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Harry and a Vampire By Mjimeyg

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*Chapter 1*: Chapter 1
A/N: As with all my stories, this one has been completed. There are about 22 chapters and I upload one a day, on average.

A short note about the formatting; The first two scenes are in London. The language spoken is English. But after that, Harry is in Japan. English becomes the foreign language and it is formatted in italics. Also, I use the local naming conventions (surname firstname: Potter Harry, Granger Hermione), Japanese honorifics are also used (san, kun, chan, tan, sama, sensei), this is because Harry is in a completely new culture and it needs to be obvious as there will be interactions between the cultures. Bear in mind I am English and have just above average command of my native language. I am useless at learning languages, so expect mistakes.

Everything else should be self-explanatory. I have watched the Rosario+Vampire anime, but this story is based on the manga.

Disclaimer: I hold no rights to Harry Potter or Rosario+Vampire. But I highly recommend you get yourselves a copy... unless its not your thing... then you should probably skip this fanfic altogether.

The Alley was relatively quiet considering it was barely ten in the morning. There were a few mothers doing some shopping, but really it was a good time for a tea break for the shopkeepers before the lunchtime rush.

Harry walked dejectedly along Diagon Alley. He had just had his wand snapped and was expelled from Hogwarts for the underage use of magic. Nobody seemed to care that he was defending himself and his cousin from Dementors.

He couldn't understand why Professor Dumbledore wasn't there for him. He had been taken to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place after the incident on Privet Drive with the Dementors. It was a dark and dismal place where he discovered his godfather, Sirius Black, was a prisoner there just as he had been with the Dursleys. He'd also discovered that everyone had purposefully been keeping him in the dark. It hadn't helped the mood.

Mr. Weasley had taken him to the Ministry for his hearing. They had barely made it as the times had been changed and they were lucky they were there early… quite strange for a member of the Weasley family to be early.

Now that he thought about it that was probably the reason Dumbledore wasn't there. He just didn't know the times had changed.

Mr. Weasley hadn't been there when Harry left the hearing without his wand. Lucius Malfoy had been. The insults had been almost too much as he quietly tried to ignore the man and walked out.

He didn't dare go back to the Dursleys, without the threat of magic he would be in great danger. He didn't want to go back to Grimmauld Place, he couldn't face his friends and not feel even worse as they had wands and a school to go to. He couldn't bear the thought of disappointing Sirius.

He headed for Gringotts to try and get some money and maybe see if they could give him muggle money so he could get a hotel room somewhere.

He never noticed that he had made it through the alley and into the bank until he heard an impatient voice clear its throat. Harry looked up and found himself standing in front of a teller.

"Can I help you?" The goblin asked pointedly from his high desk that put him above the wizards and witches. As if a goblin would ever look up to a human!

"Oh, yes. I was hoping to get some money out, also, do you convert magical money to muggle?"

The goblin wrinkled its nose in disgust. Goblins dealt in gold and other precious metals. They had no love for the strange paper that muggles threw about. "We do. Key?"

Harry closed his eyes in frustration. Mrs. Weasley still had it.

The goblin rolled his eyes as he deduced the problem. "Foolish child. You should never be without your key. It cannot be taken from you if it is on your person.

"Now you will have to have a new key made. What is your name?"

"Harry Potter."

"Really?" He scoffed. "The Great Harry Potter couldn't remember his own vault key. I suppose next you'll tell me you forgot your wand."

Harry was getting a little peeved. "No, the Ministry just snapped it!" He hissed.

The goblin looked at him in shock.

"What is going on here? Why is this disgrace to the wizarding world still here?"

Harry sighed as he heard Lucius Malfoy's snide voice behind him.

"That is none of your business. What happens between Gringotts and its clients is confidential."

"Potter is no longer a wizard. He doesn't have any rights in our world." Malfoy said dismissively. "He certainly doesn't have the right to access his money. All his magical items have been confiscated and destroyed. Including his owl." Malfoy smirked maliciously.

Harry's face paled. Hedwig was the only friend he had at times. She never betrayed him, doubted him or went behind his back.

"I do hope that isn't true, Malfoy." The goblin warned. "Those items were private property and the Potters, just like the Malfoys, had them insured by Gringotts. It would be very bad for business to find out that the Ministry has violated the various treaties and contracts between the government and the bank."

Malfoy froze at that. He hadn't actually known that there were treaties or that this would involve the goblins. He had a sudden desire to empty his vaults and close his accounts.

Whilst he was pondering this, Harry had fallen to the floor in shock as his world fell to pieces around him.

"I will be back later to discuss my accounts." Malfoy said haughtily. "For now I must escort Potter to a very special meeting." He smiled nastily.

Harry now knew why Malfoy had followed him. He was to deliver him straight to Voldemort. Harry was about ready to give up. He wished he had a wand to draw just to give the goblins a reason to kill him. The last thing he wanted was to be at the mercy of Voldemort… the man didn't know the meaning of the word.

"Mr. Potter has business with Gringotts first. If he is available afterwards he can seek you out himself. Now please excuse us." Came a new voice.

Harry saw a new goblin walk up in an expensive three-piece suit, complete with gold pocket watch.

"As I said, Potter has no rights to anything in Gringotts." Malfoy argued. "He is no longer a member of the Wizarding World."

"Then it is to his good fortune that we are not a part of the 'Wizarding World'." The new goblin sneered. "We are part of the 'Magical World' and as long as he or his relatives have magic in their veins then they can do business with us. Now leave before you are forced to leave."

Lucius was about to argue further when two loud bangs sounded behind him. He turned to see two small goblins with large spears standing there.

"I will return later." He snarled before spinning away.

The goblin sighed before turning to Harry. "Mr. Potter, get up off the floor and follow me." He ordered.

Harry sluggishly rose and followed the goblin out through a side door. He was led down some ornate steps to an even more ornate corridor of marble. Along the way were various doors with the names of goblins and their positions on the name plates.

Goldtooth – Loans

Silverspike – Acquisitions

Bloodbook – Accounts Manager

Hookjaw – Sales

Blooddrinker – Fines and Penalties

Harry noticed a trend with the names. He wondered if any goblin had a name not comprised of two subjects.

At the end of the corridor was a set of double doors that swung open as they approached, inside was a very large room that was made with more marble with gold accents.

"Please take a seat Mr. Potter. We have a lot to discuss." The goblin instructed.

Harry numbly sat down in the chair opposite the goblin's desk as the tiny creature hopped up into the large chair behind the desk. Like all other goblin chairs, it was designed so he sat above all others. On Harry's mind was the loss of Hedwig.

"Mr. Potter, is it true that the human calling himself Lord Voldemort is back?"

Harry just sat there.

"Mr. Potter?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, he's back." Harry muttered.

The goblin rolled his eyes. This child was not going to be very useful at the moment. He silently left the room, not that Harry noticed.

Harry didn't know how much time passed as he sat there. He was shaken from his thoughts when something gripped his left shoulder. He looked around to see Hedwig sitting there.


"Perhaps we can actually converse now, Mr. Potter?" The goblin asked.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Harry said happily as he nuzzled Hedwig with his nose.

"Mr. Potter?"

"Oh, sure. Converse away." Harry grinned. The horrors of the day were nothing to him as long as he had Hedwig back.

"You have already confirmed that Lord Voldemort has returned."

"Tom Riddle, Tom Marvolo Riddle is his birth name." Harry told him.

The goblin raised an eyebrow. "Indeed, that information will be most useful. How did you come across this knowledge?"

"He told me. Second year there was this diary that had a younger version of him in it. It was petrifying students with a basilisk that I had to kill."

"A basilisk and… a shade?" The goblin asked as both eyebrows rose in surprise. "You can prove your claims?"

Harry looked at the goblin with slight surprise. "You actually want me to prove I'm not lying?"

The goblin looked at him glibly. "It is generally the thing to do when claims of such an… outlandish nature are made."

Harry started to snicker… then giggle before laughing outright.

The goblin glared at him. "Mr. Potter, this is not an amusing topic!" He scolded.

"Sorry sir, I just came from being put on trial for underage magic despite the fact that I defended myself from Dementors. They wouldn't accept my word, how can I expect you to do so." He said with a sour laugh.

"We hardly intend to accept your word unless you give a binding magical oath, partake of veritiserum or provide us with the memories." He scoffed. "Are you willing to do any of those?"

"Sure, sure." Harry said with a dismissive wave, he didn't expect to be believed either way.

The goblin took a deep breath to calm himself. He wanted to chastise the boy for being disrespectful but if what the child claimed was true he had every right to expect nothing but ridicule and mistrust.

He walked over to a nearby counter where he retrieved a stone bowl that was engraved with various runes.

"This is-"

"A pensive. I know." Harry frowned. "You really want me to do this? You'll actually believe my memories?"

"Provided I detect no modifications to the memories they should suffice."

"I didn't know goblins used these things." Harry mused as he took a closer look at the bowl.

"These are goblin creations, Mr. Potter. We are the ones who developed the mind arts.

"Now, do you know how to retrieve the memory and place it in the bowl?"

Harry didn't have a clue so the goblin walked him through the process. He was surprised he didn't need a wand as Professor Dumbledore had.

Harry sat in the office alone with Hedwig as the goblin was in the pensive.

It was half an hour later that he was deposited back in to the office.

"Well… I can certainly see why people might question your veracity." The goblin muttered as he sat down in his chair.

Harry bristled at this. "I thought you could tell if the memories were altered?"

"I can, they were very truthful and I believe them." The goblin chided. "However, what I saw was… well quite frankly I can't think of a word to use other than 'unbelievable' but that word isn't quite the one I want as I do believe you.

"Would you mind if I kept those copies of your memories? Especially the one of Riddle's resurrection?"

"Sure." Harry shrugged.

"Excellent. Now, as much as I believe you I believe that you should also provide a full testimony under oath and veritiserum." Harry went to protest but the goblin held up a hand stopping him. "I believe you, but the more assurances you can give the easier it will be to convince others."

"Like who? Fudge kicked me out without listening."

"Yes… and he is a fool who will pay dearly when the truth comes out." The goblin smirked. "Agree to give the testimony and leave the rest with me."

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

The goblin just looked at him through narrowed eyes, examining him carefully.

"I am someone who holds a position of much influence. I might hold the key to your future not only to the wizarding and muggle worlds but also to a third world that we goblins refer to as 'The Monster World'.

"By agreeing to provide me with those memories, you have done the goblin nation a great favour. We are inclined to return that favour.

"Make no mistake, we won't be giving you anymore than you have given us. Goblins are not known for their generosity after all." The goblin grinned. "I hold sway at a school in Japan, I believe it would be beneficial for you to attend there. It is not a magical school but it is a school that will teach you how to live with humans, non-magicals specifically."

"What about when Voldemort comes after me? I won't be able to use magic to defend myself."

The goblin rolled his eyes. "Stupid wizards, reliant on their little sticks. I would be willing to sell you three things at a reduced price, in recognition of what you have done for the goblin nation. The first will be the memories of someone with exceptional training in magic, the second will be the memories of training in wandless magic, the last will be lessons in Japanese… which you will need if you are to attend a Japanese school."

"Will that mean I will have memories of that person's life?" Harry asked as he wrinkled his nose. He didn't want to have memories of another person, the things they might do with their body, like pee, poop and… oh god… what if it was a girl!?

Again the goblin rolled its eyes. "No Mr. Potter, we use this method to train our human employees in Gobbledegook. You will have only the information required and you will need to practice."

"Just how much is this going to cost?" Harry asked warily.

Harry sat on the yellow, Japanese school bus with Hedwig on his shoulder as it drove through London. The driver wore a low cap that cast shadows over his glowing eyes and he spoke Japanese. Harry was relieved when he was able to understand him thanks to the newly acquired memories. He was also thrilled that he didn't have any additional 'experiences' in those memories.

They headed south across the Thames travelling out of London and into Kent before heading to Folkstone and the newly opened Channel Tunnel. Harry tried asking the driver if they had to drive all the way to Japan.

The driver just laughed… it was a kind of creepy laugh.

They seemingly bypassed all the checkpoints and headed for what appeared to be a maintenance entrance. There were no lights in the tunnel, just the daylight behind them.

Harry knew that there was at least twenty miles between France and England, so he was surprised to discover the daylight lit exit ahead of them only sixty seconds later.

As they exited the tunnel Harry noticed the stark contrast of where he was as opposed to where he had been.

For starters, there were no buildings, security or anything else one would expect to see when exiting an international tunnel. The sky was a mixture of various shades of mild red and blue like a water painting. There were trees everywhere.

Dead trees.

The driver pulled to a stop next to a scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern for a head and a bus schedule on its chest.

"Welcome to Yōkai Academy, kid." The driver said in his gravelly voice.

"The dead forest is the academy?" Harry asked sceptically.

"Just head down the path and through the graveyard and you'll see it." He answered as Harry picked up his bag and made his way to the front of the bus. "Times for the bus are on the scarecrow. Good luck kid, you're gonna need it."

As the bus pulled away, Harry could hear the man laughing.

He couldn't help but shudder.

Harry pulled his bag over his shoulder and began walking down the dark and disturbing path with Hedwig on his shoulder. It was over grown and deeply shadowed, more than once he considered the possibility that he was lost.

He walked for ten minutes when he heard a familiar sound. He had heard it many times around Privet Drive, a bicycle.

But he couldn't find it in all the darkness and undergrowth, but he could hear it almost on top of him when he felt the metal handlebars crash into his back and he went spinning through the air with a yell accompanied by another person's scream and an indignant squawk from Hedwig.

Harry groaned as he pushed himself up off the floor onto his hands and knees. He couldn't see properly as his glasses had been knocked off and his head was spinning. His left hand was resting on the floor, he could feel the twigs and dead leaves, but there was something soft and warm under his right hand.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

The other person was a female, according to the voice.

"Can you see my glasses?" Harry asked.

"Here." He felt the glasses being pushed onto his face and he found he could see.

Inches in front of him was a girl about his own age, very beautiful with pale skin, green eyes and long pink hair.

"Erm… hi."

"You're bleeding!" She said horrified that she had caused this.

"Don't worry, nothing new." Harry said as he ducked his head in embarrassment. When he looked down he discovered what the warm and soft thing under his had was.

The girl was wearing a very short school skirt.

Very short.

Very very short.

Unfortunately he realised his hand was very high up on her overly exposed inner thigh.

"Gah!" He cried as he snatched his hand away as if burnt. "Sorry! Very sorry."

The girl was blushing as red as Harry.

"It's ok, it was my fault to begin with." She said. "Here, let me help you."

She pulled out a handkerchief and began to dab at the cut on his cheek.

Harry was very aware that this beautiful girl was getting closer and closer to him. He wasn't used to this. Even Fleur hadn't been like this, she had kissed him on the cheek but the look on this girl's face was… hungry.

The girl gave a slight moan and Harry could hear her sniffing him.

"I'm sorry, you… you just smell so good!"

The next thing Harry knew the girl had pounced on him and was biting his neck.

"Hey! OW!"

The girl was incredibly strong and nothing he could do would get her off… he was also a little wary of where he could put his hands.

Trying to respect a girl's body when she was stealing his blood was something that would confound him years later.

After a few moments, the girl released him.

"Oh, that tasted sooo good." She said contentedly. "I haven't eaten since yesterday!"

"You bit me! Are you a vampire?" Harry asked accusingly.

The girl nodded somewhat shamefully. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself."

"Could you at least give me a warning next time?" He asked a little less upset now that he realised he wasn't dead, just a little weak.

"You mean you'll let me drink you again?! You taste so good!"

"As long as you don't kill me… I guess." Harry said warily. "I'm Harry, Potter Harry."

"Oh, I'm Akashiya Moka. I really am sorry I didn't ask first. Yours is the first blood I've ever tasted. No one else's blood smelled so good before."

"Well… let's just forget about it." Harry said as he stood up and offered her a hand.

He couldn't help but notice that her skirt was still very short. He tore his eyes away from her long legs to see her bike. It was bent at odd angles.

"I don't think you'll be riding that anywhere soon like that." Harry commented as he walked over and picked the bike up.

Wandless magic had some pretty neat effects. Without the wand limiting the casters magic it allowed the full power of the caster to be utilised. On the downside, you lost the ability to do the more intricate things. Working on finely detailed items was much harder without the limiting abilities of the wand and the precision it allowed.

Fortunately the bike was just a standard bike. Harry's wandless first spell was the one that Hermione had taught him all that time ago on the train.

"Reparo." Harry incanted.

The bike morphed itself back to a near new state.

"You're a wizard!" Moka said excitedly. "I've never met a wizard before."

"I've never met a vampire before." Harry smiled softly.

Harry looked up at the trees trying to find Hedwig. "Hedwig?" He gave a short whistle.

There was a bark from somewhere nearby.

"I know you're not shy, come down here!"

"Prek! Prek!" Came the emphatic reply.

Harry sighed.

"Could you promise you won't try and eat Hedwig?" He asked Moka.

"Who's Hedwig?"

"My owl. She's a little bit… weird."


"You are!" Harry retorted loudly at the direction the bark came from.

"You have an owl?"


"And you can talk to her?"

"Sort of. Mainly I talk and she… does what she wants. But she does listen to me when I just want to chat."

"And she's worried that I will eat her?"

"She does have blood." Harry pointed out.

"Oh… well I guess I can promise that. I wouldn't want to drink from someone who didn't want me to."

Harry had a suspicion that that rule didn't actually apply to him. As his sore neck could attest.

"I promise I won't drink or bite you Hedwig!" Moka called out, feeling fairly silly.


"She promised! Get down here or I'll leave you to fly on your own. There's no telling what might be in this forest! We have just met a vampire you know, and this place is called 'Monster Academy'." Harry called out irritably.

"Monster Academy?" Moka repeated, she knew English but found the translation amusing.

"Pretty much means 'Yōkai Academy' in English." Harry shrugged as a very nervous Hedwig flitted down to Harry's shoulder.

"Oh my god! She's so beautiful!" Moka gushed.

Harry watched Hedwig puff up proudly at the praise. He decided to ignore it. "This is Moka, she promised not to drink or hurt you." He said firmly.

"I would never hurt you! You're too beautiful!" Moka promised as she reached out a hand to stroke Hedwig's feathers.

Harry could hear and see Hedwig preen at the praise. Moka had just made a new friend, evidenced by the way Hedwig hopped from his shoulder to Moka's.

"Abandoned already." Harry muttered. He reached down to pick up his bag and the bike. "Do you know which way the Academy is? I got turned around… when… you know… you hit me?" He said, trying to not say it but she seemed fairly confused about what he was getting at.

"Oh! Right." Moka blushed. "This way, here, let me take that." She said as she took the bike from Harry. "And thank you for fixing it."

"Wasn't hard." Harry shrugged. He couldn't help but think that Moka looked even more beautiful with Hedwig riding on her shoulder.

"I'm surprised a Wizard would come to a school in the Monster World. They aren't very well liked most of the time because of how much like humans they are."

Harry smiled softly. "I didn't know about the Monster World until the goblins told me. It isn't safe for me in the Wizarding World and it's the same in the Human World. At least here I have a chance to defend myself."

"People were trying to hurt you?" Moka asked slightly mortified at the thought.

"Apparently since the day I was born." Harry chuckled.

"But that's horrible!"

"Well, yes. But like I said, it's been this way since I was born. I don't know of any other way of life."

"But that's horrible!"

Harry just shrugged. "How about you? How was your life growing up? Anyone looking to kill you?"

"Well… there is one person." She said hesitantly. "But I don't think she wants to kill me, just fight me."

"Any particular reason?"

"We used to fight all the time… I taught her but then I had to leave and now she keeps tracking me down and attacking me."

Harry frowned. "I'm not sure that actually counts as life-threatening."

Moka turned and rested her bike against her hip. She pulled apart the top buttons of her already tight blouse to reveal her cleavage and the large crucifix resting there. Harry could feel his cheeks turning red.

"You see this rosary?"

Harry was actually a little relieved she wasn't trying to seduce him.

"This rosary locks away my true form. I can't remove it and I am very weak compared to my true form."

"And this person wants to fight your true form?" Harry asked.

"Exactly, but it can't be removed as far as I know, at least not by me." She nodded as she took hold of her bike and resumed walking.

Harry and Moka eventually got separated when they had to sign in and collect their class schedules and home room assignments as well as getting to their new dorm rooms.

Harry soon made it to his new homeroom where the teacher, a Nekonome Shizuka, introduced herself as their home room teacher.

Miss Nekonome was a very upbeat young woman with short, shoulder length, brown hair. She had little tufts of hair on the tops of the sides of her head like cat ears and like the rest of the girls of the school… wore a very short skirt.

Harry couldn't help but think that the purebloods back home would bust a blood vessel at the indecent uniforms.

For himself… he just tried to keep his eyes fixed on faces.

Miss Nekonome was talking about how this was a school for monsters where they would learn how to live in the human world. From what Harry could tell they didn't teach anything about the wizarding world.

He was surprised to hear that everyone was supposed to keep their monster forms a secret. He made a mental note to find Moka and warn her after class as they had both been quite open about what they were.

It also made him very wary of his fellow students as he was human himself. He was not pleased to hear the classmate sitting next to him suggest that they eat any humans and molest the cute ones. He didn't know whether to be scared or outraged.

It didn't help that Miss Nekonome also seemed to have a mild case of the nerves.

It was at this point that Moka arrived having gotten a little lost in the school. Harry was happy to see he would have at least one friendly face in class.

"I'm sorry I'm late." She said slightly embarrassed to Miss Nekonome. "I got lost."

"That's perfectly alright." The bubbly teacher smiled. "Come in and take a seat."

The only seat left was the one behind Harry and to his right, which meant Moka easily spotted him.

"Harry!" She cheered as she practically leapt at him.

Harry quickly stood to catch her as she latched onto him. He could feel her breath on his neck and was worried she might bite him and reveal her monster identity.

"Monster identities are secrets here." He whispered harshly.

Moka pulled back and looked at him curiously.

Harry nodded towards the board where Miss Nekonome had written the rules and one clearly stated that you are not to reveal your monster identity.


"I'll keep yours a secret and you keep mine." Harry offered with a small smile.

Moka beamed at him… then blushed as she noticed everyone staring at them. She quickly took a seat.

After their first class Moka and Harry headed outside. Harry had plenty of money on him so he bought them both a drink.

"I don't know what's funnier. A vampire drinking tomato juice or the fact that they have it in a drinks machine." He chuckled.

Moka pouted at him. "Your blood was the first I've ever tasted. It seems a shame to have to go back to… tomato juice."

"If you drink too much in one go I will die." Harry calmly pointed out. "If I die you won't have any of my blood to drink."

"I wouldn't do that!" She said aghast. She blushed and looked down at her feet. "You're my only friend."

"If you're looking for a friend… you're wasting your time with this weakling."

Harry grimaced at the sound of his classmate, Saizou Komiya, the boy who asked why they didn't eat humans and molest the women.

"I can be real 'friendly'." The taller boy grinned lasciviously at Moka.

Moka could clearly sense the newcomer's intent and stepped back behind Harry.

"Why don't you and I go somewhere else and have some fun?" He asked as he stepped closer.

Moka grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him off. "I'm sorry! I'm having fun with Harry right now!" She called over her shoulder.

Harry was shocked at just how strong Moka was. He struggled to keep up with her just to prevent his shoulder being wrenched. As it was, when she stopped he was still pretty sore.

"Moka, I'm practically human here. Please be a little bit gentler with me." Harry said as he rubbed his abused joint.

Moka blushed. "Oh, I'm so embarrassed." She giggled as she playfully pushed him.

Harry went soaring through the air to land with a crash, embedded in a vending machine as drinks fell to the ground around him.

"Come on, let's explore!" Moka called out as she walked off, happily unaware of what she had done.

For the first time in nearly a year, Harry found he was happy. The reason for his happiness was literally Moka. She was full of bubbling enthusiasm and she seemed intent on making Harry share it.

Despite being thousands of miles from home, far from his school friends and godfather, Harry felt he could be happy here as long as he had Moka as his friend.

It helped that Moka adored Hedwig and would pout if the owl was gone. Hedwig definitely appreciated being fawned over.

By the end of their first day, Harry was exhausted. Exhausted but happy. He had a new friend and he was finally in a school where nobody knew who he was.

Of course, he was also at a school and nobody knew where he was. His mission for the following day was to get a letter to Sirius, just let him know he was safe.

"Harry! You look awful!"

Harry gave Moka a very dry look.

She blushed. "I just meant-"

"It's fine Moka." Harry smiled tiredly. "I just had a long night."

"You had trouble sleeping?"

"A bit. I was trying to write a letter and figure out how to send it."

"Oh… that is a puzzle." Moka agreed as she realized there were no phones or letter boxes at the school.

"Don't worry, I'm going to ask the bus driver to deliver it for me."

"That's a wonderful idea!" Moka beamed. Then her face fell. "Where's Hedwig?"

Harry just grumbled. "She's upset with me because I won't let her take the letter."

"Hedwig wants to deliver letters?" Moka was clearly confused.

"British wizards use owls to deliver mail. A lot like they used to use messenger pigeons."

"Oh." Moka was clearly confused. "If she normally does it, then why not this time?"

"Because she is too noticeable. I'm hiding from wizarding Britain." Harry then rolled his eyes. "Let's not forget the tiny issue of the thousands of miles of ocean between Japan and Britain."

That bit Moka did get and she giggled. "Well, I'm glad she isn't taking it. I would miss her."

There was a flutter of wings and Moka's right shoulder was occupied.

Harry looked at his avian friend with an unimpressed expression.

"You can't go all the way to England, Hedwig." Moka reasoned with her passenger. "What would Harry do without you?"

Hedwig seemed to consider that for a moment before she gave a stern bark and bobbed in agreement before glaring at Harry.

"How about this; I'll introduce you to the bus driver and if he agrees then you can take any future letters to him to take to England?" Harry tried to reason with the owl.

Hedwig could tell he was trying to placate her… but she also knew it was as good as she was going to get. Besides, Moka was right: Harry would be lost without her.

After a whole day of classes that had nothing to do with magic, Harry began his trek back through the desolate woods to the bus stop.

Moka had been elsewhere so it was just him and Hedwig.

This time Harry took a good look around. There were graves and gravestones all over the place. There were also bats and rodents in abundance, so he wasn't worried about Hedwig going hungry or getting bored.

He made it to the bus stop and groaned. "Once a month? He only comes once a month?"


Harry glared at the smug looking bird. He knew she was rubbing in the fact that he could have asked her. But he instead pouted at her sadly. "You really want to be away from me that much?"

Hedwig immediately began butting his head affectionately and apologetically.

"I thought I'd lost you after the trial. Malfoy said he'd killed you. It- It was horrible." Harry admitted as he nuzzled her feathers with his nose.

They stayed that way for a few moments, just enjoying each other's presence like they usually did. Hedwig eventually jumped off his shoulder and barked cheerfully, flew a circuit around his head and then shot off back towards the school.

Harry grinned before he began running after her. It wasn't as good as chasing her on his broom, but it was just like old times.

They ran half way back to the school before Hedwig veered off to the left, barking angrily. Harry sped up with worry. He arrived to find Hedwig dive bombing Saizou whilst Moka scooted away on her butt.

Harry didn't stop running, he simply changed his direction and stance and ran straight into Saizou sending himself and Hedwig's victim tumbling.

Harry was quickly back on his feet whilst Saizou was trying to figure out what had happened.

The tall boy was soon up and saw Harry helping Moka to her feet. He was furious and he no longer cared about rules.


Harry turned to where Moka pointed to see Saizou begin to grow. His muscles bulged, ripping his shirt and blazer to shred. His tongue elongated and whipped around like a tail… a tail covered in drool.

"I told you to stay away from MOKA!" Saizou roared. "So now I'll just have to teach you to respect your betters."

Harry had no idea what to do. The rules said he couldn't reveal his true form, that meant no magic. After being convicted for trying to defend himself, he didn't want to test the new rules he was under.

His years of experience came rushing back to him. Dealing with Voldemort, three-headed giant dogs, basilisks, dragons and so on.

It came down to one tactic that he had amazing success with.


He turned Moka and began rushing her away.

He made it five steps before he remembered that his success with running was usually temporary. He felt something snap around his leg and he fell to the floor.

He was flipped onto his back and could see Saizou's long tongue wrapped around his calf and dragging him closer.

Harry frantically dug his free heel into the ground. He was amazed when he abruptly stopped and Saizou stumbled forward.

Saizou was huge! He had to be stronger than Moka and Moka could rip him to pieces.

He recovered enough to start scrambling backwards, but Saizou's tongue still had a firm hold. No matter what Harry did, he could not get free.

But still, Saizou could not move Harry closer to him.

"You're pretty strong for a skinny runt." Saizou grunted before he began stalking towards Harry.

Harry tried to move but Saizou wasn't allowing any slack on his tongue. When this was over he would puzzle over how Saizou could talk so well with his tongue out.

There was a flash of pink at his side and Moka was pulling on his arm, trying to help him free.

"It's no use, Moka! Just run! Get help!"

"I will not leave you, Harry!" She declared stubbornly.

Unfortunately, Harry was caught between Saizou and Moka. A monster and a vampire.

"Moka! My arm is breaking!" Harry ground out as he tried to maintain his foothold.

Moka immediately let go and began searching the ground.

"Saizou, you had better let me go." Harry growled. "You've revealed your monster form, if I have to reveal mine… I'll make you pay."

It was a hell of a bluff as Harry had no idea what Saizou was or what would work against him. On the other hand, Harry knew plenty of spells.

Saizou began screaming in pain.

Probably because Moka had found a lovely thick tree branch and was pounding his stretched tongue with it.

Harry felt the tongue loosen and then whip painfully away. He immediately struggled to his feet and dragged Moka to a safe distance.

"We need to run, Harry!"

"I can't." Harry grimaced. His ankle was in a lot of pain, he was worried that Saizou might have fractured it.

"Well... limp quickly!" She said fretfully as she pulled his arm around her shoulders.

Harry screamed in pain as Saizou had finally recovered and latched his tongue to Harry's ankle again. Harry fell to the ground pulling Moka with him.

Harry's world went momentarily black as the pain overwhelmed him. When he regained his senses he was mildly surprised to find himself looking at Moka's feet. He looked up only to find himself with a view that would see him hexed six ways from Sunday, but no Moka.

Instead, he was looking up the skirt of a white haired, red-eyed girl.

Who looked a lot like Moka.

"I can't believe you called me out for this." The girl scoffed down at Harry. "Try not to get yourself killed for five minutes?" She mocked before heading off towards Saizou to give him a fair share of her insults.

Harry took a brief look around but couldn't see Moka. He quickly healed his ankle, grateful that he didn't have to vanish the bones and drink another dose of Skele-grow.

By the time he stood up, the new girl was standing proudly over a thoroughly thrashed Saizou.

"Excuse me? Have you seen Akashiya Moka? Girl, about our height, pink hair?" Harry called out.

The girl gave him a disgusted look. "How is that girl able to cope with your idiocy? I am Moka." She then paused thoughtfully. "To be more accurate, I am Moka unleashed. Her true vampire form. The real Moka."

"She got her rosary off?" Harry was surprised.

The girl growled, stomped up to him and grabbed his hand. She pried it open.

There, in his palm, was the large cross.

"You pulled it off."

"I did?" He really didn't remember that.

"God! You are so stupid!"

Harry was getting annoyed now. "What is wrong with you? I didn't willingly pull this off." He tossed the cross at her. "I heard Moka screaming with Hedwig. We came to help her. Based on your attitude I'd be more than happy to put some sticking charms on that thing so you never come out!"

Realising that this Moka knew his 'monster form' and that Saizou was out cold, he quickly cast some binding charms at the monster.

Moka was pissed. "Listen you insolent little puss pocket!" She grabbed him by the collar, hoisting him over her head. "I am an S-Class monster! You are just a pitiful C-Class, not even a real monster… just a human with a talent.

"Know. Your. Place!" She ground out.

Harry had had enough. He didn't know much about monsters, but he paid attention in Professor Lupin's classes to know some basic weaknesses of vampires. He grabbed the hand that was holding him and cast.

Moka screamed as she released him in shock, water pouring from Harry's hand.

Whilst Moka tried to dry her stinging hand on her skirt, Harry straightened himself. He conjured a large ball of water in his left hand, about the size of a classroom globe.

"I don't know you. I am not even sure I want to." He said with a sneer. "Don't come near me without that rosary on."

Keeping the water globe active, he levitated Saizou and began walking towards the school.

Moka was enraged. She was just about to leap at his disappearing back when something very sharp dug into her shoulders and something very soft smacked the back of her head.


She turned to see the warning eyes of Hedwig, just inches from her own.

"He is an arrogant fool. And I will be there to see him suffer." She sneered as she replaced the rosary.

Her hair began to fade back to pink, her stature shrunk just a bit, her eye-colour reverted.

And she fainted.

She didn't take long to wake up. Not with Hedwig head-butting her.

Then the memories came rushing back and she cried.

Hedwig stayed with her, comforting her.

Harry had levitated Saizou to the edge of the forest before dropping him. He then conjured some ropes so he could pull him along.

Harry was getting a lot of looks from students as they saw skinny Harry dragging the muscular and transformed Saizou behind him. Especially as Harry was clearly straining under the weight.

Once he got inside the school it was easier to drag his burden along the smooth floors. He eventually made it to his Home Room.

"Nekonome-sensei, I hope there is some sort of law enforcement for this world." He grumbled as he released the ropes. "Saizou just tried to murder me and rape Akashiya Moka."

"Oh my!" She gasped as she sprang to her feet and began checking Harry for injuries. "Where is Akashiya-san?"

"In the forest." Harry shrugged. "There was a bit of an issue. I'm sure she'll be fine.

"So… any police we can call?"

Miss Nekonome was flustered and had no idea what to do. "No, the monster world doesn't have police. The strongest are in charge… or the smartest." She admitted.

"So this bastard goes free and unpunished?" Harry demanded.

Miss Nekonome glanced at the unconscious heap. Saizou didn't look exceptionally 'unpunished'… but she thought it best not to mention it.

"Harry-kun, his punishment is what you or Moka-san can dish out." She explained carefully. "In this school we give detentions only for poor academic performance or laziness. I know what all my students' true forms are. Mainly because I can smell you!" She gave a little grin. "I know you and Moka-san have the strength to defeat Saizou-san, so you have to deal with him."

Harry sighed. "You do realise this isn't how it works in the human world?"

"I know, Harry-kun. I live in the human world when I'm not at the school."

"Oh! Could you do me a favour then? Could you post this?" He pulled out his letter from his blazer. It had clearly seen better days, those days were of a time when it was still a tree and not pulverised pulp for kids.

Harry cast a quick reparo.

"Harry-kun, I will post this if you promise to be available as my classroom assistant." She grinned with a hint of playful greed.

Moka eventually trudged up to the school. She was utterly depressed and dejected. Her clothing was rumpled, her face was splotchy.

But she was still beautiful and still drew the eyes of the boys.

Or she would have if they weren't fixed on Harry Potter.

"Hey Moka. Glad to see you again. I really hope you don't lose that rosary again, I did not like that other person."

"Harry-kun? What are you doing?" She asked, her depression slightly eclipsed by the sight of Harry hauling Saizou up the side of the building by means of a rope and pulley.

Harry just grinned. "Nekonome-sensei said that we had to punish Saizou. So, I figured I would do some public humiliation until you come up with your own punishment for him."

"You- you are not angry at me?" She asked tentatively.

"You mean for what the other Moka did? No! I know what it's like to have to deal with possessed people and those who share bodies.

"As long as she stays the hell away from me everything will be fine." Harry said firmly. "Speaking of… how's your arm, from where I- grabbed it?"

"Oh, it healed quickly." She assured him.

"You look a bit tired." Harry commented quietly. "Maybe you should get some bed rest before class tomorrow."

Moka blushed and began swaying with her head down and arms behind her back. "Actually… it would really help if you would let me drink your blood." She looked up at him with a pouting look.

Harry was flustered. "I- erm- well- I guess-"

"Oh Harry-kun! You're the best!"

All Harry could do was stand there with a beautiful girl attached to his neck whilst half the school watched with Saizou hanging on the wall as Harry tried to figure out when he said 'yes'.

*Chapter 2*: Chapter 2
A/N: I try to avoid notes after the first chapter, but I just want to point out a pronunciation issue that might affect those who don't know Japanese or have seen the anime.

The character Morioka Ginei, his name is often written as just 'Gin'. It is not pronounced like Ginny Weasley. It is a hard 'g'. It is 'Gin' like 'Keen'. I thought I'd point it out so people don't think it is gender changed character.

Harry managed to survive for just a single day before more trouble landed in his lap. Quite frankly, his lap appeared to be where the trouble was aiming.

He had been walking through the forest near the lake with Hedwig when he came across a girl. She was small, sky blue hair, wide purple eyes and huge breasts that had no place on a girl that size.

Harry hadn't actually been paying attention to any of that. He was more concerned that she seemed to be ill and was struggling to stand.

"Are you ok? Should I get the nurse?" He asked as he knelt next to her.

She was panting softly. "I just- started feeling ill. Please, give me a hand?" She asked weakly.

Harry moved so he could haul her arm over his shoulder. He had to crouch a bit but she was on her feet. "Let's get you to the nurse." Harry said firmly.

"Just hold me… tight like this." She said as she lowered her arms around his waist. "My chest just started hurting all of a sudden." She said breathlessly.

Considering the size of her 'chest', Harry wondered if maybe she needed a bigger bra.

"I've always had a weak body." She pouted helplessly. "Oh! My chest feels like it's going to burst!"

Harry was very uncomfortable as she began rubbing said chest against his.

"Look into my eyes, Harry-chan."

Harry's world shrank to just those wide purple eyes. His hearing was like that of being underwater. All he could hear was her voice. Just like the mer-people in the Black Lake.

"Please be a good friend to me." Her voice was hypnotic… enchanting.

That realisation caused Harry to release her quickly and step back, a dark look on his face. "I don't like people trying to use mind control on me."

The girl watched, gobsmacked as Harry turned and walked away, never looking back.

Moka was waiting patiently in the main lobby of the school. She was waiting for Harry before they headed for class. All around her she could feel the leering gazes of the boys… and a few girls.

She ignored them as best she could and just hoped that Harry turned up soon. All morning she had heard the whispers and rumours about how she and Harry had stomped on Saizou. They all seemed to believe that Harry had rescued her. Which was quite true, but even Harry had said that the other Moka had been the one to deal with Saizou.

Moka was not going to challenge the assumptions of the school as having Harry as the hero had made him a sort of buffer. None of the boys would approach him. Especially as they all seemed to have worked out she was a vampire and Harry had no problem with her drinking his blood.

Normally that would kill someone.

"You are a vampire, right?"

Moka was startled by the voice above her.

"At least, that's what the rumours say, Akashiya Moka."

Sitting on the banister of the main stairs was a beautiful blue-haired, purple-eyed, busty goddess.

In fact, she was so busty that she had to hook her ankles in the railings so she didn't topple forward.

"Do- Do I know you?" Moka asked carefully.

The girl hopped off the banister and landed gracefully with a flutter of her skirt that showed her panties and a bounce of her breasts that would have sent a human girl soaring backwards courtesy of Newtons Laws.

"I am the succubus Kurono Kurumu." The girl declared with a superior smirk as she stalked towards Moka. "I have come to defeat you."

By this point everyone was watching.

"Erm… isn't it against the school rules to give away your monster identity?" Moka had no idea what was happening.

Kurumu wasn't listening anyway. "I can't stand it anymore! You are the biggest eyesore in the way of my great plan!"

Moka looked down at herself quickly. She couldn't see anything out of place.

"I intended to make every boy in the school my slave. I call it: 'The Yōkai Academy Harem Transformation Plan'!"

For some reason all the boys watching started cheering.

"My plan was perfect. No boy could resist my beauty." She declared with a striking pose. "Except… " She spun and pointed accusingly at Moka. "All the boys are dreaming about you instead of me!"

Moka turned red with embarrassment. That was certainly not something she wanted. She didn't want them undressing her in their minds and- 'doing things' to her.

"Anyway!" Kurumu spun away with a triumphant smile and a flare of her skirt. "I have decided that I will prove I am better than you by stealing Potter Harry from you!"

"Harry? He doesn't have anything to do with this!" Moka argued.

"Come on Moka-san, we should avoid her." She was actually quite relieved when she felt Harry's hand on her back as he led her away.

"What happened? Why does she want to steal you?" Moka asked as she quickened her pace.

"No idea." Harry grunted unhappily. "All I know is she was using a compulsion or charm on me earlier. I hate those."

"Erm, she said she's a succubus." Moka offered helpfully.

"Damn." Harry muttered as he sat on the same bench they had used previously. "I wonder if her abilities are stronger than a Veela?" He wondered.

"Oh yes." Moka confirmed as she sat next to him. "Succubi, veela and sirens are all related. Succubi are the strongest."

"Great." Harry moaned. "And she sits right behind me."

"Hey there Handsome."

Harry squeaked as a delicate pair of hands started caressing his chest. He had no idea how Kurumu had snuck up on him or how she had displaced Moka.

"Where's Moka?!" He demanded as he scooted down the bench.

"You don't need her." Kurumu smiled sultrily at him. She ran a finger down her chest, the fabric of her yellow school sweater parting as though it was designed that way. "She's just using you for your blood."

By this point her sweater and shirt were open down to her naval… and their current structure made them pretty poor containers for her breasts.

Harry gulped and stood up quickly only to realise he had backed himself up against the wall. "What about you?!" He challenged. "You just want to use me to get back at Moka, even though she hasn't done anything to you!"

"Hasn't done anything?" Kurumu parroted patronisingly as she stalked up to Harry so her body was pressed against his. "She came in and tried to steal all the boys! She thinks she can replace me as the most beautiful girl in school!"

"You aren't all that beautiful." Harry said quietly.

Kurumu stumbled backwards as though slapped, her hand pulling her parted clothes together. "What?" It was a hoarse and disbelieving whisper.

"You've got looks and all that, but, the difference between you and Moka is Moka's smile." Harry sighed, he didn't want to have this conversation. "Moka smiles. You don't. You smirk." He said quickly as she was about to object. "You always look like you think you are better than everyone else.

"I've known people like that. They wore expensive clothes and had hair that looked like it was sculpted.

"Moka is relaxed. A little nervous, but she doesn't really care if people like her. She doesn't want them to hate her, but she doesn't want to enslave them either."

"Moka is plain!" Kurumu argued, tears forming in her eyes. "She walks like a girl- I am a woman!"

Harry had an expression of thoughtfulness. "Do you know what your problem is?"

"I'm perfect." Came the weak whispered assertion.

"Your problem is that you think you are perfect, but you keep comparing yourself to someone else." Harry now moved away from the wall and sat back on the bench. "If you were really as beautiful as you claimed, you wouldn't be comparing yourself to others."

"Moka is just tricking-"

"Moka isn't doing anything." Harry scoffed. "How many people have you seen her with? Me and Saizou… and she beat the shite out of Saizou."

Kurumu wasn't quite sure what 'shite' was but she got the gist.

"If you believe you are better and more beautiful than Moka then you won't need to do anything. The boys will ignore her and follow you around."

"But you won't." It was half question half statement.

"Moka does have something you don't; my friendship. Sure, you might eventually start to smile and become a beautiful person, but Moka is my friend. I don't abandon my friends."

He felt a little guilty saying that, especially after he had fled Britain without telling anyone. But there were mitigating circumstances, so he brutally pushed the guilt and shame aside.

"I could always kill Moka." It was a rather pitifully voiced suggestion. Kurumu clearly didn't believe she could or would.

Harry just shrugged. "Then you will always have to live with the knowledge that you were never as beautiful as Moka. Killing her won't affect you physically, but character wise, you become uglier."

Harry stood up and started to move away. "I'm going to check on Moka. Think about what I said. Then remember what happened to Saizou when he attacked us."

Kurumu just stood there, staring at the floor in shock and confusion.

Harry was surprised to find Moka standing just inside the tree line. He was embarrassed when he realised she had heard his whole conversation with Kurumu.

Moka looked terrible. Aside from the ashamed look she had for being caught eavesdropping, she was fairly scratched up and her skirt and blazer were ripped.

Harry put a hand on her shoulder and her clothing repaired itself. He then started healing the scratches on her face, hands and- well, he nearly didn't do her legs considering where they led, but Moka didn't seem to notice his discomfort as she simply put each one forward for him to work on.

"Do you think Nekonome-sensei has started first class yet?" Harry asked with a small grin.

Moka gave a nervous giggle.

Miss Nekonome didn't seem to mind that they were late. She did mind when some poor sod in the first row pointed out her tail was showing.

He had some nasty looking facial scratches.

Kurumu turned up for class in the afternoon. She didn't seem to notice Moka's tense glare as she took her seat right behind Harry.

She seemed very pensive and barely looked up from her desk.

Harry was just glad she wasn't trying to kill Moka or seduce him.

Everything seemed to return to normal the following day. Harry met Moka just before class. Moka proceeded to get her breakfast… from Harry's neck.

Harry made a note to purchase some blood replenishing potions.

Kurumu bounced into class happily basking in the stares and attention of the males.

"Morning Harry!" She greeted brightly as she grabbed his head and hugged it tightly.

Harry made a note to remain standing until Kurumu arrived for class in the future.

"Kurumu-san! Let him go!"

As much as he appreciated Moka defending him, all it did was make Kurumu shift and hug tighter.

Now he couldn't breathe.

"Harry doesn't belong to you!" Came the defensive retort. "He lets you drink his blood. He doesn't mind me hugging him. Do you Harry?"

Harry breathed in huge gulps of air as he was released from his prison.


It was his name… spoken in the same way Hermione said it when she was about to lay into him.

"Sorry, what did you say?" He asked. "I couldn't hear much."

"I said, you don't mind me hugging you, right? If Moka can drink your blood." Harry was faced with two females, both glaring at him and both expecting a response.

If only they were both expecting the same response.

Harry just sighed. "Just like Moka, try not to kill me."

Kurumu smiled happily as she flounced to her chair, breasts and skirt bouncing wildly.

Moka didn't look too pleased, but she also looked like she realised she didn't have much of a leg to stand on when claiming to 'defend' Harry.

The bell rang and the students went to their desks, greeting Miss Nekonome as she entered with a bow.

The bubbly teacher was happily explaining that the day would be spent going around the school and outside and visiting the various clubs that had set up booths. Being a member of a club was apparently mandatory.

The class was soon outside and wandering through the grounds. Kurumu had vanished, but Harry could tell where she was based on the number of glassy-eyed males congregating in one spot and the sound of her musical laughter floating from amongst them.

Moka was practically breaking his arm. Despite the number of boys that Kurumu had gathered, Moka was still garnering plenty of attention. Many of the clubs singled her out and begged her to join them.

The Photography Club wanted her. Harry had glared when they asked her if she would pose nude.

The Chemistry Club wanted her. Harry nearly sent a few hexes when they offered her a love potion.

Then there were the more 'esoteric' clubs. The Mummy Club, The Acupuncture Club, The Idol Club, The Ramen Club, The World Domination Club.

Through it all, Moka gripped his arm tighter and tighter.

It calmed down a bit as they made their way to the sports grounds.

And then everything did a complete one-eighty.

"You're Harry, aren't you?" Hearing his name spoken by someone who wasn't Moka or Kurumu was surprising. Even more surprising was the beautiful girl with long aqua coloured hair who spoke it.

And the fact she was in a bikini and sheer wrap.

"You took on Saizou and hung him from the roof."

Harry just frowned. "He took on me." He corrected firmly. "Moka-san and I simply made sure he knew his place."

The girl spared a glance for the pink haired vampire, but it was very dismissive.

"You also managed to talk down the succubus." She said, ignoring the fact that Harry didn't appreciate her lack of respect for Moka.

"Kurumu-san just needed a moment to think about things. All things considered, it's probably best she listened. It could have gotten messy if Moka-san had retaliated."

The girl smiled seductively and she began stalking forward.

Moka tightened her grip.

Harry let a little squeak of pain.

"Have you ever seen the beauty of the world beneath the waves? Have you just floated on the surface of a peaceful lake and let the current gently rock you?

"We can show you all those things."

"But not Moka." Harry finished for her.

"She is more than welcome to join us." The girl chuckled darkly. "If she dares."

"Pass." Harry said before turning and dragging Moka off as she held fast to his arm.

Harry was livid by the time he reached the small lake where he had met Kurumu. He was so furious he hadn't even realised Moka was still attached to him.

"Harry? Are you ok?" She asked softly.

"Hmm? Yeah, sorry Moka. I just didn't like the way she was mocking you. She knew you were a vampire and that you couldn't go in the water."

"Oh." She said slightly ashamed. "I can go in water if I use special herbs."

"Really?" Harry asked curiously. "Do you have any?"

"Of course!" She giggled. "I wouldn't be able to bathe otherwise."

"Huh… so, you can't use the shower then?"

Moka shook her head.

"How much would you need to make this lake safe to swim in?" He asked curiously.

"Maybe a medium sack." She shrugged. "I don't add much to my bath."

Harry grinned. "You get as much as you can. I'll sort out the water."

Hedwig was ecstatic. She finally had a mission. Harry and Moka had tasked her with delivering an order form to a magical apothecary in Kyoto and returning with the items requested.

She was so intent on proving herself and her worth that she made the trip in three hours.

She also carried an irate note requesting that Harry send a different owl next time. He made sure to hide the note from Hedwig… he knew she would make a return visit to have it out with the poor proprietor.

So it was that the following day, after classes, Harry and Moka headed down to the small lake. Whilst Moka set about sprinkling the herbs into the water, Harry planted the plants he had bought so they would always have a supply.

Hedwig sat on Moka's shoulder overseeing the whole operation.

"We should probably let it sit overnight." Harry advised as he stood and stretched. "Otherwise you might get a nasty shock if you go for a dive."

"So, this is where you ran to."

Harry and Moka spun at the new voice and saw the members of the Swimming Club standing there in their bikinis.

"I hate to break it to you, but there can only be one swimming club." She said with a fake moue.

"This isn't a swimming club. It's just two friends by a lake." Harry said with quiet firmness.

"Have you even chosen a club yet?" The Captain giggled. "It's a school requirement you know?"

"I'm sure we'll find something." Harry said as Moka edged behind him.

"We really wish you would consider joining our club." She started sashaying forward, discarding her sheer wrap as she went. "I've been watching you since the Entrance Ceremony. You smell absolutely wonderful. Like a human. The fact that you had the power to defeat a Monstrel like Saizou is like icing!" She paused her walk as she hugged her self and shuddered in pleasure.

The other club members began to fan out behind their captain.

"Just so we are all on the same page... you want to eat me?" Harry asked nervously.

"Nibble at the very least." The Captain grinned hungrily. "With someone as tasty as you we would want to make the experience last."

"And if I say no?"

The captain and her club laughed.

Harry took a deep breath and readied himself. He wasn't sure what he could do here as they were surrounded. He didn't want to back Moka into the water in case it wasn't properly purified.

Plus he still didn't know how to swim.

"Rush them! Get the vampire in the lake." The Captain ordered.

One moment Harry was waiting for an attack, the next he felt himself thrown backwards from behind as Moka tried to save him.

He landed in the water and immediately sunk to the bottom. He began thrashing around and trying to get to the surface.

Seconds later a strong pair of small hands wrapped around him and he could no longer move. The little air he had in his lungs was squeezed out of him.

His vision darkened and his throat, nose and lungs burned as water flooded in.

Then everything changed.

The arms vanished, the burning ended.

The water remained but it was no longer an issue. He seemed to be breathing it naturally.

Then he became aware that he could see everything that was happening in the water. He could see the swimming club in the water, they had transformed into mermaids and were attacking Moka who was clearly struggling. The water was weakening and hurting her but not as badly as pure water would have.

Still, she was in trouble and the only way he knew to help her was the one thing he really didn't want to do. He cast a summoning charm at her rosary.

Moka practically exploded with power as she transformed into her alternate self. It was so forceful that the water and mermaids around her were thrown back.

Harry was thrown out of the lake where he fell unconscious.

When Harry awoke his head was nice and warm.

He also couldn't breathe and couldn't move. He couldn't see and all he could hear were muffled voices.

Naturally he struggled.

He was soon released and gasping for air.

"See! I told you."

He was vaguely aware of Moka and Kurumu arguing above him.

"He was fine! My breasts are practically magical!"

"He was suffocating! He had turned blue!"

"You're just jealous."

"Am not."

Despite still getting his focus back, Harry was able to hear the lack of commitment to Moka's defensive statement.

"What happened?" He asked croakily as he sat on the ground and looked up at the girls. He felt really uncomfortable when he realised he could see everything under their skirts.

"Miss Perfect here was getting her butt kicked and I came and saved the day." Kurumu said smugly.

"You did not! I- me- the other me was doing fine. You came in just as she was finishing." Moka was flush with indignation.

Harry looked around. There were battered and unconscious females all over the place. "Glad I slept through her appearance." He muttered. "So, what do you want to do with this lot? String 'em up again?"

"I guess we could." Moka frowned. "Saizou has been keeping his distance."

"Alright then, Kurumu, do you want to help out? I will have trouble moving all of them on my own." There were about twenty unconscious mermaids in human form.

Harry began binding them with spells.

"You're a wizard!"

Harry looked at his casting hand and grimaced. "Shouldn't have done that." He looked at Kurumu seriously. "You'll keep it quiet?"

"Sure!" She thought that was obvious. "But I do wonder how you are so powerful if all you are is a wizard." She frowned.

"I'm not. I'm about average for a wizard." Harry shrugged as he resumed his binding.

"No, there is something about you. You attracted an S-Class monster like Moka, not to mention me. You had the entire swimming club after you."

"I have spent a fair bit of time around other powerful people… not to mention I've met dragons, basilisks, sphinxes and… dark lords."

"No." She continued to disagree. "This is different. It is going to really bug me." She sighed.

Harry only left the mermaids hanging in front of the school for half an hour. He didn't like the way some of the boys were looking at them.

He cut them down and left them with a warning that next time he'd leave them up till they could get themselves down.

He didn't notice the longing looks the swim club sent at his back or the scowls sent to them by Moka and Kurumu.

They were waylaid by Miss Nekonome. "You still need to pick a club to join, Harry."

"Couldn't we just make our own?" Harry asked.

"You would have to get it approved by various bodies in the school. You certainly wouldn't have it ready before the start of the next school year.

"Or… you could join my Newspaper Club?" She offered hopefully.

Harry looked at her suspiciously. "What's the catch? So far all the clubs have been trying to do inappropriate things to Moka. What is your club going to try?"

Moka was blushing behind him whilst Kurumu was scowling jealously.

"I don't know of any catches." Miss Nekonome frowned. "But it will help towards your writing grades." She added brightly.

"It sounds so dull and boring, Harry." Kurumu pouted. "And all that dry paper and messy ink."

Harry turned so that the two girls were included in the conversation. "It sounds like just the thing for you." He argued lightly. "You could write about fashion and makeup and gossip and all the stuff you seem to like."

"I like to use those things, Harry-kun, not write about them."

"But you wanted fame and attention. You could have your face all over the paper."

Harry could see that she was beginning to cave. He turned back to his teacher. "What does the paper write about?"

"Just the regular school activities. Any competitions, announcements, class changes, upcoming holidays, festivals. Anything that might get the students to read it."

"Boooring." Kurumu droned.

"It sounds like a great idea." Moka piped up. "If Harry-kun is in, so am I." She declared as she latched onto Harry's arm.

"Then I'm in too." Kurumu glared at Moka as she grabbed his other arm.

"Wonderful!" Miss Nekonome enthused happily. "We'll have our first club meeting tomorrow after classes."

The school was beginning to remind him of Hogwarts. The students were always pointing and muttering at him and he was having to constantly watch his back for the next attack.

The only good things seemed to be that Moka and Kurumu both had their own watchers and admirers/stalkers. Most of them were content to just enjoy the two beauties from afar.

The following afternoon the three freshmen assembled in the classroom with Miss Nekonome.

"Welcome to the Newspaper Club!" She declared enthusiastically.

"Aren't there any others?" Harry frowned.

"Of course, the Club President will be here soon."

"That's it? Has the President been running the paper on his own for the past week or two?"

"Afternoon all!" The door swung open to reveal a tall, handsome, older Japanese boy with wild shoulder length hair. His school shirt was unbuttoned at the collar and he wore a red headband and a necklace with a wolf's head pendant. He was also carrying flowers.

"I'm Morioka Ginei, but please, call me 'Gin'." He smiled gregariously. He then winked at the girls. "'Gin-chan' is good too!"

Harry was no expert, but he could see that 'Gin' was flirting with the girls. He could also see that neither Moka nor Kurumu was sure how to respond. Especially when he handed them each red roses.

"Gin is the only second year club member." Miss Nekonome explained. "If you have any questions then please ask him."

"You can always count on me." He said with seeming modesty.

"Great! Well, I have a staff meeting to get to. Take care of the club meeting for me Gin-kun!" Miss Nekonome then sprinted out the door.

Gin moved to sit behind the teacher's desk, he looked at them gravely. "This is the Newspaper Club. Our job is to find the stories and put them in the paper. We'll be put into danger time and again all for the sake of reporting.

"This is no easy ride. You should prepare yourself."

Harry immediately began considering what steps he would need to take to create a new club.

"Nah, I'm just kidding." Gin laughed. "Let's just have fun. Here, this is our poster ad. Let's put it on the back wall." He held up the A2 poster.

The poster was a picture of a smiling Miss Nekonome encouraging everyone to read the paper. Harry thought it looked a little weird, but it wasn't going to kill him so he began moving a chair to the back wall.

"Moka, Kurumu, you two put it up." Gin instructed.

"But you're taller." Moka pointed out.

"I have to see it to guide you where to place it." He smiled handsomely.

"What should I do?" Harry asked.

Gin shrugged. "Think up some stories?"

Harry sighed and pulled out a notebook. If there was one thing he liked about this place over Hogwarts it was neatly bound tomes of mass produced paper.

And biros.

Harry sat there, tapping his pen on his notebook as he tried to think of possible stories. The only things he could think of were the two major incidents with Saizou and the Swimming Club. Unfortunately, both meant he would be in the spotlight and he couldn't think of a way to shift it all onto Moka.

He leaned down into his bag to pull out his school diary for upcoming events.

"What the hell are you doing?" He demanded angrily as he saw Gin crouched on the ground, blatantly staring up the girls' skirts.

"Harry?" Moka asked as she turned on the chair she was standing on.

"Harry was just saying how he could see up your skirts." Gin looked at Harry sternly.

"Me? I was at my desk. You were-"

"It really is impolite to look up a lady's skirt, Harry." He lectured.

"Harry! How could you?" Moka said with a look of betrayal. Kurumu was trying look indignant… she kept slipping and looking pleased.

"I didn't-"

"I hate people like that!"

Harry was getting frustrated as Moka wouldn't let him speak. His chance was lost as she stomped out of the room, Kurumu on her tail.

"You are such a moron, Harry." Gin laughed, thumping him on the back before following the girls.

Miss Nekonome was surprised to find Harry sitting quietly in the classroom when she returned from her meeting.

"Harry, shouldn't you be back at your dorm?"

"I wanted to talk to you before tomorrow." Harry said as he stood and bowed respectfully. "I am going to have to drop out of the Newspaper Club. I will try and join the football club as I know a bit about it. Maybe the rugby club."

"What? Why?" Miss Nekonome asked, she was shocked and upset, especially by Harry's tightly controlled manner.

"Your Class President is a… a pervert. I caught him looking up Akashiya-san and Kurono-san's skirts. He immediately said I was doing it and both ladies believed him and didn't bother listening to me."

Miss Nekonome scowled as she turned the chair at the desk in front of Harry so she could sit facing him. She indicated for him to join her. "You don't want to make a complaint or try and talk to the girls?"

"I've had enough of people believing the first rumours available about me. I spent most of last year being called a cheat and a liar. No one listened to me and I nearly died several times. It's why I am here and not in England." He said with disgust.

"I do not like this, Harry-kun." She said gravely. "You have taken both Komiya-san and the Swimming Club to task for attacking you. I don't know what happened between you and Kurono-san, but she is no longer trying to kill Akashiya-san or make you her love slave.

"Why is this so different?"

"They were supposed to be my friends. They turned on me. I've had enough of that for the past four years."

"You will have a very lonely life if you don't fight for what you want or believe in."

"I don't want to fight at all." Harry snorted in disgust. "I know Voldemort will come and try and kill me again. I am hoping he will come here and do it.

"If he is as powerful as he claims, then the students will see what I've had to face and maybe they will leave me alone. If he is all ego, then the students will have no problem defeating him."

"Harry-kun, we call this 'The Monster World'. Because humans look at us like monsters. Not because of how we look, but because of how we treat others. You are part of this world now and you need to embrace it or you will be trampled on.

"Go back to your dorm and sleep on it. See what happens tomorrow and we will talk after classes."

The following day was horrible as both Moka and Kurumu barely looked at him and refused to acknowledge him in any way.

Gin had attempted to talk to Harry.

"Sorry about yesterday, yeah, Harry?" He chuckled. "Moka-san got really pissed."

"You want to apologise? Apologise to Moka and Kurumu and tell them the truth." Harry sneered.

Gin laughed. "Do I look like a fool, Harry? Come, follow me, I want to show you something."

"Pass." Harry said as he took a step back. "As far as I am concerned, you and I have nothing to talk about. Ever."

"Just like I told you. The girls want nothing to do with me and Gin won't tell the truth." Harry said firmly as he sat at his desk, Miss Nekonome had resumed her position from the previous day. "To be honest, I can't understand why you even have him as the President."

"He's the only other member, and he has seniority." She smiled sadly. "I really wish you'd give this some more time. Take a few days away from the club. You sit right in front of Akashiya-san. Can you imagine how awkward that would be?"

"Pass." Harry shook his head sadly.


Student and teacher jumped at the loud noise from the window.

"Hedwig?" Harry got up and opened the window for the agitated owl. "Wha- ow! Get off!

Hedwig had landed on his shoulder, grabbed his ear in her beak and started flapping, pulling Harry to the window.

"I think she wants you to follow her." Miss Nekonome frowned.

Harry wanted to say something very uncharitable to the rather obvious conclusion, unfortunately he was in too much pain to do anything but deal with his situation.

"You can't carry me you dozy bird! Just go and I will follow."

Miss Nekonome watched in amusement as her student was bird-handled out the window… despite his protests.

As she was left alone in the silence of the classroom, she frowned and hoped that everything would be alright between Harry and his two friends.

Harry nearly had to run up several flights of stairs to follow Hedwig, he was saved when a pair of small, delicate yet extremely strong hands gripped him by the armpits.

"Where have you been, Harry?" Kurumu demanded as she lifted him up towards the school roof. "Moka is in trouble!"

"I was with Nekonome-sensei. Moka doesn't want anything to do with me so how would I know if she's in trouble. Don't you feel the same way?" He sneered.

"Moka was just upset." Kurumu scowled. "And I was simply shocked."

"And I was ignored."

"We can discuss it later. We have to save Moka!"

They breached the edge of the roof and Harry got mad.

"What the hell are you doing?" He demanded.

Moka was being assaulted by some sort of wolf-man. It took him a few seconds to place it as Gin due to the red headband and necklace.

"Harry." The Club President's voice was deep and gravelly. "Always such an obstacle." It growled.

"What are you? You can't be a werewolf, they can't talk." Harry frowned as he sub-consciously adopted a defensive stance.

Gin let out a snort of distaste. "Stupid English. I am a true werewolf. Not those freaks from Europe. I am a lycan."

Harry did not appreciate him referring to Remus Lupin as a 'freak'. "Leave Moka and go away. You can have your Newspaper Club, just stay the hell away from us."

"Have it? You're just 'giving' it to me?" Gin snarled. "You think I'm a puppy you can discipline? I'm a werewolf, boy! One of the most powerful monsters on the planet. We are better than vampires, a human wizard is pathetic compared to my kind."

Harry scowled.

"Yeah, I know what you are." Gin's muzzle morphed into a malicious grin. "These other fools might not realise it, but I know a wizard when I smell one."

Harry raised his hands and stretched his fingers. "That just means I don't have to pretend and hide what I can do."

Gin vanished in a blur and Harry felt an immense pain in his chest, a sense of weightlessness… and then a massive pain in his back.

He blearily heard Kurumu's voice and Moka's terrified screams as he realised the werewolf had struck him and thrown him backwards.

He got to his feet unsteadily, his breathing was heavy and painful. He felt Kurumu's hands helping him.

"Why don't you just leave, human? Or better yet, die?"

Harry was trying to think of the best way to deal with this situation. Anything he fired at the creature would easily be dodged as it was faster than anything he had ever seen. He couldn't disrupt the ground as he couldn't predict where the werewolf would step.

Although, that wasn't necessarily true. He pointed his hand at the ground and let loose a torrent of water. He was not prepared for the amount of power he used and was sent flying back into Kurumu.

"You think I'm a dog? Afraid of a bath?" Gin mocked him.

Kurumu was easily able to hold Harry steady as he sent a second spell at the water and froze it.

Finally he cast a summoning spell at the cowering Moka on the ground at Gin's feet. She squealed as she went sliding across the ice, barrelling into Harry and Kurumu.

"Take her up!" Harry ordered as he thrust the vampire into the succubus' arms.

He heard the flap of leathery wings and the wind, gusting from her flight. But he focused on Gin.

"You think you're so clever." Gin growled. "But now it's just you and me here, boy. Once I'm finished tearing you apart I'll easily hunt down Moka and make her and Kurumu mine."

Harry had two plans. The first involved summoning his broom and taking to the skies where the werewolf couldn't touch him.

Except his broom was locked in his dorm room, in his bag. A bag he had specially bought due to its internal expansion charms and the anti-summoning charms.

His second plan was a crime. A crime amongst wizards. British wizards. Still, this was now life and death. Life and death in Japan.

Against a monster.


Harry had plenty of experience with this spell, but usually he was on the receiving end. Barty Crouch Junior and Voldemort had both used it on him.

He had beaten them both.

He hoped that strength would help him from the other side of the spell.

Harry was shocked when he felt nearly no resistance to the spell. Gin just stood there, glassy-eyed.

He quickly sent a follow up spell that bound the werewolf and ordered it to stand there.

Harry slumped onto the ground, exhausted and in pain.

The flapping wings returned and he felt Kurumu and Moka land next to him.

"How did you do that?" Kurumu asked in awe. "He just stopped."

"Something evil. Dark." Harry rasped in disgust. "But maybe not as dark as what he wanted to do to us."

"Will those ropes hold him?"

"Not as much as the mind spell. I don't know when that will wear off."

Kurumu nodded and walked to the railings that lined the roof. She ripped a few off before wrapping them around the still standing and bound werewolf.

Harry struggled to his feet and headed for the door. Hedwig fluttered down onto his shoulder and nuzzled him worriedly.


"Not now, Moka. I'm too tired to be yelled at." Harry didn't even turn around as he stepped through the door.

"That little bastard!"

"No, it's all my fault." Moka said morosely.

"What? I'm talking about Gin. Look." Kurumu handed the pink haired vampire a stack of photos.

"This is horrible!" Moka exclaimed as she looked at the various polaroids of girls in various states of undress, or up their skirts and down their shirts. "He has pictures of me!"

"I told you Harry wasn't a perv." Kurumu said smugly. "I'm a succubus. I know when people 'look' at me. Harry thinks I'm attractive but he has never tried to stare at my breasts or panties."

"But Gin said-"

"Are you really going to take the word of this creep?" Kurumu demanded. "I thought you were Harry's friend! At least this will mean I can have Harry all to myself."

The following day the school found Morioka Ginei hanging upside down above the entrance to the school.


The word 'Pervert' was written on his chest in bright red lipstick. Word spread quickly about the photos that had been found in his pockets. Kurumu and Moka had told an edited story of how Harry had saved them from his assault.

Harry was still struggling to breathe. He had healed his bones but he was internally bruised. He had sent Hedwig off to buy a new book on healing and some potions.

Miss Nekonome called Harry, Moka and Kurumu to the classroom after school. "I want you to talk about what happened. Harry-kun deserves better than how you treated him." She said sternly.

"I am sorry, Harry-chan." Kurumu sauntered up to him. "I knew you didn't look." Harry stiffened as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She began subtly rubbing her breasts against his chest before she leaned into his ear. "You can look at me anytime." She whispered huskily before nipping his lobe lightly.

She spun away with a giggle and took her seat at her desk.

Harry still held resentment, but he also knew enough about Kurumu and succubae to know she was being honest.

He let it be and focused on Moka.

She opened her mouth and-

"I can see your knickers."

She went bright red. Her knees snapped together.

"You walk around everyday wearing a skirt so short that if you tilt, even slightly, anyone can see your underwear. If you walk up the stairs in front of someone, they can see up your skirt. If you sit in a chair and don't cross your legs, they see everything." Harry said calmly. "Every girl in this school does. I spent today looking at girls as they walked by… do you know what I noticed?"

Moka was mortified and dumbstruck.

"You girls seem to have hiked your skirts up. I can see some of you haven't hidden the hem properly at your waist.

"So, tell me how you can complain if I did see your underwear? Especially as I don't look. Then tell me how you could listen to baseless accusations against me, someone who has defended you, over someone who you knew for five minutes."

All three females winced at the coldness in Harry's tone.

"I'm sorry." Moka sounded so pitiful. But there wasn't much else she could do.

The classroom door opened and Gin strode in.


Kurumu and Miss Nekonome had to cover their mouths and not laugh as the Club President dropped to the floor on his butt. Knees bent and hands on the floor between them… just like a dog.

Harry returned his attention to Moka as he took a calming breath. "I've told you about the hell I went through back in England, Moka. I trusted you. For now, I just need some time."

He then picked up his bag and headed for the door. Gin whimpered as Harry sent a dark look his way.

"Well, that went quite well."

Moka looked like she completely disagreed with her teacher.

"Make sure you don't let him brood too long, Moka. We will have to postpone our club meetings for now. It would be rude to have them without our club president here."

"I am here." Gin spoke up as he struggled to his feet.

"Harry-kun beat you fair and square after you challenged him." Kurumu sneered at him. "Next time I'll make sure I can fight next to him instead of having to rescue Moka."

"I'll fight next to him too." Moka said with a bit of steel. "And I'll do it without my rosary."

Gin just whimpered again.

*Chapter 3*: Chapter 3
Harry was not pleased to discover that Miss Nekonome had made him Club President. She had just grinned and said 'Tough!'.

It took a few days for Harry to warm back up to Moka. She refused to leave his side and was often attached to his arm.

Harry was tempted to ask about the length of her skirt as it hadn't changed… but he couldn't be bothered.

Harry was stumped when he had to deal with 'mid-term exams'. He'd never heard of them before.

He also discovered something horrible. Out of the 256 students in his year, he ranked 250th. He was horrified.

"Oh Harry-kun… what happened?" Came the consoling voice of Moka over his shoulder.

"I- I don't know. I always got good marks on English, History, Geography and most other stuff." Harry was lost.

"We should ask Miss Nekonome." Moka suggested.

Harry nodded absently as he turned. Except Moka wasn't there.

He looked around and saw her several metres away standing between some large boys and a small girl in a witch's hat and cape.

"It's going to be one of those weeks." He grumbled as he shuffled over.

By the time he reached them the boys had moved off and Moka was leading the girl into the building. It was breakfast time so he followed.

"Thank you sooo much for saving me!" The girl gushed. "I'm Sendo Yukari."

"Hello Yukari, I'm-"

"Akashiya Moka and Potter Harry. Everyone knows who you are." Yukari grinned.

Harry sighed defeatedly as he slumped onto the bench.

"I heard that you're really smart." Moka smiled. "You're only eleven but in our grade? And I love you outfit… it's so cool."

Yukari blushed. "Cool? No, no, no! You're the cool one! So sweet and pretty. I- I- I LOVE YOU MOKA-SAN!"

Harry winced as the girl leapt across the table with a scream of joy and pounced on Moka. He absently noticed Hedwig do quick mid-air turn out of the cafeteria instead of joining him for breakfast as usual.

He felt jealous and abandoned. But he couldn't blame her.

Harry frowned as his attention was drawn back to Yukari's gushing. She wanted to date Moka? Harry tried not to laugh at Moka's look of mortification.

"As a friend?" She asked the little girl.

Despite the joyful cry, Harry had a feeling that the girl had no intention of trying to stay 'friends'.

Harry tuned out the girl's continuous gratuitous babbling as he ate his breakfast. He knew he had to face his teacher soon and explain why he failed so badly on the mid-terms.

"Everyone in the wizarding world knows who Harry Potter is."

And now said Potter's attention was back on the girl.

"Monster identities are secret. It is a school rule. I don't care if you want to announce what you are, kindly keep my identity to yourself." Harry said harshly. The girl was not quiet and half the students at breakfast could hear her.

Yukari was not impressed. "You're not the boss of me. You're just some spoilt brat who can't even add simple numbers! Stay away from my Moka!"


"Moka, I'm going to go and see Nekonome-sensei about my exams. I'll see you in class." Harry said stiffly as he stood.

"I'll come with you." Moka had learnt her lesson with Gin and wasn't going to turn her back on her breakfa- friend.

Unfortunately for Harry and Moka, leaving wasn't so easy. Not without Moka's new accessory.

Yukari had latched onto Moka and wasn't letting go.

Of the older girl's breasts.

"Mmmm! So soft."

Moka was, again, mortified. She was blushing so bright that Harry had to wonder if any of the blood in her cheeks was his.

"Sendo, you are being rude and offending Akashiya-san." Harry said sternly.

Yukari stilled and turned a dark look to Harry. "You should leave, Potter. If you don't, I'll tell the whole school who and what you are."

"Yukari!" Moka pried the girl's hands off her bosom. "Harry is my friend! My best friend! If you can't be friends with him then you can't be friends with me!"

She took Harry by the hand and led him off to class leaving a very upset Yukari standing there as much of the school watched the excitement.

"You are terrible at Maths, Harry-kun." Miss Nekonome said apologetically. "You got nearly every question wrong."

Harry looked utterly defeated. "I just don't understand any of it. Quadratic equations, Pythagoras Theorem… it's all gibberish."

"I can try and help you, Harry." Moka offered.

"That would be wonderful, Moka. Harry is going to need to start at the very beginning though. He failed even simple multiplication and division."

"Stupid secret code. Couldn't make it easy, could they?" Harry muttered to himself.

Harry spent most of the day in a funk. He couldn't focus on his lessons and just stared at the empty pages of his notebook.

He walked out of the school building during lunch, food didn't interest him. He simply wandered into the woods.

"It's about time we had a little… discussion."

Harry stopped and sighed at the insinuating male voice that sounded behind him. He made a mental note to find out how many students there were in the school so he knew how many potential fights he had coming up. He had already started reading books on monsters that he bought with Hedwig's help.

He turned around and saw three large male students. The ones that Moka had saved Yukari from. "What do you want?"

He was confused as he saw their eyes focus on him.

"From you? Nothing. We are talking to Sendo." The lead male jerked his chin to Harry's right. Harry turned and saw the girl poke her head from around a tree trunk. Apparently she had been following him and the boys were following her. "The bitch is a disgrace. A half-breed that doesn't deserve to live and has no place in our world."

Harry mentally cursed his chivalrous nature. "She's a formally accepted student of the school. Assigned classes, boarding and food. All complaints should be presented to the school board."

"I'm the class representative. I have the right to discipline her as I see fit." The male snarled.

"And what did she do that needs punishing?" Harry asked. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of white and knew help would soon be on the way… provided Moka didn't come instead of Kurumu.

"Look at her! She flaunts the school rules. She doesn't just abandon the school uniform rules, she runs about in the disgusting rags of witches, waving her magic stick around.

"She casts spells at people and probably uses her magic to get her grades."

"Oh, I agree." Harry nodded. "She's been threatening me and molesting Akashiya Moka. So, what? Detention for a week?"

Harry knew it was a long shot, but he still winced when the boys burst out laughing.

"We've seen your work, Potter. You know how things are handled in this school." The Class Representative chuckled darkly. "Sendo is ours to deal with,"

"Let's eat her!" One of the others suggested. A long snake like tongue slipped across his lips. "No one needs to know. If Potter doesn't like it… we can eat him too."

Their leader turned to Harry. "Well? What's it going to be?"

Harry just sighed and moved between the boys and the cowering Yukari. "Do you know why I had to fight all those people? They were trying to hurt me or my friends.

"I didn't challenge them. But I won't let you hurt others. You are supposed to be learning how to live in the human world. This is not how they do things."

"Like we actually care about that." The leader scoffed. "Humans are just food for us. One day we will stop hiding and we will take back the world."

"Yeah, but you like other things about humans. Take the girls. You think the girls are cute, right? Like Moka and Kurumu? There are millions of girls just as beautiful.

"Yukari there, she's a bit young, but she will grow up to be very beautiful. It seems a bit of a waste to eat her and spoil that potential when the food the humans make is much better."

The leader chuckled. "You've been facing the intellectual dregs of the school, Potter. Word games and desperate reasoning mean nothing to my kind."

Harry tensed as the boys began to morph and become scaly… reptilian. In the seconds it took, they looked like humanoid dinosaurs.

"Lizard men." Harry muttered. He knew they were tough, but they weren't on par with Moka or Gin. They could still wipe the floor with him if he didn't use magic.

"It's been too long since we've eaten a human. I guess the witch will have to do. You should make a decent first course, whatever you are."


Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Moka burst through the trees with Kurumu flying above her. Unfortunately for Harry his guard was down and he was picked up and tossed through the air by the Class Rep. He hit Moka like a bowling ball and the pair went tumbling, leaving Harry extremely dazed and disorientated.

It took Harry far too long to stand up again. His vision was useless as his glasses were gone and what he could see was swimming in front of him. He felt incredibly nauseous.

He could hear fighting and made his way drunkenly towards it.



"You scared me, Potter."

"Where are Moka and Kurumu? I can't see them." He said as he peered towards the sound of fighting.

"They are nearly finished. Moka is so beautiful." Came the wistful declaration.

Harry left the swooning girl and stumbled forwards.

He made it two steps before he heard a hissing voice. "I am going to kill that little witch even if it is the last thing I do."

"Leave the girl alone." Harry responded harshly at the large blur.

"Huh? How can you speak my people's language? Are you also a lizard man? Or are you a naga or something else?"

Harry now realised he had been speaking Parseltongue. He shook his head and focused on Japanese. "I'm warning you, stay away from Yukari and my friends. You saw what happened to the others."

"You are clearly no lizard man." The voice scoffed.

Harry went flying once again.

Harry groggily opened his eyes. He found himself looking into a scowling face from his position lying down. "Bloody hell." He groaned. "What fool let you out?" He asked as he barely made out Moka's alternate self.

"You did, fool." She sneered.

"I did not!" Harry suddenly realised he had his head in her lap. He tried to sit up but his head was swirling.

"You pulled it off when the oaf threw you at Outer Moka. This is the second time I have had to save your worthless hide."

"Am I going to have to break out the water again?"

Moka growled but didn't move or respond.

"How're Kurumu and Yukari?" He asked.

"They are fine. They are taking the lizard men and punishing them." Her face twisted into an expression of disgust. "They wouldn't let me kill them. They kept saying 'Harry wouldn't approve'." She said in a mockingly high voice.

Harry rolled over so that he was off Moka's lap and on all fours on the ground. Then he noticed he was actually holding Moka's rosary.

"Huh… I wonder why this thing keeps coming off so easily?" He muttered. "Have you seen my glasses?"

"No." Moka said curtly as she stood and brushed the leaves and dirt from her legs and skirt. "Surely a great wizard can simply call and they will come." She taunted.

"I have a massive concussion." Harry glared at her now blurry form. "I'm surprised I haven't thrown up or collapsed."

"You did collapse." Moka said dryly.

"Here." Harry held out the rosary from his position, still on all fours.

"I am not some toy for you to put away when you are finished with me." She sneered, refusing the rosary.

"Yeah, but the other Moka is more useful. She'd have me half-way to the nurse's office by now."

Harry squawked as Moka grabbed him by the back of his blazer and hefted him to his feet.

And he threw up.

He groaned weakly. "See?"

Moka manhandled Harry, not to the school and the nurse's office, but to his dorm room where she knew he kept potions, just as he had told outer Moka. He was soon back up to ninety percent, a good night's sleep would have him set.

His headache remained as Moka was in his room.

In the boy's dorm.

In her monster form.

Doors slammed shut at the sight of the sexy, white haired student striding through the hallways like she owned the place.

He quickly got her back to the school before he managed to convince her to put on the rosary. Outer Moka would have been mortified to find herself in the boy's dorm.

They met up with Kurumu and Yukari in the classroom having seen the lizard men strung up in front of the school.

Harry was shocked when Yukari leapt at him, arms around his neck, legs locked around his waist and face buried in his neck.

"You saved me!" Came the muffled declaration.

Harry awkwardly patted the dark-haired girl on the back as he tried to avoid the tip of her hat going up his nose.

"I wuv you, Harry!"

Harry froze… a look of absolute terror on his face. He noticed the wincing grimace on Kurumu's face and wondered if Moka had the same.

He was suddenly released as Yukari pounced on Moka.

"And I wuv you, Moka!"

Harry could see that Moka's look matched his, now with confusion thrown into the mix.

"We'll be together forever!"

Harry turned back to Kurumu.

She just scoffed. "Don't look at me. She's been like this since we started dragging those jerks back to the school."

Harry knew it was going to get worse… he just wasn't that lucky.

Routine returned. Classes were attended, Newspaper club meetings were held, Harry was sucked nearly dry by a vampire, suffocated in the breasts of a succubus or driven insane by the avid magical admirer.

It was the club meetings and vampire issues that brought his next adventure.

"Gin brought this issue to my attention." Harry said as he chaired the meeting as president. Gin still did most of the work, he just answered to Harry. Really that just meant Harry forbid him from peeping on the girls of the school.

Harry pinned seven pictures of seven girls to a corkboard behind him. "These seven girls have gone missing in the past month. Moka, Kurumu and Yukari, I want you to talk to their friends and find out if they had anything in common.

"The staff don't seem to be willing to do anything so it looks like we will have to. Story of my bloody life." He added with a grumble.

"What will you and Senpai be doing?" Kurumu asked.

"Gin will be coming with me to where they were last each seen. We will try and track them as far as we can using his nose."

Gin just looked torn between grumpy and eager.

Harry and Gin managed to find the last known locations of five of the seven girls. For Gin it was simply that their scent had dissipated after nearly a month.

"We can pick it up tomorrow." Harry decided. "I'll send Hedwig to see if I can't get some books on magical tracking."

"Scrying and divination." Gin sighed. "You are absolutely pathetic for a wizard."

There was no real animosity between the two boys. Sure, Gin was sore at being bested by his junior and ousted from the club presidency, but Harry didn't lord it over him. He didn't stop Gin from ogling the girls as long as he didn't creep them out and respected the fact they wore clothes for a reason. So he shouldn't be trying to get under them.

"I'll see you after classes, Gin." Harry said waving uncaringly.

He made it a few metres when he saw Moka waiting nervously outside the school building.

"Moka, everything ok?"

"Harry!" She jumped. "I didn't think I'd see you here." She clutched a large A3 drawing pad to her chest.

"I usually walk back to the dorms with you." He pointed out.

"Oh… of course." She blushed. "But… you see… I won't be able to walk with you. Only for a week!" She added hastily. "You see… I've- I've been asked to be a model."

Harry's whole body tensed and his face went dark. "Have the Photography Club been hounding you again?" He demanded. "You don't have-"

"No! Harry, it's ok." She said as she grabbed his wrists. "It's the art teacher. She asked me to model."

Harry relaxed slightly, rolling his neck and shoulders to try and ease his tense muscles. "Ok. I can still walk you to the sessions if you want. I can do my homework whilst I wait."


Harry was getting concerned. Moka was being very jumpy.

"Sorry, it's just... private." She blushed.

"Alright." Harry said slowly. "Just be careful. I'll see you for classes tomorrow, ok?"

She nodded hesitantly and nearly ran off towards the art building.

"Now there's a girl with secrets."

Harry grumbled quietly to himself. He thought Gin had gone. "Do you even know the definition of privacy?"

"I'm just saying!" Gin held up his hands defensively.

"Just one question; did she smell scared to you?" Harry asked seriously.

Gin scratched his nose thoughtfully. He then glanced around, seeing no one was there he morphed to his canine form and sniffed the area where Moka had stood.

He soon turned back. "Nervous, but not scared." He shrugged. "If she's modelling for the first time then it makes sense. Most of the girls who model for me are nerv- hey- wait! They agree! They agree!" Gin squealed and backed up as Harry turned to him with a face as black as thunder.

Harry paused. "I will be speaking with some people about this. Considering your history and reputation, I'm going to ask Nekonome-sensei or someone to supervise these 'modelling sessions' of yours."

The following evening, after class, the gang was all gathered. Yukari had put together a list of everything the missing girls had in common. It came down to just three things:

They were all in the same year.

They were all very beautiful.

They all modelled after school for the art teacher.

"Oh god!" Moka sat there, paler than normal, covering her mouth in shock.

"You should probably cancel your session tonight." Harry smirked at her.

"What? What's going on?" Kurumu asked.

"The art teacher is probably responsible and Moka was going to be her next victim." Harry explained.


The dramatic cry was punctuated by the source pouncing on Moka. She went tumbling over backwards in her chair as Yukari landed on her.

The other three spared the duo a glance and turned back to each other.

"Should we tell a teacher?" Kurumu asked.

"They won't do anything. Not without being caught red-handed." Gin said dismissively.

"We can tell Nekonome-sensei." Harry said firmly. "If she or the staff refuse to act… we'll deal with the art teacher like every other monster that's attacked us."

Kurumu nodded resolutely. They both ignored the pair on the floor and the pitiful whine from the werewolf.

Harry was relieved when Miss Nekonome agreed to accompany them to confront the art teacher, Ishigami Hitomi. He was a bit concerned that she seemed reluctant.

Art classes were held in a small house about half a mile away from the main school building. It was also the place used for 'Independent Study'. Gin explained it was a euphemism for 'detention building'.

They were greeted by the art teacher, dressed in trousers, a blouse, a painter's coat and a head band that kept her braided hair out of her face. "Akashiya-san, I thought we agreed that these sessions were private?"

Moka squeaked as she clutched at the back of Harry's blazer.

"We're investigating the disappearance of several girls." Harry spoke up. "We believe they were all last seen here. Do you know anything about that?"

Ishigami scoffed. "Many young girls come here. This is a classroom."

"We'll just have a look around then." Harry tried for nonchalance. "Maybe we can find more clues as to where they went."

"I think not!" She said indignantly. "You will not go stomping around my classroom and throwing wild accusations!"


The wizard-in-hiding looked up at the taller Gin.

The werewolf nodded to the lockers.

"Stay away from there." Ishigami snarled.

Harry shot her a glare and marched over. He could hear sobbing as he approached. His hand reached out but a snake appeared from nowhere and bit his hand. He drew it back and cradled it protectively.

"You should have left when you had the chance."

Harry looked at Ishigami and took an involuntary step back. The many braids on the teacher's head were now snakes, hissing and snarling.

"Medusa… the Gorgon." Harry growled. He looked down at his hand. As he feared, his hand was turning to stone. "Everyone back up and don't let her snakes touch you."

His friends and teacher immediately complied.

So did Gin.

Hedwig had been very busy travelling to the Japanese Magical World to purchase books on monsters and yōkai. Harry wanted to know what he could be facing.

"Such a pitiful creature." Ishigami said mockingly. "Normally it takes several bites and a few minutes for my victims to turn to stone. Judging by your hand, you will be complete in a minute."

Harry looked back at his hand. She was right. His entire hand was stone. He tried flexing it.

A horrible sound of grinding stone came from his hand as he fingers moved. They moved far too fluidly for stone.

"Impossible!" Ishigami exclaimed.

"Harry?" Kurumu asked worriedly.

"Go through the lockers. See if the girls are in there and get them out. I'll hold off Ishigami-sensei."

Harry was terrified, but trying to hide it. He was certain that he could feel his entire torso had turned to stone. What was even more terrifying was that he could still move just as easily.

"Stay away! Those are mine!"

Harry's stone hands shot out and grabbed the striking snakes. "Stay still or you'll be hung in front of the school like the others."

The snakes froze, then, the ones he wasn't holding started edging towards him slowly, cautiously… curiously.

"What are you? You can speak to us?" One of the snakes asked curiously.

Harry realised he was speaking Parseltongue. "Why are you doing this? Why are you hurting these girls?"

"It's what she wants. We do what she wants." The snake hissed.

"She is going to get you all killed."

"What are you doing?! Get off me!" Ishigami was beginning to panic. Her snake hair wasn't listening to her.

"I defeated a one thousand year old basilisk. I shoved a sharp sword through its mouth and killed it. Don't make me kill you as well."

Harry heard a muffled noise coming from the snake he was grasping in his stone hand. He released it and Ishigami reeled backwards in fear.

"He speaks the truth sisters!" The newly released snake said excitedly. "I tasted the milk of an ancient king in his blood!"

"This, and he speaks our language?"

The snakes devolved into a heated discussion.

Harry stood there staring down the art teacher whilst the others attempted to escape with the stone girls they had found in the lockers.

Harry could feel the transformation had completed.

He was fully stone.

Hitomi Ishigami smirked. "My poison has finally defeated you." She stepped forward, her snakes' attention brought back to the boy of stone. "Now you are trapped for eternity. All I have to do is silence your little friends."

She made to move past the statue and was shocked when its hand shot out and slammed into her chest, throwing her back into the wall.

"HOW!?" She screamed in pain and rage. She picked up a nearby hammer, used for chiselling and sculpting and ran at Harry, screaming.

She made it two feet before she fell to the floor beneath the onslaught of bites from her hair.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" She wailed in pain as she felt herself turning to stone.

"You will not harm the blessed child!" The snakes declared between bites.

Harry could only watch in horror as the snakes bit and bit and Hitomi Ishigami turned into a stone woman in the foetal position.

Eventually only the snakes were moving, but Harry could see they were becoming stone too. "Why? You didn't have to do this." He said sadly, kneeling next the statue.

"No one will harm the Blessed Child." One of the snakes said proudly.

"Remember us? Please?" Another asked, clearly scared.

Harry reached out and gently stroked its head. He flinched at his stone hand but recovered. "How could I ever forget you? You saved my life and the life of my friends."

Harry wanted to cry as the snakes succumbed to their own venom and became stone. He stayed there, kneeling for a few seconds before he noticed his hand was flaking. Fresh skin revealed beneath as the stone fell away. In seconds he was once again flesh.

He stood and headed outside to check on the others.

He made it six steps out the front door before he grabbed Gin by the collar and dragged him into the house. Apparently the kidnapped girls had been naked when they were turned to stone.

Harry quickly found some painting smocks used in the art class and tossed them out the door.

Miss Nekonome soon called them out. Yukari had transfigured the smocks into something more… conservative.

Which wasn't saying much at a school where the average skirt length was about five millimetres below the crotch.

"What happened to Ishigami-sensei?" Kurumu asked.

"Her snakes turned on her and bit her. She's a statue." Harry said solemnly.

"Can we break her into little pieces?" One of the rescued girls snarled angrily.

"No." Harry said simply. "I'm going to keep her until I can reverse the effect. I owe the snakes that much."


"If those snakes didn't turn on her we would all be stone statues hidden in her lockers." Harry said heatedly. He was very upset about the snakes.

It brought back bad memories of the graveyard last year and the dementor induced memories of his mother.

"Go back to your dorms and clean up. Just try to remember that everyone around you is a monster, but not all of them are evil."

Harry slumped off into the night, leaving the others to clean up the mess.

Harry had a new bedroom decoration. A statue of modern day Medusa, curled in pain and agony.

It was lying in the corner and facing away from the room. He had already sent Hedwig off to try and get some mandrake potion.

He spent the better part of his free time the next day repeatedly telling his friends that he didn't know why he could move as a statue.

Quite frankly… he didn't really want to think about it.

The day after that Hedwig returned with the potion and a book on Gorgons and counter curses.

He didn't get a chance to try anything as he had a Newspaper Club meeting right after class.


Harry jumped back through the doorway he had just entered, his hands up and spells ready to flow.

Then he realised that his friends were there with Gin and Miss Nekonome. The classroom was decorated with banners and balloons.

"Happy Birthday Harry-chan!" Moka beamed as she bounced up and grabbed his right arm. His left was soon occupied by Kurumu. Yukari, not wanting to be left out, simply hugged him.

"My birthday is in July." Harry chuckled.

"Right. Today is July 31st." Moka nodded.

Harry's smile vanished. "What?"

"It's your birthday silly." Yukari laughed as she danced away.

"But… isn't it October?" He then shuddered. "October 31st?"

"Harry-kun, Japanese schools run on a different calendar to English schools." Miss Nekonome explained kindly. "Didn't anyone explain to you that you had to travel time slightly in order to begin your classes with everyone else?"

"No! I've only ever travelled a few hours in time! Are you telling me I've been back in time for over…for months? I- I could have saved Cedric!"

"Harry-kun, breathe." She stepped up quickly. "I think I now see why you weren't told. You could not have changed the past. It is impossible and would only result in death and disaster." She gently caressed the back of his neck. It worked on her after all.

"Who is Cedric?" Kurumu asked Moka quietly.

Yukari, who was between the pair answered in kind. "There was a huge Tournament in Europe between three magical schools. Harry-kun was part of it. At the end he won, but he was holding the dead body of another contestant. Cedric Diggory."

She pulled a magical newspaper out of her cloak. It was dated early July. On the front was a dirty and clearly injured Harry Potter, crying over a body.

The photos moved like a movie.

"This was a few months ago! Harry was with us!" Kurumu argued.

"Harry travelled through time, remember?" Moka was looking between the photo and her friend with sadness.

Harry was standing there, his hands kneading his temples as Miss Nekonome continued to rub his neck.

"Why didn't he tell us about this?" Kurumu looked hurt.

"Tell us what?" Yukari asked sarcastically. "That he witnessed the murder of a friend? That he was accused of the murder? That he was thrown out of the Wizarding World in Europe?"

"Thrown out?!" Moka was outraged.

Gin, meanwhile, had gotten fed up with the pity-party. He grabbed Harry by the collar and gently (for him) tossed him into a chair. "It happened. Deal with it." He said somewhat harshly. "You've had, what? Three life or death encounters since you started here?

"If the other students saw you reacting like this they would laugh in your face. You defeated a werewolf, gorgon and monstrel. A pitiful little wizard that couldn't kill you, a kid, would be eaten for breakfast here.

"Every student in this academy is capable of being as bloodthirsty as humans think they are. But most of them are now looking at you as the biggest, baddest bastard of them all."

Gin slumped into the chair at the teacher's desk, winded from his rant.

"What about when they find out the truth? That Voldemort is more powerful and actually evil." Harry challenged.

Gin looked at the younger student with disgust. "I can't believe you actually managed to beat me."

Eventually Kurumu and Miss Nekonome managed to get the party going. They had music, dancing and party food. Most of it provided by their teacher.

Gin spent a fair amount of time nursing his bruised head. He just couldn't help but try to sneak illicit peaks.

Harry also discovered that Miss Nekonome hadn't sent his letters off yet. Which explained why he hadn't had any responses.

She promised that she would send them the day after he travelled back in time.

As things stood, their immediate concern was the new edition of the newspaper. The headline story was the 'firing' of Miss Hitomi Ishigami. At least, that was how Miss Nekonome suggested they phrase it.

Moka and Yukari were fairly upset with Kurumu as she had bailed on helping out without explanation. They weren't too happy with Harry who refused to be upset with the girl.

"She didn't give a reason, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have one." He explained calmly. He was actually worried about Kurumu as she had seemed upset when she rushed out.

"She's only here because she wants to spend time with you." The vampire said sullenly.

"And the only reason I am here is to spend time with you!" Harry argued. "You do remember that you rejected nearly every club we looked at?"

Moka had thought for a second that Harry was saying he wanted to date her. She was thrilled. The rest of his statement left her pouting for the rest of the club meeting.

"This is ridiculous." Harry grumbled the following evening. "We've had to deal with rapists, murders and kidnappers and now we have to deal with thieves."

The group had returned to finally print the newspaper only to find that all the files and layouts had been stolen.

"I- I have to go guys. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Everyone turned incredulously to the succubus edging towards the door. She was pale and sweaty.

"What?! You're bailing on us now?" Moka demanded angrily.

"I- I have to." She said before bolting.

There was a few second's silence in Kurumu's absence before Harry turned to follow her.

"Harry?" Moka was wide-eyed in surprise.

"Kurumu is upset. I'm going to check on her." He said simply.

"But the newspaper!"

"Will have an additional story of theft. I'll be back as soon as I am sure Kurumu is ok."

"She's just a flake!" Moka argued angrily. "She doesn't care about the Newspaper Club. She's lazy and just wants to goof off."

"Moka, I didn't join the Newspaper Club because I wanted to write stories and have them printed. I joined because it was the only club you felt safe in.

"So why shouldn't Kurumu be allowed to be in the club just to be with her friends? Like Yukari?"

The little girl remained silent, she didn't want her two loves to fight. She certainly didn't want to fight them.

Harry didn't wait for a response, he turned and left.

"Did you even read any of the articles about Potter?" Gin asked condescendingly. "His whole life he's had people assuming things about him. They assume he killed that dark wizard. They assume he lived like a prince. They assume his godfather tried to kill him. They assume he cheated his way into that tournament.

"But even after all the assumptions are disproven… they don't say sorry, they just pretend they never said anything."

"What is your point, Senpai?" Moka asked respectfully.

"Potter is never going to let himself assume anything about anyone. Not you, me, his friends back in England… or even his enemies.

"He'll always look for the facts. Do you think that is a good thing or a bad thing?"

"A good thing of-"

"THEN GET OUT THERE AND HELP HIM!" Gin roared making the two girls jump.

They both sprinted for the door.

Gin sat back in his chair. "At last." He muttered as he pulled out a very risqué magazine.

Harry made it outside but saw no sign of his friend. He did see Hedwig sitting in a tree she had claimed, waiting for him.

Well, him or Moka, whoever gave her more attention.

Harry headed around the back of the school to a large tree that was known by the students as the 'Monster Tree'. Hedwig hovered high in the air above him.

A clearly upset Kurumu was standing in front of the tree whilst a blonde haired boy sat on one of the lower branches. He had a camera around his neck.

Harry's blood was beginning to boil. "Kurumu." He said quietly.

"Harry! No! Why are you here?" She said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Harry stepped forward and took her hand, he placed the envelope he had found on her desk in her hand. "We can burn those later if you want." He said soothingly.

The envelope had contained photos of Kurumu in compromising positions. There was also a note that threatened to release them if Kurumu didn't come to the Monster Tree.

Kurumu clutched the envelope to her chest and bowed her head in utter shame and desolation. She barely flinched when Hedwig landed on her shoulder to comfort her.

Harry turned his attention to the boy in the tree. "I want every copy you ever made of those photos and the negatives.

"If you don't get them to me by the end of tomorrow… not only will I make you suffer, I also know a witch. I'm sure she knows the spell to wipe your memory."

"You don't scare me Potter." The boy sneered. "I'm not like all those other monsters you've faced." The boy slid down from the tree, he was extremely slimy and getting more so by the minute.

His eyes started to extend out of his face on two fleshy stalks. Another two stalks started growing from his neck, pumping out a noxious odour that caused Harry's eyes to burn.

Kurumu was on her knees and gasping for air, Hedwig had taken off and vanished.

"Harry- can't breathe!" Kurumu wheezed.

Harry quickly grabbed the succubus and hauled her to her feet and dragged her away.

"Hey! Kurumu stays here! She owes me!" The boy, who now resembled a giant slug, yelled angrily.

He was ignored.

"Kurumu, go find Moka and the others. I need salt. Lots of it." Harry ordered.

Kurumu was reluctant to leave Harry, but the wizard had already turned back to Slug-Boy.

"I'm going to post those pictures all over the school!" The monster snarled. "I'll print life-sized copies!"

"By the time we're finished here, you'll be lucky if you remember how to breathe." Harry growled.

Harry was an expert gardener. It wasn't something he aspired to. It was a survival trait that he acquired under the harsh thumb of his relatives.

He knew exactly how to handle various garden pests. He knew salt would kill slugs. It dried them up.

Unfortunately, he could still hear Kurumu on the ground behind him. This meant salt was not going to be delivered any time soon. He had to reveal his abilities.

"Incendio!" A gout of flame as thick as his body flew from Harry's hand. The size and ferocity of the flame shocked Harry momentarily. He almost killed the slug monster but managed to redirect it so he drew a circle around the monster, trapping him.

"Oh my god! You're a phoenix!" The monster screamed in pain and horror as the heat rose around it. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please! Make it stop!"

In an instant the flame was gone and the monster was replaced by the greasy boy, lying in the middle of a charred circle.

Harry marched forward. "You are going to give me everything now. Then I am going to have all the images of Kurumu removed from your mind.

"If you ever threaten someone again… I won't stop the fire."

It was a bluff. Harry didn't think he had it in him to kill. At worst he would wipe the boy's memory.

"I will! I promise!" The boy cried in fear.

"Are you going to be ok, Harry-kun?"

Harry tensed slightly at his teacher's hand on the back of his neck. He understood this was her way of comforting, like Mrs Figg and her cats.

"Yes Nekonome-sensei." Harry said solemnly. "I was just hoping this school would be more peaceful than my last one. Back there, everybody ganged up on me for the same reason. Here, they all have separate… agendas."

Everyone had met back at the classroom. Harry had wiped the boy's memory himself. Everyone else was busy working on the paper. Harry found it mildly amusing and heartening to see Moka doing her best to subtly support and help Kurumu.

"I do not know how human or wizard schools work." Nekonome admitted. "But here, weaknesses are exploited as soon as they are spotted. Everyone is trying to rise to the top and prove themselves as the best, the strongest.

"That is part of the reason they attack you."

"Actually, I think the Swimming Club are the only ones to attack me directly. Everyone else has been after the others and I just got caught up in it."

Nekonome frowned. "You're right."

"It doesn't matter." Harry eventually said. "If there has been one thing the past few weeks has taught me, it's that magical humans are far more versatile than so-called 'monsters'."

"But not as strong and powerful." She warned.

"None of that matters if you know someone's weakness. I beat both Moka and Gin with a single spell… and that slug monster."

"But that would mean revealing your true form."

"Yukari is doing alright. Besides, better exposed than dead."

*Chapter 4*: Chapter 4
The following day the Newspaper Club was out at the front of the school handing out the newspaper. Moka and Kurumu were swamped by eager boys whilst Harry found himself dealing with a fairly large crowd of blushing girls.

About ten minutes in and a deathly silence descended over the crowd. They began to part, revealing a group of older students in black uniforms.

One of them, the tallest stepped forward. Harry immediately saw a younger Lucius Malfoy. This boy was tall, thin, blonde and had an aristocratic face with a look of condescension.

"I am Kuyou. Leader of the Protection Committee." He even sounded like a Malfoy. Just in Japanese.

"P-Protection Committee?" Moka stuttered nervously. "But how are we jeopardising the school?"

Kuyou reached the table with the papers and picked one up with amused disdain. "'Newspaper club, heh? We have no problem with your club, per se, but… who gave you permission to handout newspapers on school grounds?" He demanded calmly. "I don't remember seeing a request submitted."

"We are handing these newspapers out as per the instructions of our faculty sponsor, Nekonome-sensei." Harry said in a carrying voice. "If you have an issue with her instructions then please make an appointment with her."

The rest of the Protection Committee were staring at Harry in shock.

So was the rest of the school.

Kuyou simply looked at Harry with a neutral expression. "I am the leader of the School Protection Committee. I will not be questioned by insolent little freshmen."

"I'm not questioning you Senpai. I am simply pointing out that I am but a lowly student, I answer to the instructions of those above me. In this case, I am following the instructions of one whose authority exceeds yours." Harry gave a low bow.

Harry was suddenly jerked into the air, Kuyou held him easily by the front of his blazer. His eyes blazed with literal fire and anger.

"You will shut your club down or we will shut you down. Do you understand, boy?"

"I understand." Harry croaked.

He was then thrown to the ground. He quickly stood. He sneered at the retreating Kuyou's back and went to speak when a hand clamped down on his mouth. His eyes looked up and he saw a stern Gin giving him a look that blatantly said: 'Shut up'.

Gin had ordered the girls to collect the remaining papers and the table and meet them back at the classroom.

Harry didn't say a word, he just followed Gin and then sat patiently, waiting for the girls to arrive. It wasn't as if he had anyone to say anything to as Gin had left to collect their teacher.

Eventually they all arrived and Gin got straight to the point.

"You cannot defy the Protection Committee." He told Harry. "I'm not the oldest club member because the others graduated. They were killed by the Committee."

"That's horrible!" Moka exclaimed.

"And they out rank you?" Harry calmly asked his teacher.

"Power is authority." She said sadly. "There aren't any teachers who could take on the Protection Committee. Only the Chairman could."

"We don't have a choice." Gin took up the conversation. "We will have to shut down the Newspaper Club."

"That's not fair!" Kurumu said with anger and hurt. "We put everything into this."

Harry closed his eyes and tried to ignore the arguing around him. He focused on Kuyou and how he measured up to Draco, Lucius, Snape and Voldemort.

It wasn't good.

"Harry-kun? Are you ok?" He opened his eyes to see Miss Nekonome looking at him worriedly.

"Yes. But, I don't think shutting down the club will help."

"If we shut it down we can keep out of their notice." Gin said firmly.

"You might be able to. Kurumu might as well. But Moka, Yukari and I are already too big to ignore.

"Nearly everyone knows Moka is a vampire and she is the top student in our year and one of the most beautiful and popular girls. She's already been targeted for that.

"Yukari has never hidden she is a witch and so they will target her for that.

"And me… The school thinks I've defeated several powerful students already, plus I have powerful students like Moka and Kurumu as friends. I'm a threat to their authority.

"Power is authority." He finished as he looked sadly at Miss Nekonome.

She gave a pitiful whine. "Harry-kun is right."

"What about me?" Kurumu was clearly upset at Harry saying Moka would be targeted for her beauty but not her.

Harry gave her a grin. "I think we all know you can charm your way out most problems."

"I couldn't charm slug-boy away." She said angrily.

"That- That was because you were being blackmailed." Moka said in a rare act of supporting the succubus.

"And it could easily happen again. I don't abandon my friends."

"So you leave the school. It is the only way for you stay safe."

"Harry can't leave." Yukari reminded Gin. "He is in as much danger in England as he is here."

"We either challenge them or we wait for them to challenge us." Harry said decisively. "It is much better to do it on our terms. We should challenge them."

"Ha! As if you pathetic losers could beat us."

The group turned in shock to see one of the female members of the Protection Committee standing in the doorway. She stood fairly tall, almost as tall as Gin. Her hair and eyes were a dark purple. She wore a tight black dress that had a military look to it.

Harry dropped to his knees and sent a powerful banisher at the desk immediately in front of him. It went sailing through the air and straight into the girl who crashed into the wall outside in the corridor.

Harry quickly followed only to find she was unconscious. He levitated her back in to see everyone staring at him.

"I wonder if they will all be this easy?" Harry shrugged.

Harry had the girl tied to Miss Nekonome's chair in seconds. He then revived her. The others were still watching silently.

The girl groggily shook her head before taking in her surroundings. Then she saw Harry and the others and growled. "We are going to take our time killing you."

"Whatever. Your name?" Harry said dismissively.

"Keito. Remember it. It will be the last you ever hear."

"What sort of monster are you?"

Keito laughed. "You think I'll just tell you?"

"Yukari, come and join me please." Harry called over his shoulder.

The young witch was startled out of her stupor before she joined Harry sitting on Miss Nekonome's desk.

"As you know, Yukari is a witch. From what I've seen, she is quite powerful too. Now, since I came to this school I've been researching all the various monsters I've learnt about. Witches are the most versatile."

"They bleed as easily as humans and taste just as good." Keito smirked.

"When it came to witches, I bought a few books." Harry ignored her. "Now, aside from the basics, I also learnt about their forbidden and dangerous spells.

"My favourite so far has been the memory wiping spell. She can remove a few seconds to your entire, short, pathetic life."

Keito had become very still.

"So, here you are. Completely at our mercy. I'm going to make a deal with you. If you answer each of my questions honestly and immediately we will ask Yukari to only wipe out the last hour.

"Every time you become 'difficult', a whole year will be added."

Keito looked carefully between the two younger students… then she smirked. "You should have discussed this with the girl first. She doesn't have it in her."

Harry didn't look at Yukari. He had had a feeling she wouldn't be quick enough to play along.

He pointed his finger at Keito. "You still haven't figured out what I am."

Keito squeaked as she looked down and saw she was hovering a foot off the ground in the chair. She suddenly fell to the ground, the chair landed on all fours with a teeth rattling bang. She looked at Harry fearfully.

"So, do you think I have it in me?"

Keito was, perhaps, the second most powerful person at Yōkai Academy. Not because of her monster form, but because she was a member of the School Protection Committee and essentially Kuyou's deputy.

No one dared to question the SPC. Not the students, not their parents and not even the teachers. Kuyou had made the committee so powerful that even the school's chairman was too scared to come to the school.

Well, that was the rumour.

When they had heard that the school's Newspaper Club had started to not just report the news but made it, they acted quickly to make sure they knew their place.

A little public humiliation and a reminder to the only legacy member should be enough. But just in case, Kuyou had sent Keito to keep an eye on them.

Sure enough, they had actually had the audacity to contemplate fighting the Committee.


It took Keito all of two minutes to leave the Club a quivering mess of broken limbs as she sauntered away from their classroom, her hips swaying seductively.

Deshiko Deshi was focused intensely as she twirled her bo-staff around her body in the school gym. She came here every day to practice. She needed to ensure she was always in top form in case the School Protection Committee got in a fight. She might be very strong and fast, but her body was very frail, she was a zombie, if the other students discovered that then she might not survive.

The gym was empty. It always cleared when she arrived, wearing her SPC uniform. One of the smaller perks of serving.

Most students knew better than to stay. The last one who tried was still in the nurse's office and had been in a coma since the second day of term.

She saw a girl appear in front of her and she immediately took up a defensive stance.

"Akashiya." Deshiko smirked. "You've just volunteered to be my new test dummy."

The pink haired girl stood there, clearly nervous. "We don't want to fight you. We just want to talk."

"That's what all losers say. Talk is cheap."

Deshiko sprang into action as she felt something flying at her from behind. She spun around, bringing her staff to bear.

She went flying backwards to land soaking wet against the back wall. She was completely stunned as she had no idea to expect a water based attack.

She was confused by the action that did little more than annoy her. She saw the little witch standing there smugly and her blood boiled.

Then she blacked out.

Kuyou sat in his luxurious leather office chair at his desk, his eyes were closed as he relished the screams of agony from the boy in front of him.

It was a wonderful way to relax after having to actually be seen amongst the worthless monsters in the school.

"We should talk."

Kuyou's eyes snapped open and he saw the Potter boy sitting opposite him. Then he noticed the screams had stopped. His entertainment was missing from the room.

"You have some nerve, boy." Kuyou snarled as he rose from his chair. "But I'll soon correct your ill-mannered ways."

"I don't want to fight you."

"Ha! As if you could. There will be no fight. There will simply be the pain of your agonising and lengthy demise. You will live only long enough to see your little friends die suffering."

"I know what your monster form is. Do you know mine?"

Kuyou paused. "Liar."

"You call yourself a Yoko. A variation of the Kitsune. An S-Class monster, ranked up there with vampires and werewolves."

As he spoke, Gin and Inner Moka stepped from the shadows carrying katanas. Kurumu and Yukari were just behind them.

"Vampires and werewolves might be S-Class, but they are still no match for my power." Kuyou sneered.

"Alone, maybe. But together? Gin can move faster than you can see and Moka's strength is unmatched."

"And my fire will burn them long before they can reach me."

"You forgot about the witch." Harry calmly reminded him. "A being with access to a power that even S-Class monsters can't stand against.

"Because magic is adaptable. Have you ever heard of a witch actually being burnt at the stake?"

"She is a child. She doesn't have the training." He scoffed.

"She's had a whole day to learn the spells we found in the book I bought."

"But does she have the power and skill to use them?" Kuyou smirked.

"Would we really be here otherwise?"

Kuyou was beginning to find this amusing. "And what of the succubus? What 'special power' does she have?" He asked mockingly.

"We have a saying back home: 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. I haven't been in Japan long, but I've seen it's true here as well. You should never have threatened the Newspaper Club. She loves it."

That's when Kuyou noticed the black wings and long dark claws on the girl. And of course, the look that promised a painful death.

"And you? The leader of this rag-tag group of rebels, what do you bring to the table?"


"You expect me to fear you?" He laughed.

Harry stood up slowly. "No. I am the one who is afraid. Afraid of what you will try and do to us. Afraid to go back to England. Afraid to lose my friends.

"Consider me a dog. I am cornered."

Harry turned and walked away.

"You dare turn your back on me?!" Kuyou roared as he began to burst into flame. He threw a lance of fire at Harry's back but it was intercepted by a conjured metal bathtub.

Moka and Gin began to move forward, grim expressions on their faces.

Yukari raised her wand above her head and began chanting. A dull white light began to emanate from the star at the end.

Gin felt the magical moonlight and morphed to his wolf form before he vanished in a blur. Kuyou screamed in pain as a wound opened on his left side.

Moka took advantage of the lapse and plunged forward. Kuyou only saved himself by catching the blade through the palm of his hand.

He screamed again and released a shockwave of fire that sent Moka and Gin flying. His form flowed into a massive fox that dwarfed them all. It had nine tails of fire that spun dangerously.

The heat was so hot that it could be felt even through the protective spells Harry and Yukari had cast on them.

"Insolent fools! You should have come to me on your knees!" The massive fox roared.

"Moka, we have to move hard and fast!" Gin called over.

Moka didn't look away from the Yoko, but she still sneered. "Do not tell me how to fight, dog."

That said she darted forward leaving Gin looking like an angry puppy.

"Harry, is this going to work?" Yukari asked fearfully.

"I hope so. We'll just have to stick to the plan."

"But that fire is so hot. My anti-flame charm has already broken."

Harry frowned as he looked at Yukari and saw her sweating. A glance at Kurumu showed the succubus had already shucked her sleeveless sweater and her white blouse was soaked with sweat.

Harry quickly cast two more spells at the pair as he wondered why his spell was holding up.

There was a scream of pain as Gin went sailing through the air. Kurumu immediately flew after him as Yukari prepared to conjure more of her trademark tubs to protect them.

Moka came sliding backwards on her feet, her sword held defensively.

Harry quickly cast another flame repelling charm at her. Her blazer was already burnt away and her skirt was on fire.

"Potter, we are hurting him, but he is still-"

Moka was interrupted by a surge of fire from the fox. It momentarily blinded them.

When the light cleared they saw Kuyou had become a hybrid of man and fox. He had fox ears made of flame and inky black tattoos across his face and chest. He was completely naked, save for the fire that protected his dignity.

"He is completely healed!" Moka scowled.

"I'm impressed." Kuyou admitted. "No one has ever forced me to assume my ultimate form. But my kind are worshipped as gods! Let us end this."

"You are no god. Only the weak minded would fall for such lies." Moka declared angrily as she charged forward throwing her sword away and resorting to her expertise in martial arts.

"Can Moka really beat him?" Kurumu asked as she held Gin up next to her. She never noticed the goofy grin on the werewolf's face as his eyes were glued to her transparent white blouse.

"Vampires are the strongest monsters." Yukari said, fear still strong. "But Moka is still young compared to Kuyou. We don't even know how old he is."

It was true. Moka managed to cut Kuyou and strike him, but he was able to match her. He didn't have her skill, but he had slightly more power.

She went sailing back into Harry sending them sprawling.

"I can't fight his heat." Moka admitted reluctantly. "Your spells are not strong enough."

Harry struggled to get out from under the exhausted Moka. He was frustrated. He couldn't understand what was wrong with the charms he was casting on them.

He couldn't even feel the heat of Kuyou's flames. He just felt warm.

"Stay back, then. I'm going to have to see if I can get him with spells."

"No! The flames-"

"I can't feel the flames. I should be fine." Harry frowned.

Harry calmly walked forward, his hands flexing at his side, ready to unleash a library of spells he had memorised for this moment.

"Have you come to beg for a quick death?" Kuyou taunted. "You thought you could flaunt the law. Disrespect the Protection Committee. Disrespect me!"

Harry kept walking.

Kuyou saw Harry being licked by his flames and realised they weren't burning the boy's skin. His clothes were on fire but the boy was unconcerned.

"How can you survive the flames of a god?" Kuyou demanded.

Harry stood there, a flaming mess. He raised a hand to his face and wiped. "I really need to get some better glasses." He grumbled as he tossed the melted plastic and glass to the floor.

Harry was a mere five feet from the Yoko. He knew he would have to reveal his true form and cast spells as Kuyou, who might not actually be a god, certainly had the physique of one. Harry was still just a scrawny little runt… but he was getting a better build with the new Japanese diet and school gym classes.

Harry still needed to end this peacefully if possible. "You are standing in front of someone who isn't affected by your fire. You don't even know what my true form is. What abilities I have.

"Do you really want to continue? You can walk away now. Leave the school and don't return."

"You dare threaten me?!" Kuyou roared as he flexed his power.

The flames may not affect Harry but the force certainly did and had to plant his feet.

"Taste my hottest fire!" Kuyou roared as he drew his arm back and threw a lance of flames.

It flew true, piercing Harry's heart with the force and sending him backwards. His body erupted in flames, vanishing beneath the blinding light. Only a slight scream of distant agony emanated from the area along with a small gust of black vapour.

Kuyou was as stunned as the others.

Then he started to laugh. It was evil. It was horrible.

"Harry…" Yukari had tears streaming down her face.

They all did. Even the white-haired Moka who claimed to hate the wizard.

"I will grant you a boon." They suddenly remembered their dangerous position. "Tell me what kind of pitiful monster he was and I will end you quickly."

"Ready for round three?" Gin grimly asked Moka.

"Bring it." She sneered at the Yoko.

They were interrupted by the sound of coughing.

From the mound of flame on the floor.

"That was really, really, really pathetic."

They were all watching in confusion as the flames sort of coalesced into a humanoid form and struggled to stand.

"I've been hit by wizard's spells that did more pain than you. I've been bitten by a basilisk and that really hurt!"

It was clearly Harry. It sounded like him and it looked like him.

Sort of.

If Harry was made of fire.

Harry didn't seem to realise this.

"You want to know what kind of monster I am?" The fiery wizard raised his hand. "Two words you bastard: Avada Kedavra!"

A bolt of green fire shot from Harry's hand and struck Kuyou dead in the chest, the head of the School Protection Committee fell to the ground, dead.

The rest of the newspaper club just stood there in shock.

Harry, meanwhile, was looking worriedly at his hands. He appeared to be on fire.

He looked down at himself and panicked as he began jumping about and trying to put himself out.

Fortunately the flames disappeared.

Unfortunately his clothes did not reappear.

He yelped as he realised he was standing naked in front of three girls. His hands snapped into place pretty darned quick.

"Could you find me some clothes please?"

Gin grinned.

Yukari squeaked.

Kurumu licked her lips.

Moka sneered.


After transfiguring Kuyou's corpse into a stick and telling Gin to have fun and bury it, Harry had led the group back to their classroom where a nervous Miss Nekonome was waiting for them.

Unfortunately, the only clothing they could come up with for Harry was a spare coat of Kuyou's they'd found. It was blatantly obvious he was naked underneath because the thing was massive on him.

Kurumu had refused to let him go back to his dorm room first.

"Harry-kun! You are alright." She said in relief as she checked him over. "What happened to your clothes?"

"Kuyou burnt them off. My flame repelling spell protected my skin though." Harry said tiredly as he sat at his desk.

Neither teacher nor student saw the three girls exchange a curious look.

"What happened to Kuyou?"

"I had to reveal my 'monster form'." Harry did not look happy. "Not that it matters. I killed him with a dark spell."

"Oh. I forgot about that."

Harry looked at Yukari incredulously. "How? I used an Unforgiveable!"

"Because y-oof." She stumbled slightly as Moka nudged and glared at her. "Erm… just regular old ditzy Yukari." She giggled forcefully.

"Harry, maybe you should go and get some clothes." Miss Nekonome suggested.

"Thank you!" He said with a glare at a clearly unrepentant yet disappointed Kurumu.

As soon as the door closed behind the wizard she turned to her students. "What happened?"

"He turned into fire!" Yukari blurted out.

"Like a Phoenix or Yoko?"

"No." Moka sighed as she lazily kicked a chair back and lounged in it. She was playing with her rosary. She was debating whether to put it back on and let Outer Moka deal with this.

But it was just too interesting.

"His body became literal flame." She expounded. "No flesh or blood."

Gin suddenly arrived, covered in mud.

"Good boy." Moka smirked at him.

He growled but otherwise ignored her.

"Gin-kun, the girls say Harry became fire. Can you tell me anything else?"

"They didn't mention the little fact that the kid died?" He scoffed. "Took one of Kuyou's flame lances to the heart."

"He also said that he couldn't feel the heat of the flames before that." Yukari added.

"No, he said they weren't hot." Kurumu corrected.

"Sendo-chan, can you tell me if you know of any spells that can turn a witch or wizard into flame?" Miss Nekonome asked the witch.

"I can ask my parents?" Yukari offered.


They all turned to the stern looking Moka. "Word of this does not leave this room. Did you not notice that Harry didn't seem to realise what had happened?"

"I did." Miss Nekonome nodded.

"Not notice? Didn't you see him trying to put himself out after the fight?" Gin demanded.

"He probably thought he was on fire." Moka argued. "When he told Nekonome-sensei what happened, he simply said he cast a dark curse."

"Look Moka, it's one thing when we have to hide our monster identities from one another, but hiding it from ourselves is dangerous." Gin warned. "Potter needs to figure out what happened and what it means. What if he was something like that basilisk he fought? He could kill us all if he didn't realise with a look."

"He's no danger to us." Moka waved his concerns away dismissively. "I know what he is."

"Even I don't know what he is." Miss Nekonome frowned. "He is listed as simply a wizard. What do you believe him to be, Akashiya-san?"

"I will not say. Not yet."

"Akashiya-san, I am not another student. I am your teacher. Harry-kun is my responsibility." There was a bit of anger in the teacher now.

Moka was not moved. "And will you be responsible for him when we have to leave the school for break?" She demanded. "Will he be shipped back to England where he will face the English dogs and risk revealing his true form, even though he doesn't know it?"

Both females were nose-to-nose now.

"Yes Akashiya-san, I will be responsible. I know Harry-kun's situation better than you. I spoke with the Chairman and arranged for everything to be cleared so Harry will be coming to live with me when school is finished."

Moka moved back a bit. "Hmm, so you aren't just a weak-willed airhead as you portray."

"Akashiya Moka, I am still your teacher and you will show me respect."

"That's enough Moka." The pair were broken from their staring contest by Gin. "We both know Harry wouldn't approve of how you are behaving so either sit down or put your rosary back on."

Moka hesitated, but only briefly. She could take the werewolf, but Harry could easily take her unless she caught him by surprise… and that was even without knowing what she believed him to truly be.

"Here's the bottom line:" Gin stated. "Harry deserves to know what happened. Harry has earned the right to know what happened.

"And… I'll be damned if he finds out I was keeping it from him, because he is far more dangerous than you." He looked to Moka.

Despite her pride demanding she respond to that claim, Moka had a little more self-control and kept mum.

Unfortunately for Harry, rumour was one of the few things in life that travelled faster than light. Everyone seemed to be talking about the fight and that Kuyou had been taken out by a freshman.

Harry hadn't even made it back to his dorm and he was hearing his name being mentioned.

Harry closed the door to his room and then turned around.

Then he cursed. He saw himself in the mirror on the back of the door.

Wearing one of Kuyou's coats.

No wonder everyone knew.

He quickly grabbed some clothes and a new uniform and got dressed.

He made it out of the front door of the dorm and was confronted by several angry looking students. All dressed in black.

"You've got a lot to answer for Potter." Keito sneered. "You attacked the Head of the School Protection Committee."

Harry was tired, angry and fed up. "No you stupid moron. I killed him. And I used all of you to do it. You, Keito, you thought you could take on me and my friends alone. We captured you and threatened you.

"If you didn't give up all your knowledge of the Committee, we would have Sendo-san wipe your memory all the way back to birth.

"That's how we were able to take out the rest of you, Keito told us most of your secrets.

"Of course, you all lied about at least one thing… maybe I should get Yukari and we can settle the debt?" Harry growled.

"Kuyou was invincible." A male student with glasses scoffed. "He-"

"He wasn't invincible! He was arrogant!" Harry snapped. "He was a blood thirsty monster who thought he was better than everyone.

"Well, as Moka likes to say, we showed him his place."

"You are still going to answer for what you did, Potter." Keito threatened. "We are still the Committee."

"No. In this place, power is authority. My friends and I beat you. We have the power and now we have the authority. You are finished. The Committee is disbanded."

He looked at them with a sneer. "You are also out of uniform. You should fix that."

"You think you're the most powerful one in the school?"

Harry turned to see a massive behemoth of a student looking over him. He wore a white t-shirt, track-suit bottoms and had a towel around his neck. His hair was blonde and his eyes grey.

"Rikishi Chopper, wrestling team." The man grinned excitedly. "You beat Enforcer Kuyou. I've had him on my list for a while now, but you got there first.

"You wanna prove you're the strongest? You gotta beat me."

Harry stared at him, gobsmacked. Why wouldn't this day end?

"You do realise I killed Kuyou… right? As in he isn't going to be coming to classes anymore? Won't be eating, drinking, sleeping… etc?"

Chopper looked a little confused at that. "Yeah… I guess."

"I didn't beat Kuyou with brute strength."

Chopper just waved a dismissive (and massive) hand. "Power is power. I'll pit my powerful strength against whatever you've got, Potter."

Harry really didn't want to fight. "Rikishi-senpai, have you ever heard of a basilisk?"


"Great big snake. Not only can its poison kill anything, but if you even look at it in the eye, you die.

"How would your strength match against that?"


"Same goes with a Gorgon. Witches and wizards can also kill from afar.

"Take spider-girl over there." He indicated the indignant Keito. "She could snag you with a web and suspend you in the air by your feet. You would be trapped there. She could leave you there until you die of starvation."

Chopper looked confused and wary. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do or should do. "What's your point?"

Harry gave him a rather pitying look. "I promise you I didn't use raw physical strength to kill Kuyou. Do you really want to take the risk that I could kill you with a look?

"Why not challenge Deshiko over there?" He jabbed a thumb over his shoulder at the short, red-headed zombie. "She's a Jiang Shi. They are really strong."

Deshiko looked a little terrified.

Harry could see that Chopper was teetering. "Let's say you took on Akashiya-san. She would beat you to a bloody pulp and leave you in pain.

"If she didn't kill you, what would you do?"

Chopper frowned. "Train. Practice. Get better. Try again."

"Right. But if you take me on and I kill you without touching you… there will be no 'try again'."

Chopper sort of deflated in disappointment. "You sure you ain't super strong?"

"Hold out your hand."

Harry took a huge swing and punched the hand as hard as he could.


"You idiot! Don't you know how to throw a punch?" Chopper demanded.

Harry was cradling his hand. It was turning red and swollen. "No." He said tersely. "That was the point of the demonstration. That and my lack of strength."

Now Chopper was pissed and frustrated. "Look, just don't go 'round saying you're super strong or something." He said before turning and stomping off in a huff.

Harry discreetly healed his hand before turning back to the former SPC. "Still want to take the risk?"

Harry stumbled back into the classroom, his feet dragging tiredly. Fortunately the former SPC minions had chosen not to challenge him.

He knew it was only a matter of time before another student couldn't restrain themselves.

The looks of concern and worry on his friends and teacher's faces did not bode well for what remained of his day.

"What happened?" He asked as he slumped in a chair next to Kurumu.

Inner Moka was still present so he wasn't going to sit next to her.

"Harry, can you describe what happened when you faced Kuyou? Just before you ended it?" Gin began.

Harry felt a cold shiver and his stomach clenched. They were about to discuss his act of killing and his use of an Unforgiveable.

He was about to find out if there were any actual laws in this 'Monster World'.

"Kuyou was beating you and Moka. The flame repelling charms weren't holding on you. Mine were and we had run out of options so I made one last attempt to reason with him.

"He threw some fire at me. The fire itself didn't burn but the force behind it really hurt. I blacked out for a minute. When I came too, I knew I didn't have a choice. I had to use magic so I cast the only spell I thought would work.

"I cast the Killing Curse. It is illegal in England. Like the Imperio."

"Anything else you can remember?" Gin pressed.

Harry shrugged. "I think my flame repelling charm ended when I was knocked out. My clothes were on fire. That's all I remember."

Harry frowned as his friends shared an indecipherable look.

Gin spoke again. "Harry, that fire lance that hit you. It went straight through you. I could see through you.

"I'm fairly certain you died."

"Impossible." Harry shook his head calmly. "I don't even have a scratch."

"That's because you became pure fire." Gin explained. "You had no physical flesh. You were just a body of flame."

Harry's head snapped to Kurumu and Yukari who looked worried and sad.

"It's true, Harry-kun. You were partially transparent because you were flame." Yukari admitted.

"Accidental magic?" Harry asked hopefully.

"How is it such pitiful excuse for-"

Moka's denigrating dialog was silenced by the wizard in the room.

"So what happened then?"

Gin slumped in defeat. "Moka says she knows."

Harry did not like that. "Seriously? I have to listen to Miss High-and-Mighty blabber on?"

"She wouldn't tell us and she was going to hide everything from you. We had to-"

Gin didn't get a chance to finish as Harry shot out of his chair and removed the silencing charm. He glared hatefully at Moka.

"What did I ever do to you?" He demanded. "Since the very instant we first met you have been condescending and spiteful to me."

Moka just snorted derisively. "You think too much of yourself. You are a weak wizard who doesn't belong in this world. It disgusts me that you think you can so casually and personally insert yourself into my life through Outer Moka."

"Nobody cares about you. You aren't our friend." Harry sneered. "As far as I am concerned you are just a curse that Moka has to suffer."

"Ha! Your words prove how foolish and naïve you are. I am the true Moka. The Moka you call a 'friend' didn't even exist until a few years ago."

"Right… so you were so terrible they had to lock you away. The other Moka is a gift. You are a curse."

"Stop it!"

The bickering pair turned to their angry teacher. Miss Nekonome's ears and tail were visibly twitching.

"Moka, I want you to answer Harry-kun's question. What did he do to you?" She demanded.

Moka glared at her teacher. "He did nothing." She spat. "That is the problem. He is worthless and he has done nothing to earn my respect.

"But Outer Moka likes him and insists on hanging around him.

"But that also means I have to be around him."

"What would Harry have to do to earn your respect?" She asked curiously.

"Him? There isn't anything he could do. Something that will become abundantly clear to Outer Moka when my father hears of him."

"Then why are you afraid of him?"

Harry, Kurumu and Yukari were frozen by their teacher's question. Gin didn't look surprised.

Moka… was shocked.

"I know I am bad at keeping my monster identity a secret." Miss Nekonome smirked. "My feline senses can smell the fear on you.

"And other stuff."

Moka gulped.

"Just tell us what Harry is." An irritable Kurumu demanded. She didn't know about the fear but as a succubus, she could sense the 'other stuff'.

Moka seemed to struggle with indecision for a moment. "He's an Elemental."

There was a long silence.

Everyone just stared at the white haired vampire.

"What's an Elemental?" Yukari eventually asked.

Moka frowned at the blank expressions. "How can you not know what an Elemental is?" She asked.

"Because we've never heard of it." Gin was beginning to wonder if this version of Moka got dumber the longer she was out. "We know Harry is a wizard and a Parselmouth, is an Elemental another form of wizarding ability?"

Moka's eyes suddenly widened in realisation. "Please excuse me. I must talk with Outer Moka."

And with that she vanished out the door.

"That… was the most polite she's ever been." Harry mused. "Someone should go and make sure she hasn't been possessed or mind-controlled."

Harry was relieved when Moka showed up for dinner that day with pink hair and a rosary on her neck. She refused to talk about what an Elemental was as she said she said she had to talk to her father.

Harry wasn't happy… but he was used to being kept in the dark. Even by his friends.

But Harry had also learnt how to circumvent these usual sources and find alternatives. He started to pen a letter for Hedwig to carry.

Miss Nekonome had asked him to come and see him after dinner so he found himself standing in her classroom looking nervously at an envelope.

With English writing.

"H- How did you get this?"

"I included a note with a post office address that handles mail for the school. I added instructions to address it straight to me."

"But what if they track this?" Harry asked frantically. "They know your name now! They know what country I'm in!"

"Harry!" Miss Nekonome grabbed him firmly by the shoulders. "You defeated a Yoko. Trust me, no wizard in history is as dangerous."

"But I'm a wizard! Wizards don't fight like monsters. They-"

"Harry-kun, you worry too much." She rubbed his shoulders comfortingly. "You are no ordinary wizard. You have powerful friends and you are very intelligent… just not at math." She added with a grimace.

Harry slumped as he sat on the nearest desk. "I was just hoping to have one year without getting into trouble and fighting for my life."

Miss Nekonome burst into laughter. "You got into a fight with a monstrel on your first day!"

Harry blushed in recognition of his rather silly worry.

"Still, what if Voldemort finds me? What if Dumbledore tries to take me back to England?"

"If this egotistical little wizard tries to come after you then he will have to defeat not only you, but also a true werewolf and a vampire.

"And that's if the fool can break free of the Succubus' thrall."

"And Dumbledore?"

"I spoke with the Chairman. According to the English, you are no longer a wizard. They have no authority over you. You are registered as a citizen of Japan and England in the non-magical and human worlds."

Harry wasn't sure that would be enough.

"Harry-kun, read the letter." His teacher insisted.

He hesitantly opened and unfolded the single sheet of parchment.

Dear Harry,

Whilst I am relieved to hear you are ok, you need to come home. We were frantic with worry when Arthur couldn't find you.

Lucius Malfoy made veiled claims that he had taken care of you.

Dumbledore is still fighting the Ministry to get your sentence overturned. Fudge is being stubborn and is smearing his name in the Prophet.

In the meantime it is important that you come home. Dumbledore says you need to return to the Dursleys or the blood protection will fail. You will be safe there and the Ministry and You Know Who will not be able to touch you.

Send us your location with an owl and we will send some Order members to pick you up.

Don't use muggle methods as it was very difficult for the Grangers to get your letter to us.



The letter was short, blunt and-

"Harry… take off my rosary."

Harry jumped as Moka's livid voice sounded over his shoulder. Her rosary was glowing and her eyes had a slight red glow.

He reluctantly tugged on the rosary and then grabbed Miss Nekonome and pulled her down behind the teacher's desk.

He was just in time as the energy released by Moka's transformation sent the students' desks and chairs crashing into the walls. He still had to throw up a shield.

The room was filled with an oppressive force as Inner Moka stood there. She was seething. She was breathing heavily causing her chest to rise and fall vividly.

She grabbed the parchment that Harry had dropped and spun on her heel and left. "I will deal with this." They heard her growl.

"It was that bad?" Miss Nekonome squeaked from the floor next to Harry.

Miss Nekonome struggled to reign in her own temper. Just based on the little Harry had been able to tell her from the single reading of the letter… she was tempted to call in some of her own friends to make a trip to England.

But she wanted to wait until she could read the letter herself.

Neither she nor Harry wanted to try and ask the livid Inner Moka for the letter.

This meant that Harry was exceptionally frustrated when Moka didn't appear for Home Room the next morning. She didn't even make it to lunch.

Harry was worried as he still had Moka's rosary.

After dinner she finally turned up and stormed into the Newspaper Club, still absolutely livid.

"Akashiya-san! Did you sleep at all last night?" Miss Nekonome demanded.

Moka looked completely dishevelled. She also looked like she hadn't changed her uniform since the previous day.

"I was busy crafting a response to that despicable fool who sent that letter." She sneered as she sat at her desk. "Hedwig was kind enough to help deliver it."

"What!? What if they keep her? What if Voldemort gets her?!" Harry demanded.

"I am no fool, Potter." Moka glared at him. "Hedwig is merely the first stage of the letter's journey. She will deliver it to someone I trust and they will take it from there."

Moka suddenly looked abashed. "Potter- Harry, I would… appreciate it if you would allow me some of your blood."

Harry's first instinct was to draw his wand… but he tamped it down as he saw the reluctant expression on the vampire's face. Then he realised that blood would be the best way to rejuvenate her… and he didn't have a wand.

He really wanted to say no.

"Sure." God damned chivalrous Gryffindor.

He stood up with Moka and tilted his neck. He had gotten used to feeling Outer Moka pressed against him as she held him tightly, biting into his neck.

Inner Moka was different. She took her time… he could feel and hear her breathing his scent in deeply.

Outer Moka would usually pounce on him and then feed. Afterwards she would hold him until she shyly released him.

Inner Moka… it felt like she was savouring the moment.

Harry was so distracted that he never realised she had started to feed. She didn't drink as strongly, but she certainly took her time.

She was certainly having an… effect on him.

Eventually she released his neck with a groan of ecstasy that made both Harry and Miss Nekonome blush. She pushed away, tossing her hair back and licking her lips.

"I can understand why Outer Moka enjoys that so much." She said huskily, her hand between her breasts.

That was when Harry realised that he was no longer holding the rosary and Moka was changing. He quickly stepped forward to catch the pink version of the vampire as she was usually weak after the change.

He was surprised by the perky smile she gave him. "That feels much better! Next time Inner Moka is out, make sure she drinks your blood before we change back."

And once again Harry felt about as important as one of Moka's tomato juice drinks.

"Akashiya-san, did your other self take satisfactory action?"

Harry was shocked by the cold anger emanating from his usually bubbly teacher. She was holding the letter from Sirius.

"Oh yes." Now Outer Moka looked livid. "She made sure that they will take note of our… concerns."

"Good." And then a switch was flipped and the bubbly pair returned. "Let's get things ready for the club then."

*Chapter 5*: Chapter 5
Harry managed a whole week without any trouble.

Unless you counted the gossip and stares from the general student body.

Miss Nekonome had refused to hand back the letter from Sirius. She said he didn't need that sort of stupidity in his life.

To be honest, that kind of touched him. Despite everyone keeping him in the dark over the summer holidays, this struck him as entirely different.

Hedwig had returned quickly, much to Harry's relief. She seemed to be somewhat upset herself, she stayed close to Harry or the girls, even going so far as to sit on a window sill whilst he was in class.

Not every class had windows, the Maths class for example.

"Potter-san, stay behind."

Harry sighed in resignation at the command from his Maths teacher; Kagome Ririko.

She was a beautiful woman with light brown hair and glasses. She seemed to stick to the school trend of a short skirt. She dressed in a black skirt and very tight white blouse that made her look a bit like a secretary.

Moka and Kurumu sent him commiserating looks as they left with the rest of the class.

It was soon just him and the Maths teacher.

"Potter-san, you are in serious danger of failing this class."

Harry resisted a snort at the implication that this was a 'danger'.

"At this rate you will be forced to attend summer classes here."

Ok, so this now rated as a danger. He needed a holiday. Technically he'd never had one in his life.

"If you fail those classes you could be kept behind. At your current level you could very well fail to graduate."

Harry was now beginning to get scared. Did that mean he would be stuck at this school forever? Is that how Kuyou was still here? He was clearly older than the other students.

"You will meet me here after dinner for extra lessons. One-on-one, just you and me."

Alarm bells were now blaring for Harry. Miss Kagome had the same expression and tone as Kurumu did when she tried to drag him into a corner to snog.

Well, both she and Harry knew they couldn't actually kiss without risking her turning Harry into her love slave. At least not on the lips.

Unfortunately Kurumu was very strong and Harry had to resort to tickling hexes to escape wandering hands. Kurumu seemed to enjoy the challenge.

But back to the present, Harry was now very wary of his maths teacher… as if he didn't have enough issues with the subject.

And how did he get outside the classroom already?

The reactions of his friends had been mixed.

Moka had presented him with a fully annotated book of her own creation and an offer to tutor him.

Kurumu was clearly jealous as Miss Kagome often had private study sessions and all the boys loved her because she was showing off her boobs.

Yukari vacillated between mocking Kurumu for her jealousy and warning Harry on the perils of failing a class.

Gin pouted at the teacher's desk about Harry, once again, being wanted by women instead of him.

"Sorry! I- I- knocked and you said come in!"

Harry immediately turned his back on his sexually, scantily and scandalously dressed maths teacher.

He had entered the classroom to find her wearing nothing but a silk black bustier, a short silk black skirt, black stockings with suspenders… and holding a whip.

He thought it was a whip… he didn't really look.

"What's wrong Harry-chan?" She asked in a low voice that Harry immediately recognised from Kurumu's daily seduction rituals. "I thought that this might motivate you."

Harry turned around. It was alright to look at her now he knew he was supposed to. But still…

"How is that supposed to motivate me to learn maths?" He asked in disbelief.

She stood there, the whip swishing around her as she smiled sultrily. "I am a teacher; respected in the educational realm.

"And a student is the teacher's slave."

Harry was fairly certain he wasn't going to be learning maths.

He knew for a fact he was nobody's slave.

He turned and moved to open the door except something whipped around his ankles toppling him to the floor. He manoeuvred onto his back to see Miss Kagome looming over him… only her legs were gone and she had a snake's tail instead. It was long and had a bulbous end.

"Ah ah. You and I have a study session Potter-san." She said smugly. "Teaching is such a noble art. But payment is expected and this…" The end of her tail burst open like a four jawed mouth. "is how I get mine.

Harry looked down at his legs and saw her tail wrapped around them. He put his hands on it and cast an incendio, hoping she wouldn't notice it was a spell.

Miss Kagome screamed in pain, her tail retracting so fast it caused friction burns on Harry's legs.

"How dare you!" She hissed angrily.

"Shut up! You brought this on yourself. You attacked me!"

Kagome froze. "How do you speak this language?"

"Japanese? I had really good tutors." Harry frowned. Then he realised and sighed. "I'm speaking Parseltongue again, aren't I?"

Kagome grinned hungrily. "You are a spectacular catch!" She hissed. "To think, a powerful Speaker, with blood as rich as can be… right here in my classroom."

Harry was suddenly even more concerned. "When did you taste my blood?" He demanded.

Miss Kagome was too wrapped up in her own glee to pay attention. "With you under my thrall I can rule the world! Your blood will increase my power exponentially! Men will fall on their knees in worship before me and women will tremble in fear."

Harry slowly inched to the door only to be smashed into it by the open end of the bulbous tail, lined with teeth.

It held him there, his feet dangling off the floor.

He moved his hands to cast again only for the tail to constrict and reposition, trapping his forearms between the coils.

"Ah ah, Potter-san." She smirked as she slithered towards him. "I know you think you are some bigshot. Taking out some of the top students in the school, but I am no student." She began constricting her tail, cutting off Harry's airways.

Harry had become quite adept at holding his breath thanks to Kurumu's daily greetings. But Kurumu managed not to crush him hard enough to break his ribs.

He was suffocating so badly that he was shocked by the loud snap and burst of pain from his ribs. He hadn't realised she was squeezing so hard.

The shock caused another reaction as the pressure vanished and Harry felt like everything had disappeared.

His blurred vision soon returned but he found it difficult to understand what he was seeing. He could see all around himself. Up, down, left, right, front, back and every angle in between.

He could see the blackboard, the door, Miss Kagome slithering around, angrily searching for him.


That was the only thing Harry could think of to explain this. He hadn't received any word back from his own inquiries but based on the fact that the whole thing came up after the Kuyou incident he had deduced it had to do with the natural elements.

Apparently he had been fire when Kuyou attacked him, now he seemed to be air.

The question was: How did he stop being air?

According to the girls and Gin, he had stopped being fire when he started patting himself down. Of course, that meant he had had a physical body at the time.

Or that he thought he had a physical body.

All Harry could think was that he needed to trick himself into believing he had a body.

Fortunately, one thing Harry excelled at was on the spot thinking. Or not thinking. He did have a tendency to simply react to situations.

Harry focused his attention on the door to the classroom and moved to open it.

"Found you!"

He looked down as he heard his teacher's triumphant shout. Sure enough he was once again solid with his hand on the door handle.

And that was when his world went black.

The next thing he was aware of was lying down and Moka worriedly calling his name. Things were sounding very distant, but getting louder.

He managed to open his eyed and blinked. Once again he had his head in Moka's lap. "Erm…"

"Harry, thank goodness! You need to take off my rosary, Kurumu and Yukari can't handle Kagome-sensei on their own!"

Harry sat up and shook his head. He was in the corridor outside the math classroom. There were shards of wood everywhere… clearly part of the door. It explained what had happened to him. Inside the classroom he could see the witch and succubus trying to fight the math teacher.

"Don't worry, Moka. I've been developing a new policy about people who attack me." Harry said as he struggled to his feet.

"Harry, you're bleeding and hurt."

"Don't care." His speech was slightly slurred, but his focus was laser tight on the math teacher. He stumbled forward with determination. "Kagome!" He barked.

The fighting froze.

"Potter-san, give me a moment and I will be happy to finish our lesson." The half snake lady grinned evilly.

"New lesson… and this time, I'm the teacher. Imperio."

"This whole 'power is authority' deal applies to teachers as well, right?" Harry asked wearily as he slumped in a chair.

Kagome had lost to that one spell. She was instantly under Harry's command and he had her turn back into human form.

And get dressed.

Now she was sitting stiffly in a chair in Miss Nekonome's classroom being scrutinised by said teacher and the Newspaper Club.

"It's never come up." Miss Nekonome whined nervously. "Between teachers, certainly. But between teachers and students… ?"

"So what do I do?" Harry asked. "Kill her, wipe her mind or… what?"

"You could probably just leave things as is." Gin shrugged. "That mind control spell you used on me lasted a good week. Even now I still feel the urge to take the things you say as commands."

"Gin, I'm not trying to be mean or rude, but what if she has a stronger will?" Harry asked.

Gin shook his head. "I'm S-Class. That doesn't just mean physical strength. It counts for mental, spiritual and whatever else there is. It would take another S-Class to break your hold.

"Kuyou would probably have had no trouble."

"What about me?" Moka asked curiously.

Gin laughed. "If Harry put you under that spell you wouldn't want to break it. I doubt your other self would either." He smirked at the girl.

Moka just blushed.

"I'm curious about how I would cope." Kurumu piped up with genuine interest and a smile. "Succubae are naturals at mind control after all.

"Think of all the fun games we could play!" She smiled lasciviously at Harry.

Harry shocked them all with a sniff of amusement. Normally he would turn red and change the subject. "If you want I can try it on you. I have been playing a little too fast and loose with that spell."

"Err… erm… I… erm…" The flirty and feisty succubus was speechless and blushing. The other females looked at her with surprise. They didn't realise she was capable of it… not without it being an act for seduction.

Gin, however, just nodded approvingly. Not that anyone noticed.

Harry stood and turned to the stiffly sat teacher. "You answer to me now. You will fulfil your role as a teacher and that is all you will do to your students. You will not reveal your monster form without my permission or unless your life is in danger.

"Do you understand?"

Kagome glared at the teen but nodded sharply.

"And don't even think about revealing our true identities to anyone." He added. "Now get out of here."

She stood awkwardly, as though trying to figure out how to move, she then stumbled out the door.

Harry turned to Moka with a hopeful look. "Can you start tutoring me tomorrow?"

With Moka's help, Harry was able to improve his ability to do basic math. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. From there she introduced him to equations and formulas.

It was a good thing Moka was so patient.

But Miss Kagome also tried to help. Unfortunately for Harry, she was like an older version of Kurumu. She tried to help, but couldn't stop trying to seduce him. It seemed that she still had designs on him, just not necessarily in a way that hurt him physically… his sanity was in for a real workout.

Things managed to remain quiet within the student body. No one else challenged Harry or tried to make a move on the girls.

The only issue had been Rikiishi Chopper, who had approached Harry a bit like a lost puppy and asked if Harry was sure he wasn't physically strong.

Harry could see there was only one way to deal with this so he took Chopper in the woods and told him he was a wizard and how he had killed Kuyou.

Chopper exhibited a just a bit of fear whenever he came across Harry now.

All this occurred in the week after Harry's birthday.

Youkai Academy was a little late in starting their Summer Vacation. It was a week into August when they finally broke.

Gin was annoyed as he had failed too many exams and needed to attend Summer School. (Kurumu did too… but she was skiving.)

Miss Nekonome had announced that the Newspaper Club would be taking a field trip into the Human World to do investigating. It was required for all clubs to have summer activities.

Moka, Kurumu and Yukari were rather apprehensive as they had no good experiences in the human world and they didn't exactly have much trust in Miss Nekonome's skills there.

Harry's main worry was the massive culture shock he was expecting. Things were very different in Japan compared to England. This was evident just from the school customs such as bowing to the teacher.

Harry found himself waiting at the bus stop where he had first arrived in the monster world. Just he and Hedwig who was hovering above, terrifying the wildlife.

"Hi Harry."

Harry turned to see a shy Moka standing there. She looked as beautiful as always and was wearing a dress that proved one thing: Her casual clothes were as short as her school ones.

"Hi Moka. You look nice." Compliments. Girls always wanted compliments. It was one of the few lessons Sirius had managed to squeeze in during their short time before his trial.

Moka blushed. "Thank you Harry. You look good too."

Harry frowned as he noticed the large handbag she carried. "Where are your clothes? We are going to be in the human world for… what? Four weeks?"

"Oh, they are just over there." She pointed at the wheeled suitcase by the bus stop.

Harry was relieved. He didn't know what would happen if the first thing they had to do when they got to the Human World was go clothes shopping. The girls were clearly already nervous about being around humans.

"You will protect me, won't you, Harry?"

He jumped a little when he felt her warm body against his side, he hadn't noticed her move. "Sure… but there shouldn't be much of a problem. The-"


Harry and Moka winced at the loud and somewhat desperate tone that approached from the path to the school.

"Don't be such a baby!"

Clearly Yukari was scared and Kurumu wasn't inclined to be nice.

"Yukari, what's the problem?" Harry asked calmly as the duo breached the treeline.

"She's just scared." Kurumu smirked as she came up and hugged Harry tightly. "That's how children get."

Harry looked down at her with sad and disappointed look. "Beauty is caring, not tormenting."

The succubus flushed and lowered her head, shamed.

"In England we have a saying: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

"You don't have to go out of your way to help, but you definitely shouldn't try and make things worse. Definitely not for your own pleasure." He put his arm around her waist and squeezed, when she looked up he gave her a reassuring look.

Kurumu nodded hesitantly and said nothing as Harry moved away towards Yukari.

"You're scared of humans?"

"Humans are our enemy. That's why we stay hidden from them." The girl said fearfully.

"Why are they the enemy?"

"They used to hunt us! Especially witches and wizards."

"All of them? I lived with humans for about thirteen or more years. My mum was born to and raised by humans.

"Besides, humans can't tell the difference between us and them."

"They can't?"

"Could you tell that Kuyou was a Yoko? Gin a werewolf? Trust me, unless you start casting magic in the streets, no one will know. I am pretty sure you could stand in the middle of London and simply shout that you are a witch and no one would care.

"But the police might ask you to move along for creating a disturbance."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Thirteen years' experience." Harry reiterated.

The fear of humans was quickly replaced by the awe of the Human World. It certainly was less gloomy than Youkai Academy and the girls thought it looked amazing.

They had exited the tunnel into the outskirts of Tokyo. Even on the edge of the city the girls could see the sky-high buildings. If that hadn't been enough to enrapture them, the near countless humans wandering the pavements would.

This was a whole new world for most of them. Even Moka, who had gone to a human middle-school, was glued to the window and watching the amazing world of humans rush by.

The bus took them out of the city and into the country. Buildings gave way to fields and mountains.

Public roads gave way to 'No Trespassing' construction zones.

"Driver, in the Human World, 'No Trespassing' means 'go away', 'keep out'." Harry called to the front of the bus.

The driver chuckled darkly. "Thought we'd make a little side trip first."

Harry didn't like the sound of that. "Is this side trip going to end with you trying to kill us?"

"This is what you're here to investigate." The driver said in his low gravelly voice. "Humans have been going missing here and claim the place is cursed."

The driver slowed to a stop as they reached a field of sunflowers. He pulled the lever for the door and the teens followed their teacher off the bus. The driver followed.

"Here, the local paper can give you the details." He said as he shoved a newspaper at Harry. "Hey, Teach, how about you and me go get some sushi?"

"What? But what time are you going to pick us up?" Harry asked as he watched his teacher follow the driver back on the bus, she was purring loudly.

Unfortunately he didn't get a response as the driver poured on the gas and shot off.

Harry turned to the girls. "You remember how you are all scared of humans? Keep in mind it was two monsters that just abandoned us here."

Three terrified faces stared back at him.

"Don't worry too much." Harry sighed, he was slightly frustrated with himself. He hadn't meant to scare the girls. "Between myself and Yukari we should be set for supplies or what we need. We've got our scout in the air." He pointed up without looking.

The girls craned their necks and actually sighed in relief at the faint glimmer of white, high in the bright blue sky.

"So, what should we do to start?" He asked, better to get the girls thinking of solutions and not dwelling on fears.

"Oh! The newspaper!" Yukari exclaimed, pointing at the item in Harry's hand.

Harry surreptitiously duplicated the paper as he handed a copy to each of his friends.

They spent a few minutes in silence reading, only the sound of Kurumu flicking boredly through the pages was heard.


"I heard it. Or hear it." Harry grimaced at Moka's worried voice.

Around them the tall sunflowers were swaying in a wind that didn't blow. A low growl emanated from various places.

"There's a shack over there." Yukari pointed.

The quartet hurried as quick as they could without running. The shack turned out to be storage for gardening tools.

"I'm sure you'll all see this as good news, but this appears to be a monster problem." Harry said dryly. "No humans involved but victims." He said as he held up his paper.

"You know what is doing this?" Kurumu asked. "I saw something about a witch, but…"

"No idea. I just know humans can't do it."

"So we need to solve the mystery for Nekonome-sensei." Kurumu said decisively.

"Are you trying to get us all killed?!" Yukari practically screamed.

"Yukari!" Moka was worried about her young friend.

"This is the Human World! Something horrible could happen at any moment! Look at my tarot cards… Disaster! Catastrophe!"

"Yukari!" Harry barked. "This area is deserted. There are no humans here."

Then they heard a scream.

"I'd like to be right… just once." Harry groaned as he headed for the door.

He only had to run just over a hundred meters when he found a tear-streaked young woman desperately trying to pull another, unconscious young woman away from the sunflowers.

Green tentacles were attached to the woman being dragged into the field and she looked practically dead.

"Please! Help me! It's going to eat her!" The conscious woman begged.

Harry jumped off the path and began casting cutting charms at the tentacles whilst keeping his body between the conscious woman and what he was doing. As soon as she was free he conjured a combat knife similar to one he had seen another student with.

"Come on, we've got to move." Harry said as he picked the unconscious woman up in his arms and began moving to the shack.

Moka, Kurumu and Yukari were standing nearby. Yukari was hiding behind Moka.

"Help her." Harry barked at them.

"But she's a human!" Yukari said fearfully.


Moka jumped and seemed to remember where she was. She quickly moved to the other woman and helped her limp to safety.

In short order they were back in the shack and Harry was frantically checking the unconscious woman. She was bleeding from multiple shallow cuts and was very weak.

But she probably wasn't going to die.

He reached into his special backpack and retrieved a blood replenisher and a Pepper-up.

"Here. Drink all of this." He instructed the conscious woman, handing her the Pepper-up. He then started to pour the other potion down his patient's throat. A bit of magic aided the process.

"Is- Is she going to make it?"

Harry looked at the woman and his face softened as he sat back against the wall. "As long as we don't all get eaten by those plants… sure. Drink up. It will make you feel better."

She nodded shakily and began to sip.

"Did any of you recognise those things out there?" He asked his classmates snappishly.

The three teen girls shook their heads.

"Are… are you a wizard?"

Harry looked at the calmer woman and smirked. "Figured that one out, did you?"

"We came here to investigate the rumours. But… I guess they were only half true." She shuddered as she looked at the door.

"I am a wizard, yes." Harry confirmed. "We were here to investigate too. This might be a bit out of our league."

"Couldn't we kill them with this?" Kurumu asked as she tapped a large bottle of pesticide with her foot.

"I doubt it." Harry gave her an apologetic look. "We'd need a lot more than that to cover the fields… and it would probably just make them sick."

"You could burn the fields." Moka offered.

Harry let out an apprehensive hiss of breath. "Starting fires? Easy. Controlling them? Not.

"At the very least I would have to get the rest of you away from the area."

"Are we sure they are in the whole of the fields, or are they moving around?" Moka wondered.

"Good question." Harry said decisively as he began rummaging through his backpack. "Moka, Yukari, you stay here with… ?"

"Keiko and Yui." The conscious human supplied, indicating herself as Keiko.

"…Keiko, and keep Yui safe. Kurumu, you and I will go and join Hedwig and survey the area."

Keiko watched in awe as Harry pulled a long broom out of his short pack and Kurumu grew black leathery wings and a tail.

"Harry!" Yukari cried from behind Moka. "You're just going to leave us with… her?"

Harry stood up and glared at the eleven-year-old. "Yukari, I've never said this to you before, but… grow up.

"Moka, man the door for us."

Yukari could only watch in horror as Harry disillusioned himself and Kurumu before leaving them to the mercy of the human.

"Harry-kun, as sweet as you and Hedwig usually look together… you're invisible and she's not." Kurumu giggled invisibly as they hovered in the air.

Harry absently ran a hand over Hedwig's head, making her disappear. "I can see the entire field moving unnaturally. Can you see anything more?"

"No. Just what you see. We could just fly the others out and then report our findings to Nekonome-sensei." She suggested. "Investigating doesn't usually mean fixing what we find, does it?"

"Not for newspaper reporters." Harry agreed. "Can you get the humans out whilst the rest of us hold the shack? You can then get back to us and we can get Moka and Yukari out."

"Wouldn't it be better for you to take them?"

"My magic means I can attack from distance. Plus… I can't really take an unconscious person on a broom."

The scene back at the shack was a disaster.

Yukari was missing. Moka was struggling to decide what to do. Keiko was trying to get Moka to go after her. Yui was still asleep.

"What the hell happened?" Harry demanded.

"Yukari was freaking out about being around humans." Moka explained fretfully. "She ran off. I couldn't leave Keiko and Yui unprotected!"

"Damn that big baby!" Kurumu hissed angrily. "I'll go and get her."

"No." Harry laid a hand on her arm. "We'll stick to the plan. You get Keiko and Yui out. I'll find Yukari whilst Moka holds the shack."

He walked up to the vampire. "Moka, I really hate to do this, but we need your other self."

Moka just nodded and thrust her chest out. Harry quickly pulled the rosary off.

Then he remembered the devastation that the vampire's transformation could cause and dragged Keiko down next to Yui and cast a shield.

And just like that… Moka had white hair and the shack was gone.

"Crap! Kurumu, quick, get Yui out of here." Harry ordered as he hefted the unconscious woman in his arms.

"Got it!" Kurumu said, taking the burden. She suddenly paused. "Where?"


"Go that way, our car is there. Metal might be safer than wood." Keiko pointed down the path. She fished her keys out and slipped them into Kurumu's bra.

The succubus flapped her wings and slowly took off into the darkening evening sky.

"Go find the witch, Harry." The newly arrived Outer Moka ordered. "I will protect the girl until Kurumu returns."

Harry was a little worried at the bloodthirsty expression she wore. Combined with the various humanoid plant-like creatures crawling out of the fields… he was a bit worried that Moka wouldn't remember she had someone to protect.

"Why can't we stick to a single bloody plan?" Harry grumbled. "Keiko, jump on the back." Harry said as he mounted his broom. "Moka, just follow us from the ground to the car. Once we have secured it and the girls, Kurumu and I will search for Yukari."

"Hmmph. I can run and fight I suppose." She grumbled.

Harry made it to the car seconds after Kurumu. Keiko quickly retrieved the keys from Kurumu's bra and opened the rear door so Yui could be laid down.

By that point Moka had arrived.

And so had the twenty or so monsters chasing her.

But these were pitiful excuses for monsters. Moka had simply been kiting them behind her and as she reached a point around ten feet from the car, she stopped and faced the mini-hoard.

As they came upon her she spun in a circle and delivered a roundhouse kick that caught three of them and sent them barrelling into the rest… they landed as a mess of tangled limbs.

"Moka, go with Keiko and Yui. Get them clear. Kurumu and I will catch up when we've found Yukari."

Moka could only glare as the wizard and succubus took to the skies.

Kurumu and Harry soared into the air. The night had arrived making it harder to see the monsters.

An invisible Hedwig soon landed on his shoulder.

"Can you see Yukari?" Harry asked his avian friend.



"Yeah, yeah. Just go and find Moka. Help her keep watch over the humans." Harry glared at his smartass friend. "And make sure she doesn't eat them!" He called after the retreating owl.

Kurumu and Harry landed around a hundred meters away from the devastation that the explosion had caused. Their suspicions that Yukari was the source were confirmed when the saw dead monsters sliced to ribbons by tarot cards.

At the centre was an unconscious witch.

"Damn that girl." Kurumu hissed as Harry hefted the girl in his arms. "It's bad enough that she ran out into middle of these monsters… but she abandoned Moka too."

"Not her most stellar moment." Harry agreed as he began the short walk back to the car. "But she is only eleven."

"Then she should have listened to Moka, as her elder. She could have gotten us all killed." Kurumu was unmoved by the argument as she retrieved the witch's pointed hat from the ground as they passed. "Did you know she bought copies of the 'Harry Potter Adventure' books? They are only available in English. When you're not around she sits there with a translation dictionary and tries to copy them into Japanese."

"I've never read them. I wish they never existed… of course, I wish Voldemort never existed either." Harry sighed. "Let's get to Moka. We can send Hedwig to Nekonome-sensei and get her to take Yukari home."

"I can't believe they just abandoned us here." Kurumu grumbled.

"I intend to express my displeasure." Harry said darkly.

Harry was pleased to see that Keiko and Yui were fine. Yui was awake and relieved to be alive.

Harry was also pleased to see that Moka hadn't eaten them. He gave her the rosary, but she pocketed it instead.

Keiko and Yui offered to drive them into the city where they could get a room at a hotel.

Harry made sure the two human girls knew that they couldn't talk about what happened. He stressed it could get their memories wiped… or worse; killed.

"Are you sure you will be okay here?" Keiko asked with concern as they pulled up outside a modest hotel.

"I've sent word to our teacher. I have plenty of money to keep us fed and sheltered." Harry promised.

Yui was just as concerned as her friend. "Here. That's my number. Call me when your teacher gets here. If she doesn't turn up by the morning we're coming back."

Harry smiled gratefully at them both and bowed. "Thank you very much."

The Academy students were soon left on the pavement outside the hotel.

"They're gone. Now stop pretending to sleep and stand on your own feet." Moka growled as she dropped the witch she had been holding.

"Ow! Moka! That hurt."

"Consider yourself lucky, child." The vampire snarled. "You could have gotten us all killed with your foolish and childish acts.

"If you can't behave like an adult then maybe you need to go back to elementary school."


"Moka. Enough. It has been a long and trying day and I just want to get a room and some sleep." Harry said firmly. "I'd appreciate it if you would put your rosary back on as it will make it slightly harder to pass you off as human."

"Outer Moka has pink hair." Inner said dryly.

"Yes, but her eyes aren't red and her fangs don't show as much." Harry said with a bit of amusement.

Moka returned the slight smirk. "Will you let me drink your blood? It will make Outer Moka more capable of handling the change."

Harry was exhausted, but he knew Moka was right. He just nodded.

This was only the second time Inner Moka had drank from him. This time he could recognise the behaviour of the girl: Lust.

She breathed in his scent deeply, moulded her body against his. She nuzzled the crook of his neck deeply and… he was sure she kissed him before her sharp fangs bit.

If Harry's blood hadn't been flowing steadily out of his neck, he might have blushed at the moans coming from the


Harry began to feel light-headed so he tapped Moka on the shoulder.

Then he tapped harder.

Moka squeaked suddenly and looked at Harry furiously. She was definitely blushing.

"It wasn't him."

Moka turned at Kurumu and glared.

"Don't look at me like that. You were draining him dry and ignoring him. Next time I might do more than pinch your butt.

"I'm a Succubus, I know what you were doing."

Harry just sidled around the red faced vampire. "You don't need to be a succubus to figure that out." He muttered as he headed into the lobby.

He couldn't help but once again wonder if the blood colouring her cheeks was his. Maybe he'd ask Outer Moka sometime.

Harry managed to get them a room with two bedrooms. He had to lie to the desk clerk that Yukari was his little half-sister and Moka and Kurumu were friends from University. It simply wouldn't have worked if they admitted to being three fifteen-year-olds and an eleven-year-old.

Harry paid upfront and in cash. He added a request that if someone called Nekonome turned up, they show her to their room.

The first thing Harry did when they got to the room was open the window for Hedwig before giving her a note for their teacher.

Then the older three turned to deal with the eleven-year-old.

"You do realise how much trouble you nearly caused?" Harry asked sternly. "Forget Keiko and Yui, you nearly got Moka killed. If those monsters had swarmed the shack, Moka wouldn't have been able to handle all of them. Not without me to remove her rosary."

"I'm sorry! I was scared." Yukari cried in shame and frustration.

"Scared? So scared of a couple of humans that you abandoned your best friends to run into the jaws of monsters that wanted to kill you?" Harry scoffed.

"Humans hate us! You told us how your family treated you."

"I also told you how wizards treated me. Moka and I both told you we lived amongst humans for years. Yet here we are, still alive and well."

"You're English, you don't know how it is for witches and wizards in Japan."

"Yes. I do. I asked for that information. I know for a fact that the wizards in Asia are so insular that they bind the magic of babies born to non-magical parents.

"There could be millions of potential witches and wizards in Japan alone.

"However, in the past two hundred years, the humans haven't even heard about magic and monsters."

"But you have."

The four-some turned in surprise at the new voice. Standing in the open window was a girl, about their age. She had long black hair with two braids at her temples as the rest fell straight down her back. She wore a skin tight, sleeveless top, she had a layered skirt which appeared to be made of rags. There was a long slit that showed her legs, covered in ripped stockings.

She had a short staff and a sunflower in her right hand.

"Can we help you?" Harry asked tightly. That sunflower indicated she was at the disaster area… possibly responsible.

"A human?" She scoffed. "Disgusting creature. I am here for Yukari." She looked at the young witch. "I have come to rescue you from these humans."

Harry groaned. "Fuck me! Screw this." He swore before his hand flicked out and a stunner hit the girl. A second spell caught her and levitated her to a nearby chair before she could fall to her death. He quickly had her bound to the chair.

"Harry! Why did you do that?" Yukari demanded. She couldn't understand why he would attack a fellow magical.

"Because she was about to attack us and kidnap you." Harry grumbled.

Yukari was beginning to get fed up at being ganged up on. Especially when she didn't think she had done anything wrong. "What if I want to go with her? What if she understands?" She demanded.

"So… you hate your parents that much?"

Yukari was taken aback. "What?"

"She broke into our room, probably had something to do with the monsters that tried to kill us all. Do you really think she would let you go home to your parents?"

"Harry, that's enough." Moka said with a rare firmness. "Sit down and try to relax."

To be honest, Harry was glad one of them was finally going to say something. He plopped down in the armchair and was about to close his eyes and relax, but then he remembered the witch.

He sighed and cast a few quick spells that moved her chair to face him and put up a privacy spell. Then he revived her.

As soon as she realized where she was and what had happened she sneered and spat at Harry. "Human dog! How dare you touch me! I will end your worth-"

Harry stared at her as she continued to silently mouth at him… until she realised she couldn't hear her own voice. First she appeared confused. Then astounded. Then sheepish.

Harry waved his hand and waited with an expectant look.

"You are a wizard."

Harry continued to stare.

"I apologise." She made an attempt to bow from her confined position. "I thought you were a human. I thought you had kidnapped the young witch. I thought they were humans too, I did not realise they were also witches." She nodded to where Moka and Yukari were still lecturing Yukari.

"They aren't witches." Harry stated simply.

The witch's expression froze.

"Does that make a difference?" Harry asked curiously.

Anger and disgust began to ruin the otherwise beautiful face. "Humans are a plague on the Earth! They should be destroyed so we can finally live free and not hide."

"Why would they need to be destroyed for that to happen?" Harry asked curiously.

She couldn't believe he would question such a fact. "They are evil! Look what they were doing to the sunflower fields!"

"And did you have them legally registered in the human world? Of course not." Harry answered for her. "Why should you, they probably belonged to you and your family for centuries, right?"

"Exactly." She was relieved that Harry understood.

"So why didn't you hide them? Why not protect them with aversion wards?"

The witch became indignant. "Why should we hide? We have as much right to walk the world."

Harry looked at her carefully. He then waved his hand and the ropes vanished. "You're right. There's the door. Feel free to walk around. The city is quite beautiful."

She looked at him suspiciously. "I don't understand?"

"As long as you don't try to hurt anyone, I don't see why you shouldn't be free to leave. I recommend you ward the sunflower fields so the humans can't get to them. And don't use magic on the humans themselves. They won't appreciate it."

"I- I don't understand."

Harry yawned. "I'm dead tired. Why don't you stay the night? You can take that bedroom whilst the girls take the other. I'll sleep out here.

"Tomorrow we can get to know each other and you can join us when we explore the city."

Harry stood and offered his hand to help her up, which she cautiously took. "I'm Harry, by the way. Potter Harry. The little one is Sendo Yukari. The pink haired one is Akashiya Moka. The blue haired one is Kuruno Kurumu."

"Ruby… Tōjō Ruby." She responded.

"Nice to meet you. Hopefully?" He added with a shrug. He turned to the girls and dropped the privacy wards. "Girls, it's late, I want to sleep. Ruby is staying the night and taking my room. You take the other and I'll conjure a bedroll for the night out here."

It was gone midnight by the time the females had closed their doors and Harry had enough privacy to close his eyes. Kurumu had clearly enjoyed swirling through the common area in her lacy negligee before kissing Harry on the cheek and flouncing off… assets bouncing.

Ruby had been a little concerned about what she could wear to bed. Harry had simply asked why she carried a wand. The witch blushed and retreated to her room.

Poor Harry. An hour later there was a knock on the door and he grumpily opened it to find his teacher there.

"Get in." He snapped. "Where's the driver?"

"He- He's in his bus. He sleeps there." She answered, she wasn't quite sure where the hostility was coming from. "Why are you angry?"

"Why? WHY? You left us alone in the middle of nowhere. You knew there was an issue in the area and we almost died because of it!

"Moka, Kurumu and I are only fifteen. Yukari doesn't see us as authority figures and she panicked and ran off."

"But you were only supposed to look around. Ask questions." She was completely confused.

"Ask who? The area was deserted apart from two human tourists and a bloody pack of carnivorous plant monsters!"

"Harry-kun, I swear I didn't know!"

"Yeah, but you did still abandon us with no way home."

Nekonome blushed. "The driver and I went to the market. I got carried away at the fish stalls."

Harry was clearly not impressed. But there was distinctly less animosity aimed at his teacher.

"Fine. The girls are in that room. There is a witch we met today in that one. We will be showing her the city tomo- today.

"I was sleeping out here. You can take that bedroll and I'll make another."

As he turned to make a new bedroll he felt her hand on his arm.

"I truly am sorry, Harry-kun. I honestly had no idea."

"Deal with it in the morning." He nodded. "I need to sleep."