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Pregnant From One Night With My Ex

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Chapter 1

Bernie stands at the door in albies watching Serena who is crying in the corner as Bernie is crying as well she walks out and bumps in to Ric and says"look after Serena for me and make sure she doesn't get hurt by anyone and please don't let her be with anyone because I will be back in 6 months for good and I'm going go come back for her because I love her and only her and I do not believe the crap she has just said to me in there and I don't believe she believes it either".

Ric says"trust me I will do what ever it takes because I and everyone knows that you two belongs together and your made for each other,she is only ending it between you two because she thinks that if you choose her you will eventually hate and resent her for making you give up your dream and adventure which is just totally stupid". Bernie says"oh I know it is because she is my dream and adventure she always has been and always will be I'm going to show her that everyday for the rest of our lives together".

Ric says"I promise I will look after her for you until you come back to her". Bernie thanks him then she hugs him and then leaves as Ric goes in to Albies. He walks to the bar gets 2 bottles and 2 glasses goes over to Serena in the corner,she looks up when he sits down grabs the one bottle with the glass and downs one glass of wine in one go then another then another. Ric watches her knowing she is angry,sad and really really upset for what she had done.

Serena is too drunk to drive home so she goes outside and is about to call a taxi when Robbie comes up to her grabs her and kisses her,she drags him behind the pub and starts undoing his trousers as she does she says"fuck me now this is your one and only time this is ever going to happen fuck me and be really rough". He rips open her blouse and yanksher trousers and knickers down then pushes himself in to her really hard and painful,he tries to kiss her but she is having none of it so he grabs her wrists forces them above her head and holds them there as he fucks her hard and rough just like she asked.

He comes and comes inside her but she has but she pretends she has then fixes herself and says"well thanks bye". Robbie saysSerena you will never see me again I'm moving". Serena says"yeah and I don't ever want to see you hear you or look at you again,don't contact me or ring me or turn up at my house or the hospital stay away".Serena walks off too get a taxi wondering what she has just done with him and thinking she has made the biggest utter mistake ever letting the love of her life go.

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Chapter 2

Serena comes in to work the morning after Bernie left looking really tired,sad and upset she walks in her office where Ric is waiting for her. He says"you look like hell Serena". Serena says"yeah well I feel like it I did the most stupidly thing ever last night I slept with Robbie well we didn't sleep he just fucked me up against the wall at the side of the pub.

Ric looks at Serena and says"why did you do that you love Bernie and I know you want her back and you regret finishing with her so why let him fuck you". Serena flops down in to her chair and says"because I just wanted to make the pain go away and forget my heartache at what I just did but that is all it was a fuck nothing more and it will never ever be happening again I told him that and that I never want to see or hear or speak to him ever ever again and any way he has left his moved to Australia today for good".

Serena sits with her head in her hands thinking what have I done with Robbie and with Bernie why did I end it with her I love her I'm in love with her I want her and no one else,I wonder if it is to late now". Serena looks up and sees Ric watching her and says"I've messed up I want Bernie is it too late". Ric says"no it is not she made me promise something last night and told me something as well".

Serena listens as Ric" tells her that Bernie is coming back in 6 months for good and she is going to do what ever it takes to get you back because she loves you and you love her and we all including you know this she also made me promise to look after you and not let you get with anyone else and to make sure no one hurts you while she is not here to protect you herself".

Serena sits there shocked at what Ric has just told her,she does not know what to say to that. After a few seconds she has tears in her eyes and says"she will not want to be with me now when she finds out I let Robbie fuck me up against the pub wall". Ric says"she will if you don't tell her she doesn't have to know".

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Chapter 3

Serena is working a late shift on Friday night when Robbie walks in with a bunch of flowers with a smug look on his face he walks up to Serena and says"hey do you want a repeat performance of what happened 4 night's ago up against the pub wall". Serena says"are you off your head that was the biggest and stupidest mistake i have ever made and trust me it will never be happening ever again I'm in love with the most amazing and utterly woman there is she is my everything and when she comes home from her secondment we will be together forever when I marry her and have children with her you are nothing to me when you touched and fucked me I imagined it was her that was doing it all to me your nothing to me you never have been and never will be now do one leave go away to Australia like you said you were and never come here or my house ever again and in no way will you contact me in any way ever ever again do one". She walks away without so much as a word or a glance to him.

She slams the door to the office closes the blinds one by one then slumps down in her chair puts her head in her hands and cries wishing Bernie was here and wishing that she and Bernie were still together because then she wouldn't have done what she did with Robbie. Serena picks up her phone goes in to her emails and writes one to Bernie,she reads it over and over but she doesn't send it and leaves her email open then puts her phone down composes herself and goes back on the ward.

Ric walks up to her desk when he sees her leave picks up her phone and sees what she has wrote in the email to Bernie but he types more telling her what has happened to Serena about her having sex with Robbie against the pub wall the night she left and how much Serena seriously regrets it and how much she so wants her back with her for good,he then adds on that she needs to come to Serena now and be with her because their mad about each other and he knows neither can live without the other. He sends the email places Serena's phone back on her desk the walks out smiling to himself.

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Chapter 4

10 weeks later and Serena has been sick every morning for the last few weeks she thought it was just a cold or the flu but now she knows what the symptoms are so as she was on her way to work she went to a pharmacy and got 6 pregnancy tests she has already done 4 of them the last 3 hours now she is doing a fifth one.

She is crying in the ladies because she's pregnant and she knows 1 the father is Robbie and 2 she knows that once Bernie finds out she will hate her and not want to get back together with her.

Serena cleans herself up fixes herself leaves the ladies looking,walks to the staff room makes a hot drinking then sits and calls her friend who is a OBGYN at St James. When he answers she tells him that she has done 5 tests that all say she's pregnant so she needs to book an appointment with him". He books her in for 3pm that day with himself where he will do bloods and other tests.

She takes her coffee with her goes on to AAU and tells them "that unless it is a dire emergency she's not to be disturbed and that she has an appointment at 3pm so she will be leaving at 2pm. Once in her office she gets her email up and types a message to Bernie saying"I'm so sorry I'm so so sorry I love you so much I wish I never split up with you your my whole world but once you find out what I did and because of what I did the night you left you won't want to be with me and I know you won't stay so forget all about me forget you ever met and fell in love with me I wish you were here but as I just said you won't ever forgive me once you know the truth goodbye me darling I love love you so so much".

To Be Continued

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Chapter 5

Serena clocks off leaves and drives to St James hospital to see her friend the OBGYN doctor because she knows she's aleast 6 to 8 weeks pregnant.

She walks in to his office when he calls for her to come in her says"first thing is first Serena do you want to keep the baby". Serena says"yes I do because it's mine but then no i don't because of who the father is and because I want Bernie back and here with me". He nods then says"right I will draw some blood from you then get you to go and give me a wee sample then if it is okay with yourself I want to do a ultrasound today".

So he draws 2 vils of blood from her arm after he gives her the cup so she can use the ladies to do the wee sample while he waits he gets out the ultrasound sound machine as well as a red baby book so he can put in all the information like the baby's weight and height. When Serena comes back he gets her to lie on the bed pull up her top and squeezes the gel on to her stomach,she sits there waiting while he finds the baby and the heartbeat as soon as Serena hears her baby's heartbeat for the first time she cries looking at the screen "my baby".The doctor tells her that she is 8 weeks pregnant then books her for her 12 week scan.

Serena I'm keeping him or her their my son or daughter and I'm not losing them no matter what happens between me and Bernie". She leaves his office and the hospital and heads home for the rest of her day.

She's sitting on the sofa with a hot tea and her laptop she types "Bernie I love you and I want you back but there is something I need to tell you so here it goes the night we ended our relationship which I totally totally regret I had sex with Robbie up against the wall outside Albies it was a big big mistake and because of that night I'm 8 weeks pregnant I understand if you can't come back to me and help raise this baby as yours with me and I understand if you can't or won't forgive me I love you so so much I'm sorry so sorry". She sends the email and just sits in the dark with her tea and the TV on low just thinking about her the baby and Bernie.

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Chapter 6

8 weeks later when Serena is getting ready to go for her 4 month scan to see her baby she opens her front door when she does she stands their with her mouth open and tears in her eyes running down her face because she's shocked and happy because standing there in front of her is the love of her life Bernie who is holding her arms open for Serena.

Serena rushes forward and falls in to her arms sobbing in to Bernie as they both fall to the floor in Serena's hallway after Bernie kicked the door shut behind her. Serena continues to sob in to Bernie who just holds her and repeats over and over shhh shhh shhh I'm here now I'm never leaving you again we will get through this together you and me I promise I love you". Serena sobs"I love you I always have I'm so so sorry please don't hate me".

She lifts Serena's chin looks in to her eyes kisses her then whispers against her lips"I could never hate you I want to be with you always that is why I came backalong with bring here for you and the baby which I really want to be his or her momma if you want me to be".

Serena crushes her lips against Bernie's and repeats"yes yes yes I love you so so much I'm sorry I fuckrd Robbie against the pub wall the night we split up I was stupid on both accounts and heartbroken over me ending it with you but I do want to raise my baby with you as our own". She then says"I have my 4 month scan now how about we go and see our baby then come home curl up together on the sofa or in bed and talk openly and properly about everything". Bernie nods agreeing so she helps Serena up grabs a set of keys and leave for St James hospital to see their baby.

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Chapter 7

Bernie drives them to St James and while she does she says"Serena why are we going to St James for our scan why aren't we staying at Holby and doing it there. Serena looks over at her and says"because no one knows that I'm pregnant apart from Ric and I didn't want them to talk about me and the baby but I'm going to have to tell them that I'm pregnant and how I got pregnant even though I don't want them to know how I got pregnant.

Bernie doesn't say anything at first but then she says"well why don't you say that we talked about us having a baby together and that we are going to be parents". Serena says"you would do that for me even after everything I have put you through". Bernie says"Serena we were separated when you fucked Robbie but no one needs to know any of that I love you and I want to be a mom with you to this baby". Serena takes Bernie's left hand and says"I love you to so much"

There at St James with Serena lying on the table as her doctor is finding the heartbeat and trying to get a picture of the baby after a while they both crying when the doctor shows them the screen and they hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time. Once everything is checked and they have run other tests Serena and Bernie walk out hand in hand holding the scan picture with big smiles on their faces.

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Chapter 8

2 days later after Bernie has called both Charlotte and Cam and asked them to come round they are all sitting on the living room together with hot drinks ready to tell them about their baby brother or sister. Bernie is nervous and so is Serena as their sitting waiting for them to arrive.

Cam and Lottie arrive and follow Serena through they take a seat each after hugging their mom then Cam says " so mom what is it you both wanted to tell us then". Bernie says " the news we want to tell you is that in 5 months you both are going to have a baby brother or sister because Serena is pregnant with our baby". Cam says " mom why do you want another baby for you were never there for us when we were younger you were off doing god knows whatever with whoever and you would rather go and fuck Alex than be with you 2 kids so what is so different now then". "It is different because I will be doing it with the love of my life and because I am home all the time now I won't be leaving again but do you know what if your not happy and excited about this then you know where the door is you can leave and not come back I know I've made mistakes but I have made up for them and I'm still making up for them but as I said you don't want to know and you don't care well then leave and go back to your precious father who in your eyes can do no wrong".

Cam looks at his mom then Serena before he gets up walks to the door then turns to Lottie and says"come. E on we don't belong here leave these 2 here come now!". Lottie says " no Cam she's my mom and I'm not leaving she is not the only one to blame Dad is to blame as well and you may want nothing to do with mom and Serena or our new baby brother or sister but I'm telling you I want nothing to do with Dad he is nothing to me so no I'm staying here with my mom and stepmom and the baby which I really hope is a girl so just go I want miss you". Cam walks out huffing and slams the door as he goes leaving all 3 of them in the kitchen.

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Chapter 9

3 days later as they go in to work after leaving Lottie at home when they walk on to AAU they stop when they see Edward at the nurses station talking to one of the nurses and when Edward looks up he sees Serena and smiles until he sees Bernie is with her he walks up to them saying " well Serena I'm back here for the next 3 days happy to see me are you shall you and me go out tonight for a drink just you and me". Serena stands there looking at him before she bursts out laughing and says " your seriously off your head if you think I will ever go out with you again I've been there and done that no thanks we are divorced and have been for 6 years you are married to your child bride I'm taken thanks by the best person I have ever been with and fucked just go away and leave me the hell alone why are you even back here in this hospital and mine and Bernie's ward".

Before he can say anything Hansen and Ric walk up to them and says"well I see you have seen our locum for the next 3 days just to let you know we didn't know about this until today and you know we would of told you both". Serena says" can us 4 go in to our office there is something me and Bernie need to tell you even though Ric already knows but he still needs to hear what else I have to say". So Serena, Bernie, Ric and Hansen walk away from Edward and go in to the office with Bernie closing the door behind her. Serena says"well me and Bernie have been trying for a baby and we'll I'm pregnant 4 months so that means I can't or won't be doing a lot now because I will not risk anything happening to me or our baby so we need Ric on AAU helping with things I can't or won't do as well as helping Bernie with the trauma unit which I will not help with while I'm pregnant". After they have discussed it all properly Hansen gives them the next 3 days off so Serena doesn't have to see or deal with Edward and he tells them both to come back on Monday and he also asks Bernie if her daughter is looking for a job because if she is Ric is more than willing to be her mentor if she wants to work in the medical profession because I know she is doing something like that at uni here or she was when you come in Monday bring her in with you and i will have a talk with her". Bernie thanks him then Serena and her leave their office hand in hand and walk straight past Edward completely ignoring his attempts to speak to Serena alone.

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Quick update from next week and ever week after, I will be doing all 6 of my Berena stories plus 4 new ones. I know I haven't been updating lately but I have been busy with College and family.

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Chapter 11


3 days later and Bernie,Serena are at home and Edward has not stopped texting or ringing Serena she has completely ignored him but she is now annoyed because he won't stop. So Bernie takes Serena's phone and texts Edward saying" if you carry on ringing me or texting me I will call the police and have you arrested now leave me the hell alone I mean it go away and stay out of my life forever we have nothing to talk about and we have nothing in common anymore stay away I won't tell you again".


Serena watches as she sends the message happy with Bernie has just said to Edward she then takes her phone back puts it on silent before putting it down on the coffee table out of the way then she curls up in to Bernie's side. They stay like that for a while with Bernie stroking Serena's baby bump as she says" Serena I need to ask you are you going to tell Robbie about the baby and if you do or if he finds out on his own will you let him be apart of his or her life"



To Be Continued

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Chapter 12


Serena says" I don't know if I want to tell him because if I do I don't want him in our lives or in our child's life and to be fair I'm not sure he would care anyway". Bernie says" I don't want him in our lives either but we should tell him together and sort it out with him once and for all how about you text him now and tell him that we both want to see and speak to him here at our house".


So Serena picks her phone up and texts Robbie who is still in the UK even though he was meant to be moving to Australia. Once she has texted him he reply that he will be there in an hour or so at their house".


An hour later Robbie is sat in front of Bernie and Serena wondering why they both asked him to could to their house and wondering why they wanted to speak to him. He watches them as their holding hands waiting for one or both of them to say something.


To Be Continued

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Chapter 13

Serena? What do you want to tell me then?"

"I need to talk to you," she said simply.

"Now? Why now I was busy it was not a good time," he said, already making his excuses.

"Robbie, please."


"I'm pregnant." He stared at her in astonishment.

"Look, do you want money or something?" he said, not believing her. "You don't have to lie."

"I'm not a whore!" she said, hating him in that moment more than she thought possible. "Never mind. I knew this was a mistake." She got up and went to walk out the room to show him out but he grabbed her arm and made her face him.

"You're really… pregnant?"


"You're going to get rid of it right?" he said. Even angry as she was she could sense the desperation in him.

"What?" she said sharply. He at least had the grace to look ashamed.

"You have to get rid of it," he said urgently. "I can't have a baby! You have to have an abortion!"

"I don't have to do anything I don't want to do," Serena countered, more furious than she'd expected to be as she wrenched her arm away from his grip. "Forget it. It was a mistake talking to you. Just forget it. I don't expect anything, you're off the hook."

"My wife can't find out," he said desperately.

"What wife, how long have you been married were you married when we were together for all that time and we're you married when we fucked against the pub wall that one night." She watched as Robbie said" yes I am married I have been for 15 years and yes I am still married to her and was when we fucked that night against the wall". "Forget it. You will never have to see me again or this child it is mine and Bernie's child I am so glad we are no longer together what was I thinking that night well I wasn't I was drunk and thinking about Bernie the love of my life thinking I'd lost her forever but I didn't I haven't she is here and willing to raise this baby with me as our baby." She walked out the room with him and Bernie following she opened the door and watched him walk away not caring at all and not giving a damn much to her relief.

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Chapter 14

Don't say a word."

Serena's reply died on her lips as she threw her arms around her neck. Bernie's lips met hers, claiming them for her own as she lifted her to the edge of the desk. Her chest pressed flush against her's, her fingers clawing at her starched shirt. Her arm swept wide, clearing the surface before she leaned her back.

Hot breath gasped for relief as Bernie's mouth found her neck and she cupped her head. She moaned as Bernie's tongue dipped into the hollow of her throat.

Bernie gently began unbuttoning her blouse.

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Chapter 15

Serena and Bernie were at home after Robbie left Serena grinned, seeing Bernie looking her body over. "See something you like Ms Wolfe?" she asked, moving closer to her, looking into her eyes.

Bernie rested a hand on her hip. "You sure about this?" She asked gently.

Serena smirked. "Bernie, if only you knew what has gone through my mind since Iast night, you wouldn't have to ask that." She ran her hands over her chest, leaning in and kissing her neck, gently biting on the skin.

Bernie groaned and let her hands slide to her ass, squeezing, pulling her closer.

She squealed and giggled. She moved her lips to her ear. "You like that?" she whispered.

Bernie moved her lips to Serena's ear. "I want you," her voice was low and husky.

"Bernie," she whispered. She pulled her closer by her shirt, their lips close and she buried her face in her neck, kissing, biting and sucking, and she followed suit, her hands roaming her back and her ass. She gasped and whispered in her ear. "Fuck me."

She pushed her up against the wall and kissed her neck and chest, her hands roaming her body, squeezing her breasts. She moaned and arched her back into her hands. "You're so sexy especiallywhen pregnant," she whispered. Her hands slipped under her blouse and whipped it over her head.

Serena pulled Bernie closer, her hands clawing at her shirt, pulling it off over her head. "Tell me what you want, baby," she whispered, her chest heaving, her breath heavy.

"I want you against the wall, your legs over my shoulders, my head between your thighs. I want you screaming."

She growled and gripped her hair. "Make me come," she said on a breath, her eyes looking into her.

Bernie reached behind her and unhooked her bra, tossing it to the side, taking her left nipple into her mouth, sucking, gently rolling it between her teeth. Her hands moved down to her waist and unbuttoned her jeans. She kissed down her torso to the top of her trousers and pulled them down, taking her shoes off pulling her trousers off.

"You're torturing me," she whispered, her fingers running through her hair.

Bernie grinned up at her, running her finger under the waistband of her panties. "You're getting wetter, aren't you?" She asked moving to kiss her lace covered mound and she gasped. "You're intoxicating."

Serena whimpered. "Please. God I need it," she whispered.

She pulled her panties down and kissed her inner thighs, gently biting on the skin. "You ready, baby?"

Serena arched her back. "Fuck!"

Bernie chuckled, her breath hitting her core, causing her to moan. She got on the floor, throwing her legs over her shoulders as she licked up her slit, groaning as she tasted her. "Fuck you taste so good." She spread her lips with her fingers and took her clit in her mouth, sucking, her tongue making laps around it. Bernie felt her tugging at her hair and she grinned. Bernie pushed two fingers inside her and let go of her clit. "So wet," she whispered, rubbing her clit as she pushed her tongue inside her.

Serena screamed out. "Fuck me, God Bernie, you're gonna make me come."

Bernie looked up her. "That's kinda the point," she winked.

She groaned. "Shut up and suck my fucking clit," she whined, pulling her head back to her core, grinding her hips against her face.

Bernie pushed her fingers inside her and started moving them hard and fast. She felt her legs start to tremble, her inner walls pulsing around her fingers and she grinned, moving her lips, rubbing her clit with her free hand as her fingers continued to piston in and out of her. "That's it, come on, come for me."

Serena's mouth fell open and her eyes screwed shut, her back arching, her head thudding against the wall behind her. "Oh, God! Oh Bernie!" she screamed. "Yeah baby, please!" As she hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her she squealed and fell over the edge and let out undecipherable sounds of pleasure as she rode her orgasm out. When she finished her body fell against the wall as she panted, pulling her hand away from her and smiling down at Bernie. "Wow," she whispered, moving her legs from her shoulders and falling to her knees in from of her.


To Be Continued

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Chapter 16

Stay still," she said.

"Fine," Serena agreed with an exaggerated sigh.

"Good." Bernie wrapped the scarf around her eyes and tied it tightly behind her head. "Can you see?"

"No," she said. Bernie wasn't convinced, so she took her shirt off. If she could see, there would be no way she wouldn't react to that. "I can hear rustling," she said, moving forward on the kitchen chair a touch. "What are you doing?"

"Never mind," she said. Bernie opened the fridge, looking at all the food she'd got ready while Serena had been at the hospital late, yelling at another useless nurse. That always put her in a good mood. She licked a strawberry and then dipped it in sugar before turning back to Serena. "Open," she said quietly. She did and she popped the strawberry in her mouth, her fingers hovering for a moment.

"Mm," she murmured, licking her lips. "So what do I get for correctly guessing strawberry?" Her face broke out into a smile.

"Tell you what, I'll remove an item of clothing for every one that you get right. Sound fair?"

She swallowed and she watched her throat muscles work, feeling a tightness in the pit of her stomach. She loved her mouth, sensual, full, expressive. It was most definitely one of her favourite parts of her. The things she could do with that mouth…"So what are you taking off now?"

"Oh my shirt's already gone," she said simply. "So that one doesn't count."

"Oh, that's cruel," she said, strain clear in her voice. "I want to see you."

"In time," she said. Looking at the tray of food she debated what to give her next. With twitching lips she cut a lime wedge and then put the fruit flooded her mouth. She laughed, watching her face. He took out the lime quickly and spluttered.

"That was nasty," she said hoarsely.

"Here," she replied, putting a glass of water to her lips. Serena drank it greedily then gasped.


"No," she said with a grin. "Lime I'm afraid."

"Can I have something nicer this time?"

"I'll see what I can do," Bernie said contemplating the variety of food in front of her. She opened a jar of honey and dipped her index finger into it. She carelessly smeared it over her bottom lip. She grabbed her wrist, keeping her still as she licked the honey off of her finger. Her tongue slipped across her flesh and she felt her breath catch as she efficiently licked her.


"Mm," she agreed. She leaned close to her and kissed her, getting rid of the remnants of the stickiness, her tongue going across her bottom lip. She straightened up and dropped one of her shoes off with a loud thump on to the kitchen floor. Next she got a mango slice and fed it to her, the sweet juices running over her chin. She could feel desire bubbling inside her. Clearly so could she, because her hands went around her body, pulling her close.

"Shall we forget this and go to the bedroom?" She said in a tiny growl.

"Oh no," she said, straddling her for a moment but being carefully of Serena's baby bump her hands drifted down to her bum and squeezed hard. "Because when we're finished I have a wonderful image of you making love to me on the kitchen table. The hard wood grain under my naked back as you suck my breasts, your teeth gently…" She put her hand over her mouth to quiet her and she laughed.

"That was mango," she said. Her other shoe dropped to the floor before she removed herself from her lap reluctantly. But she wanted to make this last. She took a moment before deciding what to do next. She put a square of chocolate in her own mouth and then kissed her, pressing the treat into her mouth. Serena on the other hand seemed more interested in kissing her than eating. She giggled as the chocolate started to melt between them but she didn't pull away. She bit her lip gently before swallowing. "Chocolate. So that's your skirt then."

"You're eager."

"Mm," she agreed. Her hand slipped to her waist, trying to find the zip before she pulled away. Serena heard the rustle of fabric as her skirt was removed and it took all of her self control not to remove the blindfold to look at her. She loved her legs, very much. Maybe it came from years of her hiding them under long skirts, but she adored them. Long, shapely, kissable and perfect. "Let me see you," she said, her hands going to the blindfold before she even thought about it.

"No," she said. "Play fair." Then with an evil grin on her face she put a small amount of clotted cream on her neck and straddled her again. Her hands went to her thighs almost automatically. "Lick." She did, tentatively after the lime and found her warm skin.

"Oh," she murmured, tongue flicking over her neck. She pulled her close, loving her touch. The cream vanished quickly but she stayed there, lips and tongue assaulting her skin in the most wonderful way. "Cream. And a delicate taste of femininity." Serena's hands went to her shoulders, sliding the bra straps down. "Which means this needs to go."

Bernie smiled and unfastened it, draping her bra over her shoulder.

"I have one more for you," she said, biting her lip. She went to the table and reached for a glass of tomato juice which she'd poured earlier so Serena wouldn't see the bottle opening. Dipping her fingers into it, she let a few drops fall onto her breasts. Then a few more. The droplets slid down her skin slowly, leaving small tracks of tomato juice on her flesh. She took her knickers off and then sat on her lap again.
"I can smell it," she said, hands sliding to her naked hips. "And you are not wearing anything."

"No I'm not," she agreed. She tilted his head downwards and she licked gently against her.

"Oh Bernie," she moaned as the tomato juice coated her tongue. "God you taste incredible. And the juice isn't bad either.

She kept licking her and she gasped as she sucked her right nipple, just grazing her teeth along it. She shivered, head thrown back as her eyes fluttered closed. Before she knew it Serena had her hands fastening the blindfold over her own eyes. "Your turn," she growled. She didn't argue, but even blindfolded she could sense her eyes wandering over her naked body. She felt the weight of her gaze on her breasts particularly, before she leaned in, licking a stray drop of tomato juice off of her skin. Her hands slid down her shirt slowly, to the buttons on her trousers. She managed to undo them without pulling the blindfold off, pull the zip of her trousers down and slip her hand inside her knickers. Her fingers went up and down her clit slowly, teasingly.

"You want me," she said unnecessarily.

"I always do," she whispered.

To Be Continued