, the girl, Lena, did state that she is not from this world, so we may be at a loss.” Alec explained, pulling up pages on the screen to show the work he facilitated.


Alec could feel the rage pouring off his mother. She fidgeted with her fingers slightly before pulling them apart and clenching them into fists.


“Well then, get the hunters out looking for her. Do we have footage that can give us a photo?" she asked. Alec nodded. It was from earlier in the infirmary, but it would work. Maryse nodded and continued. "You will find her and bring her back.” Maryse snarled the last bit.


Alec simply looked at his mother, his face betraying nothing.


Maryse quickly took her leave of the ops center, leaving Alec alone to deal with his orders.


At the same time, Jace had walked up behind Alec with a tablet in his hands.


“Hey,” Jace breathed, holding out the tablet for Alec, as he turned on the spot.


“Anything?” Alec asked, his voice betraying him slightly. He was desperate for some good news.


Jace shook his head. “There is nothing about this girl. She doesn’t exist in the NYPD systems. Either she moved here from a different state or country, or she’s a ghost. Or, and I’m leaning towards this personally, she is telling the truth and she is not from this world.”


Alec glanced up at Jace from the tablet which held a single page that simply stated that all the searches led to dead ends. Alec closed his eyes tightly and threw his head back. He sighed deeply, trying to think of what to do next. Bringing his head back down, he gazed out around him. There was a flurry of activity, as every Shadowhunter was on the case of finding Lena, at his mother’s orders.


He licked his bottom lip a bit, and looked back at Jace. He could feel through his parabatai bond that Jace was anxious about the situation. Alec had explained it to Jace and Izzy while his mother was interrogating Lena. Neither of them were happy about Alec’s passivity and blindly following their mother’s orders. They didn’t understand the pressure Alec was always under, because they blatantly ignored the rules almost all the time, leaving Alec to clean up their messes. He had certain responsibilities to uphold, and he knew deep down that he was hoping to gain the respect and pride from their parents. Jace was and had always been the golden child, ever since Maryse and Robert had adopted him. Izzy had always been strong minded, to the point that their parents simply allowed Izzy to do whatever she wanted. The only stipulation was that she had to deal with any and all consequences on her own. Not that Alec ever allowed that. He had to protect his little sister, but that also meant that Alec took on more responsibility.


“Send out as many teams as we can afford. Three to each. Don’t want a repeat of last week. Make sure everyone has a photo of Lena,” Alec said, handing back the tablet to Jace, and proceeded to walk away from the ops center towards the weapons room. “If anyone finds her, do not engage. Follow her until they can contact me, or you, or Izzy. We can’t have her disappearing on us again.”


Jace nodded in agreement, placing the tablet on a table as they walked past. “Where do you want to start?”


Alec sighed, and quickly looking around him, he lowered his head towards Jace, who leaned in with his head tilted to listen.


“We try to contact Magnus. It’ll be a long shot, but maybe he can track her better than we can.” Alec said, speaking low.


Jace’s eyes widened a bit, and his lips twitched into smirk. “Magnus, eh? I’ve only ever heard of him begin referred to as Warlock Bane, or the High Warlock.” He teased.


Alec glared at him, and frowned. “Jace,” he warned.


Raising his hands in surrender, he quickly grabbed his sword and put it in his holster. Alec grabbed his quiver of arrows and bow, as well as a spare sword. He also grabbed Izzy’s sword, and knew that she already had her whip on her.


“Let’s go.” Alec said, pulling out his phone to text Izzy to meet them outside.


As he and Jace stepped out of the Institute doors, they walked some little ways off to the side. Taking out his stele, Alec quickly wrote out a fire message for Magnus, hoping to the angels that one, the message would actually reach Magnus; two, if it did, that Magnus would respond.


It had been only a few hours since Magnus left, after they have moved Lena down to the holding cell, but it felt like months to Alec. Alec shuffled nervously from side to side, much to the annoyance of Jace, who smacked him on the shoulder to cut it out. A few moments later, Izzy came out of the building’s side door and skipped over to them.

“What are we waiting for?” Izzy asked, looking at both her brothers.


“Alec sent a fire message to Magnus to see if he can help us.” Jace explained.


Izzy grinned knowingly at Alec for a second, before it fell from her face when she saw his expression.


“Oh no, what happened?” she asked seriously,


“Nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Alec said curtly.


“Alec…” Izzy started, but before she could continue, a portal opened up a few feet away from them, and Magnus stepped out.


He glanced around a bit as he got his bearings, before he caught sight of the trio.


“Well,” he started, as he sauntered over to the group, “looks like you Shadowhunters did a wonderful job of interrogation once again, hm?” Magnus stated, his distrust and distaste for the Shadowhunters dripping in his voice.


Alec gulped. Magnus was still clearly angry at Alec, or at least, at the situation concerning Lena.


Furthermore, he noticed that Magnus was seemingly trying his best not to look at Alec in the eye. He was looking at both Jace and Izzy, or simply glancing quickly at Alec. He didn’t know why, but it made Alec feel hurt and ashamed. Had he really messed up so badly that Magnus couldn’t even look at him? Straightening his shoulders, a bit, he lifted his head.


“Lena disappeared. Literally. We need your help to find her.” Alec explained, thanking the angel that his voice remained level.


Magnus turned slightly towards him, waving his hands in front of him in a placating way.


“And why should I help you? You’re the ones that lost Lena, something I didn’t think was possible down in the dungeon.” His voice was full of sarcasm and disdain as he spoke.


Alec scowled. “We don’t know how it happened, but it did. My mother tried to interrogate her, and…” he breathed deeply, hating this next part, “she turned off the cameras before she went in. Only two other Shadowhunters were there to witness it.”


Alec paused as he watched Magnus, his body going rigid and his face turning dark.


“She was left alone?” Magnus asked angrily.


It took a second for Alec to understand what Magnus was asking, and then when the realization hit him, he hung his head slightly. “Yes.”


Alec watched Magnus breathe in deeply, cursing a bit under his breath. His eyes flashed golden as he glared up at Alec, Jace and Izzy.


“I won’t help you. I will not allow the Shadowhunters to torture an innocent person, especially one who has experienced as much trauma as Lena has. The wounds alone were enough to make any normal person die fifty times over.” Magnus let out another frustrated sigh, as his voice tapered to a whisper at the reminder of Lena’s injuries when she first arrived. He shook his head and continued speaking, “No. I will find her, and when I do, she will be under my protection as High Warlock. Clearly, she is magical to some degree, and thus she is within my jurisdiction.”


Turning on his heals sharply, Magnus whipped around and opened a portal, and walking into it, he disappeared with a snap.


Alec stared at the spot slack jawed and speechless. Jace and Izzy were in no better shape. After a few moments, they both turned to Alec. He was still looking at the spot, his face showing his shock and surprise.


“Alec?” Izzy asked quietly, touching his arm gently.


Alec shook himself out of his stupor and looked down at Izzy.


“What do we do?” she asked, still speaking in a low voice.


It was a good question.


What do they do now?”

Chapter Text

“So what are the rules for vampirism here?” Lena asked after a few moments of silence. She watched Eli and could feel magic around him, similar to that of other vampires she had encountered in her life, but like everything else on this world, significant enough to make a difference.


Eli went still. “What?” he asked, confusion and surprise (or was it shock?) registering on his face.


Lena sighed as she put her glass down on the counter. “Well, based on your ability to drink straight whiskey, because no self sufficient vampire would offer laced whiskey to a human, you are either old enough to have trained your body to be able to handle somewhat regular foods and drinks; or, the rules are different here.” Lena explained, her head beginning to pound as Eli’s mind began shouting in panic. “So, which is it?”


Eli stared at Lena in silence for a minute. Oddly, Lena didn’t feel scared. Whether that was a smart thing or not, she couldn’t tell. This man looked exactly like Eliot, someone whom she trusted. Who had died in order to try and save her. Lena didn’t think that she could ever distrust any version of Eliot. She took a deep breath and reached for the whiskey bottle. As she began pouring another glass for herself, she looked at Eli, asking with her eyes if he wanted another. He nodded numbly, still trying to figure out what to say. Lena almost smirked with the scenarios running through his head, but it was still giving her a headache.


Eli opened his mouth, but gaped for a moment and closed it again. Blinking a few times, he cleared his throat and stood up a bit straighter.


“You, um… You have the sight?” Eli asked, keeping his voice light as he licked up his glass and held it gingerly in his hands.


“Apparently.” Lena looked down at her hands.


“How… did you know? That I’m a vampire, I mean.” Eli stammered. He continued to try and make light of the conversation, but Lena could feel how worried he was.


Lena looked at Eli in the eye, “Everyone here has an aura. Magic, that surrounds them. It’s all different, uh, catered to individual people. Or, I guess, in this case, species?” Lena said, trying to think about how to explain this to Eli as she spoke.


Eli nodded slowly, raising the glass to his lips and took a long drink. He flicked his eyes to Lena for a quick second, and made a decision that he needed something a bit stronger. In a second, he ran with his vampiric speed into the back of the shop. Another second later, he was back standing in front Lena, this time holding a vial of clear liquid, but from what Lena could tell, was plasma.


He shot the plasma back and shivered as it went down. “So, what are you? Warlock? You don’t smell like dog, so you’re not werewolf.” He gestured with his hands the same way Eliot did. A pang of familiarity filled her chest, but she shook her head.


“Um… Not really? I, uh, I guess you could say I’m a warlock, but I’m not part demon.”


Eli’s head tilted in confusion, but waited for Lena to continue.


“I’m a Magician. From another world. And um… I can’t go back.” Lena’s words were choppy and shaky, as she realized her inevitable situation as she explained it to Eli.


Eli breathed in deeply for a second, and looked at Lena, almost uncomfortably. He shifted around and pulled a chair to sit in front of Lena, and grabbed the bottle of whiskey from the counter once more.


“I have a feeling that much alcohol will be needed for this story.” Eli said, speaking low as he poured more liquid into her glass, before pouring more into his own.


“That’s a fucking understatement.” Lena agreed, tossing back the burning liquid.




“Shit…” Eli breathed as Lena finished her story.


He leaning back in his chair, holding onto both his glass and another bottle of whiskey. They had finished to first one, and Eli had gone to get two more, one for each of them. Lena was grasping hers in her hands, leaning on her knees with her elbows, slowly nodding her head.




“Well, fuck.” He cursed.


Lena simply nodded again, as her mind swam, pleasantly drunk. There was no noise in her mind, and she felt floaty. It was a great feeling, and she was glad that Eli could keep up.


But the freedom didn’t last long as her hand faded and the glass she was holding slipped out of her grip and smashed on the floor.


Eli jerked forward in surprise and looked dizzily at Lena. “What’s the matter?” His words were slightly slurred.


Lena leaned back with a groan and carefully put the nearly empty bottle of whiskey down on the counter. “My grounding circle is fading. Need to do it again, or else I’ll travel, and I don’t want even want to do that sober.” Lena explained.


She pulled out the marker from her side and pulled off the cap. It clattered to the floor as her hand faded once again, and this time Eli saw it.


“Holy shit… That’s messed up.” Eli pointed at her fading hand, but weirdly was trying to supress a smirk.


“Yeah, it is. New world means I have learn everything again, which is so fucked.” Lena said sullenly. She traced the grounding circle on her arm again, making it darker and more pronounced, and she could feel it working again. She breathed in relief and sat back.


“Do you need to make that,” Eli paused briefly as he leaned forward, his mind swimming just as much as Lena’s that he almost toppled off his chair, “more permanent?” he managed to finish.


“Yeah, eventually. But I don’t have the means to get a tat right now. I’m barely clothed.” Lena sighed, rubbing her face with her fully functioning hands. It still baffled her when she was able to use them so freely. She loved the feeling.


“I’ll help you, obviously.” Eli said, shaking a nonchalant hand at Lena.


Lena raised an eyebrow at Eli, watching him with hooded eyes. The alcohol was beginning to make her sleepy.


“Seriously. I’m in, mainly because helping you would be basically illegal if you’re running from the Shadowhunters, and I live for illegal shit. But also, I like you, and I bond fast.” Eli said, moving to stand up. He stumbled a bit as he straightened up, but quickly recovered.


“So you’ve said.”


Waving her off, he walked away towards the back of the story and began rummaging through various items of clothing, which was quickly becoming an issues, since he forgot to put down his bottle and glass. Placing them precariously on top of a dresser, he resumed his rummaging. He threw various items at Lena, which Lena didn’t even attempt to catch. She just watched with an avid curiosity.


“There, now you can be dressed in clothes.” Eli said, presenting his findings to Lena with a flourish.


The same flourish that Eliot had when he was deciding on what to wear for a date, or Ibiza with her and Margo.


Lena grinned slowly at Eli, feeling grateful for having found Eli. She needed this sense of familiarity and stability, especially now since she didn’t have it. She shook her head, but stopped quickly as the world began to spin. Once she was okay, she leaned down and picked up the items and selected a few between them. When she looked up, Eli was walking away, stumbling more like, to give Lena some privacy.


She also noticed that he had closed the store during their conversation, so she was free to change where she was. The windows were dark, save for the illumination of the lights of the street. She quickly, or as quickly as she could in her drunken state, pulled off the attire she had received from the Shadowhunters and replaced them with the clothes Eli gave her. Without even asking, Eli had provided everything for her, because apparently he had everything in his store. Once she was dressed, she grabbed the bottle off the counter and took a swig. She stood shakily and went to go find Eli.


She walked down the same hall as Eli had, and found herself in what appeared to be a kitchen/office area, equally as cluttered as the front, but still roomy and warm. Not like the doom and gloom that she had encountered with other vampires before. But the windows in the room were darkened, to prevent sunlight from entering.


She cleared her throat as she looked around for Eli. He wasn’t in the room, but she didn’t feel that it was appropriate to continue searching, so she stood at the doorway.


“You still didn’t tell me the rules of vampirism here.” Lena spoke out loud. She crossed her arms and waited for his reply.


“Oh fuck, right.” Eli said suddenly, coming from behind her.


Lena jumped a bit and leaned against the wall for support. She giggled a bit as she looked at Eli, who as now wearing rounded glasses and an ornate hat.


“Us vamps on this planet are the general, run of the mill vamp. Burn slowly in sunlight, but thoroughly, so it’s fucking painful,” Eli began, as he strode purposefully passed Lena into the kitchen area, “We need blood to survive, but not simply human blood. Animal is fine. Human blood is like the… healthier version of it? Whatever…” Eli explained, leaning against the island in the middle of the room.


Lena’s corner of her mouth twitched up slightly, and she stepped into the room as well.


“What about compulsion, or whatever?” Lena asked, coming to stand in front of Eli.


“You mean encanto. But yes. There’s that too. Not many vampires can achieve it young. It takes years and decades to practice and master. And I am a Master.” Eli said smugly, raising his head, as if he was wearing a crown.


Lena nodded, smirking full on this time. He was so similar to Eliot, it was unfathomable.


“Don’t drink my blood, please. Unless I give you permission, of course.” Lena said.


Eli barked a laugh, giggling in a high voice. “Darling, I always ask. Plus, I have my supplier, so I don’t need to take.” Eli explained, turning his head towards Lena in a dramatic fashion.


“Good. I mean, I like you too, but we aren’t there yet.” Lena said with a smirk.


Eli returned her smirk and winked at her. “Oh yes, I will enjoy this friendship.” He murmured.


Suddenly, clapping his hands in front of him, he stood up straight and twirled towards Lena.


“I have an idea. It involves, permanence and more drinking. What say you?” Eli asked, pointing his clasped hands at her.


Lena looked at Eli with a surprised expression, but her lip curled and she nodded, “I’m down.”


Eli smiled widely, a mischievous glint in his eye. He turned once again, and offered his arm to Lena to take. She stood as well and linked her arms in his. They walked out of the kitchen and through the shop together. Eli pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and checked the time. The screen read that it was close to 11 pm, and the smile grew on his face.


“Perfect. I have a friend that can help your little… traveling problem.” Eli stated as they stepped out of the shop, and Eli locked the door behind them.


“Really?” Lena asked with a quirk of her eyebrow.


“Yes. He dabbles in tattooing when he isn’t doing the bidding of the head of the New York clan. Fuck, she’s a bitch.” Eli explained as he re-linked their arms and they began walking down the street.


“Oh? What’s his price?” Lena asked, a little worried of the answer.


“For you? Probably a vial of your blood. Or a shit-ton of money, which I’m assuming you don’t have. Yet. But for me? This will be me cashing in a favour.” Eli stated, tilting his head towards Lena as he spoke.


It was warm and inviting, walking arm in arm with Eliot’s doppelganger.  



“Hotel Dumort? That’s a little on the nose don’t you think?” Lena asked, as they approached a large building still under construction.


“Yes, well. Welcome to the vampires’ gracious abode.” Eli gestured grandly. He swung his arm towards the building, and spun to stand in front of Lena.


“Onward. To Glory!” Eli exclaimed loudly.


Lena giggled as some people gave Eli some weird looks as they passed. Eli grinned at her, and held out his hand to her, who grasped it and followed him towards the main doors.


Without knocking, Eli pushed the doors open and strode inside, dragging Lena in tow. Inside it was sleek and dark, save for a select few lights placed strategically around the large open room.


“Lily!” Eli called out, stopping in the middle of the room.


A short woman came out of one of the doors from behind the counter on the far side of the room, scowling as she did.


“Eli, there’s no need to shout.” She snapped, stepping out from behind the counter.


“But the acoustics are formidable in here.” Eli grinned at her coyly. “No matter. Is Raphael here?”


“Yes, but it’s his night off. No clan business.”


“Perfect. We’re not here for clan business. We want his more artist side this evening.”


Lily scowled and crossed her arms. “Do you really think he will want to do anything like that on his day off?” she shook her head, “Eli, go home, leave Raphael be. Camille has been… overly difficult the last few days and he needs a break.”


Lena shifted on her feet, trying to keep her balance. She was still fairly drunk, and she could feel a burp building in her chest.


Her movements, however, caught the attention of Lily. Lily’s eyes widened as she took in Lena.


“You brought a mundane in here? Are you crazy?” Lily asked quickly, clearly worried and annoyed as she glanced around at several exits.


“Not crazy, but merely drunk. Besides, he owes me a favour, so chop chop.” Eli awkwardly clapped his hands while Lena’s arm was still in his.


Lily rolled her eyes, but took out her phone and texted someone quickly. Eli rolled his shoulders a bit, and smiled gently at Lena. She returned the smile partly, but she could feel a tinge of fear creeping up her spine. She tried to push it down, but the alcohol was numbing her brain less and less with each passing minute, and she could hear Lily’s thoughts, although heavily muffled. Camille, whoever she was, was clearly not a good person. Lena assumed she was the bitch that Eli mentioned earlier.


A few moments passed when there was a flurry of moment and suddenly there was an average height man standing in front of Eli. His hair was cropped short, but still stylish. His face was sharp and angular, but could hold softness if he didn’t scowl and glare so much. His skin was pale, and Lena could feel his temper flare a bit as he stood there glaring at Eli.


“What do you want Eli?” Raphael asked, his voice low and clipped.


Lena instantly got an ace vibe from him, her radar courtesy of Eliot and Margo and their many partying and trips to Ibiza.


“Sup.” She said, leaning into Eli, as her balance tipped once again. However, this time, it was because the grounding circle was fading again, and her foot faded a bit.


Eli caught her gently, and suddenly his face was serious.


“I’m here to cash in my last favour. It’s urgent, so I need you not to have a stick up your ass, and help this beauty of a woman.” Eli spoke quickly, glancing at Lena, who had hissed in a bit of pain when her hand drifted.


Lena pulled out the marker from her pocket and traced the lines once again, but it seemed that the drawing was fading faster than before. She looked up at Raphael with someone pleading eyes, both due to her drunken state, but also fear of traveling.


Raphael looked at Lena, his nostrils flaring a bit. “You brought a mundane here?” His voice turned threateningly low, as if he was ready to crush Lena for just breathing in the same space.


“No, she’s - ” Eli looked at Lily behind Raphael, who was listening in to their conversation easily. “Not here.” Eli whispered uselessly. Damn vampire hearing.


Raphael took another look at Lena, but was clearly pessimistic about Eli’s appearance and plea. Lena huffed in annoyance, and decided to try a small spell.


If she was able to pull it off, then maybe Raphael would give them a moment’s time. Thinking of an easy enough spell, Lena stood up straight and took a deep breath. She took her arm out of Eli’s and brought her hands together. She hoped that the spell would work, otherwise she would look a bit ridiculous and would probably not get any help from Raphael.


Raphael and Eli eyed her as she began to move. She contorted her hands with precise motions, making sure to speak the spell under her breath as she went, hoping that she actually remembered it correctly. She was attempting to make the lamp on the table near her float in the air, thinking back to her first year and learning the Romanian Flying spell. She finished the gestures and incantation.


The lamp gently lifted off the table and began to float in the air, being raised higher and higher as Lena commanded.


“Oh thank fuck that worked.” She whispered, mostly to herself, but she knew that she had been heard by everyone in the room.


She turned away to look at Eli and Raphael, casually letting the lamp float back down, and gently land on the table again.


“A Warlock? Why come to me about this?” Raphael asked, letting his annoyance seep into his voice.


“She isn’t a Warlock. She’s human, just not… a normal one.” Eli explained vaguely.


“A Weird Shadowhunter then?”


“No!” Lena snapped. She suddenly felt very ill at the mention of Shadowhunters. Her mind went directly to the moments in her cell where she was interrogated by that woman. She had tattoos o her body, as did the other two who had been there. But like the first three she had met in the hospital room, or whatever, they didn’t possess magic like she did.


Raphael’s eyes widened at her outburst, but seemed to recover fairly quickly, and was intrigued by her instant negative reaction to the mention of Shadowhunters. Lena could tell in his mind that he was beginning to become genuine curious about her, and her distrust of Shadowhunters.

His mind was also going wild with what he just saw, but he pulled his scowling mask back down onto his face. He sniffed, and turned his head to Eli.


“Come with me, then.” Raphael said, striding quickly away, not waiting for either Eli or Lena to catch up.


“Holy fuck, Lena. That was impressive.” Eli breathed, his voice revealing his respect and awe of Lena.


Lena shrugged, and linked her arm back with Eli’s. They followed through one of the doors where Raphael walked through silently.



“So what exactly do you need my help for?” Raphael asked, as the two entered into the room.


Lena looked around and saw that there wasn’t too much to look at, despite the fact that Lena could tell that Raphael had lived for a while. Not too long, but long enough to have at least acquired some material items.


She cleared her throat and faced Raphael, “I need you to tattoo this mark onto my arm, as well as two others, although those are slightly different.”


Raphael raised an eyebrow and looked at Eli, “Seriously? A tattoo? You’re cashing in your favour for a tattoo?” he raised a small glass of red liquid to his mouth and knocked it back.


Eli nodded, coming closer to where Raphael was standing and smiled at him. “Indeed. You know me, Raphael. I bond quickly and I am terribly bored. That bathhouse that I tried to start up didn’t work out. It was quite disastrous really…” Eli trailed off as he lifted the offered shot of blood from Raphael to his lips and drank it down greedily.


“Yes, I do know that you are a fool. But why?” Raphael asked, gesturing for Eli to get to the point.


“Because I need you to help her.” Eli snapped angrily, a sudden change in attitude. Lena could feel his anger in his mind, and the sudden protectiveness he had for Lena. She did her best to hide her smirk, by turning her head to keep looking at the scant room.


Raphael was quiet for a long time, but he slowly nodded, with a knowing shared between the two. Lena could tell that Raphael trusted Eli very much, despite his earlier hesitancy. There was a story there that she was more than curious to find out, but wasn’t going to pry.


“Wait here, I’ll be back.” Raphael said, setting down his glass and walking into an adjoining room.


Eli smiled grandly and turned to Lena. “You’ll be anchored in no time!”


Lena nodded, happy that she was going to be able to remain stable and not travel against her will. They waited for about 5 minutes, before Raphael returned with a large back full of his supplies. He quickly set up his gear and in no time at all, he was set up to tattoo Lena’s arm. In the mean time, Lena had drawn the anchors she would need onto pieces of paper she found on a table, and she handed them to Raphael.


He eyed them critically and glanced up at her. “These look like runes of some kind. You sure you’re not a Shadowhunter?”


Lena glared at him, “Fuck no.”


Raphael leaned back, and Lena could have sworn she saw his lip twitch in amusement. He took a few moments to redraw the anchors onto stencil paper, and Lena watched, correcting him every so often to make sure he got the lines right. He didn’t make a fuss about her input, seemingly aware of the fact that they were magically infused. Once he was done, he looked at Lena.


“Alright then, let’s get this started.”


Lena sat down at held out her arm. Raphael took a sterile wipe and cleaned her arm, shaving down any hairs, and then placed the stencil onto her cleared skin.


The first anchor settled into place when Raphael finished the final line, and Lena sighed heavily, in both relief and sadness. This meant now that she could not leave this world to potentially go back to her own, unless she got rid of it… like the Beast had. She shook her head to get rid of the memories. Eli quickly caught the action, and pain in her eyes, and grabbed a bottle of vodka from behind the bar that was situated in the room. He handed the bottle to Lena, who took a long sip, and then handed it back to him. Raphael raised an eyebrow at him, but with a slight shake of Eli’s head, he turned his attention back to Lena.


“Where’s this one going?” he asked, raising up the next anchor.


Lena pointed to the back of her neck, “Here, right at the base of it. It needs to be directly over my spine, these points here and here,” she turned her back towards Raphael, and touched the spots as she directed.


“You’ll have to take your shirt off for me to reach that.” Raphael explained.


“Thought you’d never ask,” Lena teased, winking in Raphael’s direction.


She was met with a glare.


“Calm your tits, you monk. I’m just messing with you.” Lena scoffed, lifting her shirt off her body to reveal a tank top with a low cut back. “You should’ve at least bought me dinner first.”


Eli barked a laugh as he saw how uncomfortable Lena was making Raphael. Thankfully, Lena could tell that Raphael knew she was teasing, and was slightly amused. Lena got the feeling that while Raphael was extremely prickly on the outside, he did enjoy a few jokes and teasing here and there. He was even beginning to like Lena, although she knew he would never admit that. His mind said it all.


Nodding, he placed the stencil on her back, and gave her a mirror before holding one up behind her to check its placement. She nodded at the precise placement, and turning around fully in her chair to straddle it, letting her head fall onto her arms and wait for Raphael to begin.


Again, when the anchor fell into place, Lena physically slumped, feeling the weight of it overwhelm her body. She was breathing heavily, as the spell took a bit longer to settle down around her, getting used to the new type of magic of this world. She was sweating from the exertion, and when she raised her head, there was a glass of water. She glanced up at Eli with thankful eyes and drank it down greedily.


When she was finished, she felt Raphael’s eyes on her.


“What are these doing exactly?” he asked quietly.


Lena took a moment, studying Raphael, before turning back around and looking at him straight on. “They keep from traveling, so that I don’t end up in a volcano, or at the bottom of the ocean, or stuck in fucking limbo for eternity.” Lena explained. She was still panting, but the spell was receding now, finally settling into place.


“Traveling? What does that mean?” Raphael asked, tilting his head to the side.


“It means that I can transport myself to wherever the fuck I want. Or at least, I used to be able to do that. But ever since I got here, on this world, I can’t control it anymore. And it’s painful, and terrifying. Keeping myself grounded is the only thing that I could manage. These tattoos will help me gain control again. Then I can relearn every fucking thing.”


If Lena sounded bitter, it was because she was so fucking done with her situation. It took her years to master her own abilities, with the help from Penny. Now, to have to start all over, in a new world, without Penny, it was killing her. She bit back a sob, covering it with a cough. Eli handed her another full glass of water, and she drank it down too.


Raphael didn’t say a word, simply nodded his head slowly and breathed out.


“Where this last one going?” he asked finally, after giving Lena the chance to rest.


Lena thought about the last one, and sighed. She didn’t want to have another one done right now. Her body was still adjusting to the two. She thought about it for a moment, but then made her decision.


“Can I do a raincheck on that last one? I’m tired, and sore, and too spiritually heavy to do another one right now.” Lena asked, staring into Raphael’s eyes.


He nodded, “Of course. You should rest and let those ones heal anyways.” He placed his tattoo gun on the table beside them and started to clean up. “Will you be staying with Eli?”


“Of course she is, don’t be silly.” Eli interjected before Lena could say anything.


She looked at him gratefully. She could already feel her eyes begin to droop as she pulled her shirt back on. The plastic that Raphael had put on her back crinkled as she moved, but she was thankful for its reassuring noise. Now she didn’t have to worry about traveling unwillingly. She breathed heavily, and her shoulders slumped.


“Come on, Bambi. Let’s get you upstairs to sleep.” Eli said, coming up beside her and holding out his hands for her.


She grasped them tightly, and allowed herself to be pulled upright. She looked up at Eli with tears in her eyes at the nick name. Eliot had always called Margo that, the name filled with love and endearment, it made Lena sick with how sweet it was. To be called that by Eli, so like Eliot, it was almost too much to bear. But she figured in that moment, that she could take whatever she could get that resembled her old life, with her dearest friends. She held back another sob, but she could feel her lips begin to tremble.


Thankfully, Eli didn’t say anything. Instead, he wrapped his arm around her waist and began to lead her out of the room.


Before they left, Lena turned around to face Raphael again, “Thank you, Raphael. Seriously.”


Her voice cracked as the emotions, both a combination of the new tattoos and the still somewhat drunkenness, welled up inside her again. Raphael looked up at Lena, and she detected a hint of sympathy in his dark eyes.


“You’re welcome Lena. Rest well. You will be safe here, under my, and Eli’s, protection.” He assured.


Lena nodded, but she couldn’t see him anymore. Her eyes had closed as he spoke, and she could feel her legs become jelly. Eli caught her up and hoisted her up bridal style into his arms. Nodding to Raphael, he carried her out of the room and quickly made his way up the hallway to an elevator, which took them up several floors. He walked down to a door, kicked up open and walked inside. Gently placing Lena on the bed, he pulled the blankets and placed them around her, tucking her in, and stroking the hair away from her face.


Eli watched over her the entire night, feeling oddly at peace with the oddly magical human girl.

Chapter Text

Magnus stood in his office, after having portalled away from Alec and the other two, with books open around him, thinking and mapping out where Lena could be. It was well into the morning by the time Magnus had left his loft to speak with Alec and return. He had been looking at his books for clues for a few hours now, the room gradually warming with the rising sun.


Magnus was frustrated. Very frustrated. Despite all his efforts, he couldn’t trace Lena, or her magic. Not that he could really sense her magic once it had disappeared into her body when she woke up in the Institute. He sighed angrily as he tossed away another book that was meaningless in this situation.


But that wasn’t the only reason he was frustrated. He was angry at Alec, for his audacity to ask him for his help. He scoffed at it, at Alec, at the situation.


Not only had Lena been subjected to torment, but she was also treated like how a Downworlder was treated by most of the Shadowhunters, all of whom were very prejudice. But Alec’s mother…  


Magnus had finally put it together. Shadowhunter Institutes were passed down within families, prestigious families. For as long as Magnus could remember, the Lightwoods held control of the New York Institute, save the brief issue of Maryse and Robert Lightwood’s involvement with The Circle. He remembered why he was intrigued by Alec, not only for his beautiful, and seemingly generous personality, but because he looked like Maryse. Maryse Lightwood, who had been a major member of the Circle and who caused so much suffering towards Downworlders, warlocks in particular.


He clenched his hands into fists. He was Alec Lightwood. The repellent brat of Maryse and Robert. He shook his head. He decided right then to forget the pretty Shadowhunter who asked him to drinks. He would forget his face, forget the way he walked, forget the way he commanded the room. Because once his mother issued a command, he followed without hesitation. The relations between Shadowhunters and Downworlders had always been precarious, and always will be, Magnus figured.


Shaking his head again to rid his thoughts of Alec, he turned his focus to Lena again, and his efforts to track her. Thinking again through the information he had, what Alec had said about her disappearance, and if Magnus was correct, it wasn’t very long after that when Alec contacted him for help. So that meant that Lena had only been gone for about an hour by that point. He ran his hand through his hair, messing it up even more.


However, he more he thought about it, he became confused again, as he tried to figure out how she escaped from the cells. Alec had said that she disappeared, but he hadn’t stopped to ask what he meant by that. Magnus thought back to what had happened to Lena while she was in the Institute. The magic necessary to stabilize her was a different type of magic that he had never seen before, but clearly it kept her from moving unwillingly. Maybe she allowed herself to de-stabilize… Magnus thought. His eyes widened a bit at the conclusion. But that left Magnus with more questions.


If she did disappear, literally, where would she go?


Or was it more like a portal, and she stepped through?


Magnus’ thoughts were all over the place, but he felt that he was on the right track in thinking that she was moving in between space, rather than having the power of invisibility. With how painful it was for her being so unstable, it was less likely that she could turn invisible.


He quickly wrote a fire message to Ragnor, asking him for information concerning portal travel, and its variance, despite the fact that he invented the damn thing. He needed another set of eyes on this.


He sat back in his chair, in his office, his eyes weary. He rubbed at them to clear away the bleariness, and conjured a cup of coffee with his other hand. He drank it down greedily, and relaxed his sore shoulders and neck.


This was not going to be an easy day. It was going to be long and fucking annoying.




Ragnor was absolutely no help.


Not that Magnus hadn’t expected it, but rather his cavalier attitude towards it, and complete lack of interest. Although, Magnus couldn’t blame him. Ragnor was never one to interact with Shadowhunters, especially after everything that had happened with the Circle. He only came out of his home for special circumstances. Lena had been a special circumstance, up until she was taken away by the Shadowhunters, because she was mundane.


While Magnus had waited for Ragnor’s reply, he went for a nap. A long one. By the time he woke up, it was later in the evening, and he was starving. He conjured up from Thai food from his favourite restaurant in New York, and while he was stuffing his face, he had received a fire message from Ragnor. The message contained only what Magnus had already looked at or uncovered, so there was nothing new. He had continued to eat his food, sipping on a martini.


He was also bothered by something. During his nap, he dreamt of Alec. Magnus pursued his lips at the memories, shifted uncomfortably on his couch. It wasn’t exactly a hot, steamy dream, but Alec was in it throughout its entirety. His face, slight smile, his eyes. Magnus shook his head as if that would rid him of the remnants of the dream, but closing his eyes only made it worse. He didn’t know what was happening to him, or why this Shadowhunter was on his mind constantly.


He was a warlock of 400 years, for Lilith’s sake. He should be able to shake such juvenile feelings for a mortal, and a Shadowhunter at that. He had promised himself long ago to not let anyone back into his heart. Keep the walls up, keep the heart protected.


But for some forsaken reason, Magnus couldn’t stop thinking about Alec.



Magnus was back at work, trying to think of new ways to find Lena, but he was coming up short. He tried tracking her through the clothes that he had conjured off her body, but it was as if she had disappeared off the face of the planet. His tracking gave him nothing. He tried his hand at clairvoyance, summoning a blood hound, and countless other things, and all of it turned up nothing.


He sat down on his chair with an a heavy, yet graceful, plop. He was exhausted, but he needed to find Lena, especially for Alec or any of the other Shadowhunters. He had kept an eye on their progress, using tiny portals to listen into their conversations, and track their movements outside the Institute. Normally, he didn’t care about Shadowhunters and their missions, but the types of portals he used were fairly useful, especially in a pinch when he needed to go off the grid for a bit.


Thankfully, the Shadowhunters weren’t fairing any better than he was. They hadn’t found Lena, or had any means to find her either. That was the only down fall. Lena was still missing, and possibly dealing with her unstable magic.


It was very late into the night, well past midnight. He scrubbed his face, uncaring of his make up, and shifted down further into his seat. He briefly shut his eyes, allowing his eyes to rest for a moment.


He was suddenly jolted awake by the sharp ring of his phone. Looking up blearily, he reached for this phone. He patted the desk for it, under sheets of paper and under books, until he finally managed to find it and look at the caller ID. It was Raphael.


Answering the call, he put the phone gently to his ear. “Raphael. What a lovely surprise.”


“Magnus.” The reply was curt.


“What can I do for you, darling?” Magnus asked, his head lolling to one side.


“Are you able to come to Pandemonium tomorrow evening?”


Magnus raised his brows in surprise, “My, Raphael. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you ask to go to the club! Usually, it is me begging and dragging you there against your will.” Magnus replied, sarcasm and intrigue filling his voice. Raphael didn’t enjoy going to the club, and only went when Magnus didn’t want to go alone, or to go home with some stranger.


“It’s important. I’m too busy to talk to you about it tonight, but I feel like it is really important. Can you be there?” Raphael asked, his voice stressing his need for Magnus to agree.


Magnus’ eyes narrowed a bit at the tone, and he straightened up a bit. “Raphael, what is it?” Concerning filled his voice.


“I will discuss it with you tomorrow, once I’ve had a chance to figure out a few things. Let’s say, meet there around 9 pm?” Raphael snapped, clearly not wanting to continue the discussion.


Magnus breathed deeply, but slowly nodded his head, “Yes, Raphael, that sounds like a plan. I shall see you tomorrow evening at 9.”


“Good. Thank you. Night Magnus.” He hung up the phone.


Magnus pulled the phone away from his face and looked at the now black screen. He loved the man dearly, but sometimes he disliked his lack of social etiquette.


Looking at his desk in defeat, he decided to head to bed, and sleep like the dead until the next day. As he prepared himself for bed, his mind wondered at what Raphael could want. But before he fell asleep, a flash of Alec’s face came across his mind. And despite himself, his mouth twitched slightly up in a small smirk.

Chapter Text

The night air was crisp as Lena and Eli walked down the street from the hotel. Lena was ready for some stress free dancing, having fun, but most of all, drinking. Eli had suggested that they head out to one of his favourite clubs, when she had woken up. Her tattoos were still a bit sensitive, but were already beginning to heal, so they itched slightly. But one thing that she was happy for was the secure feeling she had on her body. The tattoos were infused with magic, anchoring her to the world in ways that the other anchor, the one that Alice had put on her, did not.


Lena had also been pleasantly surprised that Raphael had decided to join them, dressed in a pristine suit that made his skin stand out beautifully. Lena admired the way he walked with confidence, but his general façade deterred any attempts of interaction. He reminded Lena of Penny, just a bit, because of his dour demeanor. Although, their styles were very different, and Lena got a particular vibe from Raphael that was definitely not like Penny. She sighed, shaking off her sudden sadness, and pushed it to the back of her mind.


“So, what’s the place called?” Lena asked, linking her arm through Eli’s.


“Pandemonium. A friend owns it.” Raphael answered, turning his head slightly to look back at them.


“Hm, sounds… chaotic.” Lena purred, her lips twisting up into a smirk.


Raphael rolled his eyes slightly as he turned back around and kept walking.


“Don’t mind him. He can be fun sometimes, but that’s only after he’s had at least three plasma shots.” Eli explained, leaning into Lena’s space and speaking directly into her ear.


Lena chuckled, “Awe, leave him be. I’m sure he’s fun. Just need to figure out he likes.” Lena let the slight innuendo hang in the air.


Eli laughed, thee sound bubbling up from his chest and out of his mouth. The glee on his face when Lena looked at him was wonderful, and Lena couldn’t help but think that she was going to have a really great night.


She heard Raphael grumble ahead of them, and he sped up just a little bit. Lena joined in Eli’s laughter, tossing her head back. They continued walking together towards the club: Eli regaling Lena with stories of past parties, and fun times, while Raphael grunted and muttered in Spanish in response on occasion.



Magnus looked at himself in the mirror as he applied the final touches of his outfit. His hair was styled marvellously, with streaks of brilliant blue mixed in the mohawk. He had made his eyeliner fairly dark this evening, but impeccably done: blue and silvery glitter was dusted over his cheek bones, and practically everywhere, because why the hell not? He dabbed a bit of lip gloss on his lips, just giving them a slight shimmer, and he was finished.


Leaning away from his mirror, he grabbed his cocktail glass from the dresser beside him and finished it off as well. Checking the clock on the night stand beside his bed, Magnus quickly grabbed his coat from within his closet, as he saw that it was already five minutes passed nine. Magnus knew Raphael hated tardiness, but you can’t rush perfection. Checking himself out one more time in the mirror, he opened a portal with a quick twist of his hand, and strode through into the heavy air and deafening music of Pandemonium.



For the past day and a half, Alec had remained vigilant, staring at the Ops Center’s portal tracking in the hopes that Magnus would use a portal to lead them to Lena. He wasn’t exactly proud of spying on Magnus, but it was the only way to be able to get ahead of the situation. Especially if he had the opportunity to speak with Magnus, and Lena, before his mother got the chance.


The approaching clicks of heels on the hard floor made Alec glance behind him. He saw Izzy, dressed to the nines in a short, skin tight red dress, hair cascading down her back, and tall stilettos. He frowned at her for a moment, knowing exactly what this sort of outfit was for.


“We have a mission, Izzy. No going out until it’s done.” Alec said seriously.


Izzy pouted a bit, “Come on, Alec. We haven’t had any luck in finding Lena, and Magnus has already stated that he isn’t going to help.” Her voice got soft at the mention of Magnus, as if she didn’t want to hurt Alec’s feelings. “So, why don’t we try something different? A new perspective that could give us new information.” Izzy reasoned.


In response, Alec turned a bit towards her and crossed his arms. Izzy took this as permission to continue.


“I have some friends within the downworld. I could ask around, see if anyone has seen her. That way, we will have people we can trust to give us some good intel.” Izzy explained, a smile curling on her lips at her idea.


“Right, because the Clave would sanction such a thing.”


Izzy huffed, “Alec, it doesn’t have to be sanctioned. Just ‘give me the night off’ and it won’t have to be reported, unless something comes from it.” Izzy said, using her hands to quote unquote the excuse behind her going out.


Alec shook his head slightly, but then looked back at Izzy. “Where would you go?”


“I was thinking of hitting one or two clubs tonight. I know a few people who will be at both. Plus, I can get my dance on.” Izzy finished with a quick shimmy and sway of her hips.


Alec breathed out a laugh. Jace, who had walked in on their conversation at the end, looked between the two of them.


“We’re going out? Count me in. I’m dying to get out of here.” Jace exclaimed, jumping lightly from foot to foot.


“You were out today!” Alec countered.


“That was on mission. Now, dancing and drinking, that’s not part of many of our missions. So, I want in on this one, because,” he held up one finger, “Drinking,” he held up another, “Dancing,” he held up a third finger, “potential new Book Club member.” He finished with a wink.


Izzy shook her head with a laugh, but the smile on her face told Alec that he was outnumbered in his scenario, and they would more than likely make him go as well.


He stared at them both, unable to deny them their happiness and excitement of getting out of the institute for some fun. His shoulder’s slumped and he hung his head.


“Fine. We can go. But,” he raised a hand to stop the two’s celebration, “once we get our intel, we leave. At least, we need to be back at the Institute no later than midnight.”


Both Izzy and Jace groaned at Alec’s rules, but they knew better than to argue when he said yes to going out.


“You need to change.” Izzy stated firmly. She gestured towards Alec’s clothes, “Something preferably not all black.” Izzy said with a quirk of her eyebrow.


Alec groaned internally, before glancing back at the screen. Nothing new had happened, but part of Alec didn’t want to leave it unattended.


“I’ll watch, you two go change quickly. I want to get out of here soon!” Izzy said, shooing the two boys away from the computer.


Jace and Alec walked away from the Ops center and down the hall towards the living quarters. Once Alec reached his room at the end of the hall, he stepped inside the bare room. Despite the fact that he had lived there most of his life, it didn’t look like it. Instead, it looked empty, sparse, uninviting. He quickly opened his closet door to reveal his meager amounts of clothes inside. Majority of the space was taken up by his Shadowhunter gear. He surveyed his clothes, and finally settled on a dark blue button up shirt, and a nicer, cleaner pair of black jeans. Quickly changing into them, he strode into his bathroom to see if he could fix his hair. It was messy and untameable, no matter how many times he wetted it and ran his fingers through it. Sighing in defeat, Alec turned away from the mirror and turned off the bathroom light.



As Alec and Jace went off to change, Izzy watched the monitor for Alec. Well, half watched it. The other half of her attention was on her phone as she messaged a few people to meet the clubs. A few minutes later, an alert sounded on the monitor, and Izzy looked up. A portal had been activated. Magnus. Izzy selected the portal’s destination location and smirked. Well, now that’s was just dandy.



Entrance Song: Arnold the Destroyer – Trap Zius


Lena gazed around the room, feeling the beat fill her senses. She smiled, “Oh fuck yeah. This is awesome.” She said, although her voice was lost in the noise.


Eli glanced at her sideways and grinned. His enhanced hearing allowed him to hear Lena perfectly. “Let’s get some drinks.” He suggested, leading her by the arm towards the bar.


She gladly went with him, and as she went she noticed the different people around her.


“So, I’m assuming that this place is Downworlder friendly?” Lena asked, leaning her elbows on the bar.


“Yeah, the owner is quite adamant about this place being neutral territory. He’s a warlock.” Eli explained, as he caught the attention of the bar tender.


Soon, they were both sipping on cocktails. Lena moved her hips to the music, enjoying the freeing feeling that she hadn’t felt in what felt like forever.


“He’s also the person Raphael wants you to meet tonight.” Eli spoke up, continuing the conversation, despite having not spoken in a while.


“Ah, so that’s why Raph came tonight?” Lena asked, taking another sip of her cocktail. It wasn’t as good as what Eliot could make – used to make – but it was doing its job.


Eli turned to her and smiled slightly apologetically. “Yes…” he said, drawing out the syllable.


Lena nodded, and finished off her drink. She looked out at the people dancing around. It was still fairly early, so most of the people there were human. Lena assumed that more Downworlders would come out later, when the humans went home. She was excited to see what would happen when they did.


Lena set down her empty glass, and motioned for the bar tender to get her another. Eli finished his own, and leaned in to speak to the bar tender in his ear. The bar tender nodded and proceeded to leave the bar and disappear in the back for a moment. Soon though, he was back, carrying a single glass of somewhat clear liquid. He handed it to Eli, who shot it back quickly and shivered as it went down.


Lena raised an eyebrow at him with curiosity.


“Plasma. I want to get this night started off right!” Eli explained happily, the plasma already working its magic on Eli. He giggled as he placed the shot glass on the bar top and reached for Lena’s hand. “Come, we must dance!”


Lena laughed, and took another sip of her drink before setting it down and joining Eli on the dance floor.




Songs: Arnold the Destroyer – Trap Zius (Continued); Neon (Ryos Remis) – Thomas Hayes ft. Joni Fatora; Lost Girls (DJ Serg’s XmiX Remix) – Lights; Boneshaker – Electric Treasure.


 As Magnus entered his office in Pandemonium, after saying hello to his staff quickly, he went over to his desk and settled in for a moment. It had been a bit since he had been in, but he trusted his managers completely, and based on the already full crowd this evening, they were doing their jobs splendidly.


He was going over reports and stock lists when his phone chimed, notifying him that he had received a text. He pulled out his phone and glanced at the name. Raphael.


           | You here yet?


Magnus grinned. Even though text, Magnus could hear Raphael’s flat, somewhat annoyed voice. He stood up and walked out of his office, opening the door to unleash the concussive music upon his body. Looking back at phone, he quickly typed out a response.


            | Yes, just in my office.


He paused as he waited for a reply. Instead, he looked up at the sudden gust of air that brushed his face. Raphael was standing in front of him now.


“Ah, my dear Raphael. Lovely to see you. I’m so happy that you suggested this!” Magnus said cheerily. He moved to the side, gesturing for Raphael to make his way back down the hallway towards the main room and bar.


Raphael shook his head, “Not yet. I have to speak with you.” His tone conveyed more than just annoyance. Magnus sensed that whatever he wanted to talk about was fairly serious.


“Of course. Right this way.”


They turned instead to go back into Magnus’ office. Once the door was closed behind them, Magnus looked at Raphael.


“Now. What is it that requires my full attention?”


Raphael looked at him with a stern stare. “There’s this girl.”


Magnus looked at Raphael in surprise. “I… didn’t realize that you - ”


“No,” Raphael interrupted, realizing how that sounded, “Eli brought her to the hotel for my help. She’s… gifted.”


Magnus froze. His mind was racing at the possibility. “Who is she?” he asked quietly.


“Her name is Lena.”


Magnus suddenly didn’t know what to do with his hands in that moment. He felt restless and excited, and worried all at the same time. “Where is she?” he urged.


“Eli and I brought her here tonight. She is with Eli now, drinking and dancing as far I know.” Raphael explained.


Magnus whipped around and practically ripped the doors off its hinges. He heard Raphael call out his name, but he didn’t wait to respond. He flew down the hall and looked into the crowd of people, which had grown since he had gotten there. He couldn’t see anyone in particular, with all the writhing bodies and dancing lights. He huffed in frustration, but then began to make is way through the crowd, checking each person as he went.


As the song began to change, Magnus heard a girl call out in excitement. He turned his head to see who it was and he froze again. It was Lena. Raphael had found her and brought her! He sighed in relief and started making his way to her.


He watched for a moment as she danced with Eli, both of them standing very close to one another, as if they had been friends forever, or lovers even. They danced in perfect sync, and the look of pure bliss on Lena’s face as she threw her hands up and swayed her hips stirred up affection in Magnus’ chest for the girl. The girl who had sobbed so painfully when he first met her, was now enjoying a small moment of joy. He smiled gently, and walked up to the two.


He caught the attention of Eli first, who met Magnus’ gaze and smiled widely. Eli leaned into Lena and spoke to her, and she quickly turned around. Magnus watched as her eyes went wide.


“Magnus!” she exclaimed.



Song: Black Out Days – Phantogram; Magnum – Kaaris


The trio stepped into Pandemonium, the club in full swing by the time they got there. Izzy had not told Alec that Magnus was going to be there yet. She didn’t exactly know why, but she felt little meddling just a bit, to hopefully give her brother the chance to make things right with Magnus. She saw the way they looked at each other, and she knew that her brother needed it.


Alec surveyed the room, grimacing against the loud and obnoxious music, and the too many bodies squished on the dance floor.


Jace gave him a shove with his arm, but then quickly made his way to the bar, leaving Izzy and Alec. Izzy grinned as she located one of her friends and gave them a gentle wave.


Turning her head towards Alec, she leaned in, “Mingle! You’ll stand out more not moving!” She rested a manicured hand on his arm, but then left him as well, dancing her way onto the dance floor.


Alec glared after her, but took her advice and made his way to the bar. As he walked over, trying to avoid touching as many people as was possible, he saw a tall mohawk hairstyle out of the corner of his eye. He whipped his head around to try to see the hair again, and hopefully the rest of the man, but he had disappeared in the crowd. After taking another moment to look around, Alec shrugged it off, turning back towards the bar. His shoulder slumped as he leaned against the bar, and ordered a beer. He was still technically on mission, so he reasoned that he needed to be somewhat clear headed by the end of the night.


Sipping on his beer, he shuffled enough to face the crowd, searching out for Jace and Izzy, both of whom were on the dance floor with their respective targets for the evening. They looked like they were both really enjoying themselves. Part of Alec envied them, their carefree demeanor when it came to interacting with others, and being comfortable with themselves. He was getting there, but unlearning what Shadowhunter tradition had dictated since forever, was a difficult process.


Scowling, he sipped his beer again. As he lowered it from his lips, he could feel eyes on him. A shiver ran up his spine as he locked eyes with the person watching him. It was Magnus. He was holding a glass in his hand as he watched him, mouth slightly agape in shock.


Gulping painfully, Alec set his drink down on the bar slowly. He didn’t know what to do at this moment, but something in the back of his mind was telling him that Magnus’ being here meant something else. Somehow related to the mission. But all Alec could think about was how beautiful, incredibly sexy Magnus looked tonight. His clothes were so form fitting, yet billowing. He was wearing a fitted black, silver lined jacket, with a dark blue collared shirt underneath. Alec’s eyes wandered down and he felt his mouth go dry. His shirt was open quite low and his chest was covered in several long necklaces. His pants were a shiny black material and oh so lovely. Alec bit his lower lip a bit at the sight.


“Like what you see?”


Alec quickly looked up to see Magnus now directly in front of him. He could feel a blush working its way up his neck.


“Magnus,” Alec said, but he more breathed it than actually spoke it out loud.


Magnus smirked a bit and stepped a bit closer.




Alec blushed a bit more at the name. Looking back Magnus’ face, he licked his lips.


“I’m sorry,” he blurted.


Magnus quirked an eyebrow.


“For everything that happened,” Alec continued, leaning forward so that Magnus would hear him better.


Magnus’ face showed clear surprise at Alec’s apology. Alec noticed that he didn’t move away either, so it gave him courage.


“I should have done something… Not… not what I ended up doing, obviously.”


A small smile grew on Magnus’ face, and Alec blubbering came to halt. Magnus set down his drink on the bar and gently placed his hand on Alec’s.


“Dance with me,” he said, as he began to pull Alec towards the dance floor.


Normally, Alec would refuse. He couldn’t not dance to save his life. But with Magnus pulling on his hand, with Magnus looking like he did this night, Alec could not refuse. He didn’t want to. He allowed himself to be pulled onto the dance floor. Magnus pulled him in close, closer than they had even been before. Alec lost his breath for a moment, not sure of what to do with his hands or body for that matter.


Luckily, Magnus knew what he was doing.




“Magnus!” Lena exclaimed.


She was shocked as she looked at him. Turning back to Eli for a moment, her jaw still open wide, she tried to collect her thoughts.


“He’s your friend? The owner?” Lena aske Eli directly, momentarily ignoring Magnus.


“You know him?” Eli asked in response. Confusion was clearly displayed on his face. “Was my drink laced with something, or am I missing some information?” Eli asked, stilling his movements a bit and pressing a hand to his head.


“Missing info. I hadn’t told you the part after I got here.” Lena reassured, placing a hand on Eli’s chest.


Her mind was swirling a bit, but she wasn’t so drunk that it would cause problems. She turned back to Magnus.


“What happened to you?” Magnus asked before Lena could say anything more. “I have been trying to find you for the past two and a half days!” he stepped closer to Lena, wanting to make sure she was ok.


Lena swallowed at the question. Two days? How long had she been traveling for? She tried to think of the math and circumstances involved, but the music seemed too loud at that moment. Magnus must have seen her face, and reached for her arm.


“Let’s talk in my office.” Magnus said, urging her to move with him.


Lena nodded gently, and grabbed Eli’s hand before following Magnus. They walked towards the back of the club, and the crowd began to thin out. Lena was slightly grateful for the space to breath, considering how she was beginning to reel at Magnus’ information.


They reached the office door, and Magnus opened it, gesturing for everyone to go inside. Much to Lena’s surprise, Raphael was already in the office, standing in front of the desk with his hands in his pockets.


“Sup, sexy?” Lena asked flirtatiously, sending Raphael a wink that she knew he would scoff at.


And scoff he did, but Lena noticed a slight twitch on his lip. His mind was processing what Lena had said, but then mentally brushed it aside. Lena knew full well that he was ace, his internal thinking and distaste for general advances had proved as much, but she like to show her gratitude in ways that people wouldn’t normally receive it. And although he was ace, she knew that he enjoyed the quip, at least a little.


She turned to look at Magnus, who’s eyebrows were nearly reaching his hairline, before he walked over to a drink cart along the wall. He poured out four glasses, and handed each one out.


“Alright. Let’s clear things up, shall we?” Magnus suggested, leaning on his desk beside Raphael.


“Yeah,” Lena agreed, taking a sip of her drink. It was a strong two fingers of vodka, and she hummed in appreciation. “So. When I got here, on this planet, I was sort of fucked up, in a bad kinda way,” she began.


Raphael’s thoughts went a little berserk at the information, while Eli’s remained somewhat calm, although he knew why she had been in that state. Lena realized that while Magnus had healed her, he didn’t know the extent of how she got those injuries. She decided to back track.


“Eli knows this. It was a long, two bottles of whiskey worth, story, so hold onto your knickers,” she began again. “To save time, I was tortured, by an evil motherfucker who liked to torment people like me, and he killed everyone I loved in front of me. I was held captive for basically three years before Alice broke me out and sent me here. It was a serious shit show after that, because my magic was going haywire, and hurt like a dick.” Lena paused as she took a long sip of her drink.


She looked around the room to see if she still had everyone’s attention, and she saw that she did. Magnus’ jaw was practically on the floor, and his eyes were tear-rimmed, and Raphael had gone stock still. And for a vampire, it was eerily still, so Lena moved onto Eli, who was a bit more comforting that the other two.


“Then, next thing I know, I’m waking up with this handsome creature in my face, along with another who was blue. They had healed me. Saved my goddamn life. But I was still in trouble with my magic. But then, the next time I woke up, I was in a different place. It felt… off. I didn’t like it because it reminded me… of where the Beast kept me.” There was a sharp intake of a breath from Magnus, and when she looked up, she could tell that he was trying to keep his composure.


“And then this lady came in, and she was scary. I’m mean, legit. She was so angry, her aura and mind were just yelling at me with hatred, that I wanted to recoil away from her. I mean, with the Beast, at least he laced his evil with a mask of glee, but this lady… Fuck. She wasn’t good.” Lena’s voice shook while she spoke.


Even though she tried to speak lightly of the Beast, and everything that had happened, she couldn’t stop her body from reacting. Her hands were shaking, and there was a pain in her chest that made it difficult to breathe.


Brushing a hand through her hair, she continued, “I told her who I was, but she didn’t believe me, and based on the way she was thinking of me, she wasn’t going to. When she left, I decided that there was no way I was going to stick around. So I fucked right on out of there. Waved bye, and traveled out of that place. Which was scary as shit, by the way. I had no idea where I was going, or if I was going to land anywhere. Luckily, I did, but I was like five feet off the ground, and somehow horizontal to the ground?!” Lena said, her confusion at the situation evident in her voice. “Walked a bit, came to Eli’s store, chatted it up, and then went to see Raph. Got my tattoos that I needed, and here we are.” Lena finished, bringing her glass up to her mouth and downing the entire thing.


There was silence in the room, only the dull roar of the music in the club coming from the door was heard. Neither of the men knew what to say in that moment, they had too many question swirling in their head, that it was making Lena dizzy. Finally, Magnus spoke up.


“When did you meet Eli?” his voice was low, and serious.


Lena thought for a moment, but Eli spoke up, “A day and a bit ago.”


Magnus nodded thoughtfully, “That means you were gone for a full day before reappearing,” he concluded.


Lena exhaled, shoulders slumping and leaning back heavily onto the wall behind her. A full day. She had been in the in between for a full day, when it only felt like seconds. Now that she had her tattoos though, she felt that she could relearn everything and fix that timing issue,


“Are you really going to pass over the real question here, Magnus?” Raphael spoke up finally.


Magnus looked at him questionably.


Turning back to Lena, Raphael continued, “You can hear our thoughts?”


Magnus’ head whipped back to Lena so quickly, she thought his head was going to spin off. Even Eli, who had been sitting on a couch, shifted in his seat to look at her more head on.


“Is that true?” he asked gently.


Lena nodded slowly, deciding to trust these people. She felt that she could do that, since they had saved her life, each one of them.


“Yup. I don’t want to, or mean to, but most of the people on my world had wards on their minds to prevent psychics like me from listening in. And the non-magical humans were so dull anyway that they didn’t need to have wards.” Lena explained, crossing her arms in front of her chest.


All three men looked bewildered. 


Lena took a moment to look at each of them, wincing a bit at the sudden onslaught of thoughts and questions directed at her. “Okay, slow down. Fuck. If you don’t want me to listen, either put wards up or put a mental door on your mind,” she explained, pressing her hand to the side of her head.


Immediately, Magnus put up a ward around his mind, silencing it. Raphael mentally put up a door and closed it, his face stony. Eli just looked at Lena and shrugged.


“I don’t care either way,” he winked.


Nodding, Lena smirked at him. “So, what now?” she asked.


Magnus snapped out of his reverie first, taking a sip of his drink and taking a few steps closer to Lena. “Well, I believe you will have to either hide for the time being, because the Shadowhunters are looking for you, or you could speak with them directly. With my help, of course.” His hands spread out in a placating gesture, but his hesitance clear on his face.


“Me too,” Eli interjected.


“Hiding would not be the best option. If she is here to stay, she needs to make peace with them, enough to get them to back off.” Raphael reasoned.


Magnus glared at him with a glance, but quickly turned his attention back to Lena. Lena saw Raphael shake his head slightly, but remained silent.


“You do have a choice in this Lena, but I’m afraid that dear Raphael is correct. Speaking with the Shadowhunters and ensuring that they will leave you alone is important.” Magnus explained, almost apologetically.


Lena huffed a breath and pursed her lips. She didn’t let it show, but she was terrified to go back. Even to just speak with them, a growing fear crawled up her spine. She knew that she would be alone when it happened, but she couldn’t handle feeling trapped again. Not again. Shaking herself roughly, she cast her eyes towards Eli.


“What do you think?” she whispered.


Eli breathed in deeply, his shoulder lifting with the motion. “If both Magnus and Raphael say it is best to speak with the Shadowhunters, then I can only assume that it will turn out for the best.”


Swallowing harshly, Lena looked down at her feet. She tried to push away the creeping fear and darkening edges around her mind just thinking about being trapped again, but it was so fucking hard. She could feel tears threatening to pour over her eyes. Blinking them away rapidly, she leaned her head back against the wall.


“You can’t let them lock me away. I can’t -” her voice broke, despite how quiet it was; the tears back in full force. “I can’t be put in a cage again.” It was barely a whisper, filled with fear, her throat tight with emotion.


She looked back at the men in the room, and every face showed concern, Eli knowingly so, while both Magnus and Raphael looked at her with raw emotion. She was slightly surprised at Raphael’s reaction, how blatant it was, but she felt that he would fight for her.


Eli stood up, walked over to Lena and pulled her into a tight hug. He kissed the top of her head gently and stroked her arm.


“We won’t let that happen. I promise,” he vowed.


Still holding onto Eli, Lena nodded her head gently, wiping away the few tears that fell.


“Okay. Let’s talk to the Shadow dudes. But,” she paused, raising a hand before anyone could speak, “Tomorrow. Tonight, I was promised a night to drink, dance, and potentially get lucky, so that I can grieve.” Her throat constricted a bit, “I get to honour my friends. They were ripped from me, right there,” she choked out, holding her hand up in front of her face. “So. Enough with the heavy stuff right now. I need to drink and dance. Now.”


Magnus and Raphael moved towards the door, no words of agreement needed. Eli walked with Lena, arm wrapped around her waist, and hers around him.



Songs: The Chain – Mattis; Play with Fire – Sam Tinnesz feat Yacht Money


As Magnus led Lena, Eli, and Raphael through the crowd and to the bar, his mind was reeling at the information Lena gave him. He spoke to the bar tender to make sure that they received free drink the rest of the night, and to keep it coming until they didn’t want anymore. Although, based on what Lena had experienced, Magnus didn’t think that would ever really happen. He glanced behind him and the three were there. He grabbed a bottle of vodka from behind the bar, and four shot glasses.


He poured out the shots and handed them out to each of them, before holding one up himself.


“To loved ones lost,” he raised his glass a bit, his voice conveying his sorrow and empathy for Lena.


The three raised their glasses in return, and together they took the shot. It was a somber moment, but Lena quickly shook herself out of it.




Several shots later, Eli and Lena decided to dance, leaving Raphael and Magnus at the bar.


“I can be there tomorrow as well,” Raphael offered, leaning against the bar, facing Magnus.


Magnus sighed, “That might be best. She needs support right now, especially if she escaped Shadowhunter custody,” he chuckled. “I don’t even really know what she means by traveling still. I haven’t seen it yet, but I can imagine that it was quite the shocker for Maryse.”


“Maryse Lightwood?” Raphael hissed.


Magnus looked seriously as he nodded.


“Dios. We’ll need to talk with Lena before going in there.”


“Agreed. No way is she going back unarmed.” Magnus refilled his drink with a click of his fingers and took a big sip.


Raphael looked at Lena and Eli dancing on the floor. They were pressed close together, swaying and grinding to the music, flowing as naturally as water.


“You know, they only met each other yesterday?” Raphael commented.


Magnus smirked into his glass, “Jealous, Raphael?”


Raphael gave an affronted look. “No.” he shifted a bit, revealing to Magnus is discomfort at the topic. “I just mean; they are really close for basically strangers.”


 Magnus hummed knowingly, but saying nothing in response. Getting attached to someone after a traumatic experience was normal, and Lena was no different.


“Are you going to join them?” Magnus asked, although he already knew the answer.


Raphael shook his head. He gently picked up his drink from the bar and finished it in one gulp. “I’m going to head out. Lena is welcome to stay at the Dumort with Eli. She has already stayed one night, so it’s no problem. Just let me know if plans change?” he asked, quirking his eyebrow.


“Of course, darling. Have a fun evening.”


Raphael huffed in annoyance, but Magnus could see his mouth twitch. Magnus watched Raphael leave, but something caught his attention.


Alexander Lightwood.


He was there, standing at the other end of the bar. Magnus swallowed harshly as he drank in the sight. He was wearing a wonderful dark blue shirt that accented his eyes, and hugged his body in all the right ways. He locked eyes with the Shadowhunter, and without a conscious thought to it, he began walking over to him. He noticed that Alec was staring at him, his mouth slightly agape, and his eyes travelling down. He smirked, knowing that he looked flawless as usual.


“Like what you see?” he purred,


Magnus watched as Alec’s face bloomed a bright red, as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He bit his lip to hid his smirk, and continued to look at the man.


“Magnus,” Alec breathed, sending shivers down Magnus’ spine.


Magnus smirked a bit and stepped a bit closer.




Alec blushed a bit more at the name. Magnus found the natural bodily response quite endearing. But then Alec looked back at Magnus, and licked his lips. Magnus’ heart stuttered, and his body reacted as well, a hot curl of arousal pooling in his belly.  


“I’m sorry,” he blurted.


Magnus quirked an eyebrow. He was curious if it was for staring, but he remained silent.


“For everything that happened,” Alec continued.


He leaned forward a bit into Magnus’ space, something that Magnus like immensely. However, his like for the movement was slightly overpowered by his surprise. Was this Shadowhunter – tall, sexy, adorable, stop it Magnus – actually apologizing to him? He chided himself for letting his mind wander, and instead focussed on Alec’s words.


“I should have done something… Not… not what I ended up doing, obviously.”


Magnus could tell that Alec was nervous, his voice wavering a bit. A small smile grew on his face, as he decided to put an end to Alec’s blubbering. Putting down his glass on the bar, he gently placed his hand on Alec’s hand.  


“Dance with me,” he said, as he began to pull Alec towards the dance floor.


Magnus felt a bit of hesitation on Alec’s part, but gently guided him through the crowd. He started moving to the music, letting the notes and lyrics flow through his body. He pulled Alec close to him, but not exactly touching yet. He watched Alec as he tried to move to the music, but his movements were stiff and he seemed slightly uncomfortable. Magnus magically created a small barrier between Alec and the crowd of dancing bodies, encircling them both so they had the space to move freely. Alec didn’t seem to notice the spell, but took on a determined look on his face. His tongue stuck out just a little bit as he concentrated, and Magnus threw his head back and laughed.


“Darling, relax,” Magnus spoke into his ear, snaking his hand up Alec’s chest and over his shoulder to rest at the base of his neck. His fingers tingled at the touch and his breath caught.


Alec’s breath caught as well, as he instinctively moved in closer to Magnus. They were touching gently now, and Magnus could feel the heat between them. As they danced, the song changed, and the tension in Alec’s shoulders fell away, as the beats of the song took over.


Magnus liked this particular song, the sensuous beat and low vocals were perfect for how Magnus was feeling right now.


I feel it when you

Won’t mind sneaking off/

I feel it When you

Go out seeking love

I feel it, When you

Don’t mind faking us

I feel it, When you

Won’t mind faking love


Play with me…


Magnus swayed his hips in time with the music, and much to his delight, Alec joined, mimicking his movements. Their hips brushed together, crowding each other’s space. Alec’s breath was hot on Magnus’ neck, and he loved it. Magnus brought his arms up to pulled Alec closer, using the music to make the movements seem more sensual. Magnus could feel Alec’s slight hardness as they pressed together again. He smiled brightly and pulled back his face to look at Alec.


They locked eyes, still swaying to the music, and Magnus saw intense hunger in Alec’s eyes. Magnus could feel a little sweat making his shirt stick to his body, relishing in the feeling that Alec was making him feel. He bit back a moan as he watched Alec lick his lips, just as his eyes darted down to Magnus’ lips.


The song ended, but was immediately replaced with a new song. Still having a strong beat, the song described their current situation perfectly. The sexual tension between them was definitely playing with fire, one that Magnus wanted to watch blaze into something glorious.


I light the match to taste the heat

I've always liked to play with fire


The chorus began, and Magnus couldn’t hold back anymore. Bringing his hands down to Alec’s front, looping his fingers in his belt loops, Magnus pulled Alec in close and pressed his lips against his. It was electric and hot. Magnus was happy to feel Alec’s immediate response and enthusiasm. They kissed hungrily, Magnus licking his tongue along Alec’s bottom lip, seeking entrance. Alec opened up willingly, desperately clinging to Magnus’ waist.


They had slowed their dancing, barely swaying. But Magnus couldn’t care less. He had been craving this Shadowhunter for the last few days, despite initially being angry at the man before this evening. He brought his hands up to Alec’s neck and held him close, his lips slipping effortlessly over Alec’s lips. He loved the taste of him, the smell of him, even among the crowd of sweaty, pulsing people. Alec slipped a few fingers under Magnus’ shirt, making the warlock shiver at the fiery touch. They kissed with a renew vigor. The only thing that Magus knew in that moment, was that he did not want to stop kissing Alexander.

Chapter Text

Lena danced like the world didn’t exist. It was just her, the music, and Eli. They danced together, bodies sweaty and hot, breathless and excited. Their hips swayed together, never having an uncomfortable moment between them. Lena looked up at Eli and smiled from ear to ear. Although she knew that he wasn’t Eliot, and never would be, parts of Eli were so like Eliot that Lena couldn’t help but bask in the joy whenever she looked at him.


Several songs, and drinks later, they shimmed their way towards some couches lined along the back of the large dance floor. They giggled and drank some more, and wrapped themselves around each other. Eli's head ended up in Lena’s lap, her feet set up on the low table in front of her, cradling him.


“Did we do them honour?” Eli asked, caressing Lena’s arm, which was slung across his chest.


Lena nodded, grinning again, “Yes, I think we did. It’s nice to know that some music is universal.” She reached up to brush away Eli’s hair away from his face. “Margo and Eliot loved to party. There was this one time in Ibiza that we all ended up turning this guy into a pig. The bad part about that was there were several other ones that were going to be used for the great fire pit later that night. We were 97.5% sure that we ate him.” Lena said, laughing out loud in disbelief at the story, despite having been there.


Eli lifted his head slightly, and looked at Lena in utter shock, “You didn’t!”


Lena nodded vehemently, causing her head to spin a bit. “Yeah! He never came back to Brakebills with us, so we assumed that we did it by accident. The person who initially cast the spell was supposed to turn him back after ten minutes, but then they fucked off to join one of the orgies on the other side of the hotel we were staying at. Poor Todd…” Lena murmured forlornly.


Eli burst out into laughter, clutching at his stomach and blink away tears. “Lena, that’s awful!”


“I know! Oh my gods, you wouldn’t believe it, but that was one of the tamer parties we had been a part of.” Lena shook her head, and leaned back.


Eli didn’t say anything, as he saw a shift in Lena’s mood as she took a deep breath.


“Quentin wasn’t too much of a partier, but he enjoyed seeing people happy." Lena paused, licking her lips. "Alice, when she was around, was so kick ass. She was the smartest of us all… I hope she survived,” Lena whispered, knowing that Eli would hear her. Tears crested in her eyes and fell down her cheeks gently.


“Julia was an amazing person. She could dance anyone’s pants off with minimal to no effort. Man, if she had been even a little bi-curious, I would have jumped on that opportunity like that,’ she snapped her fingers. “Fuck, she was beautiful.”


“Penny. Penny was my best friend, apart from Eliot and Margo of course. He was the one to help me get a handle on my traveling at Brakebills. He kinda reminds me of Raphael. Moody and broody, and fucking hot.” Lena grinned, as she looked down at Eli.


“I miss them Eli. I miss them so fucking much. I hate that I had to survive.”


Eli sat up and turned to face Lena. “Listen to me. You are Lena. You are powerful, strong, brave, and could fucking rule the world.” He drew closer as he spoke, capturing her face in between his hands.


She relaxed into the hold, loving the feeling comfort. Smiling gently through her tears, she turned her head slightly and kissed Eli’s palm. “Thank you Eli.”


“You’re welcome, you fabulous bitch.” He leaned in and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.


Lena laughed out loud at the term of endearment.


Before they could say anything more, they were interrupted by approaching people. Lena turned her head and widened her eyes. Magnus was standing on the other side of the table, with Alec slightly behind him.


“What the fuck is he doing here? Are those Shadows welcome here too?” Lena asked, her tone not accusing, but more surprised, and loud as a result of being heavily intoxicated.


Magnus glanced behind him, before stepping around the table to sit beside Lena. He leaned in a bit to grab her hand and attention. “He is here to find you, but I explained that you aren’t going anywhere with them. Trust me, Lena.”


“I trust you Mags. I do, I super do. Wow, super drunk here.” She slurred. Turning her attention to Alec, she tilted her head towards him in greeting. “Sup, leather boy.”


Alec brows furrowed together in confusion, before looking down. He wasn’t wearing any leather at the moment, but Lena had giving him the nickname in her head, when she had first woken up. She laughed out loud, but then stopped short.


“You dance-fucked on the floor!” Lena cried, turning back to Magnus quickly, her eyes wide and lips in a grin.


Magnus stared at her with wide eyes, but it seemed that he realized something quickly, and glanced away sheepishly. “We just danced, Lena.”


“Nuhuh. You tooootally did some NSFW dancing out there. Alec is playing it on replay in his head right now.” Lena whispered in Magnus’ ear.


However, it wasn’t exactly quiet, because Alec was immediately alert at what Lena had said.


“What does she mean?” he asked, his gaze directed at Magnus.


Magnus opened his mouth to speak, but closed it, and raised his hand as if to ask Alec to wait.


“Lena, I know you wanted to wait until tomorrow to talk to the Shadowhunters, but this is actually a better situation. It’s public, and on Downworlder territory,” he paused, and looked Lena up and down. “Although, I believe you are a bit too drunk to hold a proper conversation.”


Lena shook her head at Magnus, her hand placed to her chest as if offended. “I fucking resent that! It’s not my fault that my tolerance is shit! I was held captive for two fucking years!”


Lena heard several questions run through Alec’s head at the admission, but he didn’t voice them. She turned her attention to him and stared at him for a few seconds. He squirmed under her scrutiny just a bit, but held his ground.


“He’s not alone. There are three others like him here.” Lena stated, feeling out into the crowd with her abilities, despite it being a bit wonky, and sensed three other Shadowhunter auras.


Alec raised his eyebrow, “Three? There’s only Jace and Izzy.” He clarified.


Lena shook her head. “Nope, nope, nope,” Lena said, punctuating each "p". “There’s another one who got here about 2 songs ago.” Lena felt surprised at herself for knowing that. Maybe she wasn’t as drunk as she thought she was.


Alec whipped his head around and looked out into the crowd. He pulled out his phone and texted someone quickly. Turning back around, he looked at Magnus. “I don’t know who else would be here. They’re all out on missions, or in Alicante,” he explained, lifting his phone up when it lit up.


A few moments later, two more people joined the group. Jace and Izzy, Lena assumed. She had vague memories of them being there when she woke up.


Waving her head towards them, Lena spoke up, “Hey Blondie.” She gave him a coy smile, and then she shifted her gaze to Izzy and winked, “Sup Hottie.”


Both Izzy and Jace stared at Lena with wide eyes. Izzy was the first to break, a slow grin forming on her face and tilting her head to the side.


“Hey,” she purred.


Alec stepped towards the two, ignoring Lena. “Lena says that there is another Shadowhunter here. Do either of you know who that might be?”


Both Jace and Izzy shook their heads. Jace spoke up, “I thought we were the only ones here tonight.”


“So did I.”


Magnus grabbed Lena’s hand again, “Lena, can you point out the other Shadowhunter for them?”


Lena nodded her head, moving to stand up. She wobbled a bit, and Eli was there in an instant to steady her. She brushed him off with as much dignity as she could. There were some chuckles behind her, but she didn't care. She walked over to the edge of the dance floor, looking for the aura. She huffed in frustration, as she couldn’t see them. She turned towards the bar, and stepped on one of the stools, to climb onto the bar.


There were some voiced protests, but Lena could hear Eli giggling behind her. She ignored them in favour of looking for the aura. She stood there for a second, but couldn’t see them still. She closed her eyes and put out her hands. She could feel the magic in the air, coating her arms and fingers like warm oil. Using her third eye, she felt out for the aura. After a second, Lena could feel it, and followed the feeling towards the other side of the club. She opened her eyes, still using her third eye to keep the person lit up with her aura. It was golden, more so than the other Shadowhunters, but had rose and purple tones to it. She pointed her finger towards the girl at the end of the club, who was standing next to two other regular humans.


“Red-head, 2 o’clock,” she called behind her, bringing her hands to rest on her hips.


She watched at the trio looked at each in confusion, before walking in Lena’s pointed direction. She also noticed that Magnus’ shock did not resemble the Shadows. Instead, Lena detected a hint of discomfort, almost guilt? But Lena didn’t dwell on it for the moment. Standing on the bar was becoming a bit dizzying, so Lena reached for Eli’s hand. He grasped it firmly, and she grinned devilishly, before jumping into the air. Luckily, Eli saw her intention, and caught her deftly, holding her up bridal style, grinning as well.


“My hero!” Lena cooed, clasping her hands around his neck and throwing her head back.


“For you alone, my dear!” Eli said, nuzzling her neck tenderly.


Both of them laughed when he pulled back. He set her on the floor and held her as she balanced herself out. She accepted the glass of water that Eli had retrieved for her, and drank it greedily. Lena nodded, finished off the glass of water. It helped clear her head a bit. She watched Magnus as his gaze was still on Alec’s retreating figure.


“Go with him. Maybe he’ll need your help,” Lena said, pointing her finger vaguely in their direction.


Magnus lost the odd expression on his face, and smirked at Lena, before nodding, and making his way over. Eli gave her another glass of water, which she took another long drink. They stood, basking in the thrum of music in the club, gently brushing hands as they swayed lightly. Lena was content, almost happy, save for the growing darkness in her chest that she knew would never truly go away, ever.


There was suddenly a sharp, piercing scream. Both Lena and Eli whipped their heads up, straightening up to see where it came front. There was a lot of movement and commotion around the entrance, and people on the dance floor were beginning to run and scream. Lena looked at Eli, whose eyes were wide with fear and shock.


“We need to leave. Now.” Eli said sternly, all traces of fun and happiness gone from his face.


“What’s happening?” Lena whispered.




Lena balked. “Demons?”


Eli nodded, but didn’t reply, simply grabbing her hand and pulling her away from the bar. He started to lead her towards the back entrance of the club, but they stopped suddenly. Lena looked around his still body, and saw what she could only guess what were demons. There were four in front of them, slinking into the club, killing people as they went. There were blood curdling screams left and right, and each one struck Lena with terror. The sight was too familiar. She closed her eyes, and pressed her hands against her ears. She couldn’t stand the sounds, but they pushed past her hands and rocked around her head. She gasped and slowly sank to her knees. She saw Eli whip around to kneel in front of her, trying to speak to her, trying to get her to stand up again.


She shook her head in protest. She didn’t want to hear the screams; it was too much. Too much.


“Lena!” Eli yelled, holding onto her face fiercely.


His tone broke through her panic, and she looked at him with wide eyes.


“I need you to stand. We have to get out of here. Stand up.” He urged, tugging on her arms.


Lena nodded slightly, trying to keep her focus on Eli instead of the people around her crying and screaming. They ran around one of the tables, trying to dodge some of the demons, but unfortunately, one of them caught sight of them. Eli attacked the demon with vampire swift precision. Lena couldn’t help but stare, wide eyed.


She had been so shocked, that she hadn’t noticed the demon coming at her. She turned just in time to see it launch itself into the air. She raised her hands, and without thinking about it, threw up a Spectral Armor. The second it was formed around Lena, the demon struck, but instead of hurting her, it bounced off her shield with a hiss of sparks. Since she was still fairly drunk, she stared in shock at the demon.


Unfortunately, it got back up and shook its malformed head. It stood up on its too tall legs, and was clearly preparing to attack her again. Lena panicked for a moment, but tried her best to shake it off. She could still hear the screaming around her, but it was slowly fading.


She knew what she needed to do, she could feel it, and somehow, the fear was slowly ebbing away. The more she looked at the demon, practically facing off with the creature, the less afraid she felt. She pulled her hands together, remembering the cast for a magic missile. She blasted it at the demon before it could take a step forward. She quickly blasted another at its body, and continued the shots at its body until it was riddled with holes, slowly burning it from the inside out. It made a horrible screeching sound before it finally dropped to the ground in a heap, and burst into a puff of smoky red embers.


Lena breathed out in relief, dropping her hands by her sides. However, the relief was short lived, as two more demons reared their ugly heads towards her. They came running from across the dance floor, and Lena brought her hands in front of her, gathering the magic around her hand. She curled her fingers of her left hand into her palm, before sliding it in front of her right and curling her right hand fingers over the left ones. Interlocking them together, she opened her hands with a forceful push towards the demons. The blast of magical energy hit the demons with the force of a semi-truck, crushing them against the far wall, turning then into the same dust as the other one in an instant.


Breathing hard, her head still spinning, although she didn’t know if that was because of the alcohol or magic. She glanced around her to find Eli, and she found him standing a bit away from her, staring at her in awe. She stumbled over to him, and he cradled her in his arms, crushing her hard into his chest.


“How the fuck did you do that?” Eli asked, when they pulled back. He brought his hand to cup her face and looked into her eyes with a million question running through his mind.


“Remedial battle magic,” Lena stated, as if that explained everything.


Eli huffed in disbelief, a small grin forming on his face. “Well, whatever the fuck it was, it was fantastic! I haven’t seen magic act like that, and I’ve been around a while.”


Lena smiled halfheartedly at Eli, “I think we should go,” she urged.


“No need now. All the demons have been dispatched. You, Magnus, and the Shadowhunters took care of them all,” Eli explained, gesturing to the other side of the club.


Lena followed his gaze, and instantly closed her eyes. She shook her head violently, not caring at the spinning. “I can’t. Too much.”


Eli gasped, “Oh shit. I’m such a dick,” he muttered. He hugged her tightly before letting go a bit, “Sorry. Let’s get you out of here.” Eli saw the state Lena was now in, eyes panicked and in shock, and decided quickly just to pick her up so she didn’t have to pick her way through the bodies that were laying everywhere.


There was so much blood, both human and Downworlder, that even Eli was having trouble keeping his fangs in. He held his breath as he made his way through. He came up near Magnus and paused.


“I’m getting Lena out of here. Too many memories,” he explained gently, tensing his arms when Lena grasped Eli’s neck a bit tighter.


Magnus stared at Eli and Lena for a second, and Eli knew that he had seen Lena’s display of power against the demons. He locked eyes with Magnus and shook his head. Now was not the time for questions. Magnus’ eyes suddenly seemed to focus, filling with concern, and he nodded. “Of course. I will text you tomorrow and we can talk about meeting up.” He ushered them away from the carnage towards the entrance of the club.


The doors were torn off their hinges, and there were more bodies. Eli whispered to Lena not to open her eyes until he told her to, and she simply nodded in understanding. He walked her basically all the way to the Hotel Dumort, before putting her down and continuing to hold her tightly. She shivered against the sudden cold, but realized in the back of her mind that she was going into shock. She needed sleep, and more water.


But for the moment, walking with Eli down the street, with the sounds of the city blocking out any other sounds, Lena felt safe.



Magnus made his way over to where Alec, Jace, and Izzy were, near the bar by the entrance. He picked up the middle of their conversation with the red-head.


“I don’t know what you are talking about,” the girl said.


Magnus stopped short at the voice. He recognized it, and as he made his way slowly around to get a better look at the girl, his suspicion was confirmed. Clary Fairchild. Why was she here? And how in the world did Lena know she was Shadowhunter, by blood at the very least?


He heard Jace speak up, inquiring how Clary was able to see them, seemingly asking the question again, since Clary simply rolled her eyes in frustration.


“I don’t know what a Shadowhunter is, okay? I’m just here with my friends to hang out and celebrate.” Her hip stuck out to the side, as she crossed her arms over her chest.


Magnus’ lip twitched at her boldness against the hunters, but he tried to remain out of site. He didn’t think that she would recognize him, but in case she did somehow, he didn’t want Alec to know right away that he had some involvement with Jocelyn Fairchild and Clary.


Magnus saw Alec shake his head in irritation, and watched him walk away from the group to grab a drink. He sauntered over to slide up to his side.


“Hello handsome,” he purred.


Alec turned his head towards Magnus with a slight blush. “Hey.” His voice was low and smooth like honey.


Magnus shuddered at the sound, in the most pleasant way possible. He smirked, and lifted his eyes to meet Alec’s. They held each other’s gaze for a second, before Alec took a step towards Magnus, brushing his hand along Magnus’ arm.


“Were you really replaying our dance in your head?” Magnus asked, leaning in so his mouth was inches away from Alec’s.


Alec’s breath hitched, “I don’t understand how she knew that, but… yes.” He licked his lips.


Warmth pooled in Magnus’ stomach at the thought, and flickers of their dance played across his mind. “It was very steamy, so I don’t blame you.” He curled his hand to grab Alec’s arm, which was working its way up to hold his bicep.


“It really was,” Alec muttered, pulling his lip in to bite it with his teeth.


Magnus held in a groan at the sight, and shifted a bit to lean into Alec, hips brushing together. However, for a split second, Magnus felt the wards around Pandemonium shake against an onslaught of force from the outside. Magnus looked wide-eyed at Alec, who instantly was alert to Magnus’ change in demeanour. Their bubble was effectively burst when a piercing scream from someone near the entrance cut through the air. Both their heads snapped up to see what was happening, and in an instant, Alec de-glamoured his quiver and bow, alert and ready.


“Demons,” Alec called, both Jace and Izzy already holding their weapons.


Where Izzy pulled her staff from, Magnus had no idea, but he didn’t have time to dwell on that fact. He was more concerned with how demons managed to get past his wards. With a snap of his fingers, he summoned his magic to his finger tips, ready to fight. The demons, probably ten in total around the front door, made their way quickly through the throng of screaming and moving bodies. Many were killed instantly, both human and Downworlder. Magnus threw a fire ball towards one of the leading demons which broke free of the crowd, hitting it square in the chest. There was suddenly a whizzing sound in the air, and an arrow stuck out of the eye socket of the same demon. Magnus turned and saw Alec standing next to him with his bow drawn with another arrow.


He pulled back and released that arrow into another demon. He turned to Magnus, and nodded appreciatively, gesturing to the first demon, “Well done.”


Magnus scoffed, “More like medium rare.”


Alec smirked at him, shaking his head, before turning back to the demons.


They fought side by side, Magnus fully aware of the lean body of the Shadowhunter next to him. It was hot to see him in action like this. Throwing up magic against some demons who were crowding a couple, he beat them back with fire ball after fire ball.


Then, there was a sudden suction of magic in the air that even Magnus felt. He gasped at the feeling, and turned around to look for the source. His eyes landed on Lena, who was facing off with a demon on her own. He watched as she put her hands in front of her and fired off what looked like a sharp shard of light. He saw it puncture through the demon with ease, and the next few after that. The demon writhed on the floor before turning to ash. Magnus’ jaw dropped.


He threw another blast of magic at a demon that had turned its attention to him, and Alec, with his seraph blade now drawn, quickly dispatched it. Magnus gave him a wink, and then returned his attention towards Lena.


In that moment, he also saw two more demons make their way towards Lena. Magnus took a few steps towards her to help her, but he stopped when he felt another pull on the magic in the air, and saw Lena bring her hands together. She interlocked them, and then opened them up, pushing an invisible force at the demons. In an instant, they were crushed against the wall and turned to ash. He gaped at her.


“What the fuck?” he breathed out loud.


“I’m assuming you saw that too?” Alec asked, as he walked up beside Magnus.


Magnus nodded, keeping his eyes trained on Lena, who was now in the arms of Eli, and shaking all over.


“Well, she got rid of the last two. Sorry for the mess.”


Magnus scoffed as he glanced at Alec. His eyes dropped down to his shirt, which had a splash of demon ichor on it, and he frowned. With a snap of his fingers, the stain was gone, and Alec picked up a side of his shirt to examine it.


He raised an eyebrow and looked back at Magnus, “Thanks.”


“Not a problem, darling.”


Eli walked up to them then, and despite the many question Magnus and Alec had in that moment, Eli’s face told them that now was not the time. Magnus realized in that moment that Lena may not have dealt with these sort of demons before, and so he nodded.


“Of course. I will text you tomorrow and we can talk about meeting up.” He ushered them away from the carnage towards the entrance of the club.


He watched them go, before turning back to the mess that was now in the middle of his club. He was somewhat magically drained, so he didn’t have enough energy to clean everything up right then. It would have to wait until tomorrow, but he didn’t think that would be too much of an issue, since everyone that was here was either dead, or would not return to the club for a long time. He sighed, resigned to the idea that he’d have to close the club for the unforeseeable future, until the scare of demons attacking everyone passed.


What bothered him the most about all of this was the fact that the demons had gotten into the club, in their true forms. Normally, they would be in human looking shells, and able to bypass the wards, but those demons usually didn’t stir up too much trouble. He stood there, his hand on his chin, unaware that Alec had returned to his side.


“Hey. Turns out, the demons followed Clary here.” Alec said, raking a hand through his hair.


Magnus was pulled out of this thoughts and glanced up at Alec in surprise. “Why?”


“We don’t know, and apparently, neither does she. But she really does have angel blood. Jace’s seraph blade lit up when she grabbed it,” he explained, his confusion apparent on his face.


“Yes, well… I don’t know why demons would be following her,” Magnus started, but hesitated before continuing.


Alec tilted his head slightly, and studied Magnus, “What is it, Magnus?” He didn’t sound like he was accusing him of anything, yet, but Magnus’ stomach churned a bit.


“I know of Clary… Fairchild.” Magnus bit out.


Alec’s brows shot up in surprise, but quickly changed to recognition. “Fairchild? As in…”


“Jocelyn Fairchild, as in Valentine’s wife. Yes.” Magnus said curtly. He hated that he was a part of this little familial revelation, but the money Jocelyn provided for his services encouraged client confidentiality.


“Magnus, why didn’t you say anything?” Alec asked, disbelief filling his voice as he crossed his arms in front of him.


Magnus noted that Alec only did that when he was annoyed and confused, or self conscious about his appearance. Either way, Magnus didn’t like that he was on the receiving end of it. He straightened his back and met his gaze.


“It hadn’t been an issue until tonight. And it’s not like there aren’t other red-heads Shadowhunters,” Magnus stated defensively, bringing his hands together, tugging on his rings a bit.


Alec hung his head for a second for straightening again. “Of course. I… I didn’t mean… I’m not accusing you of anything Magnus. Please know that.” Alec asked gently, surprising Magnus with how soft of a plea it was.


Magnus tilted his head down a bit, “Then what did you mean?”


Alec took a deep breath. “I don’t really know, to be honest. I’m still a bit drunk and wired from fighting.” He sighed out a long breath. “But that doesn’t mean I should be rude. I’m sorry. I told you I would try to do better.”


At that, Magnus’ lips twitched into a small smile. “That you did.”


“Can you tell me how you know Clary? Please?”


Magnus smiled more at the question, and led Alec towards the bar. He grabbed a bottle that thankfully had not been broken in the fight, and poured himself a drink. He offered one to Alec, but he refused, sitting down beside Magnus on one of the stools. Shrugging, he took a sip of the drink.


“Jocelyn paid me to take Clary’s memories of the Shadowhunter world. Keep her away from all of it. I didn’t think it was the greatest plan, but she insisted.” Magnus paused to let Alec process the information.


Alec leaned back a bit, before settling again. “Does she know you?”


Magnus assumed that Alec meant Clary, “No, I don’t think she does. But who knows what parts of her memory held on? There is only so much I could take without causing damage.” Magnus sipped his drink, “It happened every year since Clary was six. She was due for another one in about a week actually.”


Alec huffed, “Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.”


“Indeed it is.”


Magnus watched Alec, who was watching his siblings take care of the girl and her friend, who were both sitting in shock on two chairs. The guy looked like a ghost, and Magnus groaned internally at the fact that he’d have to take his memories of the night away. Poor mundane.


He cleared his throat, getting Alec’s attention, “What are you going to do about her?”


Alec shook his head, “I have no idea. There are no protocols for this.”


Magnus watched as he saw Alec deflate a bit in front of him. He looked drained, and tired.


“I will help you as best as I can,” Magnus offered, placing his hand on Alec’s thigh.


Alec placed his hand over Magnus’ and smiled at him gently, “Thanks.”  




Alec held onto Magnus’ hand for a moment longer, not wanting to leave him, but knowing he needed to go back to the Institute and fill out a lengthy report.


He sighed, and pulled Magnus’ hand up to his lips. “I guess I have to go.”


Magnus had an odd expression on his face as he watched Alec kiss his knuckles. Alec smirked slightly, and continued to kiss each one.


“Although, I was hoping to keep dancing with you.”


Alec heard Magnus’ breath catch, and Alec watched his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. He enjoyed being able to get such a reaction from the warlock.


“Me too,” Magnus replied finally, seemingly shaking himself back to reality.


Alec chuckled. “Can I have your number?”


Magnus nodded, and pulled out his phone. Alec did the same and they exchanged them so they could each put in their numbers. Glancing up at Magnus, Alec put his full name under his phone number. He liked it when Magnus called him that; it sounded right and down right sexy coming from his mouth.


Grinning from ear to ear as Magnus gave him back his phone, he stood up from his stool.


“I’ll call you?”


“You better,” Magnus said, his casual confidence and charm back in full force.


Alec gave him another smile, before heading out of the club, where Izzy and Jace were waiting with Clary and her friend, although Alec had forgotten his name.


“Ready?” He asked as he approached.


“We can’t take the mundane, but she won’t go anywhere without him,” Jace explained, practically snapping at Alec in frustration.


Alec turned his attention towards Clary, who had recently been crying. The mundane was also shaking a bit, but he held onto Clary around her shoulders, attempting to comfort her. He mulled over what to do in that moment, deciding which course of action would be best. Thankfully, his mother had left for Idris, so she didn’t have control over the situation.


“Alright, here’s the deal. For tonight, Clary and the mundane - ”


“It’s Simon,” Clary spoke up, her voice surprisingly steady given the shock she must have had this evening.


“The mundane,” Alec reiterated, “can come with us to the Institute tonight, and stay for a briefing in the morning. Since he was here when the demons attacked, he may know things about Clary that might be useful. Maybe.” Alec repeated as he saw the mundane perk up a bit at the chance to help. “From there, once we have some sort of understanding of what has happened and why, we will go from there. One strong probability will be that the mundane’s memory will be wiped of the last two days, to ensure his safety,” Alec had to raise his voice as Clary tried to protest.


At the mention of his safety, she quieted down, but grumbled and wrapped her arm around the mundane defensively. Alec rolled his eyes at her childish behaviour, but then turned to Izzy and Jace. “Let’s get them back, and into the guest quarters for the evening. Each of us will take shifts to make sure they don’t leave the building. Understood?”


Both Jace and Izzy nodded, trusting in Alec’s judgement as their team leader. They began to walk back to the Institute. In the mean time, Alec pulled out his phone and texted Underhill, their head of security, that they were coming with precious cargo, and required clearance. Once he received a confirmation from Underhill, Alec turned his attention to Magnus’ contact information that was now in his phone. He laughed a bit when he saw that Magnus had put stars and hearts before and after his name. He noticed that Izzy looked back at him with a puzzled look, but he quickly resumed his scowl and she just shrugged. Although Izzy had encouraged the interaction with Magnus, Alec wasn’t ready to have what they had out in the open yet. It was new, and unlabelled, and Alec wanted to see where it went.


Suddenly, his phone vibrated in his hand and he lifted up. He received a text from Magnus. He grinned as he opened it.


            | Safe walk home, Alexander. <3

            | Also, if you have the time tomorrow, we need to discuss Lena.


His smile fell as he remembered Lena. He had seen her work some pretty powerful magic tonight, something that he hadn’t seen before. Even Magnus had been shocked. Alec sighed internally, mentally adding another issue to solve to his ever growing list. He lifted his phone again and typed a response.

            | Thanks, will do. And of course. I’ll text you when I can make it work.


He waited for a second before allowing himself a moment of courage.


            | Sweet dreams, Magnus. I know I will ;)


He smiled at himself for being smooth. He bit his lip as he waited for Magnus to send another text. He didn’t have to wait long, though.


            | You tease.


He laughed out loud again, drawing the attention of the entire group in front of him. This time, he didn’t really care. He immediately typed a response.


            | What? I’m just wishing you sweet dreams…


            | You’re making me wonder what you’ll be dreaming about, and while I love the mystery, I’m also dying to know just exactly what you have in mind. ;)


Alec bit his lip again, wondering if he should be honest. But he was worried that it would be too forward. He decided to fuck it, and texted his reply.


            | I’ll dream about the NSFW dancing we did tonight. Your body pressed against mine, your magic surrounding us to keep others away, and your oh so soft lips on mine.


He held a bated breath as he waited for a reply. He worried as the minutes passed without a response that he had been too much. He practically jumped when he finally received a reply.


            | Sorry. Had to read that a few times. After I picked myself off the floor that is. But my statement still stands.


            | What statement?


            | You’re a tease.


Alec laughed, almost giddy that his honesty had been met with equal honesty. He wanted Magnus, and now that Magnus knew that, and returned similar feelings, Alec could not stop smiling. His stomach clenched just thinking about Magnus.


Chapter Text

She couldn’t breathe. There was too much blood surrounding her, flowing down her throat, filling her nose, blocking her vision. She sputtered and coughed, but nothing was working. She tried kicking out, to stop whatever or whoever was making this happen, but she couldn’t feel anything. She tried to gasp, to suck in a breath, to make a connection, but she couldn’t. But then there was a searing pain, coursing over her body, around her ankles, around her wrists, across her face. She somehow managed to scream at the pain, clawing at her face and body to try and stop the pain.


Then she heard the whistling.


She froze, the scream stuck in her throat, terror running through her mind.




It can’t be.


She was free. She was safe. He couldn’t be there.


The whistling continued, growing louder, echoing around her mind, sending tremors down her spine in the worst way.


“NO!” she burst out finally, sucking in air into her burning lungs. “What do you want from me!?” she pleaded, her voice breaking as she cried. She could feel the blood on her face, the pain on her body.


Distantly, she heard a different sound, but she couldn’t see the source, no matter how many times she blinked away the blood.




She shook her head, her breathing speeding up in fear. “No! No! Please… please, no more. Please,” she begged, her voice hoarse and cracking. She needed the pain to stop.




The sound was more prominent now, like a harsh scream in her ear. Much different from the whistling. She focused on that, trying to move towards it.




Suddenly, Lena focused and everything became clear. She was in a room, and she was clean. She was breathing hard, and as she glanced down at herself, there was no blood. The sheets were soaked with her sweat, but there was no blood. The pain she experienced wasn’t there anymore, but just phantom. She shook as she sobbed out a breath.


Eli’s face came into focus as she calmed down a bit. He looked terrified and concerned all at once, holding onto her hands in a vice grip.


“Lena! Darling, wake up!” he reached to touch her shoulder gently, but took it away when she flinched.


She glanced around the room, trying to orient herself. She wasn’t in the place of pain anymore. The Beast couldn’t touch her anymore. No more blood. No more pain. Nor more whistling. Lena looked back at Eli, and ran her hands shakily through her hair.


“Lena?” Eli asked quietly, cautiously sitting in front of her, but refraining from touching her anymore more than her one hand. She gripped it tightly, and if Eli had been human, she probably would have broken it.


She focused on his eyes, saw his concern and fear. Soon, she heard his mind trying to quiet itself, as if to restrain himself from overloading her with feelings and questions.


With a shaky breath, she sniffed, “I’m sorry…”


Eli shifted, moving a bit closer, shaking his head. “Honey, no. There’s nothing to be sorry about.” He waited for her to speak again, but she kept quiet. “Did you want to talk about it?”


Lena shook her head slightly, unwilling to go back into the abyss again. Eli conceded, and gently, slowly, placed his other hand on top of hers. She accepted the touch, and carefully moved so she could snuggle into his chest. He let go of her hands and wrapped his arms around her, pressing her to him reassuringly. He murmured something into her hair, before giving her a light kiss. She relaxed a bit into the hug, but she didn’t close her eyes. She didn’t want to, didn’t want to see anymore visions of that place.


They say like that for a while. Lena couldn’t tell if it was a few minutes, or a few hours. All she knew, was that she was dead tired, painfully hungover, and afraid. She had hoped that her time with the Beast wouldn’t resurface so quickly, that she’d get at least some time, some sort of reprieve from him. But that was too much hope.


She turned her head slightly, and saw a clock sitting on a bedside table. It read that it was afternoon. She pulled back from Eli, and brushed her hands over her face.


“Did Magnus get in touch?”


Eli nodded, “He texted this morning around 10 am. He said that we should go to his loft and talk about what to do next.” He paused to let Lena take in the information, but was hesitant to continue.


Lena nodded at the next thing he wanted to say, “It’s fine if the Shadow is there.”


Eli momentarily let his shock play across his face, before he remembered what Lena could do. His lips twitched into a small smile, and gently caressed her back.  “Are you ok to have the talk today? It’s okay if you need time. Magnus could brew up a potion for your sleeping.” Eli suggested, still slightly hesitant. Not afraid of her reaction per se, but more out of wanting to make sure she was comforted, and had the choice.


Lena shook her head. “It’s better to get this out of the way, so then I don’t have to fight it later.” She faced him directly, placing a hand on the side of his face. “And a potion for sleeping would be fucking fantastic.”




Magnus jumped when his phone notified that he had a text message. He was hoping dearly that it was Alexander, who hadn’t texted him back after his last text last night, or this morning. He scolded himself for being so desperate for a mortal, but Magnus couldn’t help himself. The man was fine.


So he wasn’t the tiniest bit ashamed to say that he was disappointed that it wasn’t Alexander. But when he read the name, his mood shifted entirely. Putting down his phone and walking into his living room from his office, he opened a portal. Three figures stepped out, Raphael, Eli, and Lena.


“Good evening everyone,” Magnus said, with a grand flourish of his hands, “welcome! Can I get anyone anything?”


“You got any food? While I love the hospitality of vampires, they don’t seem to host humans that often, and forgot to feed me with human consumables.” Lena stated, flashing a grin at both vampires.


If it was possible, both of them paled at her request. Eli muttered, “Shit,” while Raphael cursed in Spanish.


“You could have said something!” Eli said, sounding hurt and offended that Lena hadn’t said anything.


“And have you bring me something raw and bloody, and not actual good food? Nuh uh, no way,” Lena said with a grimace. “Besides, Cat eyes over here can summon it probably from anywhere he fucking wants.”


“She’s right, I can conjure up some pretty wonderful meals.”


Lena smirked at the two vampires, who were still slightly offended. Magnus waved for them to sit down on the couches and chairs in the living room, Lena taking a seat on one of the more ornate chairs. She sat down and bounced on the seat a bit before pushing up with her arms to lift her body, and tuck her legs under her.


Once she was settled, she felt the room grow quiet. She looked up, and saw three sets of eyes fixate on her, expectant of what exactly, she wasn’t sure.


Lena clasped her hands together and leaned on her elbow. “So.”


Thankfully, Magnus took up the mantel of addressing everyone. “Right,” Magnus paused, shifting slightly in his own chair. “Alec should be here in a bit. He’s currently taking care of a few things at the Institute.” Magnus began.


Just hearing about the Institute made Lena feel a drop of fear in her stomach. That’s where the scary lady was, and Lena wasn’t too keen on going back there.


“We will do our best so that you won’t have to go back there, or interact with Maryse Lightwood. Alec is the acting Head of the Institute while she is away, which is almost always.” Magnus explained, seeing Lena’s discomfort. “I am not happy with what transpired when you woke up, and Alec understands and knows that. He said he was going to try to do better.”


Raphael scoffed, muttering under his breath, while Eli’s lip twitched in a sarcastic smile.


“Right, because a Shadowhunter can be taken at their word,” he hissed.


Lena could feel the anger rolling off of Eli, and she was mildly confused and concerned at the sudden change of mood. She glanced between Eli and Raphael, and then turned her head to face Magnus.


“So, I’m assuming racism and species-ism is a big thing here?”


They all looked at her with sad, pitying eyes. Magnus spoke up, “Yes. Unfortunately, the Shadowhunters, particularly the older ones within the Clave, have a strongly negative view of Downworlders.”


Lena could feel the magic crackle around Magnus, and it sparks as she watched him reel it in.


“Well, let’s give those motherfuckers a run for their money, shall we? I’m not going back there. Plain and simple. I won’t. And once I get a handle of the different magic here, I won’t let them catch me, ever.” Lena declared, vehemently.


Magnus raised an eyebrow. But before he could respond, his phone began to ring. Lena watched him jump up and answer it quickly. He spoke low, and hung up, but then swirled his hands and opened a portal. Lena watched closely to what he was doing, and she could sort of make out the cast of his hands, but he was too quick to distinguish the pattern. Another moment, Alec stepped through the portal. He was dressed head to toe in black, with combat boots and a leather jacket to finish the look.


Lena watched as his aura brightened when he looked at Magnus, and she heard flashes of what he thought of Magnus as he took in his appearance. Lena brought her hand up to cover her mouth, to hide a snicker. She bit her lip painfully to stop the giggle that tried to escape as the onslaught of images played across her mind.


“Dude. Either give that man a ward on his brain, or tell him to keep his thoughts PG.” Lena finally said, holding her hands over her face to contain her laughter.


There was an audible gasp, and Lena assumed it was from Magnus, but immediately, the room went silent, except Eli. She dropped her hands a bit to look at everyone. Eli was smiling like a Cheshire cat, Raphael even had a bit of a glint in his eye, and Alec was beet red.


Lena took pity on him and coughed to clear her throat, “I’m psychic, blue eyes. So anything and everything that crosses your mind without a ward, or at least defensive training, I can hear loud and clear. And right then, you were practically screaming at me.”


Lena didn’t know how it was possible, but Alec blushed even more, the tips of his ears turning bright red. Lena shook her head with a smile, “Don’t worry. I don’t listen and tell. Plus, Magnus here has put up a ward around your mind for the moment.” She gave him a wink.


Although he didn’t seem completely relieved, he nodded his head, and whispered a quick thank you to Magnus, before taking a seat on a couch. Magnus looked a little, if not equally embarrassed at what just happened, but he quickly hid it and took a seat beside Alec.


“Alright. We were just beginning our discussion with Lena about - ”


“How I’m not going back to the Institute, no matter how much you beg,” Lena finished for him, keeping her eyes locked on Alec, preparing herself for his reaction.


He didn’t openly reaction, but Lena saw the slight twitch of his jaw tightening, and she knew that whatever he had planned on saying had just been derailed.


He licked his lips and shifted to face her a bit more. “It is our job as Shadowhunters to make sure the mundane world is protected. If there is an unknown danger out there, we need to make sure we understand how to handle such situation.” He took a breath, seemingly unfamiliar with speaking for so long in one breath. “Thankfully, I have many other pressing matters that take precedent, so your arrival isn’t on the Clave’s list right now. At least, not anywhere near the top that would be cause for concern.”


Magnus’ shoulders slumped in relief, and Raphael and Eli both nodded slightly.


Lena, however, didn’t feel relieved. She sat up a bit straighter, and tried to swallow her growing anger. “I’m not a danger,” she stated, eyes staring intensely at Alec. His face looked slightly surprised at her statement, but before he could speak, Lena continued. “I’m not a danger,” she reiterated, “I’m a survivor. I didn’t choose to come here, because I sure as hell didn’t choose to be tortured for the better part of two years. But I’m here, a survivor, free of the fucker who got joy out of cutting my hands off.” Her voice as sharp as ice as she spoke, getting louder and sharper as she continued.


Lena took a deep breath, curling her hands into fists in order stop them shaking. “Right now, I don’t owe you my life story. But I realize that I owe you for helping me when I first got here. And I am willing to do that. But I will not be taken to the Institute, and I will not be put in a cage.”


“We don’t want to do that,” Alec quickly tried to reassure.


“Yeah, but then that lady was able to walk all over you. Put me into a situation that a fucking terrifying.” Lena cross her arms defensively.


“Maryse can come on strong sometimes…” Alec conceded.


“No. That wasn’t coming on strong, Alec. She was looking for specific answers to fit her own plans. Her own view. She called me a warlock like it was tar in her mouth. She refused to listen, and she slapped because I talked back.” Lena fumed, leaning forward. “She knows more about my past, aside from Eli, and yet she gave zero fucks. That bitch is not in this for the protection of humans, or for the good of Downworlders. All she fucking cares about is the Circle, and how she wishes it had never ended.”


When Lena stopped, she thought she could hear every heart beat, it was so quiet. She looked at each face and saw a variation of surprised, shocked, and down right irate. Magnus shifted and breathed in, as if to calm himself.


“What do you mean by that?” he asked quietly. His tone was dangerous.


Lena the shift in the room, it was palpable. She swallowed. “When she interrogated me, accused me of working for a thing called the Circle, but her mind was thinking about how it shouldn’t have ended. That some dude named Val…whatever… was right, and that Downworlders like me weren’t meant to run amuck,” Lena explained slowly.


Alec was shaking his head as he listened, “No. No, you’re wrong…” his face was pale, and he looked like he was going to be sick.


Raphael started growling, a low rumble in his chest, and Eli was no different. Their anger was pushing through their own walls on their mind, and Lena was struck with many thoughts about the Circle, and the horrific things they had done towards Downworlders. She gasped at the images, pinching the bridge of her nose and closing her eyes tightly.


“Guys, please,” she whimpered. They were getting louder, and the images were reminiscent of her time with the Beast. “For fuck sakes, Magnus please, cut everyone off!” Lena yelled, covering her ears with her hands.


A few moments later, there were no sounds. Her mind was quiet, but she was shaking. It was too soon to deal with other people’s torment, so soon after her own. She felt a hand on her thigh, and she opened her eyes. Eli was kneeling in front of her with sad eyes.


“I’m sorry Bambi. I’m so sorry,” he stroked her hair from her face. “I didn’t mean to overwhelm you.”


“Me too. It’s just that the Circle caused some real pain for us Downworlders. And to hear that there is a sympathizer at the Head of the New York Institute is a bit much to handle.” Raphael was leaning forward in his seat, his expression softened a bit, but still displaying his anger.


“It can’t be true. My mother isn’t… she couldn’t…” Alec stammered. He still looked like he was going to hurl.


Lena gaped at Alec, “Your mom? Fuck…” And looked at him with guilt, but then it occurred to her, “Did you not know?” she asked hesitantly.


Alec shook his head again, his eyes wide. “Are you sure you remember correctly? I don’t mean to make light of your experience, I just need to know if you are miss-remembering.” Alec’s eyes were pleading Lena for some other truth, something that didn’t involve his mother being part of such a horrible group.


Lena looked down, and rubbed her hands together, “There’s a reason why I escaped the way I did, Alec. I was willing to risk travel into the void and not come out on the other side, then wait for her to come back and do what she was planning to do to me.” She took in a shaky breath, “I was willing to die in the void, in limbo, just so I wouldn’t have to go through that again. I wouldn’t have been able to survive that…” she explained, hating that she was breaking Alec’s heart. Clearly, despite how rigid she was, he loved his mother. “I’m not going to tell you what she was planning, Alec. That wouldn’t be fair to you.”


Alec rubbed his face, holding it for a moment, before breathing out. When he lifted his face, it was red and there were tears in his eyes. He stood up and paced a few steps. Lena watched as Magnus stood up and led him away from the living room. Lena assumed it was towards a bathroom or bedroom so Alec could have some privacy in dealing with this information. Lena looked at Eli and Raphael with a worried expression. Eli reciprocated, but Raphael still seemed angry. Although, the more she looked at him, the more she could tell he was also concerned for Alec.


“Well, this has just gotten a shit ton more complicated,” Eli said, letting out a long breath. He walked over to Magnus’ drink cart and poured out three drinks. He handed one to Raphael, who took it gingerly in his hands, and then Eli passed the other to Lena.


Lena nodded, but didn’t respond. She’d had dropped into a seriously messed up situation, and felt that she had somehow just blew it wide open.

Chapter Text

Alec paced around the room Magnus led him to. His heart was racing and his mind was reeling. He’d known that his mother was prejudice against Downworlders, believing them to be lesser than Shadowhunters, and he had always felt likened to them when his parents found out about his sexuality. But Alec couldn’t tell what he was feeling in that moment. He tried to catch his breath, but nothing was working. He could feel the sweat on his brow, and how his lungs burned with each gasp.


He felt a hand on his shoulder, rubbing in small, slow circles. He felt a bit calmer at the touch, but he was still feeling chaotic. He turned to face Magnus, who gently placed his hand on Alec’s chest. He stared at Magnus with wide eyes.


“Breathe, Alec. Listen to me, and focus. Breathe in now.”


Alec did.


“Breathe out now.”


Alec did.




For a few minutes, Alec followed Magnus’ instructions, coming down from the precipice that threatened to consume him. He kept his eyes locked on Magnus the whole time, and Magnus didn’t shy away from it. Some would have found the intense staring awkward, but for Alec, it was grounding. It brought him back, and it gave him something else to think about.


He’s eyes are so beautiful…


He has glitter on his cheeks… didn’t see that before.


He has lip gloss on. Wow.


Alec licked his dry lips, now that his breathing was back to normal. He watched Magnus, who slowly removed his hand from his chest, and Alec almost whined at the loss of contact. But thankfully, Magnus only shifted to hold Alec’s hand tightly.


“There you are,” Magnus said, a small, hesitant smile on his face.


Alec swallowed, “Yeah.”


Now that his mind was calm, everything that had transpired in the room previously came back to him. He was able think about it now that the shock of it was over.


“My mother…”


Magnus’ eyes flicked down at the mention, and Alec sensed something in the way Magnus shifted from one foot to other. He also felt that Magnus’ grip loosened on his hand, so Alec tightened in response, and raised his hand to Magnus’ chin, lifting it to look in his face.


“What is it, Magnus?” He asked gently.


He watched a battle rage behind Magnus’ eyes, but he only held on more persistently. Magnus finally sighed, biting his lip a bit.


“I knew your mother when she was younger. I’m a warlock, Alec, so I’ve been around for a while. I was around when the Accords were drawn up, and I’ve seen the progression, or lack thereof, of relations between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. I was there when Valentine created the Circle, and I lost many friends to that man and his followers.” Magnus paused, the pain clear in his eyes, as if he was reliving the memories as if they were presently happening.


Alec waited.


“I knew that your mother was part of the Circle when she was younger. Many Shadowhunters from prestigious families joined him, carrying out old views of prejudice. I just didn’t realize that the Clave forgave Maryse and Robert enough to let them lead the Institute again.”


“Wait, my father too?” Alec breathed.


Magnus’ eyes went wide, “Oh, darling. I’m sorry. I didn’t think.”


Alec stood speechless for a moment, but then shook his head, “No… It’s okay. I guess I just assumed… Well, I don’t really know what I assumed. I don’t know what to think right now…” Alec admitted, running a hand through his hair.


Magnus led Alec over to the bed, and urged him to sit down. Alec was thankful for the support, because he could feel his body begin to shake with shock, now that his near-panic attack was held off.


“Keep going,” Alec urged when he had taken a couple of breaths.


“Are you sure? We can talk about it later.”


Alec shook his head, “No, if I’m going to be taking over the Institute, I need to know what political shit show I’m going to have to face. My mother has many ties within the Clave, and clearly if they allowed her, and my father, to remain in power of the Institute, then that means that the Clave may be compromised as well.”


Magnus took a deep breath, and eyed Alec critically. Alec met his gaze unflinchingly, and he saw the moment when Magnus relented.


“Do you know what the Circle did exactly?”


Alec tilted his head a bit, “I thought I did, but apparently not all of it. I know what Valentine tried to accomplish, but that he was stopped by his wife, Jocelyn.”


Magnus nodded, “Yes, thankfully he was stopped and Jocelyn took the mortal cup, and hid it, even from the Clave. I didn’t know she had a daughter until she came to me with Clary that first time. But then the Clave, and the Shadowhunters went silent for a while. I assumed it was because so many of their own had turned traitor against their own kind, and where being sentenced to banishment or death. Turns out that wasn’t the case.


I knew your parents, on a more personal level,” Magnus continued, although he seemed very hesitant, “Your mother has a particular hatred towards Warlocks, and she became well known to the warlock community, in the worst way.”


Magnus waited, and looked at Alec. Alec swallowed, worried about what he would hear, but also needing to know.


“Maryse was… proficient in the art of interrogation. She was extremely good at getting the information they needed from Downworlders, even to the point of falsifying it convincingly for their advantage,” he took a deep breath and he continued, his voice barely a whisper, “To Downworlders, she is called The Grinning Malice. She found joy in torturing us.”


Alec sat very still, unable to breath. He had heard that name before, read it in documents about the Circle, but the aggressor’s name had always been blacked out. He began shaking all over, and dropped his head into his hands.


“I’m sorry, Alexander…” Magnus whispered.


Alec’s lip trembled, his emotions churning inside him. He let out a frustrated cry, and shot up, needing to move. He paced around the room, aware of Magnus watching him. Alec ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep, but shaky breath.


“I k-know that name,” he breathed, his eyes burning with unfallen tears. “I have done nothing -” he sucked in a breath painfully, cutting off his sentence, “- but try to please that woman… Make her proud of me.” He bit his lip hard enough that he tasted blood. “To know… that she is the one who…” Alec shook his head. He couldn’t breathe, his chest hurt and his throat began to feel restricted.


Alec began to claw at his shirt collar, gripping the material tightly in his hands and pulling. It seemed to only make it worse, but he kept pulling.


“I need -” he began, but his voice was raspy and small, still unable to breathe.


He couldn’t see anything in front of him, his vision going blurry. Alec’s mind was spinning, and he felt himself fall to his knees. He felt hands on his arms, holding him upright, and then felt cool fingers on his cheek.


“Alexander! Focus on me, darling. Breathe in.” Magnus commanded.


But Alec was beyond reasoning. His mind was still wrapping around the fact that his mother was one of the most notorious Circle members, aside from Valentine himself. He couldn’t believe it, and yet, everything that Magnus was saying, he had read about in the Circle’s files. Alec could feel that edges of his vision blackening, and he almost welcomed it.


“Alec!” Magnus called again, but Alec was still nowhere near the surface of reality.


Suddenly, Alec felt warm, soft lips on his lips. They were firm and lovely, and gave Alec something to focus on. The feeling was like an electric shock, coursing through his veins as it continued. Alec’s still frantic hands slowed, as the kiss brought him from the brink. The pain in his chest was receding.


Alec pulled back in order to gasp, taking his first deep breath in what seemed like forever. He looked into Magnus’ eyes, slowly focusing. He noticed the frightened look on Magnus’ face, his eyes searching his own. Alec was breathing more steadily now, although he was still shaking.


“Alexander,” Magnus whispered, his voice thick with emotion.


Alec managed to put his hands on Magnus’ arms, holding him in place, his hands no longer shaking as badly. He didn’t feel that he could speak yet, but he needed to feel more grounded. More sure. He leaned forward to Magnus and pressed his lips to him. There was slight hesitation from Magnus, but the kiss was quickly reciprocated. It wasn’t heated with type passion that lead to anything. Instead, it was full of emotion, and a level of caring that Alec had never experienced before. He felt safe with Magnus holding him, keeping him firmly on the ground when his mind had tried to go elsewhere. They pulled back from each other, both breathing heavily, but Alec was feeling much better. There was still pain with the information about his mother, but he felt that he could handle it a bit better.


He met Magnus’ gaze, and brought his hand up to cover Magnus’ on his face.


“Thank you,” he whispered.


Magnus moved forward and rested his forehead on Alec’s. “I’ve got you,” he whispered back.



He didn’t know what came over him, but seeing Alec falling apart in front of him, and not in the good way, Magnus did the only thing that he thought could shock Alec out of his downward spiral of a panic attack. He quickly placed himself in front of Alec, his kneeling knees resting against Alec’s. He called his name, but Alec wasn’t responding. He held his face gently, but firmly moved his head in, pressing his lips onto Alec’s fiercely, praying to whoever would listen that it would work.


He opened his eyes as Alec pulled back with a gasp. Magnus could feel Alec’s heartbeat slowing down, no longer pounding painfully. He looked at Alec straight in the eyes, looking for a sign that Alec was coming back, even just a little bit. He forced his fingers not to shake, and his bit the inside of his cheek to stop from crying himself. He had only really known Alec for about a week, and to top it all off, he was the son of Maryse Lightwood. And yet, Magnus couldn’t help but feel a strong, almost magnetic pull towards the man.

He continued to watch Alec, holding him, supporting him. He breathed, a relieving sigh as he saw Alec’s eyes finally focus.


“Alexander,” he whispered, internally cursing the fact that his voice was low and thick with emotion.


Alec didn’t respond, and Magnus didn’t expect it from him. Strong panic attacks like that were always so exhausting. So it was even more surprising when Alec moved forward and pressed his lips against Magnus’. He was shocked for a moment, but then quickly kissed Alec back. He needed to make sure that Alec was okay, that he could feel safe with him. Magnus pushed all that he was feeling towards Alec in that moment, trying to convey his support and caring.


He let Alec kiss him for as long as he needed, and by the time Alec pulled back, he was breathing heavily. Magnus watched as Alec covered his hands that rested on his face, and met his gaze.


“Thank you,” Alec whispered.


Magnus melted. He knew that telling Alec that there was no need to thank him, it wasn’t what Alec needed in the moment. Magnus rested his forehead against Alec’s and whispered, “I’ve got you,” keeping himself ready for whatever Alec needed next.


They sat there on their knees for what seemed like hours. But soon, Magnus felt Alec begin to sag, and he pulled back to see Alec’s eyes closing, heavy with grief and sadness.


“Let’s get you into bed. You need to rest.” Magnus said, shifting slightly to get a better grip on Alec.


Alec complied, passively moving when Magnus manhandled him. Magnus carefully pulled Alec up to his feet and half carried him to the bed. He placed him gently on the bed, sitting him up.


“Alexander, I’m going to remove your jacket, and your shoes, so you will be more comfortable.” Magnus wanted to make sure that Alec was okay with being touched right now. Since they barely knew each other, Magnus didn’t know if Alec had panic attacks before, or if this was the first one. But Magnus had enough experience to know that sometimes, after an attack, people could have various, potentially adverse reactions. He wanted to be careful, supportive, and needed Alec to know that.


Alec nodded, seemingly already half asleep. Magnus gently took off his jacket, and undid the top button on his shirt. It revealed a peak of dark chest hair, but Magnus was too focused on Alec’s well being to think about that right now. He lay Alec down gently, swinging his legs up and taking off his shoes. He snapped his fingers, and conjured a fluffy blanket. He wrapped it around Alec, tucking him in securely. He brushed the hair from Alec’s forehead, gazing at his face. Alec’s brow was still furrowed, even as he fell asleep, and Magnus gently ran his fingers across his face, smoothing it out. Slowly, Alec relaxed as sleep took him. Magnus gently pushed his magic into Alec, ensuring that he would get a dreamless, restful sleep.


Standing up, straightening his jacket, he walked over to the connecting bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror. His face was haggard from the onslaught of emotions with Alec. Talking to him about what the Circle did, what Alec’s mother did and who she was, it was heartbreaking for both of them. Magnus had lost many good people, friends, to that woman’s techniques, to the Circle’s horrendous plans.


He gazed at himself in the mirror, before letting down his glamour and looking into his golden cat eyes. So many warlock marks had been taken from them before they died, by various Circle members who sought to ground the Downworlders under their feet. Large tears rolled down Magnus’ face at the memories of friends being dead, missing, or scarred forever. He sucked in a breath as he sobbed quietly. And now, to know that Lena had heard that Maryse was still the same woman, or at least wanted to be, and was leading an Institute, made Magnus’ skin crawl. He had hoped that the Clave would have gotten rid of all Circle members when it finally came to an end. But, alas, holding out hope for the Clave to do anything for the Downworld was like holding your breath with someone keeping your head under water. There was no escape from the oppression of the Clave, and now there was proof that they valued their own kind over the actual protection of the Shadowworld.


Calming himself down, he turned on the faucet and cupped his hands to be filled with cold water. He bent his head forward and splashed the refreshing liquid over his face. His mascara ran just a bit, as he looked back up, but he felt much better. He reached for a towel and gently patted his face dry, using a tip of the towel to touch up his make up. He didn’t redo it, since it was later in the evening now, and he had no plans to leave Alec alone after that.


Once he was ready, he walked out into the living room, where he heard the quiet murmurs of a conversation between Lena, Eli, and Raphael. The three of them halted their conversation as he approached, and turned to look at him.


He stood there for a second, bringing his hands up in front of him, wringing them together. “Alec is resting now. It was… a lot of information to take in.”


Eli and Raphael nodded knowingly, unintentionally having overhead the entire exchange between himself and Alec. Not that Magnus minded, he didn’t want to have to explain it all to them again, at least, not so soon.


Lena looked at him with a slight tilt of her head, but then nodded in understanding when Magnus lowered his eyes in sadness.


“We’ll go get some food, and bring it back here. We can watch a movie?” Eli suggested, pointing to Raphael and himself.


Magnus smiled gently and nodded, “That sounds good.”


“If you don’t mind, I would like to stay here and chat, if you don’t mind?” Lena asked hesitantly. Magnus could tell that she could feel his pain, even with his barrier on his mind. Maybe it was a skill she had, to just read people and their feelings with or without her mind reading abilities.


Magnus thought for a moment, wondering what she wanted to talk about. Relenting, he nodded, “What did you want to talk about?”


Lena sat up a bit straighter, “Magic.”


Whatever Magnus thought Lena was going to suggest, magic had somehow not been included. He looked at her with surprise and moved around the couch to sit on it, while Raphael and Eli stood up and left the apartment. Lena was eyeing Magnus with open curiosity, as if she knew to stay away from anything to do with Alexander, or the Institute. He gestured for her to ask her questions as he settled into the couch.


Lena leaned forward a bit, tucking her legs more comfortably underneath her, and spoke, “Do you have any spell books that I can read? Any warlocks in particular that have published books for educational purposes? Do you know anyone named Mayakovski by any chance?”


Magnus took in each question, which were fired in rapid succession, and all he could do in that moment was chuckle. He understood the need and excitement of learning new magic.


“No, I don’t know anyone named Mayakovski, and yes I do have some spell books you can read, although I doubt they will be of much help. Not all of them are complete, or have instructions per se. Also, there may be some demonic languages… But warlocks don’t tend to publish their spell books. It’s highly personal and sometimes more… shall we say, unpleasant warlocks will try to use the spells against their makers,” Magnus explained.


Lena was nodding her head, although she seemed a bit surprised.


“Why, on your world, did magicians publish their works?” Magnus asked.


“Yeah, considering how I went to school to become a stronger magician, they published their works. Mind you, there were some that were forbidden, and others that would outright kill you if you tried to use the magic for nefarious reasons. But mostly, the spells were deconstructed and explained into casts and mathematical sequences. Beautiful and difficult as fuck.” Lena sighed, “Some spells required a lot of magic, which would usually involve cooperative magic, or have the level of a master magician, or be a god.” Lena chuckled.


Magnus was intrigued with Lena’s description of her world. It mildly horrified him that some magic would kill a student trying to learn it, but he could see how such a defense could come in handy.


“Mathematically sequenced? What do you mean by that?” Magnus was curious, seeing as his magic was more felt and flowing.


Lena smirked and moved to stand up. “Magic depends on the circumstances and elements being just right, perfectly balanced, in order to successfully achieve it.” Magnus watched as Lena as she brought her hands together. “Some require more intricate casts, while others can be a manipulation of the mind.” She clapped her hands once, and then opened them up while keeping her thumbs together at the tips. Magnus watched in awe as he felt the magic around him pull slightly. He saw that Lena was looking at something, and muttering under her breath. He followed her gaze, and saw that a pen that had been laying on the coffee table was now upright and moving around on a piece of paper that had suddenly appeared. He watched, enraptured as the pen moved across the paper, writing out a phrase. As the sentence was completed, the pen dropped, and Magnus looked back at Lena. Her hands were by her sides once again, and she moved to grab the sheet of paper.


She handed it to him, and he took it, and read it aloud.


“A Magician doesn’t wield magic, she is magic.” Magnus raised his eyebrows at her in astonishment. “Wow. So, based on that, I assuming every spell or cast has a name?”


Lena nodded, “Yeah, although, I forget what that one is called. I learned it a long time ago.”


Magnus was nodding as he regarded her, and with a snap of his fingers, he summoned his more basic spell books, that were mostly in English, but some he figured he could just help with the translations. In a blink, there were several books on the table now, and Lena’s eyes widened.


She held out a hand, “Wait, do that again? But slower?”


When Magnus gave her a questioning look, she clarified, “The snappy thing. Is it a mental manipulation, like a summoning from a different place, or is it a literal materialization?”


“Ah, I summoned them from my storage house outside of New York.”


Lena nodded, and urged Magnus to do it again. Happy to oblige, Magnus took his time and concentrated on the actual act of summoning an object. With a slowed flourished, he snapped his fingers again, and another book was placed onto the table.


Lena sat back down and had a calculation look on her face. “The magic around you responded so fluidly,” she gingerly reached out her hand towards the books and touched one. “The physical manifestation of the material was instantaneous, and took very little magic. Awesome.” Lena exclaimed, although Magnus wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by her words.


Before Magnus could ask, Lena’s eyes focused on one of the books on the farther end of the table and took a deep breath. She mimicked the hand gesture that Magnus had done, and then snapped her fingers. Magnus instantly felt a pull in the air, and wonderfully, the book had now moved into Lena’s waiting hands. She smiled triumphantly and looked up at Magnus.


He was staring at her in shock, mouth slightly agape as he tried understand what had happened.


“Did you know that when you do magic, the air kind of gets pulled towards you?” he asked, genuinely curious as to how she did that.


Lena’s brow creased in confusion, “No…? What do you mean? Does it not move fluidly around like yours?”


Magnus shook his head and leaned forward, “No, it’s more like the air is being sucked away, like in a vacuum.”


“Seriously?! What the fuck?” Lena gaped.


“It happened at Pandemonium too. When we were fighting the demons, I felt a sudden pull, as if the air itself was being sucked out of the room. And then I saw you blast the demon with that dagger looking thing, and then it happened again, but more forcefully when you crushed them with that other spell. It was incredible. I have never seen magic work like that before.” Magnus explained, thinking back to how it felt in the moment. “But the magic didn’t disappear from the room, it was more like it was funneled towards you. As you drew on it, the more it was provided.”


Lena slumped into her chair and huffed. She bit her bottom lip in confusion, and Magnus could see her mind working over time to interpret what Magnus had said.


“Can you see the magic when it happens? Either when you do it, or someone else?”


“Unless it takes a physical, visual form,” he clicked his fingers and produced a ball of fire, “or requires more magic, it is mostly invisible. Most warlocks have a distinctive colour to their magic, depending on the use of it, whether defensive or offensive.” Magnus explained, as he transformed the colour of the fire ball from bright blue, to yellow, to white. “Or there are warlocks like me, and love the flare of the dramatic,” Magnus stated, and made his magic dance around his fingers.


Lena giggled at bit as she watched. Magnus was enjoying speaking with her about magic. Her attention to the details of it was astonishing, and Magnus had to believe that it was because she had been a student that her love of magic was so powerful.


Magnus watched as Lena settled back into her chair, and she sighed, “Thank you Magnus. I appreciate this,” she gestured towards the stack of books.


“My pleasure, my dear. If you need help understanding anything, I am more than happy to help. We could even do lessons if you wish.”


“That would be great. Although, we might have to take it slow. I’m still getting used to living in this type of magic. Raphael helped a lot.”


Magnus furrowed his eyebrows at her, and she continued, “Raphael did my anchor tattoos. That’s why I can sit here without traveling.” Lena explained, moving her shirt sleeve up to show her arm, and then turning around to show the one on her back.


Magnus got up and leaned over her to look at them more closely. He could see the detail of a securing spell, a fortification spell, but it was all so intricate and slightly different from what he has seen that he almost didn’t recognize it.


“Raphael did these?” Magnus asked incredulously.


“Well, I drew them, he stenciled and then tatted them. That was when I got out of the in between and met Eli. I needed someone with some magic in them to do it. Couldn’t have a regular human do it, or else it wouldn’t have worked.


“Raphael has magic?” Magnus asked, slightly taken aback.


Lena nodded, and looked at Magnus as if he was speaking the obvious. “All creatures of legends have magic, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. I can literally see that magic around everyone, and it varies from person to person, species to species. Regular humans don’t normally have magic surrounding them, There’s like, this weird air bubble that surrounds them instead, so the magic doesn’t touch them. Even on my world, people who didn’t believe in magic typically didn’t have any magic surrounding them,” Lena explained, using her hands to make gestures. It was obvious to Magnus that Lena used her hands all the time, the fluidity of their movements clear and precise.


Magnus nodded, taking in the information. He knew that they were going to have to have more discussions about it, since there were obvious differences between their worlds, but their conversation was interrupted by Raphael and Eli returning, with bags of take out in their hands.


Lena practically jumped out of her chair in excitement for the hot and delicious food, and Magnus couldn’t help but agree. He was starving. His mind quickly returned to Alec, who was still sleeping in his bedroom at the moment. He got up from the couch to check on him. When he opened the door, he heard the soft sounds of Alec snoring, and it made Magnus smile. As long as Alec was getting the rest he truly needed, Magnus was happy. For now.

Chapter Text

Alec rubbed his forehead as he read yet another report on possible sightings of the Circle. All week, since Alec had mandated that all Shadowhunters needed to be vigilant on their rounds about suspicious activity concerning the Circle, many people have been providing reports. But unfortunately, some of them were simply Shadowhunters complaining about Downworlders, showing their racism clear as day on their reports.


He groaned in frustration as he shoved away a report and sat back in his hard chair. He just wanted the day to end so he could have a shower and relax. His phone pinged at that moment, and he reached for it blindly on his desk. After a few tries, he managed to grab it and hold it up to his face. He smiled widely when he saw that it was a text message from Magnus.


            | Want to grab drinks tonight?


Alec beamed at the thought and quickly sent a reply.


            | Yes please.


            | Tough day?


            | You don’t know the half of it. Hunter’s Moon?


            | Sounds great! And maybe we could rematch on that pool game that you clearly cheated on.


            | Hey, I didn’t cheat. You did, with your magic hands.


            | Magic had nothing to do with it. I’m just a great pool player.


Alec laughed a bit out loud and smiled down at the screen. Their first real date had been wonderful. They played pool, drank some martinis, which had surprised Alec on how much he had enjoyed them. Later that evening, back at Magnus’ loft, because there was no way Alec was going to bring Magnus back to the Institute, they made out for what seemed like hours, but in reality had only been about twenty minutes before Alec had been called to the Institute for some emergency.


He remembered the evenings that followed in vivid detail as well. He could not get Magnus’ lips out of his head. Alec bit his lip as he brought certain images to the forefront of his mind. How soft Magnus’ lips were, the slight scrape of his scruff on his chin and upper lip. It made Alec weak in the knees, and he was thankful that he was sitting down. He leaned back form his desk as he continued to think about Magnus. The little sounds the warlock made when Alec would kiss his neck, just below his ear, was pure bliss to Alec. Alec’s body was growing warm the more he pictured Magnus’ moans, the way he moved against Alec. Even during their game of pool, Magnus ooze this level of sex appeal that was classy, but also wildly erotic. Alec had lost most of his concentration while watching Magnus, and he regretted nothing. Luckily, he was able to affect the warlock just as much, enough so that Alec won their game by the end of the night. Alec remembered the fire that was blazing behind Magnus’ eyes as Alec rubbed his win in his face, smirking teasingly, resting his hip against the table but leaning in close to Magnus’ body. The tension was intoxicating, and Alec desperately wanted to taste him again.


Although they hadn’t done more than kissing and necking so far, and maybe a little rubbing of bodies, Alec was fully aware that he was falling for the warlock. He couldn’t keep his mind off the man, and his cheeks heated up even more. He smiled, knowing that he was going to see Magnus again tonight, and part of Alec wanted to have the evening go a bit farther. He sighed, fully intending to deal with half hard situation growing in his pants, but was too soon cut off by a sudden knock on the door.

Alec sat up straight immediately, frantically looking around and down at himself. It wasn’t too noticeable, as long as he didn’t stand for the next few minutes. Running a hand over his face, Alec cleared his throat, “Come in!” His voice was a bit too high than normal, and he cursed himself for being so obvious.


He looked up as the door opened, and his parabatai walked in.


“Hey, am I interrupting?” Jace asked, a slight smirk on his face, letting Alec know that he could guess exactly what was on Alec’s mind.


Alec shook his head, and Jace continued, “We good to go for that meeting?” Jace asked, coming forward to sink in the chair across from the desk. He settled into it quite comfortably.


Alec nodded, “Everyone should be here in a few minutes,” he paused for a moment, and then cleared his throat again, feeling a slight flush creeping up his face again. “How is training going with Clary?”


Alec nodded, “Everyone should be here in a few minutes,” he paused for a moment, and then cleared his throat again. “How is training going with Clary?”


“Great! She’s a natural.” Jace exclaimed, a shy grin forming on his face.


Alec had never really seen Jace react in such a way about a girl before. He was usually so cavalier about his interactions with women. Alec pondered the sudden change in Jace, and deemed that it was nice to see him act and behave with a bit more restraint. Clary’s addition to the Shadowhunters at the Institute had been somewhat problematic. Not everyone trusted the fact that she was the daughter of the most vicious and cruel man the Shadowworld had ever encountered, and that included several Downworlder criminals. But she soon began to gain people’s trust the more she was around everyone, clearly stating that she is nothing like her father. That he was merely the other half of conception, nothing more. And blood didn’t necessarily mean that certain traits were inherited.


Alec had to agree. He knew that many of his Shadowhunters were nothing like their parents. But the blatant use of racist comments and disrespectful attitudes was difficult to unlearn. Ever since his mother left the Institute, Alec had tried his best to implement new protocols, ones that would allow his Shadowhunters to learn from their mistakes and hopefully change their outlook on Downworlders. But he knew he was fighting an uphill battle. They were dealing with years of ingrained racism and superiority complexes. He knew he commanded respect from his Shadowhunters, but whenever his mother would visit and take control of the Institute, all of Alec’s hard work was thrown to the wind. It was understandable. His mother was an unyielding force that would make even the most secure Shadowhunter quiver in fear. But whenever his mother would leave, it was like everyone could breathe again. Alec definitely could. He kept pushing though, trying to make it so that his hunters could be who they wanted to be, rather than be carbon copies of their parents.


“Earth to Alec!”


Alec snapped out of his reverie and focused back on Jace. “Sorry, what?”


Jace smirked, “Still thinking of a certain warlock?”


Alec huffed, but shook his head. “Actually, no. For the first time today, I wasn’t thinking about Magnus.” He waved off Jace’s look of disbelief. “Seriously. I was thinking about how I want to change things around here, since mother will be in Idris for the foreseeable future.


Jace nodded slowly, biting his lip, “That’s great. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. And, of course, you can count on me as your right hand man!” Jace stated, puffing out his chest all macho like.


Alec laughed, “Sure thing. Now, simmer down, and make yourself useful. Go get everyone else for the meeting today, since they can’t get here themselves.”


A few minutes later, his office was filled with several Shadowhunters. His sister Isabelle, Jace, Clary, Underhill, Raj, Winters, Calvin, and Mindy. They all held positions of authority, and it was a meeting to touch base with everyone and hear their weekly reports.


“We need some new equipment in the lab. Some of the younger Shadowhunters messed around with it and now it isn’t functioning properly.” Isabelle stated, handing over a folder with a list of items that needed replacing.


“Reprimands?” Alec asked as he glanced over the list. It didn’t look like the items would be cheap, and so his frustration shot up when he assumed he would have to discipline more hunters.


Isabelle shook her head, “Already dealt with big bro. They are on ichor cleaning for the next month, rotating only to clean the main hall bathrooms daily.” There was a slight smirk in her description of the punishment, and Alec was put slightly at ease.


“Good. Moving on. What about the improvements of security systems, Underhill?” Alec turned his attention to the curly blond haired man. He was sitting tall in his seat, and he glanced down at his tablet to review his notes.


“Stable so far. Some bugs to figure out still, but relatively minor and simple to fix. Everyone will be issued new ID cards once it is completed. Unfortunately, that means everyone will need to submit for a new pass-code, and that takes time.”


Alec pressed his hands to his temple, but sighed, “Alright, if it necessary, then it’ll get done.”


Before Alec could say anything else, there was a sudden popping sound in the room. In a blink of an eye, a cascade of water flooded the room, drenching everything and everyone in it. Once the initial onslaught of water subsided, Alec was on his feet, shaking his head to shake the water away. He sputtered a bit, and looked wildly to take in the situation. Everyone was on their feet, weapons at the ready as they all turned around to find the source. It had definitely been magic, and when they turned all the way around, they saw what it was.


Lena, who had appeared out of nowhere, was standing in the middle of the office, between the couches and the chairs were everyone was sitting, soaking wet and coughing. Her face was wide with panic, and her chest was heaving. Alec quickly, raised his hands towards the other Shadowhunters to put their weapons down. He looked at Lena with curiosity and concern as he watched her take in her surroundings. She looked around and shook herself.


Lena huffed out a strangled laugh, “Fuck. That was not supposed to happen.” Lena stated.


All the Shadowhunters looked between Alec and Lena in confusion.



“Always pay attention to the alloys, uhm. Iron has a neutral quality, whereas, uh, silver and gold have effect of magnifying the effects of other components of the alloys. And I would caution you to test for this each time, before, uh, using a knife or a ritual work. Because, um, a spell can alter the metal at a, a quantum level.”


Lena breathed in through her nose deeply, and lolled her head a round a bit, landing on Penny beside her. ‘This class sucks ass….’ She groaned internally.


Penny smirked slightly beside her, not taking his eyes away from the front of the class. His hand was resting on Katy’s leg, who was sitting on his other side. She was fiddling with his scarf, no paying attention to the front at all. Lena grinned at her, as she listened into what Katy was planning on doing with Penny later. She shook her head incredulously, and refocused her attention to around the room. A few seats over, Alice was diligently taking notes, the words of the professor running through her head at lightning speeds. Quentin was across the room, twiddling with a coin between his fingers. Eliot and Margo weren’t part of this class, as they were a year ahead, but Lena could sense them in one of the other rooms in the building, working on a physical spell that actually required their attention.


Leaning her head back, she stared at the ceiling for a moment, and breathed again through her nose. As the professor began to speaking in German, or Russian, or whatever it was, she looked back at him. His hands were moving widely with expression, and she could tell he was getting into his lecture.


‘Finally,’ she thought. When he spoke in his mother tongue, he was much more exciting and confident.


‘So for instance, uh, this first device - ”


He froze.


Lena froze too. Or more accurately, she was frozen. She tried to move her head to look around, but found that she could only move her eyes. She could breath fine, but she couldn’t move her body. Not even a twitch. She moved her eyes to look around as best as she could, but she could only see so much out of her peripherals. Everyone was also frozen.


Dread filled her stomach, although she couldn’t place why.


Even the clock had stopped ticking, meaning that time was frozen in the room as well.


‘What the fuck?’ Penny asked in his mind.


‘I don’t know. You ok?’ Lena replied.


‘Yeah, just freaking out a bit.’ Penny stated.


There was a sudden vibration in the air. The sound grew until the air in the room popped, and Lena felt a sudden chill surround her. Someone had walked into the room, and was moving at the back. There was this weird fluttering sound, and as the person came forward, she could see these giant moths flying about. As the person began to walk about the room, Lena noticed that they had a little skip in their step, as if they doing a two step dance.


The person stopped in the middle of the room, and turning towards the professor, they raised their right hand. Lena had the perfect view of what was happening, and it filled her with terror. Their hand had six fingers, working together to perform a rather heinous spell. She watched as the person crushed the throat of the professor, and she wanted to scream. She wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn’t.


Suddenly, the main door at the back of the room burst open, and there was a huge gust of power, runes and offensive magic rings, thrown directly at the person surrounded by moths. It merely pushed him over, but he quickly regained his balance, and performed a counter spell. She heard the rescuer grunt, and to her dismay, she recognized the voice as Dean Fogg. She strained her eyes to see where the moth person was going and what they were doing. To her horror, a wet sound filled the room, just before Dean Fogg screamed out in agony, and then there was a huge thud. The moth person then gently placed two eyes balls onto Penny’s desk, who was mentally freaking out because he had been sprayed with blood, and the moth person sadistically placed a line under the eyes to make it look like a smiley face.


Lena wanted to hurl, she wanted out, but she found that she couldn’t travel. Neither could Penny. She wanted to move, she wanted to get out. Needed to get out. Her heart was racing so fast that she wasn’t paying attention to what was happening next.


‘Quentin Coldwater… There you are.’ The moth person said, his voice deep and resonant, but filled with a childlike glee with having found their favourite toy.


Lena could feel herself shaking, although she wasn’t outwardly doing it. She screamed in her head, cried out, and tried to fight the force that was keeping her still, but to no avail.


‘I can’t get out.


I can’t move!


I can’t get out.


Help me!


I can’t get out


Let me out,


Let me go,




Lena gasped as she sat up in bed. She flailed her arms out and kicked off her sheets as she tried to get out of her bed. She could feel that she was panicking, her breathing coming in too quickly, but she needed to reassure herself that she could move. That she was not stuck in the room, not at Brakebills, not in Fillory. Not stuck.


“You’re not stuck. You’re not stuck,” she muttered to herself.  


There was a knock on her door that made her jump a little. She shakily ran a hand though her hair, trying to tame the mess that was surely there. She shuffled over to the door and grasped the handle. Closing her eyes for a moment, she took a deep breath and pulled it open.


“Hey,” she said, flashing a fake smile.


Magnus stood in the doorway and looked at her with concerned eyes. “I heard you, Lena. Please don’t hide them from me.” He said gently.


Lena deflated. She felt her shoulders slump, “Sorry if I woke you.”


Magnus shook his head and reached a hand to gasp hers. “I was already awake when I heard you,” he paused, looking at her face with a gentle, but stern expression, “What happened this time?”


Lena licked her lips and sniffed. Humming a bit, she shook her head. “I need food first. And coffee, preferably with something extra in it,” she said, as she pulled her hand out of Magnus’ to walk around him out of the room.


He nodded in understanding, and followed her without pressing anymore. She knew she would have to tell him about the dream. That was part of the deal they came up with when it had been decided that Lena would stay with Magnus for the time being, while she relearned her magic. That had been almost two weeks ago, and each night, without fail, she had dreams about her life before. They varied as to what the content was, but usually surrounded the Beast, losing everyone and everything before coming to this world.


She made her way into the kitchen, and snapped her finger to turn on the electric kettle Magnus had purchased for her. Magic worked differently on this world, as she soon found out, but simple things, like turning things on and off, she could do without many problems.  


They sat quietly as they ate breakfast, Lena drinking her tea greedily despite it burning her tongue. She relished the feeling, it grounded her in the present, reassuring her that she was in fact in Magnus’ kitchen and not stuck in a dream.


“So?” Magnus asked quietly.


Lena flicked her eyes at Magnus, who was sitting across from her. She gulped the last of her tea, and winced as it burned down her throat. She recounted what happened in the dream. Slowly. Hesitantly. Trying her best not to cry as she did.


“Who’s Katy?” Magnus asked after she had finished.


Lena blinked, “Oh… um, she’s – was? – Penny’s, uh friend? With benefits?” Lena cleared her throat, “She left Brakebills after the attack. She never came back. I don’t know if she is alive or dead.” Lena confessed, frowning.


Magnus nodded. He waved his hand with a flourish, and cleared the table in a blink. Lena looked down and saw that her cup was refilled with tea. She glanced up to thank him, and took a sip. She had gotten through the dream, and deep down, she knew that telling Magnus about them was helping. Maybe not as quickly as they had both been hoping, since she was still having the dreams, but at least she wasn’t freaking out as much, or feeling like she was suffocating.


“What’s on the agenda today, dove?” Magnus asked, standing up and straightening his shirt out.


Lena raised an eyebrow, “Dove?”


“You don’t like any other names I have used so far, so I will keep trying until we find one that works for you!” Magnus exclaimed, his voice betraying just slightly how exasperated he was about the situation.


Lena laughed. He had tried many different pet names for her, the worst by far had been snookums. She had literally cringed, and so had he. They laughed about it, before striking from the list.


“Dove is okay; I guess…” she offered.


“No, no, we have to find one that suits you, and is perfect. Don’t worry, it may not be in English for all we know! We shall keep trying.” Magnus declared with a determined smile.


“Anyway…” Lena stood up as well and followed Magnus into the living room. He magically pushed away his furniture to give them space, and she watched as he turned back towards her expectantly.


“I think I’m ready to try traveling today.”


Magnus was surprised, and to be honest, so was Lena. She knew that it would take time to get there, but she was feeling ready enough to try a few jumps.


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah. I’ll just do two jumps. We can set up anchors, and take all the precautions. But, yeah, I want to try.”


Magnus breathed in deeply, but slowly nodded. “If you’re feeling ready, then what do we need?”


Lena bit her lip, and thought for a second. “A fire extinguisher, or a bucket of water, a towel or two, and waterproof chalk?”


Magnus huffed a laugh as he looked at her in disbelief. “Why would we need all that?”


“I could literally land anywhere! So, I need to be prepared for any situation!” Lena explained, smiling along with him, because the items were a bit ridiculous. “But in all seriousness, I do need waterproof chalk or something, that not only won’t go away if I bring back water with me, but also won’t permanently mark up your floor.”


Magnus nodded, and snapped together the items she required.


After half an hour of preparations, putting her anchor on the floor and setting up wards to keep her in check, - as far as she hoped - she was ready.


“Where are you hoping to go?” Magnus asked as he adjusted his pants, standing up from kneeling on the ground.


Lena shrugged, “Last time I did this, Penny – and Mayakovski – just told me to travel, be stable in the movement, and then come back. That’s it. Hence, the precautions,” Lena explained, gesturing to the multitude of items around the room.


Magnus nodded, but still seemed in need of convincing.


Lena sighed. “Traveling is not exactly safe when you first start. That’s why so many of us died. I was lucky when I first traveled, and Dean Fogg was there to help me out. And then Penny…” Lena shook herself to get away from the sadness, “Penny was always there, in the beginning. He had had a bad run of it the first time he tried on his own. So, he promised to be better.”


Magnus smiled sadly at Lena, “He sounds wonderful.”


“He was… A dick sometimes, but wonderful.” Lena smirked.


Lena watched Magnus’ face as it changed expressions, his eyes having this far away look as if he was remembering someone like that in his own life. Lena understood that he would know better than most that type of sadness.


Lena clapped her lands loudly, and turned to face her anchoring circle. It was different from the one that she used when she first got there, and it would allow her to travel back and forth.


“Alrighty then. Let’s do this!” Lena said excitedly.


She walked into the middle of the circle, and settling her nerves, she closed her eyes. She focused on the feeling of traveling, the lull between worlds, and the magic that surrounded it. She knew that she would have to take into account the timing, since she didn’t want to end up in the in-between for a day or more. Thankfully, she had figured out majority of the magic on this world with Magnus’ help and books. She reached out with her mind and grasped onto a place at random and moved there. Her body didn’t feel like it shifted at all, but rather like the world had moved around her. She opened her eyes, and she was standing in a very crowded street, hundreds of people milling about her, without a second glance. She looked around herself and saw that she was somewhere in Japan. She recognized the symbols on the signs of stores on the side streets. She giggled, smiling widely. She did it! She was so happy that she managed to land somewhere nice, and not painful. She took stock of her body, noting that nothing was out of place, or missing (thank fuck), before she took a few steps forward. She immediately ran into the people walking much faster than her, and she relished the contact. It was affirming to her, that she had successfully traveled. Walking a bit more, she took in her surroundings a bit more, before she concentrated on her anchoring circle back in Magnus’ apartment, how it looked, what the room smelled like when she had left, what Magnus looked like, and what he was wearing. Any and all things that reminded her of the loft she used to anchor herself back.


She closed her eyes, and felt the world move. She opened her eyes again, and she was standing in her circle, in front of Magnus once again, whose face was a little pale and mouth agape.


“YES!” Lena yelled, arms raised high above her head. She was so excited that she did it, and her happiness was obviously contagious. Magnus smiled after a few seconds to collect himself.


“Where did you go?” Magnus asked quickly.


“Somewhere in Japan! Fuck yes, dude! Ugh, you have no idea how nice it is to know that I can do that again!” Lena exclaimed, laughing and running her hands through her hair.


“Japan!? Wow. It didn’t look anything like portaling. One second you were here, and the next you were gone.” Magnus looked like he was still in shock from watching her travel. “I mean, it’s incredible,” he looked at her with disbelief in his eyes, “I know we have been working on your magic for the past two weeks, but I’m still baffled by your abilities, and how they manifest.” Magnus expressed, crossing his arms and resting his one hand on his chin. “I -” he shook his head, smiling.


“I know, right?” Lena finished for him, smirking at him with a knowing look. “Okay, okay, okay. I’m going to go again!” Lena jumped a bit in her excited and hurry in her circle, readying herself.


“Wait!” Magnus said suddenly, “What happens if you do it again, and somehow get lost? I can’t believe we didn’t think of it before, but I could put a tracking spell on you, and track where you end up, just in case.” Magnus explained, stepping forward, clear worry on his face.


“Shit, that’s a good idea,” Lena stepped out of the anchoring circle, “Have at’er.”


Magnus quickly clicked his fingers, summoning magic to his fingertips, and Lena felt the magic caress all around her body, settling gently on her skin. She raised her eyebrow at him, waiting for him to confirm that he was finished. He nodded after a moment, and she quickly moved back into the circle.


For the next hour, Lena ended up traveling a lot, ending up many different places, sometimes challenging herself to think of specific places, and see how close she could get. They decided to have a bit of fun with it, traveling into houses of friends, playing tricks on Raphael and Eli. Lena was ecstatic with her progress, but knew that she was going to need a lot more practice, especially when she removed the anchoring circle.


“Okay, once more, and then I think we could call it a day.” Lena said, taking in stock how hungry she was from the exertion.


Magnus nodded in agreement. “Alright, that sounds good. Where would you like to go next? How about something easy to finish off the day, like Central Park?”


Lena considered it, and agreed, “Here I come, Central Park!”


Lena closed her eyes tightly, a smile on her face. She traveled into the space and felt the world shift.


Then she was immediately plunged into freezing cold darkness. It flooded her ears, her nose, and her mouth. She panicked and sucked in a breath, but the only thing that filled her lungs was frigid water. She choked on the water, feeling its icy tingle piercing her skin. She kicked her legs, waved her arms, but everything felt like it was in slow motion. She panicked more when opened her eyes, and she couldn’t see anything. There was no light. Only darkness. She kicked harder, but to no avail.


Closing her eyes tightly, she concentrated on her anchoring circle, but the swirling pain of head and the burning in her lungs made it impossible to concentrate properly. She couldn’t think, so she brought her arms down to her sides and willed her body to move, to travel, to get out of the water.


It worked.


She felt the world shift, and she brought a fuck ton of water with her as she traveled. She felt her feet hit solid ground and she snapped her eyes open. She was standing in a room, which looked like an office, and it had a few people in it. She sputtered and coughed to get the water out of her lungs, and she leaned forward to expel it. Once she was somewhat okay, she glanced around her to take in her surroundings. She definitely wasn’t at Magnus’.


It was then that her focus settled on the people in the room. She recognized them, and part of her was glad for it. But the other part of her wasn’t too thrilled.


Lena huffed out a strangled laugh, and she shook off water from her arms, “Fuck. That was not supposed to happen.” Lena stated.


She was standing in the middle of a room full of Shadowhunters, all of whom were soaking wet.



Magnus gaped as Lena disappeared in front of him in a blink of an eye once more, unable to really wrap his head around the idea of portaling without a portal. Usually, she took a few moments in the place she traveled to, before traveling back. He waited for her to bounce back, excited to see how her last trip went, but after two minutes, she didn’t return. He grew a bit concerned. He waited another 30 seconds before going up to her circle and checking to see if anything had been misplaced or smudged. Nothing seemed out of place, and so it caused Magnus to worry more. He was just about to do a tracking spell on her, when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out to see that Alec was calling him.


Despite his current worries, a small smile was on his lips. ‘Oh my, I’m in deep already,” Magnus thought to himself, but answered the call anyway. “Alexander, I’d love to chat, but I have -,” Magnus began, wanting to end the call quickly to find Lena.  


Alec interrupted him quickly, speaking over him, “Magnus, Lena just showed up, soaking the entirety of my office. What the hell happened?” Alec asked on the other end, his voice betraying his slight frustration.


Magnus gasped, and let out a sigh of relief, “Oh thank goodness! I was worried for a moment. Hang on, you said soaking? What?” Magnus asked, and quickly opened a portal to Alec’s office in the Institute. The perks of being the High Warlock of Brooklyn was that he was in charge of maintaining the wards on the building. So what if he had put in a loop hole or two for his convenience.


He stepped through the portal and beheld the sight that was in front of him. Lena was standing, drenched and dripping on the floor, along with several other Shadowhunters, including Alec. Magnus gaped at him, but then quickly had to hide his sudden giggle. Alec looked like a grumpy cat that had just been given a bath. Instead, he turned his attention to Lena instead.


“Are you alright, sugar?”


“Fan-fucking-tastic.” Lena growled, sarcasm dripping in her voice, just as the water was dripping down her face from her hair.  


“What happened?” Magnus asked, still trying to suppress his giggling.


“I ended up in a lake or something. Since when does Central Park have fucking frozen lakes!” Lena yelled, her anger not entirely directed at Magnus, but just at the situation. He waited for her to continue, “It was a shock and terrifying, so stop laughing you little shit.” Lena snapped as she made her way towards Magnus.


Magnus looked at her, and could tell that there was no heat behind her words, so he simply smirked at her and jutted out his hip.


“I thought you were a New Yorker?” he asked teasingly.


“I am! But from a different one asshole! And fuck you, I can’t control this on my own right now, and you know that!” Lena said incredulously. She pushed back her hair from her face and scowled.


Magnus smiled at her and tried his best to conceal his laughter. He was just glad she was okay. But then he took in his surroundings, and looked at her questioningly. “Why did you end up here? Why not come back to the loft where you made your anchor?” Magnus inquired.


“I tried, but it wasn’t working. I don’t know what happened, but I closed my eyes and just traveled. I didn’t care where in the moment.” Lena explained, still wiping away at her face from the droplets that seemed to be never ending.


With a quick wave of Magnus’ hands, the room was dry, and so was everyone in the room. There were several muttered thank yous throughout the room, and Magnus simply nodded in return.


“What were you doing?” Alec voiced, coming to stand beside Magnus.


“I was trying out traveling. Seeing if I could actually do it. I can, but not without an anchoring circle to keep me from getting lost.” Lena explained.


“We had precautions in place just in case something was to happen, but I don’t think we thought something like this would happen. I was just about to activate the tracking spell I put on her to find her when she didn’t return,” Magnus continued, turning his attention to Alec completely. “Hello, by the way, handsome.” Magnus purred at Alec.


Magnus relished the moment as Alec’s face flushed a deep red, his lips twitching into a small smile.


“Hey,” he replied quietly.


“Um, PG Alec!” Lena called out.


Magnus smirked as he watched Alec blushed even more. “Ah, my dear, you must keep your thoughts in check!” he tutted teasingly, placing his hand on Alec’s cheek.


Magnus stood back just a bit from Alec, and looked back at Lena. “Are you alright?” He asked her, expressing just how serious his concern for her was.


Lena nodded and shrugged. “It’s gonna take more practice obviously, but yeah, I’m fine.”


Magnus smiled and clapped his hands together. “Right. Well, I will take Lena back my loft, and let you Shadowhunters get back to whatever you were doing before you were interrupted by her waterfall.”


Before Lena could reply, or anyone else for that matter, Magnus opened a portal. He gestured for Lena to take his hand before he looked at Alec and winked at him, “See you later.”


He stepped through when Alec nodded, smiling at him. If he put a little swagger in his walk, he wasn’t to blame. The tall Shadowhunter deserved it. Magnus smiled internally (although not completely, as Lena laughed at him when they stepped into the loft), and sighed contently. He was soooo looking forward to seeing Alexander later.

Chapter Text

Magnus was nervous. Earlier that day, after the whole debacle with Lena dumping half a lake into Alec’s office, Alec had contacted him and stated that he was getting off earlier, and had asked if their drinks could turn into dinner. Magnus had been elated at the idea and agreed to meet Alec at the restaurant. But what Magnus didn’t understand was why he was no nervous now? They had gone out before for drinks, played pool, hell, had even made out on his couch several times! So, for the life of him, Magnus could not fathom why he was fiddling with his hair tonight, trying to get it just right, but each time huffing in frustration when it didn’t do what he wanted. Or why he had changed his outfit six different times.


Maybe it had been the way Alec had called to ask him, instead of just texting. Or maybe in the way Alec had asked, his voice jittery and sputtering, despite everything they had shared so far.


Magnus found Alec’s hesitancy endearing, adorable, and cute. He remembered fondly, his lips turned up into a smile as he had listened to Alec’s voice, loving the way it sounded in his ear, sending shivers down his spine, and churning other feelings in his stomach.


It had been when he ended the call that nerves started to manifest in his stomach instead.


Lena had watched him for a while, flitting about the loft, before she chuckled and informed Magnus that she was heading out to hang out with Eli. Not that Magnus had even registered what she had said.


He was going on a date with Alec again, and he had butterflies in his stomach.


As he applied make up on his face, winging the tips of his eyeliner just so, he thought of Alec earlier that day, looking like a wet, grumpy cat. Magnus smiled tenderly. Oh, that man is adorable, Magnus thought to himself. Magnus also remembered a particular detail that had almost made him drool in front of several Shadowhunters. Alec’s shirt wet and clinging to his body like it had been painted on. Just the thought of it sent zaps of pleasure throughout his body. He swallowed thickly, and shook his head. He did not need to get excited right now, especially not before his date.


But, damn, that boy was fine.


Finishing the final touches of his face, Magnus stood to walk around to his full length mirror and assess his outfit. Happy with the final result, he smiled at himself for a job well done. But then he looked again, and started to doubt his choice of jacket, his boots, and glittery eye-shadow. Before he could change his mind yet again, he shook his head and stalked out of his bedroom, right out of his loft. Magnus had decided to dress in somewhat subdued clothes, although not lacking in sex appeal or his general flair. But he didn’t have as many necklaces on, and wore simple rings on majority of his fingers. He was wearing a black dress shirt with a short collar, and it had glittery thread woven into the fabric, giving it a subtle shimmer that was not too over powering. He wore tight black pants that hugged his ass perfectly, with short ankle boots that had a flash of red on the one side. He chose a large belt buckle to contrast against so much black, giving his torso and hips some definition. Finally, he had pulled on one of his favourite blazers. It was a red and black jacket, the red varying in tone, with a pattern of arrows pointing in every direction.


Magnus smirked as he made his way down the street at the subtle nod to Alec’s proficiency at archery.


It took Magnus about twenty minutes to reach the place that Alec had suggested. Magnus was glad that they had decided to meet at the restaurant, mostly because it gave Magnus time to calm down at the thought of having a proper date with Alexander. Yes, it was more spontaneous than their other interactions, but it felt like it held more gravitas. Magnus took in a big breath as he rounded the corner, and it was pushed out of his chest, like someone had just punched him in the gut.  


Alec was standing outside of the restaurant, looking amazing. He was wearing tight black pants, his combat boots as usual, and a coloured button up shirt under his good leather jacket. It was a lighter blue colour, still fairly dark but light enough to make Magnus’ heart flutter. However, it was what Alec was holding in his hand that made Magnus stop breathing for a moment.


Alec was holding a flower, a stark contrast to his outfit and his general personality. It was a soft, lovely pink colour and it had a long stem, with many buds and open petals near its bottom.


Magnus was speechless as he paused his steps, taking in the sight before him.


After a moment, Alec looked his way, his face lighting up as he noticed Magnus standing there. He walked over to Magnus, a blush growing on his face as he did. Magnus could feel his lips tugging into a smile, drinking in Alec.


Alec stopped in front of Magnus, just a step, and let out a breath, “Hey,” he said, grinning widely.


Magnus blinked for a moment, unable to speak. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. He just looked at Alec, and back at the flower in his hand.


“Oh, I, um… I got this for you,” Alec spoke suddenly, his voice low and sending shivers down Magnus’ back. “I hope it isn’t weird.” His face shifted into concern when Magnus still didn’t reply.


“No!” Magnus managed to finally say. He cleared his throat and visibly shook himself to snap out of his stupor. “No, it’s…” he paused as he didn’t know what to say. “Alexander…,” Magnus broke off, his face breaking out into a wide smile, still unable to find the words.


Alec seemed to take Magnus’ reaction as a good thing, so he continued, “The florist said that, uh, this is called a matthiola incana,” he paused, as if not knowing if his next words would be okay, “she said it symbolizes beauty that doesn’t fade with age, and a lifetime of happiness.” He finished quickly, bringing his free hand up to rub his neck. 


Magnus stared at Alec again, his eyes widening at the thought that Alec had taken the time not only to go to flower shop, but to talk to a florist about what the flower was and what it meant. He was in awe of this man, and Magnus had this fluttering feeling in heart that he hadn’t felt in centuries, if ever.


“Alexander, it’s… perfect,” Magnus whispered, doing his best not to cry in that moment.


Alec smile hugely, and held out the flower for Magnus to take. Magnus accepted it gently, holding it like he was holding the most precious thing in the world. He had never received flowers from anyone before. He was always the one to give things to others, always the one to give his heart away before the other, and it always ended up with his heart broken into a thousand pieces. Just the thought that Alec had thought of Magnus in such a way made Magnus swoon.


Magnus snapped his fingers over the flower, preserving it forever with a sustainability spell. He never wanted it to disappear from his life.


“Thank you,” Magnus said, with all the sincerity he could muster without throwing himself at the man, and kissing him over and over. Although, he definitely wanted to do that later.


“You’re welcome,” Alec replied, smiling just as warmly. “Are you ready to eat?”


Magnus raised his head from sniffing the flower. It smelled strongly of cinnamon and clove, two scents that surprised Magnus, but wonderful.


“It reminded me of you,” Alec explained quickly, seeing Magnus’ intrigued face.


“I smell of cinnamon and clove?” Magnus asked teasingly.


Alec nodded, “Sometimes. And sandalwood,” he blushed, “that’s my favourite.” Alec bit his lip nervously.


Magnus couldn’t wait till later. He moved into Alec’s space and pressed his lips against the man. It wasn’t forceful or clashing teeth, but it was passionate and Magnus put as much gratitude into as he could. Magnus felt Alec respond after a second of surprised hesitation, and he felt a hand settle on his waist. Magnus brought his free hand up to cup Alec’s face.  


When they parted, they were both slightly out of breath. Magnus looked into Alec’s eyes, seeing a similar feeling reflected in his eyes.


“Alexander…” Magnus said again, still unable to speak.


Alec chuckled lightly, “I do believe I have rendered the great Magnus Bane speechless,” he mused.


Magnus huffed a laugh, but nodded. “Yes. Yes you have.” He swallowed hard at the emotion that was suddenly rushing up. He needed to push them down for the moment, at least to get through dinner.


Shaking his head with a wide smile he spoke, “Shall we?” he gestured to the restaurant behind them.


Alec nodded, “Lets.”


Much to Magnus’ delight, Alec interlocked their fingers, and pulled him gently towards the restaurant. Magnus was still nervous, but for an entirely different reason.



After dinner, they decided to walk around a bit, hand interlocked the entire time, and Magnus holding onto his flower in the other. He was blissfully happy. Their conversations never seemed stilted or rushed, there was no lingering awkwardness, and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Throughout the entire dinner, Alec had his hand either holding Magnus’ or his leg brushed up against his under the table. It made Magnus feel wonderful and wanted in more ways than just sex. Although, he did feel wanted in that way as well, as dinner slowly came to an end. Magnus had felt a shift in their date that evening, and he knew that Alec felt it as well.


They had made their way around several blocks, before coming to a stop in front of Magnus’ building.


“Would you like to come up for a drink?” Magnus asked, staying close to Alec’s side.


Alec tilted his head, “oh, I don’t know. What are your intentions, Mr. Bane?” Alec teased, quirking an eyebrow.


Magnus’ mouth dropped open, and he huffed out a laugh, “I am asking because I would very much like this evening not to end now, here, on my doorstep.”


Alec stared at Magnus, and the intensity with which he was doing so made Magnus shiver and gulp.


“Yes, Magnus, I would like to come up for a drink.”


The tension that had been brewing the entire evening was steadily growing. It was palpable in the elevator, and the thumb rubbing against Magnus’ hand was very distracting. Magnus couldn’t wipe the smile from his face even if he wanted to. He felt Alec lean back against the wall of the elevator by the slight tug on his head, but before he could turn his head, the doors opened on his floor. He walked forward, only to have Alec pull on his hand with a jolt, propelling him back into the elevator. Magnus stumbled against his chest, and looked up at Alec’s face in shock. The burning desire in his eyes set Magnus’ insides a blaze.


But Alec didn’t immediately pull him into a kiss. He gently caressed Magnus’ face with a soft touch, sending shivers and electricity over Magnus’ body. Alec leaned in close, cupping Magnus’ face gently, and lowered his face to just barely brush his lips.


Magnus let out a shaking breath, wanting more from Alec. He could feel his warm breath on his lips and he leaned forward a bit more, their bodies now pressed hard against one another. Magnus almost groaned at the touch, their bodies slotting together perfectly.


Finally, Alec pressed his lips more firmly against Magnus’, and Magnus willingly and happily gave into the kiss. It was beautiful and warm, with a subtle burning desire that seemed to only be increasing with each passing second. They were soon both panting, lips sliding over each other, getting more and more feverish with want and desire.


Magnus pulled back first, looking wrecked. Alec was equally dishevelled, his cheeks rosy, and his lips looking slightly bruised. Magnus interlocked their fingers once again, and pulled Alec out of the elevator, down towards his loft. Alec rushed forward, making Magnus laugh out loud, as he let go of Magnus’ hand and grabbed him from around the waist and half carried him to the door.


“You’re ridiculous!” Magnus managed through his laughter, as he was placed down gently on the floor.


He was immediately pressed against the door, caged in by Alec’s arms in the best possible way.


“Yeah, I guess I am,” Alec said, equally breathless with laughter, a smirk on his face as he looked at Magnus with the same heat as in the elevator.


Magnus rolled his eyes at Alec. Standing up straight, thus leaning more closely into Alec, Magnus snapped his fingers to open the door, and with a smirk, he stepped backwards out of Alec’s bubble, into his loft. Alec huffed a laugh and followed him in, reaching out to close the door behind him. The heat from the elevator had in no way dissipated, but it was simmering as they took off their jackets slowly, hanging them on the hooks near the door. Magnus could feel Alec’s eyes on him as he walked away into the living room. He clicked his fingers again, conjuring a small vase to put his flower in, and set it in the center of his coffee table for the time being. He planned on moving it into his room, onto his vanity, so he could look at it every morning. After, he swaggered over to the drink cart and got two glasses out.


“What would you like?” Magnus asked, over his shoulder.


“Whatever you’re having,” Alec said, his voice somewhat more distant than Magnus had anticipated.


Pouring the drinks, he lifted them and turned around to hand Alec’s his. And he almost dropped them both when he saw Alec standing in the living room, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He had about two buttons done, so it wasn’t scandalous yet, but it made Magnus’ mouth go dry. He suddenly felt very intensely aroused, that beautiful feeling blossoming in the pit of his stomach and groin.


When Alec saw that Magnus had noticed, he stopped, smirking slightly at Magnus’ shocked expression. He walked the few paces towards Magnus and reached for his drink.


“Thank you,” he said, his voice so deep with desire that Magnus swooned.


Alec took a sip of the drink, and no matter how hard he tried to be suave or cool, Magnus knew that he didn’t really like the taste of alcohol. So, try as he might, he still grimaces at the taste, and Magnus smiled warmly. The intensity had somewhat lessened enough for Magnus to catch his breath and really appreciate what was happening, and what was about to happen.


“Alexander…” Magnus started, and thankfully, Alec only looked at him with an openness that made Magnus feel at peace. “I had a wonderful evening. That restaurant was delicious!”


Alec smiled and nodded, “I’m glad you liked it. I was pleasantly surprised as well. Izzy recommended it, and she isn’t usually the best person to offer advice on food.”


Magnus chuckled at the memory of Alec explaining that Izzy had the weirdest palette, and could not cook to save her life. “Well, I must say, I am impressed.”


Alec hummed in agreement, taking another sip of his drink. He managed to keep his grimace to a minimum, and Magnus couldn’t help but admire his tenacity. The stood for a moment in happy silence, but soon, Magnus reached for Alec’s hand, and led his towards the couch to sit.


Magnus clicked his fingers, and a soft melody came out of the speakers throughout his apartment. Alec lifted his head in interest, and smiled at Magnus. They spoke a little about odds and ends, the tension from the elevator steadily growing as they moved closer and closer to each other on the couch. Magnus loved the feeling of Alec’s hand on his knee, how his strong hand cupped it gently, ever so slowly moving it up and down just an inch or so. He, on the other hand, was gently caressing the back of Alec’s neck, playing with the hair at the nape, swirling in fingers in random patterns.


At one point, Magnus’ finger dipped a bit into Alec’s collar, and he saw Alec’s eyes darken instantly. His breathing was coming in faster, and he licked his lips. Magnus loved it when he licked his lips. It made him want to put his mouth on Alec and feel that tongue against his own.


His eyes widened at the thought, and he straightened a bit. It seemed though, that Alec had read his thoughts, since he leaned forward and captured Magnus’ mouth with his.


Magnus instantly reciprocated. He leaned in, pushing against Alec with the same vigor. He curls his hand into Alec’s hair more firmly, and holds the man’s head captive. Alec breaks the kiss gently, but doesn’t move away, knowing full well that he couldn’t. He smirked at Magnus for a second, before turning slightly, still close, to set his drink on the table, and grabbing Magnus’ drink and putting it down as well. The second it was safe on the table, Magnus practically jumped onto Alec. He pressed his body forward, capturing Alec’s mouth and throwing himself onto his body. Alec’s hand wandered over his sides and waist, setting his body on fire. Magnus shifted them a bit so he had better access to Alec, coming to place himself on Alec’s lap.


They had come to his point before, fighting for dominance, and one of them usually ending up on top of the other. Magnus felt Alec’s hand wander a bit more, and land partially on his ass. Magnus moaned a bit at the feeling, and it seemed to encourage Alec. His hands moved a bit more, to fully grasp his ass.


Even through his pants, his skin was heated and covered in goose bumps. Magnus took the feeling and swiveled his hips a bit against Alec, who let out his own moan. The feeling that was brewing between them was intoxicating, and with each dip of his hips, Magnus pulled a moan out of Alec. Dear lord, he is going to be the death of me, Magnus thought to himself. He paused his kissing Alec to take in a shaky breath.


“Alexander,” Magnus whispered, leaning his forehead against Alec’s.


“Magnus,” Alec whispered in reply. His arms tightened around Magnus, ensuring that he wouldn’t move away.


Magnus found it oddly comforting, having Alec hold him as he was, not wanting to let go. They were both panting hard, Alec’s face and neck were flushed and he looked a little dazed. Magnus felt the same, slightly dizzy from kissing Alec, feeling cocooned in his arms. Magnus looked at Alec, and saw how Alec’s eyes were conveying just how turned on he was. Not that Magnus could blame him, he was equally turned on. He let out a small groan as he caressed Alec’s face. It was when Magnus noticed a slight shift in those eyes that made Magnus paused completely.


“What?” he asked.


Alec watched Magnus for a second, his eyes darting in between Magnus’, and a slow grin pulled at his lips. His eyes were wide with awe and wonder, but not at all lacking in their lust for Magnus.


“Magnus… your eyes…” Alec whispered, gently bringing his hand up to touch the side of Magnus’ face, near his eyes.


Magnus blinked for a second, confused at why Alec was so fixated. A second later though, his eyes widened and he jolted up right, and instantly closed them.


“Oh… I… uh,” Magnus began, suddenly wanting to get off Alec’s lap and move away. When had his glamour come down!? Panic filled Magnus’ chest.


So Magnus was surprised when Alec’s arms tightened once more around him,


“Magnus, please.” Alec said, his voice clear and firm, yet reassuring. Magnus could tell that there was some concern underneath, and for some reason, Magnus couldn’t disobey the sound of Alec’s voice.


He stopped trying to move away, but kept his eyes closed.


He felt Alec’s hand move back to his face, caressing it gently, and brushing over his eyelids. Magnus shivered.


“Will you open your eyes?” Alec asked softly. “Please?”


Part of Magnus didn’t want to. He didn’t want to open his eyes to show Alec his warlock mark. He didn’t want to see the revulsion that was inevitably going to come across Alec’s face, and he didn’t want to feel rejection again, after having gone so many years without feeling anything.


But part of Magnus hoped. He hoped that Alec would look at him without fear, without prejudice. He felt the way Alec’s hand was caressing him, giving him reassurance, support. Gulping, Magnus took a deep breath. He hoped that Alec was different. The man who gave him a flower when no other had.


Titling his head down, he slowly opened his eyes, keeping his glamour down. Alec waited for Magnus to turn his head up on his own, and Magnus was grateful. Hesitantly, he looked up, meeting Alec’s gaze fully.


Alec’s breath caught, an audible gasp left his lips as he locked eyes with Magnus. Magnus squirmed, wanting to close his eyes again, feeling oddly self conscious and wanting to run away. But then Alec smiled, and cupped his face.


“They’re beautiful, Magnus,” he paused, and leaned in a bit, “You’re beautiful.”


Magnus was floored by his words. No one had ever said such a thing to him, especially not about his warlock mark.


“But… they’re monstrous…” Magnus said weakly.


Alec’s face scrunched in confusion and shock. “What? No! Magnus…” he let the words die on his lips. He stared at Magnus while still holding his face in his hands, and Magnus felt that he could melt on the spot. “You are in no way monstrous.” Alec said with a shocking amount of conviction in his voice.


So much so that it made the ache in Magnus’ chest lift a bit. He swallowed hard at the feeling, having Alec look at him with tenderness and protectiveness? It was too much. Slowly, he leaned to one side, signalling he wanted to get off, and this time Alec let him. They stayed close to each other though, still holding on. Magnus immediately felt guilty for letting the mood sour at his own self-consciousness.


Magnus could tell that Alec wanted to speak, but he was glad that he held back, waiting for Magnus to be ready. He took a deep breath and looked back at Alec, but this time, he had his glamour back up. He was surprised, however, to see the look of disappointment flash across Alec’s face, before he got control of it and waited patiently again.


“Not many have seen my mark, and I normally do a better job at hiding them. I guess… you affect me more than I thought,” Magnus explained, laughing a little forcefully, trying to lighten the mood which he effectively killed.


Alec shook his head, but there was a small smile on his lips. “That good, huh?”


They both chuckled, and then Alec got a serious expression on his face. He gently placed his hand over Magnus’ and rubbed it. “You don’t have to hide from me, Magnus. You should have to hide at all.”


Magnus rolled his brown eyes, “If only it were that simple, Alexander.”


“In here it is.”


Magnus raised an eyebrow in response.


“In your house. When we’re alone. It is that simple. You shouldn’t have to hide in your own home, and I don’t want to be a reason that you keep doing so.” Alec stated.


Magnus opened his mouth to say more, but found that he couldn’t. The simplistic, blunt way that Alec spoke was overwhelming at times, especially when he said sweet, endearing, and moving things like that. He closed his mouth again, and breathed out a sigh through his nose.


“I like you as you are…” Alec murmured, not looking at Magnus.


Magnus watched as Alec’s neck and face blossomed into a bright flush, and it made Magnus warm inside.


“Listen, Alexander. I like you as well. I like what we have been doing. It’s been the highlight of the past few weeks for me, especially with everything going on, and despite the set back at the beginning,” Magnus grinned at the last part, nudging Alec’s hand with his at the tease.


Alec grimaced, but it was fleeting.


Magnus continued, “But I would like to be clear. You are making me feel things that I haven’t felt in a very, very long time. And I don’t want this to be a one-time thing, or a short fling. I…” he lost his confidence for a second, memories of past lovers’ comments and rejections at his want for something more. He pinched his eyes closed, “You’ve unlocked something in me, and I don’t know if will be able to lock it up again. And because of that, I am afraid, if we continue this, and things get rocky, I may lose you.”


He opened his eyes, ready to see another rejection at his admission. He steeled himself for the inevitable, and looked up.


But much to his utter surprise, Alec wasn’t looking at him with derision, or disgust. He was looking at him with wide eyes, full of amazement and concern. Alec remained quiet for a moment, allowing Magnus’ words to sink in. Magnus could tell that he was really thinking about what he wanted to say.


After a moment, Alec spoke,


“Magnus, after what I did, I didn’t think you would want to ever speak to me again. And when you gave me that second chance, honestly, I was ecstatic. I mean, you are a warlock, so powerful and glamorous that I couldn’t possibly be someone you could ever want. I’m boring, and a Shadowhunter, so I thought my chances already were pretty slim. I’ve loved the dates we’ve been on, and kissing you is… literally the best thing I can think of that has ever happened to me.” Alec admitted with a sigh. “I want this to be more as well, Magnus. You’re amazing, and I count myself lucky that you want more too.”


Magnus, again, was stunned into silence. To have a man like Alec admit that he not only wanted more, but wanted more with Magnus and counted himself lucky to be with him.


“You’re not boring, Alexander,” Magnus chastised.


“Well, maybe not so much now, since I met you,” Alec teased, brushing his hand up Magnus’ arm.


Magnus smiled and rolled his eyes lightly, loving the feeling of electricity that was slowly working its way up his arm from Alec’s touch.


“So, if my eyes come out, you aren’t going to run away?”


“Did I run away when they did by accident?” Alec countered.


Magnus tilted his head and thought about that. Alec hadn’t run away, or had any adverse reaction. Instead, he had called him beautiful. His words were beginning to sink into Magnus’ mind then, and he realized quite suddenly that Alec was still there. He had said that he wanted more, despite the fact he showed his mark, because he was a warlock. Powerful and glamorous, he had said.


Magnus smiled, and he could feel tears prickling at his eyes. And he guessed that Alec saw the change in Magnus’ face, because he was suddenly leaning forward, pulling Magnus against him.


“I hate whoever told you that you were monstrous. That your eyes needed to be hidden. They were wrong,” Alec’s words were a bit muffled, but Magnus heard them well enough.


He reciprocated the hug tightly. “Thank you Alexander,” he whispered back, tucking his head into Alec’s neck.


They sat like that for a while, allowing their closeness to heal some of the hurt.




They decided to watch a bit of t.v., to lighten the mood, and distract Magnus. Alec could feel Magnus’ discomfort about the revelation, so he didn’t push anything. Yes, their evening had started out hot and heated, but it had taken a completely different path than Alec could have ever seen coming. But he was happy that it did. He knew Magnus more now, felt more connected to him then any amount of time kissing him could.


Alec’s arm was wrapped around Magnus’ shoulders as Magnus’ snuggled into this chest. He was warm and loving how Magnus fit perfectly against him. And he wasn’t really paying attention to the show they were watching, but rather was admiring Magnus’ hair, his arms, and the way his body felt against him. Alec reveled in that feeling, glad to have gotten the chance to talk about what they were to each other.


Alec thought back to the day when he had the panic attack. There had been so much heartbreaking information that he thought he would internally combust. But there was Magnus, bringing him back from the brink of something horrible, and staying with him until he was okay. It was then that Alec knew that Magnus was the type of person to help those in need, putting aside his own life to make sure others were alright. He had seen it with Lena as well, the way Magnus got protective over her. They had spoken a bit about Lena and her progress with magic, but for the most part, Magnus explained that Lena was fairly private, and needed to figure things out on her own.


Unintentionally, Alec squeezed Magnus’ shoulder just thinking about how much he was already falling for the warlock, even though it had only been a very short time. Alec paused his train of thought.


Am I really falling for him? He asked himself, looking down at their interlocked fingers resting on his lap. He gulped at the thought, not out of discomfort or awkwardness, but out of nervousness that Magnus, despite the fact having stating that he wants more, doesn’t and wouldn’t feel the same way.


Suddenly, he felt Magnus shift against him, and he was looking into Magnus’ face. He raised an eyebrow in question, but Magnus simply looked at him for a moment, before leaning in and pressing his lips against his.


Alec immediately reciprocated, loving the feeling of those soft lips. He sighed as Magnus pressed a bit harder. But then a thought popped into his head, one that reflected on the conversation they had had.


“M…Magnus,” Alec breathed, pulling gently away from Magnus' lips. He cast his eyes down, a sudden flush of embarrassment filling Alec’s face.


“Alexander?” his voice was quiet and laced with concern.


He took a few breaths, calming himself down enough to speak again. “I guess, since we were talking about… insecurities… I have my own that I need you to know.” Alec managed to glance up at Magnus’ face briefly, and he saw no judgment in his face, just curiosity and gently expectancy. He spoke, “I have only gone on a few dates here and there, but none of them led to anything more...” he paused, taking in a shaky breath. “Everything that I have done with you, and am doing with you, is more than I have done with anyone, ever.”


He gulped, and forced himself to look at Magnus. He was met with slight confusion, but growing understanding.


“You mean...”


“I'm still a virgin, Magnus.”


Magnus stared at him with a slightly surprised expression, but it was quickly overwritten with understanding.  


“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Alexander.” His expression was stern, but gentle. “We don’t have to do anything you're uncomfortable with. There’s no rush,” Magnus explained, brushing hair from Alec’s forehead.


Alec shook his head, “I meant what I said though. I want more out of this. And since we are being honest, I felt that there was no better time to tell you that then right now.” Alec explained himself, now looking at Magnus full on, with a confidence that he didn’t know he had. “I want this. I want you,” he paused, realizing that he had said that last bit out loud, rather than inside his head like he had intended.


He felt Magnus straighten slightly at the words.


Alec quickly scrambled for words to say to fix it, “I mean, I, uh… Well -”


He was silenced by Magnus’ finger hovering above his lip.


“I want you too Alexander. Thank you for telling me.”


Magnus’ voice was low and warm, and it made Alec shiver. He gazed in this face in awe, and there was this swelling in his chest that felt as if it were to burst forth and consume him. Magnus wanted him too.


Magnus continued, “I want you Alexander, in whatever ways you are willing to give.” A smirk pulled at his lips, and Alec felt his breath disappear from his lungs. The mischievous look Magnus had on his face sent shots of desire straight down his body. “We can take things slowly, explore a little,” Magnus teased, smirking at the look of lust that took over Alec’s face.


“Hm… exploring sounds good...” he said, nodding his head enthusiastically.


Magnus grinned even more, before leaning in again, capturing Alec’s lips with his. Alec felt like he was in heaven, having Magnus lean against him again, the fiery heat building between them again. They were on the same page now, and it was a blessing.


He knew that he had put himself out there when he bought Magnus that flower. It had been a cheesy and stupid thing that he decided to do, but he wanted to let Magnus know that he thought about him constantly. And the way Magnus looked when he gave it to him was all he could have hoped for and more. The butterflies in his stomach had disappeared at Magnus’ smile, and his speechlessness. And they hadn’t returned the rest of the night, only feeling comfort and growing affection for the man currently sitting in his lap, kissing him into oblivion.


Alec dragged his hands over Magnus’ body, wanting to touch every part of him, feel his skin under his fingers. He felt Magnus’ hands curl into his hair at the nape of his neck, and he moaned. He loved that feeling, the tingling sensation that ran up and down his spine. It made kissing Magnus that much more exciting.

Lost in the feeling, Alec hadn’t tracked Magnus’ movement, because he suddenly felt hands on his chest, unbuttoning his dress shirt.


Alec opened his eyes and pulled away from the kiss.


“This okay?” Magnus asked, slightly out of breath as well.


Alec nodded quickly, “Yeah,” he breathed.


Magnus smile at him, and Alec was a goner.


Magnus continued to unbutton Alec’s shirt, briefly touching Alec’s torso as he went. It made Alec breathless, as he watched Magnus’ hands get lower and lower. Magnus finally reached the last button, and Alec leaned forward to take off the garment.


When he leaned back, Magnus let out a small gasp, dragging his fingers over Alec’s chest and abs.


“You are gorgeous,” Magnus murmured, seemingly lost in gazing at Alec.


Alec felt a blush spread over his body, unused to the feeling of being ogled at, especially by someone as amazing as Magnus.


He swallowed painfully, but then spoke, “Your turn,” he said, but also made it sound like a question.


Magnus grinned at him, and began unbuttoning his own shirt. Alec quickly, raised his hands and stopped him. “Let me.” And Magnus relinquished his hold, allowing Alec to take over.


Alec suddenly felt like his hands were too big to get the job done. He fumbled a bit in his nervousness, but managed to get to the bottom. Magnus grasped each side and pulled away the shirt from his body, letting it fall to the ground behind him.


Now it was Alec’s turn to gasp. The man was built. His abs were prominent, and his chest was smooth and free of hair. He was perfect. A literal god, carved from the heavens themselves, sitting in his lap, kissing him.


“Wow,” was all his brain supplied.


Magnus giggled, “Like what you see?”


Alec snapped his eyes up to Magnus. He could feel his own eyes widened at the sight of the man in front of him, his lust and desire to have him was becoming overwhelming.


“How much exploring are you willing to do? He asked breathlessly.


Magnus instantly lost his smirk, his face taken over by a lustful and heated gaze, “As much as you’d like, handsome.”


Alec felt like he stopped breathing as he surged forward and crashed his lips against Magnus’ lips.


Their hands cupped each other face gently, pulling each other close, pressing their naked chests together. Magnus curled his arm around Alec’s shoulders, while Alec wrapped his arm around Magnus’ waist. Alec felt Magnus gently brush his tongue against his lips, and he gasped, opening his mouth to let Magnus in, anxious to feel his tongue with his own.


This kiss was different from their previous make out sessions. While they had been passionate and hot and intense, this kiss was consuming, utterly breathless, because the feeling behind it had become something with greater meaning. The desire was swelling up in Alec so the point that it was almost painful, and he kissed Magnus deeper. He wanted more, he needed more. And the best part was, Magnus was more than willing to do more with him.  


Alec felt Magnus moan into the kiss, and the sound went straight to his groin. He was slightly embarrassed when he felt it twitch, and he knew that Magnus had felt it. What he wasn’t prepared for was Magnus grinding his hips into Alec, giving him the slight friction he was craving. Alec gasped out loud, breaking the kiss and breathing heavily. He groaned as Magnus looked at him head on, and ground into him again. Alec tossed his head back, bringing his hands to rest on Magnus’ hips, not exactly guiding them, more like using them to anchor himself in the moment. With each grind, his member was growing infinitely harder, and all Alec wanted to do in that moment was to rock up into Magnus. So, carefully, adjusting his grip on Magnus’ hip, he thrust up to meet one of Magnus’ grinds, causing the warlock on top of him to let out a moan of his own.


“Uh, Alexander,” Magnus breathed, immediately pressing his lips to Alec’s.


Magnus continued to grind into him, while Alec thrust up to meet him, loving the friction it was providing his cock. He was breathless, but he didn’t care. All he wanted was to keep hearing the noises that were coming out of the warlock’s mouth. Tentatively, he moved a hand to brush over Magnus’ groin, feeling the outline of Magnus’ equally hard dick through his pants.


Magnus broke off the kiss with a huff. “Yes…” Magnus’ head tilted back, and Alec took it as a sign to keep going. He pressed a bit harder against Magnus, and he was rewarded with the man grinding into his hand.


Magnus tilted his head back towards Alec, his eyes a blaze with lust.


“I want to touch you Alexander,” he stated bluntly.


Alec swallowed, but nodded, wanting the same thing. The felt deft fingers fall to the top of his black jeans, fumbling with the button. Once it was open, those finger slowly, ever so slowly, pulled down the zipper. Alec’s breath caught, and he glanced up at Magnus. His eyes conveyed a question to which Alec nodded again his consent, and Magnus hooked his finger into Alec’s boxers, snaking his hands into them and brushing against his dick.


Alec leaned his head back, unable to handle the overwhelming sensation of Magnus’ hand on his dick, especially when it grasped it firmly and pulled it out. Released from its clothed prison, the sensation of the cool air was maddening. It was also the moment that Alec realized that his junk was out in the open, in the hand of another. He almost couldn’t take it, but then he noticed that Magnus wasn’t moving.


He looked back at Magnus with great difficulty, who was looking at him carefully.


“Are you sure this is alright, Alec?” Magnus asked carefully, as if he wasn’t holding a dick in his hand.


Alec took in a shaky breath, “Ye…yeah… I mean… First time someone else had touched it, so a bit overwhelming. But…in the best fucking way possible.” Alec confessed.


Magnus smiled at that, and cocked an eyebrow, “Yeah? How about now?”


He moved his hand gently up and down, stroking Alec’s cock. Alec let out a deep moan, “Yes...” he said, drawing out each syllable.


Magnus continued to stroke Alec for a minute, thumbing over the slit to catch the drops of precome and spreading it over his dick, making each movement slicker and smoother than before. Alec could feel his stomach begin to tighten, moaning and groaning, babbling incoherently.


And then Magnus tightened his grip, and Alec almost lost it.


“Magnus!” he said, leaning forward a bit, and wrapping his hand at the back of his neck to bring him into a searing kiss.


The kiss didn’t stop Magnus from stroking him, and it was becoming all too much for Alec. He broke from the kiss,


“Stop… I’m close…” he sputtered.


Magnus chuckled and he pressed his lips against Alec’s ear, licking at the shell of it and nibbling on the lobe, “That, my dear, is entirely the point.”


Alec moaned and shivered at the whispered words, his attention being drawn between the hand stroking him and the mouth that was now attacking his neck. He tilted his head, getting lost in the sensations, his hands gripping Magnus’ thighs tightly.


“Uh… Magnus… I want,” Alec managed to say, getting his thoughts back on track.


Magnus slowed his strokes, and pulled back from Alec’s neck, smirking as if he was pleased.


“Yes, Alexander?”


“I want… to touch you too.” Alec said with more confidence than he thought he could muster at the moment.


His words had the desired effect. Magnus’ eyes blew wide open, and his mouth slackened. He simply nodded, his eyes becoming lidded as Alec made his way to Magnus’ belt. Somehow, he managed to get it off without a problem, letting it clatter to the floor. He undid the button on Magnus’ pants, and slowly pulled down the zipper.


He gaped at the sight.


“These pants are too tight to wear underwear,” Magnus explained, shrugging nonchalantly.


Alec was shocked and turned on as fuck. Magnus had gone commando for their date. He had sat there, eating and drinking and laughing, all the while, having only one layer of clothing on his bottom half. Alec’s mouth went dry at the thought and growled hungrily, leaning forward to place a kiss on Magnus’ chest.


Magnus let out a sound of surprise, but it quickly turned into a moan as Alec took Magnus’ nipple into his mouth. He licked at the bud for a second, while at the same time, snaking his hand into Magnus’ pants and gripping his rock hard cock gently in his hand. He pulled it out and mentally started freaking out. He was now holding another man’s dick in his hand, and he was so painfully aroused that his own member jumped, still in Magnus’ hand.


They both groaned at the feeling, and Alec looked up at Magnus with lidded eyes.


Magnus nodded, “You can move Alexander,” his voice was breathless and full of wanting.


Alec slowly moved his hand, stroking Magnus the same way he liked to stroke himself, and he guessed he was doing something right, because Magnus threw his head back and let out the filthiest moan Alec had heard him make. A shot of desire filled his lower extremities, and it only encouraged Alec to keep going.


They moved together, working each other gently but swiftly, eliciting moans and sighs with each stroke. Alec could feel himself getting close again, but he didn’t want to stop. Magnus suddenly leaned down after Alec gave a particularly rough tug, crushing his lips against his with a groan. He kissed him with fervor, and quickened his pace. Alec reciprocated in kind, and the feeling in his core was rising.


Magnus pulled away, but leaned his forehead against Alec’s. “Alexander, I’m close.” His hot breath blowing over Alec’s face was divine.


Alec nodded slightly, “Me too…” he moaned.


Breathing heavily, they both moved faster and harder, bringing each other closer and closer to the edge. Alec’s hips jerked involuntarily as he crested into his orgasm, his mouth dropping open in a silent, breathy gasp, and he came. Hard. Magnus wasn’t too far behind, hips thrusting into Alec’s slowing hand, and coming all over his and Alec’s chest.


Alec let out a shaky breath, coming down from the euphoric high. He had just done that with Magnus. Exploring, as they called it, was definitely something he wanted to do with Magnus more often.


He leaned his head slightly, allowing him to look at Magnus, “You okay?”


Magnus huffed a laugh, “That was your first time with another person, I should be asking you that,” he replied, still panting.


Magnus pulled away from Alec to look at him properly. “Are you? Okay? Was that -”


“It was perfect,” Alec interrupted. He smiled dopily at Magnus, biting his lip.


Magnus smiled at him in return. He looked down between their bodies and with a flourish of his hand, they were cleaned up. Alec tucked his softened member back into his pants, and Magnus did the same, pulling off of Alec’s lap completely, settling down beside him. Alec decided to curl into Magnus this time, pressing forward to encourage Magnus to lay down on the couch. He nestled himself against Magnus’ chest and breathed in deeply.


“Thank you,” Alec murmured against his chest.


“No need to thank me, Alexander. I wanted that as much as you did,” Magnus replied, running his fingers through his hair.


Alec closed his eyes, relishing in the sensation. He smiled hugely as he let his heart slow down, feeling Magnus' heartbeat against his cheek. It was grounding and soothing. He was definitely falling for the man, and could not wait to get to know him more and more.