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He’s up on a fire escape when it happens, well out of range of the attack. Lucky for him, or so he thinks at the time.

The entire night has been a trial, one thing after another, and several times Kirishima has considered tapping out. Just calling his agency, telling them that he’s not needed on this sting, and then going home to sleep. It would mean less money for him, but he’s started to weigh how much trouble he is willing to put up with against how much he’s getting paid for this, and the scales are starting to tip in favor of calling it a night.

This just isn’t the kind of operation that he’s good at. He tried to tell them that, and they had waved away his concerns with a bunch of half-hearted excuses. The truth is, Red Riot and Ground Zero have been making headlines an awful lot lately, and it’s important that this op go well for the agency’s sake. So their two biggest names had been called in regardless of the fact that neither of them were suited for this kind of waiting around in dark alleyways.

There is a scuffle down in the alley, and Eijirou leans forward, peering between wrought iron bars. A man, slight and dressed in shabby clothes, skids to a halt and looks around frantically, as though trying to get his bearings. Eijirou recognizes him as a neighborhood nuisance, a petty thief called Exine, who has a dangerous Quirk. He isn’t a target of this operation; it looks like he just chose a bad night to try and rob another jewelry store.

Still, he’s a criminal and a slippery one. Might as well bring him in now, because if he gets caught in the crossfire, his Quirk can do some serious damage. Eijirou rises halfway, his boots scuffing against the metal fire escape, the skin around his fists and forearms hardening. It will be an easy catch, at least, although if the thief hasn’t actually robbed anyone yet, they’ll have no cause to arrest him.

Down in the alley, Exine laughs. It is a nervous sound, high-pitched and disturbingly like the giggling of a schoolgirl. Exine twists, peering up at the roofs and wiggling his long, skinny fingers.

“I heard that,” he calls. “Who’s up there spying on me tonight?”

“I’m not spying on you, Exine,” Eijirou counters, leaning against the edge of the railing and staring down into the alley. “Who were you running from?”

“Oh, you know…” Exine twists to peer back the way he came, and several things happen in quick succession.

First, a pair of the gang members they’re tracking burst into the alley from the main street, closely followed by a slim, quick figure. As they bolt down the narrow alley, one of them releases a bright pulse of light, causing Eijirou to flinch back and close his eyes. Exine, in that split second of Eijirou’s distraction, giggles again and spreads his arms and there is a soft sound, like snow falling. Eijirou curses and rubs at his eyes, trying to clear his vision, but it’s too late. By the time the afterimages are gone, the alley is already full of fine yellow pollen and Exine is nowhere to be seen.

The two runners are down there, kneeling and coughing as they breathe in the pollen, and Eijirou grimaces. Poor bastards, it's going to be a rough night for them. There’s nothing pretty about the way Exine’s pollen works. Eijirou unclips a small air filtration mask from his belt and jumps down into the alley to drag the two criminals out onto the street.

He lands lightly and grabs them both by their collars. “Hold your breath,” he instructs, his voice muffled by the mask. “The more you inhale, the worse off you’ll be.”

“Ugh, what the fuck was that,” croaks a voice from further down the alley. Eijirou freezes, and one of the villains attempts to escape his grasp. He manages to scramble to his feet, but the pollen has made them weak. Eijirou trips him, leaving him sprawled on the pavement and gasping. Quickly, he zip-ties their wrists and ankles together and leaves them at the mouth of the alley, safely outside the dissipating cloud of pollen. He sends a text and gets a thumbs-up back from Sero; he and Kaminari will be by in a few minutes to pick the pair up and turn them over to the police.

“Hold your breath!” he says, hurrying back into the alley. “How much did you inhale?”

Bakugo is there, swaying slightly, his usual scowl beginning to look a little sickly. He doesn’t answer, but he’s on the edge of the cloud, far enough from the epicenter that he might not have inhaled too much. He may escape the worst of the effects if Eijirou can get him to some clean air fast.

“Come with me,” he says, grabbing Katsuki by the wrist. Katsuki immediately pulls back against him, resisting his hold on pure stubborn instinct. “Please,” he says, softening his tone somewhat.

“Fine!” Katsuki snaps, stumbling along behind Eijirou. He coughs every few steps, his breath coming in deep, wheezing gasps. This is not good, not good at all. Katsuki only just signed on with Eijirou’s agency, this is only his second op in this neighborhood. He hadn’t recognized Exine, hadn’t known to hold his breath or get out the mask. Eijirou curses softly to himself, eyes scanning ahead for somewhere they can safely stop.

There is an abandoned building about a block from the alley, and he drags Katsuki there, kicking open the door and gesturing him inside with growing unease. Katsuki looks dazed and his breathing is labored, and as Eijirou drags an old metal bookshelf across the door as a barricade, Katsuki slumps against a wall and shakes his spiky blond head.

“How much did you inhale?” Eijirou demands, flicking on the lights. They are old and dim, but at least there’s still power. “You didn’t answer me before, and it’s important.” Katsuki has slipped his arms out of his gauntlets and has a hand pressed against his stomach. Even in the flickering light, Eijirou can see that the situation is worse than he’d anticipated.

“He sprayed me right in the face,” Katsuki answers finally, grimacing. The strain in his voice is obvious.

“Ah,” Eijirou murmurs. “Shit.”

“What does it do?”

Eijirou considers giving him the edited version of Exine’s power, but it’s clear that Katsuki is starting to feel the effects. Lying to him isn’t going to change that; it’s only going to confuse the issue. Still, it feels weird to say certain things in front of Katsuki, for whom Eijirou has always carried a torch, and so he turns away slightly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“It… ah, it’s an aphrodisiac,” he says, glancing out of the corner of his eye to monitor Katsuki’s response.

There is a slight widening of his eyes and then he nods grimly. “The kind that compels you, right? Fuck my life.”

“Unfortunately,” Eijirou confirms. “We should get help before it gets too bad. Shinsou can be here in a few minutes.” Katsuki makes a strange, strangled noise and Eijirou smiles at him in what he hopes is an encouraging way. “Sedation is the best way to deal with this. He can brainwash you to keep you calm until we can get you to a hospital. They can keep you under until it’s out of your system.”

“Shit…” Katsuki laughs, and it’s nothing like his usual rough voice. It is soft, guarded and bitter and strangely appealing. “And how long does that usually take?”

Eijirou thinks back to when Exine got Kaminari a few months back. It hadn’t been quite such a concentrated dose, but Kaminari is also a third of the size of Katsuki, so it could be roughly comparable.

“At least a day,” he answers. “Maybe less, though. It depends on how your body processes it.” Before he’s even finished speaking, Katsuki is shaking his head no.

“That’s too long,” Katsuki says, slashing at the air with his hand. “This operation has to succeed.” There is real frustration in his voice.

Eijirou turns to face him, pleased at least that Katsuki hasn’t changed all that much since they were in school. “You think they can’t do it without you?” he chides.

“That bunch of idiots?” Katsuki snaps. “Come on, man. Maybe they could do it without one of us, but if you’re in here taking care of me, the entire plan is gonna go to hell and you know it”

“Well, you can’t go like that.” Eijirou gestures, trying not to look at the obvious line of Katsuki’s growing erection. God, how many times in school had he lay in the dark, cock in hand, thinking of Katsuki spread out in front of him? Being confronted with the evidence of Katsuki’s arousal is difficult at best; he just wants to get this taken care of and get out of here.

“Obviously,” Katsuki says. “So what are my other options?”

“There’s only one,” Eijirou says, shrugging. He hopes that Katsuki can’t see the red rising in his cheeks. “You can fuck it out. That will probably take you an hour or two, but it’s better than twenty-four hours.”

Katsuki is silent for a long time and Eijirou doesn’t push him to speak. He has lasted longer against Exine’s pollen than anyone Eijirou has ever seen before, but his breathing is growing labored. Already his hand is drifting between his legs, slim fingers providing much-needed stimulation to his painfully hard cock. His face is strangely calm, but Eijirou can see the growing hunger in his eyes, and he knows it won’t be long before Katsuki needs to act on his urges.

“You don’t have much time,” he says softly. “Let me call someone for you.”

NO.” Eijirou is taken aback by the forcefulness of Katsuki’s reply, and by the conflict twisting his features. He is doubled over now, shaking, but his voice is level and calm. “I don’t want anyone else to see me like this, Ei. Please.”

“There’s not much of an option,” Eijirou says, mentally running down a list of people he can call in to help with this. Mina is the closest, and he’s sure that she won’t mind volunteering. Hopefully she can get here fast, though, because Katsuki looks like he’s about to explode.

“No,” Katsuki says, then the breath catches in his throat and he curls forward with a soft moan. “Okay, maybe…”

“Mmhmm,” Eijirou murmurs, pulling out his phone and swiping until he gets to Mina’s contact info. “That’s what I thought. I’m going to call Mina, I promise she can be discreet…”

“I don’t want Mina,” Katsuki says, his voice low. There is something else there, some dark emotion. It isn’t quite shame, it isn’t quite anger, but both are blended into it in equal measure and a thrill goes up Eijirou’s spine. He knows that emotion, is intimately acquainted with it.

“Oh.” It’s all he can say, that one inadequate sound. Katsuki looks up at him, his eyes burning with need, his face a mask of lust and vulnerability. Eijirou tries not to think about it, tries not to think about lifting Katsuki up in his arms and lowering him onto his aching cock. He’s wanted it for years, since they were best friends in UA. He would see Katsuki on the news and think about him that night, hear his name on the radio and look up articles online to stare at the pictures and daydream. Maybe he should have said something back when they’d been together every day, but Eijirou had treasured his friendship with Katsuki and hadn’t wanted to ruin it. Besides, there was the whole rivalry thing with Midoriya that made him think that even if Katsuki was into guys, Eijirou didn’t stand a chance.

“Yeah,” Katsuki says. Eijirou nods, his hands a little shaky. “So. What’s another option?”

“Well, I’m already here,” Eijirou answers, mentally castigating himself as soon as the unexpected words leave his lips. This is just going to cause problems down the line. He hasn’t seen Katsuki for three years, not since they graduated from UA and ended up at different agencies in different cities. They’ve spent a fair amount of time together since Katsuki came to work at Eijirou’s current agency, but it’s only been two weeks. They haven’t had a chance to fall back into the easy friendship they used to enjoy. Besides, Katsuki probably has a boyfriend, and it’s probably Midoriya.

But Katsuki isn’t reacting the way Eijirou expected. There is no eruption of profanity, no withering contempt in his eyes. In fact, it looks like he might actually be considering it, his knife slash of a mouth curling into something approaching thoughtfulness. Or as close as he can get to it, given the circumstances; his hand is moving faster between his legs now, fingers clawing at the fabric as though he wants to rip it away. Eijirou is frankly surprised that he hasn’t.

“Yeah,” Katsuki rasps, pushing himself up to lean against the wall. There are hectic spots of color in his cheeks but apart from that he is unnaturally pale. “Yeah, that’s good, we can do that.”

“Oh!” Eijirou wishes he could capture the exclamation and stuff it back in his mouth, but Katsuki just snorts and rolls his eyes. Eijirou recognizes that expression from their UA days and beams.

“You sure?” he asks, stepping a little closer, crowding into Katsuki’s space. This isn’t how he wanted or expected it to go down, but there’s an inviting tilt to his head as he tips it back to look up at Eijirou. He was always taller than Katsuki, but the size difference between them is more pronounced now; Katsuki stayed slim and athletic, his waist trim, his shoulders broad, his body lean. Eijirou, on the other hand, has bulked up considerably since high school, a fact that he sees register in Katsuki’s eyes as he moves in close.

“Yeah,” Katsuki breathes, resting a hand on Eijirou’s left pectoral, his tongue flicking out to wet his lips. “Always kinda wanted to fuck you. Even in UA.”

“Same,” Eijirou laughs, capturing the hand and lifting it to his mouth to suck and kiss the digits. This close he can smell the scorched sugar scent of Katsuki’s Quirk, and a shiver runs down his spine. “I don’t know why I never asked you out. Just chicken, I guess.”

“I would have killed you anyway,” Katsuki mutters, his eyes avid as they follow the warm swipe of Eijirou’s tongue. He is panting now, his other hand moving frantically fast, and Eijirou reaches down to grab that one as well, pushing them both up over Katsuki’s head. Fireworks pop and crackles dance between his fingers. Eijirou smiles, his arms and hands hardening in response, encasing Katsuki’s wrists and holding them fast against the wall. Katsuki moans, a breathy little sound, and Eijirou shivers. He always suspected that Katsuki would be submissive, but this is better than he ever dreamed.

“You weren’t out in school?” Eijirou asks casually, leaning in to kiss at the hinge of Katsuki’s jaw. This is the delicate part, this tightrope dance of what’s okay and what’s just Exine’s Quirk talking. He doesn’t want Katsuki to agree to anything that he wouldn’t do ordinarily, mainly because he’s just not that kind of guy, but also partially at least because he’s hoping that when all is said and done, Katsuki might still agree to go out on a date with him.

“No,” Katsuki gasps, shivering as Eijirou’s lips run down the side of his throat. He’s painfully responsive, desperately needy. His hips strain forward, searching for something to rut against, and Eijirou helpfully provides his thigh, earning him a moan of shuddery approval. “Didn’t quite believe it. Didn’t want to. Fuck me, that feels good…”

“Shh, baby,” Eijirou croons, rubbing his thigh gently between Katsuki’s legs. “I know it does.” Katsuki gives a little hiccup and then a whine, and then Eijirou’s lips cover his. Any other noises that come out of him are lost down the eager depths of Eijirou’s throat.

It’s insane to think that he’s kissing Bakugo, that Bakugo is rutting against his leg and chewing at his lips. Eijirou’s own cock is achingly hard, eager to plunge deep inside Katsuki’s sweet little body. Katsuki, Eijirou knows, doesn’t need the limited foreplay that Eijirou is giving him; he’s been ready to go since Exine’s pollen started to take effect. It’s absurd to try to make this anything other than what it is, but Eijirou has been desperately in love with Katsuki for most of his short adult life, and he wants their first time to be at least a little special.

“Please,” Katsuki gasps, and Eijirou claims his lips again, tongue delving deep into Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki whines, sucks frantically at his tongue, and Eijirou moans low in his throat. One hand descends, his Quirk receding, to grip Katsuki by the jaw and hold him steady as Eijirou devours his mouth.

By the time they break apart, both of them are panting eagerly and Katsuki’s pupils are fully dilated. “Let me suck your cock,” he demands.

A surge of arousal courses through Eijirou, and his already aching cock strains harder against the loose fabric of his costume. He nods and steps back, and Katsuki slithers to his knees as though he’s been doing it his entire life.

His fingers are greedy as they yank at Eijirou’s pants, and Ei reaches down to help before Katsuki rips them open out of impatience. His cock bobs free, swollen and heavy and leaking precome. Katsuki stares at it for a moment, his mouth open in a comical ‘o’ of astonishment and Eijirou’s cheeks color a little.

“Holy shit,” Katsuki whispers, and it’s clear from the tone of his voice that he’s talking to himself. He nuzzles Eijirou’s cock, runs his cheek along the length of its thick shaft. His tongue flicks out, teasing Eijirou’s balls, and Ei raises up on his toes a little at the frustratingly light stimulation. He rests a hand lightly on Katsuki’s head, fingers threading through thick blond spikes, but he doesn’t try to guide Katsuki. He just watches, fascinated, as Katsuki continues to nuzzle and lick at his cock, rubbing against it and growling to himself like a cat until all at once, he parts his lips and sucks the tip into his mouth.

Fuck!” Eijirou yelps, and Katsuki looks up at him through his dark lashes. It’s the prettiest fucking thing Eijirou has ever seen, and then he’s not seeing anything else because Katsuki’s lips are sliding down his shaft and his eyes are rolling back in his head as he is overcome with sensation.

Katsuki’s mouth is obscenely warm, perfectly wet, and seemingly endless. Ei has been with a couple of guys, a couple of girls, and has enjoyed his fair share of blowjobs, but the way Katsuki draws him in, the way he hollows those soft cheeks, the greedy sounds that he makes as he takes Eijirou deeper and deeper… Eijirou thinks that it might drive him insane. His hips move of their own accord, his hand sliding around to cup the back of Katsuki’s head. This earns him a moan of approval and he shudders, hazarding a glance down and immediately regretting his hubris.

Katsuki looks like he belongs on his knees. His mouth is open wide, his eyes dazed with lust as Eijirou fucks his cock slowly in and out, deeper and deeper with each gentle thrust, until the broad head bumps the back of Katsuki’s throat. Katsuki makes a soft gagging noise and Eijirou starts to pull back, but eager hands on his hips draw him forward again and his cock slips smoothly down Katsuki’s waiting throat.

Eijirou is aware of a noise, and he gradually realizes that the noise is his own voice repeating over and over fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Katsuki whines in response, his eyes searching for something to lock onto. Eijirou knows he shouldn’t, knows he won’t be able to control himself if he does, but he drops his gaze to meet Katsuki’s and rolls his hips forward, slow and steady, until Katsuki’s lips are pressed against the base of his cock and his eyes are rolled fully back in his head.

They stay locked that way for a long moment, and then Katsuki gags. Eijirou pulls back a little, and then it begins in earnest. Eijirou’s fingers tighten in Katsuki’s hair, not to pull him forward but to hold him still so that he doesn’t bruise his throat in his eagerness to get as much of Eijirou’s cock inside him as he can. There are bright spots of red on Katsuki’s cheeks as he bobs his head, slicking Eijirou’s shaft, moaning as saliva drips down his chin, making a mess.

“Can you make it hard?” Katsuki gasps, pulling back for a moment, his lips and tongue tracing the head of Eijirou’s cock as he waits on an answer.

Eijirou, stupid with lust, shakes his head in confusion. “It is hard,” he says, then thinks, then adds, “Oh! You mean like… Quirk hard.”

Katsuki’s eyes are wide and hungry, his pupils so dilated that only a thin ring of red shows around them. “Yeah,” he says, cupping Eijirou’s balls in one hand, running his lips down the underside of Eijirou’s shaft. “Make it hard.”

“Okay, but don’t try to suck it,” Eijirou warns, his Quirk rippling down the length of his cock until it is hard as stone. He’s been practicing smoothing the edges of his rock-like skin to make it less uncomfortable for any people that he might need to pick up and carry to safety. His Quirk-enhanced cock is uneven but not jagged, the texture of tumbled but unpolished stone. Katsuki stares at it hungrily for a moment, then immediately disobeys Eijirou and stuffs it into his mouth.

He moans extravagantly and Eijirou curses, closing his eyes. There isn’t as much sensation when his Quirk is active but he can still feel the wet, tight heat of Katsuki’s mouth. He longs to just push Katsuki’s head back against the wall and fuck his throat until they both come, but he restrains himself, his hand trembling against Katsuki’s scalp.

“Come on, man, be careful,” he whispers, and his voice doesn’t sound entirely convincing. Katsuki is past noticing, though, and he withdraws Eijirou’s cock from his mouth with a loud, wet pop.

“Put it inside me,” he growls. Eijirou balks a little, even though he knew this was coming. There was no way that Katsuki was going to make it through Exine’s poison without wanting to get fucked, but this is definitely not how he imagined his first time with Katsuki going. He’d at least wanted to take him out for dinner.

Katsuki is already ripping off the rest of his clothes, though, and Eijirou releases his Quirk. He’s got lotion in his pack, not ideal for lube, but he doesn’t think Katsuki will be amenable to shifting the party to Eijirou’s well-stocked apartment. He finds the small bottle and squeezes some into his palm, slicking his cock and turning back to Katsuki.

He’s on the floor, hands hooked under his knees, legs spread wide. Eijirou swallows audibly and kneels in front of him, using his Quirk to make his knees hard so they don’t get scraped on the floor. Katsuki squirms, gasping, as Eijirou bends forward and rubs the head of his cock against Katsuki’s exposed hole. The sound he makes is obscene and wonderful, and Eijirou presses his face into Katsuki’s shoulder, turning to bite and suck at his straining neck as they freeze for a moment, pressed together but not joined.

The Eijirou pushes and Katsuki wails and he is sliding inside, each gentle thrust opening Katsuki up a little bit more, each motion of Eijirou’s hips taking him closer and closer to something that he has been actively fantasizing about for years. When his hips touch the back of Katsuki’s thighs, he’s sure that he’s going to come right then and there.

He freezes in place, teeth gritted, and waits for the waves of ecstatic pleasure to recede a little. Beneath him, Katsuki squirms and moans, his chest heaving. He seems temporarily sated by the sensation of something inside him, and Eijirou reaches down, pinching Katsuki’s nipples and rolling them between his fingers. A ripple of pleasure crosses Katsuki’s face, shudders through his body, and when he looks up at Eijirou, his expression is stupid with lust.

It shouldn’t be as hot as it is, but Eijirou moans and pulls out a little so that he can thrust back into that perfect tightness. Katsuki makes a strangled sound and Eijirou does it again, then again, his fingers still pinching and twisting at Katsuki’s hard nipples. He moves slow and shallow, moaning with each slight movement.

He would have been happy to keep fucking Katsuki like that for hours, just teasing out their orgasms, seeing how long they can both endure it, but Katsuki begins to squirm beneath him, the color rising in his chest and cheeks. Eijirou shifts, planting one hand beside Katsuki’s head and using the other to cup his hips and draw him closer. The next roll of his hips is harder, deeper, and Katsuki gives a ragged cry, his eyes rolling back in his head.

This new tempo is harder on Eijirou. Katsuki is ravenous for sensation, his nails skipping and scratching across Eijirou’s shoulders, his face a mask of uncomprehending pleasure. There are no discernable words in his desperate moans, as though the pleasure of Eijirou’s cock inside him has robbed him of all rational thought. Eijirou knows that it’s because of the pollen, but part of him revels in this feeling of power. Katsuki is all he’s ever wanted, and to see him like this, a slave to his own body, is intoxicating.

Eijirou can feel his own climax building deep in his belly, hot and tight and frantic, and he does the only thing he can think to do - he uses his Quirk.

The scream that rips free from Katsuki’s throat as Eijirou’s cock hardens inside him is practically deafening, and Eijirou laughs and bends forward to press his forehead against Katsuki’s. The need to come fades and he begins to thrust again, harder and faster than before. There’s enough sensation through his hardened skin that he can tell if he’s being too rough, but not so much that he risks losing his cool before he can take care of Katsuki.

Katsuki, who is babbling nonsense and clawing at Eijirou’s arms as his body twists and bucks. He comes hard, spine snapping into a tight arch, and Eijirou slows the motion of his hips so that he doesn’t hurt Katsuki. He’s tight, impossibly so, and the two of them are still for a moment, Katsuki’s arms around Eijirou’s neck, their cheeks pressed together, slick with sweat. And then Katsuki’s fingers tighten Eijirou’s shoulders and he manages to gasp out a single coherent word.


Eijirou loses track of the number of times Katsuki comes. His cock, so aching and swollen that it looks painful, never softening, and Eijirou says a silent prayer of thanks that his Quirk allows him to keep going. He fucks Katsuki on his knees, pulls him into his lap, spoons him from behind and thrusts in slowly, one hand against his belly and one on his throat. And Katsuki sobs and screams and claws Eijirou’s shoulders to ribbons and keeps gasping for more.

Katsuki shudders his way through another climax and Eijirou leans close, nuzzling his neck and licking gently at the sweat that beads there. They both need to take a break, drink some water, have some orange slices or something; Eijirou is exhausted and he knows that Katsuki must be fucked raw at this point. He has been as gentle as Katsuki will allow, dropping his Quirk as often as possible, but even that is becoming a strain and if he doesn’t come soon, he’s not going to be able to keep this up.

“Hey,” he whispers. “How you feeling?” Beneath him, Katsuki groans and stretches. He has slowly been regaining the ability to form coherent thoughts and his eyes, bleary and dazed as they are, no longer have a glaze of mindless lust across them.

“One more,” Katsuki croaks, and it is Eijirou’s turn to shudder.

He pulls out and stands up, offering Katsuki a hand. He accepts it reluctantly, stumbling against Eijirou as he regains his footing. He feels small against Eijirou, fingers curling on his chest, head tucked beneath his chin. Eijirou closes his eyes and breathes in deep, the burnt sugar smell of Katsuki’s sweat filling his nostrils. He cradles Katsuki close, smoothing a hand down his back, slowly walking forward until Katsuki’s shoulders bump against the warehouse wall.

“You sure you’re good for this?” Eijirou asks. Katsuki laughs humorlessly and wraps his arms around Eijirou’s neck.

“I’m gonna be sore for a week,” Katsuki says. His voice is little more than a husky whisper, blown out from all of the screaming. “And this is not how I thought our first time would go.”

“You’ve thought about us?” Eijirou murmurs as he reaches down, lifting Katsuki’s legs to circle his waist and pushing him harder against the wall. Katsuki groans, hides his face in Eijirou’s shoulder.

“Maybe,” he says, the word muffled by a gasp of helpless pleasure as Eijirou shifts a hand to guide his cock in. It slides up into Katsuki’s body easily now and Eijirou moans softly; he’s dropped his Quirk so it’s skin on skin again, and Katsuki is hot and tight and slick around him. His own pleasure, so long denied, coils like a snake in his belly.

“I was gonna ask you out,” Eijirou admits, his hips moving lazily, hands shifting to hold Katsuki firmly. This is a good angle for their last round; Eijirou can let gravity do most of the work and Katsuki can curl against him, so close to being utterly spent that he feels like a ragdoll in Eijirou’s arms. “There’s a great ramen bar downtown.”

Katsuki’s fingers spasm against his shoulders, and he makes soothing noises, kissing a tender trail along one jutting collarbone. He can already feel Katsuki tightening slightly around him, can hear the hitching of his breath and the needy whine in the soft sounds that he is making. This round won’t last much longer, and thank god for that because Eijirou doesn’t have much left to give.

“What else?” Katsuki demands. Eijirou is momentarily confused.

“Huh? Oh, the date?” He laughs, a little embarrassed. How stupid to be telling Katsuki about a fantasy date when he’s been balls deep inside him for at least two hours. It’s never going to happen now, though, so it isn’t as though he will be spoiling any surprises. He presses closer, thrusting slow and deep, and his lips move against the shell of Katsuki’s ear as he speaks.

“I just wanted to take you out for some dinner,” he murmurs. “Catch up, talk about old times, you know. Then maybe go for a little hike. There’s a nature reserve on the edge of the city, it’s real nice. I go there a lot because it reminds me of you.”

“Idiot,” Katsuki says, but there is amusement and longing laced through the word and Eijirou presses a quick kiss to the side of Katsuki’s throat.

“I’ve been so into you for so long, man,” Eijirou laughs. His breath is coming quicker now, lazy pleasure transforming into something more urgent. Katsuki moans softly, sensing the shift in Eijirou’s mood, and his fingers slip up to tangle in Eijirou’s spiky red hair.

“Tell me,” Katsuki demands, yanking Eijirou’s head back. His teeth drag a slow trail up Eijirou’s throat and a wash of goosebumps flows down his arms.

“Tell you?” he asks, dumb with the pleasure of thrusting into Katsuki’s tight heat.

“Tell me how much you want me,” Katsuki growls, and Eijirou curses under his breath, the ache in his belly suddenly growing exponentially more urgent. He slams his hips forward, harder, deeper, and the breath catches in Katsuki’s throat.

“Want you so fucking bad, baby,” Eijirou murmurs, cradling his forehead in the crook of Katsuki’s shoulder. He’s reached the point of no return and the mindless ecstasy flooding his body makes it hard to focus, hard to get the words out. But god, Katsuki is getting so tight around him and keeps muttering encouragement into his ear, yanking at his hair, wrapping his legs tighter and tighter around Eijirou’s waist.

“Always have,” he gasps, his words punctuated by the rough slap of skin on skin. “Ever since I met you. Wanted to bend you over a desk, shove you in a closet, sneak into your room at night…” With each confession, Katsuki bites his throat, his teeth clamping down hard enough to leave bruises. It makes Eijirou’s head spin, and his thrusts grow ragged, uneven.

“Wanted this for so long,” he moans. “So fucking long… fuck…” His brain is starting to short circuit, his hips slamming forward in short, brutal jerks. “Gonna fill you up, Katsuki…” His voice is rough with need and Katsuki keens, a desperate noise that rises to a scream as he comes for the last time, warmth blossoming between them.

Eijirou only needs a few more thrusts to finish himself off, and he buries his cock deep inside Katsuki as his climax explodes through him. Wave after wave of sheer idiot pleasure wracks his body, wringing him dry, and by the time it’s over, he feels like his soul has departed from his body.

Oh well, he thinks, slowly lowering Katsuki to the ground and then joining him in a boneless heap on the floor. It’s not a bad way to go. He’s not sure if Katsuki will want any affection, but he reaches out hesitantly, and Katsuki shifts a little closer, resting his head on Eijirou’s shoulder. Come leaks out from between his thighs, coats his chest and belly, and Eijirou lazily reaches for his pack. He’s got some baby wipes in there somewhere…

“The fuck, Ei,” Katsuki mumbles, accepting the handful of baby wipes and half-heartedly starting to clean himself off. “Didn’t know you wanted to raw me to death.”

Eijirou turns bright red. “I mean,” he stammers, “it’s not… I don’t…” How does he explain that it’s so much more than that? Yeah, the sex was amazing, mind-blowing even, but it’s never just been about that, not even when they were mindlessly horny teenagers. He’s admired Katsuki for years, pined after him. And then he’s sees Katsuki’s shoulders shaking with laughter and he shoves him gently. “Asshole.”

“Idiot,” Katsuki answers. “Fuck, I feel like shit.” He tries to stand, but his legs won’t quite hold him. Eijirou forces himself to stand and help, even though he feels like he could sleep forever.

“You wanna get dressed and head back out there?” Eijirou teases. “They can’t do it without us, remember?”

“Go to hell,” Katsuki answers, gingerly getting dressed. “You’re buying me some food and then taking me home.”

“Sure!” Eijirou eagerly gathers the rest of Katsuki’s scattered clothing, handing it to him a piece at a time. His own hero outfit hasn’t changed much since his UA days; it only takes him a minute to dress himself, and then he offers an arm. Katsuki stares at him for a second, lip curled, then takes it. “There’s a twenty-four hour diner type place a couple of blocks over, we can go there. Where’s your place?” Eijirou says.

“Across town,” Katsuki says, shooting Eijirou a weird look. “Why? Wouldn’t you rather go back to yours?”

“Oh.” The grin that spread across Eijirou’s face is so wide that it hurts his cheeks. “You really wanna come home with me?”

Katsuki snorts. “You think you can fuck me like that and then just toss me in a cab?” he says. He stumbles on the curb and Eijirou catches him. A quick glance confirms it; Katsuki is exhausted, barely able to stand on his own, and it’s pretty clear even to the unobservant that he’s just been fucked to within an inch of his life.

“Course not,” Eijirou answers, wrapping his arm more securely around Katsuki’s waist. “How about I get in one with you and we go to my place and I’ll order us some takeout?”

Katsuki glowers at him, but only for a second. “Yeah, yeah,” he mutters, ungracious as ever. “Whatever.”

“Okay good,” Eijirou says, pulling out his phone and ordering a taxi. “I’m just… man, you wore me out, Katsuki, I don’t know if I can possibly go sit in a restaurant without just passing out on my plate, you know?”

Katsuki gives a short, sharp bark of laughter and rests his head on Eijirou’s shoulder. “Shut up,” he says. Eijirou grins and kisses his temple.

“Whatever you say, baby,” he says, expecting a sharp jab to the ribs. Instead, Katsuki presses closer against him and tucks his hand into Eijirou’s. Warmth floods Eijirou’s chest, a tangle of emotion so overwhelming that he can’t even begin to parse them, so he just twines his fingers with Katsuki’s and rests a cheek on the top of his head. They stay that way, leaning on one another, until the cab pulls up to take them home.