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The Key To Lena's Heart.

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Kara Danvers was supposed to interview Lena Luthor. She didn't usually do television interviews, more of a writer of the truth, but Kara's boss managed to get the CEO of L-Corp to agree to an interview on CatCo Television. And to Kara's lack of luck, Morgan Edge's building had to be evacuated and saved by Supergirl after a bomb attack, thirty minutes before the interview. Kara couldn't make it. She had called James, asking him of he could question Lena Luthor instead of her. Kara was supposed to to the interview. And if she had done it, she's knows the question wouldn't have been asked.

After stabilising the building, saving hundreds of people, putting out fires and flying two ambulances directly to the hospital, Kara switches her cape for a white shirt and jeans. She's adjusting her glasses on her nose when she arrives in the room of the interview at CatCo. Without disturbing James or the CEO, Kara quickly walks over where Nia is standing, looking at their friend asking questions. Nia gives Kara a quick smile and goes back to watching in silent, taking some notes from time to time. Kara focuses on the interview as well, hoping that her presence here will apease her boss over the fact that she dropped it on James at the last minute.

''Miss Luthor,'' James asks to the CEO in front of him, ''You are, undeniably, one of the most powerful and beautiful women in National City.''

The CEO only raise a perfectly shapped eyebrow at that, and even if Kara can only agree with James' statement, she frowns as to where this conversation is going.

''So,'' James continue without loosing his smile, ''I have to ask. Are you single ?''

Kara flinches and can see Nia doing the same next to her. But Lena Luthor only smirks and raises her second eyebrow.

''I'm not really relashionship material, Mister Olsen.''

James doesn't seem to take the hint and presses on the matter.

''More than one wants to know,'' James ask again, ''What does a gentleman need to do to get your affection ?''

Nia shifts uncomfortably next to Kara. ''That's pretty sexist of him,'' she whispers to her mentor, ''He would've never ask that to her brother''

Kara doesn't reply. She would defend her friend, but Nia isn't wrong. So Kara focuses again on the interview. Lena Luthor is still smirking, not seeming affected in the slightest.

''Someone would just need to open my front door.''

Kara frowns and sees everyone doing the same. She was expecting a snarky remark maybe, a comment to change the subject, certainly not that.

''What do you mean ?'' James is frowning as well, but his professional smile is still on.

''My cat,'' Lena Luthor shrugs, ''she has a key attached to her collar. It opens my front door. I will marry whom ever can managed to take that key off of her and open my door.''

The room is silent for a few seconds before James clears his throat.

''You would marry the first man who can grab that key ?''

''Or woman.'' Lena Luthor looks behind the cameras, in Kara's direction, and Kara has to pretend she just got an important text to hide her blushing face.

''Isn't it a bit risky,'' James continue, catching Lena's attention again, ''to make that kind of promise on nationnal television ?''

The CEO only shrugs. ''I said what I said, and I'm a woman of my word.'' Once again, Lena's eyes fall in Kara's general direction, and Nia stares at her mentor this time, curiosity in her brown eyes.

And after that, everything went crazy. And a week after the interview got broadcasted on TV, Lena Luthor has to publically announce that she wouldn't hold her promise if her cat is harmed in any way, due to the third man arrested for firing a gun in the street after seeing a cat. And another week after that, Kara finishes her fifth article on Lena Luthor's pretendants. Because, to Kara's surprise, men can do really stupid things for a pretty girl's attention. And now, Kara needs a break.

During her lunch break, Kara flies herself to that little park she likes, the one with the pound and ducks and the little stone bridge. Kara collapses on a bench under a big tree and opens her takeout bag, emptying its content next to her. She eats in peace for a few minutes and decides to go for a digestive walk once finished.

The park is quiet, especially at this time of day. Children are in school and Kara only sees a few mothers with their babies and old people feeding the ducks some cabbage. Which is why Kara almost changes into her supersuit when she hears shouting. She looks around, trying to find the source of the noise, when a black cat jumps from behind a bush. A black cat with green eyes and a silver key tied to its collar. Lena Luthor's cat.

The feline stops in front of Kara and looks at her for a second. But soon after, Kara hears footseps coming closer, and by pure reflex, Kara drops her handbag in front of the cat, hiding it from view. A few seconds later, a man in an expensive looking suit turn the corner, running. He stops when he sees Kara and look around.

''You haven't seen a cat ?'' The man gets a bit closer and Kara takes a step to the side to stand in front of her handbag.

''A cat ?''

''Yes, a cat. It's... Mine. She ran away.''

Kara almost laugh at how bad this man is at lying. It would be a first, a business man who can't lie.

''Haven't seen any cat here.'' Kara replies with a shrug. ''Only ducks and squirrels.''

The man looks around one more time before countinuing his way, slower than before. Once he's out of view, Kara release a breath she didn't know she was holding and moves her handbag. The black cat is still behind it, sitting, and looking at Kara with what looks like amusement in its eyes. Kara sighs and sits down on a nearby bench. The cat still looks at her. Kara starightens her posture and looks into the cat's eyes as well, the two of them now looking like in the middle of a staring contest.

''Tell your owner she's mean.'' Kara almost jumps as the words leave her mouth, not quite sure why she's talking aloud, to a cat.

''Tell her that making that promise was stupid and because of it, she's putting your life in danger, and that's mean.''

The cat tilt its head.

''Tell her that it's not because she's hot and rich that she can do that to a poor animal who can't defend itself. I had to write articles about men who tried to shoot you ! Others tried to poison you and one of them left twenty five dead fishes in front of his house to lure you in. He caught a lot of cats, but none of them had a key around its neck.''

The cat doesn't move and Kara feels more and more stupid by the minute.

''Also, tell Lena Luthor that because of her, my work is so much harder and she should buy me some donuts to appologies !''

Kara jumps to her feet, her handbag in hand. She looks at the black cat who is still looking back.

''Good luck.''

The cat doesn't react and Kara walks away. When she comes back to CatCo, Kara finds a box of fancy donuts on her office, with a note consisting of only two letters in neat writing. L.L.


The next time Kara sees Lena Luthor's cat, she's in her Supergirl suit. A fire started in a small bakery, and Kara quickly puts it out after making sure everyone is safe and away from the black smoke. She's about to get out and make sure everyone is unharmed when her ears pick on a small heartbeat. And there, from under a pile of burnt chairs, is the black cat with the silver key.

''What are you doing here ?''

The cat barely moves, its breathing sounding dry and its heartbeat fast. Kara hesitates to touch the cat, having interviewed people after they lost an eye trying to get that key off. But behind her, Kara hears footsteps. Firemen are coming in, and no matter how much Kara likes them, she doesn't trust them to leave the cat alone with its key around its neck. And the idea of anyone profiting of the situation and taking the key off the poor, half dying cat for their own benefit makes Kara angry.

Without anymore thinking avout being cautious, Kara drapes the feline in her cape and pick it up.

''Everything's good, Supergirl ?''

Kara smiles at the firemen, the cat hidden from view in her cape.

''All good. Gotta fly off, now.''

Not giving the chance to reply, Kara flies off the open door and up to the sky, leaving the confused firemen behind. The cat plants its claws in Kara's arm, but the superhero barely notices, too busy trying to fly straight. Kara almost crashes into a building, her steering not at its best with her cape in her arms. And she almost fall on her face when she lands inside the DEO. But Kara quickly gets back up and looks around the surprised faces of the agents in the hall.

''Alex !'' Kara calls for her sister. ''Where's Director Danvers ?''

From Kara's left, Alex comes in running, Brainy behind her.

''Supergirl ! What's the emergency ?''

Kara runs to her sister and discreetly open her cape to reveal the panting cat.

''Can you save her ?''

Alex looks at Kara like she's about to put on some Kryptonite gloves to punch her in the face.

''A cat, Kara ?'' Alex rolls her eyes but still leads Kara and Brainy to an empty examination room. ''You come here yelling like the whole town is under attack, for a cat ? You couldn't just take it to the vet ?''

Kara gently takes the claws off her arm and places the black cat on the table, the key of its collar making a cling noise when it comes into contact with the metalic surface. And Alex seems to understand the situation.

''It's the Luthor cat.'' Kara states what is now pretty obvious. ''I don't trust people not to take the key off while the poor thing is barely alive.''

Alex moves around the cat and Kara who is still by its side, stroking its black fur. After a few minutes of examination, Alex places a bowl of water in front of the pet who escape from Kara's hand to drink loudly.

''Just needed water, after the smoke and fire, I guess.'' Alex looks between her sister and the cat, her brows furrowed. ''Kara, are you sure you don't want to-''

''No.'' Kara cuts her sister off. ''No one is taking that key today.''

''I'm just saying,'' Alex raises both of her hands in a soothing gesture, ''You could. You saved the cat's life, it's not like you were really profiting. Also, if my memory is good, and it is, I remember you saying a few times how much you want to date Lena Luthor. Always talking about how amazing she is, trying to cure cancer and all that shit. And how beautiful and-''

''But there's a difference,'' Kara shakes her head and looks at the cat who stopped drining to stare at her, ''between saying I would marry her because she's hot and smart and good, and actually doing it. I still think Miss Luthor is careless for making such a stupid promise, putting her cat in danger. So much for being a genius...''

At this, the cat meows loudly at Kara, making Alex laughs.

''You offended her cat.''

Kara pets the black creature behind her ear, sighing.

''I won't take that key. I don't want to marry Lena Luthor.''

Alex throws an amused look in Brainy's direction, but Kara ignores it. She will not take that key and that entire thing is stupid. You shouldn't marry someone simply because they managed to outsmart your cat, no matter how smart it might be. Once the cat looks more alive, Kara drops it off behind the now burnt bakery. Once again, she has to takes the claws out of her arm before she can drop the cat.

''You really don't like flying, do you ?''

The cat shakes its entire body and sits in front of Kara.

''Sorry, I don't know where your owner lives. Which is quite stupid if you think aout it. All of these people trying to grab a key to open a door without knowing where that door is. But the whole thing is stupid anyway. You can tell Miss Luthor I said that.''

Kara is about to fly away but hesitates a second. She looks back at the cat and bends down to pat its head.

''I guess I should thank you for the donuts. They were quite lovely. Even if I don't know how on Earth your owner found out.''

With that, Kara flies off. When she walks into CatCo later that day, she lets out a surprise sound when she opens her office's door. Flowers, everywhere. Her office is drowning in flowers and the sent of it almost makes her dizzy. A simple note is on her laptop, in the same neat handwriting on a fancy paper. ''Thank you. L.L.''


It was another attack on L-Corp. Actually, it was another attack on Lena Luthor's life. Apparently, the young CEO couldn't work in peace without a bunch of armed men knocking her assistant inconsious and coming into her office to kidnap her. At least, that's what Kara thought as she touched down on Lena Luthor's balcony. The men shot at her and one tried to get away with an kicking Lena. But the Luthor can defend herself and by the time Supergirl stopped the three armed men trying to shoot her, the CEO managed to knock out her oponant and even put some handcuffs on him. Where does she got the handcuffs from, Kara doesn't know. But in a few minutes, the police and L-Corp security takes the four men away, leaving Kara and Lena alone. Well, Supergirl and Lena.

''Thank you, Supergirl.''

The CEO tries to tidy her desk, glancing at Kara from time to time.

''I'm pretty sure you had the situation under control, Miss Luthor.''

Kara has to focus really hard to keep her posture straight and not reach for her glasses she knows aren't there. Not that being in Lena Luthor's office makes her nervous, it's more that Lena Luthor makes her nervous. Because she is really impressive. And Kara knows that if she were here as Kara Danvers, she'd be stuttering right now. Not that she has a crush on Lena Luthor or anything, it's just that Kara is mature enough to admit that the young CEO is really attractive and watching her knock an armed man out is pretty badass.

''But your help is really appreciated.'' Lena Luthor smiles and stops messing with her broken stuff to stare at Kara. ''How can I thank you ?''

''Well, you've already-'' Kara stops. She almost mentionned the flower. The flowers that she send to Kara Danvers, not Supergirl. ''Just, take care of your cat.''

Kara cringes as she flies off the window. She can ear Lena's soft laugh behind her but she doesn't turn back. On her lunch break that same day, Kara decides to go to the park where she first seen the black cat. She drops on the same bench she sat on to talk to the pet and pulls her lunch out. She is finished and ready to go when the black cat jumps on the bench next to her.

''Hi, you !'' Kara can't hide her excitment, realising she kind of like the cat. ''I thought I might see you around again.''

The cat sits, facing her. Its green eyes locked with Kara's blue eyes. Quite unusual for a cat to do, but it's probably what makes Kara like this cat so much.

''So, hm... I met your owner today.''

The cat doesn't move and if Kara feels silly for talking to a cat, she keeps going neverless.

''Well, I mean, Supergirl met her. She's... Impressive. She almost got kidnapped or whatever and she just took down an armed, grown, muscular man with her bare hands and then went back to her paper work like nothing happend !''

Kara is talking with wide gestures and the cat still doesn't move.

''Don't tell her I said that, but that was... Well, that was really hot.''

The cat starts purring and lay down, its eyes still on Kara.

''And I was so nervous ! I've never met her before ! Well, I've seen her once or twice, and I was there when she told the whole city to catch you, but I've never talked to her before. I asked her to take care of you. It's the last thing I told her, actually. Like an idiot, I told her to take care of her cat and literally flew out the window ! Who does that ?''

Kara drops her head in her hands from embarrassement and only lift it back up when she feels something on her knee. She looks up to see the cat, looking at her with its green eyes, a paw on her leg.

''Well, she better looks after you, little cat. After all, she put you in danger with her stupid promise. Now you have all of these men running after you without even asking what your name is !''

Kara laughs at herself before looking down at the cat who still has a paw on her leg.

''What's your name, by the way ?''

Kara reaches for the collar, looking for a tag or something. There is a plaque on the collar that Kara can't read with the stupid key in the way. She takes the key off and looks at the plaque.

''Lena Luthor. That's all it says. I don't think that's your name and I already know who your owner is, so nothing new.''

Kara goes to put the key back on when she realises. She has the key. In her hand. Off the cat's collar. She has the key to open Lena Luthor's front door. And Lena promised she would marry who ever can do it.

The cat is looking at her, with what looks like expectant eyes. Kara looks at the key, then the cat, and the key again. She could keep the key, open Lena Luthor's front door and claim her price. Or, she could just put the key back on the cat and pretend none of this happend. The cat is still looking at her and Kara still holds the key. She looks into the cat's eyes and put the key in her pocket. And Kara swears the cat smiles at her.

''I will not marry Lena Luthor.''

The cat seems to frown slightly and Kara starts to wonder what kind of cat exactly this is.

''You're better off without this. And I know this is not my decision to make, but Lena Luthor will have her key on her desk by tomorrow. She's free to do whatever she wants from there, even if I have to save you from stupid men for the rest of your life.''

Now the cat is smilling again and Kara is a bit angry. Because she doesn't believe her own words either. Why take the key if it's to give it back without taking the price ? But Kara gets up, looks at the cat one more time and leaves.


The next day, there is no key on Lena Luthor's office. Nor the day after. Nor the week after, for that matter. Kara doesn't need to report on any kind of crazy story anymore, people seem to have realised the key was gone. And Kara still has it. She doesn't tell anyone, not even Alex. She just keep the key with her at all times, thinking about giving it back, thinking about using it to open Lena's door.

Kara finds herself in the park again, without any lunch this time, only the key with her. She finds the black cat sitting on the bench. Its ears perks up when Kara approaches and its green eyes meet Kara's.

''I still have the key.'' Kara collapses on the bench, her hand around the key inside her pocket. ''I don't know why, but I still have the key. I don't plan on using it. And it's not like I knew where Lena Luthor lives anyway !''

With that, the cat jumps off the bench and meows loudly at Kara.

'What ? Did i offend you ? Do you want the key back ?''

The cat only meows louder and takes a few steps down the path before looking back at Kara.

''You want me to follow you ?''

The cat meows one more time and walks away. Kara thinks about it for a few seconds but finally gets up and follow the cat. She follows it through the park and down the street. She follows the cat to a nice and quiet street, with expensive looking houses. She follows it until it stops in front of a house and Kara read the name on the mailbox. Luthor. It's Lena Luthor's house.

Kara grabs the key. She hesitates a few minutes, the cat left through an open window a while ago and Kara is standing on her own in front of a stranger's house. After taking a deep breath, Kara steps on the path to the front door. She is just going to open the door and give Lena her key back. Nothing more, no claiming stupid prices. Kara convices herself and put the key in the lock, turning it slowly and openning the door.

Inside, Kara is welcomed by a large open space, with white furniture and clean surfaces everywhere.

''I was waiting for you, Kara.''

Kara jumps and stares at the house owner who just appeared on the other side of the gigantic room. Lena was waiting for Kara. She knew Kara had the key all along.

''You- you knew ?''

Lena Luthor laughs and take two glasses out of a cupboard.

''Of course I knew. Not gonna lie, I actually thought you would end up mailing me the key back, for a moment.''

''T'was my plan.'' Kara mumbles but the Luthor hears her and smiles.

Lena takes the two glasses, now full of water, and walks to Kara to give her one.

''But here you are.''

''Here I am.''

Kara takes the glass but doesn't pull her eyes off Lena. And Lena stares back. Kara reaches for her glasses, adjusting them on her face.

''So, hm... Where's your cat ?''

Lena laughs at that, walking to the sofa and sitting down, gesturing for Kara to do the same.

''I'm surprised you still haven't figure it out.'' Lena crosses her legs, smirking at Kara. ''So much for being a genius.''

Kara frowns, her eyes drowning in Lena's eyes, so green and weirdly familiar. ''So much for being a genius.'' Where did Kara hear that before ? And suddenly, everything makes sense. Lena trusting her cat to never get caught, the donuts, the flowers, the cat's attitude. Everything adds up to form a perfect picture.

''You're the cat !'' Kara almost shout at Lena who only smirks smugly.

''And you're Supergirl.''

Kara's eyes are still wide open, blown by the revelation.

''But, how ?''

''I was born with it.'' Lena shrugs. ''The ability to turn into a cat at will. Probably from my mother, who knows.''

''So, from the beggining, you've been the cat ?''

''I would've never made such a stupid promise and put an innocent life in danger. I am hot and rich but would not do that to a poor animal who can't defend itself.''

Kara groans and almost spills her water trying to bury her blushing face in her hands.

''I can't believe I said all of this things in front of you !''

Lena laughs at her before putting a comforting hand on Kara's knee.

''It's okay, Kara. I appreciate you calling me hot on every occasion.''

If possible, Kara blushes harder. Lena takes her hand away from Kara's knee and take a sip of her water.

''So, Kara. I remember promising a certain price to the person who brings me that key back.'' Lena smirks as Kara's eyes go wide again. ''And I'm a woman of my word.''