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Inktober Day 1 - Ring

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“Hey Billy. Come look at these!” Fran calls out for Billy, motioning her hand over to the lollipops laying in front of her. “These are really cute, don’t you think?”

“Okay,” Billy responds, before walking over to where she’s standing and taking a look. “They’re alright, I guess… very colorful.”

Fran lets out a small chuckle, expecting a response like that from Billy. 

“What do you mean ‘They’re alright’? They’re adorable!” 

Billy shrugs with a lopsided smile on his face. “Let’s look around some more,'' he suggests, letting Fran check out the store as he fiddles around. Once again he takes a look at the sweets that Fran likes so much, and he starts rummaging through his pockets, checking for bytes. “Yes!” he softly exclaims. “I knew I probably had enough laying around.”  He walks off to the counter, where Calculester is standing; making sure that Fran isn’t looking. 

“Hello there, friend Billy”, says Calculester as Billy places down the lollipop ring. “Your total is 10 bytes.”

Billy hands him the bytes, and Calculester proceeds to put the item inside of a little bag with hearts on it, almost as if he knows what Billy is thinking. He put the bag inside his pocket and waited patiently for Fran to be done with her little shopping spree. 

“Hey Fran, found anything?” Billy asks, looking at her hands. She nodded her head as she placed them on the counter, and let Calculester scan all the items. He noticed that she had not picked up any of the rings she was interested in, which surprised him, while also making him feel relieved since he had just bought one for her, and it would be awkward if she got one for herself.

“Thank you Calculester” Fran said with a smile, as Calculester smiles back.

“Please come again soon!”

The pair leave the store together, now on their way back to Billy’s apartment. 

“Uhm, hey Fran.” Billy says, nervously rubbing his nape. “I got something for you.”

Fran’s eyebrows rise slightly. “Really?”

“Yeah, here.” 

Billy initially considers placing it around her finger himself, but it doesn't take long for the embarrassment at the idea to overwhelm him. Instead, he decides to just show it to her; hoping that she is going to love it.

Fran’s eyes stare at the ring, her mouth unable to move as she is rendered speechless. “Billy, you…”

Billy answers immediately, finishing her sentence.

“Didn’t have to do that. I know, but I saw how much you liked it.” 

Fran’s cheeks redden as she reaches out her hand, letting Billy place the ring onto it carefully. 

“Thank you”. She tiptoes, ready to give Billy a kiss on his cheek. 


Fran gets cut off, as a voice suddenly appears out of nowhere, belonging to none other than Robbie.

“What are friends doing on day of Autumn?” 

“Hello Robbie,” Fran replies as he gives her a hug. “We’ve just been to the shops and got some candy.”

“Ooo, can Robbie see?”

Before Fran manages to even attempt at an answer - Robbie grabs the bag off of her and shoves his head into it. 

“WOOW!! Many many sweets. Toriel never let Robbie have those. Says they bad for Robbie’s teeth.” Robbie replies with a frown on his face.

Fran notices that Robbie is close to tearing up, and she tries to figure out something to do before he starts bawling his eyes out.

“How about you choose one of the candies, and then you can have that one?”

Robbie’s eyebrows were still furrowed, but a smile was now creeping onto his visage.

“Fran serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious.” She says with a nod, deep inside knowing that she was going to regret this.

“Then Robbie want…. That one!” His finger points straight at the ring on Fran’s finger, and Billy quietly facepalms to himself, muttering a soft “God no”. 

“Oh, you can’t choose that one.” Fran says with an apologetic tone. “It’s a gift Billy got for me.”

“Billy got Fran ring?” Robbie’s voice rose a bit higher out of curiosity.

“Billy marry Fran?” 

And at that moment, Billy’s facepalm turned into a worsened expression of regret. He should have seen this one coming, especially from Robbie. 

Fran glances at Billy, who just so happened to be glancing at Fran as well. Their looks said it obviously: 'What have we gotten ourselves into?'

“Uhm, Robbie.. Look” Fran was trying so hard to save this situation, but it was too late. Robbie had already taken off down the path, giggling to himself.

“Lets just head back, Fran.” says Billy, Fran responding with a simple nod. 

The time seemed to go very fast for Billy, as time with Fran was always very enjoyable. Before he knew it, it was already time for Fran to go back home. 

“Alright, you got everything?” Billy asks as Fran lifts her bags onto her shoulder. 

“As far as I know.” She replies, walking towards the door.

“I’ll see you soon Billy. Thank you for today. I had fun!” 

“You sure you don’t need any help carrying the bags?” 

Fran shakes her head, but Billy can tell that she is just doing that because she doesn’t want to take up any more of his time. So, he walks over and takes the bag from her. 

“I’ll walk you home.” He says, feeling determined to help her out. 

Fran lets out a sigh. “Fiiine, but this is the last time. For real.”