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Day 1

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So embarrassing.

That thought flowed through him as he felt cool hands on his exposed buttocks. Hands that were as smooth as they were rough - a powerful touch as they began making smooth circles at first before grasping a bit firmer.

“San Lang, I think that’s enough.”

“Does gege truly wish for me to stop?”

The knead against his flesh felt too good, he had to bite down a moan. He couldn’t really say he wanted Hua Cheng to stop because he truly didn’t want him to. With each knead, he found his hips lifting into that touch, his toes curling, and thighs twitching.

The feel of Hua Cheng’s hands made his whole body feel as if it were an alter, each firm knead a prayer. The way he parted his skin, exposing his hole to the sweet air made him suck in a sharp breath, anticipating a touch there.

But it didn’t come, not yet.

Not when Hua Cheng had to pay full respects to his god.

A nip against the inner flesh of his thigh made his throat constrict - soothed away by a cool tongue, like running purified water over the bite.

Another knead made Xie Lian breathe in sharply, his heart stammering in his chest, crying out for Hua Cheng to please, oh please-!

Please what, he did not know; all he knew was that it felt good and that Hua Cheng didn’t wish to stop. For as much as Hua Cheng teased him, this was more about him than it was Xie Lian. He wanted his devotee to get his fill from worshipping him but more than that, he wanted to please San Lang.

“Can I touch you here, gege?”

The smallest touch of a thumb circled his pucker - making it twitch. His whole body shuddered as Hua Cheng peppered wet kisses along the fat of his bottom, making him want even more. His pulse hammered as his eyelashes fluttered - in all of his years as a martial god, never had he felt as worshipped as he did at this moment.

He neither spoke his desire nor did he nod - he merely shifted his hips, canting them a little higher in a silent plead of 'yes, yes please touch me there'.

A soft exhale of relief exited out of Hua Cheng’s lips in a sigh, making Xie Lian shiver as that thumb left his hole and in its place was wet heat.

The first touch was electric and made Xie Lian’s spine crackle - his whole body filling with a tingling sensation, but as the tongue slowly moved, gentle and coaxing - he felt a different kind of feeling build within him. Hot and heavy, it pulsed with each gentle swipe of Hua Cheng’s tongue. He panted as he quivered - his hips beginning to burn pleasantly, the relentless soft motion of that tongue beginning to tease him as much as it pleased him.

“San Lang!”

Hua Cheng pulled away, heavy hot breath ghosting over the wet pucker - his lips kissing around it in sweet motions, making Xie Lian want to whimper. Cool hands rubbed at his flesh again, moving up his buttocks to rub over the small of his back. Fingers pointed and nails raked down his skin softly, making him cry out in pleasure just as that tongue was pushed back against his hole - more fervently this time, hunger apparent and needy.

His mind spun at the feel - Hua Cheng sucked a bit at his pucker - making Xie Lian hiccup in pleasure, his body humming - his hips rolling back into that feeling.

The wet sound of Hua Cheng pulling back made Xie Lian flush and feel debauched.

“Did you like that, gege?”

He moaned as Hua Cheng kissed at his ass - soft, supple kisses - peppering across his flesh in sweet motions. Xie Lian couldn’t help but look back at Hua Cheng from over his shoulder - knowing his eyes were a little watery and a little red at the ends, knowing his cheeks were way too mottled as he gave Hua Cheng a look.

“Of course I like it, but how I feel isn’t important - as long as San Lang is enjoying himself.”

There was a glint in that eye that made Xie Lian wonder if he shouldn’t have said that, or perhaps at least not word it like that. The downward curl of Hua Cheng’s lips was enough to tell him so.

“It is very important to me,” breathed Hua Cheng as he nipped at Xie Lian’s inner thigh - making the man’s breath hitch. He soothed the bite with a wet kiss. “I want to pleasure gege, I want to make you feel as if you ascended to a place further than the heavens.”

Xie Lian swallowed, his cock jerking at that.

“I wouldn’t want to ascend anywhere without you there.”

There was a soft sound from Hua Cheng that Xie Lian wasn’t sure was a growl or a whimper, but it didn’t matter because Hua Cheng’s lips and tongue were back - swiping from the crack of his ass down to the tight line of perineum, making him moan and thrash, toes curling as the enthusiastic licks and sucks seemed to echo within his ears - making them burn.

“Ahh, San Lang - please!”

Hands rubbed and pulled at his cheeks - spreading him as far as he could be for Hua Cheng’s gaze, for his tongue to plunge into him, and for the worship that Hua Cheng paid to his ass.

Xie Lian felt drool pool at the corner of his mouth as he pressed his cheek down - hoping to give himself more leverage to push his hips back onto that wicked tongue, his body jerking when he felt Hua Cheng manipulate his tongue further - the reminder of how he was dealing with a Supreme was brought to the forefront - the fact that Hua Cheng could do… this!

“Oh… oh!!”

There was a flash of white inside of his mind, buzzing through his whole body as his hole pulsed and clenched against Hua Cheng’s elongated tongue - how it furled inside of his body and touched a spot inside of him that made him gasp - his cock spurting against the bed beneath them and against his stomach, making him dig his toes into the sheets, curling as his hips pushed back against the other.

As he slumped down, his hips twitching with each kitten lick that Hua Cheng now peppered over his hole. Hua Cheng’s hot breath puffed against him as he pulled back now - kissing against his bottom a couple of times before he pulled away completely.

Xie Lian tilted his head to look at Hua Cheng, who was looking at him with a sweetness that filled his heart more than he could ever say.

“What about San Lang?”

There was a new flash in that eye and Hua Cheng’s lip curled in a teasing smile.

“This was about gege, do not worry about me.”

His brow twitched in irritation as he turned around, sitting on his knees now - his bottom still thrumming with pleasure but now he was also feeling a building annoyance spike within him.

“San Lang, I want you to feel good as well.”

“You did make me feel good, gege - pleasuring you is my pleasure.”

How smooth, but Xie Lian was used to such silver words from Hua Cheng, he was used to the other trying to skirt past things,making it more about Xie Lian than himself. He huffed as he reached for Hua Cheng, tugging at his clothing.


“Maybe it would please me if you please yourself further.”

A huff of a laugh left Hua Cheng, who gave him a wily look.

“Then, if it’s for gege’s pleasure...”

Xie Lian pulled Hua Cheng down on him, his body aching for more. How greedy had his body become? It was quite shameless. He could barely remember a time when he had kept his innocence for the sake of his cultivation - and now here he was, practically demanding for Hua Cheng to debauch him even more.

The feel of the tip of Hua Cheng’s cock pressing against his already wet hole had him twitching, his leaking cock beginning to plump back up as the other began to breach into him.

Every time Hua Cheng entered him, there was always this sensation of coolness before it evaporated into a primal heat that Xie Lian had grown to love. He wanted more and more of Hua Cheng and more often - the shamelessness of himself made his ears burn as he tucked his face into the crook of Hua Cheng’s neck, who merely chuckled at the shy display.

“Don’t hide from me gege.”

Xie Lian felt himself be peeled back and he looked up at Hua Cheng; the devoted look on that face made him pant and his back arched as Hua Cheng’s hips pressed against his - the feel of his cock burrowing a little further made his breath hitch and god, he felt so full right now - his ass stretched and aching over Hua Cheng, who now held still within him - making sure Xie Lian adjusted - not that the martial god truly needed such tenderness - he was a strong man and could take much more from the demon king, but it was also nice to be treated softly by the one you love - no matter if you needed it or not.

The sound of their lovemaking ricocheted off their wall, the bed creaking and their breath mingling, Xie Lian wrapped a leg around Hua Cheng’s middle while the man grasped his other leg - tilting in just right to give himself more leverage, pressing in a little further.

“San Lang, Ahh!”

Hua Cheng grunted as his hips began to slap against Xie Lian’s - pushing and pressing as they both began to seek their completion - the hot feel of Hua Cheng’s cock, sliding in and out of him was reverent and like a prayer in its own right and Xie Lian couldn’t help but tremble at such devotion.

Xie Lian snapped his hips, toes curling as he dug his heel against the small of Hua Cheng’s back - his eyes sliding closed as he felt Hua Cheng’s breath against his collar bone, the man’s head burrowing into the crook of his neck now - focusing on seeking pleasure and yes, that’s what Xie Lian wanted - he wanted Hua Cheng to take his own pleasure - to stop focusing so much on him and for once focus on himself.

The soft whimper of his name escaped Hua Cheng’s lips - making them both shiver as the man never used his name, but in times like this, sometimes it escaped him and it made both of them clench around the other - pulsing as their climax roared within them, making them both cry out as they came.

Xie Lian’s spine stiffened at the abrupt coolness that melted into liquid heat as Hua Cheng’s ejaculation spilling within him - that addicting and polarizing sensation making him want to mewl, his fingers flexing against Hua Cheng who rolled his hips a few times - milking himself as he sighed, letting himself slump against Xie Lian.

Xie Lian’s limbs grew weak and he also felt himself grow lax, his mind pulsing as he swallowed roughly - his vision a bit hazy as he looked down at Hua Cheng who gave him a soft smile, it made him shiver pleasantly. How could he be so lucky to have someone like Hua Cheng in his life? His heart jerked at the mere thought and he found himself carding his fingers through Hua Cheng’s hair - causing the man to chuckle softly.

As much as he enjoyed the sex, as much as he loved how they indulged in each other, he couldn’t help but enjoy this even more - the soft afterglow that brought them together in a serenity that only they knew. It was nice, relaxing, and made him feel all too warm.