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Pregnant From One Night With My Ex

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Chapter 16

Stay still," she said.

"Fine," Serena agreed with an exaggerated sigh.

"Good." Bernie wrapped the scarf around her eyes and tied it tightly behind her head. "Can you see?"

"No," she said. Bernie wasn't convinced, so she took her shirt off. If she could see, there would be no way she wouldn't react to that. "I can hear rustling," she said, moving forward on the kitchen chair a touch. "What are you doing?"

"Never mind," she said. Bernie opened the fridge, looking at all the food she'd got ready while Serena had been at the hospital late, yelling at another useless nurse. That always put her in a good mood. She licked a strawberry and then dipped it in sugar before turning back to Serena. "Open," she said quietly. She did and she popped the strawberry in her mouth, her fingers hovering for a moment.

"Mm," she murmured, licking her lips. "So what do I get for correctly guessing strawberry?" Her face broke out into a smile.

"Tell you what, I'll remove an item of clothing for every one that you get right. Sound fair?"

She swallowed and she watched her throat muscles work, feeling a tightness in the pit of her stomach. She loved her mouth, sensual, full, expressive. It was most definitely one of her favourite parts of her. The things she could do with that mouth…"So what are you taking off now?"

"Oh my shirt's already gone," she said simply. "So that one doesn't count."

"Oh, that's cruel," she said, strain clear in her voice. "I want to see you."

"In time," she said. Looking at the tray of food she debated what to give her next. With twitching lips she cut a lime wedge and then put the fruit flooded her mouth. She laughed, watching her face. He took out the lime quickly and spluttered.

"That was nasty," she said hoarsely.

"Here," she replied, putting a glass of water to her lips. Serena drank it greedily then gasped.


"No," she said with a grin. "Lime I'm afraid."

"Can I have something nicer this time?"

"I'll see what I can do," Bernie said contemplating the variety of food in front of her. She opened a jar of honey and dipped her index finger into it. She carelessly smeared it over her bottom lip. She grabbed her wrist, keeping her still as she licked the honey off of her finger. Her tongue slipped across her flesh and she felt her breath catch as she efficiently licked her.


"Mm," she agreed. She leaned close to her and kissed her, getting rid of the remnants of the stickiness, her tongue going across her bottom lip. She straightened up and dropped one of her shoes off with a loud thump on to the kitchen floor. Next she got a mango slice and fed it to her, the sweet juices running over her chin. She could feel desire bubbling inside her. Clearly so could she, because her hands went around her body, pulling her close.

"Shall we forget this and go to the bedroom?" She said in a tiny growl.

"Oh no," she said, straddling her for a moment but being carefully of Serena's baby bump her hands drifted down to her bum and squeezed hard. "Because when we're finished I have a wonderful image of you making love to me on the kitchen table. The hard wood grain under my naked back as you suck my breasts, your teeth gently…" She put her hand over her mouth to quiet her and she laughed.

"That was mango," she said. Her other shoe dropped to the floor before she removed herself from her lap reluctantly. But she wanted to make this last. She took a moment before deciding what to do next. She put a square of chocolate in her own mouth and then kissed her, pressing the treat into her mouth. Serena on the other hand seemed more interested in kissing her than eating. She giggled as the chocolate started to melt between them but she didn't pull away. She bit her lip gently before swallowing. "Chocolate. So that's your skirt then."

"You're eager."

"Mm," she agreed. Her hand slipped to her waist, trying to find the zip before she pulled away. Serena heard the rustle of fabric as her skirt was removed and it took all of her self control not to remove the blindfold to look at her. She loved her legs, very much. Maybe it came from years of her hiding them under long skirts, but she adored them. Long, shapely, kissable and perfect. "Let me see you," she said, her hands going to the blindfold before she even thought about it.

"No," she said. "Play fair." Then with an evil grin on her face she put a small amount of clotted cream on her neck and straddled her again. Her hands went to her thighs almost automatically. "Lick." She did, tentatively after the lime and found her warm skin.

"Oh," she murmured, tongue flicking over her neck. She pulled her close, loving her touch. The cream vanished quickly but she stayed there, lips and tongue assaulting her skin in the most wonderful way. "Cream. And a delicate taste of femininity." Serena's hands went to her shoulders, sliding the bra straps down. "Which means this needs to go."

Bernie smiled and unfastened it, draping her bra over her shoulder.

"I have one more for you," she said, biting her lip. She went to the table and reached for a glass of tomato juice which she'd poured earlier so Serena wouldn't see the bottle opening. Dipping her fingers into it, she let a few drops fall onto her breasts. Then a few more. The droplets slid down her skin slowly, leaving small tracks of tomato juice on her flesh. She took her knickers off and then sat on her lap again.
"I can smell it," she said, hands sliding to her naked hips. "And you are not wearing anything."

"No I'm not," she agreed. She tilted his head downwards and she licked gently against her.

"Oh Bernie," she moaned as the tomato juice coated her tongue. "God you taste incredible. And the juice isn't bad either.

She kept licking her and she gasped as she sucked her right nipple, just grazing her teeth along it. She shivered, head thrown back as her eyes fluttered closed. Before she knew it Serena had her hands fastening the blindfold over her own eyes. "Your turn," she growled. She didn't argue, but even blindfolded she could sense her eyes wandering over her naked body. She felt the weight of her gaze on her breasts particularly, before she leaned in, licking a stray drop of tomato juice off of her skin. Her hands slid down her shirt slowly, to the buttons on her trousers. She managed to undo them without pulling the blindfold off, pull the zip of her trousers down and slip her hand inside her knickers. Her fingers went up and down her clit slowly, teasingly.

"You want me," she said unnecessarily.

"I always do," she whispered.

To Be Continued