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in a thousand

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Therese finds herself pinned in the bathroom, Carol’s lips moving all over her neck, moving towards her ear. “Baby, thank you for this morning, you were so good with her. I’m sorry this got sprung on us,” Carol continues to kiss Therese, the younger woman struggling to stifle her moans.

The two spent the morning playing with Rindy after pancakes, entertaining her through to nap time. Immediately following Rindy’s sleep, Carol dragged Therese to the bathroom to assault her mouth and neck. “Carol, please don’t apologize.” For the first time, Therese stops Carol from kissing her, forcing her to maintain eye contact while she speaks. “Carol, I’m so happy I got to meet Rindy. I know this isn’t what you had planned, but it’s great. Just tell me when you want me to leave so I can give you two time together.”

“Therese, I don’t want you to leave. Do you want to leave? You don’t have to stay, I don’t want to burden you with us at all.”

“Carol, please don’t use those words to describe you and Rindy. I told you, I’m all in, and I’m so happy to be here. Besides, that girl can never have your pancakes again, poor thing.” Chuckling, Therese pulls Carol in for a lingering kiss, slow and unrushed.

“Thank you Therese, thank you so much. I will say though, I had a lot of plans for you in bed today, so now we’ll just have to be quiet and stay up late so I can have you in all the ways I want you.”

Therese feels her legs weaken, remembering she was pushed up against the sink. Carol’s hands move over her body, caressing her stomach over her shirt. She feels the woman’s lips back on her neck, just below her ear, her tongue darting out to taste the skin she finds. “You have to be quiet,” Carol whispers before she continues to kiss Therese. She takes off the younger woman’s shirt, reaching around to quickly remove her bra. Carol moves down to push off Therese’s loose pajama bottoms and underwear. She moves her hands to the back of Therese’s legs, lifting her up to sit her on the bathroom sink. Standing between her legs, Carol moves in to pull Therese close to her, taking her mouth with her own. Therese leaves her mouth open and ready for Carol’s tongue, greeting her with smooth, yet rushed movements over each other. Therese loves it when Carol pulls her bottom lip into her mouth, gently biting it in a sensual motion that gets Therese every time.

Therese can’t help but let out a moan, Carol moving back to give her a stern look, “Baby, I said you have to keep quiet. If you don’t I’ll have to stop.” Therese knows she won’t be able to stop any more than she can, she can see it in the darkness of her pupils, Carol is too far gone, lust having taken over completely. Therese just nods in response, tugging on Carol’s shirt to pull her back into her. She feels Carol’s hands snake around her waist, down to her lower back, pulling her even closer to the older woman, nearing the edge of the sink. Therese is curious to see how Carol will take her like this, a new spot in the apartment they haven’t yet tried.

“I’ve been dreaming about having you like this, Therese, I think about it every morning I watch you get ready in this mirror.” Is she a fucking mind reader? Therese asks herself as her eyes widen, watching Carol drop down into a squat, her face level with her open legs. “Therese, don’t forget to stay quiet, I’m going to be quick.” Before she can nod her head, Therese feels Carol’s lips fully envelop her clit, pulling it into her mouth in a swift pull, her tongue moving over it in long, languid strokes. Carol continues the movements, sucking on Therese’s clit in fluid movements, expertly moving her tongue through her folds to return to her clit, focusing on the steady movements. Therese tries not to scream out to the bathroom, biting her lip, moving her hands into Carol’s hair, tugging and pulling on it, signaling to Carol just how good it feels to have her mouth on her.

Carol continues her movements, increasing the speed of her tongue, following the rate of Therese’s breathing. “Baby, move your ass to the edge for me,” Therese hears Carol’s deep voice whisper out to her, dripping in seduction and sex. Therese follows, moving to the edge, giving Carol more access to her center. Carol resumes her movements, pulling Therese’s clit into her mouth, as deep as she can, holding it in place. Therese is suspended in the feeling, doing her best not to cry out in pleasure. Just when she thinks she can’t hold it much longer, Carol plunges two fingers into her, quickly and easily, pushing in deep, holding them in place while she keeps pulling her clit in deeper and deeper into her warm mouth, sucking on it harder. Therese pulls Carol into her, hearing a low moan from the woman, as she immediately starts flicking her tongue over her clit. Therese instantly falls over the edge, feeling her walls contract around Carol’s fingers, her clit throbbing in the woman’s mouth. It’s an intense orgasm, and Therese doesn’t want Carol to move. “Please, just stay like this for a moment.” Therese is trying to control her breathing while she focuses on the feeling of Carol’s fingers buried inside of her, her clit completely covered by the most beautiful and sexy lips she’s ever seen, all while Carol’s muscular back and strong legs are supporting her weight as she grasps onto her thighs, keeping them both steady and grounded in their position.

Therese let’s her hands loosen in the blonde curls, pulling Carol back up to her, to kiss her and thank her for loving her the way she just did. “Carol, baby, that was fucking amazing,” Therese whispers into her mouth after kissing her, pushing her tongue into her mouth to taste herself. “You’re so hot Therese, l can’t get enough of you.” Therese almost forgot Carol’s fingers are still inside of her, until that moment, when Carol starts to thrust in and out of her, before assaulting her lips in another passionate kiss. Therese resists the urge to scream, feeling Carol pump in and out of her, a steady pace. Hard thrusts, pushing into her harder each time. Therese moves her mouth to Carol’s ear, “Fuck Carol, you feel so good fucking me like that, please don’t stop.”

“Oh baby, please keep talking to me, I haven’t heard you like this before.” Carol urges Therese to continue, increasing the pace of her thrusts just a bit, as a reward. “Carol, I can feel every inch of you inside of me, you’re so deep, you feel so good.” Therese tries to put coherent sentences together for Carol, but all she can muster are muffled moans into the woman’s ear as she digs her nails into Carol’s back for support. Carol is trying not to moan herself, both women lost in the sounds of their sex, hearing how wet Therese is over Carol’s fingers, dripping all over her hand. “Oh Carol, I’m so close again,” Therese mumbles in her ear, Carol dropping down into a squat again, instantly finding the younger woman’s clit, sucking on it hard and relentless, forcing her over the edge in an even stronger orgasm than before. Therese bites her tongue, trying not to scream, feeling herself drip over Carol’s mouth, coating her fingers with each wave of her orgasm. As Carol moves back up to kiss Therese again, Therese greets her with a smile through their kiss. “Ok, now that was amazing, what else do you have planned for the weekend?”

“Guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”




The two women find themselves immersed in a weekend with Rindy, the rest of their Saturday spent entertaining the young child, thoroughly enjoying their time together. By the time they get her off to bed, the two are completely spent, and find themselves crashed in bed, hardly uttering a “goodnight” to each other. Around four in the morning, Therese finds herself startled awake, with an eerie feeling of being watched. As her eyes adjust, she sees little ones peering back at her, “Rindy, everything ok?”

“I’m scared, can I sleep with you and Mommy?”

“Of course, sweetheart, come on in.” Therese helps lift her into the bed, placing her in the middle of the two. Carol is fast asleep, and doesn’t seem to stir awake, even with the extra movement in bed. When Rindy realizes Carol won’t wake up, she turns her body back towards Therese, her big eyes searching in the dark to find a pair of green eyes watching her. “I had a bad dream,” Rindy whispers. Therese reaches over to rub her arm, “It’s ok Rindy, you’re safe here, I won’t let anything bad happen to you. You can go back to sleep.” Therese is surprised when Rindy moves closer to her, wrapping an arm around her neck, snuggling in close. Therese’s heart melts, and she rubs the girls back until she’s sound asleep.

A few hours later, Therese is stirred awake again, but this time by a gentle hand caressing her cheek. She slowly opens her eyes, finding Carol’s warm eyes watching her with a smile on her face. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, you two look so cute together.” Rindy is still curled into Therese, small snores coming from the tiny body. “She came in around four,” Therese whispers over to Carol. Carol moves in to the pair, wrapping her arm over Rindy, her hand resting on Therese’s hip. “She likes you.” It sounds more like an affirmation for herself, Therese can hear it in her voice, as if she’d been weary of ever finding someone Rindy would approve of. “I like her too,” Therese smiles back at Carol, doing her best to reassure her she’s exactly where she wants to be. Carol leans into Therese, giving her a soft kiss, pulling back just enough for her eyes to hold onto the green ones looking back at her. “I love you, Therese.”

The whole world seems to pause for a few moments, Therese feels her heart beating wildly in her chest. She’d been waiting for this moment for weeks. She knew she fell in love with Carol quite some time ago, thinking back to the first day she met her, her blue eyes peering at her over the red rose. How her heart jumped the first time they kissed, and the way her stomach felt like it was falling through the sky when Carol would wrap her arms around her waist in an embrace. Just the smallest smile her way would have her soaring to the moon. “Oh Carol, I love you too.”