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Magic Moments

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Behind the Scenes


Takaba was wandering around the movie set, searching for interesting views to shoot. Today they were supposed to be shooting the “first kiss” scene, but at the moment nothing was happening. He got himself a cup of coffee and made his way to the dressing rooms. Maybe Azumaya was goofing around with Saijou.

They were a fun couple to watch. Saijou did everything by the rules with careful consideration and Azumaya relied on instinct and impulse – no one would expect them to get along. But Azumaya drew genuine emotion out of Saijou, whose acting style was calculated and planned, while Saijou could explain a scene to Azumaya so that he tapped into his inner-self in a more controlled manner.

And to top it all off, they were both playing against type in this movie. Saijou was the easy-going character, and Azumaya the tsundere. It was fascinating to Takaba, seeing them switch back and forth. Their scenes together crackled and sparked with energy, off-screen they were quietly content with each other. Except when Azumaya got into one of his antic moods – then Saijou raged at him. But it was clear they enjoyed that sort of interaction as well.

Takaba had already captured a moment for them. One day he'd barged into a room where the couple was relaxing together between scenes. Saijou sat on Azumaya's lap, head pressed to Azumaya's chest as if listening to his heartbeat. Azumaya had turned to look at Takaba, his expression fiercely protective of the man cradled in his arms. Takaba had gotten one shot, then backed away. But one shot was all he'd needed. They would get that picture once filming was done.

Takaba was really hoping to catch Katou and Iwaki. Iwaki hadn't been around often - his part was a small one - and today was his final day to shoot. He tended to stay out of the way, preferring to watch Katou working from afar. Takaba could see the pride on his face, and Katou's eyes often searched for him and connected for an intimate exchange of glances. But Takaba was getting frustrated by the distance they maintained. I'm sure it's better for the set if they aren't getting lovey-dovey and hanging all over each other, but how am I supposed to get a picture?

He finally caught it that afternoon. Iwaki did his scene, scolding his love-troubled employees without realizing the cause of their dispute, then stalking off. But as he turned his back on them, his expression gave away that he was completely aware of their problem, and amused by it.

Takaba went on alert when Katou came out from behind the monitors. He spoke first to Azumaya and Saijou, then walked over to Iwaki who had returned to his beginning mark. Katou said something and Iwaki burst into laughter. Katou focused on Iwaki's mouth, hungry desire in his eyes. Snap! Whew, I got it. they're kissing. He snapped a few more frames, but that wasn't what Takaba cared about. The usually serious Iwaki laughing and light-hearted, easy-going Katou suddenly intense – that was the magic moment.

Someone hooted and cat-called at them, ending the kiss in good-natured teasing from the crew.

“It's his last day on the set, guys! Cut me a little slack!” Katou joked.

“Finish the shot first, Director!”

“Fine! Fine! I never get to have any fun!” Katou pouted as he returned to his place behind the monitors. “Quiet on the set!” he roared, no megaphone necessary. Smothering their laughter, everyone settled down and the scene played out to Katou's satisfaction.

“That's it! Let's have a round of applause for my husband, please. Thank you, Iwaki. Good work!”

Everyone went gathered around Iwaki to thank him and gush over him. Katou stood back and let them, then he gave orders for the next scene to be set up. As they all scattered, Iwaki shot a look at Katou – a challenge. Then he turned and ran for it. Katou whooped and chased after him, to a chorus of cheers and giggles and mock-complaints. And, across the room...

“Oh no, Chunta! No!” Saijou was backing up.

“Takato...” Azumaya's voice was wheedling, his eyes held that devilish gleam.

“Don't you dare, you perverted angel! Stop right th-mph!” His fists thumped against Azumaya's chest as he was thoroughly kissed.

Takaba took a picture of the kissing couple just for fun. Then he turned around to leave and ran smack into Usaka.

“Oof! Oh shit! I'm so sorry, Usaka-sama!” He said it loud enough to alert everyone. Kissing, laughing, and general goofing-off halted abruptly.

“This is a movie set, isn't it? Not a kissing booth at a summer fair?” Usaka was amused, not angry. “Azumaya, get your hands off Saijou. Save that for home, or at least your dressing room. Takaba, I want a copy of those pictures. Somebody go after Katou and drag him back here. Make a lot of noise though – don't want to see anything you shouldn't.” A grip scurried off to catch the wayward director.

Usaka sat down in Katou's chair and waved the director's assistant over. “Well? What's going on here today? Is my money being wasted on nonsense?”

“Not at all, Usaka-sama! We're ahead of schedule actually. Katou is really efficient and everything's going smoothly.”

“Takaba, next week I'd like you to drop by the music studio with your camera. Arisu will be recording with Bad Luck, starting on the soundtrack. Might as well get some pictures of that as well.”

“Will you be there, Usaka-sama?”

“Me? Who cares about photos of me?”

“I'd appreciate it if you were there. Arisu is a bit...overwhelming.”

“That's saying something, coming from you. I wouldn't think anyone who regularly associates with...him...could be overwhelmed.”

“I'm used to him. Arisu, I'm not.”

Usaka consulted the filming schedule. “No big scenes planned for Tuesday. I'll give you an hour, Tuesday afternoon.”

“Perfect! Thank you.”

Katou returned, looking rumpled and unrepentant. “Usaka-sama, that's my chair.”

“Then why wasn't your butt in it?” Katou just grinned at him, and Takaba left them to their conversation, mind filling with ways to maneuver Usaka and Arisu into a revealing situation. Next, I want Usami and Naru...He stopped abruptly. I'm becoming obsessed with this hobby of mine. Then he shrugged it off. I could do worse than become focused on love. As long as I don't turn into some swoony maiden and start reading shoujo manga... 

Little did Takaba know that there was a book waiting for him at home. Akikawa Yayoi's latest release, fresh off the presses. The BL action-romance, In His Crosshairs, dedicated to T & A, with a personal message from the author scrawled inside. One of the few novels Takaba would ever manage to read all the way through, before Asami snatched it and laughed and laughed.


Pure fluff, this installment in the Toyko Yaoiverse. Hope you didn't mind me taking a little break from the sexy times, but be not afraid! Skinship will return. And it's almost Halloween! Who's “up” for some cosplay?