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Stop Fapping! Have Sex With Me Instead

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Fujimi was in the corner while everyone was changing for swim class. She was planning to skip it once again. It was more fun to stay in the empty classroom and read her BL doujinshi while everyone was out exercising. She was never one for exercise. Instead of her arms or her legs, it was more fun to use her hand. Because when she read those doujins, her skirt would look like a tent had been pitched, her hard cock rising out of her panties to a slowly growing erection.

She liked the boys in those doujins. When their cocks got hard, so did hers. She would stroke herself to the black and white pages, enjoying the spectacle of the men mounting each other until she climaxed on the same page they did. These manga were largely fantasies, and Fujimi was sure that she had a better understanding of how penises worked than the artists she admired, even the ones from her favorite circles. She had to, there was one between her legs.

For Fujimi was a futanari. Right above her pussy was a cock and balls. They had always been part of her, but she never told anyone. She had a slight crush on Galko, but had no idea how to make friends with her. It was easier to just stay in the corner and masturbate all day. Though she did have a secret hobby. When all the girls were in swim class, Fujimi would sneak off to the locker rooms and have her most intense masturbation sessions yet.

The locker room was a delight for the senses, smelling of sweat and mild arousal from all the classes passing through on their way to PE and gym. Many of them left their clothes lying around in their lockers, ones that Fujimi had picked up the passwords to. When they were out in the pool, she would open the locker and find a pair of panties, still warm and smelling like their crotch after being freshly worn only a few minutes ago.

The smell of girls’ crotches aroused her. She knew the smell of her own dick and pussy very well, but the smell of other girls’ pussies was new. She particularly loved Galko, Yabana and Agemi’s panties, having sniffed them several times while stroking her hard cock, her erection getting diamond-hard and cumming in no time. Nikuko’s were stuffier and had a unique smell that could get her off extremely quickly. She was familiar with her own class quite well, but this time, she was being even more bold. She was going to find the panties from another class.

Fujimi opened the locker, finding a pair of dark purple panties that looked a little skimpier than many of the ones she had come across before. Fujimi held them in her hands, taking a deep whiff of the pussy smell that had been gathering inside. As soon as that musky scent entered her nose, her cock sprung to life, rocketing out of her panties in a rapid hard-on that pushed away her skirt, the fleshy member visible to the entire locker room.

“I think the locker said these are Honjou’s,” thought Fujimi. “She’s got a sexy body. No wonder her panties smell so good.”

Ranko Honjou was a student in a class a few doors down. She was a gal, just like Galko and her friends. Fujimi had been interested in her because there were rumors that Ranko was bisexual. For a futanari like Fujimi, that meant there was no one better for her. A beautiful gal who loved other girls, but also knew all the best ways to please a cock. She’d been wanting to talk to her for months now, but talking was difficult for her. She was always too nervous.

Fujimi took off her sweater and shirt, stripping down until she was wearing only her bra, socks and shoes. She rubbed her cock while holding Ranko’s panties up to her nose, sniffing hard and imagining all the sweat and love juices that must have been dripping from Ranko’s pussy, gathering at the bottom of these panties and creating this exciting smell. She could still feel the warmth of Ranko’s thighs in them. There was a line she had never crossed before, no matter how hard she came, but these panties were so erotic there was something she had to do, to give herself the biggest orgasm yet.

With her hard dick pointing straight towards the ceiling, Fujimi placed the slightly damp side of the panties, that smelled of Ranko, and wrapped it around her throbbing glans. She massaged her balls and started stroking with the panties, rubbing the underwear over the length of her hard-on. The warmth and the lurid fantasy that this had been up against Ranko’s pussy made her jerk her cock with strong strokes, precum starting to roll out of her glans and leave a mark on the inside of the panties.

“It’s an indirect kiss with Honjou’s pussy...” said Fujimi. “This is so wrong... but so hot! Ranko, thank you for leaving your panties here for me!”

Her balls were trembling, her hard shaft throbbing as her hands went up and down. Her libido was so overwhelming she couldn’t stop herself from cumming. The door to the locker room creaked open. Ranko walked in wearing her school swimsuit. The dark blue, tight suit showed off her curves, especially those of her generous F-cup breasts. Ranko’s nipples were visibly hard under the suit. She had been secretly playing with herself in the pool during class.

To her surprise, when she walked in, Fujimi ejaculated. There were her favorite pair of panties, not even an hour removed from being worn on her body, draped on top of Fujimi’s hard cock, her glans spurting rope after rope of hot splooge into the crotch area. Fujimi, her body sweating and coming down from her orgasm, held Ranko’s stained panties in her hands, looking up at her. Though Fujimi’s eyes were hidden behind her messy hair, Ranko could tell she was nervous.

“You’re that otaku girl from the class next door. Fujimi, right?” said Ranko. “What’s that you have in your hands? Not my panties, I mean that hard dick.”

“I’m...a...” Fujimi said.

“A futanari,” said Ranko. She looked over Fujimi’s body. Though she wasn’t as fashionable as the gals in Ranko’s circle of friends, her proportions were rather similar to Yukana’s, though her hips were slightly wider and she had a bit of belly fat from her otaku lifestyle. She wasn’t bad looking, and she was clearly infatuated with Ranko, at least sexually. “What a waste. You had to cum in my panties. If you’d kept your dick hard for just a few more minutes, you’d be able to have the real thing.”

Fujimi was slumped over on the floor. She tried to hand the cum-stained panties back to Ranko, but Ranko rejected them.

“What are you, stupid?” Ranko asked. “I’m either going to have go commando for the rest of the day, or wear those panties with your cum against my pussy all day.” When she said that, she saw Fujimi’s dick getting hard. “But your package has a nice size. So do your tits. If you show me your breasts,” Ranko placed her hands on the shoulders of her school swimsuit. “I’ll show you mine.”

“O-okay,” said Fujimi. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting her soft breasts fall into place. Her reddish-pink nipples were hard, sticking out from her puffy areaole. They were more than a handful. Ranko loved fondling Yukana, and she was excited to get her hands on these plump tits as well.

Ever since Yukana had started dating that virgin Junichi, Ranko’s sex life had been reduced to casual flings and masturbating. She and Yukana used to fool around with each other in a friendly way, but now that Yukana had a boyfriend, that had gone away. Ranko wanted another person to rub bodies against, and nobody was satisfactory for her. Normally, she would’ve berated Fujimi and kicked her out of the locker room, but her pussy was lusting for sex, and Fujimi’s hard cock might be just the thing to calm it.

Ranko pulled down her swimsuit’s top, revealing her heavy breasts. Despite her full body tan, her nipples were still a shade of dark pink. The contrast of her lighter nipples against her darker skin turned Fujimi on even further. Ranko reached for her breasts, squeezing them and pressing her hands into her titflesh, showing Fujimi just how soft they were. She pinched her nipples between her fingers, tweaking them. She loved the feeling of her nipples stiffening, her body getting more aroused.

“Do you want this body?” asked Ranko. “I’m a bit of a slut, you know. I’ll sleep with a cute girl like you, even with a thick cock like that. You have a pussy too, don’t you?”

“Y-yes,” said Fujimi.

“Oh my god, you’re perfect,” said Ranko. “Futanari bodies are amazing. Come here, give me my panties.”

Fujimi approached Ranko, trying to hide her half-mast erection between her hands. She handed Ranko her cum-stained panties. Ranko licked the crotch area of her underwear, scooping up Fujimi’s jizz onto her tongue. It was still warm, and deliciously salty. When Ranko swallowed it, she felt her clit throbbing under her swimsuit. This girl would be fun to play with.

Ranko spread her legs, showing the crotch area of her swimsuit. The outline of her pussy lips was visible, along with a small bump from her hard clit. Ranko reached for the sides of her lips, opening them. The pink insides of her pussy were partially visible, but most of it was covered up by her swimsuit. Ranko open and closed her pussy a few more times, delighting in watching Fujimi’s cock get steadily harder before her. When Fujimi was fully erect, she was as large as any of the guys in class. It was the kind of cock that could dig into all of Ranko’s good spots.

“What a pathetic cock, getting this hard from just a little teasing,” Ranko said, extending her leg. The sole of her foot stepped on Fujimi’s dick, rubbing up against it. Ranko’s heel dug into Fujimi’s balls, the soft squishiness of her sack providing a tactile sensation underfoot. “You love this, don’t you?”

“Honjou...” said Fujimi.

Ranko rubbed her foot up and down the length of Fujimi’s hard cock, digging her toes underneath the glans. Drops of precum started to spill out, dripping onto Ranko’s feet. Fujimi’s cock was big, and much harder than Ranko expected for someone who had just blown a huge load into her warm panties. Ranko kept nudging Fujimi back and forth, until she stepped down from the bench.

While digging her toe into Fujimi’s balls, Ranko removed her school swimsuit, lowering it until she was completely naked in front of Fujimi. Her hairy pussy was visible, dripping onto her legs and showing signs of arousal. Fujimi knew that wasn’t pool water. It was the same thick pussy juice she had been smelling in Ranko’s panties when she got in here. Ranko asked Fujimi to lie down.

“I’ve taken a liking to you,” said Ranko. “I want to know more about that cock.” She mimed a blowjob, letting Fujimi know exactly how far she planned to go. “I’ll let you lick my pussy. Get it wet and ready for when I shove your hard prick in me. It’s not everyone who gets to do me raw, consider yourself lucky.”

Ranko lowered her pussy onto Fujimi’s face. The wet lips and folds were visible just above her eyes, along with a view of Ranko’s twitching asshole. The smell nearly overwhelmed her nose. This was Ranko’s raw, sweaty unfiltered pussy, inviting her to lick it. She had always fantasized about eating another girl out, and didn’t quite know what to do now that Ranko’s pussy was being served to her so directly.

On the other end, Ranko, her hard nipples rubbing against Fujimi’s pale skin as her tanned breasts squished into her body, was groping and stroking Fujimi’s dick. The warmth of a hot, throbbing cock in her hands was familiar enough to her, but a futanari dick felt different somehow. She licked along the shaft, slurping up the still sticky cum from the load Fujimi had blown. The flavor satisfied her stomach, making for a nice before-lunch snack. Her body felt hot, and her pussy started to drip.

“You are packing an impressive cock,” said Ranko. “Let Yukana have her small dick, this is so huge and tasty. I bet you masturbate every day to those BL books, yet your jizz is still this thick and creamy. What a rare find.”

Ranko wrapped her lips around Fujimi’s glans, taking them into her mouth and sucking loudly. She slurped passionately, as if she was showing off to someone. The musky, salty taste of cock filled her mouth, visible in her cheeks as she rolled it around. Her tongue explored every groove and nook of Fujimi’s foreskin, looking for more leftover cum that she hadn’t dried. The more she sucked, the hotter and harder Fujimi came between her lips. She couldn’t get enough of this.

Fujimi had grabbed onto Ranko’s butt to stabilize her while her tongue licked Ranko’s slit. From the first drop, she knew that her nose hadn’t lied to her. Ranko’s pussy was delicious. Salty and slightly sour, tasting it made her cock throb with bliss. Ranko moaned while Fujimi licked her. Though this was her first time, Fujimi’s techniques were almost on par with Yukana’s. She had been reading and masturbating to so many doujins that she had a decent idea of what to do. Taking the plunge, Fujimi thrust her tongue inside Ranko’s pussy, sucking and slurping out her love juices.

Her tongue kissed Ranko’s folds, Fujimi’s lips meeting Ranko’s lower lips for a warm embrace. She kept kissing and slurping, hoping to fill her stomach with more of that delicious juice. She didn’t know if Ranko was a squirter, but she was very wet. There was nothing that could stop Fujimi from sucking her until she came, her tongue moving around wildly inside Ranko’s wet pussy.

Ranko’s fingers danced around Fujimi’s balls, squeezing them as she kept sucking. Ranko wasn’t aware, but Fujimi could easily masturbate three or four times a day with her libido. While her first, and thickest, load of the day had gone into Ranko’s panties, her other ones would still be creamy and hot. Fujimi’s dick was still sensitive, so after a few minutes of sucking, Ranko felt her throbbing become more intense.

“Honjou! I’m going to cum!” said Fujimi.

“Do it, you nerd!” said Ranko.

Fujimi kissed Ranko’s clit, while Ranko took in the hard cock all the way up to the base. Ranko’s hips grew tight, releasing a load of hot love juices all over Fujimi’s face, covering her hair in the transparent liquid. Fujimi’s sack grew hotter, and her glans spurted out ropes of hot cum, shooting it onto Ranko’s throat and filling her mouth with hot sperm. Ranko gulped it down as it flowed out, surprised at how much semen Fujimi could release with one orgasm.

Ranko removed her lips from Fujimi’s cock, and showed her the inside of her mouth. Some of her cum was still dripping off her tongue. “Damn, you seriously impressed me. I haven’t gulped down that much cum in a long time. I want you to share some with my other mouth, too. Stay right where you are.”

Straddling Fujimi, Ranko spread her legs. Pussy juice was dripping down her thighs, falling onto Fujimi’s cock. Ranko lowered her hips, rubbing her slit against the length of Fujimi’s member. After a few strokes, Fujimi was hard once again, and more sensitive than ever. Ranko reached down and grabbed strongly onto the shaft, positioning it right below her vulva. She guided the cock inside her, easily wrenching open her wet lips and reaching deep into the depths of her pussy.

She could feel Fujimi’s girth inside her. It was one of the biggest cocks she’d taken, fitting snugly inside her. Ranko was still incredibly wet, and started humping her hips against Fujimi. Her soft, tanned butt slapped against Fujimi’s thighs, as the squishing noise from where her pussy met Fujimi’s cock grew louder. Fujimi could do nothing but stare in awe, beyond her cleavage, at the sight of her wet cock going in and out of Ranko’s pussy, covered in her nectar.

“We’re connected...” said Fujimi.

“This is seriously amazing! You’re so thick and hard inside me,” said Ranko. “If a cock like this got me pregnant, I’d seriously be okay with it.”

“Pregnant?” asked Fujimi.

“Don’t actually get me pregnant,” said Ranko. “But enjoy. This is top quality gal pussy. You won’t find any other cunt in the school as warm and wet as mine.”

Ranko grabbed Fujimi’s breasts, groping and squeezing them in her hands. They were soft and flabby, with incredibly hard nipples. The way they jiggled as Ranko bounced about on her cock only made Ranko wetter. If Fujimi had more self-confidence and showed her eyes, she could bring in guys easily. Especially with a rack like that. Ranko’s breasts weren’t keeping still, either. They bounced and jiggled, her pink nipples turning into a blur as her breasts wobbled about, their fat softness shining in the bright lights of the locker room.

With every thrust, Ranko felt Fujimi getting closer to her womb. She couldn’t hold on much longer. Every part of her was crying out to cum. Her nipples and clit were throbbing and hard, her entire body flushed and sweating with pleasure. She wanted to be creampied so badly. Yet she knew Fujimi’s dick was sensitive, and teasing it any more than a little while it was inside her would quickly end this.

“Honjou... I’m going to cum!” said Fujimi.

“Bust a nut inside me!” said Ranko. “Oh god, I love your cock!”

Ranko bent over, still moving her ass, and kissed Fujimi. Their two, equally huge breasts squished together, nipple rubbing against nipple. The pleasantly numb sensation from their hard nipples spread down their bodies. Ranko’s pussy clenched around Fujimi’s dick, unwilling to let her go. Fujimi took control on her own, thrusting her loins up into Ranko, where she powerfully came. Ranko’s belly was filled with a sticky warmth, the joy of semen splattering against the inside of her womb. She lived for this. Ranko came shortly after, her pussy juices rolling down her thighs onto onto Fujimi’s balls.

They stayed together for a while longer, their bodies hugging each other in a sticky, sweaty embrace, until Fujimi fell limp. Ranko told her to follow into the bathrooms in the locker room. Ranko sat on the toilet seat, spreading her legs and letting Fujimi watch her thick cum drip from Ranko’s pussy lips, falling into the bowl with splashing sounds. Ranko had a smug smile on her face, knowing that Fujimi would only get erect again watching this.

“Look at how much you came inside me,” said Ranko. “You’re lucky it’s a safe day. That cock shouldn’t go to waste just fapping off. Tell you what, I’ll take pity on you, so why don’t you and I become sex friends? At least until I can get Yukana to pay attention to me.”

“Okay... Honjou,” said Fujimi.

“Call me Ranko,” she said. “As a gift, you can have my panties. Use them to whack off tonight, I don’t care. Just make sure you return them tomorrow.”

Fujimi couldn’t contain her erection as she sneaked back to class. All of her fantasies had come true, and then some. Not only was she no longer a virgin, she had a sex friend in one of the school’s hottest gals. Maybe her school life was looking up after all.