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Scales of Ice

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“Of course I’m coming!” Frazil exclaimed, and Eclipse shushed her quickly, glancing over at Clay. “Of course I’m coming. You couldn’t stop me,” she said quietly.

“No, you couldn’t,” Eclipse said instinctively, even though that statement wasn’t true. Frazil frowned in acceptance, as if they argued about this often. Which didn’t make sense, especially considering Frazil was an animus. “But there’s a reason I chose you, silly. Pack your things, because we’re leaving tonight.”

“So soon? Not a word to Mother or the teachers?” She inquired.

“You can if you want,” Eclipse snorted. “Just be there.”

She turned to leave, and saw the air shimmer. She scowled a bit, but hen nothing happened, she flicked her tail, making her way to the caves.

Upon arriving, Fennec jumped up. “Who are you bringing with us?”

“Do we really have to leave tonight?” Galaxy grumbled.

“My sister and yes,” Eclipse answered, poking her head into her hammock. She shoved her possessions into her library bag, thankful for the enchanted object. “Did you guys choose people yet?”

“Well... I chose Fever,” Fennec said tentatively. “He’s a SandWing.”
“Why is that a bad thing?”

“It’s not because of who we chose, but we were wondering how you’d react to some of the other dragons.” Galaxy swished her tail against the ground. “I chose the SkyWing in our winglet, Shikra, who agreed.”

“Aaaaand why’s that so bad?” Eclipse braced herself.

“Well, you know how Bluejay and Quaker heard the prophecy?” Fennec asked, and Eclipse nodded. “Quaker insisted that he and Bluejay get plus ones, since they would tell Tsunami if we left without them, and Bluejay agreed. We don’t uh, know who they’re bringing yet.”

“Only time will tell,” Eclipse said breezily, then stopped. “Speaking of time, it’s just about dusk. We should be meeting up.”

~ * ~ * ~

Frazil brushed Eclipse’s wing. Anxious, the dragonet had put her enchanted bracelet back on, so that she didn’t harm anyone. One moon glowed brightly up above the dragonets, two still at the horizon. Eclipse scanned the dragonets around her.

Fennec’s friend, Fever, was the SandWing that kept giving Eclipse that uneasy feeling. He had lemony scales with brown diamonds on his legs, and he was considerably larger that Fennec. His tail was curled up next to him calmly as he surveyed the group.

Next to the SandWings, Galaxy and Shikra stood, Shikra, fighting to stay awake. Jonquil sat nervously with a MudWing, and Lapis shuffled next to a SeaWing. As promised, Quaker and Bluejay were there, along with Aspen and- Seriously? Of all the dragonets? THAT ONE?

The purple dragonet, slender and tall, stood in the circle of dragonets.

As Eclipse fought the tumble of thoughts in her head, Scars stood forward. “Greetings, brave companions. I am Scars, champion of the RegalWings for the Prophecy of Salvation. Let us all introduce ourselves before our journey.”

“Frazil,” the silvery dragonet announced, then pointed to her sister. “And Eclipse.”

“I’m Galaxy,” Galaxy introduced. “This is Shikra. For the sake of time, the female SandWing is Fennec, the male Fever...”

Leaving so soon?


Ah, my apologies. I remember how exciting adventures were.

Who are you? Eclipse demanded.

That is... less than important. I do, however, have a favor to ask of you, now that you have taken care of your problem.

What problem? Eclipse lashed her tail. What do you want?

A simple request, is all. Would you mind if I shared your consciousness while you travel?

You’re going to possess me?!

No, no! Of course not. I just request that you let me be... say, a voice in your head, so I may share this adventure with you. No possession.

What’s the catch, huh?

Nothing. I offer nothing in return, my dear IceWing, I just wish for... a bird’s eye view, is it called?

Okay. Uhm, I guess? If you don’t possess me. Eclipse paused. What’s your name, anyway?

Oh, my name. I suppose you deserve that, with such a rushed decision. Well, then. Hello, there, Eclipse. I am Haruspex.

Suddenly, the voice faded, and time started again. Eclipse frowned. Time had stopped?

“...the HiveWing is Jonquil, the MudWing is Honeysuckle, the blue SeaWing is Lapis, the sea green one is Mediterranean, the SilkWing is Quaker, the LeafWing is Aspen, the cornflower RainWing is Bluejay, and the purple dragonet is Echo.”

Her name is Echo.

Scars turned towards her for the first time, but Eclipse could see the flash of surprise on his face before it was replaced by his calm determination. “We are the Dragons of Salvation,” he declared. “Let us fly.”