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Jimin Gets Some

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After the Access Hollywood interview the seven international Korean superstars were supposed to be rushed ahead to the next venue and their next interview in America, but the managers actually let the boys take a ten-minute break before they crammed inside their 7 respective black vans. Scott, the tall, dark and very handsome host of Access that morning, came over to the seven members to say congratulations and thank them, smiling wide and making sure he shakes everyone’s hand. He can’t help but notice the one with the black shirt lingers too long when holding his hand, smiling just as wide.

Now, Scott was a family man, married with two kids and a lovely wife, but he’d be lying through his pearly white smile if he said he didn’t have any secrets. Several of those included a long history of adultery against his lovely wife, who had also been cheating on him just as long as he had. So, the two had found a compromise between married life and the image they had both tried to maintain for so long. They decided to do their relationship Jada and Will style, openness between both parties about whosoever lied in their beds and freedom to do whatever they wanted outside of their committed bedroom.

Scott was a straight black man, could benchpress a good 280 pounds without breaking a sweat and knew that look when someone was checking out his toned, tough, athletic body and that boy with the black buttondown and thick DSL’s was definitely setting him as a prime target. In the entertainment business, everyone had their secrets and he’d been informed by his boss and this new group’s boss that Korean male celebs were the same as American ones. Hidden in the closet until their fame ran out and they became irrelevant in the eyes of the press.

Scott chose to remain deeply in that closet until his body fat percentage rose to the 20s. He had told his wife several times that his escapades involved many beautiful people, an emphasis on the people. So before the interview had started, Scott had finished his light research on K-Pop, the industry, and BTS, and decided that if the 1 out of 5 rule was true, at least one of these boys had to be on the downlow like himself.

During the interview, he made sure to ask decent questions, throw in a curveball or two and watch them fumble over their English and seek the tall one’s help. He could have just taken them as too naïve to even think about flirting during an interview, but that changed when he asked the question, “Favorite physical feature? What’s your favorite physical feature on yourself? Like, mine is my smile.”

He caught that smirk and eyebrow twitch, and the not so subtle, licking of those thick, rosy lips. And it all sunk into place when the question was asked to him, and he spaced out for just a little too long. And then his response, his everything.

Well, Scott was going to have to find out which feature of this pretty boy’s body was most expressive, besides those lips.

Scott slides his phone number into the boy’s hand smoothly, quick like a magician, and the boy’s eyebrows twitch again, with another idyllic smile. Eventually the members separate, or pair off into little groups and Scott has to wait a few moments before approaching him without the deep, baritone voiced member hanging around him. “Hey…”

“Hello.” He says, voice far from how it sounds when he sings.

“We don’t have much time, but I’ll just cut to the chase. Where are you all staying tonight?”

The boy looks quizzically at him for a moment, then it registers when Scott asks simply where they all are going to sleep.

“Ah! Um…”

“I don’t mean to pry, but you’re interested. I can tell these sorts of things. And I want to know just what you look like underneath me.”

The boy’s eyes go wide when he realizes the implications, he looks at the ground for a millisecond then taps on his phone with the paper in his other hand. Scott’s phone vibrates in his pocket and when he pulls it out the boy glances downward again, this time sizing up Scott’s entire body.

“I’m better with reading than talking.” Park Jimin. The text reads.

“So, yeah, Jimin…just send me your info and I’ll be there tonight if you want. And tomorrow, if you just can’t get enough.”

Jimin smiles again, his tongue swiping over his bottom lip again, and nods with a smirk.

The leader? of the group, comes over to fetch him so they can all pack up and leave and he sizes up Scott as well, but in a more predatory way, like he’d attempt fighting him if things go south tonight. Which, Scott can’t imagine will happen, unless, Jimin wants it that way. Hell, their language barrier will be lost to the stars once Scott gets Jimin’s mouth around his cock.

Scott’s boss comes over to thank him for doing the interview but one of his coworkers, Maria, comes over to berate him. She slaps his shoulder and warns, “Don’t get caught by TMZ, Scott!” “Hey, when have I ever?” Rolling her eyes, her heels click on the floor as she leaves him fumbling over his cell phone.


Later that night, around 11, Scott receives another text from Jimin detailing his hotel name, address and room number. The text also reads detailed instructions on what to say to the security guards that are guarding the entire floor.

“Uh…Park Jimin’s room?” Scott tests the guards. They don’t react but stare at him intimidatingly. He says the words Jimin said to say, and the two Korean men take another look at him, pat him down twice then point down the hallway.

After he knocks, Scott wonders what the fuck he is doing here. This isn’t different from fucking with another celeb but something about it feels a bit seedy.

His doubts immediately go out of his head though when the door opens and he sees Park Jimin clad in a silver silk hotel pajama shirt with tight black Calvin Klein briefs. His lips are still rosy, still glossy and most of his makeup is still on but he’s clean, smells of fresh soap and expensive cologne.

“Hey…” Scott says, his eyes fully roaming Jimin’s body and stepping inside the room quickly.

“Hey again.” Licking his lips with that same smirk he gave in the interview, the boy closes the hotel room door.

“Do you want to…uh” Jimin flounders over his words, blushing, so Scott takes his hands.

“If you don’t like anything, just say No. Ok?”


“Like, for instance, do you want me to kiss you?”

Another blush. “Yes please.”

Scott takes his mouth like he’ll soon take his ass, rough and hard. Their lips smash together as Scott moves one hand on Jimin’s cheek, the other smoothly unzipping and pulling his pants down his hips. Jimin moans, his voice almost like one of BTS’s ballads, slow, smooth, romantic and thoughtful, and he leans further into the kiss, testing his tongue between the barrier of Scott’s lips. Their tongues fail to move in unison and just end up exploring while their hands explore each other’s bodies.

Jimin immediately goes to Scott’s biceps and abs, caressing them slowly, savoring the touch of this beautiful, black skin against his body. He wants to drop to his knees and worship this man. He wants to give him everything he’s been denying himself for the past year. It’s been too long since he’s had anyone and sucking Namjoon off once every two months wasn’t getting his sexual frustrations solved in the slightest.

Scott turns him around and begins taking off Jimin’s clothes, slowly unbuttoning his shirt while kissing the back of his neck.

“Ah…you can’t leave um…My skin um…it has to be clean,” Voice shaky, he startles when Scott’s much larger hands slide over the front of his underwear.

“I got it.” A chuckle comes from one of them, but neither lingers on it too long.

Jimin steps out of his briefs, unnecessarily bending over to pick them up and throw them into a forgotten corner.

“Fuck…you’re a kinky one.” The jeweled plug sticking out of Jimin’s ass is so pretty it should glimmer in the soft hotel light, Scott thinks, running a hand over it, teasing it slowly out then pressing it back inside.

“Mm…” Jimin mutters something in Korean then turns around and drops to his knees.

“What do you want?” Scott asks, pushing his trousers down slightly, his bulge loud and proudly straining against his boxers.

“I want you.”

Small soft hands finally unsheathe the member Jimin caught a glimpse of during their interview while Scott was slapping his thighs. He hears a chuckle when he unconsciously licks his lips again and begins stroking after licking his right hand.

“Mmhm, thought so…take it in your mouth, Jimin.”

Jimin moans at the sound of his name, motivated even more to wrap his lips around the cock almost the length of two thirds of his forearm. With a strong suck, Jimin begins his task of trying to take this entire cock in his mouth. Spurred on by nothing but his own stubbornness, he forces most of it down his throat, eyes tearing up as he tries to look up at Scott to see his reaction, until he reaches his limit. He almost gets to the balls at the end but has to gag and pull off to catch his breath. Huffing due to exertion and frustration, he tries again, and again, only to push a little further each time until finally, the entire cock is sheathed in his mouth, throbbing.

Soon he feels the man in front of him moving forward, softly at first, then those strong hands grip his black hair. Jimin pulls off before Scott can begin, gives him the same look again, one Scott’s sure to have memorized by the morning, and opens wide.

He starts a brutal pace, thrusting hard and forcing as much of his dick inside Jimin’s mouth as possible. Since he’s going so fast Jimin can only take about half of it before gagging, drool creating more friction and sending delicious pleasure to both of them. Scott can’t fathom how much Jimin’s wanted this, a nice huge cock to suck and worship. He’s craved one since him and Namjoon began fooling around. But the rapper’s was miniscule compared to this man in front of him. Taehyung was probably a close second but this man’s cock was truly something to behold.

Jimin squeezes his thumbs to loosen his gag reflex when he feels like Scott might be close because the tall, looming man is grunting above him, whispering dirty words of “cockslut” and “whore” every time Jimin sucks particularly well. “Take my fucking cock, Ahh…take it!” He groans and holds the boy down for several seconds before pulling him off fast.

Taking several breaths and holding his chest, Jimin pants, looking at Scott, mouth a complete mess, drool still dripping off of the huge black cock in front of him. Scott caresses his face, holds his chin, leans down to his level and says, “Get on the fucking bed.”

Stumbling on the way up, Jimin lies on his back, naked on this bed he’s only supposed to be sleeping on, not getting fucked to high heaven and back. “Nope. Turn over.” Scott commands.

He’s not surprised when Jimin obeys too quickly, pushing his cute, supple ass into the air, eager for slapping. So, Scott slaps him once, loves the sweet moan that lingers on the tip of Jimin’s tongue, then slaps him again, harder while pulling the jeweled transparent butt plug out of that beautiful ass.

“You’re gorgeous, Jimin.”

“I know.”

“Kinky and cocky, huh?”

Jimin moves to the nightstand quickly to grab the lube he had used to slide the 3.5 inch plug inside himself. Scott pours the unscented lube over his cock and slides two fingers inside Jimin, spreading him open with his thumbs and wondering if he should dive his tongue into that wetness.

Scott wasn’t much of a giver, he took his lays and sent them to heaven, and Jimin was about to be sent there too. He spreads and slides, spreads and slides until firmly seated inside Jimin, amazed this tiny, thick ass can take all of him. Hell, some women couldn’t even take him. But this boy, this twenty-something year old boy took him well. Jimin’s moans fill the room until he remembers that this is a hotel room and not the dorm and that Yoongi’s and Jungkook’s rooms were on either side of his.

The other members knew that Namjoon and him sometimes were intimate with each other and Jimin even wondered if any of them ever wanted him like that too. And although he and Namjoon hadn’t fucked, he’d still had all six inches of Joon’s cock in his mouth on a fairly regular basis. But now this fully grown man was delving deeper and deeper into him with each thrust, balls smacking against his ass as Scott picks up speed.

Soon he can’t think of anything else but the sensations spasming through his body. Scott grips those thick thighs and pounds into him as fast as he can, loving how Jimin can’t hold back his screams anymore and holds onto the headboard for leverage. He pulls those arms off of it and pins them back with his left hand, the other holding onto his ass as he thrusts hard, angling himself to feel for Jimin’s prostate.

A loud moan indicates he’s hit the jackpot, Jimin’s cock drips onto the covers as his body grinds against them. He pushes Jimin even further down until his whole body is flush with the covers and hovers over him as if doing push-ups and thrusts down into him as hard as he can. Soon he moves backwards a bit, still inside this beautiful singer and grinds slow inside him until he’s sitting on the edge of the bed. “I’m going to fuck your throat after I cum, ok?” Jimin nods, moaning, “Ahn! Yah! Mhm…please just…keep going!”

As much as he can, Scott tries to hit his prostate, grinding against it and watching Jimin shiver with anticipation. He grips his hips again, fingers curling into the skin, desperate to leave marks, and hovers over him, pounding fast yet even more so than before. Jimin yells that he’s about to burst in Korean, frantically yelling it and trying to lift off of the bed, but Scott holds him tight, and pulls him upwards so Jimin is now sitting on his cock. He spreads those legs and lifts them by the knees so he can fuck up into him. His body trembles when Jimin comes, some of it landing on the singer’s face, and Jimin yells loud but Scott tries to muffle it with his other hand while continuing his thrusts.

Way too sensitive, Jimin whines as Scott continues to fuck him, holding his thighs tight against his chest, admiring Jimin’s flexibility, and lifts him off of the bed. Jimin’s jaw drops. He squirms in the man’s hold and holds onto his neck for leverage to kiss him awkwardly. Scott bends over and thrusts faster, coming with one strong thrust as Jimin yells again, this time unobstructed. He lets Jimin stand on the floor and when he sees the boy can barely stand, he picks him up again, Jimin’s legs around his waist, and carries him into the bathroom.

“Again?” Jimin huffs, not caring to look at himself in the bathroom mirror.

“I’m not done with you. You wanted this.”

“I…yeah…you’re right.” Jimin pauses to look into his eyes.

Scott smiles wide as he did in the interview and kisses him deeply again, hands roaming the smaller body in front of him. He marvels at the toned muscles he didn’t expect to be under Jimin’s clothes, the abs, his dancer’s frame ready for bending and flexing in ways Scott desperately wanted to test. He turns Jimin so that his front is facing the mirror, pushes his ass out then places his left leg on the bathroom counter.


“Mhm…all night.”

“I knew you were freaky. You’re my kind of man.” Scott praises, sliding inside of him with one smooth motion.

Jimin’s moans get even louder so Scott places his hand over his mouth and slams back inside him, setting a quick pace so the boy is yelling. “A…Ahh!” He screams when Scott slaps his ass twice, quickly turning as pink as Jimin’s flushed chest and ears.

Soon, he lets his leg go and pushes Jimin’s back down and pulls his ass out, slowing his pace to grind against Jimin’s ass, giving them both a break from the breakneck pace of several minutes ago.

He reaches around and strokes Jimin’s thick cock, chubby but sizeable, leaking onto the counter. Jimin makes a sound that’s not quite yet a moan and curses under his breath, singing almost when he finally speaks, “Yes! Oh…that feels good.”

“Good. Turn around.” He places Jimin fully on the counter, hiking up those beautiful smooth legs onto his shoulders and slides right back into him. Jimin flinches slightly but hides it by grabbing Scott’s head and pulling him down for a kiss.

“You’ve gotta let me know when you’re gonna come, ok?” Scott comments, voice just a bit hoarse from panting and groaning in Jimin’s ear as he restarts his breakneck pace. But Jimin’s eyes are to the ceiling, he’s stroking himself quickly, whining as Scott slows down and hits his prostate as much as he can.

With a whistle, Scott brings him back to reality and repeats, “Jimin…warn me if you’re coming.”


“Ah…don’t worry about it.”

“No, what? What did you say?” He looks worried, stops his movements and squeezes Scott’s dick.

“I said, you’re going to tell me when you’re going to come. Got it?”

“Oh…” Jimin blushes, finally understanding. “I’m coming…”

Scott laughs, “Are you?”

There’s that smirk again, and yep he’s stroking his cock again, so he repeats himself, this time his voice is low and seductive, “I’m coming for you…”

Scott kisses him hard through it, grinding against his prostate and stroking him. Scott pants as his own release hits him, condom filling fast so he pulls it off and strokes out the rest onto Jimin’s beautiful smooth skin. It takes them a second, well, more like five minutes to cool down, Jimin sitting properly now, watching Scott’s much larger hands caress his chest and abdomen.

“You’re just too damn pretty.” Jimin scrunches his nose just a bit at the word, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Oh, don’t like that eh? Hear that a bit too much from the fangirls, right? Well how about, you’re just too damn fine of a man. Strong, talented, goddamn gorgeous…and you know it, right?”

“Yeah.” “Cocky too.”

He turns to the shower but Jimin grabs his wrist, “That’s too loud. They will hear that. I’m sleeping, remember?”

“Right…well, I’ll bounce right outta here then if you don’t want me to stay.”

“I’m tired, Scott.” Jimin fails to hide his smirk again when he adds, “But I wouldn’t mind riding you.”

“Well get on the bed, boy.”

“Do you need help with that?” Jimin asks, watching intently at how fast Scott strokes himself.

“Tch, I’m good. Give me just a second.” Scott almost laughs at the situation, but Jimin beats him to it, laughing as he slicks up his right hand with lube and begins fingering himself, giving the older man a very nice view of his supple ass and thick thighs tensing from the pleasure.

Scott can see them straining as he lifts his hips upward to place a pillow underneath. When the singer decides he can’t take anymore, frustrated at how slow Scott’s hand has gotten, he kneels and gives Scott’s thick cock a nice slurp and sucks hard.

“Fuuuck…” Popping off, Jimin replies, “I know,” and continues bobbing his head up and down. Moving the hair out of his eyes for the sixth time that night, not that Scott’s counting Jimin’s nervous ticks, he positions himself better so that he can push all 9 and a half inches down his throat, swallowing around the fully engorged member when he feels a hand pull him off.

“I don’t wanna ruin your voice, so get on with it.” A flurry of curses leaves Scott’s mouth as Jimin rides him, his dick can’t handle much more of this.

He feels as if the boy is savoring each moment that his dick slides back inside, eyes closed, mouth partly open, muscles tensing as he becomes more and more aroused. Close to the edge, Scott grips Jimin’s thighs, finding them nothing but pure muscle, and pounds into him as fast as he can while he’s laying on his back. Jimin falls back into the motions, letting his hole be used like a toy, being lifted into the air effortlessly and thrown onto his back. His legs grip onto Scott’s waist and the man can feel every subtle motion of those muscles squeezing and shaking as his thrusts increase in speed. Jimin’s hands are in his hair again when he does finally come for the last time that night, back arching off the bed, thighs quivering against dark skin, toes curled upwards to the heavens. As a courtesy, Jimin grinds his hips to milk the last of Scott’s seed out, moaning as Scott kisses him sweetly.

“Haha, you’re good at that.” “Thank you.”

“Do…Do I have to hurry on out of here or is there some secret method like before?” Scott says, pulling on his shirt.

“Yeah…um,” Jimin scribbles the method onto his arm, lingering a bit too long after he finishes.

“You don’t do this a lot do you?”

“I don’t get to do it a lot.”

“I’m sure you don’t need to, you’ve got those other members to take care of you, right?” Scott frames the question with nonchalance, as if he’s not trying to syphon juicy details from this beautiful internationally famous boy.

“Well I have Na-,” Sensing the intense stare, Jimin stops and with one of his best “idol” smiles, waves the reporter to the door and says, “Thank you, Scott. It’s been great.”

“Ha, alright, alright. Can’t blame me for tryin’. Hey,” he reaches out for Jimin’s forearm, “Kill it at your concert. And text me when you’re back in LA for a repeat.”

Scott doesn’t even think that’s a possibility. He’s just saving his own face by talking big. Jimin bows when he leaves and he takes the complicated method of vanishing his presence out of the hotel.

Once back in his car on the way home, he replays the night in his head, saves it as one of his favorite nights that he’s had with closeted celebs. It always seemed like the closeted ones gave the best game. Too pent up to satiate themselves, they’d have their complete fill by the time the night was over. And it seemed like Jimin Park, Park Jimin? (Scott still didn’t know which way was correct) was of the same mindset.

Still, he hoped that the singer could come out one day, and be just as admired and loved as he is now. But only time would tell if that would become a possibility. For now, Scott and the world would have to wait and see what would become of Jimin, and of BTS as a whole.