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Title Here-Drabbles-Good Omens

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Crowley had known Shadewell since he was a 'pup' as the man would joke, stating how he was 'wet behind the ears' and everything.

Crowely smiled kindly and told him how he wasn't THAT bad back then, how he was just starting back from his low time~

After the success of Shadewells first 'real' Witch finding, the two men sat together in a pub and spoke about nothing but everything they could think of.

Crowley about the different places he'd been and how one day Shadewell should see about other nations ideas of Witches and how he was certain the other would just be tickled pink with all the things he'd find out whilst doing so. Whilst Shadewell spoke about how amazing it was to FINALLY get a Witch, how, FINALLY he was a member of his long ago Witchfinders legacy, how it was all thanks to..Crowley~

The other just waved him off, smiling kindly and told him how he was being daft and how the sauce was already getting to his young head until the youth put his hand upon Crowley's and whispered shyly, quietly for the very first time the two had known each other, "Crow… I mean it… T'wasn't for you I'd be dead most certainly!"

"Just the right place at the right time, ey?" Crowley asked warmly then looked away as he was asked gently, assured with a show of the others hands, "Be honest, mate.. Please.. No harm to'ya I swears it.. But… Are YOU a Witch… Or an Angel?"

"I ask cause'n that fact how you'd found yourself to me that night'o horrors!"

Crowley gave a small sigh and said vaguely, "Let's just put me as a… Complicated?"

"Iy, I hear'ya, no harm'n my knowning, Crow~ I love ya~"

This threw Crowley off a second but gained himself as Shadewell blushed and sighed, "Sorry… I speak to openly.. Maybe why I was out there that night.."

He moved his hand as he spoke, "Speak'n big game and have'n not'tin ta show for it-" But stopped as Crowley's hand held his back and looked, seeing Crowley's eyes behind those ever worn sunglasses of his.

"Can I gently let you down on the 'love' mention… I'm honored, but I have a feeling it will be someone else you fall for in future to come~"

Shadewell smiled shyly and nodded but then felt a kiss to the top of his hand, "This person will be so happy to have you when the time comes, trust me~"

The smile spreading upon the youths face made Crowley feel light and said kindly, voice low, "I feel I love you too, but in another way, care to still be friends, Shadewell?"

"More than happy'ta, Mr. Crow~" Shadewell spoke happily and grinned like a loon, "We're still friends then, after what I just blurted?" And Crowley laughed warmly, with full heart and assured, Shadewell beaming brighter if that was possible, "I'd be more than honored to still be friends with you, Sergeant Shadewell, Sir!"

And since then, every month, the two met up in one pub or another and chatted like the best of friends, laughing and going on about this and that-

No one knew of the small kiss Shadewell graced Crowley with that night, until his passing but by then, all was good and fine amongst all. They watched in the memory now as Crowley happily gracing the young Sergeant with a kiss of his own, the youths eyes burning as such till brighter when he met Madam Tracy many years later~

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The buzzing of a fly was all anyone in the room heard as papers were being read and signed and filed.

The Archangel Gabriel seemed to not mind it, his face lost into the words he needed to read, the report about something going on on Earth.

Ahead of him at the same table, Lord Beelzebub sat with the same concentration upon their face, going over new guidelines for Demons to send the damned down in a kind of order, Bribes, Sex, ect. It was nice to know what damned you were dealing with.

Out of nowhere, the silence was broken by someone zipping upon a hoverboard and screaming, "GABRIEL IS SHIT!!!"

The two powers of Heaven and Hell stopped fast and looked up at one another then back towards where the voice had zipped from and watched now two new bodies tugging along upon the board, sliding along on their bellies after him as they held onto the machine he rode, his voice calling as he zipped past again the opposite way, "KNOW HOW I KNOW?"

"Crowley, right?" Gabriel asked as the clump of bodies zipped out. Beelzebub opened their mouth to tell him he was correct when Crowley came back now with two more bodies attached to him and his board as he zipped past screaming, "CAUSE FLIES ARE ATTRACTED TO SHIIIIT!!!"

The bodies, slowing down the hoverboard happened to be, Hastur and Ligur tugging the machine along their bellies, Dagon holding him along the waist and, screeching at him in demonic tongues, lastly, Aziraphale held tightly to Crowley's head as his partner slower now, zipped back out of the room the two powers sat inside once in silence.

"May I?" Gabriel asked and Beelzebud smirked before snapping their fingers and heard the machine Crowley was zipping on die with a pop.

Out ran Hastur, Ligur, and Dagon, the sound of flies buzzing from the other room told Gabriel how the machine was killed and chuckled as next, bridal style, Crowley pranced back through the room the two had been working in together.

"Know what ELSE flies are attracted to, Crowley?" Beelzebud asked softly, bending some, icy blue eyes bright, "Dead things!"

"But...zeeer… Is it, Zir…" Aziraphale spoke softly, Beelzebud blinking, smile never faulting from their lips. "Crowley… Isn't technically de..ead.. Demons aren't reanimated corpses… Your.. Lordship!"

The sound of cracking knuckles spoke volumes behind Beelzebubs words as Gabriel stood behind them, grinning darkly, "Oooh I didn't say he was dead juuust yet, soft Angel~"

To Aziraphale's credit he TRIED to carry Crowley off quickly, not used to another's weight, he balanced wrong and yelped as Holy Lightning flashed above his head, Crowley screeching and now tangled together, the two ran out as best they could, flies and lightning following the two off.

Once the commotion died downstairs, Beelzebud looked to Gabriel and smirked, eyebrows cocked, "Wish to watch me soil my God given vassal, you Holy Piece of Shit?"

Gabriel snorted and wrapped an arm around their shoulder replying with, "I'd be delighted, My Gross Maggot Prince~"

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Dagon was known for being the Master of Torments, comedically also, 'Lord of the Files' since they worked close to their Lord Beelzebub, also known as Lord of the Flies amongst being called the Prince of Hell!

The two worked grand together for both loved order, files put into order was one of the best things to both Demons~

Both had the sharp temper of anger when things went wrong and shit hit the fan but also the calm silence when being spoken to directly, nothing changed behind their eyes, no twitch of the lip, no out of place shift, just perfect complexions of Files and Order!

Whispered were comments about how Duke Dagon wished to be just as powerful as their Lord, others, how Dagon was an ass kisser and tried being their Lord's favorite in doing anything and everything the Lord Beelzebub wanted. No questions asked!

However, deep down, not all their words whispered were false, but also not all true either.

No, Dagon revered Lord Beelzebub with the highest honor! THEY had seen through HER lies and fought with Satan in the Glorious Revolution, Falling for their ideals, Dagon fought and Fell beside their Lord with pride! No, Dagon admired their Lord, wished to serve them loyally, maybe even loved them deep down, who knows?

Only Duke Dagon knew and if you dare ask them that question in person, their true title of 'Master of Torment' wasn't given to them for nothing!

No, no one asked, no one stepped out of line, just as Duke Dagon and Lord Beelzebub liked it, Files and Order~

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Snow wasn't the best thing to Lurk in, it was crunchy for one thing and with the dead silence winter brang along with it, it echoed every step you took.

Because of the cold crunchy snow under their boots, the human they had targeted to Tempt and Lurk had fled, leaving the two Dukes of Hell wondering if they should stick around Above to make their Masters soul quota which equaled to waiting outside still as statues until their human target returned.

The tree they huddled in was just as dead as the cemetery they Lurked in, the man they WANTED to nab was getting close to joining them and Hastur had wanted to watch it happen in its glory, Ligur all too happy to accompany him

But now, now the two sat in cold wet silence wondering what to do, Ligur speaking up first, shaking himself of the snow flurries that had taken up home upon his larger built body, "S'pose we go Home?"

"Oi, and have our asses chewed for not having even a tack on our quota?" Hastur asked, running his hands together and breathed upon them. Hastur figurex Ligur was referring to go back to Hell, but no~

Home was an unkempt graveyard, a broken stone mausoleum, their place of residents away from Hell.

"No ya slimy Toad~" Ligur mused then shook himself fully, gasping out as snow plopped upon his head, chilling him instantly, "Yaaouch!, I meaaan we go Home for the night, get warm, recharge, get our bearings for the target tomorrow night, ey?"

Hastur had to agree, that sounded better then becoming Demonsicles for a man who wasn't going to be stupid enough to come back tonight after he heard he'd been followed.

"I like the sound'a that!" Hastur said and both jumped from the dead tree they had stuck around in whilst contemplating only to screech together as the snow building up upon the already weak branches gave out and dumped over their heads.

It chilled them both quickly, wet cold sinking into their flesh, their respective creatures mentally screaming to be saved from the frosty chill they now endured too.

Quickly, Ligur pulled his icy blue Chameleon from his head and tucked him into the neck of his large jacket, then stared as Hastur handed off his long gross brown yellow colored scarf towards him.

He wrapped it around himself, Hasturs Toad following via hand exchange with neither needing to be told or asked to help keep the creatures warm.

Now with their creatures safe from the cold and their masters minds on where they were headed for the night, the two Demons made their way slowly through the chilly night, the larger built Demon now exceptionally warmer then his skinner partner, Ligur smiled and thought up an idea.

With a start, looking backward, part of his scarf around his neck now, Hastur saw Ligur lift up his arm in welcome and rumbled deeply as his partner tucked into his jacket, the added warmth for the both of them now helped as they trudged through the snow towards Home to recharge and get warm for the Lurking overtime they had in store tomorrow night.

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"It's completely normal to want to show off your mate, Ligur!" Crowley spoke as he and the dark skinned Demon drank at a pub.

The larger built Demon had wanted to go out with Hastur, like Crowley did with Aziraphale and the other all for it but worried that he wasn't worthy had hidden himself away thus Crowley took Ligur out for a pint.

Ligur knew where the lanky white skinned Demon hid, it was why Crowley so easily brought him out and asked, "That Angel of yours… He's all too happy to be seen with you before others… How for someone who..pardon, looks softer than cookie dough able to just hold your hand, kiss, hold in public?"

Crowley laughed, took a drink and confessed, "Its ME who fears being out so freely with my Angel, it's ME who's softer than cookie dough!"

Ligurs eyes turned an electric blue with surprise, "Really?"

The snake eyed Demon nodded, "I dress in anything no problem, make up, the whole package! But being out where people can see us? I could shit bricks!"

"Then, how-" Ligur asked and Crowley answered with a kind smile, "Because, my Angel is worth it for a night out~"


Hastur himself was getting a pep talk from the Angel with soft blue eyes. Said Demon himself looked out from the crack in the door he hid behind and asked slowly, "Your not scared someone will take what's yours, Soft Angel?"

Aziraphale beamed, putting a cookie through the crack of the door and replied, "I do not fear because I know Crowley is true to me~ Just as Ligur is to you I can feel it~"

Hastur munched the cookie slowly, a secret treat he shared with the Soft Angel when he was like this as Ligur drank with Crowley-They weren't fights, but uncertainty and worry!

Being apart, Aziraphale and Crowley found it was easier to get their issues out, tonight, after said Demon and Angel returned from a date to the cinema, both Dukes of Hell had blurted out how they themselves could become so sure of themselves and openly go out on the town without eithers fears rearing their heads.

So, that's how both Demon and Angel got both Demons to find ground and offered a double date, which as explained meant Ligur and Hastur wouldn't have to be alone during their own first date~

However, both pairs changed Demons since Crowley knew how to be more outwardly expressive and Aziraphale more assured that his partner was truthful~


The night came, a simple dinner and walk in the park, the restaurant nothing that fancy either, not wishing to wig out the starting off Demons so, a simple outside place with music in the distance and stars above~

Crowley chose to join in Hasturs dressing, Aziraphale and Ligur sharp in a reverse styled tux. Aziraphale in smoky gray and Ligur in soft white.

Aziraphale was first to see the choice Hastur made and gasped, nearly releasing his wings, hands over his mouth with shocked surprise.

Ligur, looked next, worried what got to Aziraphale and stared with the warmest of pinks not just upon his face but eyes!

Crowley was is a dark ruby red dress, nails and lips the same dark colors, hair tied smartly.

He shifted to give Hastur the floor and beamed as the other looked away, scared, embarrassed, but hopeful.

To make the others pale completion not a center point, the dress he wore was a beautiful cold winter blue, his lips painted a partly noticeable pink, his own hair, fitting nicely now then the straw wig he wore, was brushed neat with brown highlights, like his own wings it seemed~

"Gorgeous!!! Oh Crowley, Hastur~" Aziraphale whispered as Crowley greeted his partner with a warm kiss watching now as Ligur slowly shifted towards Hasturs way and stared, the other still too shy to look up fully.

"Th..e tux suits, Lig~" Hastur whispered.

"You should see yourself, Hast! God and Satan-" He lost words as his partner looked at him front on and felt weak in the legs, Hasturs eyes shining, smile warm, Ligur hoped he wouldn't discorporate right then and there-

He almost did when, mimicking Crowley, the still lanky Demon closed the gap between them and gave him a kiss upon the lips before looking away, blushing brightly, feeling worried and shy again.

"Oh… No, no… Oh dear…" Aziraphale whispered as Ligur happily took Hasturs lips with his and dipped his partner, arms along his others back.

"Hell ya, Hast, get'em!" Crowley cheered then snorted as Aziraphale elbowed him and gave him an amused look of 'don't encourage'.

"Hey'a.. Sorry.. Umm.. Haha…" Ligur rumbled, fixing his tux as Hastur hid his face into his partner's neck, face so red-

"Let's eat shall we?" Aziraphale offered, taking Crowley's arm, Ligur and Hastur mimicking the two ahead and together went inside.


"Such a lovely time out!" Aziraphale spoke as they walked together in the park after their meal and dessert.

Both Dukes were more so glued to one another but agreed with nods of their heads.

"Shall we do this again soon?" The Angel asked with a knowing smile turned towards the once giggling Dukes of Hell only to notice with a blush and chuckle, "Ooh~"

Not very discrete, the two Dukes of Hell started off into the parks inner darkness no lamps shown, not a soul stirred, giggling away like school children, Hastur bridal style in Ligurs arms, Hasturs arms wrapped around his partners neck as they ran off to do what most respected Dukes of Hell did on their night off-

Crowley motioned with an eyebrow to join them and Aziraphale stammered and said in haste, "NO!" Only to tickle the Demons chin and breathe sweetly looking into the others serpentine eyes, "Let's enjoy our night the way WE know how indoors, hmm~"

And so, they did, they enjoyed each other as the Dukes of Hell did with one another, one pair more at home indoors and in bed, the other, more animalistic, enjoyed the quiet darkness of the denser side of the park, bushes and trees, grass and sky theirs as they made love~

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They loved their Lord Beelzebub and would perish for them without a second thought!

So, no matter what their Lord told them how they need not guards, one after another then the last would tell them otherwise, Dagon was always the first, then Hastur, then Ligur-

"You can not trust the opposition, Lord Beelzebub!" Dagon

"Slimy ass Angels, the lot of them, can't trust them!" Hastur

"Ya, they'd break truce of being peaceful and try something we're certain!" Ligur

"So we'll be accompanying you~" Dagon

"Any funny business and we'll be there as we all had in the Glorious Revolution!" Hastur

"See if they can handle US, your hand chosen Dukes when its their Lord their going after!"

Outside, they could show no weakness, no emotion of being touched, no loving smile towards their closest beings of 'friendship' but they COULD show pride and did so fervently-

"As I'm more than honored to have such close allies-" Spoken to each Duke bowed low before their Lord, no one Demon higher than their rather short Lord.

Dagons praise was granted first, foreheads pressed, eyes locked, a proud smile passed from Lord to Duke.

Hasturs praise was about the same with a look to his frog, a smirk as the Duke kept his Toad at bay from eating one of their flies.

Ligur held his Chameleon before his Duke reached him and gained his praise as the other two Dukes happily.

"Heaven may have light and freedom, but Hell has dark hearted evil Dukes to keep their scheming withheld, ensure their world Below is kept safe-"

A break in their proud smile no matter how they tried, a true smile spreading as they praise, "True followers worthy of the best when we win against them soon enough!"

Each Duke bowed lower, hands pointed downwards, wings, or for Ligur his numbs, outstretched, purely submissive, proud to be so before their ever strong Lord, Lord Beelzebub~

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After Armageddon-didn't happen, Warlock and his family relocated and went into hiding, finding themselves in Tadfiled, where none other than Adam and the Them lived.

The group at first watched at a distance, unsure of the boy always on his phone, until, Adam heard Warlocks father speaking to his wife about the strange trip to the Middle East and how he didn't believe this 'Hastur La Vista' was a true Professor.

Crowley had spoken of a Hastur-

The boys heart stopped as is came in loud and clear, THIS was the mixup AntiChrist…

As if he felt it had finally sunk in, Warlock gazed up from his phone, haunting eyes looked deeply into Adams and without another word, the Them following their leader with understanding, Adam approached Warlock and as if meeting himself, the boys at first shook hands only to pull each other into a hug so tight, they hoped what they'd gone through would be squeezed out.

It wasn't, but when they broke apart, Wens, Brain, and Pepper greeted the newcomer to their ranks with hellos, smiles, and hand shakes.

Dog came in late, per the norm, a look of being pleased upon his face, a cat running away terrified in the distance.

"Dog, say hello to our new friend and member~" Adam said and with a wag of his short black and white tail, Warlock met the very dog the man who smelled like poop asked him about.

Dog and the boy Warlock looked eye to eye, abnormal for a true Dog to allow and nodded it seemed, understanding one another before Dog broke out in happy jumps and yaps, tail going like a propeller, Pepper speaking up, "Let's show Warlock the Old Quarry!"

"Hold on, we need snacks!" Wens spoke beaming, Brian picking up Dog and rolled his eyes after the 'prepared' one of their group.

As if he'd been a apart of the Them since forever, Warlock followed Adam without worry, for the first time since meeting Hastur, that strange Demon was lost to his memories and he smiled, Adam beaming as he felt it too, and was pleased his new friend felt so safe already, hand upon his back, Warlocks phone put away for the first time in ages.

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Not known to anyone, even to most Demons, is those with human like bodies CAN and DO get sick!

Its a fault of the human/Demon forms sharing space, one dead and fermenting in hellish hate, the other alivish and filled with blood and organs.

So, when Hastur did not come out of his hole in Hell when a knock on his office door signaled someone was there after his phone was not answered, said knocker found a way in only he knew of and looked around carefully for the skinny Demon in the long trench coat.

He smelt something different, his bewitching eyes turning a dark blue as he frowned and sniffed out the source.

Under the desk lay Hastur, shivering, hiding the hacking coughs that racked his lanky skinny human form.

"Ooh, Haastur~" Ligur whispered and carefully pulled the other out and into the offices space where the smell of sickness punched him in the face.

This body was to sickly now-The maggots that Hastur controlled within needed a new host, Ligur frowned further as Hasturs already weak form shuddered as if freezing and vowed, kissing the cold sweaty head, pulling his large jacket off himself and over his partners, "I'll get you a new one," Then to the thing within Hastur, the fly larvae, hissed, "DON'T you THINK about letting him die while I'm not here!" Then, in a puff of gray smoke, he was Above.

Their bodies, Hasturs and Ligurs, weren't the 'hottest' new things on Earth, no, why bother? They Lurked and Tempted at night! Why worry on their looks?

So, without missing a single beat, scanning those around him and smelling their health where he stood, he pinpointed a body like his partners now but alive and swiftly, in quick graceful sussessions, struck the body and dragged it Below and whisked it towards Hasturs office where to their credit, the maggots that made up Hasturs insides only mildly let him die as he was out, some jumping ship as their masters black as pitch eyes grew slowly foggier, blood trickling from his nose as his body slowly died.

"Guess it will do-" Ligur said and tapped the dying bodies third eye, right between the two main and spoke in a demonic sounding voice, "Bring out the soul holder of Hastur, a body awaits to take over!" And gently laid the still alive body facing Hasturs, nose to nose, eyes open on both and waited.

Maggots began to surge from Hastur, from his ears, nose, mouth, Ligur looked away as soon even his eyes, those eyes he loved to stare into and get lost within, those eyes he'd 'Fallen' for the second they met.

A large maggot, the 'soul' of Hastur himself shifted from between his eyes, the third eye and moved along the sea of smaller insects and burrowed into his new host with ease, the hole it made closing and looked like nothing had happened.

The humans green eyes, stunned before, now grew darker and more demonic as Hastur took over and soon, the waves of maggots ending, heaved in breath and shuddered as he returned to the plane of the living.

He saw Ligur, the first thing he focused on and wheezed, smiling like a drunken man, "I take it I waited to long, ey?"

Ligur shook his head, chameleon upon it shaking its head too, its master musing, "Hast!"

He settled beside the other, jacket still off now dragged over the new Hastur and rumbled, head resting upon the others, "Time to recharge, rest, I'll be here~"

With a low sigh then heavy yawn, the maggots now forming into 'bones and parts' popped and cracked into place as he stretched, Hastur closed his eyes and fell right into dreamless sleep under Ligurs chin, the others scent washing over the death he'd smelt upon himself, a soothing, sulfuric scent, the breath and rumble of his purring all he needed to hear to start this new bodies process of recharging~

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Morning meant coffee, eggs, toast, the sun or rain whatever Mother Earth felt like, quiet, peaceful~

Newt was looking through the paper, amused how everything from the day prior was chalked up as some kind of big joke.

Anathema herself fixed herself another cup of coffee before walking back to the table and instead of what she WAS to do in line with how things had been put before her, SHE chose to break it and kiss Newt upon the head and smile shyly at her own rebellion, Newt beaming, hugging her as she laughed.

A slow and steady step by step process was now paved before them, one Anathema had to choose how to tread, but as she sat down, Newt looking proudly at her, sipping his coffee, she knew she wouldn't have to take every step alone~

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It was quiet below the water.

You were weightless.

You were flying.

To Dagon, as they shot further into the depths of the ocean, clearing their mind in the process, they felt at home~

For a change, they did not worry about files, did not fret about missing something, fear being late~

The water sang to them as they almost flew through the surf, their eyes and skin MADE for this place, no salt burned their eyes, and the currents and crosscurrents did nothing to hinder their swim.

Swiftly, smelling something hurt, blood churning in the cross hairs of the water they swam in, Dagon shot forward, arrow like towards the target.

A sweet lil dolphin~ Caught in a human's net left over from a fishing trip~

How sad~

They sailed faster forward, teeth bared, body hungry.

The mammal knew nothing as Dagon shot through its lower half in a clean cut, its life's blood just gushing, seeping like tea in a pot of water.

Holding that half of their prize, Dagon easily bit through the netting and happily swam back towards shore.

They did not fear the sharks who smelt their prize, no, no, no, sharks feared DAGON!! Kept their weak bodied distance from the swift killer.

No one saw how they swam but Dagon themselves, they knew how they jet through the waves, cut into sharks, dolphins, the once in a blue moon surfers board.

Their legs weren't a mermaids tail, Dagon despised such beautiful creatures, no, Dagons lower end was that of an Eels, a slippery, swift Eel and when hunting, the tail and fins of a Sailfish~

No one or thing dare disturb the Duke of Hell as they swam, their few moments of pure peace of everything. No one knew WHERE it was Dagon even went for that matter!

Those of Hell did however avoid them when they returned, smelling of sea and blood, their eyes alight with a fresh kill and even fresher mind, that smile of theirs showed every sharp tooth they held, every Demon made certain to give them a wide berth and hoped they weren't somewhere in their files waiting upon their desk as they returned back to work-

Rumor had it, if you WERE on the list in their files upon their desk when they came back well… Fresh smells of blood could be smelt and the light in their Dukes eyes burned brighter than any Hellfire, their smiles, proud, hungry, sharp!

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The morning started with coffee and waffles, courtesy of Crowley, he loved to cook for his Angel and now that he had reason to even do it, he went the extra mile to make other dishes from distant times and places.

Today, since it was his date afternoon with Madame Tracy, he went light~

Aziraphale and the Madame had grown close, neither had lost contact and now made a habit of going out together, a 'date' of sorts, to shop, and talk about their men~

"Morning, Crowley dear~" Aziraphale greeted his partner with a warm kiss to the head as said partner put the plates out for breakfast.

"Morning, Angel~" Crowley returned, capturing his partner in his arms and holding him warmly.

"You two be safe!" Crowley warned, his eyes finally seeable his glasses gone inside when with Aziraphale behind closed door.

"Oooh, Crowley~" Aziraphale purred before they sat down and enjoyed breakfast.

"I'll be heading out-"

"Be good to her, Angel!" Crowley fret with a small smile.

Aziraphale rolled his eyes and kiss his beloved Demon upon the nose, baby blue eyes brimming with warm and love.

Outside, the Bentley waited, purring to life, Crowley's SECOND reason for asking his Angel to be safe.

Climbing inside, Aziraphale smiled and purred before driving off, "Shadewell should be by soon, nutter choosing to drive here~ Reminds me of you!"

Crowley waved him off, stating with his own roll of his eyes, "Really my Angel, I'm far nutter~"


Pulling up to Madame Tracy's flat, the medium was already outside, fixing Mr. Shadewells tie, her voice catching to Aziraphales ears, "You dear daft man, a ride is right here yet you want to ride the bus?"

"Oi, I once walked everywhere, be happy I'm even taken a bus!"

Madame Tracy and Aziraphale shared a look, amusing but admiring and so, to be sure he made it to the bus, they waited until it pulled up then drove off themselves when it pulled away from its stop.

"Men!" The medium huffed, well aware Aziraphale was in style a man but knew he felt in agreement and laughed as the Angel himself commented, whispering, "Crowley the dear boy was worried surely for me but also," He chuckled, "His Bentley~"

The two shared a heartfelt laugh then, Aziraphale driving, the women began to speak about a new shop in London she had meant to inform him about and how after a nibble in the afternoon they could stop by before home, the Angel agreeing to do so, wondering what this shop was if it got his friend interested.

Madame Tracy had an eye for such treasures~


On the bus leading into Soho, Mr. Shadewell pondered what without his car, what he and Crowley would be doing and smiled slightly, a drink between men in the shop, that sounded grand!

The Demon was outside waiting for him as he left the bus and welcomed him to a hug, all three, Angel, Demon, and the Madame knew his secret and left it up to Crowley and him to go about it, no hard feelings on any side, a rarity in many humans and for how loyal Crowley was to Aziraphale, it was a feat!

"Found a food cart down the street, we grab a bite and come back to the bookshop, ey? Have something to show you, might be something of interest."

Shadewell grinned like a loon and walked beside the taller man, explaining how daft the Madame had been about him taking a bus and not just being driven.

"Ey, as I tells'er, the more time she'as with your Angel, the better, sticken with me drives ME mad, and I'm ME!" Crowley laughed, Shadewell shaking his head, smirking.

"Women, right?"

"Ey, indeed!"


On the other side of London, Aziraphale driving easier then the Demon and still making great time abiding by laws, he helped the Madame out of her side and together, arms linked, they started down the lanes of shops, first going to their normal stomping grounds then seeking out a new place to eat lunch, a task they always achieved no matter how often they went to these same shops on their dates.

"Now, what was it Crowley was going to show, Shadewell?" Madame Tracy asked as the two sipped tea and enjoyed their lunch outside a beautiful little out of the way spot, the weather perfect, sunny, bright~

"Well, if you promise not to seek him out and tell him mentally~" The Angel winked and the Madame waved a hand, giggling, "Zira!"

"Well, Crowley wanted to show the dear man some abilities we possess, he does really, Demons and Angels have two major differences between our powers when one Falls and another stays Above with Her~"

"Oooohh, fascinating!" The Madame whispered, eyes wide.

"He knows of spirits now from you, and Witches from a life's work of hunting them, now a bit of Demonic forces, sounds so dark when I say it aloud come to think of it, oh my!"

Madame Tracy chuckled and patted the Angels hand, eyes now loving and warm, "If Mr. Crowley is as kind as you are my dear, Demon or not, Mr. Shadewell should be just fine~"


After munching on the lunch they'd walked off to grab from the cart, hot dogs or whatever Shadewell told him they were, the two sat quietly in the backroom, alcohol upon the table between them.

Finally, broken by the silence, Crowley looked over to Shadewell and asked calmly, "How would you like to see some Demonic powers?"

Thrown backwards, Shadewell looked at the lanky other and blinked.

"The Madame taught you Channeling and spirit readings, you have also a history of Witch hunting, well, why not see a Demon at work now that you've seen an Angel?"

"With all do respect Mr. Crow…" Shadewell spoke, looking away to not see his friends face as he confessed, "Ya don't seem very… Demonic… I can see about the only bad thing you've done to a person is maybe stolen a lolly!"

He wheezed in laughter as Crowley whined, "Oooh come ON! I'm one of the evvvil guys, Demons, you know the horns and forks… I've done plenty bad!"

"Ya didn't walk past me that night-Would a proper Demon do that, mate?" Shadewell asked softly and Crowley shut his mouth.

Any kind of 'evil' spoken about Crowley, Demonic this or that, even this mortal Shadewell spoke up for him how he wasn't bad.. No matter how hard he tried… Which wasn't… A lot-

"Then how's about I show you something humans never see us do, Angels included mind you?"

Shadewell looked over towards the man he secretly loved and smiled, Crowley standing up before thrusting his hands upwards and the bookshop turned into the stars of night around them.

"Bloody Hell!"

"Tis'int Bloody, nor Hell, its Creation, I made some of these you know? Before Earth was a thing, before I sauntered down to Hell-"

"You..made the...the stars?" The older looking man whispered softly and Crowley flicked his hand and a constellation came into very for him, " Alpha Centauri, lovely this time of year, one of my favorites between you and me~"

Shadewell tentatively reached out a hand and Crowley encouraged it by taking it and saying lovingly, "It doesn't hurt~"

The stars though small in this sense, felt so much more to his mortal hands. He felt how big they truly were, how vast, how unknown it was and began to cry, unknowing in his head, such questions that would never be answered upon his tounge.

It was breath taking!

"Now, how you make your own is-" Crowley began but stopped as the mortal man spoke out, startled, "She'd be bloody angry at'chya, Mr. Crow for lett'n a mere mortal such as myself make such a Creation as a STAR!"

"I was an Angel once, I Created the stars once, I was Her favorite at it if I may be so bold, now, She made you lot, made you from Her image, you lot have learned to join Her Creation outside of Earth, you've named Her stars as we who MADE them did, I don't think a human as deserving as you would get Her ruffled for maken a star, Mr. Shadewell~"


The date of Aziraphale and the Madame ended at the shop she wished to see before, the one she forgot to mention to her 'date' before.

It was something special for the Angel, for though he'd seen everything on Earth and its start alone, she felt it meant something and said, unveiling his eyes with a, "Tah-Dah!"

The Angel LOVED many things, crepes, books, even some music, however, he LOVED dearly, more than all of these, was plays! And one Madame Tracy knew now, was Hamlet~

She'd found this place via a spirit show chose to keep anonymous, but felt Aziraphale knew who it was on sight.

Before them, a small book lay on a stand, tucked up nice and neat as time could give it, and upon a tag read, 'To the man who helped this play becoming a success~' And signed, "William Shakespeare…" Aziraphale whispered, trembling hands taking the book up.


"He heard you had gone off before he could thank you personally~" Madame Tracy said smiling, hugging the sobbing Angel in her midst.

"He says you made quite a difference later in life and signed this for you and kept it as safe as he could, hoping to give it to you one day, as thanks~"

Hugging the book close to his chest, Aziraphale turned next and held the Madame close and breathed warmly, tears streaming from his baby blue eyes, "Thank you, thank you ever so much my Dear~"

"Even back then you changed lives, love~" She returned and allowed him to hold her closer, his crying now upon her shoulder.


"Mind a lift home this time?" Crowley chuckled as Aziraphale made it back before dinner, Bently and himself safe, the Madame with him.

Wide eyed for what he'd done, he just nodded slowly in agreement and climbed into the back seat, Aziraphale getting back in and smiling as Crowley spoke into his ear, "Go the long way round, will you?" And with a knowing nod, they began to drive, the long distance way back to Madame Tracy's flat, along an open field where the stars were just starting to show.

Pointing out, Aziraphale stopped the Bently and at Crowley's pointing finger, the lot got out, Crowley holding the still dazed mortal steady and whispered into his ear, leading his head to see what he had created now a part of the neverending skies above, "Look'it~"

Madame Tracy held her hands over her mouth, crying without understanding why as the small constellation shone brightly above their heads.

"Its called, Demogorgon Centauri the Egyptian name for the Underworlds God~"

Fitting if anyone thought about it, a Demon of Satan had given him the chance to MAKE a star let alone NAME it, a Demon once Angel who helped MAKE those stars and NAMED them too, he felt it kind of fitting of a name-

And as the group watched as the sky grew darker, the constellation got brighter, as a newly birthed star got, outshining even for a moment or two, the moon~

Chapter Text

Lord Beelzebud did enjoy the power they held in Hell, Prince, Lord, it was fierce and made EVERYONE in zer way move like the Red Sea had parted for Moses!

Zhey had bodyguards too, three, three powerful Dukes of Hell, hand picked, all three ruthless!

However, it made even a fake meeting with the opposition the Archangel Gabriel rather hard to pull off…

The three wouldn't take no for an answer even if zhey blew up at them…

For as hard pressed and emotionless as they had to be for a Prince of Hell… Lord Beelzebub was touched by their unwavering loyalty to zhem.

Zhey wouldn't outwardly admit it but zhey loved the three like the human word called them, 'family'. Three overprotective parents~

Sooo this was how it became that again, the 'meeting' held three peering Duke's over menus at zer from another table as Gabriel and their Lord sat facing one another.

Gabriel knew by now that three bodies with the combined eyes of Dagon, Hastur, Ligur, Hasturs TOAD, and Ligurs CHAMELEON where upon him as he spoke with their Lord, trained, Demonic eyes ready to see a misplaced fork or leg shift to strike!

Lord Beelzebud looked unbothered as zhey ate politely and spoke calmly with zheir opposite, "So, word is Below that-"

Something crashed behind zhem and the Lord of Hell looked backwards and found Dagon trying to creep over. Once spotted, the Prince of Files straightened up, fixed their clothes and offered, holding what had been a steak, still sizzling even, "I just wanted to… Protect my Lord from… This…"

"My steak!" A waiter yelped, seeing Dagon holding it at bay like it was a rabid dog.

"Yes, protect my Lord from this Steak!" And with that, if they had a tail, it would be partly between their legs as they sat back down next to Ligur and Hastur.

Gabriel snapped his fingers before the waiter could get mad and both steak and his memory of the matter returned and vanished in that order.

"They mean well," Lord Beelzebub spoke as if this was common and finished their salad with a delicate tap of a napkin upon their lips.

It always amazed Gabriel how proper the Lord of Hell was, from someone known as Lord of the FLIES and Prince of HELL, Lord Beelzebub sure acted the part of a true Prince when above if some of zhemselves stood out, fishnet stockings, a sash of red with zheir honors upon zheir chest, and if one looked hard enough, only to be socked in the face , the brooch upon zheir chest was that of a fly, it buzzed softly as it slept at ease upon it's Master.

Before Lord Beelzebub could even open zhier mouth to start where they left off, someone screamed in terror and crashing sounded worse than Dagons before, both Gabriel and Beelzebud looking and watching Ligur scare the Hell out of a couple, then the rest, as Hastur held the frog legs in his hands, cradled them and whispered something until they came back to life as frogs and hopped off, Hastur and Ligur dashing to the kitchen to real havoc upon the chiefs who dare make frogs a meal!

Dagon smirked as everyone ran off, sampling now the left behind dishes, flipping those they hated upon the floor and taking the plates they loved, stacking one upon the other as they moved along.

"Umm… Well.." Gabriel began, watching as cars outside screeched out of the parking lot, another set of people running for their lives as a hoard of frogs hopped out of the kitchen, Hastur screaming proudly behind them, Ligur laughing madly at the chaos at hand.

"I'll try harder next time to… Make them stay… Home-" Beelzebud spoke, knowing now without looking the two male Duke's found the alcohol and broke them open before arms linked, drank to Hell and their Lord and themselves!

Dagon found some human items left behind next, some shiny and they pinched them and hid them within their furred neck piece with a dark chuckle, more trinkets for their office~

"Are you sure YOU'RE not the adult, Prince Beelzebub?" Gabriel commented as Dagon was called, was thrown a bottle of booze themselves and bit off the top before emptying it into their gut.

Beelzebud actually chuckled and returned as all three Duke's took turns burping, Ligurs softest, Hasturs in weird hiccup frog sounds, Dagons loudest and bowed as the two other Duke's applauded them, "We take turns I guess~"

"Babysitting those three must be why your the Prince of Hell then, Hu?" Gabriel joked and Beelzebud snorted, unable to help it and laughed, "I never thought of it that way, dear Satan help me!"

"THEY HOLD FISH CAPTIVE, DAGON!!" Hastur yowled as they finally noticed the fish tank and now executed their next plan of action, saving the fish from the tank!

"Wanna go out for ice cream while the three Duke's have their fun, oh Prince?" Gabriel asked, hand out.

Beelzebud smiled softly and returned, taking his hand gently, "I'd be honored, Archangel Gabriel~"

The two walked out hand in hand as Hastur, Ligur, and Dagon literally scooped the fish up into their arms and raced out of the empty restaurant and off towards where they felt the closest body of water was which happened to be a fountain right out front~

Chapter Text

Since Armageddon-not did not happen, Heaven and Hell on grounds the world spun on without issue when Adam did not destroy it and neither side Demon nor Angel won, to just do as normal, Tempt and Miracle things..

Some things did change however, one of Heaven and one of Hells most powerful members decided to just be together, if Crowley and Aziraphale could without fear of death or complications, why should the Archangel Gabriel and Lord Beelzebub?

To mark this off as a cemented thing, the two had spoken about a child-God Herself granted them one, handed over to them by Aziraphale and after a short bit of uncertainty, Lord Beelzebub dare never let a soul harm zer child!

Today marked another milestone in zer new life with Gabriel and their God gifted child, for today, no shield up to keep the family from mortal view, Gabriel and Beelzebub sat on a park bench, watching lovingly as their child played with some chalk, courtesy of 'Godparents Aziraphale and Crowley'.

The park wasn't that crowded, it was nice and early, mist rolled along the pond they sat near, ducks quacking, birds chirping, joggers running in the early morning cool.

Uri colored in a flower they made when they noticed kids across the way. In human time, Uri was now about four, flying was mastered but not to be done before mortals, only in a shield or night or veeery special occasions~

Instead of flying none stop now, the little DemonAngel never was silent! Once they learned to talk, their small world had grown ten times bigger!

Now, seeing the kids, much older but to Uri this was no deterrence, got up and walked over towards their parents and asked gently, pointing, "Can I ask them to play, please?"

Gabriel froze when he saw whom his beautiful God given gift pointed to and held Beelzebub from turning and whispered, "Little Brat and his mini brats!"

Beelzebub looked nonchalantly to the right and saw for zhemselves Adam Young and the Them with…

"Warlock…" Beelzebub hushed frightened and went to explain to Gabriel who that was until-

"Little Bee….. Little Bee!!"

Gabriel sprang upwards, wings out with no caution and called loudly, frightened above and beyond Heaven and Hell, "URI!? URI, SWEET HONEY BEE?"

Said child smiled, waved from halfway over towards the Them, the small group of friends watching the sight from where they entered the park then saw the child the parents screamed for and offered with smiles the whole of them to lead the child back towards their parents, wings out and all, Adam himself acting like he knew the couple who cradled the child close and gently scolded them before trying out a weak, 'thank you,' before Uri popped out of their arms and chirped, "Wanna color with me?"

To Gabriel and Beelzebubs surprise, the Them and Warlock all agreed with smiles and thanks to the child for the offer who, without thinking, flapped their beautiful wings and beamed before leading them over to the sidewalk.

The whole group sat on the grass and began coloring and drawing this or that, Gabriel's wings still out, scared, Beelzebub mid Demonic stance of summoning anyone and everyone in Hell to find zheir baby Bee!

"That's so colorful-"

"Uri, or Bumble Bee, or Little Bee~" Uri said with a happy voice as Wensleydale praised the picture the child was drawing.

"Fits, all those nice flowers your drawing, Bee~" Brain said as with a nod to Pepper who held the blue chalk, she began to add a sky for the little ones picture, Warlock making clouds and Adam a bird.

Dog bounded over, a gift from the cartman in his mouth.

"You spoiled dog!" Adam laughed as the 'Hellhound' enjoyed his doughy treat.

"Who wants something, I'll grab us something~" Brain asked up, every hand up save for Uri's.

"Can they have a morning treat?" Pepper asked the child's parents, Uri themselves blinking, confused but smiling.

"I...don't see w..hy not?" Gabriel whispered and Beelzebub got up, a look of uncertainty upon zheir face as zhey offered, "I'll help carry?"

"Awesome, thanks um…"

"Zer-" Beelzebub spoke calmly and started off with a shrugging Brain behind.

Gabriel kept watch over the rest as they began to draw other things, his child's picture the best by far-But smiled as each kid looked at him in silent calm, Uri running to their zer and hugging zheir leg tight at zheir return with Brain and the treats.

"Thanks for that-" Beelzebub whispered to Gabriel, money miricaling into zer pocket since Brain didn't rightly have enough for everyone though he tried.

Gabriel winked then moved to let his Prince sit back down, sneaking a taste of the treat zhey had, a look of amused displeasure upon zer face before a kiss was past, every kid groaning at the 'gross adult stuff' and for a moment, Beelzebub and Gabriel felt pretty human, watching kids play together in the park, being sweet to one another, the only difference was, Uri's little wings stayed out and happily flapped from time to time when they spoke about someone's chalkwork or getting their work praised.

But to the joy of Beelzebub and Gabriel to, in return for being so human like, the Them acted just as normal around them and Uri, talking to their child like a person, a friend, mentioning things to the Archangel Gabriel and Lord Beelzebub that sounded grown up like, like, the newspaper having a good set of funnies this morning, how petrol was at a good price for a change, and the random thing about how the sky was blue because of all the seas of the world mirrored above along the Earth's surface-

Gabriel whispered what on Gods given Earth were these kids speaking on, and Beelzebub shrugged and whispered back, blinking at the group playing nicely with zer child, "Must be human kid things!"

Chapter Text

No other Demons knew how hard their Lord worked, days, nights, years, since the very Falling even BEFORE that!

All those, save for Dagon, Hastur, and Ligur, the handpicked Dukes of Hell, they knew, and beyond what God Herself said of Demons, the three cared deeply for their Lord, far more than just their Prince even.

No, when one of the Duke's finds their Lord out cold, asleep upon their desk overflowing with papers and paperwork, the other two are summoned and things are done faster than God's choice of who Fell, pretty damn fast!

Dagon found their Lord out cold this time, drooling, flies even so tired, the garbage flies all that flew around, the rest little spots everywhere around zer.

Swiftly and quietly, Dagon hurried towards Hastur and Ligurs office to grab them, both at their desks, not snogging for a change, typing on their typewriters, doing work when the fish like Demon found them and called them to follow.

Together, Ligur, quickest with finishing work, Dagon at filing, Hastur at carrying, each Duke moved in motion so fluid, it was like time had stopped and elves cleared up the Lord's office then started time again to a clean clear office!

Hastur carried the rather small ruler of Hell with the utmost care, waiting as Dagon fixed their Lord's nest in the wall, Ligur guarding the door full and strong looking as the two worked behind the door.

Once settled in, once everyone was sure nothing was inside their Lord's room, they stepped out with bows though zhey were out in sleep and closed the door behind them.

With Ligur and Hastur having been doing work when Dagon found them, Ligur switched positions and with a nod from the Lord of the Files', Hastur and Ligur nodded and walked off as the other stood now ready, steady, guarding their Lord like the treasure zhey were!

Chapter Text

When Dagon didn't answer their phone, Lord Beelzebub wasn't so much as annoyed nor worried, as zhey were put off.

DAGON answered, even when smiting a Demon who failed to file their work correctly, no answer meant they had overworked themselves into a fit-

Lord Beelzebub frowned deeper as they walked, hands behind their back towards Dagons Dungeon, as many called the Duke's lair.

Sure enough, the poor thing was the equivalent of a human fish out of water and, sickly, panting, miserable more than normal-

Closing the door behind them, Beelzebub spoke calmly, Dagon trying to bow or even a nod but sighed and lay their head back down, "Satan give me strength!"

Lord Beelzebub knelt down and felt the fish Demons face, said Demon smiled tiredly and hissed out, dry sounding, "Pardon my unable to answer your call..Lord.. Give me a mo and I'll be up again.."

They wouldn't be doing so, not in this body, Lord Beelzebub knew this scent and calmly lifted the tired Demon up, their protest tired and drifted off as time quickly sped forward on them, "D..on't Lo..Rd.. I'"

Finding their entrance and exit to the Above, a pool of murky water, Lord Beelzebub placed the now silent Demon within it's waters, the brackish water nearly eating them from sight as they sank below the surface.

"Host for Duke Dagon, NOW!" Lord Beelzebub buzzed through their flies and at once, a Demon in charge of such things came into the office carefully and approached it's Lord's turned back.

In quick motions, like a fly zipping out of reach at the last second of a human hand, the Demon who brought Dagon a new host body was dead, it's dark blood running small rivers into the pool of water, the still alive body for Dagon dipped into the water next then let go.

Dagons returns were to Lord Beelzebub rather nice to watch, since though through murky gross water, they saw the true host of Dagon, a form the Lord never told their Duke they'd seen as it easily took over the host body and inhaled through the water the offered Demon blood.

Below the surface, not yet fully Dagon saw the one watching and swam in place, both watching, one with icy blue eyes the other clear blue.

Tipped to the surface came the human shaped nose, then the head, Dagons piranha like teeth showing as they smiled up at their half smiling Lord before them, "I told you I'd be alright, Lord~"

Dagon was NEVER aware of their lost hosts, NEVER, be it due to being of a fish, choosing not to, what have you, but beyond themselves, Lord Beelzebub smirked, eyes kind though, and replied, poking the others nose with an index finger, "I do have a right to worry, Dear Duke Dagon!"

Dagons soaking head brushed up under Lord Beelzebubs chin and despite the freezing wetness, they allowed it with a soft sigh as Dagon chirped, teeth clicking, "I'm honored my Lord~ Truly honored, no Demon, man, nor Angel has such a Lord as I have you~"

A kiss to the head was given and a hold as the rest of Dagons old form began to form, Lord Beelzebubs voice barely a whisper but Dagon heard and made a pleased, happy chuuurp sound, "As I'm honored and know no Demon, man, nor Angel has such a hard working loyal and faithful Duke as you~"

Chapter Text

If Duke Dagon was the Lord of the Files', then Duke Hastur and Ligur we're Lord's of Temptations and Lurking!

Sometimes though, even without stopping to be with each other in such a human way as snuggling, kissing, what have you, they took their time Above when working well and beyond professional, keeping to their targets even if something went wrong and that target tried to return to Holy Self from their spiral downwards along the path of Hell!

It was two WEEKS of this that when no one saw hide nor tail of the well known snoggers of Hell, the Duke's who never went anywhere without one another, Dagon grew annoyed and barged in, ready to strip them of their willie's or toys when upon the floor, the fish like Demon found the two male based Demons of Lurking and Tempting, asleep, sick like, in such strange manors of laying that they called for their Lord who came at once.

"Above does things to a Demon," Lord Beelzebub spoke as they hurriedly summoned flies to gather a few items.

"Namingly sickness! Our bodies are Aboves but hollow… The two overworked themselves to sickness-" The flies returned and Dagon held up Hasturs head carefully.

Lord Beelzebub broke a capsule into a cup, poured water upon it then slightly stirred it before motioning to Dagon to open the lanky Demons mouth.

Hastur groaned and vomited almost on contact with the mixture, when it was Ligurs turn, he coughed, spat, but accepted it with a groan of his own.

"Next time," Lord Beelzebub spoke, poking both male Duke's upon the heads softly to gain their attention, "RECHARGE!"

"We needed to-"

"Did I ask for you to give me a reason why you didn't, Duke Ligur?" Lord Beelzebub buzzed and the dark skinned bewitching eyed Demon yawned and shook his head no.

"Get to your ideas of nests and sleep, I'll have Eric bring you both something from HERE in HELL and not Above to eat, then rest again, I'll send Dagon back to get you back to work when I feel it's been enough time!"

Hastur nodded slowly, head spinning, Ligur shivering but the mixture taking its effect and cooling his inner core from it's fever.

Hastur, after another swig of the mixture joined Ligur in walking out of their office and with Duke Dagon and their Lord watching, they chose the Fading Caves to rest in, it was quiet, screams of the damned didn't reach here where Demons and Fallen Angel's chose to just give up and die slowly alone.

Dagon leaned into their Lord and whispered as both male Demons moved around in weird ways before seemingly getting comfy and going right to sleep, "Even I know that can't be comfy, right? And I'm a Demon, Lord!"

Lord Beelzebub gave a small shake of their head, mixing two more shots of the mixtures by their selected sleeping place and said, nodding, "Your comfy, my comfy, and their comfy are completely different…"

Before the twos eyes, Duke and Lord watched how all limbs Hastur seemed to take up all of the space with said limbs, Ligur, built in form used the skinny one below him who took up the space as a pillow, laying on his side, hugging the other, holding one of Hasturs arms, Hastur in return laying belly up too, arm draped around Ligurs neck, fingers twitching from what Dagon and Lord Beelzebub could only assume was Hasturs normal habit of rubbing the other Duke's head in a loving action.

Even in sleep they thought privately, they couldn't keep apart, couldn't not show some kind of rare Demonic affection for the other

Chapter Text

The air was filled with not just the smells of the normal blood and singed feathers, but of anguish, bogged down by the dust that danced through the air as the Fallen bodies rose from their Fall from Heaven.

The sounds weren't just screams of agony nor distress, but of once Angelic bodies crashing into the unforgiving ground, of broken bones, snapping wing tendons, roars of hate calling like a growing tornado barreling down upon you together as one mind up where they'd Fallen, up to their 'siblings' to their 'CREATOR' who let them down!

Up their voices rose, to Heaven and it's Angel's who looked on with indifference.

The Fallen, those who did not choose to give up and fade where they landed into the ground, all began to form a circle around a single being who's eyes shone with the harshest black, voice ringing through the cries of the damned, beautiful wings ashen and dirty flared as his voice gathered more listeners, listeners to the words of a Fallen ready to get up and fight once more for what he believed in-
I know the gutter and I know the stink of the street!
Kicked like a dog, I have spat out the bile of defeat!
All you beauties who towered above me...
You! Who gave me the smack of your rod!
Now I give you the gutter!
Above the dark as pitched eyed Demon, Hastur stood the Archangels who chased them out, fought them out and won, sending their own past Earth and down into something new yet not something beautiful like Heaven Above!

No, no this place was dark, cold, the scent of death, singed feathers, anguish filled the claustrophobic space their bodies crashed into.

Screams never stopped, even when those who chose to fade did so, their painful wails haunting the very grounds Below.

Above, the Angel's watched, unmoved as some of their own held on to the 'cliff' that they were sent over, some BEGGING, others screeching, ever fighting to get back and take an Angel down with them.

One such was a serpentine eyed redhead, the 'Star maker', one of God's finest creators of things-

He followed a few of the longest known rebellers to the 'meeting' that started this mass Falling, the 'meeting' he was assured would be peaceful, that ideas would be spoken out, he too had had ideas, he followed those before him, assured, at ease, only for it to be turned bloody, deadly, costly to both sides fighting!

The Angel of the Creatures called 'Animals' had rebelled when their beautiful creatures were being harmed, used, abused, they had spoken out and paid the highest price and Fell first, hardest.

Below now, as the dark as pitch eyed Demon rose to the air once more, seeking to grab the still clinging serpent eyed other, said first Fallen rose their darkened wings, the color of dusk, flared them, and rose their chin proudly, definitely up as their icy blue eyes followed the Demon towards his target, the Angel who followed the words of a few about a peaceful meeting, only to hang on for dear life to the grounds of Heaven, as his own 'siblings' gave no move to help!

That was one of this first Fallens points in this rebellion, they were made to love and yet-
I give you the judgement of God!
Vengence victorious! These are the glorious days!
Above, hovering around the clinging serpent eyed other, were two, then three Fallen/Demons, one wickedly smiled as they hissed at the Angel's just watching this all now with hate in their eyes-
Women of Paris come gather your bloody bouquets!
The second was built, dark skinned, handsome even after his own Falling, hints of his feathers still burned.

His eyes now took his beautiful wings colors, such a demonic red though they too like the blood that spilt from his mutilated wings, one wondered if he'd ever have a happy color to himself again-
Now gaze on our goddess of justice, with her shimmering glimmering blade!
The serpentine others fingers failed and he slipped backwards, screaming as the rest had before him, until the three Demons that hovered before took him in a sort of grace and made his Fall as painless as they could, plopping him before their Lord, the one who voiced the loudest and Fell first, Fell the hardest, their Lord who greeted the three now four Fallen Demons before them with wings outstretched, icy blue eyes upon each body in turn, and smirked with pride eyes burning with something humans may call 'love', 'devotion', 'sorrow'?

The dark as pitch eyed Demon bowed first, wings out, all form of submission in his actions, the other two Fallen joined only to happily, ones wings out, the others remaining tried their best and spread bloody and broken but tried.

The serpentine eyed Demon now saw as waves of Fallen bowed before this single small icy eyed Demon..

This Demon who, the serpentine eyed Demon saw before the whole rebellion, smiling, happy, assuring him it would be fine, they'd just be talking…

This Demon who now stared at him with a smirk, pride glinting in those icy orbs, sound coming to the redheads ears, the sound of many voices now chanting a name, to him right then, sounded more like flies than anything-

This small icy eyed Demon who with their ideas caused the Fall, this Demon the serpent eyed other found himself as one of the Fallen, and now one of them who bowed before the one the voices chanted for, louder and louder, sounding like a million flies taking off-

Lord Beelzebub-
As she kisses these traitors, she sings them a last serenade!
Zing! Swing! Savour the sting!
As she severs you! Madame Guillotine!
Slice! Come paradise!
You'll be smitten with, Madame Guillotine

Chapter Text

Angels weren't 'born', nor 'made', but suddenly, there-

That's how I came into being anyway!

I came suddenly from being nothing, long desert colored wings unfurling to unveil my body, head tipped upwards, and blink into Her light, eyes black as pitch, or so even then at Creation they were.

She gave me my name, a name no longer known and let me on my way... Unlike the rest of my 'siblings' I wasn't granted an object to possess, no post to learn about-

No, She just named me and off I was lead, lead but what? A drive all Angels felt, love!

Angels love others~

So should I!

At first, I was all limbs, like a newborn hooved animal, long arms and legs and big wings, I moved along at a wobbly pace, then, once assured of my motor skills, I sought for others~

At first, I wanted to be with others, I felt it deep inside, and when I found the others, my wings flared happily and off I went to greet them, due to my outstretched wings, I tripped, and toppled forward before stopping head below my legs, legs above my head at the groups feet.

They were new to their forms too and like me, sought others!

Angels loved, they loved others, they cared, and cared for others, that's how they came into being feeling these feelings anyway however, when one went to grab my hand to help me up, I looked up, smiling, reaching only to flinch when they stopped and backed away, holding the reaching hand, tears in their baby blue eyes.

The rest quickly backed away, startled but I wasn't sure why, then they started off, I myself unsure why they left me tried getting up and following after them.

Damn these limbs and wings!

Finally though, I stood upright, smiling, they flew~

They scattered, flying every direction!

I could do that too!!

So, after two failed attempts, I found my balance with these large wings and lanky limbs and flew around towards places I had seen my fellow Angels bolt to.

It was huge from up here, I saw everything! The air in my feathers, puffing up my wings!

They wanted to fly, not be on the ground, I had to agree with them~ This was great!

Ohh, I found them! Some were in a bunch by a cluster of trees! I beamed, tried my hand at turning midair and with a little turbulence, I finally got around and fluttered downward towards them, but before I could call for them, to tell them I was there, that flying was fun, and more-I overheard them..

One mentioned 'his' dark, hate filled eyes-

Dark.. Hate filled.. Eyes? I blinked, tilting my head to one side.

Another mentioned how sickly 'he' looked, unnaturally long in limbs 'he' was-

Where they talking about… Me?

I look at myself then towards other Angels then back.

I hadn't known about seeing myself.. That was something and so, to prove to myself they weren't speaking about me, I sought for a way to see myself!

I would regret this for the rest of my days.. I found a place to see myself in a pool of water and the others words crashed into my mind at full force-

I had dark hate filled looking eyes.. I looked broken and sickly, all limbs, skinny...

I seemed, 'cold,' I seemed, 'wrong,' they saw me and figured I was… Wrong..

How could that be if I only just arrived? She had made us all in Her image, how couldn't I broken?

I dipped my hands into the cool water I found and tried washing my face..

No, it didn't change my strange sickly look.

I scratched at my black as pitch eyes.. Just made me cry cause it hurt..

So, instead, I tucked into my robes instead, arms much shorter, legs too, hard to walk but if it meant they'd know I wasn't broken and sickly, I'd manage~

I came out of my hiding place, their eyes on me, scared, voices quiet-

I smiled and waved then asked in the nicest voice I could, hearing myself for the first time and stopped mid ask if they wanted to play-

It sounded… Hollow… Not chimy and sweet like theirs…

Did I mess up in not talking from the start?

I held my throat and cleared it before trying again, as softly as I could, if they wanted to play…

It sounded to me like like sandpaper, dry, scratchy, emotionless…

But.. I FELT the emotion… I did… Inside…

So not talking I touched my chest and gave the best look to the other Angels way, BEGGING them to understand-


But...they screamed as I stayed staring looking at them, begging them...


They scattered again, leaving me alone where they had stood, talking about me, judging me, not loving me as Angels did… But HATED me…

I Hated.. I touched my chest again, what a weird word.. It burned more than Love by this point.. I felt it inside, it swallowed up the Love without mercy and kept me warm, kept me close…

I looked around myself, everything blurry as I realized I'd been crying and whimper, this feeling wasn't right but no one was there to help me up and guide me away...

No… The blurrys moved around me like water trapped by rocks, finding a way around the issue and was carried on its way..

They avoided me, even the oldest Angels who should have given a hand in leading me to follow Her Light, Her Way, Her Plan..

No… They just.. Went around me, even as I called now in my scratchy voice, tugging at robes that fluttered past me, seeking anyone now…

The Hate.. I crippled me now, held me fast as the blurs went about their way, Her Light going dimmer and colder inside me…

A last weak hiccup for help came out of my throat, then I fell in on myself, clutching myself into a ball, alone, scared, hurt.

These feelings weren't Love… Those Angels did not LOVE…

Or was it because I WAS broken as they said I was…

If we were made in Her image, but I was Created broken…

I closed my black as pitch eyes..

What was my purpose?


It had been what humans would come to call a whole year of my creation when SOMEONE actually spoke to ME and me alone!

His name was to be Ligur, his whole self glowned colors of such variety, shone soooo beautifully, I felt that crackled bit of Love I still possessed inside me.

That Love grew in leaps and bounds every second he stood next to me, talking to me, ignoring everyone else who tried to pull him away, and just stuck with me~

Me.. The Broken Creation!

He had found me as I watched the Earth from my perch. I was brooding darkly, wondering if since I wasn't assigned a possession or place if I could just make one and tried imagining something bad going on down there..

"Hey'a… What'chya doing?"

I figured the voice was for another and kept brooding and thinking.

The touch was so hot, so sudden so… Nice-

He pulled my robed arm and asked again, nodding down to Earth, "Your not thinking of going there… Are you?"

"Why should YOU care, maggot?" I snapped, no longer hiding the darkness in my voice, pulling my arm away from the Created Angel of many colors.

"Because we care.." He returned and I spat out, bristling, "Stick around long enough around me and you'll know what LOOOVE is from the others!"

To Ligurs credit, he huffed and flared his wings, so large and beautiful and colorful, like his eyes~

I didn't even catch what he told me, just that suddenly, he sat beside me, watching Earth turn and made comments about this or that, asking what I thought on those matters…

His first recharge was along my side, under my wing, asleep like a rock, holding my long lanky arm, snoring louder than thunder~

Recharge was our few times of needed sleep, mine had been alone as the Angels filtered past me, but Ligurs…

I was there when he woke, and if it wasn't possible, I'd be lying and said he had gotten even more beautiful after he awoke again beside me.

"So, what do we do?" Was his first question after a warm smile that I was still there with him!

I began to lead him closer to others, to break him from being so stuck to me, he had promise still, She had a purpose for Ligur and I knew and so, tried again, and again, and again, annnd again!

Each time I got him close to a group, once he looked their way, I split in an easy leap and flap of my wings.

He always followed, always found me, he always told me when I tried to push him away and lied saying I didn't need him, that "We're friends, Angels in honor~"

Later that would be Demons in Crime but-I touched my chest tightly after he spoke those words.. Love burned out the Hate so quickly, I held him close and he held me back, my face buried into his shoulder, his arms clutching me tightly, easing me as I began to sob without control-

After that, Ligur and I stuck close together, no longer did I try to dump him off on the others, no, no, Ligur was MINE and if they weren't going to help a fellow Angel in his first day of Creation and thus forth, THEY weren't going to be given the joys and happiness of Ligur!

I look down now, thunder booming from outside the mausoleum where we slept on Earth, I saw sleeping on his back, snoring loudly as ever, bent in such weird fucking ways, I chuckle deeply and stretch.

I feel him turn and nuzzle into my neck and smiled softly as he rumbled out tiredly, "Didn't mean ta wake'ya my pet~" Then promptly began to snore again, sound asleep, our week of Lurking wasted our energy to near collapse.

I roll onto my other side and hold him close back, nose pressed to his forehead and slipped off back to sleep myself, joining his snoring as I've been told I do too, following my Demon in Crime into his dreams, he himself waiting and together, watched the storm outside even though we slept inside, together, warm, and in love~

Chapter Text

Hell is labeled as burning hot, steaming, fires everywhere-

Some parts of it, yes this is true, but for others, offices and the occasional room where a body could sleep, or even the Fading Caves, these places were damp, cold, unwelcoming for creatures of Hell and those who figured Hell was just brimstone and flames!

Offices were always dripping, nothing was dry, sure it was nice for some Demons, but would being dry and content for an hour kill a man downstairs?

Repair men never showed to fix these issues so buckets overflowed with gelatinous goop only to be tipped over to spill upon the floor then repeated over and over and over again!

It got to much for many high ranking Demons, Lord Beelzebub chose to stalk the Above when their nerves frayed after being cold and wet for days at a time, finding places where humans were most wasteful and enjoyed the tastes of Earth~

Dagon found it enjoyable out of the lot but when it wasn't enough, found the ocean Above! The humans had this huge expanse of water alllll to themselves-Dagon happily took part of scaring the shit out of humans with their fellow creatures of the sea, biting legs, dragging someone down, a treat to themselves for such hard work in Hell as Lord of the Files~

Hastur and Ligur, though one amphibious in nature, found Aboves parks to be an excellent place to seek asylum from Hells ever wet and cold!

Ligur enjoyed the trees, Hastur enjoyed the pond, both snapping up mudfish and crawlers from time to time, Lurking at night as a treat, a special time to themselves Above became, like each of their fellow Demonic family~

Chapter Text

He remembered Hastur, Hastur La Vista anyway… The 'man' who greeted him and his family in the Middle East…

How could he forget?

He had insulted that...THING!

Said he smelled of..Poop..

He remembered the strange feeling of himself just floating into nothingness then found he was Above, in Heaven, watching as the world nearly came to an end Below..

He saw the boy He was mistaken for, the AntiChrist, he knew his name now, Adam Young, he didn't blame him for his death, didn't blame him for his parents deaths either.. No, he just felt bad that he had such a bad time ahead of himself…

He was free of such issues, or so he figured, no idea about Heaven and Hells War to come-But the boy chosen to end it all had to DO it all himself…

He felt Adams resentment but the voices he heard told him it was all for the better! Adam saw his friends, terrified, watching, but heard the voices tell him they'd come around-

Warlock, for some powerful reason, being once part of this felt he should help in some way and closed his eyes and tried breaking through the voices and have his own be heard, and he did, but for a second as Adam screamed a final time and rose from the ground and up to the Heavens-

'"This isn't you, I know it's not you, your better than the voices, your friends are waiting!"' Then, both boys were free, one of death and the other of Satan himself!

To Warlock it felt like only seconds, but it had been hours since everyone and thing was brought back to the plane of the living!

His parents relocated to a disclosed location after this, memories of just needing to in their minds and nothing about 'the end times'. But for Warlock-

He dreamt of Hastur, of how the Demonic man slit his parents throats easy from where he stood, blood dripping from his mouth as he laughed darkly into his face-

Warlock watched as maggots poured from this THINGS whole being and burrowed into him like tiny needles being stabbed into him all at once.

Into all holes, eating him alive-

He had stayed glued to his phone worse when they moved to the small town of Tadfiled..

He dare not look up at any given moment and see HIM!

But when he finally did, his parents upon the lawn talking behind him, his eyes locked with Adams..

Those eyes once held the power of Satan and the fate of the world, now stared at him with a gentle smile, eyes filled with silent understanding and watched him approach, his friends behind him following loyally, all joining in greeting him into the fold, to Tadfiled, to a new better life-

"Mr. Dowling?"

The voice of a man speaks and the much older Warlock looks up from his self reflection and blinks stupidly.

"Crowley~" He says and greets his Godfather with a warm hug, Aziraphale joining just moments after, crying as he fixed Warlocks tux, "Oooh, such happy days, weddings are~"

Warlock basked in their warm glowing smiles then looked towards the door they entered through as music began to play, tuning but a signal for things to start.

"I'd never have had this ending if not for you two~" He whispered, Crowley chuckling, "Might'a have been better if not?" But stopped as Warlock smiled, tears in his eyes, "No, if I hadn't I'm positive it wouldn't have been better!"

With a final hug, the two men arm and arm walked behind Warlock as their grown Godson stood in his place for his partner to come from the other side doors, the memory of Hastur and what had past now fading as the music began and the doors opened, the pairs eyes locking, a new world just beginning after it nearly ended~

Chapter Text

They had lived on Her Earth since its start, saw many events over its years of spinning.

Some brilliant, some...devastating..

They knew 'sickness', colds, flus, plague! But before it meant nothing to them. Why should it? They were immortal beings!

That quickly changed when after playing out late one night, of course under Nanny Crowley's watch and at points joining in on his play as he chased the lightning bugs in the garden, Warlock prior to that night woke with a scratchy throat went to bed with still a sore throat but a good full day under his belt.

He didn't awaken on time the next morning, Crowley entered the child's room gently, smelling something strange to his Godsons warm happy scent.

It smelt off, he smelt funny, he dripped from the eyes and nose but not due to tears like when he needed shots or scraped a knee..

These smelt and tasted wrong. His whole body felt hot yet it shook like it was freezing!

Crowley snapped his fingers when he knew Warlock wasn't awake and DEMANDED whatever held Warlock in such a way to let him go but…

No Demon appeared…

He scoured Walrocks room next, hissing demonically for whatever was there to leave, the boy was HIS, Satan trusted HIM…

Warlock coughed and made a sad noise, Crowley broke stance from an enraged Demon to that of a loving mother and nestled around Warlock and spoke softly, nosing his head, wincing at the heat that poured from it, "My Dear?"

"I'm so cold… Na..nanny.."

Crowley's heart (?) Broke into a million and one pieces as Warlock cuddled into his nannies side and whimpered, shaking, "But I'm so hot too!"

"It will be fine, Dear… Nanny will be sure of that!" Crowley assured to Warlock who shuddered, coughing before burying his nose into Crowley's arm.

He wasn't well, he was scared and sad, just under the arm was Warlocks place of hiding, arm pressing the boys ears closed, pressure warm, breathing and heartbeat felt more than heard…

Pitifully, Crowley sat on Warlocks bed and tried calling for Aziraphale, the Gardner of all the weird things he could have become to help raise Warlock..

Silently he even PRAYED, gagging as he did so but kept up determined, Warlock back to sleep once more in his arm.

"Crowley," Aziraphale whispered, peeking inside the room and walked in quickly when Crowley's whine sounded further in, distressed, hurt.

"He's so warm but shakes like he's freezing… Angel… He's dripping...Off tasting fluids from his eyes and nose!"

"He's sick, Dear Boy~" Aziraphale said calmly only to hold in a yelp as Crowley pulled him in and look in through the others sunglasses, tears of fear and pain, "Why is he SIICK, Angel? I didn't mean it… Air, fresh air, Angel…"

Aziraphale held the weeping Demon close, Warlock making a snotty snore, drool from his mouth making Crowley's side wet.

"Crowley… C...Crowley-" Aziraphale whispered and held the others streaming face, baby blue eyes focused upon the serpentine yellow behind the sunglasses, "Mortals get sick, my Dear, even an AntiChrist-"

"Fuck off with AntiChrist!" Crowley snapped and held the boy close, shaking, "Angel… Why did HE get sick? What did I do wrong… Was it being out later then he should have been… Skipping a toothbrushing maybe? He just felt so tired after we chased the bugs… I figured one time… Ma..maybe I should have made him rest! How do I take his sickness, Angel?"

He grew hot in the cheeks as Aziraphale brushed a hand along his cheek, eyes lidded, voice calm and loving, "You care so much, Dear Boy~" Then, the Angels hand touched Warlocks sweaty head and smiled, "I need not even make him better by miracles, Crowley~"

Crowley noted the boys shaking had eased, the sweat coming after the fever-"His fevers broken. I'll make him some soup, change his clothes so he's not stuck in those damp things~"

"I'll be right back~" Aziraphale spoke, kissing the Demon upon the unknowing head as said Demon cradled the child carefully and began to undress him from his sickly smelling articles to fresh new ones, brought him to a suddenly there rocking chair and sat with him in his loving arms, nuzzling him upon the cooling cheek with his nose.

He still smelt sick but the shivers and heat weren't like before! Crowley sighed and rocked them two together and hummed a lullaby of flowers and snails, brother bird, and sister squirrel too!

When Aziraphale returned with soup and syrups for the young boy, he saw before him Crowley rocking the easier in sleep young boy, said boy smiling slightly, face nuzzled happily into the nannies chest, their hands holding, the humming turned a few objects to life that fluttered and danced around them and the chair~

Chapter Text



What did such a word mean to a Demon?

'I HOPE we win the War-' No, no, no, not to Dagon, it was WHEN we win the War!

It was moments away from the Armageddon, Dagon stood before their Lord Beelzebub who for a rare moment wasn't sure of themselves, weren't sure if they WOULD win, what would happen IF they didn't… There was no Falling once you've Fallen!

In these private moments, Dagon saw the Angel who DARED question HER, voice their ideas and concerns, lead the Glorious Revolution, who Fell to Hell and rose as the Prince of Hell when they got a chance to prove they were worthy, it hasn't been even a heartbeat even for that to happen!

Dagon had been made a Duke right after, their Lord Beelzebub having seen their attempt to get back at the Archangel Gabriel who held their Lord Beelzebub before they Fell, going for the throat, this BEAST whom had once made their Lords heart SING now holding them with a cold face away from himself.

Dagons screech of hate as they tore at Archangel Gabriel got cut short when Archangel Michael struck them down, and in a blaze of glory both Dagon and their Lord Beelzebub Fell to Hell, losing the first War-

Dagon blinked back to the present when they felt their Lord Beelzebubs head rests upon their chest, a shuddering breath signaled they were losing it.

Arms wrapped around their Lord Beelzebubs form then their face leaned down and rest along theirs, voice soft for the first time in a long time, "When we win, my Lord, when~"

Dagon purred as with a single clawed finger under their Lords chin, said Lords icy blue eyes burning back to life as they shared the same space, Lord Beelzebubs head rising with Dagons finger, up to their own.

"Could use their feathers as cushions, better than the stone seats now, right, my Lord?" Dagon asked and Beelzebub smirked, to Dagons pride, coming back to their fiery self once more, thanks to them maybe (?).

"The best feathers for you my dishonorable Lord~" Their noses touched for a second, and in that second, that 'Hope' word faded into 'When' as they looked at one another, then grew stock once again as the signal for Armageddon sounded!

With a last look between them, Lord and Duke shared a final 'WHEN we win' and began off, Lord before Duke, hands behind their backs, heads held high, ready for this War to be won, for the War to be THEIRS!

Chapter Text

Echos of sobs, screams of hate, silence of death..

This wasn't Heaven…

These beings bloody, angry, lost, weren't Angels...Not anymore…

Crowley jumped out of someone's way as they moved along stiffly, only to yelp as it toppled over and gave up its fight to live.

An Angel who had been hurt and fell-His wings weren't black, but they weren't white no longer either, dead center of his wings sitting place between the shoulders, half of a sword dripped from between the once beautiful feathers.

He knew he was dead but… Crowley gently touched the body and tried…

He felt dizzy and stopped, but did not remove his touching hand.

He'd be there when his celestial soul left… He'd have someone watching-

"Fucking dip," A voice hissed from the shadows of the still thick air from once they Fell.

"He's dead, good riddance by Satan for that!"

The voice was Dagons, Crowley remembered them… Those strange eyes of theirs, such a light in them burned as the leader of the revolt yowled to fight!

"Dagon, hush, not everyone has Fallen willingly," Said one who started it all.

Crowley DARE not turn from where Dagons strange gaze burned with an even sicker grin but knew…

"Ohh, I recall your face," The voice spoke in a slow clipped way, taking Crowley's face within their small but deadly hand and forced him to look their way.

Icy blue orbs, not a lick of sympathy nor anger, just void! Their face was ashen, their hand, cold upon Crowley's chin.

"BOW you stupid CUNT!" Dagon snarled only to stop short of their strike when Crowley didn't bow. How was he supposed to know?

"Indeed, how was he to know, dear Dagon?" The icy blue eyed speaker asked, Crowley's mind shutting down a second too late.

"Now, there is no reason for that, it's a hivemind, my Fallen child~" Just the HINT of emotion lit their eyes as they stared him down like a splendid roast.

"I shan't waste it all at every given second on my Fallen Angels~ Just a quick poke and prod, you can continue on your mundane thoughts-"

Like a child lost in a store and holding onto an employees hand, he looked at the speaker in the eyes and asked slowly, voice hoarse from the air and his screams prior, "Can I follow you-"

A sound THAWK sound came when Dagon kicked his in the temple, a THUD answered after as Crowley fell like a ton of bricks to the ground before the icy eyed speakers feet.

Said speaker sighed, looked towards Dagon who answered themselves of why they'd done this with, "He didn't even ask to speak, Lord Beelzebub! Besides-" They pushed his head with a foot and snarled, "He's not right!"

"It had to be done, Dagon, now," Lord Beelzebub spoke in the clipped way then looked around slowly. There were two others that gave them hope for their next chance at winning, THERE!

Hastur was carrying Ligur bridal style, the dark skinned Demon wasn't moving, and for a brief second, not yet fully 'gone' of their Angelic self, Lord Beelzebub dare not breathe as the two neared them in the thick soup like haze around them.

"Is he,"

"Bloody fucking wanker he-" Something changed in Hasturs thoughts, Lord Beelzebub saw this, so they looked closer at Ligur as he said something about how he'd been brutally beaten before they Fell together.. Something-

Too late on the lie for his Lord, Hastur watched as the rebel of Heaven scanned over Ligur before nodding and said calmly, "Nest down some place, tend to his wings, what is left of them-he'll be praised highly when he awakens!"

Hastur nodded, gave a weak smile then began off towards a place to 'nest down', feeling was all one really could go by until close enough to something-

"Hastur-" The skinny Demon froze and he turned his black as pitch eyes back his Lords way, "Ey, my Lord?"

"Dagon, carry this one, follow Hastur, you did it, you handle it!" And as suddenly as they had appeared with Dagon before Crowley, they were gone without a sound to their coming and going.

Dagons teeth bared but swiftly, EASILY, heaved Crowley up and over their shoulder, his weight seemed nothing to them to which even Hastur blinked before jumping to it when he waited too long and was bitten at by the sharp toothed other.


Finding a place to 'nest down' in what would become Hell wasn't easy.. It was cold, damp, dusty, muggy.

But Hastur, having been created broken by God Herself, knew the best places to hide away, nooks and crannies, a place to observe!

Mindlessly, he dug in the dirt a bit, Dagon dumping Crowley literally off their shoulder before briefing the lanky white skinned Demon about who he was and such forth before seeking their Lord Beelzebub out once more, like a fly to shit!

Likewise Hastur gave no shits to anything but Ligur who he tended to tenderly, grooming out the last bits of torn sinew, dissolved the ends of his wing bones to ebb anymore blood, his saliva bubbling along the self broken bones till it hardened, as much of his 'Holy Self' whatever THAT truly meant, given to the one who stuck by his side no matter what happened.

"Ya FOLLOWED… Satan give me strength! What am I ganna do wit'ja, Lig?" He asked with a small chuckle and beamed as Ligur himself stirred and shot back in a raspy voice, "Carry me around some'ore, Hast! That was nice~"

Before either could respond, Crowley finally came around and groaned, dark wings dusty, limply held to his sides.

"Who the fuck are you?" Ligur asked, panting as he tried getting up from Hasturs care only to get put back into place easy, Hastur explaining to a not so pleased Ligur as he daggered the redhead with knives so sharp, Crowley himself curled away and held his knees to himself.

"Whelp, he's awake, he can get! I don't trust him, he smells… WRONG!" Ligur sniffed unceremoniously loud in the others direction.

"Oi, huuush now, it's just for a spell, our Lord Beelzebub ordered us to watch'im!" Hastur assured his much more built friend.

"He's not stay'n with us!" Ligur spat before finding the nest Hastur made with what he could and praised tiredly to him, honey sweet voiced, warmth in his bewitching eyes, "You stole their clothes for ME, Hast?" The built other stupidly pushed himself into the skinny other and cried out in shocked pain, Hastur trying to ease his inner pain as Crowley watched in silence, learning just what DEMONS were about-

"Eaaase ya stupid bugger, eeease, breathe! Ey, there you go-"

Ligur panted tears in his eyes as Hastur settled carefully down beside him, their bodies close like when in Heaven.

Crowley blinked his serpentine eyes their way, watching what DEMONS were about-

"That's it, easy in, now lie down, I swear to BOTH now I'm ganna ring your neck for being so fuck'n stupid!"

Ligur did something to Hastur that no other Demon had dared do, for they'd only so long had Fallen, he gave his partner a small nose touch before resting his heavy head upon Hasturs chest, shoulder resting upwards along the skinny others folded arms, and sailed off at once as he felt safe within Hasturs presences, snoring not but five minutes later.

Once it hit Crowley what he'd seen what just as Angel like as well, ANGELS, he puzzled over what it truly MEANT to be Fallen…

Hasturs wings weren't black he noticed-

He looked around, using his serpentine like abilities to 'see' others in the distance, taking to Hasturs lead and stripping the dead of their clothes, using them for bedding or bandages, for Heaven's sake- He flicked his tongue out at that word, it felt funny even thinking about it, Demons he watched CARRIED one another, Fallen partners towards places to recharge!

Hastur and Ligur weren't alone now as Crowley 'watched', the heat signatures he saw were close bodies, two to four of them, preening one another, taking watch as another slept, he even found Lord Beelzebub, the signature blaring like music, Lord Beelzebub themselves stood watch as the forms filtered towards their 'Light', the very scent of their POWER was enough of a beacon really, Crowley thought. Their Lord stood watching as from every corner of this hellish world they landed upon, more bodies came together, fixed themselves up, recharged!

"Stupid," Crowley looked back, startled by the voice and found Hastur having been staring at him this whole time. "Yes...Sir?"

"Wanker, just get'ere!" Hastur cursed before lifting the wing he wasn't hiding Ligur under and snorted, nodding like a horse when Crowley stared dumbly at the offer.

"They chose, YOU?" Crowley heard as he carefully moved himself beneath Hasturs large desert colored wing, he noted it had spots of dark browns, like dunes~

He unfurled his own wings and felt tiny by the others wing span quickly. His two black raven colored wings put together didn't come close!

"Happens when your one of Her first!" Hastur hissed before fluffing up the wing he hide Crowley under.

"Sleep, Ligur wakes and sees you he'll fuck'n flip!"

Crowley tried his best to give his wings to Hastur in return only to be rebuffed with, "Unlike you and Ligur, Maggot, I wasn't much for close cuddle times as an Angel, I'm used to being cold and watching out for others, ha! Like they cared, not like Ligur-"

"I'm grateful, Hastur Sir, thank you kindly!" Crowley piped in with a smile, beaming wider as Hastur groaned and gave his back to the redheaded Demon, "Ooh Lord Beelzebub whhhy?"

Hastur felt the youngster snuggle into his wings fluff and downy softness, the press of another along his back as like his front, he huffed with a roll of his black as pitch eyes before snipping, lowering his head down upon Ligurs, "Don't get use to it, dumb shit!"


Some time later: Before the major events of Good Omens and when Crowley wasn't near Aziraphale but in Hell


Dagon mocked him for his 'babysitting' position but Hastur smirked in returned with a dark, "He's going to be The One, Daggy ya fish!" Every chance he had.

His Lord Beelzebub had chosen this one, Crowley to bring forth the AntiChrist, and he HASTUR had been given such a big task in steering him right!

Even Ligur got around to the lively bastard child full of questions and ideas and things, veeery stupid things like, what was a 'Play' or, 'Park?'

As much as he reminded himself and Crowley, here they were, all three in a pile of limbs, sleeping.

Ligur snoring louder than Hells screams of the damned, Crowley ever shifting and moving around, and Hastur, from time to time, trying to sleep when Crowley wasn't in a tizzy in his dreams, between them.

At this very moment however he wondered if his Lord would mind if Crowley lost the hand that pressed into his face? Ligur had by 'accident' roasted his feet when the youngest jumped from his dreams and kicked the built other well into the gut, Ligur being woken was one big no, waking him in such a way-He had a funny walk now though, it amused the once kicked Ligur something powerful as Crowley wobbled and sauntered along to seem like everything was fine before others watching.

Hastur pushed the redheads hand away instead and forced himself a spot to curl up and sleep better. Once cozy, as cozy as one in Hells newly made building could call it so, Ligur snuggled along Hasturs side, face to face, breath to breath.

It was nice….

Then came Crowley, 'king of the pile' the snake he was when one sunned itself, right up upon Hasturs back, out cold, hair in his face, Ligur already asleep again so he wasn't going to be moving the tiny other off him anytime soon.

So, silently, he hoped to his Lord Beelzebub and Satan that his not killing Crowley from the start WAS for a good reason and closed his black as pitch eyes and tried to sleep amongst the pile around him.

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Not many got preened by their Lord Beelzebub. Their Lord Beelzebub was happy to help, 'happy' silently but there for their Demons they were, it was their idea to preen each other on Sunday, a day to talk to one another, unwind from their literal lives in Hell!

So when a Demon DID get preened by their Lord Beelzebub, underlings stared in awe of the Demon who's wings remained spread loud and proud-Until getting put into their place by one of the Dukes shortly after if they weren't careful to deflate themselves and return their preened wings to their celestial body before one of them saw the blatant show of outrank before them!

Dagon themselves was the nastiest in their beatings of an overzealous Demon! The beatings left said Demon wingless and that was an IF they lived once Dagon was through.

Privately, Demons figured Dagon was jealous of such attention 'lavished' upon them by their Lord Beelzebub. Asserting dominance that again, any sorry Demon who was 'lucky' enough to be 'tended' to by their Lord Beelzebub was set upon without even a lick of mercy, not that Hell knew the word.

One time, Dagon was caught by the very Lord they loved most and dearest, the crumpled body of the Demon tended to by their Lord Beelzebub dropped with a sad slap into the puddle of Demonic blood upon the cold stone floor before them.

This one time out of hundreds of other Demon beatings and deaths, their Lord Beelzebub happened upon them in the act, and without a means to explain their actions, unfurled their blueish white wings, hands bowed down, body lowered to the ground, dipping into the blood they had spilt.

"My Lord~"

Dagons shivered sentence whispered in the cold distance between them and their Lord.

Their Lord Beelzebub stared silently at the submissive display, saw the pure love and terror in those cool blue eyes and used their nose to gesture Dagon to turn.

Dagon, if they even could, lowered down further, if they had a tail, as they slowly turned back facing their Lord Beelzebub, it would be so far up between their legs.

"I have no excuse for my actions, Lord…"

"I believe you do, Duke Dagon!" Dagon flinched outwardly at the chilly calm of their Lord's voice behind them but inwardly burned, such power and demand for respect!

"Now, tell me the truth and I won't make thizzz painful!"

Dagon relished in such a thought, a strange desire to be taken out by their Lord~ But they DEMANDED an answer…

Dagon, still in a submissive display returned proudly, "I DESPISE them, their blatant show of disrespect once taken care of by you, Lord! Wings FLARED, heads high, proud, eyes on them in AWE, an UNDERLYING, A PEON!"

"They don't deserve your care, Lord! They should tend to YOU-BEG to do it-"

"Why izz that?"

Dagon whispered where they stood still, eyes closed, "Because.. They are nothings… They did not Fall with you, join as we did you in the Glorious Revolution.. They..did not.. Fall FOR you.. Lord.."

"Azzz I recall zzomeone who went for the Archangel Gabriel who zztruck me down only to get cut down by the Archangel Michael! No other Fallen dared do zzuch a thing now did they?"

Dagon nearly flared their wings in pride as they recalled that moment! "Ooh how I wish I had gotten them BOTH, you'd be sooo pleased of me, Lord!"

"You think I'm not, nor wazz then Dagon, izz that it?"

This confused them and unnaturally, they turned and blinked, all manors of submission gone due to their Lords words.

"Who izz firzzt Duke, the very firzzt after the Fall? Who zztands by me anytime I zzpeak to citizens of Hell? Who keepz thingz in line, not Haztur nor Ligur, but YOU!"

Dagon fell to their knees, as if praying and cried, "My Lord-"

"You let jealousy cloud your better judgement, even you know that izz zztupid!"

"Look me in the eyezz Dagon-" And Dagon followed their Lord Beelzebubs words and stared.

"I tend to my fellow Demonz for reazonz of Leaderzzhip, they are below me, yezzz, but they are followerzzz one way or another! To be a good Leader, one muzzzt be apart of their zzwarm! You, Hazztur, and Ligur have high rankz, do NOT forget thizz, but to kill over zzzomething zzzo petty az being preened by me, izzz zzztupid!"

Dagon felt their tears get brushed aside, smiling weakly as their Lord Beelzebub spoke calmer, the buzz out of their voice as they calmed, "You need not be jealous, Duke Dagon! None will take your position-"

"I dare think someone would take YOU though, Lord.." Dagon confessed finally and lowered their redhead down, bowed before their Lord.

They felt a kiss to the crown of their head and looked up slowly, eyes brimming as their Lord Beelzebub returned with an assured, "I dare anyone try when your always near me, my Duke~"

"Now, turn back around, I don't remember telling you to turn to face me!" Dagon carefully turned, still sitting upon their knees and beamed as their wings were gently preened, their Lords voice softer, calmer, loving in their ears behind them as they shared news of the day, as their Lord made to be done together in Hell by everyone, every Sunday~

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The holiday of Satan, the day when mortals went out at night and sought candies and scares.

The Them, Warlock, and Dog were just finishing their pumpkins, Dog biting his into what HE saw was his victory over the neighbours cat, whilst Adams was a serpent and a sword, Wensleydales being logos of candies, Peppers of a pirate, Brians an Alien (what HIS ideas of the creatures looked like anyway), and Warlocks being a cross between a Demon and Angels wings.

They each set a candle inside the pumpkins, their light glowing bright turning the kids orange as they placed them by Adams drive before rushing home to change.

Walking down the lane by Adams house was Newt and Anathema, hand in hand, a scarf one way to large for Newt alone, slung around the couples shoulders twice and STILL hung by each side as they walked.

"I.. I read somewhere about Pumpkins and the reason for the lights!" Newt commented as Anathema spotted said gourds and smiled.

"Oh, then please enlighten me~" Anathema mused and so, quickly, in his way, Newt spilled what he recalled in a book in Madam Traceys study, "By those who made them, the lanterns were said to represent either spirits or supernatural beings, or were used to ward off evil spirits.

"For example, sometimes they were used by Halloween participants to frighten people, and sometimes they were set on windowsills to keep harmful spirits out of one's home. It has also been suggested that the jack-o'-lanterns originally represented Christian souls in purgatory, as Halloween is the eve of All Saints' Day (1 November)/ All Souls' Day (2 November)."

"Really!" Anathema asked they started off, watching more kids pool from the homes and into the streetlight lit streets all dressed in costumes with bags for candies, giggling and calling for friends they saw behind the masks.

"Bloody creepy, how can anyone have a day for WITCHES? I've hunted them back in my day I tell you!" Shadewell spoke to Madam Tracey who basked in the glow of the broken veil of spirits and the Earth.

"Isn't it grand though, Sergeant? How we as people celebrate such things even after all this time?" She giggled as Wensleydale weaved through her and Shadewell after a rather strange looking Alien, Brian, the rest of the kids ahead, Adam yowling how they were off to Aziraphale and Crowley's cottage first to parents who watched kids go by.

Lurking in the darker parts of the streets, a pair of true Demons watched the goings on one with bewitching colored eyes the other with black as pitch eyes, both close together as a 'ghost' ran past, stopped, and praised under his sheet, "Now THOSE are some awesome costumes and makeup effects!" Then charged on leaving the men in baffled silence, looking at each other before one asked, the lanky skinny Demon whos partners eyes changed his eyes from yellow to pinkish at his others words, "Wot… Wot did'e say?"

"I think he thinks we look good, Hast." The one named Hastur grinned deeply and looked down towards a shape between them and chuckled, "They haven't seen PURE Evil then, Lig~" And out of the shadow of both parents stepped a child, his first year amongst humans in such a festive event.

Meanwhile, Crowley and Aziraphale had decked their cottage out for the Holiday season, Crowley a 'big spooky fan him' as Crowley himself called fixing his bowtie and asked, head turned back, "Angel, you done?"

Out came the perfect replica of Crowley, complete with a painted on snake tattoo along his right temple and serpentine eyes.

"Indeed, Dear Boy~ How do I look?" And he struck a pose as 'Crowley like' as he could. Crowley himself as Aziraphale complete with his cute blush upon his cheeks, neither as they had during their trials, but self done and right now, Crowley lost himself and just stared, Aziraphale walking his best 'Crowley' walk over towards the stricken Demon.

"Holy shi-Gaah, damnit!" Crowley hissed as 'Holy' tainted his lips even as an 'Angel'.

Aziraphale chuckled softly and walked closer to Crowley before fixing the others tie though it needed no fixing before kissing his nose and purred, "Heaven does not compare to your looks my Dear~"

Before Crowley could reply with a cheesy one liner of his own design, a ring at the doorbell sounded and both broke their eye contact, not noticing how close they'd drifted to each other until then and blushed, broke apart, and blushed.

"Let's give some treats for these little tricksters~" Aziraphale hummed, flicking on Crowley's sunglasses cooly, seeing the look of desire upon the Aziraphale styled Crowley's face and purred, "We'll have our own treats later, Dear Boy now~" Hand out, the other took it and went to greet the first kids that had arrived.

In the stream of kids, two other Demons walked the streets, both just as Hastur and Ligur weren't even hiding how they looked for a change, one shorter had flies everywhere and smelled, the other smelled of fish and had scales all along their face and hands, hands darting to the street as their cool blue eyes saw dropped candies as they walked.

"These taste amazing, here!" The fish scaled one spoke, unwrapping a colorful candy and handed it over towards the shorter other who tried it, the fish scaled hand darted down again swiftly as another partly unwrapped candy sat stepped on, dirty and forgotten right into their mouth sharp as nails showed for teeth in their mouth as they chittered pleasantly, "That had a bug or something inside it!"

"Really-" The other spoke with a withered look their partners way who quickly brought the candy back up and showed them.

"A scorpion?"

"I had one back there a block or so with some kind of glass in it!"


Rock candies and bug covered candies were the kinds of treats the two Demons found as they walked, rare treats, not the normal chocolates or caramels, but in Tadfield, a close knit of people, a few neat treats weren't unheard of~

"Break it in half, I want some, Dagon!" The fly covered one spoke as three forms moved along behind a few last kids, Dagon breaking said candy and handing it off with, "Its blue colored too, Lord Beelzebub~"

The Them were at the cottage first, Adam and Warlock and The Them eager to see the two men who greeted them with warm smiles and a full bucket of candies and treats.

"Crowley? Aziraphale?" Adam asked then watched Warlock hug both and correctly told them apart, hugging Crowley first, his 'Nanny' and then Aziraphale, the 'Gardner'~

"Ooh, oh that's awesome!" Wensleydale said as Aziraphale removed the glasses to show his eyes, Crowley picking up Warlock and smothered him in kisses those of a loving Nanny and her beloved Godson~

"You all look wonderful!" Aziraphale beamed, handing over a decent amount of treats to each child and a special cookie for Dog who was a Vampire this year it seemed~

The stars overhead shone bright as Newt and Anathema sat in the field, watching things going on down the hill they perched upon, both leaning upon the other, breathing calmly together.

Madam Tracey stopped Shadewell and pointed out The Them who waved them over, the two forgoing the address the two men had told to them and followed their hearts, or so Madam Tracey said anyway~

"Looking good, sweetheart~" Madam Tracey greeted Aziraphale then stopped before both of them could hug and kiss.

"What? Not Zira enough for a hug and kiss, Madam?" Crowley asked with a Crowley only smile upon Aziraphales face.

"Oooh you!" Madam Tracey giggled and swatted him with a glove before hugging him and kissing his cheeks, Shadewell looking closely at 'Crowley' and nodded, "Not bad, son! But my Crowley has a smell no other has!"

"Smell?" Crowley asked and sniffed Aziraphale, Aziraphale giving him a thin look with Crowley's serpient eyes.

"It's just a smell, a.. What is that word you use, Tracey?" He asked and she replied as a few kids came by the cottage, "An aura ny dear Sergeant~"

"EY, that's it-"

"One SMELLS an aura? Fascinating!" Aziraphale whispered before welcoming the two adults into their home as the wave of kids eased for a spell.

Unknown to Crowley and Aziraphale however, Hastur and Ligur were about, for the first time, TRYING something mortals did for a change, their son silently pinning to try something like this and their undying love for him did not help-

Up to the cottage the three went, Jasper as himself, wings out, fangs growing in peaked out as he silently opened his mouth to say the titular 'Trick or Treat' when the door was opened and a wash of fell upon him and his happy face.

"What an outstanding little creature you make!" Aziraphale dressed as Crowley said, leaning down to see the pride in the bewitching eyes of this lad.

"And such love I feel, ooh, your Fathers even dressed up, ooh, ooh goodness~" He couldn't help himself and called, "Crowley, come look at this~ Its simple beautiful!"

Jasper looked towards his parents when he felt, at the name 'Crowley' their beings go cold, Hastur stepping over towards him quickly just as 'Crowley' came-

That's when both Demons actually LOOKED!

Then, the gears clicked-



Both weren't themselves-

But out of nowhere, Jasper hugged Hasturs side and gave a silent mouth movement as if PLEADING to be good, not to hurt, SOMETHING but Hastur only understood the look within his sons now sad blue eyes.

With a quick look back towards Ligur, the Demons looked to Jasper as 'Crowley' appeared and stopped short next.

So THAT'S how they did it-


Hastur tapped his sons back and let him get his candies as every house before…

Tonight was his-

Hastur gave it his DAMNDEST not to tare into the two before him and Ligur and their son, for his son who gained more praise from 'Crowley' Aziraphale, treats given in two hand scoopfuls into his bag looked ECSTATIC...

Jasper didn't act Demonic… He never hurt, didn't kill, he chose PLANTS when he was tested in hunting..

The games the two made to TEACH him skills for Hell and its life became FUN! Tag, chase, hide and seek-He wasn't SCARED he was HAPPY to be playing!

He LOVED animals, wouldn't touch them even to eat unless he never saw WHAT it HAD been…

And as he waved to the gushing 'Crowley' who waved back happily, he returned to his parents and held up his bag and flapped his wings with joy.

Hastur and Ligur couldn't scold him, find it inside them to TRY…

Jasper was THEIRS and was PERFECT no matter WHAT things he did differently from his moral birth as a Demon!

So instead, Ligur gave a last cold look towards THE Crowley before holding Hastur along the side, other hand motioning without words spoken to be held, Jasper silently chirped and grasped it and started off.

"Hastur…" Dagon

"Duke Ligur.." Beelzebub

"Lord Beelzebub?" Ligur

"Dagon!" Hastur

Jasper waved and that was that, besides themselves, on sight of the Dukes of Hells son, Duke Dagon and Lord Beelzebub softened and greeted the small creature with sniffs and nudges, all before the cottage of Crowley and Aziraphale who now sat back inside with Shadewell and Madam Tracey, the scare of seeing the Dukes again forgotten as they shared words.

Upon the hill still watching the kids of Tadfield go about on Halloween night, Anathema leaned into Newt, as if cold and he held her closer, face upon hers with a smile.

"So, next year we'll be doing this, right?" She asked up and Newt laughed, "What? I mean, adults can I guess but…." His thoughts slowed.


Anathema purred under his chin as it locked into place what was just shared within Newts thoughts.

The Them followed after a group of kids when everyone stopped with a start as a yell sounded from the hill overlooking Tadfield, where Newt and Anathema sat.

The Demons stopped for a moment then shrugged it off, Dagon and Lord Beelzebub parted ways from Hastur and Ligur as Jasper wanted to keep following the others, said parents enjoying the cool night air and that yell had reminded them of a few early start Lurkings they'd done.

Holding close to their partners, both sets of Demons walked in opposite directions, inside the cottage they had stopped before Madam Tracey showed her ring that Shadewell had had made for her and the two men of the cottage broke out some drinks and congrats as all around Tadfield, things went along in their slow easy paces, ever changing, but what would life be without the changing of things?

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It was the first perfect day Nanny Ashtoreth just so happened to know was coming soon and with Brother Francis' help, prepared a picnic surprise for Warlock, their secret Godson~

They were to be pulling him either to the side of Holy or the side of Hell but…

As Nanny Crowley looked into the child's toy strewed room, she couldn't dare even see him as a bloodthirsty monster… Sure he still DESPISED his greens and naps but….. His smiles and laughter were contagious~

And Gardner Aziraphale watched him study things, sometimes as only kids would do be it killing a bug, finding something dead, or pulling things apart YET there wasn't evil intent!

Today, a fine beautiful day, was going to be spent as a family~ No lessons on Good or Evil, no lessons of sign language nor about stars nor rulers! Just warm sun, blue skies, and sandwiches in the park~

"Morn'in Nanny~" Warlock greeted, hugging Crowley happily when he was awoken, Crowley lifting him easily with just the boys young arms around her neck and cradled him within his arms with a warm nose boop, "Morning my dear~"

"Today looks lovely! Can we play in the garden before my lessons, please, please?" Warlock asked, big brown eyes wide which melted Crowley's 'cold Demonic heart' to jelly.

"I have one better-" He said and put the boy down, "Get into your uniform and instead of classes, we'll have a bit of an outdoors field trip, hum?"

"Truly, Nanny?" Warlock asked then clapped and rushed to his clothes chest when Crowley gave him a sweet smile and nod in yes.

Once dressed and given a fruit for breakfast, hand in tiny hand, Warlock walkes politely beside his Nanny as she leads them to the close by park which just sooo happened to be occupied by-

"My word, fancy seeing you here young Warlock~" Gardener Aziraphale greeted as with a gentle nudge forward, Warlock charged towards the farmer styled man and hugged him in greeting.

"This is lovely! Nanny, look, its Brother Francis!"

"So it seems, dear~" Crowley spoke, standing there calmly, hands upon the umbrella topper, watching as Warlock spotted the basket and blanket by Brother Francis and smiled as he asked both ways, sign and spoken, "Having a picnic, Brother Francis?"

"As a matter'o fact, I am!" He says and looks behind him, Warlock followed and beamed as his eyes leading him to Nanny Ashtoreth!

"Surprise dear~"

"Oooh, ohh Nanny! Thank you!!!" Warlock cried happily, wrapping his small arms around her front, Nanny Crowley hugging him smiling happily as she spun them together close to Aziraphale and the picnic setup.


The day was spent in joyful bliss. Warlock learned how ducks feathers seemed to repel water, and how fish actually breathed in water AND air!

He learned how flowers and trees grew, because birds took the seeds and bumblebees the pollen!

He didn't even care that he wasn't to be learning anything, because this was hands on and fun, especially with Nanny AND Brother Francis!

And though the two adults TRIED to hide it, Warlock knew they were smitten with each other~ The way Nanny took looks to Brother Francis as he taught him about the garden, or how Brother Francis snuck a rose to his Nanny when he was doing piano~

They weren't his mum and da, and this made it better! He KNEW this was love! They smiled at him, hugged him, did things with him, loved him as much as they loved each other~

Secretly, Warlock wished THEY'D be his parents…

He wouldn't care about not having money if his wish came true! He was always so lonely and sad when his parents WERE home because they were always so busy doing work to play, listen, care…

"Sweetheart, what's the matter?" Nanny asked him softly and he found he was starting to cry.

"Oh.. Um.. Allergies…" He replied, wiping his nose on his uniform cuff.

"Now dear," Crowley tutted, pulling him over, suddenly with a hankie in her hand, cleaning his runny nose, "You know how I don't like lying!"

Warlock sniffled and whimpered, "IwantyouandBrotherFrancistobemymumandda!" Then cried heavily into his Nannies chest.

Both Aziraphale and Crowley looked at one another with broken hearts and set upon treating Warlock and his sorrows as only true loving parental figures could.

"Now, now dear, what do we say to tears?" Nanny asked and Warlock went silent, an eye peeking out from her chest.

"Lords don't cry they laugh at suffering?"

Aziraphale gave a look and said in Crowley's place, the man giving the gardner a dirty look, "No, no, young master Warlock! What we say to tears is we're still strong but have been so too long~"

These random comments the two made always made Warlock chuckle silently.

From Nannies weird lullaby about blood, pain, brains, to Brother Francis' holy spirit of everything, it was something funny and he smiled.

"Both are good, now, no," Nanny said before hugging him close and asked, "We laugh yes, but not at suffering, but how?"

Aziraphale stared, confused then smiled softly as Warlock roared and tickled his Nannies arm, said Nanny toppled over laughing then began to tickle him back along his sides.

Suddenly, Aziraphale found himself the 'victim' of a tickle attack as Warlock and Crowley dive bombed him whilst he was lost in thought, the three laughing loudly and happily as each had a turn being 'tortured' by tickles~


By evening, the service men came along, showing their time with Warlock was done and so, sadly, the three having been eating ice cream as they watched the sun set upon the lake with the ducks swimming along gracefully along its surface, Nanny gave Warlock a big hug and kiss goodbye and good night, his mum and da were home if the men came all the way out for him and he sighed, hugging Brother Francis next.

"We'll do this again soon, master Warlock, promise~" Aziraphale winked then tapped the young boys nose before looking to his Nanny who smiled gently assured, "Maybe if we can get that piano piece done before the week is out, we can have a walk in the park again, hows that sound?"

"Sounds grand~" Warlock breathed, hugging his Nanny deeply and gained one just as deeply back.

"I love you, mum.."

Crowley froze, stiff, Aziraphale was about to comment when he was hugged a last time and told, "Love you, da.." Then was left staring as Crowley as Warlock approached the service men slowly, head low and was lead back towards home-

Suddenly, seeing tears drip down Crowley's cheeks, Aziraphale shivered with love as the 'hard hearted Demon' called out without care, "Love you too, my dear Warlock~"

Warlock turned with a huge smile, then a glowing one as Aziraphale gave a loving smile and wave goodbye and with his head held high once again, he walked home with love in his heart no matter how much his birth mum and da ignored him~


"Crowley…" Aziraphale whispered as darkness spread as the sun vanished behind the edge of the world.

"Quiet..Just.." Crowley whimpered tightly only to break as he felt the Angel hug him close and broke out weakly, hand over his mouth, "I can't… He...can't be.. I don't WANT him to be…"

"I know Dear Boy," Aziraphale whispered before pulling Crowley closer, rubbing his trembling back as his sobs grew louder, his eyes looking to the heavens as he replied, "Neither do I-"

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This WASN'T his Master's SON!

No, Hastur knew now, this wasn't!

No Hellhound, no voices, DEMONIC ONES anyway!

As he looked at the child as he stared stricken and ash faced, Hastur knew then what he wanted to do wouldn't be discouraged!

If it was-Lord Beelzebub was fair in listening to him on such matters!

Hastur snuck a look towards what the poor thing was looking so struck at and sneered, licking a maggot off his lip as it crawled from his nostrils.

Service man lay scattered in pieces upon the hot desert floor, bodies inwardly exploded in human combustion! One mans head comically landed in the driver's seat of a jeep behind him~ His glasses were even still on!

Warlock stared struck at his in suspended animation parents, neither dead nor alive right now, just, 'hanging out', ooh he was getting these jokes at last!

"W...what.. What's wrong with my..mum and...da?" Warlock asked tightly as the boys parents stayed silent, stricken at the moment the service men surrounding them exploded.

"Ooh, just a bit'of a Demonic miracle, lad!" Hastur sneered, waving a hand willy nilly around and said pointedly, recalling Warlocks screams of he WAS the AntiChrist and laughed harshly, "All ya have'ta do young Master is," He moved his hands like Spondgebob did in the 'imagination' episode he'd seen, finishing with, "Set'em free~"

"Ho...w," Warlock whispered, tears huge in his eyes as he tried fighting them before this monster.

"Oi, your my Master's Son, right? Yooou should know how~"

Warlock rose his voice in as Demonic a way as he could, sobbing out instead of sounding scary, "HOW THE BLOODY HELL DO I FREE MY MUM AND DA?"

A loud SMACK sounded and Warlock hit the side of the van, nose bleeding, marks cut into his cheek where Hastur violently struck out.

Towering over the fallen crying boy, Hastur hissed, whole body trembling with hate and rage noe, "Listen here you vile little MAGGOT-" He jabbed the the boy harshly with his index finger as he spoke each word, "You. Don't. Talk. To. A. Duke. Of. Hell. Like. Their. One. Of. Your. Mortal. Humans!"

Warlock whimpered, trying to shield himself from Hasturs harsh pokes and whispered, "I'm sorry.. Sorry Sir! Pl..ease j..ust tell me h..ow to my parents ba..back… I beg you!"

In a whorl, Hastur used a hand full of HellFire and engulfed Warlocks parents where they stayed stuck, laughing crazily as the boy screamed in protest as his parents became animated but couldn't move away, stuck in the unyielding flames as they were eaten alive, melting by the heat, screeching in such pain that it echoed through the desert canyons beyond.

In the wake of the fire lay what remained of his mum and da, clothes and dark marks where they once stood…

Warlock heaved up his lunch and choked worse as he found fresh tears to shed, his vomit going down the wrong tube as he sucked in air as he cried.

Turning back towards the lost child in a drunken like way, Hastur gave a slow, dark, crooked grin and mused, stepping forward slowly, gravel crunching under his boots as he neared Warlock, "Bring them back then, Master~"

Warlock heaved again and fell sideways, trembling to much to even remain on hands and knees.

Hastur stood there calmly, smirking as he watched and waited.

Warlocks misery was so damn good he didn't mind a bit of wasted time right then and picked a bit further with, "Did Crowley not teach you, boy of your powers to come?"

"C..rowley?" Warlock asked and hid as Hasturs wings flared out, blotting out the desert sun in the process as he began to turn into the true Demon he was.

"Ooh what waaaaas his naaaame for himself then?" Hastur hissed, body dripping toxins and maggots, his eyes fully black now, fangs showing with his whole mouthed smile.

"Oooooh, he was a Naaaaaanny I thiink~"

"Na..nanny…" Warlock whispered and memories of the funny things he was taught came back, blood, brians, pain, ruling when the Earth was destroyed!

"Nanny? She loves me, she loves me!" Warlock huffed, taking a stand before the monster before him, brown terrified eyes to the eerie black holes of Hasturs own.

"She loved me, taught me many things-"

"Ssssssshe," Hastur sneered, wings posed as if ready to take off, "Was a Demon, SHE delivered yooou from HELL to those THINGS you called parents!"


"Now, if you ARE my Master's Son," Hastur breathed, face touching Warlocks now, the smell of rotten dead things going to haunt him forever more if he survived long enough for such a thing, "Kill me!"

Hastur had grown to an abnormally tall human size, wings so large trailed the ground by the end tips, eyes like black holes, sucking up all happiness he remembered and instead replaced them with all the bad-

Was that why his parents didn't love him? Never paid him mind?

He clenched his hands and screamed, going to strike the thing before himself in the chest!

The hit landed! He felt so light, he'd actually gotten to…

HE was alight!

Hastur stood there smiling, clawed hand torn through his young chest and out his back with his heart still beating quickly in his hand!

Slowly, sloooowly, Warlock looked up, Hastur looked down.

Hastur gently moved his clawed fingers, the heart attached to each delicate vain and chamber, it beat quickly with the boys flight or fight responses.

Letting the boy fall to his knees with grace, Hastur followed him, the boy panting now, blood dripping from his mouth and nose as each breath he took began to burn.

The flames… He'd forgotten those…

He'd lost himself in Hasturs dead stare…

He lifted his trembling hands sadly and tried his best to grasp Hasturs arm, the bit that showed from his chest, but instead, he slumped onto it, arms limply hanging now along either side of Hasturs killing arm.

"Do something, Loooord~" Hastur hissed to Warlock who grew colder yet colder still, the heart behind him no longer in flight or fight, now gave slow, little thumps, every few moments.

"Running out of time, my Looord~" Hastur hissed, wings flaring out to their full size.

Warlock just sadly looked up to Hastur, his breath nearly nothing, tears like his blood dripped to the desert floor below…

"Your not my Master's Son!" Was the last cold thing Warlock heard before Hastur shot into the sky, clawed hand still clutching the faintly beating heart as he did so.

In a sickening twang, the hearts life lines snapped off and he fell back to Earth before Hastur got to high into the sky, and landed, with a sickly THUMP to the ground, dead in a pool of his own blood, eyes staring up unseeing now as Hasturs form seemed to overtake the sun as the Demon roared out harshly, "CROWLEY!" Before vanishing into nothingness-

No one was told the ambassador's whereabouts so… Until someone was crazy enough to drive all the way out to the Middle Eastern desert, the bodies lay in the sun, blood pools cooking in the heat, and animals feasted upon bodies of innocence who were in the wrong place at the wrong time!

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Spring was the time of rebirth! New baby animals came along, trees sprouted new shoots, flowers began to bloom from the frosty Earth amongst the grass in the parks.

This morning, a patch of grass just big enough for a blanket, a Demon, and an Angel sat in the park, the patch dry from morning dew/frost and void below of any newly born flowers~

Two wine glasses sat next to a basket, in said basket was breakfast and a little gift~

"Dear boy, come now, you know not seeing where we are going with YOU leading terrifies me!"

"Naaw, but Angel, I never hit anyone-"

"Anathema! Right off the top of my head!"

"Once, I hit her once-" "Oh, and in the chariot that year in-"

Crowley rolled his eyes but smiled as he released his Angels eyes of his hands.

"Oooh, Crowley~"

"Still don't trust me, Angel?" He asked with puppy eyes behind his glasses, well, snake like puppy eyes really-

"You know what I meant!" Aziraphale scoffed playfully and sat beside Crowley at the blanket set up made for two.

He beamed as a wine bottle appeared in Crowley's hands, the glasses filled with their most enjoyed bubble before they cheered to each other and took a small sip.

"It's beautiful out, is it not, Crowley?" Aziraphale asked after a lungful of morning air.

"Your the reason its beautiful, Angel~" Crowley said smoothly, Aziraphale blushing and hiding his face as he giggled, "Crowley, stop'it now! You serpent!"

"Mind grabbing into the basket for breakfast, Angel?" Crowley asked, seemingly fixing or doing something at the moment to do it himself, so only gladly, the Angel did just as requested and brought out a small delicate package of baked goods, tied with a pink ribbon and a note.

Aziraphale smiled, reading it, expecting the name of the baker upon the card only to read simply, 'Open me~'

Aziraphale did as told, following instructions from a card now, he opened the box of treats and gasped, the smell alone breathtaking.

"These smell amazing, and look, such detail, and for pasties, Crowley, dear look-"

The box dropped gently back to the blanket, magically facing properly so nothing was ruined in the tumble.

Crowley stood before a small patch of daisies that weren't there before, especially reading, 'Will You-' Then upon one knee, Crowley smiled sweetly, eyes free of the sunglasses to show honesty in his asking his Angel the question, "Marry me?"

Aziraphale himself gave a silent sob as he held Crowley tightly and whispered breathlessly, "Yes, YES!"

Twirling his Angel around laughing happily, tears streaming from his eyes before both kissed deeply, then held in the glowing morning sun~

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"Big night, ey lad?" Shadewell asked his assistant in WitchFinding/Witchfinder Private/Son so to speak as said tall young man fixed his hair in Shadewells only mirror, in the bathroom.

"Oh, well, maybe not..not THAT big bu..t umm.." Should he ever tell the old gentlemen he and Anathema had already-Where already-

"Ohh hush, hush you! Can't you see he's concentrating?" Madam Tracey teased as she walked in with a rose in hand.

"Really, you two are kind but.."

"Nonsense, let the beautiful lass give'ya the flower! She knows how to court them~" Shadewell said then finished with a wink before pointing to himself.

Tracey rolled her eyes but smiled sweetly and started fixing Newts jacket before she whispered into his ear, to his shock, "You'll make a wonderful Father, dear~"

But as they pulled back, she put a finger to her lips then shooed him out with a huffed, "Now don't keep her waiting! Truly unprofessional!"

"Indecent really, my lady!" Shadewell spoke as the door to the apartment flat was closed in his face.

Looking at the rose in his hand and his fixed jacket, he looked once more at the door, smiled softly, and got to his car and began to Tadfield.

If he was right, he'd be there before dark!


"See something?" Anathema chuckled as Newt arrived an hour late, eyes large as he stepped inside.

"What is that-"

"Demons, those two anyway seem uncaring of another if said other acts like their not there."

"Those THINGS are seen by you often?" Newt gulped before locking the door and drawing the blinds, after a swift peek out of them.

"Their rather fascinating really, never seen Demons in like… A habitat of sorts, not meaning Crowley either, he's like a domestic Demon, you know-"

"They aren't cats love!" Newt said as he rewatched the THING in his mindseye walking past the lane just before Anathemas cottage, it was coming from the dark thicket of forest just beyond where his car lights burned, a large forest and hours of just so he dare never enter.

A dark mass with eyes that changed from green to blood red as they shone in his headlights, fangs bared as Newt sat in his little car and stared.

A long body soon joined the dark mass, this one's eyes blacker than black, then came a CHILD?

"Ohhh, they had their little one?"

Newt closed his mouth, had he spoken that?

"You just seemed like you saw more than one of those things~" She returned and held his arm, beaming.


"What, Demons and Angels can't have kids?" Anathema chuckled before pulling him into the living room, "Let's get comfy, an hour of Horror Night is lost~"

Newt took a last long look before being pulled away at the front door and felt cold at the knowing, those THINGS knew Anathema was here and SHE knew of such things enough to notice a CHILD version amongst them was amongst them!


"You sure you'll be okay, Newt?" Anathema asked as he turned off the light beside them, the tv now all that shone before them.

"Oh me? Heeey, I'm good with spooky things!" He held his head high and smiled weakly, "I saw Satan, remember?"

Anathema chuckled softly before curling up into his side and tucked into the blankets as another horror show began on the tv.

This movie starred four friends and a haunted pier ride called 'Darkride', and within the first few moments, there was already blood and death as two girls one willing to go the other not, were picked off one after the other then skipped to present day.

"Place a bet, who's the bad guy?" Anathema spoke up and Newt laughed a deep full body laugh. "Is this Scooby Doo?"

"It's fun guessing, I thiiink its…" She pointed to the nerdy looking one.

"HIM? Really," "I don't even need to see far into the future, it's written on his face!"

He watched how the nerd was treated and nodded slowly, "Ya, agreed, I see how he could become the bad guy!"

By the movies end, after more blood and gore and screaming and crying, the guess was correct but in a twist, Anathema surprised but intrigued how it played out.

"Suuure your okay?" She asked as she saw Newt half hidden below a blanket, watching the TV flicker to another movie.

"Uh, oh.. Oh ya, just… Just a bit much all in one sitting.."

With a kiss to his cheek, she held him tightly and mused, "Should make this a family tradition~"

"THESE movies for a baby?" Newt almost yelped only to get bopped by a pillow by Anathema who settled back comfy upon his side with a snort, "Really!"

He kissed her head sweetly and offered, "Maaaaybe Casper… And like.. Spookly the Pumpkin, that's different!"

"Spoookly the Pumpkin?"

As the movie played out now forgotten upon the tv, Newt used his phone to show his partner a picture of a square pumpkin and Anathema actually gushed, "Oh gods it's adorable! What, why is he square?" She took his phone as the movie began to get more intense and looked through a few more, patting Newts face with each new movie she found and liked, "Vampire Dog, Newt, he eats JELL-O!" "Spooky Puppies!" "They made a movie of the Big Pumpkin!?"

She looked upside down at Newt who smiled warmly and purred, "Yeah~"

"It was my favorite book as a kid! Ooh.." She hugged the phone to her and smiled, "That will be the FIRST scary movie our baby sees~"

"Alright, then how about, Vampire Dog next? That dog looks like Adams' dog, Dog!"

"Ya, maybe have The Them, Warlock, and Dog over~ A kid horror movie night?"

Gracing her with a kiss as she remained along her back, head upon his side, Newt smiled lovingly and whispered, fixing a strand of hair from her face, "I love you so much!"

"And I love you, my World saving Hero~"

If it weren't for Anathema and also her condition at present, the crash just out front would have sent Newt bolting upright at once.

The movies climax hitting just at the right moment made this event all the more real and to Newt, terrifying!

He pulled her up carefully and swiftly got to the front door, swung it open and froze as those THINGS stared back at him, his little car tipped over, the adults looking at it before the dark mass spoke out nonchalantly, "Is this a car?"

"W...what," "A car, a horseless carriage!" The long one snipped and Newt whispered, Anathema behind him, watching it all, ""

"How does Crawley's look so much bett'a?"

"Its a baby car, Hastur, right, that's how that'is right?" The dark mass looked to Newt and pointed calmly to his tipped over car, "Is'a baby right?"

The child sized Demon blinked at the metal thing before trying again to put SOMETHING upon it but watched as it slid off slowly and it slumped sadly. Maybe it wasn't hungry?

"Well… Umm… It's pretty small, but she gets the job don-"

"Is. It. A. Baby?" The one called Hastur asked in slow deliberate waves of his hands.

"Yes," Anathema piped in and watched the two adult like Demons stare at Newts tipped over car and waited.

THEY had a kid, or so she felt it was theirs, that tall one had seemed kinda different for a while as she had watched from the corners of her eyes when she saw the two now three.

So, if the car was a 'baby' and they had a baby, would that mean they'd leave it be, take it, break it to assert dominance?

"Your birthed THAT outta your tiny human body?" Hastur choked then looked to his child who chirped as it felt its parents eyes upon it.

"You! That there," Hastur pointed to the child who yawned, bored, then pointed to himself, "Came from me!"

"And THAT-" The dark mass stated, pointing to Newt and his car, "Came from YOU?"

"PPPFFFF," "Oh god, no! No, humans don't birth cars… No… That c..came from a factory from there to a dealership-"

"I think that means it's adopted, Ligur, right?" Hastur asked and the dark mass named Ligur nodded, "Ya, think so." Then both their heads pointed towards Newt and Anathema, Anathema recovering from her laughter.

"You leave your spawn outside then?" Ligur

"And folks say WE'RE bad!" Hastur stated as he pulled his own child over who grew restless and began wandering off.

"Its not..-"

"Bring it inside you monsters, for Satan's sake, your baby car needs its Da and Mum, we toppled it yet your not scaring us off!"

"The car isn't a living thing-"

The Demons stared at the toppled car, then to Newt, then Anathema, then back to the car before Ligur shrugged everything off and said in final, "Bloody ugly spawn, can't even stand, three fuck'n legs, tiny as any'athin!"

"Its not-"

Something dead was put upon the window of the little car, the child Demon looked to its parents then over towards Newt then started off after them. The gift given and would be eaten when ready, the child Demon figured anyway.

When he felt they were gone, or not close enough to be a threat, he moved to his car and saw upon the windshield a dead rabbit.

The hood was open, the doors opened, nothing stolen just… Blood-

"They said 'Crawley', maybe Crowley?" Anathema quizzed as Newt pushed his car back upright and carefully dumped the dead rabbit over the garden fence.

"Maybe, but, what the hell?" Newt asked, pulling the car closer to the cottage. Should he lasso a bike chain to it now after this?

"Crowley's Bentley is the car they spoke of, it's also much bigger, they asked if yours was a car too referring to it as a 'horseless carriage' when it seemed you didn't understand."

Newt looked out into the darkness as Anathema came to a conclusion, putting the last bits together, smiling sweetly, "Aaawwwww, they thought you left your BABY outside! They fed it, tried to, trying to put the rabbit in places they figured would be its mouth!"

"Whhhy would they care? And didn't they see me inside it, and Crowley! Haven't they then seen Crowley in his car?" Newt asked baffled only to mentally squeak like a toy as Anathema held him tight and melted as she purred, "They just felt like being nice, maybe because you didn't run them over, maybe because I leave them alone and visa versa! This proves-" She smiled up at Newt, "That like Crowley, there are good Demons, as there are good Witches!"

He had expected tonight to be scary movies, snuggled down with Anathema, maybe a late night cuddle session, but instead, a Scooby Doo esc guessing game on the first horror movie, followed by kid horror movies for next year, and now the 'revaluation' of Anathema having 'good Demons' in the woods by her cottage!

"Can...can we… Maybe have some tea and… Watch maybe a Nature Documentary? I'm...I'm losing my mind slowly!"

He felt the hug around his side ease and followed Anathema back into her cottage.

With a last look over his shoulder, Newt shook his head slowly and asked himself, 'How does this happen?' Then closed and locked the door, praying his car was left alone of the 'gift giving' Demon parents and their Demonic child!

Privately he wondered a horrible thought, watching as Anathema made tea, her belly not yet even showing, would next year, and their soon to be made family tradition of watching scary movies together, would THOSE things come back around, could they mass breed?

Would they want to join their movie watching… Two scary Demons amongst children…

His tiny car and its 'force feeding' gift of rabbit didn't stand a chance!

Anathema had a funny feeling she knew what Newt was going through in his head, he had a funny look to him as she set down the tea and played along cruelly with, "Maybe I should invite them to our baby shower, what do you think?"

On the tv still playing, the titular scream of a woman getting killed played on the horror movie as Newt looked stricken at his partner and nearly passed out!

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The flood, the flood of which rained for forty days and forty nights, killing all of the wicked and saving the few to change human history, return them to faith!

The flood that had destroyed everything from homes to lands, to families, to animals, those animals of whom did not make it to the boat, a unicorn trying desperately to outrun the rains and only getting so far before it was drowned under the surge the rain caused.

Amongst the rain a black winged shape darted as fast as it could to still dotted homes or trees where kids with their parents screamed for help.

The shape only grabbed the kids and took off- Always just before the flood waters got too much for the children.

Not every child made it, but what was saved was a promise, at least ten before the creatures wings, too wet and soggy to fly, HAD to land, knowing when he did so, that was the end for the rest-

He, the creature, known as Crowley, felt as he finally landed in a dry cave juuust barely before the waters rising tide, a small bit of pride in his work. The kids slowly coming to from shock, holding one another, looking around, alive.

Crowley smiled and greeted them, three knew him right off and raced over, one little girl having done his hair shortly before he found out about the flood!

She snuggled into him and the rest followed, their guardian, God had sent them a guardian~


The rain kept up by finally his wings were dry enough to be out away back into his celestial body.

He left one open though, two of the youngest kids slept tucked within his soft feathers~

The rest slept off their ordeal in the back, warm and safe.

Crowley was about to tuck in his wing and grab the two youngest when a dark feeling of dread seeped through his 'Demonic' form. The fire even dimmed and he grew tiny as something… Someone was coming-

It wasn't God Herself either nor the Angel Aziraphale…

He looked at the ten small children and withered further in place as the someone came from the ground just behind the group of kids in the back of the cave, all still sleeping, unaware of the danger within their guardians safe place.

"Well, overzealous are we, ey, Crawley?" The voice asked proudly, eyes as black as pitch staring at the small living bodies with a hungry glime.

"Lord Beelzebub will be very pleased when you've finished your task-"

"" Crowley asked with a dry throat and the other shook his platinum blonde head and said with a laugh, "Need to come Home from time to time, Crawley!" He nodded to the kids as he kept speaking, Crowley's heart sinking, "Your placement! I as well as Ligur hoped to see you before you had yours, kinda wish you luck you know?"

If he had a tail and ears like a dog…

"Ha..stur…" Crowley worried out slowly only to be interrupted by none other than Ligur himself who came up from the ground next, something in his hands as he shook himself of the dust and rock.

"Good, didn't miss him, I nearly forgot it!" The ever bewitching eyed other said as he neared Hastur and held out his offering.

It looked like a pendant, it matched those of Hastur and Ligurs who's formed their respective creatures, Hastur a Toad and Ligurs a Chameleon, his… Was a snake.

"I don't do the whole, 'giving' thing easy as you know but Ligur and I well-" Hastur spoke and actually spoke with a true smile, Ligur TOO looked proudly Crowley's way, "You've grown on us you tiny bugger! So, this-" The pendant was placed around Crowley's neck, it weighed nothing but burned with a fire only a Demon could call, 'lovingly'.

"G..uys.." Crowley muttered before a voice spoke cold and emotionless, "You two, back here now! The Demon known as Crowley shall be alone to prove himself, you know this!"

His Lord…. Beelzebub..

"Get your slimy asses back here before I do it myself!" Duke Dagon snarled from wherever it was the Dark Council hid when a proving was to be done.

"You'll make us proud," Hastur spoke warmly, Ligurs eyes burning bright red with pride as they started back Below-

"I can't…."

Only the rain outside the cave made noise, even the breathing of the kids ceased it seemed as everything else stopped and grew chilly.

"It's not hard, Crawley~ Remember our teachings, right?" Ligur said calmly, he and Hastur not getting his words true meanings.

"No I mean… I… I can't…."

"Every Demon proves themselves, Crawley, you know that!" Hastur mused, eyes Crowley felt upon him now, hard from wherever his Lord was watching.

"I...can't pr..ove… I don't wan..t to… Like-" He held up his hands and smiled weakly, backtracking as both 'parental' figures began to look bothered. "Like, ma..maybe I can go to the ship a...and.. Tempt som..some mutiny? Make those left alive wonder why… Go… Go against… Noah.."

"We went this far to make sure you got a trail to prove, Crawley, we've watched you with these thiiiings, their going to be your proof of your loyalty!" Ligur motioned to the well awake now kids all looking at all three beings before their young eyes.

"Why else would you have saved them but to end them yourself, right?" Hastur asked, hand waving slightly.

Crowley lowered towards the two youngest still by him and whispered, holding them close, "I like them… Sh...She was… Going to...drowned them…."

He had an idea-

"I was planning on turning them to Satan! I didn't know you all had been watching, haha, ruined the… Sur...prise…"

The looks on Hastur and Ligurs faces affirmed to Crowley, his idea wasn't going over good.

"I don't see this later on in the lines!" Dagon spoke in that clicking of teeth way wherever they were.

"I haven't started ye-"

"Telling ME I don't KNOW something?" Came the harsh rebuff and Crowley looked away expecting a swipe.

"It's a work in progress-"

"No, no it isn't Demon Crowley, and you know this!" His Lord spoke in that cold way of theirs… No buzzing, they were beyond amused…..

"I wouldn't lie on such a matter Lord Beelzebub zir! Hastur and Ligur ta..taught me-"

"To kill and kill only, not make FRIENDS with HER Creations!" Hastur shivered, Ligur trying to hold him back only to be bitten at by the lanky Demon and backed off.

"Little followers of His word…" Crowley whispered, pushing the two kids behind himself now as Hastur seemed to have grown livid and deadly before his serpentine eyes.

"Kill them, Crawley!" Hastur hissed harshly, nose to nose with the shaken younger Demon hiding the two youngest mortals of the flock.

"I c...can't… Hastur… I… You know I can't…."

A slap was heard and the two kids behind Crowley began to cry as their guardian was sent falling to the ground by this angry newcomer.

"Hastur, cease-" Lord Beelzebub spoke cooly only to be ignored as Hastur barreled into Crowley with a harsh, "Ligur and I taught you better! Now kill them! Prove yourself! Don't make me do it as punishment!"

"Ha...Hastur p..please no! No, no, please!"


Crowley with tears in his eyes stared at the children, these kids who didn't deserve death and blinked to clear their faces from his mind.

Something heavy holds him tightly around, nearly breaking his arms as their held tightly to his sides, his breath caught as he watched Hastur grow mad and vibrated with demonic energy.

"LET GO! HASTUR! HASTUR PLEASE!" Crowley begged as Ligur kept a death grip upon him.

"LORD BEELZEBUB STOP HIM!" Crowley roared out, eyes huge, upwards and then around screaming, "HE'S NOT LISTENING TO YOUR ORDERS!"

A swift and painful punch to the gut made him go quiet, Hasturs voice SEETHING within Crowley's ashen face, "I'm PROVING to zhem I'M not afraid to KILL innocents! SHE chose to look, outside and tell me SHE didn't do this Herself for Her Creations ideas changing to other things?"

Crowley spat out a tooth he must have swallowed at Hasturs first strike and whimpered, eyes BEGGING, SEEKING, PLEADING within Hasturs soulless black abyss called eyes, " H..a..-"

Ligur crushed him into silence, awake enough to watch as the girl who did his hair before was torn from the crying group of kids, Hasturs rage now surpassing words so Ligur held the redheads face so's he could see for himself what a mistake he had just made as Hastur chucked the girl down by her hair, smashing her face into the ground and stepped upon her neck.

Crowley weakly tried to break free, Ligur though was well and beyond stronger than himself and he mentally screamed as the little girl was broken along the spine, her screams cut short as the cord was severed where Hastur dug his claws in.

Child after child, scream cut short after scream cut short!

Tears bled from Crowley's eyes, no longer taking stock in his being held so tightly by Ligur as Hastur finished off the eighth child by crushing his skull in with a rock.

It was as he was burying his face in his hands that he noticed, Ligur was WITH Hastur, for how long had that been?

The two looked over at him and it was also then he remembered the two youngest kids.

He tore backwards, reaching them but unknown yet to Crowley, something Hastur nor Ligur taught him… Was possession….

He noticed he felt kind of funny, but had gotten to the kids before the two and held them tightly as Hastur and Ligur struck blow after blow upon him.

He felt evvvvery damn strike, skin broken, feathers scattered as he tried shielding them now with his wings!

Finally, what felt like ever, the beatings stopped, blood dripped from his broken open back, wings torn and ruined limply upon his sides.

But the kids, were safe!

He rose very carefully very slowly-

Sure enough, Hastur and Ligur seemed to have gone, yet he took no chances and went back to holding the two youngest until to his farel horror, they lay broken and beaten in his arms, bodies twisted in such painful ways, blood, their life's blood pooled under their small bodies-

"You failed us, Crawley-" A voice spoke coldly and yet he did not care as he yowled louder then the storm outside, clutching the very dead children in his arms to his body.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM? WHY DO THIS TO THEM?" He bellowed, thrashing within with all that had just been done.


Neither Hell nor Heaven answered the grieving Demon known as Crowley, nor would he have heard one since he now scooped up the poor dead little bodies he'd tried to save from Her only to be killed thanks to his chosen in defying Her Plan once more and cried upon them as at last, the coming sun promised no more rain, a beautiful rainbow spreading joyfully overhead as a dove flew past the cave of cold dead silence.

If he hadn't interfered-

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The disposable Demon stood up straight as he set his Hellfire holding bucket aside, voice calm and clear, much to the Angels gathered surprise-

"Can I ask a favor?"

A Demon ASKING? How strange?

' Aziraphale' knew though, in Hell, even the posters on the walls said PLEASE and as weird as it was even still, 'thanks' was a common word used Below.

He noted Heaven hadn't changed much-

"Can I hit'im?"

'Aziraphale' closed his eyes slowly and let that sink in-

"I've always wanted to punch an Angel~" The Demon kept going, looking hopeful and beamed when none other then Sandalphon replied with a soothing, "Go for it~" With a smile in his voice.

'Trying to push ranks?' 'Aziraphale' wondered as the lower ranked Demon cracked his neck in a show of power and gave his best look of death his way as he began to saunter over to the unable to defend himself Angel.

Out of the corner of his eye, 'Aziraphale' saw the Archangel Gabriel just standing to the side, hands clasped before him, watching this take place-

'You loved him once-', 'Aziraphale' thought privately as the Demon stood before him with the nastiest face he could muster as he psyched himself for the strike to be.

'Aziraphale' gave no show of weakness, a complete contrast of his poor Angel in person…

This poor thing, following Her orders, doing EVERYTHING HE COULD to please Heaven, was actually abusive fear-

Now he knew why his Angel never chose HIM! He dreaded THIS!

In the darkest look back the Demon's way, both went silent of thoughts. The Demon stepped back, those eyes… Those eyes weren't Angelic and pure-

"I think I should be heading back-" The Demon break off eye contact to speak, not even looking at the other Angels in the room but daring not looking into that Angels eyes anymore.

With a hasty trot out, 'Aziraphale' sat waiting for whatever shit was thrown at his Angel next.

It turned out to be Gabriel-

He walked over slowly, steps heavy with purpose, hands still clasped before him.

Their eyes locked now and unlike the Demon before, Gabriel stared darkly right back, lavender eyes upon baby blues.

"With one act of treason you've averted the war!"

His voice had a pep to it-

On and on he spoke about what he'd done wrong then finally the moment came-His 'destruction'.

"May we meet again on better terms~" 'Aziraphale' finally spoke, smiling kindly, no matter what he was faced with, he knew his Angel wouldn't wish nothing but goodness upon anyone-Even those he once called friends, family, lover-

"Shut your stupid mouth, and die already-" Gabriel spoke sweetly and to 'Aziraphales' sickened horror, the Archangel actually smiled after he spoke…

There was no 'home' now, his Angels life was over and this cemented it-When a top Angel just told you to flat out...die…

Well, staring at the flames, 'Aziraphale' silently hoped the plan worked and stepped inside the swirling mass of Hellfire, head held high!

It was kind of warm, in Aziraphales clothes anyway so he snapped his neck some to relax and stared out of the curtain of flames and saw the absolute HORROR and DISBELIEF upon the watching Angels faces.

He smiled sweetly then exhaled a blast of flame their way, relishing in their backing up and hand holding.

Slowly, purposely, Aziraphale stretched and yawned then looked at a watch his did not posses and said calmly, "Oh, look at the time! It's been oh so fun~" Stepping out before the stricken Angels, he smiled and finished, "I must be off~"

They did not stop him as he started off towards the elevators, head held proudly, walk slow and calm.

The Demon returned for the Flames and saw to his horror the Angel walking off and blessed his lucky stars he thought twice of hitting that one-Then heaved as he even THOUGHT of blessing anything!

Something stopped Aziraphale however, a feeling, and he turned around slowly and saw Gabriel looking lost where it was he stayed beside Uriel and Sandalphon!

Aziraphale smiled gently, waved with his fingers and finished his trek to the elevators, a feeling thrown backwards that made even the Demon flinch back from, a feeling of such hate and sadness, that when they finally saw one another, Aziraphale broke down and held tightly to Crowley, Crowley's voice lost as he hugged him close, nose in his lovers neck.

Now he understood… Now… He understood...

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"What is everyone...doing?" Crowley asked his two quote on quote 'guardians' as he walked around the starts of Hell in search for something to do with himself.

It had been AGGGGES since he'd been Above and Hastur and Ligur didn't want to go Above as much as he did yet followed their rules since… They'd been there since the start.. He trusted the two older Demons.

And now with them as Dukes, it gave him a bit of a head above other peons since again, he was kind of theirs!

He'd found Demons in small groups preening their wings, some helping each other, some sharing words, relaxing for the first time it seemed since Falling.

He stopped short and snickered as he saw Hastur and Ligur too, joining in this practice, Hastur grooming what remained of Ligurs wings when he arrived.

"You blind, mite? We're preening!" Ligur hissed before wincing as a still tender spot of his mutilated wings were taken care of by the gentle hands of his partner Hastur.

"And so should YOU you grimy maggot, sit here!"

Crowley looked at himself and snorted before being glared at by the darker skinned Demon, "I'm not getting preened I'm not a bab!"

"Here! Now!"

And swiftly, bowing as he did so, wings flared out before his 'fathers' Crowley sat before Ligur and shifted into a comfy sitting position.

"Ohh! Oh… Umm!" Crowley yelped suddenly as his wings were first brushed by the others hands softly.

"You'll get use to that weird feeling," Ligur said before snarling into the others ear, "Or else I'll beat it out of you!" And quickly, Crowley learned to ignore the warm feeling inside, later known as excitement, and instead looked over his shoulder and smiled, "Want me to preen yours, Hastur?"

With a yelp, Crowley lowered his head as Ligur pulled a large 'unruly' port feather from the young Demons wing as if in answer.

"Don't even!" Was his warning.

"Calm yourself, you nearly lost a feather and already I'd say that would be one of the last you had, Ligur!" Hastur warned and gained a grumble then watched as the man under his care gave more care back to Crowley's own wings if a bit stiffer.

Hastur rolled his black as pitch eyes but smirked some, he never actually saw himself before even getting this close to ANYONE or thing before!

Until Ligur came anyway, and later Crowley, and though still rocky, he felt Ligur was getting the hang of the livelier redhead who was now, once again, bubbly and unafraid to speak up, "Why do we do this and not Angels?"

"Our Lord Beelzebub made it so every Sunday we of Hell take time to be together, preen one another, listen, be close for in Hell, some…"

"Some Angels purposely left some of their own behind in the 'care' and 'love' department!" Ligur finished only to sigh as Hastur cut back in with, "They want us to be a unit, they too join in such acts, their our Lord yet they move amongst us, be apart of us when they can, Sundays are the best time for that to be!"

"Angels actually didn't care before?"

"They ever started?" Ligur asked no one and Crowley frowned frontwards.

Ligurs grooming was now gentler and calm, Hastur was peacefully silent, fixing the ends of Ligurs remaining feathers over the showing scars left behind from his self done work of defiance upon Her!

"Before you flip your lid-" Crowley spoke up as Hastur now done stretched his own wings out, larger than many Crowley'd ever seen and asked right off the bat, "Who got forgotten, why? HOW for that matter, Angels are made to love everything….Aren't they..?"

To Hasturs shock, Ligur actually lowered his head, hands held before him and his voice was hollow and sad, "Why? Because She made a 'mistake' in an Angel. How? Because She's an asshole!"

"I don't-"

"Hastur was made skinny, made lanky, made with to big of wings, made with black as pitch eyes! His voice was harder, and he fell mentally quickly when every Angel before I came took any chance they had and averted him! That's who was forgotten!"

Crowley looked over Ligurs shoulder and saw the eldest Demon looking away with an air of sadness to him, a cold, hard, lonely sadness.

"Before you came, Ligur?" Crowley pressed and watched the bewitching eyed other smile large, teeth showing, "Yes, when I was Created then freed of Her, Hastur caught my eyes right from the start~"

"Not hard to miss this...Mess that I am!" Hastur spoke illy of himself until in those rare moments he'd seen the two in, like the very first night he'd been 'gifted' them as 'family', he watched as Ligur nudged Hastur until the other scoffed and playfully pushed the others face away, smiling slightly once again.

"From then on Ligur stuck to me like a leach and well.. I may never have the right words to thank him for it!" Hastur said and together the two older Demons smiled to one another.

"Kiss already! For Satan's sake! Or get a cave!" Crowley broke in like a child embarrassed by the two eyeing one another so lovingly!

"Oh, can't stand the sight of that, ey?" Hastur sneered and Crowley knew at once what was to come and tried running off to get away.

Demons were Angels once, they weren't stripped of everything that made them Angels when they Fell, so-

In Hastur and Ligurs grabbing for him and pulling him back towards them, the actual laughter that spilled from Crowley's mouth as the two 'tortured' him wasn't as rare back then in Hell.

If you listened closely, those rare times of laughter could still be heard-Faint under the screams of the damned… But there~

Chapter Text

Contrary to popular belief, not EVERY Demon knew how to Tempt nor Lurk, kill nor hunt!

Being alone from the time of his Creation until Ligur arrived, Hastur had MASTERED the arts mentioned with a sick passion that Ligur glaaadly absorbed and nursed beside Hastur.

So, when the time came for Crowley to learn, it was time for the three to go Above upon Earth!

Crowley was smitten at ONCE with the world Above, so much so that instead of following his 'guardians' into the safety of brush, he stood there stupid, like a deer in headlights online with the goofiest grin upon his younger looking face.

Since no one was around, both Hastur and Ligur took stock, they emerged from their hiding place and scolded Crowley at once for not following them, for not being cautious of his surroundings, not even TRYING to look evil where he stood!

Crowley heard with one ear and lost it out the other~

The sky above was a beautiful blue, the sun, ooooh the sun, he spread his wings as far as they'd go and hummed pleasantly as the gentle rays touched his black feathers.

"You daft idiot!" Ligur cursed, smacking him upside the head, waking him up with a grunt.

Without explaining himself, Ligur grabbed the wet behind the ears Demon and with Hastur leading now, followed after him still holding Crowley's arm, said redhead watching as the sun vanished behind him.


"Now, the way to go about Lurking is to wait, find your target, feel them out, learn their movements, and strike when it's dark~" Hastur hissed close to Crowley's ear as all three looked upon a small just starting village below their place in a tree.

"We'll entrust you to bring someone down, Crawley, alright? We've taught you Below, now show us Above!" Ligur spoke deeply and together, as one being, Hastur and Ligur left him alone in search of their own targets.

A rule of thumb, never hunt a target near another Demon!

Crowley sat in the tree, focused, ready-For about an hour-

He began to wonder what those things were doing below! Their minds so hyper focused on their tasks!

Such amazing little things, God's best Creations and Crowley did not hate to admit it aloud~

When the sun hit the very top of the sky, Crowley grew tired of waiting and watching and carefully picked his way out of the tree and walked down the hill and into the village he'd been watching all day.

People moved around him, his wings gone into his celestial body before he arrived, knowing humans felt funny about things like those and instead now held something wrapped around his lower back, everything he wore was black upon him save for his redhead and eyes with their strange slits and yellow surroundings.

Folks moved along, working as always, not minding Crowley in the slightest so, he moved about them as one of them, seeing everything with new eyes.

Spices, clothes, COLORS!

There was even small humans running around! They laughed, it sang to him their happy sounds!

He watched as two raced past him, one slipped, fell, and giggled before he raced after his sibling.

Such resilient creatures~

He smiled fondly but kept going, feet touching dirt, it was dirty, made his toes feel funny, dry!

He watched the humans trade things, handing one thing and getting another thing in return and wondered if he could get one of those things that man just gained and went over.

He looked around, the human before him waited.

He looked around some more then had an idea and pulled a feather from the pouch of the clothes he had on.

One of his own, beautiful, clean, he figured it was worth something only-

With a hand up, the man shook his head no and Crowley looked at him confused before grabbing another.

Finally, unsure why the man didn't want his feathers, he unfurled them from his body and turned, maybe the human wanted to choose his own?

Instead, everyone stopped before backing away slowly.

A mistake was made-

Crowley smiled and began to explain himself, mouth open, finger pointed up, until a scream erupted from someone by the villages entrance and mass panic came next, humans ran this way and that way, some broke things, dumping everything in their hands to the ground, doors slammed, shutters slammed, then deathly silence.

Crowley needed no answer WHY everyone ran and screamed and said weakly, putting a handful of feathers upon the mans table before grabbing some sandals and putting them on slowly, "Hi guys.."

"What in Satan's name are you DOING maggot?" Hastur snarled as Ligur made sure everyone was gone before sampling things at his leisure.

"I...was.. Getting to...know these….. Things?"

Hastur huffed sharply and snipped with an angry air, "Get your ass back over here, we're going BACK!"

Ligur, mid holding something up to snap up, looked at Hastur before grabbing as much as he could before getting to Hasturs side, Crowley following with wings lowered as well as his head.

"Consider this until further notice the last time your allowed Above, that was pathetic!" Hastur barbed as the ground below their feet opened up and they vanished Below.

"Why can't I go back? I was only learning about them, it may be helpful even!" Crowley shot back only to hold his cheek and go quiet as Hastur snarled so darkly to the other, Crowley the rest of the day stayed in the 'nest' where it was for now where Hastur, Ligur, and himself slept in Hell as it was being built, "You weren't LEARNING for LURKING you where LEARNING for ENJOYMENT! And THAT is NOT what we taught you! Do so again and I'll have you kill one prematurely without reason before them all so they'll NEVER stand to see you again!"

That thought alone made Crowley curl away from the two as they got comfy that 'night' for sleep and stayed put, cold, not daring to get warm or curl up beside them, watching his wonders Above get torn to pieces before his eyes…

As scared of him as they had been-He'd try again soon enough, watch them better, learn from them, maybe… Become part of them, if'in his 'fathers' gave him another chance and also did not catch him in the act…

If he made it seem like he was Lurking… He'd have a chance-

Was it worth the risk of those creatures lives though…

His eyes stared ahead at the rock wall as he silently confirmed that, yes, yes it was! Those tiny mortal creatures were so fascinating that any threat upon them was worth it…

He HAD to be apart of them!

Chapter Text

Always ever by Lord Beelzebubs side, when on a very rare occasion, the Archangel Gabriel HAD to come to Hell for a meeting with the Price of Hell, all three Dukes stood, arms crossed as said Angel arrived from the elevator a second late!

"Unprofessional! Simply outrageous!" Duke Dagon clicked their teeth harshly the well groomed Angels way, nose pointed up high.

Haatur and Ligur sneered, looking at him from both sides of Dagon, eyes unfriendly and dark.


"THAT'S LORD BEELZEBUB TO YOU WENCH!!" Dagon snarled, being held back by both male presenting Demons on their left and right.

"Sorry, sorry… Your LORD Beelzebub has been late themselves so-"

"No excuses, get moving!" Dagon hissed with venom, Hastur and Ligur now forming a strong force around either side of Gabriel with Dagon ahead ever proudly walking, they themselves on high alert for ANYTHING funny as they made it towards their Lords office.

"My Lord, this shit has arrived!" Dagon announced, causing Hastur to wheeze and nudge Ligur who got it right after and laughed loudly beside him, Dagons light blueish scaled face pulled in a twisted smile for their 'hilarious' joke made.

"Archangel Gabriel, good of you to arrive-"

"A second late, my Disgraceful Lord!" Dagon put in smartly.

Beelzebub gave no face of caring nor not caring and kept speaking in their calm cold way, buzzing on and off as they spoke before HER chosen Angel, "Now zzzhall we get started on the meeting you ssuddenly popped upon my head?"

"Certainly, may I just ask for these um.. Looovely pieces of trash to be swept from your office please, oh Lord Beelzebub?"

Three sets of eyes daggered the Archangel and if looks could truly kill, the Messenger of Her word would have died with a trillion holes in his person before he even discorporated!

"Thozzzzze piecess of traaaazzh are my guardzzz, Archangel! And if they can't hear your wordzzzz then kindly take your Holy Azzzz back up into the cloudzzz and never dare call for a meeting with me in MY world again!"

"Alright, alright! God forbid if a meeting went between two leads and not peons-"

"Your time izzzz zzzlowly draining, Archangel!" Beelzebub hissed, nails clicking lightly upon their stone desk, their well polished and cared for black claw like nails looked almost deadly to Gabriel, maybe the reason they tapped them, to get him going and so he did.

"Armageddon will be upon us in no time, we are agreed upon this-" Beelzebub nodded just slightly, listening.

"He's to be born, and come his eleventh year of life, he goes into his power, am I correct?"

"Yezz," Beelzebub commented tiredly.

"Okay my point, how do we of Heaven know when it's all been said and done, his being brought from Hell, his parentage, the works, like, throw me a bone, do we even get a-"

"He DID ask for a bone, Lord Beelzebub, zir~" Ligur sneered at the once speaking Angel now holding his smarting head, Hastur all too happy to grant the 'better' with his 'request'.

A look from Beelzebub silenced their antics, then right back to Gabriel they pointed out slowly, "Why not have Heeeer tell you?"

At this Gabriel huffed and actually looked rattled, voice cold, "Because She's… She's too busy that's why-"

"Not telling you, ey?" Beelzebub asked, eyebrow raised, head held by the backs of their held hands, elbows upon their desk, watching very intently now as Gabriel squirmed.

"She hasn't had time is all, you should know that, being 'Lord' and 'Princely'."

To which, the calm, almost sad look thrown his way as their Dukes each piped in oh so proudly one after another,

"Our Lord dedicate an entire day to try and talk with as many of us as they can!"

"Have an issue, sure it comes through us BUT, if its DEMANDED, our Lord makes an audience to those so loyal to them!"

"Just look at us, allowed before our Lord, speaking before them, with them, in a meeting it seems you couldn't hold audience with the very being that created you!"

Gabriel looked sick where he stood, the Dukes words...were true.

But to tell them of Hell She'd been silent to him for EONS it seemed..

"What do you suppose, Archangel Gabriel that we of both sssides do once the AntiChrist is born?" Beelzebub spoke as calmly as before, eyes chilled but not at Gabriel, nor their Dukes who with their minds spoken, stood quietly, listening, guarding as only the best could!

"Have someone on your side alert one of ours and go from there… It's War yes, but we still speak between lines as equal as we can be… I don't even see YOU being that much of an ass not to let us Above know where things are headed…"

With a flare of Beelzebubs wings, all three Dukes stood at attention and quiet from his 'ass' comment and listened as their Lord spoke carefully, "How much of this Plan do you know, azzzide fire and flamesss!"

And Gabriel looked further lost.

"I zee…" Was all Beelzebub assured the other before silence choked the room.

"You came here to ASK this requezzt, Archangel Gabriel, did you not?"

Was he meant to answer them? He was literally in their office in Hell- "I never knew Angels had balls enough to ASK let alone plazzze themselves in Hell to do zzzo in person!"

Silence once more before those in the office.

"You have an agent upon Earth, correct?"

His head lifted quickly, "Yes we do, Lord Beelzebub, his names Aziraphale-"

"Eastern Gate of Eden, alright-" Beelzebub spoke slowly then wrote something down before burning a figure into what they wrote upon before handing it through their Dukes.

"Zzign it, he willingly came for an anzzzwer, if anything we can zzzhow the Angels when we win the War we tired helping them out when SHE didn't!"

Each Duke gave their own looks of scorn Gabriels way, pride their Lords, and finally, after Ligurs blood burned signature, passed it back to Hastur who passed it to Dagon, who passed it to their Lord.

"Take this with the knowledge that indeed, you tried seeking answers before Armageddon, sought the help of some kind from the opposition, let this document show YOU tried for your Angels of Heaven-"

Parchment passed, Gabriel saw blood burned ink upon the agreement of letting the Angels know the AntiChrist had been delivered. Said ink could not be destroyed unless by one of those who wrote upon it-It was concrete that he went behind Her back for answers when after all this time, She'd remained silent to him...

"Thank you...Lord Beelzebub…" He whispered defeated, wings out, body bowed and started to back out.

"I'm zzzorry you zzztill believe Her, Archangel Gabriel!" He heard and grit his teeth but stayed silent, stayed bowed-

If he admit his reason for coming was to try and rouse Her to take notice of him once again, he'd surely be mocked by their guards who like carrion birds, watched him as he made it to the door and outside.

Once outside Lord Beelzebubs office, Gabriel looked again at the paper and sighed before making it appear upon his desk up in Heaven.

'Why HAVE you gone silent to me, Oh Lord?' He wanted to scream aloud but instead, the lazy dirty way, left Hell as the Demons often did, from the Earth, dirt everywhere upon his suit though for once he did not care…

'Have I done something, Oh Lord?' Yet, he still gained no answer and chose to instead sit upon a bench in the park and let himself go from himself, lost to the world and his thoughts, just...there-