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Why Don't We Just Pretend

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Everyone, everyone , at one point or another had Amajiki if he used his tentacles for self gratification. 

Every single time he would end up blushing and turning away, mouth pressed in a thin line as he shoved his head into the wall until Mirio or Hado shooed away the curious classmate with their charming personalities. Then Mirio would keep Amajiki calm until he could soothe his nerves enough to get him moving again. 

And no Amajiki didn’t use his tentacles, when he had them, on himself. 

Well...not often

And not alone

See...Mirio just...liked to watch. 

And it would stand to reason that Amajiki couldn’t deal with that, being put on display like that in front of his lover should have been his worst nightmare. But the first time Mirio had asked him, late at night where no one could see them or hear the way they whispered to each other, had started a small addiction in Amajiki that he should have been ashamed of. 

But like this, leaning back and blushing brightly, one tentacle keeping Mirio pinned down to his chair while two more spread Amajiki’s thighs good and wide for Mirio’s hungry eyes to devour. It was...intoxicating actually, seeing the way Mirio looked at him like this, refusing to try and break free despite the way his cock strained in his sweatpants, it made something powerful rise up in his body, arousal overriding his natural instinct demanding he cover up and hide in a corner. 

Instead he let his tentacles squeeze his thighs, leaving little red welts that Mirio licked his lips upon seeing, the light sheen left behind by the manifested appendages drawing the eye almost aggressively. It made Amajiki feel weirdly sexy when Mirio let out a little groan when he arched up into his own touch, one of the tentacles sliding down over his chest to tug at his nipples, a whine slipping out of Amajiki’s lips at the zing of pleasure. 

These moments made him brave , made it easy to let go because Mirio was right there, staring at him like he was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and practically crawling out of his own skin with need. It was a good look on his lover, if Amajiki had anything to say about it. Mirio was always at his most beautiful when backed into a corner. 

“Tamaki,” Mirio murmured, watching the way one of the tentacles trailed up the length of Amajiki’s cock, “you look so pretty like this. Like you’re really enjoying yourself.” 

This was the thing though, Mirio always wanted him to talk

“I-I am,” Amajiki murmured, whining a little bit as that tentacle continued to tease him, rubbing up and down slowly, the slick teasing touch making his hips shake in his own grip, just as restrained as Mirio himself was but in desperate control of the whole situation despite how out of control he felt under his gaze. “I-I like it when you watch me…”

“You do?” Mirio asked, spreading his own legs a little wider, giving Amajiki a good view of how hard he was, a spot of pre-cum staining the fabric of his sweatpants. “I like watching too,” Mirio said, voice bright and enthusiastic as ever but tinged with focus, with want , sharpened by it, “I like seeing you like this, Tamaki, I like the cute look on your face when it starts to feel really good.”

Amajiki whimpered a little bit, one tentacle slowly slipping down to lap over his hole, the tip flicking back and forth, over and over again. It sent tiny little shocks through Amajiki again, thighs shaking as he rocked into his own touch, biting his lip to try and keep the noises in his throat from escaping. Mirio always did this but he couldn’t find it in himself to be mad about it, now with his cock leaking against his belly and body clenching on nothing. He ached for it, wanting to show off, wanting Mirio’s eyes on only him for a change instead of looking right into the future. 

“T-Togata,” Amajiki murmured, “nnh, d-do you want to see more?” He felt the tentacle start to push a little inside before pulling out and repeating the motion. Amajiki started to press the slender appendage inside, gasping at the sudden, slick stretch. His body shook at the feeling for a second, forcing his eyes open to watch Mirio. 

God, he looked so good , a sheen of sweat shimmering on his chest in the dim light of the bedroom. Mirio was watching him with rapt attention, eyes wide as Amajiki’s body stretched to accommodate the intrusion. Did Mirio wish it was him? Pressing deep into Amajiki and feeling the squeeze of his aching body around that thick cock that throbbed in his pants? Amajiki moaned at the idea, replacing that cool tentacle with his boyfriend’s hot, hot cock that always burned him from the inside out. 

“T-Togata,” he whined out again, pressing the tentacle in more deeply, stretching himself wide, leaving his hole clenching and dripping as he pulled it free again. “Nnnh i-it feels so good.” He shoved the tentacle back in and arched his back up sharply, gasping and whining loudly. It felt so good, perfect to be spread before his lover, fucking himself on the illicit appendage, riding the feeling, body rolling like a wave along the slick feeling. 

Mirio let out his own moan, Amajiki getting lost in the pleasure as he arched for his boyfriend’s visual pleasure. He loved the sensation on his skin, Mirio’s burning stare over his body as he was fucked deeply by his own tentacles. 

He didn’t notice Mirio slip free, feeling the blond pull his tentacle out as the appendages pulled back into his regular fingers, the stretch soon replaced with his boyfriend’s cock. Amajiki whined and moaned loudly as he was suddenly being pinned down, his normal fingernails digging into Mirio’s back as he was fucked into the bed fast and hard, moans tumbling from his lips as his boyfriend nipped along the tall curve of his ear. 

It wasn’t destined to last long, the both of them so keyed up and on a hair trigger that when Mirio slammed into his prostate, Amajiki was slammed over the edge as well, crying out loudly as he came between their stomachs, pulling at Mirio’s hair and clawing at his spine, shoving himself more firmly onto his lover’s cock as he felt the blond cum himself, filling him up and making Amajiki shake at the feeling. 

He leaned up for a kiss, gasping into his lips and flopping back with a groan. “You never let me finish,” Amajiki sad, glaring a little bit and Mirio just wiggled his eyebrows.

“I think you finished just fine.”

Amajiki frowned before his lips wiggled and he broke into a laugh. 

He loved his weird, voyeuristic boyfriend.