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One Step Forward Then Jump

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One lazy Saturday evening, a man with raven-colored hair, clad in a black hoodie despite the humid weather, was settled on a couch in a small farmhouse and was busy typing on his laptop. He hadn't gotten the time to work this morning since he had promised his wife to feed the animals and help water the crops because she was feeling tired recently.


Sebastian had barely started making sense of the lines of numbers and letters on the screen when his beloved farmer plopped down on the spot next to him. She pecked his cheek with a kiss and nestled against his side. He let out a silent chuckle, her display of affection filled him with gentle fondness. Yobba knew how much he loved her and somehow made her understand too.


"Can I lie on your lap?" Emilia asked. Sebastian resisted the urge to raise an eyebrow and gave her a short nod as he laid his laptop on the low table placed in front of the couch. He leaned back while Emilia made herself comfortable on his lap.


"You haven't worked too hard today, right?" Sebastian worried.


"Of course not. Your lap just makes a good pillow."


"Ah." Sometimes Emilia had these moods in which she was very affectionate (in her own way) and would cling to him, surprising him at random times. And sometimes Emilia had moods in which she just jabbered utter nonsense.


"Sebby?" Sebastian’s right eye twitched slightly.




"I still think you're hot."


"Hot?" She nodded. He checked his forehead. He didn't have any fever.


"Yes, hot. Like, hot-hot." Hot barely made sense, let alone hot-hot. Even cold made more sense right now.


"Usually I am told to be quite the opposite." A light feeling of victory rose to his head as he watched her purse her lips, caught in deep thought.


"I mean the other kind of hot."


"That still doesn't make any sense," Sebastian responded. Abruptly, the collar of his hoodie was grabbed by her small hands as he was pulled in for a rough kiss. Soon he was kissing back in the same manner. After several minutes, when the grip on his collar was released, he pulled away. Face flushed red and slightly out of breath, he looked down at the woman lying on his lap, who was also trying to catch her breath, a satisfied grin plastered on her face.


"I meant to say you're sexy," she panted. Ah, sexy. That, he understood. He grinned back.


He picked her up suddenly, bridal-style, and swayed her around. He beamed while his wife let out cries of laughter, as she threw her arms around his neck.


"Put me down! I'm getting dizzy!" she laughed.


"What did you say?" he grinned, getting slightly dizzy himself as well.


"Mommy's getting dizzy!" Sebastian stopped dead on his tracks.


"Wait – what?" His eyes slowly grew comically wide, while the farmer couldn't stop giggling.


"I'm pregnant, silly!"


Sebastian remembered the mood in which Emilia would eat lots of chocolate and be grumpy all day. And remembered that she had missed that time of month.


Oh, dear.