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Veiled Nuances

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Todoroki Shouto is far from a boring man. And Shouto himself believes so. He has a variety of expressions – Midoriya raises one eye brow at that – and he has many interests as well as a wide knowledge in many areas – Iida begs to differ.

Despite being such a colourful person, Shouto acknowledges that, yes, in terms of food, he has one great love that overshadows everything else. And that is zaru soba. The mightiest food of them all. Shouto loves it. To bits. He knows that eventually, once or if, he has the influence, he will have a week dedicated to celebrating zaru soba. A festival of sorts, where everyone can come and enjoy the deliciousness of zaru soba.

How perfect.

It also was not a secret. Shouto has been saying since his first interview as a teenager that his favourite food is zaru soba. Anyone who follows him or bothered to listen in onto his post-arrest interviews would know that Shouto is a fan of zaru soba, not just any soba, it has to be, specifically, zaru soba. Though Shouto will admit that soba in general is delicious as well.

Katsuki calls him out for his obsessiveness and rolls his eyes when Shouto seems more than pleased to eat just zaru soba.

“Only children focus on eating one thing without a care for their health”, is what Katsuki always yells into his face when he forces Shouto to eat other, more nutritious meals. Shouto doesn’t really mind. He can replace the plain rice with zaru soba. He’ll still have side dishes if Katsuki makes it for him. He has started to become fond of Katsuki’s grilled mackerel and pickled radish to be served beside his favourite zaru soba.

Not deterred, Katsuki stuffs green vegetables into Shouto’s diet and says he must eat it. Shouto chews on it whilst glaring at Katsuki. His stomach space really could be saved for more zaru soba, not green leafy vegetables. Though he admits, Katsuki cooks it well.

When they start seeing each other in a romantic light, they’re tip-toeing around each other. Still shocked that the media outed them at that one interview before they could even fully understand that they have romantic feelings for each other. They were sullen, but recovered and the number of shy glances and flushed faces made everyone else around them coo and try to push them together.

They really didn’t need pushing. Afterall, the meeting on the rooftop of UA that one beautiful night with the moon and the stars watching them as they confessed to each other with Natsume Souseki literature, to Shouto, that was romantic. He still wasn’t sure sure, but he’d like to talk to Katsuki more. Things were the same, but different at the same time.

Katsuki will continue to feed Shouto. Shouto will continue to bring gifts for Katsuki. And they’d still work hard together.

When Shouto figured that Katsuki often went stargazing, he invited himself onto Katsuki’s picnic blanket. It was exciting and he felt a buzz of energy around him. It also gives him a chance to speak with Katsuki without their peers zoning in and watching to see if they’ll explode in a fit of anger and taunting again. Mostly from Katsuki’s side.

“It’s cold”, is Katsuki’s reasoning for when he’s peeking at Shouto under his lashes, his cheeks and ears were flaming red, just like Katsuki’s gorgeous eyes.

“Oh”, Shouto stretches out his warmer hand and holds Katsuki’s own. He has a hunch what Katsuki wants as his heat radiates out towards Katsuki. There’s a soft and happy hum from Katsuki. Katsuki seems pleased as he turns his head back up towards the sky, continuing to watch the stars blink at them both.

Shouto wishes that it was winter every single bloody day.

He squeezes Katsuki’s hand a little tighter and dares to run a thumb across the back of Katsuki’s hand, hoping that it’s more soothing than pervy. Shouto voice his thoughts, “I wish winter will last forever”.

“No”, Katsuki rejects straight away, “it’s too cold”, he squeezes Shouto’s hand as well, “imagine eating zaru soba in the cold, urgh”.

Shouto chuckles. It wouldn’t be a problem for him, but he can see how the normal person may find it not very hearty. They must all be so envious of him. Which is why he should really advocate for a zaru soba appreciation week. And it seems it will have to be in the summer.

When Shouto and Katsuki officially officially start dating, there are obvious changes. There’s an increase in intimacy which makes Shouto feel all sorts of excitement and he starts sweating more profusely as though he has lost control of himself entirely. He thinks that this must be what Katsuki feels when he sweats. Though Katsuki’s sweat is distinctively sweet, it lures people in like a siren with their voice.

Katsuki tells Shouto he hates the smell of his sweat; he doesn’t need to be smelling so delicious when he’s trying to sneak up on a villain. If they can detect him via smell, there’d be no point to sneaking up in the first place. So there are days in which Katsuki investigates into the science of smell cancelling options. Shouto watches idly and reminds himself that he also wants to become as motivated as the other.

One other thing that has changed is Shouto’s daily zaru soba for every single meal. He wishes that that remained the same. But Katsuki was adamant and said that he wouldn’t be seen caught with a boyfriend who basically only eats zaru soba.

Katsuki says that but Shouto knows that Katsuki has an extra soft spot for him. It makes Shouto smile.

But Shouto does stop making his own zaru soba. He starts eating with Katsuki more during breakfast and dinner. They end up in the kitchen often, Katsuki barking orders at him and Shouto occasionally, accidentally flinging flour on Katsuki’s face when they make okonomiyaki (No half-ass, we’re not putting soba in it, says Katsuki, but they end up doing so anyway) and using it as an excuse to touch Katsuki’s face.

Honestly, spicy food isn’t really an area in which Shouto has great experience with. It was never really part of the cooking at home. He isn’t sure he likes all the stimulation it gives his tongue and down his throat. But Katsuki seems to thrive on that extra stimulation and it makes Shouto think dirty things about how else he can stimulate Katsuki’s tongue and throat.

Spicy food is one of Katsuki’s preferred types of food. He cooks it often. He orders it often when they go out to eat, so naturally, Shouto is also exposed to the area of spicy food as it’s incorporated into his diet by Katsuki. Just like how Shouto is sure Katsuki has had more zaru soba over the last month than he has in his life so far. That makes Shouto feel proud.

It would only be natural for Shouto to come to believe that spicy food taste fairly good. He likes it more and more as time goes on. When he discusses this with his friends, they look at each other sceptically before informing him that it maybe just be because he’s so infatuated with his company, anything tastes extra good, not that they’re saying Kacchan isn’t good at cooking spicy food, because they all can smell it and that alone makes them all salivate.

So Shouto decides to experiment. He deliberately tells Katsuki he’s going out to eat spicy food, without Katsuki.

Katsuki raises one eye brow.

“By myself”, Shouto replies when Katsuki asks who Shouto is going with.

Katsuki raises his other eye brow too.

Shouto likes to think that maybe Katsuki looked a little sad – upset, that they weren’t going to be eating dinner together that night. But he needs to see the experiment through.

As Shouto eats by himself, the spicy food, it’s not that good. In fact, it’s no different to before he met Katsuki. It’s still a truckload away from even being on par with zaru soba.

So, the next step is then for Shouto to try eating spicy food with someone who isn’t Katsuki.

“Who are you eating with?” Katsuki asks casually from behind the kitchen bench as he ties his apron properly when Shouto announces that he’s not having dinner with Katsuki again.

“Midoriya”, Shouto answers truthfully. And this time, he can definitely see the pout on Katsuki’s lips, the sullen face and crestfallen eyebrows. His heart aches. But the experiment must go on.

Katsuki turns away from him quickly and mumbles a “Whatever”.

But it’s not whatever. Shouto finds that Katsuki is sulky and he’s more prickly than usual. Eating spicy food with Midoriya – he even chose a different restaurant, was no different to eating by himself. Which made Shouto consider maybe he should try someone he wasn’t on as friendly terms with. So, he asks Uraraka. She seems surprised and gasps and is looking at Katsuki, but agrees in the end anyway.

With Uraraka comes Jirou.

Even with the increase in crowd, Shouto found that he still wasn’t especially finding the food special.

“Maybe you should reconsider this”, Midoriya suggests after class one day, he keeps glancing at Katsuki, “otherwise I think Kacchan might, well…”

“Hm?” Shouto looks over at Katsuki and gives the other a smile. Katsuki pout and looks away. He’s so cute. “It’s alright, we still eat breakfast together”.

“Yes, though don’t you feel like you should spend some dinners with Kacchan?” Midoriya presses.

Shouto hums, “I don’t need to spend all of them with him”.

“That’s not what I’m saying”, Midoriya says straight away, “and you know, the whole class, we’re all kind of sick of spicy food”.

“Oh”, Shouto comes to a realisation, “I have to try other flavours, that’s right, lately I really like nanban chicken, Katsuki’s ones always taste superb, it’s especially good as a side with zaru soba”.

“Todoroki-kun”, Midoriya holds up his hands, “please, just tell Kacchan that you want him to cook for you for the rest of your life”.

“I do”, Shouto admits easily, “but you all told me it was the company I was with”.

“By that, we meant that you enjoy eating with Kacchan”, Midoriya answers immediately. He has dead pan eyes which makes Shouto feel rather offended that his friend was looking at him like that.

Shouto contemplates on the other’s words. It’s true that in the recent months, he has been enjoying eating food besides zaru soba. There’s Katsuki’s nasu dengaku, there’s Katsuki’s lasagne, there’s Katsuki’s tom yum soup, there’s Katsuki’s pineapple upside down cake and so many other things that he has had the pleasure of experiencing.

They all have one similarity – Bakugou Katsuki.

But before Shouto can even explore his thoughts more, Katsuki comes charging at him with loud stomps, an accusing finger and furrowed brows.

“Who are you eating with tonight?” Katsuki jabs a finger into Shouto’s chest.

Shouto thinks the other is being overly dramatic, he hasn’t actually found someone to eat with, they’ve all declined him so far.

“Myself”, is the lonely conclusion Shouto comes up with as he looks down at his feet. He feels ashamed.

“Tell me what you like to eat! I’ll make it for you”, Katsuki grabs Shouto by the collar and shakes it, “it’ll be better than what you eat outside, you half-ass!”

Shouto has his head shaken and he tries to steady himself, “Hold on, stop shaking me, why are you angry?” He grabs Katsuki’s hands and stills the other. “You’re always angry at something”, Shouto mutters to himself, “but this doesn’t seem like something you should be angry over”.

“You’re going to eat by yourself, you go and eat with Deku, round face, pony tail, glasses, the whole class, but me!” Katsuki is vivid and his actions are becoming bolder. To Shouto, Katsuki’s face is still awfully cute. He wants to kiss the other.

And so Shouto does.

“Argh!” Katsuki pushes Shouto off, “Don’t try to change the topic-”


Anything but that”, Katsuki says firmly.

Shouto thinks long and hard. He blinks awkwardly at Katsuki as he tries to think about what his next favourite food is if he had to take zaru soba off the line. There are many things he likes it seems. But out of all of them, what would he like to eat next?

“Spit it out already, half-ass”, Katsuki leans in closer and glares at the other.

“Yakisoba?” Shouto suggests.

“Weak”, Katsuki says as he rolls his eyes but he goes on his tip toes to peck Shouto’s lips, after he lets go of the other’s collar and goes off to the kitchen, probably to go make yakisoba, “You’re eating with me tonight!” Katsuki yells angrily.

Shouto touches his lips gently. His heart feels warm. Something feels right.

They do end up eating together that night. The yakisoba is delicious that night. To Shouto, it feels like the first time in a while since he’s had such a fulfilling dinner. Shouto pretends he can’t see the relieved expression on his classmates’ faces.

Shouto stops cornering his classmates to go eat dinner with him, he reverts back to schedule and pretends the experiment never happened. Shouto helps Katsuki out in the kitchen and when Shouto realises that Katsuki was feeding soba cooked in all sorts of methods, cold and warm, and slowly diverting from the norm, it was too late. They went from tempura soba to curry soba.

“What in the world is curry soba?” Kaminari asks with a frown.

“It’s delicious”, Shouto replies with confidence.

“I like curry udon more”, Sero declares.

And from curry soba they went to food without soba in them. Things like sashimi – still cold, the way Shouto likes it, to hayashi rice without any soba on the side to serve it with.

Shouto discovers quickly that stew with soba is yummy. It’s hot and as he looks at Katsuki who sits opposite him and slurps it down, usually without the soba, he feels like he wouldn’t want it at any other temperature.

And that’s when Shouto starts receiving niku jyaga from Katsuki.

Everyone gives them wide eyes and silly smiles. They coo and say things he doesn’t understand. Katsuki blushes and threatens to blow up all the side-characters. Some (many) do get blown up.

Shouto doesn’t know what makes niku jyaga so special that it catches everyone’s attention. He asks Fuyumi who only splutters and doesn’t end up answering his question. He asks Natsuo and of course, he doesn’t know anything. He asks his mother and she calls him lucky. He asks his father and he only comments that it’s good to see he’s getting more nutrition in his diet.

But none of that matters anymore. Shouto likes Katsuki’s niku jyaga. He likes the way Katsuki tells him “You can’t eat this anywhere else”, tone smug and face confident. And it’s true. Shouto doesn’t see it in restaurants. Or maybe he doesn’t look hard enough.

Despite Shouto’s new found enhanced taste, it’s not something they eat often. Maybe twice a month, maximum. But Shouto finds he craves it. He dips his soba into it and Katsuki looks at him with disgust. He eats it with rice and finds that he doesn’t necessarily crave the soba.

It feels like a first for Shouto. To not crave soba. Cold or hot.

And the reasoning seems so clear now, it’s because of Katsuki.

It makes more sense to Shouto that it wasn’t as though he suddenly came to like spicy food more. It wasn’t sudden at all; it was a gradual fondness for it. And it was through Katsuki that it became something he came to discover. And it becomes even clearer to Shouto that it wasn’t just spicy food in general, but eating in general is something he has come to enjoy with Katsuki.

There were so many things he has come to enjoy with Katsuki, he fawns over the other and loves that they do things at their own pace, whether it’s physical intimacy or deep conversations.

Once they graduate, things changed again. It was almost laughable. Shouto wanted to close his eyes and pretend that it was all a farce. Why of all people is he sent to Okinawa, all the way south of where they are. Shouto pinches his nose in desperation and his brows are furrowed for a long while. Even then, despite Okinawa being far, it’s still an alright distance to Tokyo.


Katsuki lies on his bed stares with discontent at the ceiling, “Why the cold?” Katsuki asks with desolation in his voice, His letter of admission sits on his study desk. Shouto looks at Katsuki’s study desk and all he sees is Hokkaido.

All the way up north.

It was as though the world enjoyed watching them struggle.

“Cold, but there are plenty of mountains to hike”, Shouto tries to keep Katsuki positive. It’s hard when Katsuki gazes at him instead with such disappointment in his eyes. Shouto swallows hard and can only lie next to Katsuki and will that everything will be more than okay.

At least, Shouto hopes that when the admissions become finalised, he’ll be situated at the most northern part of Okinawa, and Katsuki situated at the most southern part of Hokkaido, they’ll be less far apart that way.

Though why does that matter. It won’t make much of a difference.

It doesn’t matter, they’re not even going to be in the same city. Not even the same prefecture. The stars will blink down at them but the stars Shouto will let guide him will be different to the stars which are graced by Katsuki’s presence.

Their fingers find each other. Their cheeks press against each other gently. Their eyes lock onto each other and the tender moments they share between each other lull them both to sleep.

Shouto works hard in Okinawa and Katsuki in Hokkaido.

They message each other every day. They call each other on most nights. They see each other physically once every 3 months or so. Not for long, but enough to recharge and wait another 3 months until their next meeting.

“We’re almost like star-crossed lovers”, Shouto comments once and Katsuki makes a disgusted face in which Shouto immediately records on his phone. Cute.

“It’s not tanabata yet”, Katsuki’s voice is muffled even over their video call.

“I know”, Shouto muses.

“I wouldn’t want to be them, that’s once a year for a speck of time if the skies are clear”, Katsuki emphasises with disdain, “that’s the worst”.

“What? You rather not meet at all?” Shouto huffs.

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Like I’d let anything like that stop me”.

But reality is, they are scheduled to meet 4 times a year at this rate. Every three months is… so little.

Shouto takes Katsuki stargazing in Okinawa and points out the southern cross, one of the only places in Japan where they can view that particular constellation. When Shouto is in Hokkaido, they go stargazing too, at Lake Mashu where the air is crisp and the lake seamlessly joins with the night sky. It was romantic and the number of warm kisses they shared under the constellations still makes Shouto excited.

Katsuki sends Shouto postcards from all the mountains he hikes and villages he travels through during his time in Hokkaido. Shouto reads each word carefully and traces Katsuki’s writing. He places each one in a photo album for safe keeping. Shouto looks at his convenience store bento and misses all the meals he’d make and eat with Katsuki. He longs for it.

When Katsuki is in Okinawa, they’d make pork belly okonomiyaki and yakisoba together. It made Shouto smile and remember the old times. When Shouto is in Hokkaido, they’d make their own nabe and Katsuki’s niku jyaga. It was just as Shouto remembered. Delicious even to the very last drop. They freeze some and Shouto takes it back down to Okinawa to savour.

Shouto is definitely not a boring man. Katsuki tells him so in many ways, the fact that Katsuki has chosen him should be tell-tale enough that Shouto is more than what his stone face seems. Katsuki scoffs at that description, telling anyone who’ll listen just how passionate and obstinate the half-ass really is.

It was a side Shouto didn’t mind anyone but Katsuki knew.

Shouto adjusts his sleeve as an interviewer catches him after he takes out a villain on the sandy beaches of Okinawa, a giant ice sculpture sits in between the waves and when Shouto notices it, he disintegrates the block of ice easily. His ice sure looked gaudy on the shores.

“That was magnificent!” The interviewer chimes in amazement. She motions that they’re on LIVE TV, and Shouto is fine with that. He never says anything inappropriate anyway, unlike Katsuki who can’t always keep his mouth shut appropriately.

Shouto shrugs. But he readies himself to answer some questions. He’s decent at this. Not as good as some of the other heroes, but he knows his answers are succinct and rarely cause a stir. They’re honest and straight to the point.

He can see Katsuki point an accusing finger at Shouto and blaming the other for stirring the pot unnecessarily. But well, Shouto thinks he needs to, he works for the public, he also needs to remind the public that well, he’s still a person.

“That was a great battle”, the interviewer starts, “Shouto-san, you sure have a lot of stamina!”

“Yes”, Shouto agrees, “Thank you”.

“I heard you just came back from holidays?” The interviewer asks with a smile.

“Yes, from Hokkaido”, Shouto answers truthfully, “I was there to see Bakushinchi”.

“Oh! There are rumours that the two of you are high school sweethearts”.

Shouto chuckles slightly, “You could say that”. He doesn’t miss the way the interviewer goes wide eye and blushes. He doesn’t understand why though, it’s not the first time they’ve both hinted at their close relationship. Though on second thoughts, neither of them have ever confirmed the punters’ suspicions.

“What do you both normally do together?” The interviewer asks.

The first thought that comes to Shouto’s mind is that it’s private. But he knows how to indulge the public. He knows what they want to hear and what he can say. “We cook a lot together”, Shouto glances into the camera and wonders if Katsuki is watching this live. He can imagine the other rolling his eyes at Shouto’s cooking. Chopping up ingredients is still part of cooking.

“How sweet!” The interviewer claps her hands together.

Shouto nods, “Bakushinchi does most of the cooking”, he says just in case he gets an angry phone call from Katsuki that night.

“Is there something in particular he makes that is your favourite?” The interviewer asks.

Now, it’s common knowledge to any fan who follows Shouto that his favourite food is zaru soba. It’s his default answer in interviews and he’s commonly snapped eating it during breaks. And people from his agency can attest that Shouto-san really does eat zaru soba a lot. He even endorses zaru soba, after all, he’s working on getting a week long festival to celebrate the greatness and deliciousness of zaru soba in the future.

“Is it Bakushinchi-san’s zaru soba?” The interviewer asks with a cheeky grin, she obviously also knows that that’s Shouto’s favourite.

Shouto hums and shakes his head, “No, there’s something I like more recently. One of them is Bakushinchi’s nabe”, Shouto thinks about the last meal they had together, “we had a fugu nabe, filled with shiitake, renkon, azuki, tofu and gingko”, Shouto sighs wistfully, “it was delicious”.

“Ah”, the interviewer blushes darkly, “I, I see”, she clears her throat and glances nervously into the camera, “no wonder Shouto-san is filled with stamina”, her nervous laugh becomes lighter and Shouto wonders where he went wrong in that conversation.

It was exactly at that moment, Shouto’s phone rang. He apologises and picks up, it could’ve been an emergency, but he knew it was Katsuki as soon as he looked at his screen.

“Katsuki”, Shouto says quietly, “I’m-”

“Get off that LIVE TV interview now”, Katsuki hisses and Shouto immediately squirms. Shouto couldn’t even answer Katsuki before he hung up.

“Is everything alright?” The interviewer perks up, “An emergency?”

“Sort of”, Shouto winces as he places his phone back in his pocket. He motions that he needs to wind up the interview and head off.

The interviewer gives a confident smile and asks, “Would you like to send Bakushinchi-san a message before you head off?”

It wasn’t really a request, but a demand. Shouto has seen many of these TV confessions in his life. He use to think they were so corny and ridiculous. But now that he’s put into this situation himself, he feels anxious and hopes he doesn’t say the wrong thing, he knows he’s already going to get an earful from Katsuki for whatever he had said wrong earlier. He doesn’t need more. So he’ll play it safe.

There is after all, something he does love eating more than Katsuki’s nabe, more than Katsuki’s yamakake soba, more than Katsuki’s zaru soba.

“Katsuki”, Shouto closes his mouth straight away, he had messed up already, he blames his nerves. Shouto clears his throat, “Bakushinchi”, it sounds weird to address Katsuki like that personally, “I would love it if you could continue, for the rest of our lives, to make me niku jyaga”. With a nod and a wave, Shouto leaves the camera crew as he jogs back to his agency, not knowing of all the damage he had just dealt with that one sentence.

Shouto may or may not have made the mistake of not checking his phone despite it going off. He was off duty, and it was not the emergency phone, and all he wanted to do was go home, soak in a tub and rest before his scheduled call with Katsuki.

Hours seemingly pass as Shouto gets some laundry done, cleans part of the bathroom before he showers and gets in for a long, long soak. It relaxes him and lets him go over his day, what he did well at work, what he could improve on. Self-reflection in the bath was always the easiest. And then he can think about that post-interview and try to come up with a plan to calm Katsuki’s anger. That was a very angry and cold phone call he received on LIVE television.

Just as Shouto gets out of his bathtub and put the niku jyaga he had received from Katsuki over the stove to heat up for dinner, his front door opens loudly and Katsuki’s voice comes booming in.

“Half-ass! I know you’re in here! You better come out and let me beat you into a pulp!” Katsuki screams as he slams the door shut and locks it.

“What!” Shouto is surprised, Katsuki shouldn’t be here in Okinawa, he should be in Hokkaido, it must be a villain.

Katsuki sees him in the kitchen and stomps straight up to him and grabs Shouto by his tee-shirt collar, “You half-ass”, Katsuki spits angrily.

Or maybe it isn’t a villain? Can a villain really look so beautiful?

Naturally, Shouto’s hand goes up to caress Katsuki’s cheeks. So soft just like he remembered. “Why are you in Okinawa? Shouldn’t you be in Hokkaido?”

“After that stunt you pulled earlier today?” Katsuki has both eyebrows raised, “You think I’d sit idly in Hokkaido!?”

Shouto is confused, “I didn’t think I said anything inappropriate, usually you’re the one saying obscene things all over TV”. He still can’t figure out why Katsuki is upset. Does he not want the public to know that they eat nabe together? Was there something wrong with that?

Katsuki pouts, “Not obscene”, his voice is quiet.

“Well”, Shouto holds onto Katsuki’s hands after they let his tee shirt go. He rubs his thumbs across the back of Katsuki’s hand fondly. Despite the reasons, he can’t deny how happy he is to see Katsuki again, so soon.

Katsuki swallows thickly and he bites his lips a few times before he somehow looks timid, but Shouto knows better than to think of the other as timid. Katsuki looks at Shouto through his long blond lashes and asks in a much quieter and calm voice, “Did you mean what you said on live TV? At the end…”

Shouto blinks once and twice and then he squeezes Katsuki’s hands tightly, “Of course I did”.

Katsuki’s face contorts and tears run down his cheeks, his lips quiver as he tries to hold back his cries. Immediately, Shouto is concerned, he hadn’t known admitting that he likes eating Katsuki’s cooking more than zaru soba could render Katsuki so speechless and vulnerable.

“Katsuki”, Shouto thumbs off the tears, “it’s okay”.

“Gosh!” Katsuki flings his arms over Shouto’s shoulders as he mumbles into Shouto’s neck.

Once the tears dry, they share light kisses over and over again.

 Katsuki presses into Shouto’s chest and whispers against the other’s ear, “Take me tonight”.

“You don’t have work tomorrow?” Shouto asks, is it really okay for Katsuki to be spending the night down in Okinawa when he has commitments in Hokkaido? But before Katsuki even answers, Shouto has already turned the stove off and manoeuvres around his kitchen to pack up his dinner with Katsuki hanging off of him.

“It’s fine”, Katsuki mumbles into Shouto’s neck, “Deku is covering for me and Camie is covering for Deku in Tokyo”.

“Oh”, Shouto rubs a hand soothingly over Katsuki’s back. Katsuki must’ve been really upset for him to ask for favours from Midoriya and Camie-san.

“Said it’s once-in-a-lifetime, so I should come see you”, Katsuki stands on his tip toes so that he can nudge his nose against Shouto’s own nose, “trust them to have more tact than you”, he smiles.

Maybe Katsuki isn’t as upset as Shouto had first thought.

Shouto smiles back and thinks that if Katsuki is so affectionate now and smiling, he can’t have been that upset. If Shouto didn’t know better, he’d think Katsuki was on cloud nine. Shouto takes Katsuki into his bedroom and wants to thank all the deities in the world for letting him meet someone so wonderful.

He wants to tell Katsuki what an absolute pleasant surprise it is to have Katsuki here with him. Shouto hopes that he doesn’t become spoiled with this visit.

“I love you so much”, Shouto tells Katsuki as he climbs over Katsuki who’s sprawled out on his bed.

“Clearly”, Katsuki replies without missing a beat.

Shouto smiles back and presses his nose against Katsuki’s affectionately.

Katsuki blushes and looks away shyly, “I love you a lot”, Katsuki tilts his head and gently brushes their lips together, “too”.

“Clearly”, Shouto replies and earns an immediate smack from Katsuki for being smart.

Their hands naturally find their way onto each other’s body, touches are not fleeting, fingers press into the skin and kneads.

“Katsuki”, Shouto is so fond of Katsuki, he can’t help the feelings that have been piling up.

Katsuki tugs at Shouto’s shirt and helps Shouto remove the article of clothing. Shouto chuckles as he pulls off Katsuki’s pants with some help too. They both stretch and rummage through the bedside table, looking for the lube. Katsuki laughs raucously when he’s the one who finds it first and chucks it lightly at Shouto. “I win”, Katsuki is all smiles.

Shouto is also all smiles, “This isn’t a contest, Katsuki”.

Katsuki shrugs against the mattress, “I still win”. He wiggles his hips and bucks up against Shouto, causing Shouto to let out a long groan.

“You’re so cute”, Shouto mutters, knowing that Katsuki doesn’t like being called cute, it’s the honest truth that Katsuki is cute, Shouto nods proudly, he’s the cutest, but it also makes Shouto smile to watch Katsuki react to that adjective directed at him, because that makes him even cuter than the cutest.

As expected, Katsuki scowls, and blushes bright red, “You have some odd fetishes, half-ass”.

Shouto’s smile stays as his eyes glimmer with mischievousness and entertainment. “You could always return the compliment”, Shouto suggests, “and call me handsome”.

“But that’s the truth”, Katsuki stresses.

“Exactly”, Shouto leans in and pecks Katsuki’s nose.

Katsuki has, by now, given up not acknowledging Shouto’s very handsome appearance.

“Wipe that expression off your mug”, Katsuki rolls his eyes, “and get rid of that overly inflated ego of yours too!” He tilts his head back slightly to press his lips against Shouto’s own.

“I’ll think about it”, Shouto says. It also means no.

“And how many more years are you going to think about it for!?” Katsuki’s patience wears as he grabs the lube back, uncaps it and then squeezes it onto Shouto’s finger.

“Hasty”, Shouto comments but says nothing else as he plucks the tube of lube from Katsuki’s hand and throws it back into the drawer. He then tugs off Katsuki’s briefs – it’s a design Shouto hasn’t seen before, it’s clearly designed with pro-hero Shouto in mind, but it’s not official merchandise. Shouto can only deduce that Katsuki had it made with his parents.

Many think that Shouto is the privileged one, living a picky life, and it’s not far from the truth. But Katsuki is picky in his own way. It could be because his parents work with clothing, but Katsuki is picky about the briefs he wears, something about the lining, something about the way it’s sewn, something about how there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair made to fit you just right. At first, Shouto scoffed at that. But when he got measured for his own pair and had them made up, it was heaven.

But that’s besides the point. Katsuki wearing personalised briefs is absolutely adorable. But for them to proceed with their activities tonight, Shouto would very much like to remove said briefs.

Katsuki is an angel and shimmies out of the briefs, as though he knows exactly what Shouto is thinking. Shouto can then press his lubricated fingers against Katsuki’s entrance.

Sucking in a breath of air, Katsuki tenses before relaxing just as quickly. He’ll never get use to this. And he anticipates it too often. He obviously dreams about it too. Katsuki doesn’t whine, but he sends Shouto wordless prompts through his expressions and actions. Katsuki holds onto Shouto’s wrist as Shouto’s fingers work their way into Katsuki carefully. Katsuki’s other hand goes to grip onto Shouto’s shoulder tightly.

“You’re not going to tell me how much you like it when I finger you?” Shouto asks Katsuki by speaking directly into his ear.

Katsuki turns and bites Shouto’s chin lightly.

“Ouch!” Shouto feigns.

“My teeth were itchy”, is the only explanation Katsuki gives. He shuffles his hips again and hopes Shouto gets the hint that Katsuki wants more, more!

Shouto is compliant and presses another finger into Katsuki, humming joyfully all the way through. He scissors Katsuki and doesn’t mind that Katsuki isn’t verbally begging him for more. He knows how the other feels anyway. When Shouto removes his fingers, he traces the puckered hole with his index finger and taps it twice for being so good.

Katsuki splutters and immediately closes his legs and turns his entrance away from Shouto in embarrassment.

“Hey”, Shouto is amused as he pries Katsuki’s bare legs open again.

Hey”, Katsuki returns as he slaps Shouto’s hands away, “your fingers are sticky, don’t touch my legs”.

Shouto scoffs and returns his hands back to where they belong. “You’ll end up sticky regardless”, Shouto informs Katsuki, as though he hadn’t known that that would be the case, “thanks to me”. Shouto is smug and it oozes out of him.

It’s the smugness that annoys Katsuki. “Who’s going to thank you?” Katsuki frowns.

Shouto presses the tip of his finger into Katsuki’s entrance and smiles, “You, who else?”

It’s a rhetorical question.

But Katsuki answers it despite that fact.

Not me”, Katsuki insists. He then removes his hands from Shouto’s wrist and shoulder to grab at Shouto’s pants, “These are coming off now”.

“So demanding”, Shouto says fondly as he uses his clean hand to pull at Katsuki’s signature tank top.

“You sure talk a lot these days”, Katsuki grumbles as they help each other remove the last of their clothing.

“Learnt from the loudest”, Shouto retorts immediately. He doesn’t even hesitate to caress Katsuki’s flat stomach.


Shouto spreads the rest of the lubrication over his dick which twitches in excitement for what is to come. It’s an ample amount. Katsuki watches and licks his lips to keep them moist. And that’s when Shouto knows that he needs to keep kissing Katsuki to keep his lips moist. But he also likes hearing Katsuki’s voice. It’s a dilemma. A very tough one.

Looping his arms around Shouto’s shoulders, Katsuki pulls Shouto closer and closer until their lips press into a sweet kiss which soon turns passionate. Shouto revels in the way Katsuki’s body responds to his own. The small shudders and the press of skin against skin.

Everything is so sweet.

“Come on Shouto”, Katsuki eggs the other, “take me”.

He doesn’t beg beg.

In due time, is what Shouto wants to tell Katsuki, but with his blood pumping so quickly and Katsuki looking stunning as usual and directly inviting him, Shouto doesn’t want to wait.

“Are you going to hold your legs for me? Or shall I hold them with my sticky hands?” Shouto asks.

Katsuki answers by wrapping his legs around Shouto’s hips, “Neither”.

“That works”, Shouto is pleased with the outcome. He presses his fingers back into Katsuki’s tight heat and stretches his fingers so that Katsuki’s hole is spread out. “Katsuki, I’m so glad you’re here”, Shouto tells the other as he presses his lubricated cock against Katsuki’s hole.

Katsuki bucks his hips and rubs his entrance against the head of Shouto’s cock.

“Steady”, Shouto says, knowing that the more Katsuki rubs against him, the longer it’ll take before he presses into Katsuki. It’s not like they both won’t be able to get off from rubbing against each other. It’s just, Shouto wants to be inside of Katsuki and finish together. It feels more intimate. And it’s something he can’t help but knowingly crave.

Shouto places his own hands on Katsuki’s hips to still the other so that he can push into Katsuki. It’s almost excruciatingly slow, the pace in which Shouto goes at. But it allows him to savour it all, and perhaps that isn’t bad at all.

Katsuki’s breathing changes and his grip around Shouto tightens. His eyes scrunch up and flutter open on repeat. It pains Shouto to see Katsuki in pain.

Shouto pauses when Katsuki takes in the head, the rest of the shaft throbs in anticipation.

“I’m fine”, Katsuki reassures, “it’s not like our first time”, Katsuki goes on, “push the rest in, Shouto”.

Shouto grunts. He massages Katsuki’s chest with one hand and kneads Katsuki’s waist with the other as he starts to push the rest of his dick into Katsuki.

Katsuki gasps and he removes one hand from Shouto’s neck so that he can place it over his tummy. His eyes roll back in pleasure and his toes tense up when he can feel Shouto push deeper and deeper into him. When he feels his taut skin shift to accommodate the girth within him, Katsuki rubs his tummy as he outlines the shape Shouto’s cock forms.

Maybe Katsuki too, has strange fetishes.

Shouto moans into Katsuki’s shoulder and he shudders once he’s fully inside of Katsuki. He needs to tell Katsuki that he can’t keep massaging his cock through his tummy because it’ll make him release pre-maturely. Shouto presses kisses all over Katsuki’s collar and neck as one of his hands goes to cover the back of Katsuki’s hand which is pressing on his own stomach.

“Katsuki”, Shouto growls.

Katsuki moans at the extra pressure on his tummy. The heel of his feet digs into Shouto’s back.

“Shouto”, Katsuki heaves and breathes deeply, “Are you going to think for years as well before moving?”

Shouto can’t believe Katsuki still has time for snark. But he loves the other for it. “As you command”, Shouto decides to play along.

The pace is far from punishing. Their moans escape when their lips lift from each other’s skin. Katsuki feels like all his nerves are on fire and he is so glad that it’s the one he loves who makes him feel like this.

Shouto licks, nips and kisses Katsuki, he wants everything Katsuki can give him. His hips don’t stop as he rocks into Katsuki. The sounds of their coupling are music to his ears.

He knows what this is.

Shouto grabs Katsuki’s neglected cock and pumps it in time with his own thrusts, hoping that they can finish together. Katsuki’s moans are like a drug, he’s addicted and it sends him to all sorts of places that can only be heaven. Shouto’s thrusts don’t slow down. He doesn’t stop even with Katsuki cries out in pleasure when he reaches his own climax, his own body fluids making sure that Katsuki does end up sticky.

“Inside”, Katsuki mutters as one of his hands digs into Shouto’s shoulder, “only come inside”.

It’s an order. Of sorts.

“Yeah”, Shouto agrees.

“Want to be with you forever”, Katsuki sighs in happiness into Shouto’s ear.

Shouto jerks at that sentence in happiness. He’s sure they’re both radiating off love. He captures Katsuki’s lips for another kiss as he shudders and releases inside of Katsuki. Just like they both wanted to.

When Shouto pulls out, there’s squelches and groans from both parties. “Sticky”, Shouto says as he traces Katsuki’s tummy, where his cock was pressing incessantly against not long ago.

Katsuki hums.

“Sticky”, Shouto repeats as he brings the same hand up to caress Katsuki’s cheek.

Immediately, Katsuki’s blissed out expression changes to one of confusion, “Did you just wipe that on my cheek?”

“Yes”, Shouto isn’t afraid of admitting, “you’re all sticky now”. Really. There isn’t anyone else he wants in his life forever.

“And you’re going to clean it all off”, Katsuki headbutts the other without mercy.

Shouto does clean them both up and they share Katsuki’s frozen niku jyaga together as a late dinner. Shouto can’t help but feel so spoiled. Looking into Katsuki’s eyes brings him joy, running his fingers through Katsuki’s spiky and fluffy hair makes him tingle with happiness. As they stargaze from the window with the chill of the wind lapping at their skin, Shouto feels like he’s in heaven.

He doesn’t want Katsuki to leave. Shouto knows that Katsuki will eventually have to head back to Hokkaido for work, but in this moment, they are together, fingers entwined, shoulders pressed against each other and small kisses peppered between them both, it was perfect.

Knowing that it will end makes Shouto’s stomach tense, and he can’t help but feel that when they separate this time, it will be harder than any other time.

Leonardo da Vinci once stated that once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. It was a situation in which Shouto feels extremely strongly about. He can relate to it when his thoughts are on Katsuki.

Shouto sighs out happily when they go for round two, Katsuki grumbling about how they’ll have to clean up again. But it only makes Shouto more excited as he caresses Katsuki, hoping the intensity of his feelings are fully understood by Katsuki.



The next morning, Shouto finally grabs his phone and plugs it into the charger, he has one arm full of Katsuki who is breathing lightly and looking very much like the angel he truly is.

“Huh”, Shouto squints at his phone as he goes over the hundreds of congratulatory messages on his phone from his former classmates and colleagues.

All he sees is proposal, engagement, wedding

What is going on?

“What?” Shouto scrolls more and he sees missed calls from Katsuki and their parents. He sees messages from his family congratulating him on proposing to Katsuki.

But the thing is, Shouto has no recollection of proposing to Katsuki.

Is it another villain attack? That thought turns his blood into ice.

Thirsting for knowledge, Shouto opens up Google and types in their hero names. The first link that pops up is an article on their proposal. Shouto clicks into it and there’s a video attached, the one of that live interview he gave on the beach. He reads the article and learns that he had indeed proposed to Katsuki.

Shouto hadn’t even known he had proposed to Katsuki. He can hear his former classmates all chime a typical as they roll their eyes.

Interesting way of proposal is what the article described Shouto as, corny but you can tell he sincerely loves Bakushinchi-san. There are even comments from other pro-heroes declaring that there’s no way Bakushinchi would say ‘no’ to Shouto.

Shouto wonders if Katsuki knows. Shouto’s stomach sinks, lurches and then soars when he remembers their conversation last night and knows for sure that Katsuki did know the implication of Shouto’s words. He had even confirmed it with Shouto.

“Why is it that the whole world knows that we’re engaged before I even know it”, Shouto mumbles to himself as he props his phone aside and turns back to look at Katsuki. He picks up Katsuki’s left hand and lets his index finger run across the base of Katsuki’s ring finger.

“I would’ve preferred you to not have asked me over LIVE TV”, Katsuki opens his eyes and smirks as he runs his other hand down Shouto’s chest, “but in hindsight, it makes sense”, Katsuki chuckles as he leans in and up to press his lips against Shouto’s own lips, “you’re an airhead sometimes, but, you’ve never been a boring man”.