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Bliss in His Arms

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The night was cool and calm as he slowly lowered his nude form over Kisara’s. Her cheeks were colored a slight shade of pink as her sapphire eyes gazed lovingly into his chocolate orbs. Keeping his gaze locked on hers, Ryoma reached for the obi sash that kept her kimono in place and began to loosen it up. Once the fabric hit the floor, he began to part the fabric of her kimono, exposing her breasts, skin and delicate, hourglass figure to him. He then pushed her sleeves off her arms and gently pressed his body against hers. Leaning forward, Ryoma pressed his lips to hers in a gentle, passionate kiss. Kisara mewled into his mouth as he relished the sweet taste of her lips. It was like tasting the sweetest sake ever created.


She gasped his name in between kisses, and he stroked her cheek with his palm.

“I can’t get over how gorgeous you look, Kisara. I want to make love to you all night.”

A small smile formed on her lips as she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.

“Then make love to me, Ryoma. I’ll stay up through the night if it involves you.”

A soft gasp tore from her lips when he pressed his hips down against hers. It was just enough for the tip of him to pierce through her core. His ears perked at the sound, and he leaned towards her neck, lavishing her skin with numerous kisses. Keen moans resembling his name parted from her lips as she arched her back in response to the pleasure. Her hardened nipples brushed his muscular chest, causing his hand to grip her long, crimson locks. His other hand found her chest, his palm kneading her breast and teasingly twisting her hardened nipple between his fingers. Her hands caressed his shoulders before moving up to tangle in his short, crimson locks. His lips trailed down her neck and her chest, stopping at the valley between her breasts, and the hand gripping her hair moved down to the breast receiving no attention.

He gazed up at her face, taking in her expression before proceeding to knead both her breasts and twisting her nipples. Kisara’s moans slowly grew louder as she squirmed underneath his touch. His lips then began lavishing one breast with numerous kisses, and then he took her nipple into his mouth, sucking the hardened bud like a nursing kitten. She gripped his hair tight, holding him against her chest while he alternated between her breasts, kissing and sucking her skin and nipples. Her moans were loud enough to flood the perimeter of her bedroom, and he was grateful that it was past closing time at Shiki. It would have been more than enough to turn the heads of customers during business hours.

He moved from her breasts down to her stomach, the tip of his tongue lavishing her navel. Kisara arched her back slightly, the pleasure shooting throughout every inch of her body. He then proceeded to kiss every inch of her stomach, holding her hips to keep her still as she continued to squirm underneath him. His breath on her skin was more than enough to push her over the edge, and the grip on his hair tightened while her moans continue to flood his ears.

“Oh, Ryoma!” she exclaimed, his ears perking at the sound of his name. The tip of his tongue moved up her stomach, her chest and stopping at her chin before planting another kiss on her lips. He used his knee to part her legs, preparing himself to be inside her. He got them where he wanted, and now he just needed to do what he always did whenever they made love. Pressing himself down against her, Ryoma pushed himself inside her, gently moving deep within her core. He kissed her lips as he moved, relishing in her ecstatic expression. He was in sheer heaven being on top of her, seeing her nude form and making love to her. She was the only woman to make him feel the way he does, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Kisara, baby…” he whispered, which caused her to pull him down close to her. He buried his face into her neck as he picked up the pace of his movement. With a loud grunt buried deep into her neck, he settled himself deep in her before collapsing on top of her. He allowed himself to calm down, his breathing becoming steady as he held her tight. She loosened her tight grip on his hair, her fingers beginning to stroke and knead the back of his head.

“Keep holding me like this, Ryoma. Don’t let me go right now.”

He suckled her neck. “I have no intention of letting you go anytime soon, Kisara.”

He managed to grab the blanket that was off to the side and wrap it around the both of them. He then got off of her and lied down next to her, gently rubbing her stomach. She turned her head to gaze at him, a small smile forming on her lips as she stared at his face.

“I will never get enough of you. You know that, right?” he asked.

She nodded. “Just like how I’ll never get enough of you. Honestly, I could spend the whole day tomorrow in bed with you if I wanted to.”

“I wouldn’t mind being here with you throughout tomorrow. It would be the perfect way to spend the whole day with you.”

“I just hope that you don’t get sick of me throughout the day.”

“Me? Get sick of you? No way in hell that’s going to happen.”

With those words, he sealed his lips on hers in another kiss before wrapping his arms around her to love her all over again.


It was still late in the night, and Ryoma was still up with his elbow propped on the pillow. Kisara was sleeping soundly next to him with the sheet covering her up to her breasts. Though the sheet was obscuring the view of her nude form, he was still able to feel her soft, smooth skin underneath as he gently caressed her stomach. She snuggled her face against his arm, and he leaned forward, kissing her brow and holding her sleeping form close. He then lied down, positioning himself right by her and resting his chin on the top of her head. Right then and there, he let himself drift off into slumber, looking forward to spending the whole day in bed with her.