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Awakening a Bright Blue Sky

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I've got to be out of my fucking mind. Why am I rescuing him? I should want him dead! Glass shattered on impact as Craig smashed through it, gritting his teeth and holding a trembling Tweek closer.

"They jumped out a window! Quick get to the back street to cut them off!"

Craig's body wouldn't hold him up any longer, and he collapsed once his feet met the cobblestone.

"Craig!" Tweek cried, kneeling down in front of his sick form.

"Did you… land safely? Sorry… I didn’t think we could take them all on." I should want to kill him, I went into the sea of trees for the purpose of killing the Awakening but… this guy doesn't know anything. He doesn't know anything and he was fucked over by the universe just as I was.

With herculean effort, Craig reached for Tweek, grasping his wrist, panting hard. "Run, find somewhere and hide." He hoped desperately that Tweek would understand. "I won't be able to move for a while."

Fuck! Craig's used up all his energy, and I can hear them searching for us-- I have to get us to safety! Craig shoved at Tweek, probably urging him away, but Tweek merely grabbed under his arms, and carefully maneuvered so that Craig's body was draped across his own.

Heaving, Tweek managed to get to his feet properly, using Craig's sword to help him keep balance, one arm keeping Craig across his back. Craig was heavy, a completely dead weight that concerned Tweek almost more than the men chasing them.

Gods, give me strength to protect Craig.

Running feet were heard. They seemed to come from all directions. Tweek had managed to carry Craig with him to under a little bridge. The water was very shallow, and nice and cool. The area seemed to be storage for a nearby store as well, some jars piled all around.

Craig was leaned up against the stone of the bridge, farthest from the incredibly dim light. Tweek was crouched over him, listening intently to any sounds of someone approaching.

Don'tletthemfindus. Please don't let them find us gah! Tweek forced himself to breathe evenly. If it came down to it, he would have to fight to protect Craig, and if he was panicking he would only scream and that wouldn't be a help to anyone.

Steps sounded closer. Voices got louder. Suddenly a sound of a jar shattering reached Tweek's ears. He stiffened, hand clenching around the hilt of Craig's sword.

"It's all junk, they could be hiding here though. Check everything."

Tweek sucked in a breath, moving the sword closer to himself. He had never been very good with a sword, a bow had been his specialty back when he played with friends as a child, and doing minor competitions he could get a ride to and off work for.

They're going to find us. Tweek breathed out, heart hammering but this time in determination.

A larger hand closed around his own on the sword, and Tweek's eyes snapped to Craig's shadowed face.

"I feel a little better… I've got to kill them all at once." He growled, and for a moment it seemed as though his teeth were elongated into fangs. Tweek shivered.

"Found them!"

A shadow jumped from within a shadow, and the shout turned to a gurgling mess as Craig cleaved him in two. Tweek watched, legs trembling. Craig was moving just as fast as he had been before, slicing through enemies.

Screams and thuds echoed in the otherwise silent night.

Following Craig at a distance, Tweek watched, careful no one else saw him. He was winning handedly, each swing looked like it cost no more effort than closing a pair of scissors.

On an upswing Tweek watched as a chain was thrown. Instead of hitting Craig though, it caught his sword, leaving his chest wide open. The man who could teleport was suddenly there, plunging a sword deep into Craig's chest.

Twin screams, one of shock, one of agony, rang in the darkness. Craig's body fell to the ground, and the man drew his sword back, readying for another blow. Tweek rushed out, shoving into him.

"Don't!" Tweek yelled, knocking them both down.

The man screamed in pain, and Tweek saw he had run into the side that Craig had previously wounded. Grabbing a sword, Tweek swung down, trying to kill him before he retaliated. Instead he hit the small mammal.

In a puff of smoke, the animal died.

"No… my…" The man was shuddering, sitting up slowly, one hand cupping the space the little furball had occupied. "My pet… MY DEAR BELOVED PET!" He screamed, tears in his eyes already.

Tweek couldn't pay him mind anymore. Craig was groaning, so Tweek was there, kneeling by his side.

"You bastard!" Turning too slow, Tweek watched as the sword came down, aiming to take his life. Hands gripped his biceps and swung him out of the way. Only a small nick on his left arm was any indication he had been in harm's way at all.

Craig kicked away the distraught man, and began sitting up. Blood covered his shirt, but Craig was ignoring it, stone-faced as he stood, sword still in hand. The men before him were both angry and afraid, shaking as they stood before him.

Tweek inspected his arm before grabbing a sword for himself, getting in a stance to fight. He needn't have bothered, the men were completely focused on Craig.

The chain was thrown again, wrapping around Craig's wrist this time. He didn't budge as the man yanked on it, instead pulling towards himself. The weapon left the attacker's hands, and swung to kill another man.

"This guy… is a monster!" Someone shouted, and Craig turned to them, growling.

"Boss? Boss!" A few of them had begun running already, but the boss was sitting down, rocking back and forth, muttering to himself. "Get a grip boss!"

Whirling, the boss fled, sprinting away.

Stunned only for a moment, the rest of the men looked to each other.

"RETREAT!" They yelled, turning from Craig and running from the town.

Tweek sunk to the ground, looking at the bodies littered around them. It's over?

"I've heard… that people exist in this world with unique powers. However, I've never met someone like you in my life." Niva sat on his plush chair, a glass of fine wine in one hand, as he spoke to his guest. "I've wanted to meet you ever since I saw you." He was smirking, watching his guest's impassive face.

"Do you like the wine? It's from Reinka." He grinned, watching the slow smirk on Eric Cartman's face.


"Craig?" The chain around his wrist fell to the ground, and Tweek yearned to get closer, but remembered the room, when he had yelled at him. He didn't look like he was about to fall over again, but it seemed one would never know.

Tweek watched as he grasped at his chest, and Tweek remembered the feeling of watching him get stabbed. Craig took a step, surprisingly steady on his feet. The sky was beginning to lighten, dawn was coming.

"Craig…? Ngh! Is it really okay for you ack! to be walking?" Tweek asked carefully, legs unable to get him to his feet. Adrenaline had long since faded, and Tweek was dead on his knees, the nap he had taken seemed to have been a lifetime ago.

Craig continued to ignore him, walking back in the direction of the inn. Why isn't he going to the doctor? He was stabbed in the fucking chest!

"Hey! You-- I don't know mngh the way to the doctor's from here but-- I can wake someone up and ask but you fucking shouldn't be moving! I'll get the doctor just --urk!-- waitasecond!" Tweek cried, pushing himself to his feet and jogging after Craig. His eyes were unfocused, and sweat was gathering on his brow, but he also didn't seem to be listening to Tweek at all.

"Craig stop! Doesn't it hurt? If you keep moving you'll bleed to death!" Reaching out against his better judgement, Tweek tried to stop him with his hands.

"SHUT UP!" Craig snarled, face livid and suddenly very focused.

Exactly like the room, Tweek skittered back, stumbling over an uneven cobblestone. Instantly Craig looked contrite, and sighed, shaking his head.

"I'm sorry. I should be thanking you."

"Oh! Thank you for helping, everyone." The mayor stood outside of a bustling inn, grinning at the bodies as they were carried out on stretchers. "Isn't it amazing? He got them all by himself!" He crowed, noticing how some of the bodies had arrows sticking out of them. He would have to ask that Mr. Craig later how he had managed it all.

"And there are more bodies outside." The villager said, carrying out another body.

"Mayor?" The innkeeper and his wife stood before the mayor, looking a little shaken.

"You're the innkeeper?" The mayor asked, looking them both up and down.

Nodding, the man ducked his head in shame. "I hate to bother you when you're so busy right now, but it looks like my servant, Han, was the one to let them in. We overheard the boss talking to him, and when we confronted him about it, he attacked me!"

"My husband is stronger than he looks however," His wife cut in, giggling.

"Right! Anyway, I punched him and he ran away like the coward he is!"

"Got it, we'll have people out searching for him. Let it be known he has betrayed us!" The mayor decreed.

"Oh hey, this guy is just badly wounded, where's the doctor?" A villager asked, the thief on the stretcher moaned as he turned, drawing attention.

"The doctor? Why is he here?" The mayor asked, confused.

"Oh yes, he's up with the warrior and that Tweek fellow. He came back here and his chest was all bloody, I insisted."

Craig stood with his chest bare, and Tweek couldn't stop staring. There had been a sword through him not even an hour ago, but there was only a pink scar on his breast to show for it.

What the fuck? Confused, Tweek stepped closer, trying to figure it out. The doctor seemed confused too, but not as concerned as Tweek thought he should be. Craig of course was completely blasé about it, which honestly pissed Tweek off more than it should have.

"I told you, the blood on my shirt wasn't mine." Craig sighed, crossing his arms.

The doctor looked uncomfortably from Tweek to Craig, frowning. "He was making such a fuss… it's good to check anyway. I'm very grateful you're unharmed."

Tweek stalked forward, grabbing Craig's arms and lifting them. He got close to the scar, inspecting it carefully. What the fuck? His wound is healed? The anger was fading, and Craig wasn't looking at Tweek, a light flush rising to his cheeks.

His wound is healed. And he doesn't even look sick anymore. It… it doesn't hurt anymore. He's not in pain anymore.

"I'm so glad." Tweek breathed, closing his eyes tightly, a few relieved tears escaping. His legs, which had been threatening to give out from the moment they had been discovered under that bridge, couldn't hold him anymore, and he slumped to his knees in front of Craig.

I'm so glad. More tears came, and Tweek couldn't hold back his relieved sobs, taking in deep shuddering breaths when he could. It was all so much, and Tweek was tired. Craig was safe, everyone was safe, so many of those men were dead, never to hurt them again.

The door opened, the mayor poking his head in. "Oh hey now," He cooed, coming inside. "Why is he crying?" He asked softly, moving to comfort Tweek.

The doctor held him back, watching as Craig knelt before Tweek. "I think he's just relieved. He's been worried since yesterday morning, and then he had to watch all of the fight."

Tweek breathed in deeply, the rush of oxygen making him light-headed. With a sigh, he slumped completely, surrendering himself to the darkness of the unconscious world.

"Whoa! Is he okay?" The mayor jolted, freezing when Craig cradled Tweek's limp form carefully.

"He's asleep." The doctor and mayor both looked at each other then at Craig and Tweek, a raised eyebrow on both of their faces.

"This thing has happened before. He'll use too much energy and then collapse afterwards crying." Craig explained, lifting Tweek easily into his arms. Tweek was so pliant beneath him, head lolling into Craig's chest.

His breath caught at the unguarded expression on Tweek's face. His body was still, not a twitch to be seen. He must be truly exhausted. Moving to the bed, Craig laid him out, moving the bow out of the way. A good sleep and he'll be fine.

"That's the traveling warrior that killed all those thieves?"

"He's so young!"

"I don't think he's even twenty!"

"Hey, I can't see!"

"Now, now, everybody out!" The doctor called, pushing out the curious throng of people.

Craig was lead to a separate room, one without any blood on the floor or sheets. One without a softly snoring Tweek on the bed.

"I need to rest up a little, could I use this room?" Craig asked the innkeeper.

He grinned broadly, "Of course! We can bring your things to you so that when you're ready you can get dressed properly."

"Don't, leave my bag there. I don't want Tweek freaking out thinking I left him." Craig sighed, sinking onto the bed. He wished he was Tweek right now, asleep on the bed. I wish I was with Tweek right now, sleeping in the bed together.

"Well now, I actually have some concerns regarding that young man." The mayor cleared his throat, drawing himself up to his full height.

Craig's heartbeat sped up, and he focused on the mayor, who began to look uncomfortable with confronting this issue.

"You two should remain in separate rooms. I don't think it's right for two people to stay in one room when one is clearly at a power disadvantage with not knowing our language. I don't know either of you very well, but it is obvious Tweek cares about you. I know that he might not want to be apart from you but--"

"Mayor you don't need to worry about it. He's not my type." Craig cut in, terse in his lie. He had turned from the mayor so his blush wasn't visible, but the thought of leaving Tweek all alone was almost too much for him. He couldn't do it. No matter how much he knew he would have to, not right now. He couldn't right now.

"Well that's a little rude, don't you think? He was so concerned and seems so caring too! What about him don't you like?" The mayor frowned, having to be pulled back by the doctor.

"Now, now, don't yell at him. He's still recovering." He chided, trying to get the mayor to calm down.

"But… he looks much better than he did this morning!"

"You're right, I'm in the recovery stage now." Craig sighed, sitting down on the bed. Ooooo bad idea Tucker, this bed is comfortable. "It's happened quicker than normal. Usually takes half a day more at least." If it had, I would be dead. "I'm still too weak to go after those who escaped right now, but I will after noon passes. They only have one place to go anyway. I will complete the assignment." Craig finished, sinking lower onto the bed.

The mayor and doctor nodded, and the doctor pulled the mayor out of the room. Craig settled in, getting comfortable so he could sleep for a few hours at least. Muffled voices from the other side of the door caught his attention however.

"Wait, I wasn't finished talking to him." The mayor's brash voice echoed.

"He's clearly exhausted, whatever it is, it can wait." The doctor replied, clearly done with the mayor.

A long pause, and Craig begins to drift off when his attention is caught once again by the voices.

"What? You want to take Tweek in as your own?"

"Well… he doesn't have a family right? He's just all alone?"

"I was told he was lost, and Craig was wandering by and Tweek decided to follow him. Poor thing doesn't understand a word of our language though, so we might not know the full story for a long while." The doctor replied, sighing.

"Tweek reminds me of my son. Years ago, he was in a hunting accident, and died. As the mayor, I have resources, and I can afford to take care of him. Plus, Craig is a traveling warrior, Tweek will only be a burden to him. After all, it is a hard life." A sigh, the din of other voices mingling making it harder for Craig to concentrate on their voices.

"He could have another battle like last night's at any time. They can't travel together forever."

Don't you think I know that?