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The Champion By mjimeyg

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*Chapter 41*: Chapter 41
Someone did need him. Daniel was seated in the infirmary on a bed. His hands bandaged and his face had small welts and cuts. Sha're was crying in the corner as Sam and Joyce tried to comfort her but wouldn't let her approach him.

"Xander! Help him!" She cried as she noticed the still winged man appear.

Xander pulled her into a hug and approached Daniel, Janet, George and the rest of SG1.

"What happened?" He asked worriedly.

"The planet we were visiting was experimenting with naquada enhanced atomic weapons. One of their experiments went wrong and was about to go nuclear. Danny here decided to try and stop it with his bare hands." Jack said scowling.

"And you didn't call me because…?" He asked with a look that said 'are you nuts?'

"There was barely enough time for me to do it, let alone call you and explain what was going on." Daniel defended angrily. He knew he was on borrowed time. By tomorrow he expected to be greeting Hades in his realm.

"You have a point… maybe." Xander grudgingly conceded. "I take it you've exhausted all avenues?"

"We maybe slow, but we do learn. We contacted everyone in our inter-galactic Rolodex. Now we are left with you and God." Jack quipped, but he was struggling.

"Well, Oz was planning on making you four hounds once your next leave came up. I guess this woul-" Xander stopped as if he heard something. "I'll be right back." He said vanishing.

Of course Xander was only gone for a second.

"Right, apparently we have to let this happen. You'll understand why soon enough." He told Daniel. "Sha're I promise you he will be whole and well with you by tomorrow night."

He said pulling the distraught woman back into his arms. Sha're knew Xander well enough to know he didn't make false promises.

"Can we at least work on the pain?" Sam asked. Daniel was one of her best friends, like a brother, she was on the verge of breaking down.

"Sure, no problem with that. Call in the troops, have them do what they can, but he needs to be lucid and awake." Xander said with a shrug. "Right, I am off to see Bra'tac. Oz just wolfed him up and he is now the leader of a group of free Jaffa. Call me when… well, you'll see the big thing happen to Danny. Call me then." He grinned as he disappeared.

"So, five card draw?" Faith asked holding up a deck of cards.

"Seriously, a roadside diner?" Xander asked as he and Oz walked into the aforementioned eatery.

"They have pancakes." Oz pointed out.

Xander just stared at him.

"Xander, Oz!" Daniel said as he spotted them.

"Danny boy!" Xander said happily.

"Yes?" Oz replied.

"Quiet you."

"I've tried to come back but they keep stopping me and threatening to make me mortal again, I figured you'd be here soon enough." Daniel grinned.

"Daniel Jackson has chosen his path, now he must walk it." One of the waitresses said.

Oma was currently hiding behind the counter trying not to pee her ascended knickers.

"Right, and his path leads back home to his wife and family." Xander said. "Let's go."

"If Daniel Jackson leaves, we will be forced to take action against him." An elderly man said rising from behind one of the tables.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure I heard you right." Xander said mockingly. "Did you just threaten a citizen of my domain? A friend of mine? A member of my family?"

"No, I-"

"Because considering who I am, I would have to consider that an act of war. And you don't really want to piss off an angel and his goddess… do you?"

"No, bu-"

"Good. Now then, Daniel has chosen his path. Lord Oz, what's your take on that?" Xander said blithely ignoring the increasingly flustered ascended beings around him.

"Assuming he did in fact choose his path, it means he knew where the path led. He has attempted to return to his wife, meaning he believed his path led there. Unless he was deceived about his choices."

"We are the Ascended. We do not interfere in the affairs of lower beings." The old man said angrily. "We have rules, we ALL must follow them."

"That is Daniel Jackson of Earth. He is an Ascended of my dimension. He has made a temporary visit to this dimension. Invited freely by one of your own." Xander said getting angry himself. "The question is not 'Is he allowed to go home?' But 'what will I do if you raise a finger against him?'" Xander said as he revealed his wings and light. "You chose to leave our dimension years ago. You have no rights there. You are no longer welcome there. If I find you have invaded or entered our territory again, I WILL declare war on you."

There was a sudden burst of flame as the Metatron and God appeared.

Xander, Oz and Daniel were on their knees instantly. The Ascended just gaped.

Xander and Oz noticed this.

"On your knees you disrespectful fools." Xander hissed.

Receiving no response Xander and Oz rose, Oz pulled Daniel with him and the three began pushing the so-called higher beings to their knees.

When they were done they resumed their own kneeling positions.

God was not happy.

"You arrogant little creatures." The Metatron spoke for her. "You would dare to encroach on the territories of my children? To play God? For millennium, I have watched as you interfered and directed as you saw fit. Never once did you question yourselves, always believing you knew better because you were 'higher beings'." As the Metatron spoke, God stalked among the kneeling people. She had already lifted Xander, Oz and Daniel to their knees and they now stood by the Metatron.

"We are higher beings." The old man argued defiantly. But he was unable to rise.

"No, you are different beings. Humans are far higher than you. They learn quicker. They have compassion and love. Things you seem to have lost the ability to do. You have devolved."

"We have shed the shackles of mortality."

"You have sacrificed your souls." The Metatron countered.

This caused a gasp from Oz and Daniel.

But God turned and gave them a sad smile. "I am a compassionate God. I will give them the chance to redeem themselves." As the Metatron spoke Gaia, Willow and Tara appeared amongst them.

They quickly knelt when they saw The Almighty.

"Rise my children." The Metatron said as God smiled as she lifted the three to their feet. "Gaia, I have decided to give these lowly beings a chance to redeem themselves. I intend cast them to the mortal realms to live out natural lives. Would you accept them in your realm?"

"Of course My Lord. Will they require special attention?"

"No, they will learn to make their own way, they will live on a deserted planet. Have you anything further to say?" She asked through the Metatron as she turned to the frightened yet insolent beings.

"You can not do this!" The elderly man said half frightened half enraged.

"Oh, why not?"

"I- because… the Ori!" He finished triumphantly.

"If you are unable to defeat Lord Xander, what makes you think they will? Besides, Daniel will be the one responsible for the ascended for now on."

Before they could raise more protests they vanished to wherever She decided to send them.

"At last." God sighed using her own voice.

Daniel suddenly cringed, then realised he wasn't dead. "I can hear you?"

"Of course, you're ascended, immortal! Those losers just weren't worthy to hear my voice." She scoffed. "Now, don't worry too much about the whole 'responsible for the ascended thing', you are like Oz, he leads the Hounds, you lead the Ascended. Your first victim is Cordelia." She grinned.

Daniel had a horrified look. "That's cruel! Somehow I feel I'm the victim."

"To-ma-to, To-mah-to." She sing songed. "Go on, off with you all. Sha're is waiting and Oz has some people to bite."

Forest wasn't sure how he had wound up in this position, but here he was. Tied to a tree and being beaten by the same easy going soldiers he had only last week given lots of weapons permits.

"TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!" Screamed the general.

"Dude, again… I can't tell you what I don't-" He was cut off by another fist to the gut.

"Do not try to fool me boy! I have seen your people following us, you are trying to keep us from our goal."

"I can't keep you from your goal… hell! I don't even know what your goal is!"

"Your act of ignorance is as pitiful as it is annoying." The general spat.

"That's me… always raising the bar." Forest snorted. They had been at this for what felt like hours, but judging by the fact that the sun was still at it's peak, it had probably only been an hour tops.

The general raised his arm to strike his face but found his arm immobile.

"If your excuse isn't good enough, I will remove your arm."

The general paled at the sound of the menacing voice. He slowly turned to find himself confronted by a large armoured being.

"What sort of demon are you?" He tried to maintain his bravado, but his voice still quavered.

"The misunderstood sort." The being said flatly. "Now… why are you beating this man?"

"It is none of your business demon. Be gone from here and my men will give you free pass."

The armoured figure tilted his head slightly as if evaluating the general.

"Your men have already been captured." The being stated before pulling a weapon and unleashing a bolt of blue lightning at the general, he collapsed in great pain.

Oz banished his armour as he let the general fall to the ground.

"Any particular reason you didn't call for help, Forest?" Oz asked as he drew his sword as a lightsaber and sliced through the ropes binding the soldier to the tree.

"I was hoping they might let slip what they were upto." He said as he doubled over.

Oz just sighed as he grabbed the man and the fallen general and teleported to the SGC teleportation room.

"Gentlemen, can you arrange for this one to be placed in a cell on ship whilst I escort Forest to the infirmary?"

"Sir, yes sir." One of the SF's responded as he headed for the nearest phone and two others came forward and grabbed the limp body of the general. Cuffs were quickly applied.

Oz vanished again with Forest only to appear in the infirmary.

"Janet, got a patient for you." Oz called out as he manhandled Forest into the nearest bed.

"Lieutenant? Is there a problem at the Initiative base?" Janet asked.

"Nah, Forest was trying to perform a unique method of interrogation by having the interrogate-ee beat on him whilst he was tied to a tree." Oz smirked. "Thought he might want to see some other methods we have available."

"That… that has to be one of the most hair-brained schemes I have ever heard of… was Colonel O'Neill involved?" She asked suspiciously.

"No, this was all him. I'm going to go and explain the situation to the General, let me know when he's cleared?"

"Of course Oz." Janet said with a roll of her eyes.

"It was not an attempt at being 'macho'!"

Oz and George stopped just outside the doors to the infirmary as they heard Forest's indignant objection.

"As Lantesh and Martouf have proven, we Tok'ra can easily move between hosts for reasons such as interrogation and espionage. Then there is the fact that we have the Za'tarc detector and Lord Oz can detect lies."

Apparently Anise was the one he was arguing with.

"Well excuse me for not being able to think clearly! I'd just been kidnapped and was being beaten!"

"Of that, I am well aware having just spent the better part of the hour healing you!"

George and Oz decided to intervene.

"For which we are most grateful." Oz said smoothly.

"Lord Oz, General Hammond." Anise said with a respectful bow of her head.

"Just curious… you do realise that the pair of you were technically engaged in an intergalactic dispute?" Oz queried.

The pair of them paled considerably.

"And now that Lord Oz is done scaring everyone…" Hammond smirked.

Oz just shrugged. "Technically its true."

"And I thought Jack and Xander were bad enough." Hammond sighed. "Lieutenant Forest, would you care to join us for the interrogation? Lantesh is waiting."

"Will Forest be receiving a reprimand for his stupidity?" Anise scowled.

Oz and George shared a look. "I think you've done a fine job of that yourself. Come on Forest." Oz chuckled leaving an embarrassed Anise with her mouth hanging open.

Janet was considering asking about having Anise assigned to the Initiative base for a while just so she and Forest could bug each other. She'd have to discuss it with the ladies first.

Lantesh, Oz, Forest, George and Xander were seated in the briefing room. Lantesh had just finished interrogating the general that had been beating on Forest.

"Lord Xander, before I begin, can you confirm that Lieutenant Forest is cleared for all current classified information?" Lantesh began.

"I'll vouch for him." Oz offered.

"Good enough for me." Xander shrugged.

"Very well. Let me start by saying that despite the fact that man is a soldier and was beating Forest, it was the most pleasant temporary blending since I joined with Jack O'Neill.

"He is a good man, but a bit of a fanatic. He is searching for The Key."

George sucked in a breath at that revelation.

"I must point out that he is not working for Glorificus, he actually wants to destroy The Key as he believes that to be the will of God. He has also been actively tracking Glory in order to try and kill her."

"Could I ask what this 'Key' is and I assume this 'Glory/Glorificus' is a person?" Forest asked.

Everyone else looked to Xander. "Think of The Key as the key to the front door of the Universe. The problem being that if used by anyone other than God or Gaia it will tear down all the barriers between dimensions. This includes ours, Hell and the Underworld."

"Hell on Earth." Forest whispered. All Initiative soldiers had been briefed on the Hellmouth and what it would truly mean for there to be Hell on Earth. "And… The Key is currently protected?"

"To an extent. It is being protected through anonymity. However, as you are now aware of the situation and existence of The Key, we may call upon you to aid in protecting it, if that happens you will be given all the information and you will understand the secrecy." Xander explained.

Forest considered this briefly.

"And Glory?"

"A fugitive goddess from a dimension with Hell like features. She is beyond even an Old One. She wants The Key to get back home." Xander scowled.

"A goddess? Like Gaia and… well, eventually you?" Forest asked worriedly.

Xander nodded.

"Son, this is why we didn't want the Initiative soldiers to engage her if you see her." George explained.

"But how did the man we captured-"

"Gregor." Lantesh supplied.

"-How did Gregor intend to fight her? And should we worry about them attacking Gaia?"

All of them smiled at the concern of the young lieutenant.

"This is why I vouched for him." Oz smirked.

"No, Gregor is simply a human who was going to apply the Buffy method of dealing with it… beating it till it died." Xander smirked.

"I've seen her work, you can't argue it's not effective." Forest countered with his own smirk.

"Are you saying that Gregor and his men are on a suicide mission?" George asked.

"That would be my assessment." Lantesh confirmed.

"Recommendations for Gregor and his men?" George asked.

"I believe that if Xander or, preferably Archangel Michael were to approach the men in Angelic form, they might be easier convinced that there are better ways. Their goals could be turned to fighting the demonic in general as opposed to focusing on the lost cause of Glory. They have a great deal of experience in Europe, Asia and Africa. They only came to the American continent in pursuit of Glory." Lantesh suggested.

"Can they be trained on our weapons and tactics, sir?" Forest asked.

"I believe so."

"Sounds like a plan to me. I will speak to Michael, see if he's able to help." Xander said.

The Initiative was gone.

All that was left were a few members who had not been on base at the time. Masterson, and Finn where both dead. Graham Miller and Forest Gates were the only surviving members, and that was only due to the fact that they had not been on base at the time as Graham was in Washington with Major Davis and Forrest had been overseeing the relocation of the Knights.

Security footage showed that a blonde woman had infiltrated the base with shear force. She kept demanding to be given 'her Key'. She had moved so fast that no one had a chance to call for Xander.

Glory had made her first move.

"Is Dawn safe?" Daniel asked as they all sat around the SGC briefing table. Around the room were the Scoobies and various allies of the Taur'I including Graham and Forrest who where both still struggling with the fact that their comrades were gone.

"She could be safer. We need to get her off world till this is over." Xander said sadly.

"I'm going through the Stargate?" Dawn asked excitedly.

"Nah Dawnie, we've got this huge catapult set up in my backyard." Jack grinned.

Dawn blew him a raspberry.

"Where can she go? The Asgard are the hardest to reach, but the Nox might be better suited to hide her." Lantesh mused.

"Actually, I might know a place far away, and if the Nox wouldn't mind sending someone, not to mention all our other allies sending a representative, then it will likely be the safest place in the galaxy." Daniel offered.

"Sounds interesting Danny, you been holding out on us?" Jack asked in mock stern-ness.

"Atlantis." Daniel said simply.

"The Lost City?" Sam asked excitedly.

"The Ancients became the Ascended. I happen to have their knowledge, they built Atlantis."

"And there is an abandoned city out there just waiting for us to claim it?" Jack asked sceptically.

"Well, it does need some power devices to bring it up to speed, plus there is the threat of the Wraith." He admitted.

"Wraith?" Faith asked. "Aren't those some sort of ghost?"

"In this case it's the name of a race of aliens that suck the life force out of you through their hands."

"Hard to kill?" Jacob asked.

"Same as a vamp or Goa'uld." Daniel shrugged.

"So we just need to power the city up and we have our first intergalactic day care centre." Jack quipped.

"Hey!" Dawn objected.

"I believe the Asgard can provide the necessary power modules. We have data on much of the Ancients technology." Thor offered.

"Right, so Thor whips up some batteries and then the Scoobs and SG1 will come with me to check out the city and get it running, once cleared Dawn can come with the allies.

"I'll come back here and try and deal with Glory." Xander summarised

"On your own?" George asked frowning, he was a recent addition to the pack, he was still getting used to his hair again… and receding waist line.

"Guys, she's well and truly out of your league. Technically she's out of my league. This will need to be a one on one fight. In fact, contact the President. Arrange a full and final evacuation of the town. I'm fed up of having to fight on the demons terms because we have to hide it from civilians." Xander said frustrated. Everyone could see this situation was really getting to him.

"You won't be fighting alone. I'll be there too." Gaia said.

"But I thought you weren't allowed to interfere?" Sam asked.

"I am this time because another god is invading my realm. I am also allowed to take direct action when the borders of my realms are threatened." She explained.

"Ok people, any other suggestions?" George asked.

The plan was simple, Daniel went to Atlantis by himself and then Xander and Oz teleported everyone else to his location.

"It's pretty dark in here." Buffy noted.

"Easily fixed, Daniel?" Xander grinned as he revealed his glow, Daniel took the hint and did the same.

"You guys must save tons on torch batteries." Faith remarked.

"There's the Stargate, the control room is up there along with offices." Daniel informed them.

"Ok, I'll take the Scoobs to investigate the city whilst you take SG1 to examine the control room and power this place up." Xander said.

"Xander, this city is huge. Miles huge." Daniel warned.

"Ah… ok, we'll just secure the immediate area then."

In short order the new Power Modules were in place. Jack got a bit irritated when they found out the city was submerged in an ocean and Daniel hadn't told them.

The entire team could operate Ancient technology as being either, angelic, ascended or Hounds of God gave them the ability. Only Daniel knew how to actually operate the technology.

In order to assist them Delta had created a new offspring. Serena, based on an AI from before the majority of Spartans had been wiped out in the Halo universe. She also had something of a sarcastic dry wit. But she was very helpful and doted on her father and snarked with her big sister.

A few hours later and Atlantis was once again fully operational and lying on the surface of the ocean. It was a bright sunny day in the newly populated city.

Oz and the Scoobies suddenly appeared in the control room.

"Xander just vanished." Buffy reported seriously as they approached SG1. "We think he went back to the SGC in an emergency."

"Daniel, why don't you go check in with the General." Jack ordered. "Hopefully it's just a cat stuck up a tree." He muttered, though no one believed that.

Daniel returned after a few seconds.

"Everyone back to the SGC, the place has been attacked, it looks really bad." Daniel said frantically.

There were dead soldiers everywhere.

A few were alive and rambling incoherently.

The rest were clearly in pain.

"Damn." Oz said in shock. "Jack take the team and start deploying healing fields, I'm going to call in the allies." Oz said as he vanished.

It didn't take long for the allies to arrive, George was back on his feet by then and giving a report.

Glory had found the base and was intent on getting the Key.

"Nobody said anything, not that many people knew, but she started sticking her hand in peoples heads… it sucked the sanity out of them. She tried it with me but it didn't seem to work, must be a protection from being a Hound. The problem was that once they became insane they seemed to recognise Dawn as the Key. She destroyed everything she could before grabbing Dawn and storming off."

"So she has Dawn?" Buffy growled.

"I'm afraid so. I called for Xander as soon as I could, he should have her soon." He assured Buffy.

*Chapter 42*: Chapter 42
Xander found himself in Sunnydale atop a large hastily constructed tower. Dawn was two feet in front of him with a creepy old guy chuckling evilly at her. 'Glory must have had access to a teleporter or spell to get here so quick' he mused.

"Dawn you ok?" He asked worriedly.

Dawn twisted her head round and Xander saw that she was actually tied to the railings. "Xander! Help, he cut me, my blood-"

She didn't get to finish as a sudden cracking filled the air accompanied by lightning all originating from beneath Dawn by about ten feet.

The barrier between dimensions had been torn. He was too late.

"Soon our goddess will rule both her dimension and yours!" The old guy cackled.

Xander grabbed Dawn and vanished, he appeared in front of Oz with enough time to release Dawn and utter the order: "Dawn. Atlantis. Now!" And then he vanished.

The old man was shocked at this, especially as he suddenly had an angelic being in front of him dressed in strange armour with an even stranger sword.

Said sword was currently passing through his neck.

Xander leaned over the side of the railing as the demons head fell to the ground below. He managed to see Glory's blonde head. Just below him the inter-dimensional tear that would spell the end of his universe and possibly other universes was expanding steadily. He might have failed to stop the breach, but he could still try and end Glory. He leapt over the edge folding his wings back with a snap, propelling him forward with his sword pointed forward, straight at Glory's head.

Xander didn't just impact the unsuspecting Glory sending her spiralling across the ground, no; he kept going driving her ten feet into the ground.

Dust and dirt flew into the air and then rained back down on them. Xander quickly flew out of the crater not wanting to have to engage in grappling with what he assumed was a stronger opponent.

Just like with the Mayor he exploited his advantages, he took to the air.

Glory shook herself, she had no idea what had happened other than the fact that something very powerful had hit her. It took her several seconds to lever herself out of the floor of the crater she found herself in. Strength is one thing, but it's nothing without good leverage. She couldn't see though due to dust and debris scattered through the air.

Glory's demonic taint stood out to Xander through the dust like a beacon. He made a quick decision and decided not to allow her to recover. He dived again.

Glory was annoyed the first time she had found herself dazed at the bottom of the crater, the second time she was pissed. She was mere minutes away from being home and back to her full power. She couldn't even see her attacker, but she knew he'd make another run. She forced herself to brace for the impact knowing she wouldn't free herself in time.

Xander had returned to his launching point for a third run. He had no idea how to kill this thing. His sword wasn't affecting her at all. At his point his only option was to keep pounding at her till something gave.

He made another run, this time it was different, he could tell she had been waiting for him as the impact was more solid, unlike when he had caught her unawares. He returned to his launching point and didn't wait, launching himself as fast as he could.

But Glory was ready, she knew it was coming and at the point of impact she had grabbed the attacker using him to free herself slightly from the crater, she poised, waiting for his return.

She saw a flicker and swung her fist with all her might.

For one hundred odd metres all around the crater the dirt rushed back from the force of two impacts colliding. The result was a thirty-foot deep, one hundred foot wide crater. At opposite ends lay the two warriors.

Xander's chest plate and visor were cracked, one of his wings was broken. He felt like crap.

Glory was dazed and bruised, but mainly enraged. She caught sight of the broken figure across from her.

"A damned angel!" She growled as she pried herself off the floor. "A pitiful little angel thinks he can take on me! Glorificus!" She shouted as she stormed forward.

Xander heard her coming, he took a mental inventory and banished his armour and wings, they would only cause him problems. He could no longer fly at the moment, but he still had some tricks.

Xander struggled to his knees, his sword was surprisingly, still in his hand, although it was now in it's natural form of a broad sword. "Take a look Glory!" Xander called out as he pointed his sword at the portal. "This is as close as you get to your home, this is where you die." He spat.

Glory laughed derisively. "Don't you know anything little angel? Only a god can kill a god." She charged him and Xander raised his sword to block, only the impact never came.

Standing there between them was Gaia.

"Good job I'm here then." She said sweetly.

"Who the hell are you?" Glory demanded.

"Gaia, Goddess of this realm." She said as she pushed the hell goddess back several feet.

"Not for long sweetie." Glory said kipping to her feet. "Soon, I'll be home and you'll be without a realm."

The fight was engaged at speeds that only Xander or another angelic being could make out. To anyone else it was merely deathly mini tornado.

Hands and feet flew and impacted, each one sounding like a gunshot as the two supremely strong beings engaged in hand to hand.

But Xander could see that Gaia was outclassed. Glory had clearly earned her position in her dimension, she knew how to fight. Gaia knew only the basics, she was stronger but lacked the skills.

Gaia was forced to move to a defensive position, Xander knew it would be seconds before Glory broke through, He prepared himself in an offensive position.

The blow came, a kick from Glory to Gaia's solar plexus. She went flying back outside the crater.

Xander charged in as fast as his angelic legs would carry him relying on the element of surprise. But it was not enough as Glory aimed a lazy uppercut and he flew through the air to join his wife.

Xander shook off his daze only to see the dust and debris hanging motionless in the air.

"I've decided a time out was in order." A familiar voice said frowning.

Xander was on his knees in an instant.

"On your feet warrior." She said sternly.

Xander rose quickly and stood stiffly at attention. He saw Gaia lying motionless, he just hoped God had frozen her.

"Relax, it's just the two of us." She sighed.

"Is Gaia-"

"She's fine, for now." She assured him. "Glory is better though."

God took Xander by the elbow and led him to the edge of the crater. He could see Glory standing frozen in a combat ready position.

"This is not a fight a mere angel can win. And Gaia is far from skilled enough." God said sadly. She turned to look at the tear in the air. "And that will require more than just Gaia's power… or Hades."

"Hade's can help?" Xander asked hopefully. He knew the God of the Underworld could fight. He had trained Xander himself with the Angelic Host.

"Not with fighting Glory, but as the tear affects his realm, he can help close it. But it will take more than the two of them." She said giving him a meaningful look.

Xander's eyebrows shot up.

"There's a reason why the number three is so special at times." She chuckled.

Xander sighed in defeat. "It was always going to be now wasn't it?" He asked.

"Yes, but only I knew that, Gaia hadn't a clue." She chuckled.

"What about Tara? Was all that stuff about having children a… well… was it wrong?" He asked, not wanting to fling accusations of lying around the Almighty.

"Oh no!" She said a quickly assuring him. "Gaia was right about all that, but only if you weren't going to become a god for centuries. Tara is just what she is supposed to be. Your wife and High Priestess."

"Will Gaia and I still be able to stay with Tara here? On Earth." He asked worriedly.

God just laughed. "Xander! It's yours and Gaia's realm… you could sleep in the White house if you wanted. You can even go on missions with SG1, you just can't do anything. You can issue orders, give advice, the only limits are on using your godly powers to interfere. You'll understand the rules as the change happens."

"So I won't be an observer with no power like Gaia?"

"Gaia had no one on this realm to do things for her. That's why she chose you. You have chosen lot's of people. SG1, George, the Scoobies, your allies. You have spent the past few years putting things in order for people to take over for when you attain godhood. It's time for you to trust them."

"It's going to be weird not being able to fight again." Xander said as he examined his sword.

"Not fight? Xander, you have tickets to the front lines of the final battle, not to mention the fact that you can still defend this realm from other dimensions." She assured him. "Trust me, you won't be sitting back watching with a bucket of popcorn."

Xander perked up at that. He looked back down at his wife, and then at Glory. "Ok, god me up." He said shaking his shoulders and widening his stance.


Xander just looked at her and pouted. "Where's your sense of showmanship?"

"I created the whole of existence… how much more showy do you want?" She asked petulantly with her hands on her hips.

"Point." Xander conceded. "Ok, lets get this show on the road."

God unfroze time and turned to heal and help Gaia up.

"Urgh, what hit me?" Gaia groaned.

"Glory. Xander's about to finish her off." She said with undisguised glee.

"But only a go- he did it?" She asked in awe.

"Please, like anyone other than me or him could handle this." She scoffed. "Now hush up and watch."

Glory was surprised to see the little angel walking confidently and purposefully up to her.

"Are you slow little angel? Only a god can kill me, and your prissy little excuse for a goddess couldn't kill a new born human." She mocked.

The angel kept walking, his sword was held loosely in his hand.

"Very well, I have a few more minutes before the tear completely devours this wretched little dust ba-"

She froze as the previously harmless sword was poking out her back, rammed to the hilt through her chest.

She felt her knees give way as she fell to the floor.

"No." She whispered harshly.

"Yes." Xander whispered back.

He withdrew his sword and in one swift stroke, removed Glory's head. A blinding flash of light and the body was gone.

The SGC was currently being staffed by specially trained Jaffa. The Asgard had several ships in orbit around Earth in case any foolish individuals decided to take advantage of the Taur'i in their weakened state, with the Replicator threat neutralised, they had resources to spare.

Two of their newest ships, The Champion and The Hound were heading up the fleet.

The medical bays of the ships were filled with SGC personnel recovering from wounds. The Tok'ra were assisting the diminutive Asgard with manoeuvring the substantially larger humans.

Unfortunately, even the Asgard were at a loss as to how to restore the sanity of the insane patients. They could find nothing physically wrong. They were waiting on Tara or Willow to offer some insight from a magical point of view.

But the calls came in an hour later. The sanity had returned to the patients. They knew who they were, where they were. It was a miracle. Which, as most of the SGC and their allies knew, was probably not far from the truth.

The SGC itself had removed all operations to the Gate Ship, the Mountain was under lock down and minimally staffed. The Scoobies and SG1 were with Dawn, Joyce, Sha're, Janet, Cassie and all the kids and Jaffa from the SGCCC at Atlantis.

George was monitoring things.

"General, our observers report that a bright flash just occurred. We have lost sight of Glory, but we still have eyes on Lord Xander." Major Davis reported.

"Any idea what caused the flash?"

"It looked like he was about to behead her, he had some how managed to impale Glory on his sword, despite failing to have an effect before."

"Very well, keep our eyes on the tear and Lord Xander. We can't help with Glory, but we can take our best shots at anything comes out of that tear." George ordered.

"Sir, we're now getting reports that Lord Hades has appeared and the tear is closing… apparently what appears to be a dragon has exited the tear and is causing damage." Walter interrupted.

"Launch the fighters and order them to fry anything that leaves the tear. Keep them off of the three gods."

Walter quickly relayed the orders.

"Sir, do you think this means we just lost Lord Xander as an active ally?" Davis asked worriedly.

"If your asking has he attained his godhood, Major, then yes. I believe your right." George grinned. "The Jaffa are going to be celebrating for a month this time."

"Won't this mean trouble for us, sir?" Davis asked, unsure as to why his commander was so happy.

"It just means that we have to use the gifts that Lord Xander has given us. He has put a lot of effort into setting things up so we mortals can handle whatever comes our way." He said sternly. "It's up to us to prove him right."

"Sir, yes sir." Davis said proudly.

"General, the tear has been closed and Lord Xander… is here." Walter finished as he saw Xander appear behind the General.

"Ding dong. The Witch is dead." He grinned as he bowed with a flourish.

There was a loud cheer as the Gate Room personnel released their pent up worries. They all knew they were minutes away from Hell on Earth.

"Spread the word to our allies and recall SG1 and the others." George ordered over the cheers.

The news of Glory's defeat was met with jumping and hugging and cheering. Especially from Dawn, Joyce and Buffy.

The news of Xander's new status as God of the Universe was met with a little sadness as they couldn't help but feel they would be losing Xander in some ways.

Willow however managed to completely derail everything with one question.

"Alright Mister. Explain this." She said lifting Tara's hand bearing a solid gold wedding ring. Much like the ones adorning Gaia and Xander's hands.

"It means we're married?" Xander grinned sheepishly.

"And just why weren't we invited?" She demanded.

Xander suddenly found himself on the receiving end of several feminine glares. The men meanwhile backed off fearfully whilst a certain brunette slayer snickered at the poor god.

"Tara, honey, little help?" Xander whined pitifully.

Tara just giggled. "There was no wedding. We wanted to wait so that the Jaffa could have a day to celebrate. We're married, we just haven't announced or celebrated it publicly yet."

"So you don't have anything planned yet?" Buffy asked with an unholy gleam in her eye, which was matched by the look in several of the other females in the room.

The men – and brunette slayer – were now actively shuffling to the door. They were saved by Gaia, who suddenly appeared.

"Get lost boys, we have work to do." She ordered.

Daniel, Xander and Oz just vanished.

The rest of the SGC would forever remember the sight of a pack of large wolves pelting down the hallways as if the Devil himself was after them.

The security footage was suddenly more valuable than Naquadria.

The End

Author's Note:

This is the end of this story... that being said I have been working on a sequel but it is stalled for a bit as I need to re-watch SG1 and I have never seen seasons 9 and 10 but I hope to continue this.

But this seemed like a good place to end The Champion.

Thank you to all of you who have been supportive, I am very happy that you have enjoyed this story.