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Rise of Legends: Giacamos Chronicle

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I have written this entry as quickly as I could.

I'll finish it when Azar Harif is safe.




It rankles me to think that I was hoping for the Kings help when I got here, now.







If there was a time to say anything it was now.

My words failed me though.








I could've said that the Alin would fashion any parts Lenora needed if they had the time to examine them.

After my last gaff though, I couldn't help but make the point I really wanted to.



Left unsaid: I need you.



What could I say to that, especially so pressed for time?





It has been a long time since I met the King and while Arri and I have very visibly aged, it didn't appear that he has at all.














One of many that Arri had told me years ago.





She had been wrong about its truth though.





The name meant nothing to me.







So like Carlini to voice a direct question when I didn't know what to say.

The King took the interruption in stride.






After weeks of these attacks from an almost forgotten and ancient mortal enemy, an army of well-armed Vinci arrives.

The pieces fell into place for me then. 




The thought of these people enduring attacks while they waited on someone I knew for a fact wouldn't help them drove me to speak instantly.





He had a point. Yet I knew the Doge would do his best to avoid as many Dark Alin as he could while his army went through the desert.

To someone who has no love for the people here that would be an unnecessary fight. 

It wouldn't be to me.

I've already seen one city I loved be destroyed because of his willful negligence.






What use would it be for Arri to keep their people safe up until the point they were surrounded and killed?

If we combined forces and went to Mezakesh we could stop these Dark Alin at their source.

Before I could figure out how to put that tactfully, Arri herself spoke.



She didn't get to finish her sentence though.




"Dark Alin in the city!"



"Now, Lord of Miana. We're done here. I must organize the defense of the city and with my age, Arri will be leading in my stead."


He turned and started to walk away.

Impulsively I reached out to place my hand on his shoulder.


"We'll help you." I said suddenly.


"It's the least we can do." I added.


The old man stopped in his tracks and faced me.


"I can see that you haven't changed, Giacamo. Do what you will. Don't think that this changes anything, though."


With that he made his exit. Arri watched him go and then stepped over to me.


"If Mezakesh is your goal, I'll go there with you after this."


I'm not the only one who hasn't changed. I was grateful but something bothered me.


"Isn't that the kind of thing you'd be exiled for?" I asked.


"I would rather be exiled for saving my people then stay in their good graces until they're dead." She said shortly.


"I haven't spent years defending this Kingdom only to watch it fall apart now." Is what the woman added.


"Thank you. We won't be able to get there without a guide. I wouldn't prefer any other, either."


"It's the least I can do." She said, the smile in her voice obvious again. "Now, we need to go!"





At first it didn't seem like the situation was that bad.

As soon as I had brought my Walker around from its place behind the city all I found in the way of enemies was a single Glass Spider.

One of the Alins Sand Horrors had already burst out of the ground to tear at the other creature, as Desert Walkers and my remaining Clockwork Men ran past to other fights.

When I looked to where they were going I saw the problem.

Each of the three bridges around the city had forces heading across them.

Carlini had stationed our remaining Imperial Musketeers at those bridges in the hopes they could stop our enemy from afar.

For once he had made the wrong choice.












Already, Sand, Fire and Glass magi are hard at work forming a functional city out of the sands here.

Once they're done they'll start work on Summoning Circles so we can start bringing forth beasts of burden, spirits and weapons.

Many Alin are ready to enter this city, while Arris legions of Desert Walkers back at Azar Harif have entered the desert around the capital in preparation for the next attack.



I will write more when I can.




I could only shout in surprise as I saw more eruptions of Glass appear in the sand.




"There are many of us, as well. Don't tell me you're afraid after what you've told me about the last few weeks?" Arri asked.


I looked over at her with a frown.


"Somehow, fighting other men and women isn't the same as an army made from living glass that have survived for ‘’over thirty generations."


"You're not the only one that's thought this, believe me. And unlike my Desert Walkers we don't have to fight them on foot, so get a hold of yourself."


I couldn't argue with that. 

With the hordes of Glass Walkers, Spiders, Cannons and Golems as well as the Marid and Dark Genie that control them though, I couldn't help but feel hesitant. 



The Alin were used to fighting these creatures, however. They rushed forward to meet them and that encouraged me to do the same.

I brought my Walker forward, heading for a group of Desert Walkers that were surrounding and trying to kill one of the Dark Genies.

One of their scorpions scuttled around as its rider looked for an opening to bring his steed close so they could attack.

Before he had a chance, I pushed the Genie into the ground and stomped on him, vanquishing the spirit in one blow.



Once the first group of Glass creatures had been killed our army headed for the first "Glass Lair." It was easily destroyed without anyone defending it.



By the time we reached the second Glass Lair the full force of reinforcements from Azar Harif had arrived.

We were joined by an entire tide of Desert Walkers that threw themselves against the Dark Alin with abandon.

Summoning Circles at Azar Harif and our base had given us plenty of support.

Sand Scorpions for swordsmen to ride and Sand Stingrays for Heartseeker archers.

Fire Salamanders followed along, spitting out huge bursts of flame from their distended mouths.

Glass Cannons steered themselves after all of this, firing bursts of sharpnel and glass at the enemy.

In the skies over us, Sand Dragons as well as Afreet Fire Spirits flew.

The Dark Alin were no match for us.   



When we reached the third Glass Lair our army had grown even more.

Fire Elementals as well as Glass Golems and Puzzle Boxes had joined our ranks.

All who stood against us were destroyed, their shelter meeting the same fate.



The fourth Glass Lair fell just as easily.



As did the fifth and final one.

It sunk into the sand as any Dark Alin left were surrounded and killed.

I write this now from the base. All of the troops who wish to leave Azar Harif have joined us and we will be leaving tonight when the weather is cooler.

Arri has decided to slip away without telling the King.

She has entrusted the safety of Azar Harif to those who decided to stay within its walls. We won't be giving the Dark Alin a chance to reach the city anyway.

We'll be pushing east directly into their territory and bringing the fight to them.

All that remains is to plot out the course we'll take. I'll meet with her and Carlini to decide upon that before we leave.

For now, I want to see the forces we'll be leading myself. I went into battle with them today but it was a frenzy, with no chance to learn about the capabilities of each type of unit.