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Bad Dragons

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Being a tactician for the Shepherds was hard work. Having to get up early most mornings and check in with everyone in the army; sum up their condition and see if they're fit for combat and the like. After all of that was said and done, many nights would be whiled away studying more ways to be an optimal strategist. In fact, it wasn't surprising to see Robin passed out from lack of sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Occasionally, Robin found themselves in other tasks beyond scribbling down notes and thumbing through pages. Weapon maintenance, kitchen duty, that sort of thing. However, in recent weeks, Robin had found themselves involved in some activities that... as she preferred to put it "vital to the success of the army."

"Yeah! Take it deep! You know how much you love it!" Nowi demanded with both of her hands firmly gripped around Robin's head, her cock buried deep in the tactician's throat. A heavy deposit of semen was fired directly into her stomach as she was held firmly in place.

Nowi had lost count that afternoon just how many times she came, but she lost track after the 4th time. Either way, after this last nut-bust, she was confident that her appetite could be more than sated for the day. Just as she had finished abusing Robin's mouth, Nowi felt a splash of something warm hit her naked bum from behind. She chuckled knowing full well that Tiki had just cum as well. As for how many times the older dragon had gotten off? Well, it was more than Nowi that was for sure. By the time their latest session was over, Nowi's entire right leg had been painted white with cum. That was to say nothing about Robin who had been in service to the dragons most of the afternoon.

The tactician stood on her knees above a still warm puddle of ejaculate. Funny thing about dragon semen, it never grows cold. It had been hours since the three had snuck out to get their rocks off, and every drop of Manakete cream was still as warm as the second it reached escape velocity. Robin was covered with the stuff from head to toe, a testament to her work ethic and also just how pent up Nowi and Tiki had been.

Finally, Nowi released her deceptively powerful grip she had on Robin's head and allowed the tactician to have her reprieve from her scaly dragon dick. A long line of spittle and semen dripped between the two before falling to the grass below.

"So much better!" Nowi exhaled while she pulled up her pink shorts. "Looks like Tiki's pretty happy too." Nowi looked over to the oracle who had just finished pawing off. The older Manakete had already used Robin far more and for far longer than Nowi. By this time, she had left Nowi to have her turn while she watched and pleasured herself to the sight. After her last orgasm, she was red in the face with the widest smile that had traces of satisfaction and underlying lust mixed together.

"All in a day's work, I suppose." Robin proudly responded after swallowing Nowi's latest load. Shakily rising to her feet, Robin inched her way toward the lake a few meters away to get herself cleaned before she had to return to camp.

The two Manaketes had specifically chosen this location for just such a purpose; It wouldn't do to have the Shepherds' honored tactician returning looking as if she had just come fresh from a brothel. What they shared, this whole ménage à trois, was only known to them. So they did their best to hide it from the rest of their friends. Not out of any concern for themselves, of course. If word got out that Robin was handing out sexual favors, then practically the entire camp would be at her figurative doorstep, and that meant the dragons couldn't have the tactician all to themselves. That was a situation they preferred to avoid. Just having to share between the two of them took a lot of restraint.

While Robin cleansed herself in the mercifully cool waters of the lake, Nowi and Tiki watched on from an adequate distance. Both as a means to keep an eye out for anyone looking to peek in on what was going on, but also to maintain a certain distance from the bathing beauty. They had already had their fun for the day. If they were any closer, the two of them would have jumped right alongside Robin into that lake and engage in another sexcapade.

Despite that, Tiki's draconic lust was getting the best of her. While her emerald eyes gazed upon Robin's porcelain skin, the voice of Naga had snaked her hand under her dress and was quickly jerking her rigid cock with a fervor that seemed as if her life depended on it.

Nowi watched in amusement as Tiki went to town on her meat. The younger Manakete had already gotten her fill for a good while, so arousal was off the table. Still, she was impressed by just how much more Tiki could go even after all the times she came. Nowi would admit that most of that puddle Robin was drenched in a few minutes ago was almost entirely Tiki's doing. Her libido and semen output was impressive even among dragons.

Not very long after she had started, Tiki had cum once again. An arc of white sprayed from her stiff cock, hitting a nearby fallen tree trunk. Her chest heaved as it always did whenever she'd blow a load, giving Nowi the best view of her saliva-inducing breasts.

"Gods bless me, I'm just so insatiable today..." Tiki panted in a tome that almost seemed like shame.

"You always get like that whenever you see Robin taking a bath, silly!" Nowi nudged Tiki with her elbow. "Just a shame that you still have a bit of fire left in you after all you managed to put out today. Robin's gonna need time to rest, you know?"

"I'm very well aware, but..." Tiki's eyes again drifted to Robin's curvacious figure and her gorgeous white hair being let down. Before she knew it, she was already stroking off once more.

"Wow, you must be going for a record today." Nowi whistled at the show of stamina. Even she would get tired by now... or at least start chaffing. "Here, let me just..."

Without really giving much of a warning, Nowi had leaned into Tiki's lap and began sucking her reddening cock herself. She wasn't quite as good at blowjobs as Robin was, but she could manage to make Tiki cum if she really needed to.

"Aaah!" Tiki moaned in surprise. Feeling the most embrace of anothers mouth around her dragon dick gave her cause to squeal in delight. She had claimed Robin's pussy and ass multiple times today but even still there was nothing like feeling a flexible tongue work it's way around the little ridges and spikes of her Manakete meat. Nowi's efforts were noticeably sloppier than Robin, but in a way, it had it's own charm. Trails of saliva trickling down her balls and labia, those cute slurps and pops Nowi would make as if she were eating some sort of treat, and of course, her reptilian tongue that was far rougher than a humans which did wonders for her sensitive glans.

The oracle bit her lower lip as she felt one more wave of pleasure wash over her body and exit the tip of her cock into Nowi's mouth. Few sensations were as tantalizing as having her dick swimming in the combined fluids of her own semen and the gushing fluids from Nowi's mouth or Robin's pussy. Her latest orgasm was a strong one too, filling Nowi so full that her cheeks ballooned quite a bit before her baby cream forced it's way out of her partner's mouth.

"Pphfah!" A guttural cough came from Nowi as she raised her head, struggling to contain it all. Nowi Robin managed to swallow with no difficulty every single time either one of them used her mouth for pleasure was nothing short of a miracle. The younger Manakete rotated her jaws and tongue to try and clean the inside of her mouth, swallowing little by little before she was finished. It took some doing but eventually, she had managed to down the eruption.

"My apologies, Nowi. I'm so used to Robin taking my essence that I forget others are not quite as prepared."

Nowi raised a hand up in protest. "Don't even worry about it. Making you cum like that is something I can be proud of!"

"I see. Well, I am happy to hear you feel that way. More importantly, I think I'm finally satisfied." Tiki's eyes drifted to her softening cock that leaned forward and shrank between her legs. It felt good to have all of her urges met for the day.

"It looks like you two finished without me." Robin called as she walked out of the lake, letting the air dry her nude body.

"Well, I couldn't let you get all clean only to come back and risk getting dirty again." Nowi proudly declared. Tiki nodded in agreement.

Robin giggled at the way Nowi seemed as if she was doing her a big favor even if she wouldn't have minded. "Thanks for the consideration then. As soon as I dry off, we can head back."

The clean tactician then turned to to retrieve her clothes, giving the two dragons a good view of her ass as she swayed her hips with every step. Tiki swallowed hard at the sight, she could feel her temperature rising.

Nowi's eyes drifted back down to Tiki's crotch where she noticed her previously soft member had showed signs of rising back up for another go. Nowi placed her gloved hand over it and looked Tiki in the eye, vehemently shaking her head. It was time to give the damn thing a rest!

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Early mornings were never Robin's favorite time of the day. Yeah, she was wide awake and on her rounds at sun up, but that didn't mean she particularly liked being an early bird. Nor did it mean she was flawless at getting herself up and out of bed every day. She was human after all; sleeping in was a blessing, and given that she spent almost all of her nights up passed anyone in camp, she figured she deserved an extra hour or so sometimes.

Today was not one of those days.

Her sleep was being rudely disturbed by some odd happenings that she couldn't quite explain. Still desperately clinging onto what was left of her REM cycles, the tactician felt some oppressive force against her face. It felt like something was repeatedly pressing against her head. It would touch down, then back off for a quick second before repeating this motion again and again. That, and for some reason, her jaw felt rather uncomfortable... Was it all part of her dream? As far as she could recall, she was surrounded by a world full of sweets and junk food. Up until now she was standing beneath a cliff side made entirely of cake and a majestic waterfall of maple syrup. There, she stood at the foot of the syrup-falls, mouth happily agape as she ingested the delectably salty goo of-- wait, that wasn't right.

This alarming subversion of expectations finally brought Robin's eye lids to creak open. They were immediately slammed shut to protect her eyes when she felt what was unmistakably mounds of flesh pressing against her face. When she opened her eyes again, her situation was immediately made clear.

She was staring at Nowi's ass.

Also her dick was buried balls-deep in her mouth. It seems like Nowi was riding her face, reverse cowgirl style while she was resting.

"Mmphfmm!" Robin could merely muffle her words combined with barely managing to tap the side of the girl atop her for attention.

"Oh, hey! Good morning sleepyhead! You almost overslept!" Nowi cheerily greeted while still hammering her dick right down her bedmate's throat. "You know, you're pretty lucky to have me here to wake you up on time. What would you do without me~!"

Robin's mind went a tad blank. It was too early in the morning to try and jam those disconnected puzzle pieces of logic together. A simple shake of the shoulder would have sufficed. But really, this was normal behavior for Nowi... or at least as normal as one can hope for in a unique situation that Robin was in.

The fact of the matter is that Nowi, despite her diminutive size compared to most, was actually a rough lover. Especially when it came to the regular consorts she had with Robin and Tiki. In her own words, she was "the alpha bitch in charge" and if anyone cared to oppose her position as the dominant dragon of the group, then they were "happily invited to bite my fat, sweaty 'dragon stones'." Needless to say, no one cared to oppose said position. Partly because everyone was just fine with Nowi being the dom of the group and also because Nowi's declaration was quite literal. She seriously dared someone to chomp her gonads if they wanted to be top dog. Putting aside the fact that Tiki preferred to be submissive, if Robin tried to do that with her comparatively weaker human teeth against the tough skin of a Manakete's ball sack, she'd never be able to eat solid foods again. After months of sucking on those twins, she knew enough to not even attempt something so foolish.

Which leads to Nowi's idea of a wake-up routine. It wasn't always necessary, but if Robin was being a particularly stubborn slugabed, then she surrendered her privilege of a more civilized method of arousal.

"You must have been super tired. I've been fucking your face for a little while now. I'm surprised you didn't wake up after the first five times I came!" Nowi proudly (and somewhat mockingly) boasted. "Oh, speaking of which..." To punctuate her point, the dominant dragon slammed her cock one last time down Robin's gullet, smothering her late-riser with her ass and blowing a mighty load.

Robin shuddered as she felt that warm delivery of morning cum deposit directly into her stomach, pooling with all the other loads that Nowi mentioned. The tactician's eyes rolled up into their sockets and her toes curled at the sensation. No, it wasn't the most graceful way to wake up, but fuck if it didn't get her off!

"Aaahh... and that's number ten." Nowi sighed, wiping sweat from her brow. Truly, she had quite the workout this morning. "I think I'll be able to manage the entire day today. Probably tonight too." The dominant girl rose up from her shaking lover's body, freeing the girl's mouth once more from her aggressive wake-up call.

"G-Good morning..." Robin finally managed to reply after taking a moment to collect herself.

"Mornin'. But there's no time to chat. You gotta get changed and ready for the day." Nowi pressed her big toe against the front of Robin's now damp panties, pressing into her slightly widening pussy. "Unless you wanna explain to Chrom why you were late this morning. He he~."

"Ah, yes. Of course! I can't afford to waste anymore time!" Robin quickly shot up from her bed at the prospect of not being on schedule. Perhaps a little too quickly since she felt her belly slosh with all that semen she had unknowingly been partaking in all morning. Regardless, the not-so-sleepy strategist made a quick effort to change clothes and be out of her tent in no time while Nowi decided to stay behind and head back to sleep for another few hours.

All in all, being a little late to rise wasn't so bad. Nowi's sexual urges were swiftly taken care of, and better yet? After the whole event, Robin had no need to stop for breakfast due to having a full stomach, thus saving her valuable time. Admittedly, the secondary benefit was unlikely something Nowi intentionally planned, but Robin wasn't about to complain.


As luck would have it, the latest gathering of the minds happened with Robin present and accounted for on schedule. It was the usual rabble of her, Chrom, the east and west khans of Ferox, Say'ri and Tiki discussing their next plan of action.

For the moment, Say'ri had the floor, as she was the most knowledgeable of the Valmese territory. She carried on regarding advantageous points for the campaign or some such. The resident tactician wasn't paying very close attention as her colleagues were.

While Say'ri prattled on, Robin was preoccupied with another matter. It was no coincidence that she happened to be sitting next to Tiki at the meeting table. No one would ever suspect the two of suspicious behavior, but unbeknownst to everyone else who were listening intently to the Chon'sin princess, Tiki had been receiving a stealthy handjob since the start of this whole event.

Like a champion, Tiki managed to keep a calm and collected composure the entire time Robin had been jerking her off. It wasn't easy, mind you. For starters, Robin had been wearing those leather gloves she normally used when handling weaponry. The texture on the palm was rough and thus made it the perfect thing to be used when caressing her jagged cock. The bumpy, studded skin of her shaft made it far more tiring on the average human's hand to pleasure her for too long, leading to Robin needing to get a little creative with how she carried this deed out. Thank the gods too, because judging by Tiki's reaction, it seemed to be working perfectly.

It was nearly impossible to tell just how effective her efforts were, but judging by the sensation of something hot and sticky dripping down her fingers, Robin was confident that she had been doing a good enough job. Although, the magnitude of her efforts were far more than she could have hopped.

Tiki wasn't just cumming. Oh no, she was emptying the contents of her balls thanks to the environment she was subject to and Robin's approach to pleasure. Being older than Nowi by more than two thousand years, her virility was far greater. She wasn't quite as energetic as the younger Manakete so having the astounding amount of orgasms that the dominant one prided herself on was just not possible for her. However, the amount of semen she could produce could outmatch anything Nowi could put out, a fact that she herself could boast proudly if she wanted to. So it goes to reason that when she had finally came underneath the table, it was not just a one-and-done deal. A constant stream of ejaculate had been erupting from her spiky prick for a long while.

The surface area from underneath the table had reached it's limit and after maybe a liquid quart of fluids had piled underneath, it began to ooze down to the ground below, and then continued dripping long after. Tiki could come to the conclusion of this happening but had no way of conveying this information to Robin without raising suspicioun. Maybe she was trying to be polite and not interrupt, or perhaps it could be chalked up to her natural inclination to be the submissive one when it came to Robin. She viewed this as another situation where her domineer was just imposing her status.

Either way, her composure was beginning to crack. She could only handle so much of the sensation of an extended orgasm before she would break. Her skin flushed pink as sweat dripped from her forehead. Her lips quivered with every passing half-second she continued to cum. Her eyes, dilated and shaky, unable to focus on the meeting anymore, would serve as a window to her gradually depleting will power.

"E-Eeee~!" A tiny squeak slipped from her mouth when her inner dam crumbled away.

Say'ri, having heard this awkward sound turned to see who had delivered such an utterance.

"Did anyone have something to comment?" The Valmese swordswoman asked. Her eyes looked to everyone around the room. Who could have made such an oddly high-pitched squeal? Her gaze settled on Tiki who she noticed the change in her skin color and her subtle fanning of herself with one of her hands. "Are you alright, milady? Is the subject matter disturbing you?"

Quickly gathering herself once more, Tiki searched for a suitable response that she hoped wouldn't make anyone worry about her. The extra set of eyes did make it challenging, though.

"Ah!? Oh, please don't mind me. Th-that outburst was from myself, I admit. It's just a bit hot today and all this talk of war tends to cause a bit of stress. But it is nothing to worry about, I assure you!"

'Bravo.' Robin thought. She was impressed that Tiki could even hold a proper conversation while under so much more stress than she lead on. And by this point, her entire hand had been drenched thoroughly with cum, bringing to light the reality of just how much she had been letting out and how much that must have been affecting her. Even so, the deluge of Manakete spooge only served her as her hand had become even more slick, making it easier to work Tiki's normally difficult cock with her hand. All the while, no one was the wiser.

"Perhaps you should take a break, Lady Tiki. I can see this going on for a bit longer than anticipated." Say'ri replied.

Robin tightened her grip on Tiki's member, hard enough to stifle her aggressive orgasm for the moment, giving Tiki some moment of reprieve but also locking her in place. If she had a mind to take Say'ri up on her offer, there was no way she could go through with it, not with Robin keeping her still with her deceptively strong grip, slippery hand and all.

"No, thank you. I'll survive. A little heat never killed anyone." Tiki responded, even throwing in a little giggle to really sell it.

"Hm, alright then. But please feel free to excuse yourself if you need a moment." Say'ri nodded. "That goes for everyone here as well."

Everyone exchanged a few words of agreement before returning to the topic at hand. Even Tiki could breath a sigh of relief for now. Robin's forceful hold managed to keep her from cumming, granting her a moment of clarity.

The meeting continued on just like before. The usual talk of tactics and the like was once again the focus. For a few minutes, things were as normal as can be. Robin was very dedicated to squeezing Tiki's dick and preventing the colossal mess she had made from growing in size.

Granted, it wasn't the most comfortable situation for either of them to be in. For Tiki, despite having cum enough to overfill a gallon sized jug, didn't quite feel that satisfying afterglow she reveled in when she could say she felt sated. Even knowing that she would leave quite the mess behind, and maybe even expose herself as the culprit, part of her still wanted to actually finish. For Robin, she could only keep her grip so strong for so long. The constant clenching was already weighing on her wrist. Stopping a Manakete mid-cum is not an easy thing to do, and certainly not for an extended period. Already she could feel her grip failing and she knew when it completely faltered, Tiki's torrent of seed would continue, uninterrupted.

A bead of sweat fell down the tactician's brow as her palm could feel the dragon's urethra bulging, eager to continue its path. She hadn't counted on such a desperate need to cum forcing her hand to loosen its grip. Despite all her efforts, eventually, Robin's hand faltered, releasing Tiki's still-hard member and reluctantly allowing it to proceed with the rest of it's orgasm.

Once again, Tiki was hit with that body-rocking wave of pleasure that she had been seeking. The growing deposit of semen below her had begun to overtake her red boots and continue even further. All the while, Tiki returned to being the heated, sweaty jizz machine that she was just a few minutes ago. And of course, with that mind-numbing orgasm came her inability to suppress her natural response. It wasn't long before the meeting was once again interrupted by that same strange sound...


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The road of war was long and harsh, and stopping to rest in areas that would often seem inopportune was common for Chrom's army. While it was far from the worst place to settle down, for now, the Shepherds were now based in Regna Ferox. The heavy snowfall and frigid winds made it a tough choice, but it was their best case scenario at the moment.

Robin sat in front of a fireplace within a cozy wooden cabin that she had occupied for the night. They were fortunate enough to find an unoccupied merchant village very close to Khan territory. This meant there was no need to sleep in tents for the night and everyone would have a decent bed to sleep in, among other amenities.

And yet, the cold bite of Feroxi weather still made the tactician's spine shiver from the cold, even with a nice fire going on. As a courtesy, Nowi and Tiki ha gone out to wrangle up some firewood to keep their lover warm and happy. Their Manakete resilience made them unaffected by the cold, so the expedition was less than nothing.

After an agonizingly long time, the cabin door was kicked in by Nowi who bounced inside, covered in snow but thankfully carrying a nice bundle of wood in one arm. Tiki followed behind in much the same situation and closed the door behind her.

"Sorry we're late. We planned on being back way sooner but we got a little distracted." Nowi said as she shook the snow out of her hair and off her largely exposed body. What that distraction was exactly came obvious to Robin. Judging by the fact that Nowi's shorts were straining to house a large bulge and Tiki's exposed thighs were glistening with some form of bodily fluid, she could hazard a guess just what they were up to.

"At least you're here. It's colder than all creation, even with a good fire going." Robin answered through chattering teeth. The tactician wasn't in the proper mood to get worked up over the two of them fucking each other in the woods. They brought some firewood before she froze to death, that's what mattered.

Nowi inspected the blaze roaring within the fireplace and snorted at its pitiful state.

"Well no wonder you're cold. Look at this! I've farted bigger fires than that!"

Robin winced at the mental images that she would now forever carry until she was in the grave.

The shorter dragon grabbed a few small logs of wood, shooed Robin away for a moment and tossed the bundle into the fireplace. Then, she inhaled deeply and blew out a puff of blue-green fire, setting all the logs alight and producing a far greater, far warmer fire for her tactician to enjoy.

The effects were immediate. The naturally higher temperature of a Manakete's breath saw to it that the room had gone from a barely noticeable heat to a cozy warmth that kept the chilly weather outside at bay.

"Phew, that's so much better." Robin sighed. She inched closer to the much warmer fireplace and rubbed her hands together to speed up the process of her body warmth rising.

The fire crackled and snapped for a good few hours. There was one caveat, however. Manakete flames burned at a higher temperature than ordinary natural fire. Because of that, the twigs and logs Nowi and Tiki had gone to the trouble of searching for had burned far quicker than expected. Pretty soon, they were out of firewood; it had all been reduced to a small smouldering hill of ash in the fireplace.

"Ugh..." Robin groaned, her breath visible from the drop in heat. "This sucks... and it's already dark..." The tactician poked hopelessly at the ashes, desperately missing the warmth as it dwindled. There was some residual heat left, but even that was being overtaken by the chill that only got worse as the sun went down.

Tiki watched the pitiful sight, wondering if anything could be done. At this point it was too dark and likely dangerous to look for more firewood. And even if they did, Nowi would very likely get horned up again and they could spend an extra hour just having sex while Robin froze to near death in the meantime.

The older Manakete's eyes glimmered at a thought. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea if Nowi got a little excited...

Tiki tip-toed over to the single bed that the three had to share, where Nowi had already fallen asleep on and was currently hogging most of the blankets.

"Nowi, wake up." Tiki whispered, shaking the smaller dragon.

"mmfuggoff..." Nowi raspily responded and rolled over.

Tiki pinched the bridge of her nose. Nowi could be extremely stubborn when she wanted to sleep. She knew she would end up paying for this soon, but despite that, the oracle proceeded to grab the blankets and tear them from the sleeping dragon's body.

The cold of the cabin worked to rouse Nowi from her sleep rather quickly. Especially since she was fully in the nude.

"Aw c'mon, Tiki. Not cool..." Nowi grumbled.

"You can go back to sleep after you listen to what I have to say." Tiki replied.

"Hmph. Alright, let's hear it." Nowi sat upright on the bed and stretched her arms out.

Tiki leaned into Nowi's ear to whisper something while looking in Robin's direction. The tactician was still prodding at the dying fires, clinging to what little heat they gave off before the chill overtook her. Nowi's eyes widened as Tiki imparted her words, bringing her fully awake and attentive.

"Ooh, I like it!" The younger dragon giggled with a hand over her mouth. Before Tiki could finish her thought, Nowi leaped from off the bed and skipped up to Robin's side.

The tactician turned her head to the sudden noise and came face to face with Nowi's junk which was directly at her eye level. Robin panned her eyes up to the Manakete's smirking face wondering what the intent was... not that she really needed to be a genius to figure it out.

"Hey, you wanna see me fuck Tiki before bed?" Nowi asked bluntly.

"Uh... I'm not going to say no. I will, however, ask why?"

"I'm not asking you to just watch, silly! You know Pricklyprick needs us both to get her to sleep."

Robin looked over to Tiki who's face was flushed pink and eyes obscured by the green hair on her bowed head. "But I thought you two might have made love in the woods?"

Nowi pretended to be shocked at the question. "Whaaaat? Now why would we spend time slamming each other while we were collecting firewood for you?"

"Because you took forever with nowhere near the appropriate amount of wood and you stink like sex." Robin answered just as bluntly as Nowi's opening question.

Nowi bit her lower lip, unable to come up with a good reply. But that was irrelevant; what mattered was the here and now.

"Okay, let's pretend you're correct. Even if I did, Bumpydick over there would still need one more good dicking before she gets her twenty hours. So whaddya say? Position Number Six?"

Tiki's face turned a shade of red. Of all the numerous pet names Nowi labeled her with, that one was the most embarrassing.

"I suppose. It'll at least generate some heat in here." Robin relented. For a brief moment, she let the blanket around her shoulders fall and removed her beige shirt underneath. Her breasts, free from their restraints hung against her chest. Before the cold got to comfy with her body, Robin hurried to wrap herself in the blanket once more.

The older Manakete shuffled forward after being beckoned over by Nowi's hand gestures, already working her red dress and boots off of herself. Her body language spoke volumes of how ready she was. Her cock was already on its way up to her stomach with arousal, her skin glistened with droplets of lusty sweat and her shuddering lips made it extremely clear that she was ready for some action.

Tiki stood between Nowi and Robin, ready for the aforementioned Position Number Six. Nowi placed a hand at the top of her back, making her lean forward as she was now conditioned to do, while Robin held her breasts from beneath with both hands.

A loud slap came from behind the Voice of Naga, and a hand print slowly formed on her right buttock. Nowi had prepared her submissive partner as she always did; with a nice commanding slap on the ass. The sudden sting always made her anus clench up, and that was Nowi's favorite part.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Many times Tiki felt her dominant lover's tiny hands wallop her behind. The tears in her eyes indicated pain, but the crooked, drooling smile she wore betrayed any notion of discomfort. By then, her entire ass had more hand prints on it than an infant's finger-painting picture. To help with the pain, Robin had taken her role in the position by enveloping Tiki's rugged cock between the warm embrace of her bosom. The cold air had it's own pleasures, certainly, but having her cock once again wrapped in comfortable warmth made her eyes roll up in the best possible ways.

Now that all the prep work was done, Nowi took the liberty of fully indulging in Position Number Six and plowed her cock deep into Tiki's puckered ass. Her forceful initial thrust pushed Tiki's hips forward, sending her own cock tumbling straight into Robin's mouth.

"I-I apologize, Robin." Tiki stammered. Robin remained unoffended by Nowi's hasty initiation. She was planning on getting a little bit of tongue action on that fat prick of Tiki's anyway. This just spend up the process.

Nowi held Tiki's hands at her side as she rode her ass, keeping her restrained and unable to touch or grasp anything. It also worked great for helping her fuck her even deeper when she forced Tiki to arc her back upward at her mercy.

As for Robin, she got to work on sucking and chewing on the rough head of Tiki's erection. Her suspicions of the two of them having sex rather than collecting firewood were confirmed as soon as she tasted the faintest hint of cum on her tip. It was a fairly weak taste, so they weren't really giving it their all it seems. And judging by the lack of any other flavors on the shaft, it seems like Tiki's cock had gone unattended. Nowi could be such a tease sometimes.

"How do you manage to keep your ass so nice and tight even after all the abuse, Bumpydick? It's like brand new every time!" Nowi praised, thrusting harder and harder, hoping to see if she could stress her sub's primary exit and loosen it up for a bit.

Robin used one of her hands to cup Tiki's hefty balls and give them a light massage between her thumb and fingers. Anything it took to get her to cum as hard and as soon as possible. Her tongue proved to be a worthwhile companion to her more tactile efforts as shown by Tiki's moans of approval and desperate want for more. It was a difficult rhythm to keep pace with, but a well done package-play and cock wrangling with her breasts, Robin practically had the oracle melting in the palm of her grasp. And that's not just because she was profusely leaking pre cum with everyone's efforts combined.

Typical of her endurance, Tiki hadn't crossed her figurative finish line while Nowi had managed to cum twice in her ass over the course of nearly half an hour. Even if the cold had set in around them, Robin wasn't too bothered by it. Getting all hot and bothered from servicing Tiki while alternating between fingering herself and Tiki's own cunt gave her enough blistering heat to tolerate it while her mind was blanketed only by the pleasure of sucking cock.

After going for so long, Robin did grow frustrated. Tiki's stubborn stamina continued to rob her of that intoxicating jizz she had grown to love so much. In an effort to get herself a nice hearty helping of dragon seed, the tactician ceased her oral actions for the moment.

Pulling Tiki's cock from her mouth revealed a number of teeth marks all around it. Not a one did much to put a dent in the busty girl's resistance. Well, that was just fine. Robin had ways of making these girls cum. Taking two of her slender fingers, Robin decided to take a page from Nowi and get a little rough. With a poke and a prod, the lusting girl managed to insert two of her fingers into Tiki's cock-head.

"OOOooOOAaaAaaAAA!!" Tiki roared in surprise and shock. She had never experienced this method of stimulation before. It was an entirely new and very effective method.

"Ooh! You must have done something special to make that sound come out of her!" Nowi complimented.

"Sometimes the best way to overcome the opposition is to do it from the inside!" Robin announced as she got her finger down to her first knuckle into Tiki's cock. She rotated and undulated her finger around the slick inside of Tiki's cock, not unlike the few times she fingered her ass.

"Oh gods! O-Oh gods, I can't contain it!!" Tiki shouted. The ordinarily quiet persona fell to the wayside in the wake of this new, irresistible move.

"I think she's gonna blow~!" Nowi sang with a big smile on her face.

"Yes! YES! NOW!" Tiki screamed.

At her order, Nowi released both of Tiki's arms, finally allowing her to freely grab her own cock and squeeze it tightly as her climax was finally upon her.

At long last, the infamous dick-volcano had blown it's top and a powerful, concentrated stream of cum rocketed forward, the force of which ejected Robin's finger from her urethra and immediately after, drenching the tactician's face, breasts and stomach in white, musky delights.

Nowi even joined in on the action, freeing her cock from Tiki's now dripping anus and jerking herself to orgasm as well. The smaller Manakete jizzed between Tiki's legs, decently coating Robin's lower body.

Tiki's vision had gone blurry from the insane amount of cum she dispensed, even for her. With nothing and no one holding her up, the mind-broken dragon fell to the side in a heap on the floor, drooling (and still cumming) into the animal pelt rug underneath her.

Robin stood on her feet and walked over to the unconscious Tiki to see if she hadn't passed on from the mortal coil somehow. The shaky pupils and shallow breath confirmed she was still among the living.

"Phew! That was great! Position Number Six never fails!" Nowi declared triumphantly as she wiped some sweat from her brow.

After confirming Tiki's condition, Robin looked at her body, now covered from head to toe in jizz. Her upper body was already bare from having stripped to perform a breast job, but she still wore her bottoms for sleeping, which now hung heavy with the thick layers of cock cream clinging to them.

"Feel better?" Nowi asked with an expectant grin.

Robin was prepared to ask what Nowi meant by that question only to come to the realization herself. Her glimmering eyes told Nowi everything she needed to know.

"You can thank Tiki for the idea. She didn't want us going out to get more firewood this late, so she figured a nice helping of never-chill baby-spill would make you warm and happy." Nowi flicked her flaccid cock. One would think she was waiting for some sort praise for her efforts in all of this.

"First of all, never call it that ever again. Second... I guess I can see the wisdom in that logic." Robin replied. She had to admit, the solution was very much out there, but she had surrendered to such possibilities long ago. And in the end, she was nice and warm and would continue to be throughout the rest of the night.

"Well, I'm beat after that last round. I'm heading off to bed." Nowi yawned and casually walked over to the large bed, jumping back-first onto it and stretching her tired limbs.

"What about Tiki?" Robin pointed to the passed-out lump on the floor... who was still dripping semen into the carpet.

The question fell on deaf ears as Nowi had already fallen asleep after she hit the bed. Robin shook her drippy head and sighed. Taking the blanket she was using to keep warm, Robin draped it over Tiki's nude body, hoping that would be enough to keep her decent until morning.

The sleepy tactician, satisfied with her sustainable warmth, crawled in bed next to Nowi and tried her best to get some rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow, they would be out of Ferox and she'd never have to worry about needing to be battered in cum to get a decent night's rest ever again.