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Quirkless work enforcement

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The sports festival for the first year of UA didn´t really end how anyone wanted it to. Iida Tensei was called away on an important family matter, Shinso Hitoshi lost against Shoto Todoroki who - as is rather typical of him - refused to utter a single word. And Katsuki Bakugou lost all his patience at an opponent who refused to use more than half his power against him.
The latter was still fuming on a pedestal with a medal in his mouth – curtesy of All Might – while Present Mic tried to put a positive spin to the whole situation: “Weeeeeeell, Sho, I don´t know what the hell is wrong with your class but this was oooooone exciting festival. What do you think?” Shouta Aizawa didn´t react. Yamadas smile grew even more. “Eeeeeexactly. I can´t wait what your kids will be up to next year. Well, you lovely listeners, it seems that was it for the day. All that´s left is…” If you could hear a smile falling from Yamadas face that was the moment it happened. “for the quirkless work enforcement law to go into effect so that the winner may chose a slave as a price.” Yamada looked at the still foaming Bakugou. “How… wonderful.”
But the cheers of the spectators covered any missing excitement in the commentators voice. After all it was considered a great honour for a “slave” (the government didn´t like them calling quirkless people by that name but they never quite managed to stop it) to be given to a top hero, even a hero in training.
“I really don´t get what’s wrong with most people.” murmured Aizawa.
“SHO!” Yamada cut off the Mic hastily. “Are you insane? If the wrong people hear you, you could get arrested!”
“I don´t care what people think. They are the ones who decide that it´s okay to enslave people for simply being born without a quirk. It´s barbaric.” There wasn´t any emotion in Aiawas voice but Yamada knew his husband.
“I know, I know. However, you won´t be able to change that when you´re in prison. UA is working on it. Heroes are working on it.”
“Not all.” Aizawa looked at Endavour who stared angrily down at Todoroki standing at second place.
“Well let´s work on things we can change like…” Yamada looked down at Bakugou. “like how we can stop you´re number one student of killing his poor slave.”
“Don´t underestimate Bakugou´s control over his quirk. He would never kill someone without the intention to do it. But…” Aizawa tilted his head to the side. “he has a dangerous tendency to be dismissive of people he sees as below him and has a lot of problems with human interactions. He could be very intimidating for a vulnerable person just out of a slave facility.”
The door opened and a grim looking Midnight came in. “Nedzu called a meeting.”
Yamada raised an eyebrow. “Concerning Shouta´s explosive problem child with people skills that rival his teacher?”
“Apparently the winner from 2A is even worse. Less openly aggressive but more the cruel kind.” Midnight answered. “And no, Shouta, you can´t expel him.”
“If every teacher was as decisive with the first years as me, we wouldn´t have this problem.”
“Yeeeeeees? And whooooooooo decided not to expel Bakugou?” Yamada asked while poking his husband repeatedly in the side.
Aizawa stared down at his student. “I´ll make sure Bakugou will not be a problem.”

Katsuki Bakugou had a really, really shity day. Not only did that damn Icyhot DARE to insult him by only using his ice power and he was chained at a pedestal to accept that damn medal - that wasn´t worth the metal it was made out of - now he was carried away to the next slave facility with the damn losers of the second and third class who won the festival.
That Bakugou didn´t like slavery was an understatement. If Bakugou could BURN THE WHOLE SYSTEM TO THE GROUND AND PISS IN THE REMAINS THAT WOULD STILL NOT BE ENOUGH.
As a child, he grew up in a rather poor district. They always had enough to eat but luxurys like the newest gaming systems or slaves just weren´t around. He mostly saw them as helpers of heroes in TV and he always thought that they must be thankful to be allowed to do that. They were quirkless after all – useless - but now they could make a difference and help the world. It must be AMAZING. And Society as always showed him how right his opinion was and how wrong anyone else was. Because quirkless people were worth less to society. And he was better than the rest of the world – quirkless or not.
He was especially better than Deku who always ran after him and followed him around. He was better than Deku because he could read earlier and could run faster and then finally at four years old he was better because Deku was quirkless.
In Bakugou´s head, Deku being quirkless was completely independent from slaves being quirkless. He was too young and naive to really understand the implication. Until they took him.
Until they took him and he didn´t come to class and didn´t murmur nonsense about the heroes he adored.
Until they took him and no one was following him around.
Until they took him and his Auntie Inko was inconsolable.
Until they took him, and Bakugou stood alone in Deku´s room, full of hero merchandise (mostly All Might), and with the hero analytic books Deku wrote and he was told he could take whatever he wanted because Deku was NEVER COMING BACK!
It wasn´t until then that he really understood what it meant to be quirkless in this society.
However, it was too late. He never saw Deku again.
Until that day.

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Bakugou stood side by side with an arrogant snot from 2B and a really uncomfortable-looking girl from 3A, the other winners of the UA festivals. A man who looked like a butler of a very posh British estate was talking to them. Instead of talking about said estate, he talked about human slaves. Although considering his tone he may as well have been talking about livestock.

“Every worker in this facility has been trained to the utmost to obey any order given. They will react to the name you give them and call you by whatever you prefer. Obviously they won´t look you in the eye. To my right there are female and to the left the male specimen in their chambers. At every door you will see a paper which will list their literacy, medical history including fertility and…”

Bakugou was to seconds away of killing this smug bastard. Or throwing up. But he knew he would never make it to be the number one hero after killing a government worker so he didn´t. Instead he ducked away and ran off.

He really didn´t have a plan of what to do. Slowly the nice looking room cells that the butler-man presented to them were replaced by dirty looking dumps with metal bars. The slaves inside looked unhealthy and most of them seemed to have been beaten recently. They avoided looking at him. Maybe he could start a riot. Or burn this shithole to the ground. But then they probably would let all the slaves simply be burned.

Maybe Deku started a riot once. He was always stubborn and to clever for his own good. Bakugou smiled at the thought. Then he saw a mob of tell-tale green hair peak out of the metal bars. Bakugou stopped. No way. It was too much of a coincidence. It must be because he just thought of him and now he was seeing ghosts.


Izuku Midoriya had a rather good day all things considered. Yes, right now he was chained to a wall and beaten by one of the guards with a whip for daring to break the rules but he managed to watch nearly all of the UA sports festival on a TV which was meant for the guards. And he even managed to write things down in his newest analysis book. So many new exciting heroes with exciting abilities. He even managed to see Kacchan again. It made Izuku happy to see that his child hood friend was doing so well. Of course, he managed to win the festival, Kacchan always managed to do whatever he put in his head and he wanted to be a hero since they were in kindergarten.

The guard standing over him stopped hitting him but Izuku had gotten so numb that he needed a moment to register what was happening. Then he slowly looked up always ready to put his head back down so it wouldn´t be hit by the whip. The guard was looking to the door where a guy with spiked blond hair was standing and starring at Izuku.
It was impossible. But… “Ka… Kacchan?”

The guard turned around in an instant and raised the whip again while shouting. “How dare you talk to a costumer like that?”

Izuku closed his eyes and lowered his head being ready for the impact. Nothing happened. Still nothing then…

“What. The. Fuck. Do you think you´re doing?” Kacchans voice has gotten deeper since they saw each other last time but aside from that he sounded like he did when they were children. Very self-assured and cursing far too much. Katsuki´s mother wouldn´t be happy hearing him like that. Izuku nearly laughed at the thought. Maybe he was getting hysterical. This was probably all a hallucination anyway.

The guard sounded unsure. “But sir…”

“Get out.”



Izuku heard fast footsteps. It was silent for a few seconds then he heard Kacchan getting closer to him. “Oi. Deku, is it really you?”

Izuku raised his head and opened his eyes. Kacchan was looking down at him while he was hanging in his chains. He looked mostly angry – like he always did – but in his eyes was something that looked like concern. Izuku cracked a smile. “Wow, you´re a realistic hallucination.”

“I´m...? Wait what? Oi Deku, I´m not a fucking hallucination!”

Izuku giggled. “That´s what a hallucination would say.”

“That doesn´t even make fucking sense!”

Izuku just smiled at him. It was nice seeing someone again from a time he was happy. Even if he wasn´t real.

“Oi!” Kacchan kneeled down so he was at eye-level with Izuku. “Concentrate, fucking nerd. I´m getting you out of here! Is there something I have to get before those assholes come back?”

“Out of here? Kacchan, I`m a slave, I belong here. You always knew I was useless since I was quirkless.”

“I. Fuck, Izuku I was fucking wrong, Ok?” Kacchan closed his eyes as if he was in pain. “I was a fucking stupid kid. You aren´t useless. You don´t deserve to be here, ok?”

Izuku frowned. “I think you´re a bad hallucination. Kacchan wouldn´t say that!”

“Deku, PLEASE! I need to know if you want to take something from here, because they won´t let me take any belongings from you if they know I took them.”

Izuku tiled his head to the side. “There are my hero analysis books. I always managed to hide them from them.” He smiled proudly. “I wrote a whole chapter just about you today.”

“Where are they?”

“There´s a lose stone in the wall over there.” Izuku nodded to the place.

Kacchan went there and after some cursing he managed to get it loose and pull the books out of their hiding place. Then he placed them under his shirt.

It wasn´t a moment to early because after that they heard footsteps and the guard from before came in together with a guy who was dressed like a butler who Izuku didn´t see before. He probably only promoted the good livestock and Izuku always was too stubborn to be considered being presented to heroes like Kacchan.

“What is going on?” The guy asked in the suit.

“I`m taking him.” Kacchan sounded quite calm for the fact that his hands were sending of small explosions.

“Excuse me?”

“ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF? I´m taking Deku as my slave and I dare any of you to try and stop me!”

Kacchan seemed to look menacing enough that nobody tried to contradict him. Instead the butler-looking man just nodded and murmured something of getting the paper work.
The guard tried to pull Izuku to his feet while opening his cuffs but Izuku was to dizzy to stay standing.

“Fuck off.” Kacchan said to the guard while simply lifting Izuku in his arms.

Izuku was getting confused. He didn´t think that hallucinations should be able to touch him. Weird.

“Kacchan, I´m confused.”

“What is there to be confused about? You´re getting your fucking wish!”

“You´re going to fucking UA like you always wanted, you fucking nerd!”

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The paperwork took to fucking long for Bakugou´s taste, especially considering his rather limp childhood friend in his arms who was still bleeding from fucking WHIP WOUNDS!
FINALLY they were finished and after a warning of taking such an unruly slave on as a first owner (“FUCK OFF!”) he was allowed to go. The problem was that in that time a horde of paparazzi were standing in front of the door to get a look on the heroes in training and their new slaves. Fuck that! He couldn´t climb out of the window with Deku still in his arms and he doubted the guards would help. Fuck!

Being out of options he turned to a place he really didn´t want to be right now: The UA 1A group chat. It was full of commentary on the festival and questions who his slave was and if he was treating him all right but Bakugou skipped all of that.


Oi, extras. Need some help here. Paparazzi are blocking the exit of the slave house.

What? What is going on their? Are you ok?

You are nice to your new slave, aren´t you?

Hey don´t sound so accusing! Bakugou is fine, right?

Did you get a hot chick as a slave?

Ugh, who put Mineta in the group chat!


I´m coming.

Finally, you can do at least one good thing today after that disaster at finals, icyhot! Write when you´re fucking here!

You will notice when I´m there.


It took Shoto five minutes to get to them. And the ten meter high ice wall between the Paparazzi and Bakugou was indeed hard to overlook. With a “Fucking finally” Bakugou got into the limousine which door was being hold open by Todoroki. Bakugou put Deku who at least seemed to become more coherent with time into a seat beside him and then sat down himself. Todoroki took the seat opposite to them so he was looking directly at them and away from where they were driving. Behind him was a tilted window where the driver presumably sat.

The silence was broken by Deku. “You´re Shoto Todoroki, right?”

Todoroki nodded. “And you are?”

“Izuku Midoriya.”

“Are you ok, Izuku Midoriya?” Todorokis eyes slowly went to Bakugou and then back to Deku.

“Oh, yes I´m fine. I think. I might have a concussion. I´m still not sure I´m not hallucinating.” Deku started to mumble. Of fucking course. “I´m mean here I´m sitting in a limousine with the winners of the UA finals. One of which is Endeavours son and the other my old childhood friend and…”

Todoroki raised his eyebrows. “Childhood friend?”

Bakugou growled. “Do you have a fucking problem with that?”

“No. Not at all. Actually it might beneficial. You see I only came to tell you one thing.” Todoroki bend over to Bakugou to look him directly in the eyes. Bakugou could feel the temperature in the car falling while Todoroki didn´t even blink at him. “If you think you can even try to abuse your power over a slave while still being in UA, I will end you.” It sounded almost conversational if Todoroki´s voice weren´t so cold while his eyes were burning flames.

Bakugou only felt rage. “FUCK YOU, I would never…”

“Maybe you wouldn´t.” Todoroki leaned back. “But you are the one who calls your class mates extras and can´t remember their names or quirks.”

“That´s different! They can fucking handle it!”

Bakugou was about to say more but Izuku was faster. “You know someone who abuses slaves don´t you, Todoroki-Senpai?”

Todoroki looked at him for a few seconds, then. “My father. He treats his slaves despicable. Even worse than his children.” He laughed coldly. “If that is possible. I had a nanny when I was little who was a slave. Until he… he…” Todoroki looked away.

Bakugou swallowed and cursed silently. Now they were talking about feelings. He hated talking about feelings.

Luckily Deku seemed to have no problem with that. “Is that why you didn´t use your fire quirk at the festival? Your father? Kacchan was right, you know? You didn´t give your all. You could have beaten him.”


Deku looked over to Todoroki and smiled. Todoroki cracked a smile too and Deku started giggling.


By now, Deku was full on laughing and even Todoroki was hiding his mouth behind his hand.

“I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU!” Bakugou didn´t even try to move towards Deku instead only making small explosions in his hands which didn´t seem to bother him.
Todoroki finally took the hand from his mouth and asked. “Where do you have to go, anyway? I didn´t tell the driver an address so he has been driving in a circle for now.”


Deku smiled. “Just so you could give Kacchan the talk about me. My hero.”

Todoroki blushed.

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Izuku Midoriya was still not quite sure he wasn´t dreaming. After years of being stuck in the slave facility, his childhood friend had saved him who was a hero (in training). And then they got saved by the son of Endeavour who gave Kacchan “the talk” for Izuku´s sake. Plus he was really cute when he blushed, like his left side got REALLY red while his right side remained mostly pale (probably because his ice and fire quirk being on different sides, Izuku should ask him some questions but he was kind of tired. Hopefully he got the chance again at UA).

While Izuku stared at Todoroki´s blush (“was that creepy? That was probably creepy, really creepy, he should stop being so creepy” “FOR GOD´S SAKE STOP MUMBLING, DEKU!”) they arrived quite fast at Kacchan´s house. Izuku felt kind of sad of leaving Todoroki so early but then the boy took his hand (Oh my god, he took his hand!!!).

Before Izuku could ask, Todoroki wrote a number in his palm. Then he looked at him and said. “I know you probably don´t have a phone but if Bakugou or someone else gives you any problem, please try to call me. You seem resourceful enough to get your hands on a phone.”

“I WILL FUCKING BUY HIM ONE, HALF-AND-HALF!” Bakugou foamed and took Izuku´s hand to drag him (carefully, well carefully for Kacchan´s standards) out of the car.

“Thank you for all the help.” Izuku shouted over his shoulder to Todoroki and then they were standing in front of Kacchan´s house. He felt the tears shouting up in his eyes, he never dreamt of seeing the house again.

“Oi, are you crying already, shity nerd?” Kacchans scoffed. “The house is still as boring as ever.”

“Sure.” Izuku tried to wipe his tears away with his hand but they kept falling.

Kacchan sighed. “Come on, it´s getting cold.”

He opened the door and more or less threw his shoes from his feet so that they hit the wall before falling to the ground. Izuku took off his shoes more carefully and arranged them next to the other shoes already laying there.

Meanwhile Kacchan kept walking. “Oi, old hag, I´m back.”

The screaming that followed out from the living room was loud but not surprising for Izuku who only smiled at the familiarity of Mitsuki Bakugou talking to her son. “Where. The. Fuck. Have you been? It has been HOURS since the festival ended, you irresponsible bra…”

“I brought Izuku with me.” Kacchan said very quietly but his mother froze in the doorframe of the living room.

“I… Izuku?” she stuttered. “But Izuku is…” Then her gaze fell on Izuku still standing by the door. “IZUKU!” And within seconds she stood next to him and pulled him into a hug.
It was a nice hug even if the movement hurt the wounds on his back.

“Oh my god, we were SO worried about you after they took you. I thought about what would be happening to you for weeks and Katsuki got really quiet for a while and your mother, OH GOD! Inko! We have to tell her! Oh, you can´t imagine how depressed she was since you were taken. She cried for weeks and…”

“OI, CALM DOWN HAG!” Kacchan interrupted the torrent of words erupting from his mother. “And stop crushing Deku, you will aggregate his wounds.”

“Wounds?” Mitzuki let go of Izuku and started examining him.

“Yes, those fuckers from the slave shit hole had a fucking whip.” Kacchan rubed his eyes. “Listen, Auntie Inko will survive one more day but we can´t bring Deku over like that. He can barely stand and Auntie will have a heart attack seeing him bleed. We should get a doctor for Deku and then he should eat and sleep, ok?”

“Yes.” Mitsuki breathed in and out several times. “Yes, of course. Well come in, Izuku dear. I already made some curry to celebrate Katsuki´s win. You two start eating while I get a doctor.”


The rest of the day went by in a daze. At the dinner table Izuku got another (more careful) hug from Masaru and determined that the Bakugou curry was as hot as ever, luckily he grew up with it.

The doctor seemed annoyed to be called to help a measly slave but didn´t dare to protest while Kacchan and Mitzuki looked ready to murder him. He dressed Izuku´s wounds and said that some sleep was all he needed.

“I´ll get you to recovery girl first thing at UA.” Kacchan grumbled. But Izuku was already half asleep on the inflatable mattress in Kacchan´s room.


Kacchan had two free days to recover from the festival and Izuku swore he cried more in these days than ever before in his life. He cried as Kacchan gave him his analysis books that Izuku nearly forgot were saved by Kacchan in the slave facility. Then he cried some more as he realized that Kacchan saved the books he made in his child hood too (“It was only because they might be useful in UA”).

He cried when he could put his old All Might-Shirt on that was way too big for him back then but now fit pretty well.

Then he cried when he was allowed breakfast (Mitzuki and Kacchan coincidentally destroyed some plates after that).

Of course, he and his mother didn´t stop crying for the entire day while reuniting.

It got started again as his mother noticed is scarred hands. Nobody noticed until then, too busy with other things. His mum started whaling seeing how broken Izuku´s hands looked and Kacchan exploded whatever he just held in his hand together with a part of the wall next to him while demanding to know what happened.
Izuku cried again while mumbling something about that he wouldn´t stop writing in his analysis book and that “they didn´t like it”

After a few more damages to the house by explosions, the visit from his mum was cut short and he and Kacchan were ushered to bed.

Izuku cried again as he got a new phone from Masaru so he and his mum could stay in contact. He hesitated a while but then sent a text to Todoroki to tell him everything was ok.
At last, he cried as he went to sleep because he couldn´t believe how amazing this one day of his new life was. He couldn´t believe that it was supposed to continue like that. How did people with quirks can live so wonderful lifes and not constantly be thankful for it?

The next day went similar while a little bit dryer and with occasional texts by Todoroki. At least, Izuku reasoned with himself, should his tear ducts be empty now before he got to see UA tomorrow for the first time. Otherwise, he would have probably cried. Let´s be honest, he´ll still cry.

He had the feeling all the suffering in his life were worth it to get one look at UA at last.

And then he and Kacchan were standing in its giant door.

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Shouta Aizawa wasn´t get paid nearly enough for this.

The entire two days after the festival that the students got free, he and his colleagues sat in a room and were devising strategies to protect the new slaves. Unfortunately they were focusing far too much on Bakugou for Aizawa´s taste. He was quite aware of the faults in his student but he was confident that he could get the situation under control. Bakugou showed remarkable progress. After the USJ incident he started to show Aizawa a level of respect no other teacher – not even All Might – seemed to get. There was a growing relationship with Kirishima that you maybe could call a friendship which was cemented in the Cavalry battle at the festival. He even seemed to be becoming friendlier with the rest of his cavalry. Aizawa was quite sure that if he and Bakugou´s class mates put the right pressure on him and if they could assure the poor slave that Bakugou´s cursing and aggressive behavior – that of course wouldn´t change overnight – wasn´t directed against them that the situation would be savable.

And otherwise he would just expel him and give the slave to a better partner.


Unfortunately the first day of classes’ didn´t start especially well concerning Bakugou and his slave. The bell rang and they weren´t in the class room. Aizawa rubbed his eyes that were finally free from bandages. Maybe he put too much faith in the kid and he should just go to plan B.

But before he could say a word the door flew open and Bakugou marched in together with a smaller boy that had a head full of unruly green hair. Aizawa got a file of any new slave that got into UA the moment they left the facility so he knew the name of the kid was Izuku Midoriya. As he saw the file he wondered why Bakugou chose him considering he was marked as a rather “bad” slave but he came to the conclusion that Bakugou would like someone with a spine far more than the usual slave that agreed with everything someone said.

Midoryia blushed as everyone looked at him and shuffled to the table next to Bakugou that was put there for him.

Aizawa looked at Bakugou. “Bakugou, if you think winning the festival gives you the right to come late to my class…!”

“We went to recovery girl, Sensei.”

Aizawa raised an eyebrow. “Are you hurt?”

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Not me. Him.” He pointed at Midoriya with his thumb.

“Oh you poor dear.” Uraraka said and looked at Izuku concerned. “Are you ok?”

Izuku got even redder if that was possible and mumbled. “I´m fine. I went to a doctor the day before yesterday already, Kacchan just wanted to make sure.”

There was a few seconds silent then the whole class stared screeching. “KACCHAN???”

Bakugou grated with his teeth. “If one of you extras even DARES to call me that…!”

Ashido squealed excitedly. “Oh, he got a nickname for you, how cute.”

“Super manly.” Kirishima agreed.

Denki nodded. “Although I think I like Blasty more.”

“I´m not sure if this is proper.”

Iida looked concerned but Uraraka elbowed him. “I like it.”

Izuku seemed to want to sink into his chair until no one could see him anymore. “No, no, no, I just always call him that because I´ve been doing it since we were in kindergarten. You shouldn´t tease him because of me.”

“Deku stop being intimidated by these losers!” Bakugou growled.

Aizawa stepped in before the situation got more out of control. “Child hood friends? There was nothing in your file about that.”

“That´s not something those fuckers care about, is it?” Bakugou answered. “But you can see that his old address and mine are like 500 meters away from each other. Plus Auntie Inko and my mum have been friends for like forever.”

“Monsieur, old child hood friends reunited. That is quite romantic, oui?”

“I don´t think romantic is the right word.” Todoroki disagreed. “But at least Midoryia will know how to deal with his nonsense.”

“Todoroki-kun, don´t be so mean!” Izuku shouted.

Again the whole class started screeching. “YOU KNOW EACH OTHER, TOO?”

Todoroki seemed unfazed. “I drove them home and gave him my number.”

Ashido acted like she was fainting. “Oh my god. The love triangle has already begun. The two best students of the class will fight for Izuku´s hand.”


“ENOUGH!” Aizawa´s hair started floating and his eyes started glowing red. “Everyone be quiet!” He looked at Izuku. “You will do a few tests in this lesson to see where you stand in your education and afterward I will determine how you will continue at UA. Are there any talents I should know beforehand?”

Izuku looked down at his hands – they were quite scarred when did that happen? - and didn´t answer but Bakugou growled. “He has his fucking books!”

Aizawa raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“I… I wrote analysis books about any hero I could find since I was a kid.” Izuku stuttered.

Interesting. “Can I see?”

Izuku opened his bag and pulled out several books. “This isn´t everything, I only took the ones of the heroes who are at this school in case I wanted to supplement something.” He opened one of the books and walked to Aizawa. “That´s you.”

Aizawa took the book and looked at several pages of information about Eraserhead. He started skimming the articles about the other heroes too and nodded. “This is an impressive amount of information about an underground hero.”

Izuku blushed again – could the kid stay pale for 5 minutes? “Th… Thank you, master.”

“You will call no one in UA master, understood?”

“Yes, sensei.”

Meanwhile Kirishima nudged his elbow at Bakugou´s side. “Wow, of course you get the fucking best slave ever. I wish someone will write about me in a book of heroes too some day.”

“I… I did.” Izuku answered. “I wrote about all of you.”

“WHAT!” screeched – of course – the entire class.

“I wanna see mine!”

“No me, me, me!”

“Let me have a look.”

“Quite clearly my entry will be the best!”

Aizawa sighed and put his head in his hands. This was going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

Izuku seemed like a rather good student who simply wasn´t taught a lot of things. He managed to finish his tests before the lesson was finished and started helping Kirishima and Denki with their work sheets about the payment for destruction after a villain attack. Everything concerning heroics seemed to be no problem for the kid.

But as Aizawa skimmed the tests he saw that Izuku´s English and Math skills stopped the moment he was collected to the slave facility. Usually slaves were only taught skills that were deemed as relevant and that didn´t include advanced skills in those subjects. Well, it some tutoring would be easy to organize at UA. Aizawa just wasn´t quite sure how to treat the fact that Izuku couldn´t hurt a fly due to his lack of training and weak physical state. First and foremost the kid needed regular meals and time for any wounds to heal and meanwhile Aizawa would think about his training. One thing was sure after he was finished with the kid no one would be able to push him around anymore.

And until then class 1A seemed to be quite eager to protect him. After helping with their work sheets Denki and Kirishima seemed ready to kiss the ground Izuku walked on, Bakugou glared at anyone who even looked at Izuku and Todoroki smiled at the kid as he was walking by once. Todoroki smiled!

Only one student seemed to be a problem. While Izuku was helping Kirishima, Mineta suddenly called. “Hey, you are a slave, aren´t you? Get me a glass of water!”

There was an astonished silence for two seconds than Bakugou and Todoroki were jumping up but before they could to anything Tsuyu´s tongue already wrapped around Mineta and was slamming him up and down in his seat. “What was that Mineta, ribbit?”

“This is most improper, how dare you treat one of the people like that who are the greatest helpers of heroes.” Iida started a probably quite long lecture.

“Mineta, go to the rector.” Aizawa interrupted with an emotionless voice.

“But… but…”



After that Aizawa was sure that he could leave Izuku to 1A and they would make sure no one would hurt him so he let them go to the cafeteria together while he went to the teacher lobby.

In the lobby most of the teachers were waiting for him. Someone – it was Yamada, Aizawa knew his husband well enough – wrote in thick letters on a white board: “How to stop Bakugou from killing his slave!!!” Under that was a stick figure which was firing off explosions.

Aizawa sighed.

Yagi was walking up and down the lobby in his small form. Aizawa had noticed since All Might started to work at UA how much the subject of slavery actually mattered to him. Everyone knew that All Might hated slavery (any decent hero did). He actually used his reach to organize several big protests but in the end they only lead to a few better conditions for the slaves. Several people criticized All Might because if he really wanted to end slavery he should have enough leverage by simply threatening to be the symbol of peace anymore or even fighting the government itself.

While Aizawa understood the frustration he had to admit he understood why All Might never went all out. While an all out revolution might be deserved by a society based on slavery it would lead to many deaths on both sides.

All Might was a popular hero because he showed great compassion to every living being on the planet but that also seemed to be his greatest weakness. Aizawa assumed the speech in which All Might said quirkless people probably shouldn´t be heroes even if they were free because it was too dangerous was owed to that. As well as trying to think of a way to redeem Shigaraki after the USJ incident. Or trying to give Bakugou a motivational speech after he was beaten by Todoroki in their first training. All stupid decisions based on All Might trying to protect people that didn´t want or need it. A threat that he would stop saving people if slavery didn´t end was ludicrous. He would never be able to go through with it.

Over the years All Might seemed more and more saddened and frustrated by the whole situation. But Yagi Toshinori - Yagi seemed downright devastated.

“How did it go?” Yagi asked wringing his hands.

“It was… interesting.”

“Shoutaaaaaaa, stop keeping us in suspense!!!”

Aizawa went to his table to put Izuku´s tests and the hero book down that he asked him to keep so he could study it more accurately. Then he sat down himself and started. “So there were several information missing from Izuku´s file. The most important being: He and Bakugou are old child hood friends.”

“WHAAAAAAaaaaatttt????” Aizawa activated his quirk so his husband wouldn´t destroy every window in the room.

“Child hood friends?” Midnight asked with hearts in her eyes. “Oh, teenage love!”

Aizawa rolled his eyes. “I think he is rather in love with Todoroki. And vise versa.”

“Todoroki is in love with a quirkless slave?” Cementos repeated slowly.

“Endeavour will burn this school to the ground if he realizes.” Snipe murmured.

Nedzu laughed evilly. “I want to see him try.”

“Well, it unfortunately means we have to adjust our strategy.”

Aizawa stood up, wiped the writing from the board and instead wrote: “How to stop Bakugou from killing anyone who looks wrong at his slave.” Then he sat back down again looking at the other teachers for advice.

Midnight snatched his pen instead and wrote: “And Todoroki from killing for his one true love.” With several hearts around it.

Yamada held his hand up to Midnight who threw him the pen so that he could write: “And Erasurehead from protect his newest adopted child.”

Aizawa sighed. “I don´t adopt children.”

“Sho, you adopted your entire class!”

Aizawa ignored him. “Anyway, Izuku seems to be a win for the hero community. He is intelligent and social – most of the class already are friends with him after one lesson. Additionally he used his entire child hood to watch heroes and write notes in several books.” He held up the one he borrowed. “They are well researched and some of the notes are very interesting thoughts about strategies.”

Yamada gasped loudly and screeched. “Can I see my entry?”

Aizawa sighed. “Why doesn´t it surprise me that you react just like the teenagers in my class? Anyway, I think we should let him use his time at UA to continue making strategies for his class mates while trying to toughen him up a bit physically. He will probably never be able to beat villains in hand-on-hand combat alone but he will be a useful addition for any hero team.”

Nedzu rubbed his hands together. “It seems you have it under control right now, Eraser. Now we can go over to the slaves of class 2B and 3A and…”

A student ran up to the lobby and shouted out of breath. “Mr. Aizawa, your students are in a fight in the cafeteria.”

“Oh, for god’s sake!”

Aizawa sprang up and started running to the cafeteria, followed by Yamada and Midnight.

Chapter Text

Izuku could barely believe how nice the students of 1A were. He seemed to have been adopted into the class the moment he went through the door. And not only Kacchan´s friends – although they were especially nice after he helped them in class – but also people like Iida Tenya who always seemed to be rather annoyed at Kacchan´s antics.

Right now he sat between Iida and Uraraka with Todoroki and Asui – no, she wanted him to call her Tsuyu – on the other side of the table.

“Midoriya.” Iida started a bit stiff. “I want to apologize profusely as the class representative for Mineta´s appaling manners. I assure you, I have been visiting my brother´s hero agency a lot, and no respectable hero will ever treat a valuable helper like yourself with anything else than the respect you deserve.”

“My father would.” Todoroki said emotionless.

“As he said, ribbid.” Tsuyu nodded. “No respectable hero.”

Izuku had to laugh together with the rest of the table.

“Hey, class 1A, I heard the slave you got is quite a fanboy.” A boy Izuku recognized from the sports festival – Neito Monoma – came to their table. “I´m sure you all enjoy it sooooo much if someone tells you how cool you are and that he even wrote a book about you.”

While Izuku wondered where he got that information from a few others from 1B joined Monoma. A red head – Itsuka Kendo - put a hand on Monoma´s shoulder. “Monoma leave the poor kid alone. He just came out of a slave facility.”

Monoma started laughing looking slightly crazy. “Yes, I mean it´s not like I need the recognition of a stupid kid to write me in his stupid book…”

“You are in my hero analysis book.” Izuku interrupted and held up the book open at the page he wrote about Monoma. “Copy is such an amazing quirk.”

Monoma blinked. “What?”

“You all are in the book.” Izuku rubbed nervously at the back of head. “Well at least everyone who made it to the Cavalry run, it was pretty difficult to see much of you before. And even than some of you just hadn´t much screen time at the run and…”

“I would love to see what you wrote.” Ibara Shiozaki asked.

“Yes.” Tetsu Tetsu said. “I want to compare me and Kirishima!”

“Eh… sure.” Izuku laid the book on the table and 1B gathered around.

“Well.” Monoma said. “Look at these notes. Quite clearly someone who recognizes my talent. He is definitely too good for you.” He glared at Bakgou.

“Yes, I don´t want to sound insulting.” Kendo said lightly but her gaze was hard. “But you do know what will happen if any of you treats him badly.”

Bakugou looked like he was going to explode the table but Kirishima put a hand on his shoulder. “We are quite aware and believe us: No one touches Izuku.”

A girl Izuku didn´t recognizes shouted. “Hey, do you have people who aren´t in the hero classes in that book?”

“Oh, yes. Hatsumes gadgets were incredible.” Izuku answered excitedly, then his gaze fell to the purple hear next to the girl. “And Hitoshi, you´re incredible. With such an amazing quirk like yours, you could end any fight before it even begins. There wouldn´t be any casualties. So Awesome!”

Hitoshi blinked at him as if he wasn´t quite sure how to react to a compliment. Then he seemed to compose himself and bowed his head. “Thank you for the kind words.”

Izuku continued to gush. “What bad luck that you got Todoroki-kun in one of your fights. He is the silent type. If you would have fought Kacchan you would have totally won.”

“EXCUSE ME?!?" This time Kacchan did explode parts of the table.

“Well sorry, but Monoma already showed that it is rather easy to bait you in a fight.”


Izuku laughed along with the rest of the table. Everything seemed to go so well.

Until the winner of the sports festival from the class 2B came to their table, a beaten looking slave girl behind him. He had blue skin and very sharp teeth looking very confident while the girl didn´t have hair it all and cowered behind him. As he reached their table, he put his hands on his hips and looked down at them. “What is going on here?”

Tsuyu looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “It is called having fun.”

“Yeah!” Denki laughed. “You should take that stick out of your butt sometime and try it.”

“Don´t you know who I am?” The 2B-student puffed his chest out. “I am…”

“Nobody fucking cares smurf!” Kacchan scoffed. “What the hell you want?”

Smurf looked at him exasperated but composed himself rather quickly. “I have seen how you let your slave talk to you. This is quite unbecoming of a future hero. If you don´t teach him manners now he´ll never learn.”

You could feel the entire table getting ready for a fight before he ended his sentence. Kacchan´s teeth ground together, his hands were tight fists. “What did you just say?”

Smurf seemed too stupid to notice anything. Or - more likely since he won the sports festival - he thought he could take a few first graders on easily. “Well, you see it is with a dumb dog. If you don´t beat sense into him before…”

He was interrupted by the last person anyone – Izuku included – expected: Izuku himself. “I´m here, you know. How about you talk to me!”

Izuku was looking at his hand on the table; his fingers were digging in his palms. He didn´t know where he got the confidence to speak but it his anger reached its limit and as he got a glimpse at the poor slave girl behind Smurf, he knew he couldn´t stay silent. At least for her sake.

“How dare you talking to me like that? Apologize to your master!”

Izuku stood up while everyone was staring at him, frozen in their seats. “I´m sorry. I can´t do that.” He walked to Smurf who was at least a head taller than he was but he still looked him in the eyes. “Mr. Aizawa forbade me from calling anyone at UA that.”


He was stopped because Izuku had took Todoroki´s bowl still mostly full with steaming soup and emptied it. Over Smurfs head.

Chapter Text

It was hard to follow what exactly happened after Izuku dumped the soup over Smurf´s head. For two seconds the cafeteria was completely silent. Then there was the sound of deafening laughter and applause.

Smurf reached for Izuku with his hand and Izuku knew he wouldn´t be able to step out of the way in time so he closed his eyes ready for impact. But before he could reach him Izuku felled how a hand pulled him back and as he opened his eyes he saw Todoroki stepping in front of him and an ice wall building between him and Smurf.
Then pure chaos broke loose while all the students from 1A and the ones from 1B who were still standing at their table started using their quirks to attack Smurf. His poor slave girl startled backwards quite obviously scared for her life and close to tears. Izuku saw Yaoyorozu breaking out of the fight and walking to her. She laid an arm around the frightened slave who flinched but didn´t try to move away and Yaoyorozu led her away.

Meanwhile there was a pile of people laying where Smurf was standing – and now was presumably lying. Izuku wondered how far the future heroes would go as…


Izuku saw that the skin of Kirishima who was lying on top of the pile stopped hardening. The other quirks that were observable seemed to stop working as well. He looked to where the shout had been coming from and saw an angry looking Aizawa with red eyes and floating black hair flanked by Present Mic and Midnight walking towards him. “What is going on here?”

The pile of people dissolved and Smurf became visible. He looked a little worse for wear but Izuku had to admit that he endured the attack pretty well. There had to be reason that he won the festival. Sadly he hadn´t been able to observe his quirk in the chaos.

Smurf stood up and pointed his finger accusingly at Izuku. “This slave attacked me!”

“OH?” There wasn´t any emotion in Aizawa´s voice but somehow he still seemed disbelieving. He looked at Izuku then at the rest of class 1A. “Is that so?”

“I didn´t see any attack from Izuku, Sensei.” Todoroki answered, still gripping his arm.

Iida looked at Izuku then at Smurf and then back at Izuku. “That is correct, Midoriya has been behaving exemplary.”

Uraraka was nodding her head up and down excessively. “Yeah, we were just talking and suddenly this guy.” She pointed at Smurf. “Was attacking and of course we went between them.”

“As true heroes do.” Sero purred.

“But… but…” Smurf looked at them enraged then at the rest of the cafeteria but no one was saying anything to help him. “He is a shame for the agency of slavery! He dares to speak as if he was on equal footing with the rest of us. He was insolent and…”

“That is ENOUGH!” Aizawa interrupted. “Go to the principal. Immediately.”

Smurf looked like he wanted to protest but Midnight stepped forwards and took him by the arm while looking like she really didn´t want to touch him.

Aizawa looked to where Yaoyorozu was standing with her arm still around the now sobbing slave girl.

She probably thinks she has to go back to the facility now, Izuku thought full of pity.

Aizawa pointed through the crowd of onlookers to a girl with pitch black hair that were long enough that she braided it and it still fell to her knees. “Kobayashi, you were second at the festival for second years, correct?”

The girl nodded looking confused.

Aizawa nodded to the girl sobbing in Yaoyorozu´s arms and said. “I congratulate you to your new slave. You will go with her to recovery girl first and then to the principal were you´ll get an introduction to your new responsibilities. Don´t disappoint us.”

She bowed before him. “Ye… Yes, Sensei. I won´t, Sensei.”

Then she hurried to the slave girl and led her away.

For a few seconds no one moved then Aizawa looked around. “And why are you still standing around like that? Live is too short for nonsense like this. Back to eating, class begins in fifteen minutes.”

Izuku noticed that he was breathing harshly, probably still a fight or flight reaction of his body.

Todoroki looked at him, his hand still on his arm. “Are you ok?”

“Ye… yes.” Izuku nodded. “I´m fine. Oh and sorry.”

Todoroki frowned. “What are you apologizing for?”

Izuku smiled faintly. “For wasting your soup.”

“I never saw a better use of soup.” Todoroki looked him in the eyes. “And after what you just did, I really want to kiss you right now.” Then as if he just realized what he said, Todoroki blushed and looked away.

Izuku felt weak in his knees. “Well, I… I certainly wouldn´t mind.”

“OI, would you stop flirting while the entire cafeteria is watching.” Kacchan shouted. “And who gave you the permission to ask Deku out anyway, Icyhot?”

“Big brother mode activated, kero.” Tsuyu said.

Before Kacchan could start yelling again Iida intervened. “We only have ten more minutes to eat. Let´s hurry. A good student is finished with his meal five minutes bevor the bell rings.”

“Well, Todoroki-kun.” Izuku smiled at him. “Let´s hurry to get you a new soup.”

Nobody saw Nezu watching from behind a corner and rubbing his hand while smiling evilly.

Chapter Text

Izuku had been waiting for this lesson the entire day. After the catastrophe in the cafeteria, it was finally time for heroics. The lesson was taught by All Might himself. Izuku had been a fan of him since he could remember and being quirkless just fanned the flames since All Might organized so many protests for their sake.

But now he was getting nervous. What if All Might heard that he had started a fight in the cafeteria? What if he was angry with him? Especially since Izuku didn´t HAVE TO throw soup at the other student. He just had been so furious. But maybe All Might would think he was a trouble maker now?

He leaned over to Kacchan who was walking in front of him to their classroom. “Hey, Kacchan? What if All Might is angry at me because I was causing trouble in the cafeteria?”
“Tch, stop thinking about such nonsense! The Smurf deserved it and if All Might can´t see it that´s his problem.”

That didn´t really comfort Izuku but he should have known that Kacchan wasn´t the right person to comfort anyway. So he turned to Uraraka next to him. “What do you think? Will he be angry?”

Uraraka shook her head so hard her hair flew everywhere. “No, Izuku don´t worry. All Might is just a big teddy bear. I don´t think he even knows how to be angry at anyone.”

“Yeah, kero.” Tsuyu agreed. “All Might might not be the best teacher but he always is kind to every student and tries to help everyone. He never gives people up even if they make mistakes. He even still tries to help Bakugou.”


Iida nodded. “And you didn´t even do anything wrong, Midoriya. You really don´t have to worry.”

Izuku felt a lot better but not completely calm. “But if…”

“All Might would never blame a slave for defending themselves.” Todoroki said. “Trust me.”

Izuku frowned. “What do you mean?”

Todoroki looked away. “My brother is quirkless.”

“Oh no.” Izuku gasped. “I´m so sorry. But I don´t understand what that has to do…”

“My father couldn´t buy him as a family member because it is forbidden. Something about quirkless people having to be of use to society. Probably more so they can control them. But every hero agency especially one so famous as my fathers can buy any slave they want at any time as long as the slave doesn´t belong to someone already. My father didn´t even try. Natsuo was a mistake that had to be eradicated as soon as possible.”

Todoroki looked up at Izuku and continued. “But All Might did. He bought him because he heard what had happened. It is because of him that I know my brother is saved and cared for. It was really hard for a long time. My mother wasn´t around anymore at that time – probably better for her not to have to live through that. And my oldest brother vanished soon after Natsuo was taken. But All Might gave me the hope to go on. He didn´t give Natsuo up even when he was cursing at everything and everyone at how unfair the world is. Apparently Natuso even destroyed one of the rooms of the agency once in a fit of rage but All Might only smiled at him and said he understood.”

By now there were tears streaming down Izuku´s face. “Shoto, I´m so sorry.”

Todoroki looked at his feet again his face unreadable. “My father wants me to surpass All Might as the Number One Hero but I don´t think I will ever really be able to do that. Even if I match his fighting power I don´t think I will ever be able to instill the hope he does.”

Izuku took his hand and smiled when Todoroki looked at him surprised. By now they were standing at the class room door so Izuku could come a little closer without stumbling over his own feet. “Trust me, that first day when you saved me and Kacchan you already managed that. I was so afraid that everyone at UA was going to look down at me. That Kacchan was only helping because he thought he had to save his old child hood friend and soon he would be mean to me again, like when we were children. But then you said you would protect me and even gave me your number and I knew I would have at least one ally in here.”

Todoroki stared at him and blushed. His left side was redder than his right side again. It was still the cutest thing Izuku ever saw.

They got interrupted by a squeak. “OH MY GOD, you too are just too adorable.” Mina was holding her hand at her heart as if she was suffering from a heart attack.

“Mina, now you ruined the moment!” Kirishima sulked. “It was getting so good.”

Todoroki blinked confused. “I tell a tragic story of my past and you can´t stop talking about how adorable that is? I don´t really understand the connection.”

“I think we should all go into class IMMEDIATELY. We´re already a minute late.” Iida shouted.

“DO NOT WORRY FOR I AM HERE… COMING TO CLASS!” A shout echoed through the hall.

“Oh no, the teacher was here before we got in.” Iida looked like he was about to faint.

Suddenly All Might stood next to Izuku with a hand on his shoulder, smiling down at him. “Oh, young Midoriya! How exciting to meet you. I hope everything is going well.”
Izuku became bright red and began to stutter. “We… Well, every… everything´s fine. Except what ha… happened at the cafeteria.”

“Oh that.” All Might laughed a booming laugh. “I heard you managed that quite well.” He gave Izuku a pat on the shoulder that made him go into his knees. “Well done, my boy.”
Izuku´s shoulder was hurting a bit by now but the smile on his face could have made anyone go blind.

All Might laughed again. “Well, since you all aren´t in you class room right now just don´t bother. We will go to training ground Omega. Everyone get into your hero outfits. I will go with young Midoriya here.”

Most of the class more or less ran off while shouting excitedly. Todoroki looked at Izuku one last time but Izuku just smiled at him encouragingly and he turned around and followed the rest of the class.

“Well, young Midoriya, I heard from Aizawa that you are quite the little strategist so I thought you could help me a little with teaching some tactics to the class.”

Izuku swore he was in heaven. “Sure.”

“But beforehand…” All Might looked at Izuku and the smile vanished from his face. It was the first time Izuku saw All Might without a smile on his face. “Are you sure, you´re quite alright? I wanted to make sure, while we were alone. I know that my colleagues and your class mates are formidable people but I´m not sure they can really understand…”

Izuku frowned. “Understand?”

What was there that All Might could better understand then the other heroes? What did he and All Might have in common?

All Might looked nervous. “Yes, I try to talk to every new slave in the school. I have the feeling I have some responsibility for them since…” He ran out.

“It isn´t your fault that you couldn´t stop slavery, All Might! Even you can´t save everyone!”

“It isn´t just that.” All Might swallowed. “I… I was a late bloomer. For more than a decade I was thought to be quirkless too.”

Izuku starred at him. “You… you were quirkless, too?”

“Yes. But I got saved. And I´m so, so sorry that I couldn´t save all of you, too.” All Might seemed to be seconds from crying. “It is so unfair that I get to be here and you…”

Izuku didn´t know what else to do so he did the first thing that got in his head. He hugged All Might. “Thank you. Thank you for telling me. Thank you for trying to help me. And thank you for making the world a better place. You brought peace in society not only to people with quirks, you know. And none of this is your fault.”

All Might hesitated, then he put his arms around Izuku too. “I wish, I could believe that.”

Chapter Text

After the first school day of the new slaves was finally over there was another teacher meeting. Aizawa already had a headache and the smile on Nezu´s face didn´t promise that it would get better.

The meeting got started by Yagi. “So, I got to meet all the new slaves. They seem to be good integrated. The girl of the second grade is quite apparently a bit… intimidated but after Aizawa gave her to Kobayashi she seems to be getting better. We should probably still keep an eye on her.”

Snipes sighed. “Will someone else talk about the elephant in the room or do I have to?”

Nemuri raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Izuku Midoriya attacked a senior student.”

“It was well deserved.” Aizawa grumbled.

“That might be true.” Snipes agreed. “But you must be aware that such a… spirited slave will get into real trouble sooner or later. He will always have a reason to attack people stronger than him but he will not always have a nice hero there that can save him. If this continues he will end up dead sooner or later.”

Aizawa grinded his teeth at the unfairness of it all. “And what is your suggestion? Making him a timid scared little slave? Break his spirit? He has the heart of a hero that can´t see unfairness without trying to do something just like all of us. But we will try to destroy it in him simply because of the way he is born?”

There was a short uncomfortable silence, then…

“If I could make a suggestion?” Nezu piped up. “I might have a solution.”


Izuku Midoriya had a blast at that afternoon. Right after school he got to do some worksheets in the subjects he was weak in since they weren´t taught further in the slave facility but also some advanced sheets on hero works that he was having a lot of fun with. Afterwards he got to visit his mother (they were still tearing up as soon as they saw each other but by now they stopped after an hour). And in the end he got to have a video chat with the entire class (minus Mineta). He even managed to force Kacchan to take part.

“This is fucking stupid.” Kacchan was grumbling in the pillow he pressed on his face while he was lying on the bed.

“Don´t be like that Bakubro.” Kirishima´s cheerful voice came from the Laptop (there were so many open windows in the video chat that you couldn´t really see any singular face very well). “I think it’s awesome we get to talk some more.”

Izuku swore he saw Kacchan go red on the skin you saw under the pillow. Were him and Kirishima…?

Sero laughed and imitated Kirishima in a high-pitched voice. “Yes, Bakubro! Let´s hang out some more. Maybe we can get together after school to learn or for me to suck your c…”


“Candy stick!” Denki shouted in between. “Suck your candy stick.”

“You guys are so vulgar.” Hagakure complained.

“Oi, Deku-chan?” Uraraka had begun using Kacchan´s nickname for him but with her it sounded very cutsey. “Do you have a lesson plan already? We can´t be the only ones who suffer under Aizawa-sensei.”

“Oh yes. There is a standard one already since every slave that gets chosen by a UA winner has to go to UA for 3 years. Even if the winner doesn´t become a hero or dies the slave will simply be given to another hero agency that way they definitely are a good educated help for heroes, no matter what. Mr. Aizawa simply adjusted that plan a bit to fit me.”

“Oh, I didn´t know that.” Mina said. “Who would you go to if Bakugou dies?”


“You can´t say that, you already nearly died from that slime monster attack the year before school began.” Tokoyami disagreed.


“Well most of the teacher already told me I could start at their agencies in that case so they can protect me.” Izuku answered Mina´s question. “But to be honest… I would prefer to stay with All Might or Mr. Aizawa.”

“Uh yeah, stay with the daddys of 1A!” Mina screeched.

“Please don´t call them that.” Tokoyami sighed.

“Well they are pretty good father figures.” Jiro agreed. “They will look out for you. And from what I heard Aizawa-Sensei and Hizashi-Sensei always wanted to adopt. I´m sure they´d take good care of you.”

“WHAT?” Denki shouted. “Aizawa and Present Mic are married? I didn´t know that.”

Jiro facepalmed. “Yeah, cause you´re the most unperceptive person I know!”

“I didn´t about it either.” Sato mumbled.

“Hey did you hear that Mineta and that guy from 2B with the slave supposedly both got expelled?” Tsuyu said. “I heard it from one of the senior students, ribbit.”

Mina threw her fist in the air. “OH MY GOD, all my prayers got answered!”

“That are actually really good news.” Momo agreed. “I wonder who will take Mineta´s place in the class? After Aizawa already expelled Watanabe before there are now two free spaces.“

“Watanabe? Who is that?” Izuku asked.

“Oui, you probably don´t know him since he was expelled shortly before the sports festival.” Aoyama explained. “Mr. Aizawa wasn´t happy since he showed himself as quite a coward. Apparently he even pushed Jiro in front of him to be attacked by villains at that USJ incident to save himself.”

“Yeah!” Jiro agreed. “Not funny, trust me.”

“Oh, I heard of that inicident. It really sounded terrifying. So that´s why you´re only 19 people and not 20.” Izuku nodded. “I wondered.”

“Well, I´m pretty sure Hitoshi will be moved up in our class soon.” Kirishima said. “He was really manly at the sports festival!”

“Then there is still one place left.” Todoroki pointed out.

“We will know soon enough.” Iida said. “And it is already getting late. We should all go to bed so we can be rested and ready for the new school day tomorrow.”

“Naw, already?” Mina complained. “All right. See you tomorrow, guys.”

There were various variation of goodnight thrown around then the chat was empty. Izuku´s mobile bused and there was a message from Todoroki. It only said goodnight but Izuku blushed anyway.

“Oi nerd, what do you have there?” Kacchan asked.

“No… Nothing!” Deku stuttered and hid the phone behind his back.

“Oh yeah? Does nothing have one half of an annoying quirk he didn´t use at the sports festival?”

Izuku blushed even harder but then he noticed something in Kacchan´s hand. “Ma… maybe? So Kirishima didn´t write private messaged with you while the rest of us were talking?”

“I… wha… take that back Deku!”

Izuku laughed and ran out the room to the bathroom while shouting. “You´re really cute together.”


“Sure thing Kacchan!”

Chapter Text

The next day Aizawa looked even more tired than usual.

“Class, you will do these work sheets and if you dare to get loud, I will personally make sure you will regret it!”

The whole class swallowed nervously. “Yes, Sir.”

“Great. Midoriya come with me!”

Izuku looked around confused. What did Aizawa want with him? Was he angry because of the cafeteria incident? Why now?

“Midoriya I don´t have all day.”

“Su… sure. Sorry.” Izuku stood up and followed Aizawa out of the classroom. They walked for a while until he couldn´t take it anymore. “Sir, could you tell me what this is about?”

“You aren´t in trouble, kid.” Aizawa answered. “But the rest will be better explained once we´re at the teacher lobby.”

“The teacher lobby?” Izuku squeaked.

But before Aizawa could say another thing they were already there. The teacher lobby was completely filled with teachers. It seemed nearly everyone was there with a few exceptions that probably needed to look after the students. And everyone looked at him.

Now Izuku got really nervous. He started to rub his hands together but refused to look away.

“Ah, there is our problem child.” A voice at the height of his knees said. Izuku looked down and saw the director. “We just wanted to have a quick word with you if you don´t mind?”

“Su… sure.”

Aizawa bend down and held up a hand to Nezu who he climbed on it. Afterwards he put him on a high desk in the middle of the room so Nezu was on eye-level with Izuku.

Nezu rubbed his hands together and smiled. “So, young Midoryia, after your… incident in the cafeteria yesterday…” - Izuku swallowed nervously – “we, or to be more exact, I had an idea.”

“I still don´t agree with it.” All Might said looking concerned at Izuku.

“We know that.” Aizawa answered. “But it is Midoriya´s decision not yours.”


Nezu interrupted him. “As I was saying: I had an ingenious idea fitting for someone with an intelligence quirk. You showed yourself to be quite heroic in the cafeteria, Midoriya.”

Izuku looked at him in shock. “Thank you?”

“Yes, yes. Defending yourself and fighting against the rules of slavery had to have taken quite a lot of bravery. And in the camera recordings I saw how you looked at the slave of the student from 2B. You wanted to protect her, didn´t you? A very heroic motivation. Plus you already prove your strategic mind and your ability to make friends and allies easily.”

Nezu started walking up and down the table. “So, you might have heard that UA and many other heroes tried to do something against the quirkless work enforcement law for a while. This is the perfect opportunity!”

Izuku looked at Nezu confused. “I… I´m sorry. I don´t quite understand the connection.”

“Well, I thought it was pretty clear.” Nezu threw his arms in the air. “We will make you a hero!”

“WHAT?” Izuku couldn´t believe what he had heard. “But why… how…?”

“It´s easy kid.” Aizawa answered. “If we manage to make you a hero that manages the work fine for a few years and gets popular enough then you can show yourself to the world and prove that quirkless people are no worse at doing things than people with quirks. If you can be good even in a field that puts you in such a disadvantage as heroics than you can do anything.”

“But… people already know that I´m a slave!”

Snipes shook his head. “Few people know of you. No one at UA will betray us and the few people in the slave facility will be easy enough to take care of. Even better once you become a student most people will simply believe that they´re wrong if they recognize you.”

Present Mic nodded. “Yeah. We´ll simply say you´re one of the general study kids that moved up in the ranks together with Hitoshi. To be fair, you´ll maybe have to wait a sports festival to officially move up to 1A so the public isn´t confused were you come from. But inofficially Aizawa will take care of you until then and I´m sure the rest of the class will welcome you with open arms.”

“That is…” Aizawa interrupted. “If you want to. This is a hard road for you kid. We´ll give you all the support items you need and everyone in this school will teach you as much as we can but you´ll always be at a disadvantage. Other heroes have been training not only their quirks but also their body their entire lives. You have a lot to catch up to.”

Izuku´s head was swimming. His thoughts were running in every direction. He couldn´t believe what he was hearing. “I… I don´t know. I… need time to think about this.”

“Probably the best idea you can have right now.” Aizawa agreed. “Take your time, kid. This could change your life or mean your death if you can´t live up to the villains you´ll be facing or if you get caught.”

“Young Midoriya, could I have a word with you!” All Might asked.

“Yagi…” Nemuri started but All Might interrupted her.

“No, you all had your piece to say, now it´s my turn.” He looked at Izuku. “Could we please talk? Outside?”


Izuku followed All Might out of the teacher lobby and inside an abandoned classroom. “So what is it you want to talk to me abou…?”

His mouth hung open as he saw smoke rise of All Might´s body and then after a second, All Might´s muscular form vanished. Instead, there stood a skeletal man with sunken, tired eyes. There was no smile on his face anymore. “Hey kid.”

Izuku swallowed. “How? Are… Are you?”

An ironic smile appeared on the man. “Yeah. I´m All Might. I guess I´m not exactly in my prime anymore.”

“But what happened?”

“Got in a pretty terrible fight.” He raised his shirt to reveal a horrible scar on his side. “I never quite recovered. I can only keep my muscle form for a little over an hour right now.”

Izuku felt tears form in his eyes. “That is so terrible. I´m really sorry, I wish I could help.”

“Well that´s the thing.” All Might sighed. “You know what Nezu said is true. You really have the heart of a hero. But I want to be honest, I don´t think someone without a quirk should be a hero. You saw at the sports festival what people like Bakugou or Todoroki can do. The villains you´ll have to face will be even worse. You´ll never be able to face them alone. If your support items fail, you´ll be dead within the minute. I can´t take responsibility for that.”

Izuku felt his heart sank. “But…”

“Let me finish, kid.” All Might rubbed his eyes. “I have another solution. I told you that people thought I was quirkless for a while. The truth is: I WAS quirkless for my childhood. I got lucky and my mentor brought me from a slave facility. I don´t know what she saw in me but she said I had the heart to become a hero. The quirk I have now is one that can be passed on between people. Its path was hindered by the slavery law but it never was stopped. Sometimes I think our greatest enemy was a reason the law was passed or at least the reason it never was revoked; All for One… well that´s a story for another time. What I want to say is…” He looked Izuku in the eyes. “I think you have the heart to be a hero. And I would be honored to pass my quirk on to you.”

“I… I…” It was just too much for Izuku right now. He felt tears run down his face and he was never so confused in his life. “I´m sorry I have to go.”

And he ran.

Chapter Text

Todoroki was the one who found him. Izuku was sitting in a corner of the UA campus under a tree with his arms around his knees. He already had missed the first lesson of the day completely but he just couldn´t bring himself to stand up.

Suddenly a shadow fell over him and Todoroki sat next to him in the grass. “The others are worried.”

Izuku managed a smile. “And you searched the school ground because you´re not worried?”

“Mr. Aizawa said that you needed time to think and that they would know if you left the school ground.” Todoroki answered. “And the school is safe… well except for the attack at the USJ but they couldn´t do that in the bright daylight in front of the school. Probably.”

Izuku chuckled. “Very reassuring.”

“What I wanted to say was: I wasn´t worried that you could get hurt but I thought you could use some company. But if you want me to go that´s ok too.” Todoroki looked at him unsurely.

Izuku shook his head. “You can stay.”

After that there was a comfortable silence between them for several minutes. Izuku played nervously with the grass in front of him and Todoroki seemed content to just sit and wait.

Finally Izuku interrupted the silence. “Shoto-kun, if you had the choice between becoming the best and saving a lot of people with outside help or not becoming so good at helping people but instead being able to prove that you can still do it alone and inspiring people instead. What would you choose?”

“Well I don´t quite understand how you come to that question.” Todoroki responded. “But if you´re able to inspire enough people they will be able to save more than you could ever do alone. And if you talk about slaves maybe they will be able to save themselves too.” He tilted his head to the side. “Will this outside help only be able to help you to become the best and saving all those people?”

Izuku shook his head. “No, there are probably better candidates if you ask me. But.” He put his head in his hands. “Am I selfish for wishing to become the best at helping people? I just want to make sure everyone is alright.”

“You definitely aren´t selfish, in the end the entire aim of this school is getting the help to become the best in your field. But you´ll never be able to save everyone no matter how good you are. You´ll have to learn to accept that.”

“Everyone is trying to help me, why is this so hard?” Izuku sighed. “I don´t know what the right thing is! And I´m scared.”

“What are you scared about?”

“If they catch me…” Izuku took a deep breath and felt tears coming to his eyes. “If anyone catches me at trying to be anything but an obedient slave they will kill me. Not to mention that any work in the hero industry can easily lead to an early death and then I wouldn´t have helped anyone.”

Todoroki put his arms around him. “I won´t let anyone hurt you!”

Izuku smiled through his tears. “I wished it were so easy. But even you can´t fight an entire country.”

“I will do it for you.”

“You are just as impossible as Kacchan.” Izuku couldn´t help but laugh. “You just hide it better.”

Todoroki smiled at him. “Guilty as charged.”

“So brave!” Izuku murmured at the ground. “I wish one day I can be just as brave for someone in need. Just like a real hero.” He looked up at Todoroki´s eyes. “I think I know what I want to do.”

Todoroki smiled back. “No matter what you decide I´ll be with you until the end of the line.”

“I know.” Izuku leaned forward and their lips met.

Izuku couldn´t imagine a better first kiss.


“Where the HELL have you been?” Kacchan shouted at Izuku as he returned to the class room for the lesson in heroics.

“I just needed some time to think. Stop making such a drama out of it, I´m not made out of glass.”

Mina behind him began screeching. “Is that a hickey?”

Izuku blushed and tried to cover his throat. “No… None of your business.”

“Oh my god, we have to give them the talk before someone becomes pregnant.” Denki joked. He looked around and saw Aizawa who was just rolling up his sleeping bag and about to go. “Mr. Aizawa, as home room teacher…”

Aizawa hurried in putting his bag under his arm and more or less running out of the room. “No. Definitely NOT!”

He was followed by several disappointed “Awwwww”s. Izuku wished he could be able to make a strategic exit like him. The next minutes everyone was firing questions at him until he went over to Todoroki –Shoto, he should call him Shoto now, that they were official – who pulled him in his lap and let him bury his face in his chest. That naturally only fired their classmates on but Izuku could ignore them until finally All Might arrived in their class room.

“Young Todoroki, while I´m very happy about young love, could you please let go of young Midoriya and follow your class mates to training ground Alpha?”

Shoto grumbled a bit and buried his face one last time in Izuku´s hair but then let go of him. Izuku was blushing hard but stumbled to All Might so that they could go to the training ground together again.


At the training ground the students all got put into random pairs and should fight each other with use of their quirks. Once a match ended the winners of two matches and the losers got together and fought. Obviously, no one wanted to fight Tokoyami, Kacchan or Shoto since they were pretty much unbeatable in an one-on-one fight but since they usually won they mostly fought with each other.

All Might and Izuku stood at the edge of the training field and were shouting tips to improve the strategy of the students.

“Momo, try making something small that distracts your enemy before making a weapon. How long do you need for a stun grenade?”

“Young Bakugou, the dust from your explosions is hampering your own view.”

“Sero, try taping the ground so your enemy gets stuck.”

“Young Kirishima, don´t harden your entire body the whole time. Your endurance is suffering.”

But then it happened:


Izuku went over to the two who just ended one of many fights. “Kacchan, what is wrong?”

“He still fucking refuses!” Kacchan was breathing hard and looking accusingly at Shoto. “He still refuses to use his entire power even though he constantly loses against me. If you want to mock me then I am fucking refuse to fight you anymore.”

Shoto sighed. “I´m not trying to mock yo…”


Kacchan went off leaving Izuku and Shoto alone. Izuku looked sourly at Shoto with his arms crossed. He would settle this nonsense once and for all!

Chapter Text

Shoto looked at Izuku a little uncertain while Izuku still looked mad at him. “I´m sorry but I can´t use my fire.”

“Why not?”

“It´s HIS power!” Shoto grimaced looking as if he was speaking about something disgusting.

“It isn´t, it´s yours!” Izuku said frustrated. “Do you know how much I would do to even have a quirk? And you don´t even use half of your own?”

Shoto looked guilty. “If I could I would give it to you instantly.”

“That´s not what I mean!”

Shoto didn´t answer but also didn´t look at Izuku. Well then, time to change tactics.

“Baaaaaabe?” He purred as he laid his arm around Shoto from behind and rubbed his cheek on Shoto´s left cheek. “What if my life was in danger? Would you use your fire then?”

“I would save you with my ice.”

“Oh please.” Izuku scoffed. “What if the villain would be too strong?”

“I will work so hard that no one is.”

Izuku started kissing his left ear. “Even All Might was too weak for a group of villains on occasion and needed help. And at least he used all his power.”

“I… I…” Shoto stuttered as Izuku kissed his earlobe. “You are really distracting.”

“Have I ever told you I like your left side more than your right?”

“What?” Shoto said astonished from the sudden change of topic.

“It´s maybe a bit weird to like one side of your boyfriend more.” Izuku admitted. “But I like that is so warm since I´m cold most of the time because I´m malnourished.”

“It´s ugly.” Shoto disagreed with a hand on his scar.

“It shows how much you already survived.” Izuku kissed Shoto´s scar. “You will become such a strong hero.” Shoto didn´t say anything. “Do you know what I like most about your fire side? You blush so fast on that side but really slow on your other. It´s the cutest thing I ever saw. Do you think someone would say any of the things I just said about Endeavor?”

“No!” Shoto whispered.

“So keeping me warm and blushing in the cutest way ever doesn´t make you like Endeavor even though it gets produced by a similar quirk?”

“No, it doesn´t make me like him.”

“So why would using it to protect people Endeavor would never care about make you more like him?”

“I… Because…”

Izuku made sure Shoto would forget any doubt he might have by kissing him. Intensely. For several minutes. Yes, he only did it to help him accept his left side. Only for that. Sure.

Then he looked at Shoto who was quite out of breath. “If you try to use your fire for me, I´ll do that again at the end of the lesson.”

Shoto nodded. “I can… try.”

As they both looked around, they noticed everyone else stopped their fighting to stare at them. Izuku blushed. “Hey, we´re just having a strategy talk.”

“Suuuuuure.” Sato said.

“Do you always nearly eat people you have such talks with?” Mina winked.

“Hey, I want to have a strategy meeting with you!” Denki shouted and Kacchan hit him across the head.

Then Kacchan went over to them and dragged Shoto away. “So you finally started to listen to reason? Good, then use your fucking fire while I show you what happens if you ever lay a hand on Deku in the wrong way, understood?”

Izuku smiled as he saw Shoto´s left side light up.

All Might put a hand on his shoulder. “Good work, young Midoriya.”


After the last student left the training ground, All Might was about to follow as Izuku interrupted. “All Might, I thought about your proposal.”

All Might froze. “Oh. And what is your decision?”

“You are giving me a great opportunity to become something every child dreams about and I thank you for it.” Izuku began. “But I´m sorry but I have to decline.” He bowed to All Might in an apology. “I believe I will be able to do more good by following Director Nezu´s plan.”

All Might deflated into his more skeletal form. “You are aware that you will never be able to compete with your classmates at UA, you are aware of that.”

Izuku smiled. “I know. They have their quirks and gadgets while I only can rely only on gadgets alone. In a real emergency against someone like a Nomu I will probably have to give in no matter how good my strategy is. Especially if the attacker comes as a surprise. No hero in the top ten can afford such a weakness. But you know…” He shrugged. “There have to be people in the other hundred spots too.”

“Not being strong enough is dangerous in this field.”

“And Mr. Aizawa doesn´t have the same problem? His Quirk only works against two thirds of all Quirks since he can´t reverse mutations and he can only look at one person at a time. But from what I heard he still managed to save all my classmates at the USJ even if it was definitely not his preferred kind of fight.”

“He was gravely injured.” All Might reminded him.

“And you were in the infirmary with him.” Izuku responded. “There will always be someone or a group that is stronger than you. I will become as strong as I can and will leave the high-scale fighting to the top heroes.”

“You will watch Todoroki and Bakugou fight people you could never match and not do anything? I´m not sure if you are able to just stand by and watch.”

“I think I´m a good enough friend to not hold them back just because I can´t keep up.” Izuku said indignantly. “And I´m not just going to do nothing, obviously I´ll make strategies and maybe bring the people around the fight to safety so they don´t have to worry about them. Don´t act like other heroes (even the ones higher up) didn´t need to do the same for you sometimes.”

“If the government finds out about this, they will not be happy.”

Izuku folded his arms in front of him. “And if Shigaraki disintegrates me, I´ll be just as dead not matter if I´m Number One.”

All Might sighed. “Well it seems you thought everything through. I just don´t want you to get hurt or to begin regretting not having taken my offer after it’s already too late.”

“All Might, I think you think you need to protect quirkless people because the entire time you were quirkless you were actually helpless. I know the feeling in ones childhood to know everyone hated you and you would be enslaved soon because of something you can´t change. But I have to tell you, you weren´t helpless back then because you were quirkless, you were helpless because no one helped you. As your former master saved you, you became stronger because of his or her help, not just because of your quirk. And I want to help all the people like you and me that need help but I don´t need a quirk for that. You don´t need a quirk to be strong and help people.”

“I, of course, I know that but…” All Might rubbed his tired eyes. “Maybe your right. Maybe I´m just an old man beaten down by life and pessimistic about everything. I just don´t want people to get hurt. I don´t want to send you in an Olympic race with a broken leg.”

Izuku smiled. “Well, considering you can always stumble on a villain who negates your quirk, we all should learn how to race with a broken leg sometime I guess.” All Might seemed so sad that Izuku felled bad for being so hard on the poor man who already looked so downtrodden. “And I really, REALLY appreciate your offer. I will never be able to thank you enough for even giving me the choice. And I´m not insulted by your offer; I mean you did have to find a successor. It´s just a fact that that can´t be me, I´m sorry. But I´m sure you will find someone else who is just as worthy as I am.”

“Well.” All Might smiled lopsidedly. “There is this one kid my former side kick Sir Nighteye thinks would be perfect. I guess I´ll look into him some more.” He put his hand on Izuku´s shoulder. “I can´t wait to see what kind of wonderful hero you become.”

“I´ll be the best hero I could ever be.” Izuku answered. “I might never become Number One but even being in last place would be worth it if I saved just one person.”


I´m Midoriya Izuku and this is the story how I became not the Number One Hero but the Hero that changed the world.

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya kissed his husband on the cheek as he walked by him and saw him straightening his formal clothing for the hundred´s time in front of the mirror. “You look incredible as always.”

Shoto stopped him by catching his tie and pulled him closer to kiss him on the mouth. “I would hope I look better than always since I put a lot of effort in these clothing.”

Izuku had to smile. “Well… maybe a tad bit better. I fear all the clothing does is making me imagine ripping it off you once we´re done.” Then he had to frown. “If that is still possible at that time.”

Shoto kissed him again, longer this time. “Don´t say that. I won´t let anything bad happen to you, I already told you that.”

Izuku faked pouting. “Where was that as I was kidnapped and hold for days?”

Shoto sighed. “Izuku that was Uraraka´s wedding.”

“I was forced to work every day from dawn to dusk.”

“You wanted to be the best man.”

“I had to bloody my hands with the weapons of love.”

“They´re called roses and you wanted them as part of the flower arrangement because it´s romantic.”

“I even had to face the truest monster of them all: The Heroes who were invited.”

“Now you sound like Shigaraki.”

“Luckily I was saved in the end.”

“Only you could portray an attack by the League of Villains at the end of the wedding as something positive.”

Izuku started laughing. “They threw your father in the fountain at the entrance. I never saw something better in my life than a soaked Endeavor.”

Now Shoto started chuckling too. “Ok, I give you that. That was proper punishment that he never came to our wedding.”

Izuku shrugged. “It´s not like we wanted him there anyway.” Then he started frowning again. “I guess after today he´ll be happy to get rid of me.”

“Don´t say that.” Shoto took Izuku´s face in his hands and forced him to look him in the eyes. “Everything will be fine. You have me and Bakugou and all of our classmates and the teachers and 90 % of all heroes and all the people you saved on your side.”

Izuku swallowed nervously. “You´re right.”

“Do you want to delay the press conference to a later date?” Shoto asked earnestly.

“No.” Izuku shook his head. “No, I will do it now. I can´t delay it forever.”

“You can if you want to.”

“No, I became a hero to save people.” Izuku forced himself to smile and took Shoto´s hand. “Well then, let´s go and save some people!”


Deku was not the most popular hero. He definitely wasn´t the most powerful hero. But he had a growing fandom. He even had a small agency of his own. The agency only existed because one of his main jobs was advising other agencies in their strategies. Otherwise, he only took care of small fish himself, mostly thieves or kidnappings where you had to talk the villains down.

To actually fight villains Deku got all the technical support the UA could over plus All Might introduced him to his old friend David Shield and his daughter Melissa. The poor girl was quirkless as well but luckily, another renowned job for a slave was assistant to the inventors of hero support items. Nobody had to know that Melissa´s “assisting” was mostly compromised by her inventing her own stuff while the people she should assist were the ones who helped her. Izuku really liked the strong-willed girl.

Deku wasn´t very famous in the beginning. Like any person who works behinds the scenes he wasn´t as well known as the main actors. He mostly got in the papers with gossip about Shoto and Kacchan - the new upcoming heroes who soon would take the Number One and Two position.

But slowly he got his recognition from people actually interested in hero work. He became to the hero work what John Williams became to the Hollywood Film Industry. Many ordinary people didn´t know his name and he didn´t get as much recognize as the heroes who enacted his plans but with every major arrest, he became more popular. He was part of taking down All for One as well as the League of Villains and Overhaul.

And while he didn´t save nearly as many people as Shoto or Kacchan himself, for the ones that he did save he did his best to be kind and friendly (something his two friends still struggled with).

Overall, he was a rising star. Only a small star but even those could guide lost people back home.

And today he was going to hold a press conference in which he told everyone that he had been quirkless all along.


Izuku swallowed as he saw all the reporters at the podium. The only reason so many showed up was that the press conference was organized by UA. Director Nezu explained they were having a change in school policy to introduce so naturally the entire country was listening.

They didn´t know the change in policy would be to let quirkless people enter the school to become heroes not slaves. And that they would justify that with him having been quirkless his entire work life without anyone noticing.

Izuku looked around as Nezu hold an introductory speech before it was Izuku´s turn. He saw all the UA teachers standing next to the podium in their hero costumes. Next to them were Shoto and Kacchan, the rest of their former classmates were sitting in the audience, as close to the podium as they had managed. Likewise in the audience were a lot of other heroes, most of the Top Ten, as well as members of the police force (a few of them also got to know Izuku´s secret as they started to work along each other).

Surrounded by all those wonderful people Izuku forced himself to breathe in and out steadily. It was finally time to do what he had planned so many years ago. Now, as he finally revealed himself, he would hopefully show the world how wrong the slavery of quirkless people were and lead them into a better future.

He knew he could do it. He had to.

And then Nezu ended his speech and Izuku stepped forward to change the world.