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Wei Wuxian was shameless.

He had been so since childhood, and it was not news to Lan Wangji, but he still couldn’t help how his eyes turned to his husband’s back every time it was turned toward him. Eternally, he was mesmerized by Wei Wuxian’s fluffy little tail, so scandalously in view, twitching and wiggling with his emotions.

As long as Lan Wangji could remember, Wei Wuxian had defaced his robes, cut a small hole in the rear seams to allow his tail to pop out. He claimed he felt restricted otherwise, were he forced to keep his naturally eager and responsive tail hidden away, as was proper.

Lan Wangji knew better.

He knew his husband had been a disobedient tease for all his life, pushing boundaries and eschewing rules whenever he could. He cared not at all for propriety. He bared his tail for the same reasons he borrowed Lan Wangji’s underclothes, or slouched and let his eyes droop sleepy and enticing in the middle of the day. He wanted the attention. Specifically, he wanted Lan Wangji’s attention, as if Lan Wangji preferred to give his attention to anything else in the world.

More recently though, he noticed his husband’s measurements to be a little… off. He’d pull out stitches a little too high, so that when he moved in a certain way his robes and trousers would shift to show off a bit of his lower back in addition to the rise of his tail. It was like he was luring in Lan Wangji, like he was trying to make his dear, devoted husband lose his mind over that little bit of bared skin that anyone, anyone at all could see. The contrast was obvious, a clear change between the black of Wei Wuxian’s clothing and tail, and the creamy white of his skin. Only when his tail flared up to expose the white underside, would his skin be hidden away, but that was no better — it was a flag to attract any wandering eye to Wei Wuxian’s barely-hidden private areas!

Lan Wangji knew his husband would never be unfaithful, yet he still could not help the rise of jealousy within him. How dare anyone else be allowed to see such a private area on Wei Wuxian’s body? He wanted to cover it up, with his hands or by draping his whole self over his husband’s back.

More than that, he wanted to drag his husband back to the jingshi and throw his responsibilities to the wind in favor of making their everyday last all day, and remind Wei Wuxian exactly to whom those private areas belonged.

He watched intently from his seat across the training courtyard, where Wei Wuxian was hard at work finishing up his lesson on talisman crafting. Three elders oversaw the lesson, ensuring Wei Wuxian did not pass on any tools of demonic cultivation that could harm the junior disciples’s hearts.

Wei Wuxian’s exposed, fluttering tail was shameless enough in the day-to-day, but this afternoon he seemed to be flaunting himself with particular intent. The twitches and wiggles of his tail were plentiful, and he had added some shaking and swaying of his hips. Clearly he intended to entice his beloved, perhaps in the hopes of cutting his lesson short, but Lan Wangji was a patient man. He could wait until the end of lessons, perhaps take Wei Wuxian back to the jingshi for a quick (and likely rough) roll in the sheets. Or if he was truly desperate, there were a number of other locations a bit closer to the courtyard where Lan Wangji was certain they wouldn’t be seen…

Then Wei Wuxian lifted himself slightly out of his kneeling position, his backside looking particularly round as he arched his back. Lan Wangji licked his lips, which had suddenly gone dry.

He also noticed one of the elders lean slightly to one side, out of his perfect posture in a way which almost appeared… leering

Lan Wangji cleared his throat. It was not loud by any means, but the sound was noticeable across the courtyard. The elder straightened his back, and his short, pointed ears flicked back, flat against his head, tense now that he’d been caught. Wei Wuxian also stilled, and his ears and tail perked up just before he looked back over his shoulder and winked at his husband.

“Ah…” Wei Wuxian stretched his arms and back, and got to his feet gracefully. “I don’t think I’ll get through the next set of talismans in the time we have left, and I don’t want to leave you all with an incomplete skill. We’ll end this lesson here, and pick up next week. Make sure to practice!”

The group of junior disciples rose as well, each of them saluting Wei Wuxian as was customary for one’s elder. Wei Wuxian seemed startled by this at first, but after waving his hands a bit and stuttering, he bowed as well, somewhat awkwardly, and left the courtyard. He nearly ran to Lan Wangji, who stood just in time to catch him in his arms.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian greeted. “You were watching me, weren’t you?” His grin said it all: he’d hoped to catch Lan Wangji’s eye, to show off for him.

As if Lan Wangji could ever look away.

Lan Wangji said nothing, only took hold of Wei Wuxian’s arm and pulled him aside, out of the courtyard and between two houses of disciples’ quarters. He took rarely-travelled routes, weaving between the pristine structures of the Cloud Recesses until he reached a clearing where dozens of white rabbits roamed.

“Lan Zhan, don’t tell me we’re going to make love in the rabbit forest.” Wei Wuxian teased, but it was obvious he was excited.

They rarely did these activities outside of the bedroom, mainly because Lan Wangji wanted Wei Wuxian all to himself, but today he couldn’t wait any longer.

Lan Wangji pushed his husband up against a broad tree and kissed him deeply. He pinned Wei Wuxian’s wrists above his head, and Wei Wuxian moaned into the kiss, melting in Lan Wangji’s hold. Their bodies pressed together from nose to knee, legs intertwined, and Wei Wuxian lifted a leg to curl around Lan Wangji’s hip and pull him even closer.

Rabbits nibbled at the hem of Lan Wangji’s robes, all of them expectant for food despite that they’d already been fed twice today. But once they heard Wei Wuxian’s open mouthed groan, indicative of Lan Wangji’s mouth latching on to his neck and sucking a deep mark onto his throat, the rabbits dispersed, startled at the noise.

“Hehe, Lan Zhan…” Wei Wuxian moaned again, quieter, as Lan Wangji released one of his hands to cup his rear, and squeeze it. “I wonder why you don’t mind the rabbits watching. Is it because they try to breed almost as often as we do?”

Lan Wangji squeezed him harder, a small noise escaping his lips, muffled in Wei Wuxian’s collarbones as he kissed lower. His fingers found that fluffy, teasing tail, and he stroked the soft underside of it, making Wei Wuxian bite his lip to hold back a louder, higher pitched noise. The noise escaped anyway, when Lan Wangji’s hand closed over the base of his tail and pulled.

“Ah! Ouch, Lan Zhan, that hurts. Be careful, you know I’m delicate…”

“Wei Ying…” Lan Wangji growled, latching his teeth onto sensitive skin at Wei Wuxian’s collar as he stroked the tail more forcibly, making Wei Wuxian shudder.

“Ow, don’t bite, don’t bite!” Wei Wuxian struggled in Lan Wangji’s strong hold, but not too much struggling; he didn’t really want Lan Wangji to stop. “You were staring at my tail all day, weren’t you?”

“Not the only one,” Lan Wangji said through gritted teeth. He pushed aside Wei Wuxian’s robes until they fell down over one shoulder, and latched on again, his teeth sinking into Wei Wuxian’s rosy nipple.

“Ah, ah!” He writhed, and his freed hands came down on Lan Wangji’s shoulders to hold him close. His hips rolled, and Wei Wuxian’s heated erection rubbed against Lan Wangji’s through their clothes. “Is that it? You were jealous because someone else was looking at my ass?”

Lan Wangji grabbed that round peach of a rear end once again, and that was confirmation enough. He had the urge to spank it, but held back; though he was rather certain Wei Wuxian really did like it despite his protestations, he wouldn’t do such a thing without his husband’s approval.

“Hurry up, Lan Er-gege. I want you inside.”

“Patience,” Lan Wangji said, though his was running out.

“Says the man who’s going to take me in the forest before dinner because his bed is too far…” This was not a complaint, though it sounded like one.

He loosed Wei Wuxian’s belt and pushed his robes and undershirt aside, baring his husband’s chest to the cool afternoon air. Pink nipples quickly turned to hard peaks, and Wei Wuxian shivered.

“Off,” Lan Wangji said. He pulled Wei Wuxian away from the tree so his robes could fall to the ground, then turned him to face the trunk. Wei Wuxian braced against it as Lan Wangji pulled his trousers down, over that excited little tuft of fur.

This way, Lan Wangji could see the whole of his husband’s back, from the excited shiver of his ears, sticking straight up on either side of his ponytail, down the curve of his neck and spine, to his narrow waist that Lan Wangji gripped hard, and finally the cute, twitching tail that teased him over Wei Wuxian’s perfect, round backside.

He could have his husband hard and fast without completely undressing, so why wait any longer? Lan Wangji opened his robes and pulled his cock out from his trousers, already mostly hard; he stroked himself to full hardness, watching as Wei Wuxian looked over his shoulder and his cheeks pinked.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Er-gege, are you just going to put it right in? No fingers first?”

“Wei Ying is prepared,” Lan Wangji said. His husband was well accustomed to his size as well as his impatience once Wei Wuxian had lost his clothing.

“A-ah, Lan Er-gege, have mercy!” Wei Wuxian begged, but his tail lifted and his back arched, showing off that perfect pink hole.

The last of Lan Wangji’s patience broke, and he thrust in all at once.

Wei Wuxian shouted his pleasure and his shock. This wasn’t the first time Lan Wangji was rough with him, but usually he was kinder to Wei Wuxian’s poor hole! He would never quite get used to the edge of pain when Lan Wangji first entered him, or at least he hoped it was so; sex was more fun when it hurt! He pushed his hips back, rolled them, trying to get his husband to move.

Lan Wangji was meanwhile trying to hold himself together. Wei Wuxian was always so hot, so soft inside, and he always squeezed so perfectly around Lan Wangji when he entered. He had to take hold of Wei Wuxian’s tail again to hold him in place, but this only made Wei Wuxian moan louder, and move his hips more forcefully. His insides tightened again, and Lan Wangji thrust shallowly, enough to get Wei Wuxian to settle down.

“Lan Zhan, please,” Wei Wuxian whined. “Do it, do it hard!”

Lan Wangji leaned forward and grabbed a handful of Wei Wuxian’s hair. His teeth latched onto the base of Wei Wuxian’s ear, that sensitive spot where the dark fur thinned out, and Wei Wuxian jerked in his grip.

“Lan Zhaaan—” Wei Wuxian whined again, and then he got what he wanted. Lan Wangji pulled back and shoved his cock in, hard, perfectly grazing his most sensitive spot within. “Ah!” Wei Wuxian moaned, and again when Lan Wangji thrust once more, then twice and thrice, setting a fast pace.

Lan Wangji still had a tight hold on Wei Wuxian’s tail. His thumb traced up the underside, where it was softest and most sensitive. This made Wei Wuxian tighten around him, a hot vice on his cock. Lan Wangji grunted, low in his throat, and fucked harder, making Wei Wuxian cry out and squeeze even more.

“Yes, yes, Lan Zhan, so good!” Wei Wuxian moaned. His arms had long since collapsed, barely holding his face away from the tree against which he leaned.

Lan Wangji gave him the deepest thrust yet, holding within him, still pushing forward until Wei Wuxian’s back curved and his chest pressed into the tree. Hard nipples rubbed against rough bark, and Lan Wangji panted in Wei Wuxian’s ear, hot breaths all along his neck as he continued to crowd him against that tree and pound hard enough to shake the leaves overhead. “Wei Ying,” he called, his voice low and desperate.

“So good, so good! Love you, Lan Zhan, you know I love you.” Wei Wuxian babbled praise and adoration. He reached over his shoulder, trying to drag Lan Wangji forward for a kiss. His fingers found hair, and one of Lan Wangji’s white lop-ears, and a bit of that forehead ribbon only he was allowed to touch.

When their lips met, off-center and messy, Lan Wangji growled again and bit Wei Wuxian’s bottom lip, hard enough that he tasted blood before he pulled away to suck more bruises into his love’s neck.

“Lan Er-gege, hn! You’re so rough today!” Wei Wuxian cut off with a loud moan as Lan Wangji gave a shallow thrust right into his most sensitive spot. He tried to keep talking as Lan Wangji did it again, and again— “Ahh! Are you— are you, ah, ah! Trying to get me pregnant? Oh, Lan Zhan!

If possible Lan Wangji thrust even harder inside him, only a few times until he became perfectly still, and Wei Wuxian felt his husband’s familiar warmth fill him until some escaped around Lan Wangji’s length.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan! I haven’t finished yet, please,” Wei Wuxian begged, but it didn’t stop Lan Wangji from pulling out and admiring how his thick release dripped from Wei Wuxian’s abused hole, and how his tail, now with its fur all mussed, tried to lower and cover him. He held Wei Wuxian open, massaging his cheeks while his fucked-out husband whimpered and reached for his own cock.

“No,” Lan Wangji said. He caught Wei Wuxian’s straying hand and spun him around, lifting him with his back against the tree that had seen too much. Lan Wangji knelt in front of him, Wei Wuxian’s legs thrown over his shoulders, and he took Wei Wuxian’s leaking length into his mouth.

Lan Wangji looked up as he sucked hard at the throbbing flesh on his tongue. He witnessed Wei Wuxian lose himself and arch his back away from the tree, his hands fisted in his hair, his nipples red and pointed from the abuse they had received from their dear friend, the tree. What a beauty his husband was, as he threw himself this way and that against the tree, nearly escaping Lan Wangji’s hold.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian screamed, loud enough that the young disciples may have heard it all the way in the dining area, and he came hot and hard down Lan Wangji’s throat, the familiar taste of his release heavy on Lan Wangji’s tongue. He writhed in the last moments of his climax, as Lan Wangji continued to suck at him, to wring him dry.

Small whimpers escaped Wei Wuxian’s lips as Lan Wangji removed his mouth and left small kisses on his inner thighs, oh-so-tantalizingly close to his softening cock. One last kiss was placed on the tip of it, and then Lan Wangji carefully set his husband back on the ground, holding his narrow waist to steady him when he stumbled.

“Lan Zhan…” Wei Wuxian leaned forward and placed a small kiss on Lan Wangji’s forehead, above his crooked forehead ribbon. His voice was shaky, still recovering from his intense climax. “You’re so good to me, Lan Er-gege.”

“Mn.” Lan Wangji leaned up and rubbed his cheek against Wei Wuxian’s, shameless in the afterglow.

“Hehe, I think we scared the rabbits,” Wei Wuxian observed; the little snowballs of fur, which were usually so quick to demand affection from Lan Wangji, gave the pair of them a wide berth, clearly disturbed by their noise.

“They will forgive,” Lan Wangji said, and he gathered Wei Wuxian close, until they both kneeled on the grass in one another’s arms.

After a while, out of the relative quiet, Lan Wangji spoke again. “I will mend your robes.”

“What’s wrong with them?” Wei Wuxian asked. If Lan Wangji wanted him to cover his tail, he wouldn’t do it! It was so uncomfortable!

“Hole is too large. Shows skin. Indecent.”

“Pft.” So he had noticed. “Alright, I suppose I’ll let you sew it a bit smaller, then. But don’t close it!”

Lan Wangji hummed, content with this. After all, he did not want to hide Wei Wuxian away, not for something so harmless (and cute) as showing his tail.

The elders, though… he would have to speak with them about keeping appropriate posture, and where their focus should be when overseeing lessons.