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Pregnant From One Night With My Ex

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Chapter 1

Bernie stands at the door in albies watching Serena who is crying in the corner as Bernie is crying as well she walks out and bumps in to Ric and says"look after Serena for me and make sure she doesn't get hurt by anyone and please don't let her be with anyone because I will be back in 6 months for good and I'm going go come back for her because I love her and only her and I do not believe the crap she has just said to me in there and I don't believe she believes it either".

Ric says"trust me I will do what ever it takes because I and everyone knows that you two belongs together and your made for each other,she is only ending it between you two because she thinks that if you choose her you will eventually hate and resent her for making you give up your dream and adventure which is just totally stupid". Bernie says"oh I know it is because she is my dream and adventure she always has been and always will be I'm going to show her that everyday for the rest of our lives together".

Ric says"I promise I will look after her for you until you come back to her". Bernie thanks him then she hugs him and then leaves as Ric goes in to Albies. He walks to the bar gets 2 bottles and 2 glasses goes over to Serena in the corner,she looks up when he sits down grabs the one bottle with the glass and downs one glass of wine in one go then another then another. Ric watches her knowing she is angry,sad and really really upset for what she had done.

Serena is too drunk to drive home so she goes outside and is about to call a taxi when Robbie comes up to her grabs her and kisses her,she drags him behind the pub and starts undoing his trousers as she does she says"fuck me now this is your one and only time this is ever going to happen fuck me and be really rough". He rips open her blouse and yanksher trousers and knickers down then pushes himself in to her really hard and painful,he tries to kiss her but she is having none of it so he grabs her wrists forces them above her head and holds them there as he fucks her hard and rough just like she asked.

He comes and comes inside her but she has but she pretends she has then fixes herself and says"well thanks bye". Robbie saysSerena you will never see me again I'm moving". Serena says"yeah and I don't ever want to see you hear you or look at you again,don't contact me or ring me or turn up at my house or the hospital stay away".Serena walks off too get a taxi wondering what she has just done with him and thinking she has made the biggest utter mistake ever letting the love of her life go.