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Five people who don’t approve of DekuMight, and one person who does

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1 - Shouta Aizawa

When Toshinori heads into his office on Monday, Aizawa is waiting for him just outside the door.

“Good morning,” Toshinori greets him, tone pleasant but cautious.

Aizawa doesn’t even pretend to be glad to see him.

“What,” he says, pulling out his phone, “the hell,” he holds it up in Toshinori’s face, “is this.” 

It’s open to Izuku’s Instagram post — the one announcing their relationship to the world. Toshinori can’t help but beam at the selfies of the two of them. They’re adorable. Izuku is adorable. And he’s Toshinori’s boyfriend now. It’s only been two days… he still can’t quite believe it.

“Save that smile for when you’re saving people,” Aizawa says. “Right now you should be explaining yourself.” 

Toshinori’s smile doesn’t fade at all. He couldn’t stop it if he tried. 

“Well,” he says, “I simply followed your advice. Which I should thank you for, by the way… it would have probably taken us even longer to figure things out if you hadn’t said something —” 

“I told you to stop making passes at him,” Aizawa growls, “not start dating him.” 

“You told me to stop confusing him,” Toshinori gently corrects, “so I did just that… I made my feelings clear.” His eyes crinkle as his smile widens even more. “Lucky for me, you were right about how he feels.” 

Aizawa sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“This doesn’t look good for UA,” he says, “to have two of its teachers dating each other. Especially when one of those teachers is the other one’s former student. I don’t even want to think about what your current students will say.” 

“Izuku had a class with them this morning,” Toshinori says, “and he told me they were excited to hear the news. Apparently most of them, uh… I believe the term is ‘ship it.’” 

“Ship who?” a voice calls down the hall, and Toshinori turns to see Yamada popping his head out of his own office. “You and Midoriya?” He walks over to give Toshinori a pat on the shoulder. “Congratulations… it’s about damn time!” 

“Don’t encourage him, Hizashi,” Aizawa hisses.

“What?” Yamada shrugs. “I ship it too!” 

Aizawa groans.

“I have not had enough sleep for this.” 

Yamada laughs, winking at Toshinori.

“Don’t worry,” he says, firmly slapping Aizawa’s ass as he heads to the teachers’ lounge, “he’ll come around.” 

Aizawa rolls his eyes and follows Yamada, leaving a bewildered Toshinori staring after them. 

Artwork By: Squer

Art by squer

2 - Tenya Iida

“Deku-kun!” Ochako says with an enthusiastic wave when she spots Izuku and Toshinori. She and Tenya are standing outside the restaurant where the four of them are meeting up for a double date.

Izuku lets go of Toshinori’s hand for a moment to pull his friends into a group hug.

“Congratulations!” Ochako says, patting Izuku’s back. “I’ve been rooting for you two since our senior year.” 

“Uh… thanks,” Izuku says, cheeks warming a little. Jeez, Ochako , he thinks, did you really have to say that in front of Toshi ?

But then she makes things even worse, moving over to embrace Toshinori as well and squealing, “Congratulations to you too, sensei! You and Deku are so cute together!” 

Izuku buries his face in his hands. Just kill me .

Thankfully, Tenya doesn’t share his fiancé’s enthusiasm, greeting Toshinori with a simple (and non-embarrassing) “It’s good to see you, sensei,” before they walk into the restaurant.

When Ochako had suggested a double date, Izuku had been hesitant to accept. Announcing their relationship on Instagram was one thing, but this was quite another. Ochako and Tenya have known about Toshinori’s true form for several years now, so Izuku had wanted to invite them over for a private dinner. But Toshinori had encouraged them to go to a restaurant instead, saying it would be good for publicity. Izuku had picked a ramen shop in downtown Musutafu where he knew the service was fast, mindful of Toshinori’s limited time in muscle form, and told his friends to meet them there.

It’s a little awkward at first. Ochako tries to laugh off the weirdness of being there with their former teacher — which, in Izuku’s opinion, only makes things weirder. Tenya is uncharacteristically stiff. He’s always been pretty high-strung, though, so Izuku wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still carrying around the stress from a recent mission.

He is surprised by what comes out of Tenya’s mouth about ten minutes into their meal.

“…I’m sorry!” Tenya exclaims out of nowhere, right when Izuku is in the middle of a convoluted answer to Ochako’s question about whether he or Toshinori had confessed their feelings first. 

“Tenya —” Ochako tries to stop him, but he presses on.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t support this relationship,” he says. “I have too many concerns.” 

Ochako rolls her eyes.

“Sweetie,” she groans, “you promised you wouldn’t do this.” 

“I know,” Tenya says. “But I have to be honest. Otherwise, what kind of friend would I be?” 

Izuku buries his face in his arms. He’d anticipated backlash about their relationship, and to an extent, he’d been right. While most of the fan reactions were overwhelmingly supportive, there’d been a vocal minority of naysayers. Toshinori had also told Izuku about Aizawa’s disapproval. But Izuku hadn’t expected this from any of his friends.

He lifts his head when he feels the comforting weight of Toshinori’s hand on his back.

“I appreciate your honesty,” Toshinori says to Tenya.

“M-me, too,” Izuku adds, though he’s not really sure he means it.

“Now,” Toshinori continues, “why don’t you tell us about your concerns so we can address them.”

Tenya blinks, a bit intimidated now, and Izuku shoots a grateful little smile up at Toshinori.

“With all due respect, sensei,” Tenya says, “this is terrible for Izuku’s career. Especially when you were there at his debut, and you were known for mentoring him before that. People were already saying he’s only gotten where he is because of you. Now, it looks like he… you know…” Tenya turns bright red, “slept his way to the top. So to speak.” 

Izuku lets out a horrified little noise, because holy shit, we’ve only been dating for three days — we haven’t gotten to that yet! If it weren’t for Toshinori’s hand cupping his shoulder blade, he would have slid all the way down to hide under the table.

“Are you this concerned with what people think about your relationship with Uraraka?” Toshinori asks calmly, like it’s a serious question and not a savage burn. 

“Our relationship is different!” Tenya shoots back. “We met as classmates, not as teacher and student.” 

Of course, Tenya doesn’t know Izuku had actually met Toshinori before that… but Izuku doubts telling him would make it any better.

“So it’s my age that really bothers you,” Toshinori says, voice subdued. 

Tenya’s silence is all the confirmation Toshinori needs. When Izuku feels Toshinori’s hand grow tense against his back, he knows it’s his turn to step up and defend their relationship.

“If the age gap doesn’t bother us,” Izuku says, “then it doesn’t matter whether it bothers you. It’s none of your business.” It comes out a little more harshly than he’d intended, but he needs to make sure Tenya — and, more importantly, Toshinori — knows that he means it. 

Tenya nods sharply.

“I understand,” he says. “I still don’t like it, or think it was a good idea to go public, but… if you’re happy, then I respect your decision.” 

“See,” Ochako says, squeezing Tenya’s arm, “was that so hard?” 

She does her best to smooth things over for the rest of their meal, but the double date never really recovers. Every bit of their conversation feels stilted and fake. Tenya keeps quiet, his disapproval still hanging in the air even after his grudging words of acceptance. 

When they’re done with their dinner and it’s finally time for them to go, Izuku has never felt more relieved. 

Artwork By: Squer

Art by squer

3 - Gran Torino

“So,” Izuku grins at Toshinori, “how long did it take the third-years to say something?” 

It’s Wednesday and they’re eating lunch in their office together, as usual. They’ve spent their meals this week comparing notes about their students’ reactions to their relationship.

“Less than thirty seconds,” Toshinori chuckles. “They wanted to know who initiated our first date, and when I told them, money changed hands.” 

Izuku turns an adorable shade of pink and nearly drops his chopsticks.

What ?” 

“Apparently most of the class thought you would be the one to ask,” Toshinori adds.

“Well,” Izuku smirks, “if you want to get technical about it…” 

He’s cut off by the sound of Toshinori’s ringtone: “ A phone call… is here! ” 

They both look down and see the name flashing across the screen — Gran Torino — then exchange a wary glance with each other.

“Should I answer it?” Toshinori asks.

“He’s going to kill you if you don’t!” Izuku squeaks, reaching over and tapping the button to accept the call before it goes straight to voicemail.

“Izuku!” Toshinori hisses, but it’s too late and the call connects. He swallows in trepidation and says, “Hello, sensei?” 

“TOSHINORI YAGI!” Gran Torino’s booming shout fills the office, and Toshinori hasn’t even put him on speakerphone. “You’d better explain what I just saw on Midoriya’s Instagram, and you’d better do it now!” 

Toshinori buries his face in his palm at the sight of Izuku wincing at Gran Torino’s tone.

“I… thought we made it pretty self-explanatory,” Toshinori starts, but Gran Torino doesn’t let up.

“Do you have any idea how reckless you’re being?” he roars. “It’s bad enough that you still go out and fight villains with Midoriya from time to time, but this ? The last thing the wielders of One For All should be doing is dating each other .”

“Sensei — ” Toshinori tries to break in.

“What if something happens to both of you at the same time?” Gran Torino continues, steamrolling right over him. “By indulging in these… feelings … you’ve just increased the chances of that astronomically. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” 

Izuku motions for Toshinori to give him the phone. Toshinori raises his eyebrows, silently asking Izuku if he’s sure, but Izuku snatches the phone from his hand without a second’s hesitation.

“Hello, sensei?” Izuku says. “It’s Midoriya. How are you?” 

Toshinori can’t help but admit it’s a relief to hear Gran Torino’s yelling from across the table instead of right in his ear.

“Put Toshinori back on!” he barks at Izuku. “I’m not done with him yet!” 

“Toshi has a class to teach,” Izuku lies smoothly (and in the background he can hear Gran Torino snort and mutter, “You’re calling him ‘Toshi’ now? You have got to be kidding me,” under his breath). “…But I wanted to tell you,” Izuku continues, “you don’t need to worry that we’re putting ourselves in danger just because we’re dating. We’re being very careful.” 

“NOT CAREFUL ENOUGH!” Gran Torino roars. “Advertising your relationship on social media like that…” 

“Sensei, I have a question,” Izuku says. “You asked what if something happened to both the wielders of One For All at once… but one day, when the last of Toshi’s powers are gone, I’ll be the only wielder for years, until I find a successor of my own. And something could just as easily happen to me during that time.” He locks eyes with Toshinori and grins. “So what’s your real problem with our relationship?” 

Gran Torino grunts out something unintelligible. Then they both hear the decisive beep that says he’s ended the call.

They blink at each other in disbelief for several seconds.

“I can’t believe you got him to hang up,” Toshinori laughs breathlessly, reaching across the desk and taking Izuku’s hand. 

Izuku laces their fingers together and squeezes.

“I know,” he giggles. “All things considered… that call went better than I expected.”  

Artwork By: Squer

Art by squer

4 - Naomasa Tsukauchi

“Special delivery!” 

Toshinori shoves the bound-up, still-struggling villain Izuku had just caught wreaking havoc on a local park through the door of Tsukauchi’s office. She growls at Toshinori, fur-covered arms bulging against their restraints. Tsukauchi’s eyes light up as he calls for several officers to come take her to a cell.

“Thank you,” he says, “we’ve been trying to catch her for months.” 

As soon as the others leave, Toshinori shuts the door and powers down to his true form.

“No need to thank me,” he says. “Izuku was the one who nabbed her — I’m just dropping her off.” 

Toshinori thinks he sees Tsukauchi flinch slightly at Izuku’s name… but his face smooths back into its usual calm, neutral expression so quickly that Toshinori is sure he must have imagined it.

“So the rumors are true, then,” Tsukauchi says, blinking down at his desk. 

“Yes!” Toshinori beams. He knows he must look like a lovestruck idiot, but he can’t stop smiling every time he thinks about Izuku. “That’s the real reason I came here. I thought I’d see if now was a good time to have tea and catch up on… things .” His grin grows wider.

Tsukauchi keeps his face carefully blank.

“I don’t think so,” he says. “I’m very busy.” 

“Busy having villains dropped off at your doorstep?” Toshinori laughs. “Come on, you can’t tell me you don’t have a few minutes to spare.” 

“I said it’s not a good time!” Tsukauchi insists.

Toshinori’s eyes open wide at the outburst. 

“Tsukauchi-kun —” 

“I’ll see you later,” Tsukauchi says, staring pointedly over Toshinori’s shoulder at the door.

“Tsukauchi-kun, please.” Toshinori takes a tentative step closer. Something is clearly going on with his friend, and he wants to find out what. “What’s the matter?” he asks, pitching his voice low and calming.

Tsukauchi turns away, eyes screwing shut.

“Are you really going to make me say it?” he whispers. 

Toshinori’s brow creases.

“Say what?” he asks. “You know you can tell me anything.” 

Toshinori moves right next to his desk, reaching out to grasp his shoulder, and Tsukauchi flinches away from his hand, eyes flying open. Toshinori steps back in shock. Tsukauchi’s gaze lands on him, fierce and sharp in a way he has never seen before.

“For as long as I’ve known you,” he says, “you’ve never been in a relationship. You’re the number one hero and a celebrity to boot — you could have had anyone you wanted. So I figured it was by choice. And in some ways, it made sense for a pro hero to avoid attachments…” He glances down for a second, then back up at Toshinori. “Which is why I never said anything. But — but if I had known you were looking… ” 

“I wasn’t looking,” Toshinori starts, “I just —” Then all the pieces click together in his mind, and he cuts off abruptly, mouth dropping open. “Oh.”

“Yes,” Tsukauchi repeats, “ oh .” His voice is quiet and strained. “So you’ll have to excuse me if I… don’t really want to hear about your new boyfriend.” 

Toshinori nods stupidly, wishing like hell he hadn’t pushed his friend to talk. His friend who apparently has feelings for him, feelings he doesn’t return. He runs a hand over his reddening face, backing toward the door.

“I-I’m sorry,” he stammers, “I… I’ll just go…” 

His fingers close around the doorknob and he beats a hasty retreat down the hall, wondering how he’s supposed to look Tsukauchi in the eye again after this. 

Artwork By: Squer

Art by squer

5 - Katsuki Bakugou

“…And that’s it for today. Have a good weekend!” Izuku smiles at his final class on Friday afternoon. As soon as the last student has filed out of the room, he collapses against his desk, groaning and rubbing his neck.

This week has been intense.

Between classes, hero work, and the constant barrage of questions about his new relationship, he’s barely had a second to breathe. The past five days have felt like some of the longest in his life, and he wants nothing more than to go home and enjoy his weekend with Toshinori.

But it turns out he can’t leave just yet. As he shoves his things into his bag, he hears a knock on the classroom door, and Kirishima pokes his head in.

“Kirishima-kun!” Izuku exclaims. “How are things going?” They both know he means with Bakugou.

“He’s ready to talk to you and All Might,” Kirishima says, and Izuku’s chest gives a strange lurch. Since Bakugou’s recent capture following his unexpected attack on Izuku and suspected involvement with the League of Villains, he’s spent the last two weeks in a holding cell at UA. So far, Kirishima is the only one he’s spoken to. Izuku’s nerves buzz in anticipation at the thought of finally getting some answers out of him.

“Okay,” he tells Kirishima. “Let’s go get Toshi.” 

“He hasn’t really said much to me,” Kirishima admits as he follows Izuku to the office he shares with Toshinori. “But I’m pretty sure he wants to explain why he — did what he did to you and All Might. Which makes me think there’s more to this whole League of Villains thing than meets the eye.” 

Izuku can’t help but agree. Even though Bakugou has shot explosive blasts at him twice now — the first time out of the blue, the second in self defense — Izuku finds it impossible to accept that his former classmate has started down the path toward becoming a villain. He hopes that, whatever has happened, it’s not too late to help pull Bakugou away from the edge.

The moment Izuku slips inside their office, Toshinori seems to pick up on his distress. He’s out of his chair and at Izuku’s side in an instant, eyes questioning and concerned.

“Do you have time to power up?” Izuku asks. Toshinori nods, shifting into muscle form. Izuku slips his hand into Toshinori’s and squeezes tight, wishing he could pass some of his own strength to Toshinori through their joined palms.

They step out into the hallway, where Kirishima is waiting for them. At the sight of him, Toshinori puts two and two together.

“What did Bakugou say?” he asks as they all make their way toward the detention area.

“Not much, sensei,” Kirishima admits. “Just that he has some things to explain to both of you.” 

When Izuku catches his first glimpse of Bakugou through the clear wall of his holding cell, he takes a step back in shock. He’d expected Bakugou to be raging and restrained, much like he’d been back at the sports festival during their first year as UA students. But instead, he’s sitting quietly in one corner, back hunched and chin resting on his knees.

“Katsuki?” Kirishima says with a brief tap of his fingers against the plexiglass. Bakugou swivels his head in Kirishima’s direction, expression blank and calm. Kirishima steps aside, motioning for Izuku and Toshinori to come forward. “They’re here.”

As soon as Bakugou sees them, his brow creases and his eyes narrow into a glare. Izuku clears his throat and takes a step closer.

“Hi, Kacchan,” he says quietly, hoping that appealing to their childhood connection with that old nickname isn’t a mistake. “Kirishima-kun said you had something to tell us?”

Bakugou holds Izuku’s gaze for several tense seconds of silence, unblinking. Izuku stares back, a little unnerved but not willing to look away first. Then, without warning, Bakugou’s eyes grow wide as they shift down to Izuku and Toshinori’s joined hands.


An explosion rocks the entire wing of the building, startling Izuku off-balance and sending him tumbling into Toshinori’s side. The plexiglass barrier between them and Bakugou bows under the pressure, doing absolutely nothing to muffle the sound. When Izuku looks back up, the cell is filled with thick gray smoke.

“Ah, sorry!” Kirishima groans, slapping a hand against his forehead. “I forgot to warn him that you two are — you know.” His sheepish gaze flicks back and forth between Izuku and Toshinori. “Maybe we can try again next week…?”  

Artwork By: Squer

Art by squer

+1 - Inko Midoriya

Izuku is in the middle of his Saturday morning patrol when his phone buzzes. He checks it immediately in case it’s the authorities or a fellow pro hero reporting an incident. But when he sees the name and number that flash across the screen, his heart starts pounding, because it’s a whole different kind of emergency.

It’s his mother.

So, her text message says, when were you going to tell me about your new boyfriend?

Izuku tentatively shows it to Toshinori later that afternoon when he’s back at his agency filling out reports. 

“You know, that’s a good question,” Toshinori teases as he reads the words, voice too light and nowhere near fearful enough. “When were you going to tell her?” 

Before Izuku can respond, his phone vibrates again.

“Ah!” Izuku jumps, making Toshinori snicker.

A new message appears beneath the one his mother had just sent: Why don’t you bring him over for dinner tonight? 

“Oh no,” Izuku says, pulse racing, “no no no, this is so not good.” His eyes glaze over as the possible outcomes of having dinner with Toshinori at his mother’s place tumble through his head, each one worse than the last. “She’s going to try to break us up,” he said, “or give you the kind of shovel talk that will make you want to break up… or ground me for the rest of my life… or — ” 

“Hey,” Toshinori cuts him off, grabbing his shoulders, and Izuku realizes he’s fallen into his longtime habit of muttering to himself. He blows out a breath and tries to relax under the comforting pressure of Toshinori’s hands. They trail down Izuku’s arms slowly before tangling with his own.

“First of all,” Toshinori says, “you’re 22 years old. I don’t think your mother can ground you anymore.” 

A tiny giggle bursts from Izuku’s lips.


“And maybe it won’t be as bad as you think,” Toshinori continues. 

Izuku’s brow shoots up.

“Really, Toshi?” he says. “Don’t you remember what happened when we told her I was your successor?” His mind flashes back to the utter fear and betrayal that had crossed his mother’s face when it had finally become necessary to tell her that Toshinori had given him his quirk, and her words of disapproval. There’s no way she’ll take it any better now that she knows he’s also given Izuku his heart.

Still, Toshinori squeezes Izuku’s hands and insists, “Tell her we’ll be there.” Izuku texts his mother back to confirm their dinner plans with a long sigh.

His stomach is in knots by the time he stands outside the apartment where he’d grown up, hesitating with his hand poised to knock. He has his own place now — he’d moved out once he’d started teaching with Toshinori at UA — but, in a way, this place will always feel like home. It’s terrifying to think that he might not be welcome here anymore after tonight. He feels Toshinori’s hand press against the center of his back, the warm touch giving him the courage he needs to move his fist the rest of the way to the door.

When it swings open, the first thing that hits Izuku is the scent of katsudon. The second is the smile on his mother’s face.

Wait, he thinks, what?

“Izuku!” his mother exclaims, throwing her arms around him. He freezes for a second before hugging her back, completely thrown off guard by her reaction. He’d expected less of a warm welcome, and something more along the lines of a lecture.

She draws back, still beaming, then pulls him over the threshold.

“Come in, come in,” she says. “Dinner’s almost ready.” 

“It smells delicious, Midoriya-san,” Toshinori pipes up from Izuku’s side. 

Izuku glances warily between his mother and his boyfriend.

“Mom,” he says, “you, uh… you remember Toshinori.” 

Toshinori smiles at Izuku’s mother and powers down into his true form. She’s seen it before, the last time he was here. Izuku winces as he remembers that Toshinori had still been his teacher then.

His mother takes a step closer, and Izuku holds his breath as he waits for whatever judgment she’s going to pass.

But it never comes.

She pulls Toshinori into an embrace instead, exclaiming, “Yes! Hello! It’s good to see you again.” 

Izuku’s mouth drops open. This is the first time he’s ever seen his mother hug anyone besides himself. He and Toshinori stare at each other over her head, bewildered. 

“Mom,” he says, heart thumping hard in his chest, “you’re… not mad?” 

She releases Toshinori and turns her attention back on Izuku.

“That you two are dating?” she says. “No. That I had to find out about it on the Internet? Definitely.” She crosses her arms. “As many years as you’ve had a crush on him? I can’t believe you didn’t call me the second you made things official!” 

Heat engulfs Izuku’s face. 

Mom! ” 

He knows he’s still bright red a few minutes later when the three of them sit down to eat their pork cutlet bowls. And he flushes even harder when Toshinori grins and asks, “So, Midoriya-san… just how many years did Izuku have a crush on me?”

“Please don’t answer that,” Izuku says weakly, knowing his protest is futile.

“Oh,” his mother says, “since he was about three years old.” 

She goes on to spill all of Izuku’s embarrassing secrets — the All Might posters he’d had in his room, the other memorabilia he’d collected (including the underwear), the fan forum he’d run and the drawings he’d posted on it — all while Izuku slips further and further down in his chair, wishing he could sink into the floor and disappear. Toshinori takes it all in stride, but Izuku knows he’ll never hear the end of it the next time the two of them are alone.

“…You two make such a good hero team,” his mother finishes. “I’m surprised it took this long for you to get together.” 

Izuku shakes his head, still not quite able to believe her easy acceptance.

“So,” he tentatively asks, “you don’t have a problem with — with us?” 

“I know I’m much older than Izuku,” Toshinori adds, “and that he was once my student. But I promise you, I have nothing but the best intentions for your son.” He reaches across the table and threads his fingers through Izuku’s. “I plan to spend the rest of my days making him happy.” 

Izuku’s heart thunders hard at Toshinori’s words. A small part of him still can’t believe that their relationship is real, that he finally gets to be with the man he’s loved in one way or another for so many years. Hearing how much he means to Toshinori is almost too much.

He turns to look at his mother, who is gazing at Toshinori with a soft smile.

“I know you will,” she says. “I can tell how much you care about him… how much you both care about each other.” She fiddles with her chopsticks, lips pressed together. “Maybe I wouldn’t have chosen for my son to date his former teacher,” she continues, “but you’re so much more than that — his mentor, his colleague, his friend. And you’ve always been the man of his dreams.” Her eyes sparkle as they shift from Toshinori to Izuku. “How could I be anything but happy for you two?” 

Izuku feels his own eyes prickle with tears. Since he and Toshinori had gone on their first date, they’ve met almost nothing but resistance at every turn. It’s only been a week, but it’s felt like a lifetime. After everything the two of them have dealt with, Izuku’s mother’s blessing means more than he can express.

“Thank you, Mom,” he whispers.

“You’re welcome, sweetie,” she replies. “Now — are you finished eating? I want to show Toshinori your baby pictures!” 

Moooom… ” 

Artwork By: Squer

Art by squer