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BNHA Kinktober 2019 BKDK

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Day 1- Ass Worship | Spanking | Wax Play


Katsuki Bakugou was a born leader. Even before his quirk developed, he would lead all the children around with his head held high and hopes of becoming the greatest hero. Even as his attitude soured and he became extremely obnoxious, his heart was still in the right place.

However. Behind the attitude, his dirty mouth and obsession to be the best, he was still a hero through and through. His status as one of the youngest to get onto the list of the Top 10 Pro Heroes proved this thoroughly. He was strong, smart and incredibly good looking as many of his fans had stated through the years of high school into his days as a Pro Hero.

Although, the one thing that he found he simply couldn't accept was the deepest darkest desires of himself that a certain green haired man took the liberty of exploring personally.

To say he mellowed out in the years of working besides the All Might fanboy was much too simple. The two had become incredibly attached after many life and death situations where they've gotten each other out of extremely dire situations, soon becoming partners that escalated the bounds of work. They found comfort and extreme trust in each other that exceeded the bounds previously thought the two were capable of.

He lives in a decent sized apartment that he shares with Izuku, a means purely for safety considering their line of work. Nothing more.

Currently, Katsuki found himself in a situation that could only be described as pure irritation and bliss. He was in his room, bent completely over his childhood friends lap, legs on either side of the others thighs and hands flat on the ground keeping his head off the wooden floor, his rear on full view to the one above him who was staring in complete and utter awe at the blonde.

This situation had escalated from an accident that had occurred only minutes beforehand in their kitchen. Katsuki had just gotten home from a mission involving a particularly annoying villain, the blondes temper searing over the edge that ended up with him destroying a few more buildings than usual. Izuku wasn't pleased with that at all.

As soon as Katsuki stepped foot in the house he spotted Izuku staring at him from the kitchens floating bench. Arms clasped securely over his chest and eyebrows knitted together in clear displeasure. He knew he fucked up the moment he caught the villain and saw the wreckage around him that he'd get an earful from the broccoli headed individual.

Though, the intensity of those green orbs on him sent a cold shiver down his spine. It's not often he sees Izuku seething like this. He tries to brush him off and walk past but an arm stops him from entering any further into the house passed the kitchen.

He glowers at the other, "What do you want? I'm filthy. Let me take a shower." Swatting away the arm in front of him, its position changes to grabbing his wrist making him wince at the strength it wields.

"You know exactly what I want. I want an explanation. You know how much I hate it when you destroy everything around you in a fight. There's so much paperwork and money after your fights it's getting ridiculous! Insurance isn't going to keep up at this rate. You need to tone it down."

Katsuki scoffs, "Well the villain this time was being a bastard. I couldn't take him down without going a bit overboard. Now let me past. I want a shower."

It takes Izuku a couple seconds to let go of Katsuki's wrists, but the glare still holds. "I'll talk with you later." He releases his wrist and stomps back to his room slamming the door shut.

Katsuki huffs out in annoyance, he knows he has yet to face the full front of Izuku's wrath. But for now, he's content with having a shower and washing all of the grime from his fight away.

After towling himself off lazily and putting on a pair of boxer shorts, he exits the bathroom only to see a flash of green and a sudden spike of pain on his ass. Before he could think twice about the sound that came out of his throat, it was too late. His body went stiff the moment his ears picked up the high pitched whine and watched as he saw the anger in Izuku's eyes fade and change into something much worse. Curiosity.

"Fuck" he whispered, watching as a shit eating grin slithered onto Izuku's face. "Oh. Kacchan. That was a pretty interesting sound you just made there. Would you mind making it again?" His eyes sparkled in dark amusement.

"Fuck you," he said lowly.

That's one thing he never would've thought about Izuku Midoriya before dating the bastard. The biggest nerd he's ever met and probably that has ever walked this Earth, the one who the world has nicknamed 'The Cinnamon Roll Hero', was an absolute fucking maniac when it came to sex. Specifically with Katsuki. But he made sure to keep the green haired pro on a tightly secured leash in the bedroom. Metaphorically speaking. His sex drive was triple what Katsuki would consider average for a person that was at the age of 23. Although he couldn't argue with him because the sex he's had up until this point was absolutly phenomenal.

But his mortification was outlived as Izuku's strong arms lifted him effortlessly off the floor and hiked him over his shoulder, striding impatiently into Katsuki's room. "Hey. Hey, hey what do you think you're doing? Put me down you bastard!! Let go of me- woah!"

Izuku suddenly sat on the side of the bed and in the most undignified way possible, threw Katsuki over his lap and slapped his clothed ass hard. The surprised and aroused keen that escaped his mouth was enough for Katsuki to stop struggling as tears pricked the sides of his eyes.

There was a few seconds of silence and the heavy breathing of the blonde that ensued afterwards. Katsuki slowly regaining his bearings and Izuku simply admiring the blondes rear through the thin boxers.

"Hey, Kacchan, have I ever told you you have an amazingly squishy butt?" Izuku places his hands over the blondes ass and squeezes, massaging the squishy but firm muscle beneath his palm.

The last string in Katsuki's patience snaps and he whirls around only to slip on the sheets, the world going into slow motion as his upper body begins to fall towards the ground. Izuku tries to grab him but fails and Katsuki catches himself with his hands centimeters before face planting into the wooden floorboards.

Now, here we are back to the present.

Izuku lets out an amused chuckle, "Kacchan, Kacchan, good save. You've always had amazing reflexes. And the view here is spectacular, absolutely one of a kind. I could get used to this." His hands gently wander around Katsuki's cheeks, earning a soft growl from the blonde who is unable to move from his position. Izuku gives him a sly glance and giggles, pinching his left cheek in hopes of goading more sweet noises out of Katsuki.

But Katsuki was hyper aware right now what was really getting him turned on, and it was definitely not getting pinched. "Oi! That hurt, nerd! Why'd you pinch me?" Izuku pouted, "Aw, but I was hoping to hear more of you. But I s'pose pinching isn't doing it for you, huh…"

Katsuki huffed in annoyance and stared daggers at the floor, knowing full well he was not moving from this position for a while. Suddenly, in a second of recognition, he felt Izuku move before an ear splitting 'SMACK' echoed across the room. In a matter of a few small movements, Izuku had ripped the boxers clean off his body and smacked his ass so hard Katsuki saw stars for a split second.

He lost control of his body, another high pitched moan being let out as he dropped a bit more to the floor, elbows now pressed to the ground as well as the side of his face. His body weight was being slightly lessened as Izuku held onto his hips firmly keeping him from sinking even lower. As if this wasn't degrading enough.

But that's exactly what it seemed like he was enjoying the most. In the haze of his mind after the last hit he could comprehend that Izuku was holding back. The hits only fleeting for a second before vanishing, leaving just a slight reddish hand mark. Katsuki growled, turning his face awkwardly to meet Izuku's eyes, "Harder, bitch. If we're doing this you better do it with all you've fucking got or you can go the fuck home."

Izuku's eyes gleamed mischievously, "Ehhh, Kacchan, you want me to go all out? But if I do that, I'd break you so easily." He smooths his hand over the right cheek where the latest red mark sat, eyes darkening even more in lust, "But I won't disappoint." He raised his hand, "Two percent."


The sudden jolt with triple the power than before sent his body quaking, drool slipping past his open mouth in ecstasy, yes blown wide with excitement.

"Nnggg, yes, yes Kacchan. Keep Making those sweet sounds, so good." Izuku could see Katsuki's dick getting harder and harder the longer he held him in that position. He knew this would excite the other as soon as he threw him over his shoulder, he could already feel it in Katsuki's boxers that were pressed to his chest during the short time he held him.

Another slap. Another string of marvelous sounds. He kept going, harder, harder, softer, harder again, until Katsuki was a drooling and sniveling mess. All his mind could do was beg for more. Beg for Izuku to go harder. "Iz-u-ku! Deku!! Nng-AHHH! More, more!! Harder, please!! Ughh!! Let me come, let me come, let me come!!!"

The sight alone was enough to get Izuku hot and bothered, Katsuki's face to the floor begging and pleading for release. Reduced to this state by Izuku's hand. Literally.

In a moment of pity, Izuku kneads the inflamed reddened skin and hums, "You've been so good for me, but it doesn't change the fact you disobeyed me today. When I specifically said to keep damage to a minimum. Because of that, I'm going to punish you with one last hit. At four percent." Izuku leaned over Katsuki's body the best he could and whispered, "Come for me, Katsuki."

The blonde nodded his head furiously not daring to say anything as Izuku pulled back his hand, waiting a second in the air, then unleashed the hardest slap he could muster without gravely injuring the male. As Izuku's hand made contact with skin, the noise, the searing pain on his ass and how Izuku grabbed his hardened dick and started pumping, it was too much.

Katsuki came the hardest he has ever before, seeing white as the peak of his orgasm struck him like a brick to the face. Or more like a brick to the ass.

His arms and legs gave out lifelessly, no longer having the strength to hold him up and attached to Izuku's thighs. But he didn't need to worry, as soon as his limbs slackened, Izuku grabbed his hips and pulled him completely on the bed to relax freely. After a few minutes of coming down from his high, he tried to flip onto his back but failed miserably groaning in pain.

"Uugghhh, fuck me, my back is killing me. Why the fuck did you have to leave me in such a shitty position for so long? My back feels like it's fuckin' broken."

Izuku giggled, massaging the others shoulders and back comfortingly, pressing the kinks out to reduce the strain, "Sorry Kacchan, but you looked so good in that position. I definitely wanna do that again."

At that Katsuki shot up and glared at his lover, "Never. Again. Do you fucking hear me you shitty nerd? Spanking me, maybe. Once in a blue moon. But in that position? Hell fucking no. I'd like my back intact when I'm older thank you very much."

Izuku laughed and pressed his palm into Katsuki's chest lightly, pushing him back down onto the bed on his stomach, "Okay, okay, I won't put you in that position again."

Katsuki sighed in relief but choked when Izuku jumped on top of him, pinning him to the bed and whispered in his ear, "Unless you disobey me again, then I'll make sure to bend you over nice and uncomfortable as I spank your brains out." He ended the threat with a hard nip at Katsuki's earlobe before getting up and walking out of the room. "Get some rest Kacchan, I'll start cooking dinner and wake you when it's done. Relax for now. You deserve it." He looked over his shoulder with a devilish smirk and winked, causing Katsuki's face to heat up. He threw a pillow at Izuku as he shut the door and laughed. Stuffing his face into the soft pillow, he slowly relaxed into a relaxing slumber.

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Day 2- Voyeurism | Rimming | Body Swap


Izuku and Bakugou sat side by side on their couch in silence. This was day three after a quarrel with a minor villain with a particularly annoying quirk that the two pros experienced first hand. At this point, they were past the 5 stages of grieving and sat at acceptance that this is going to last for a while.

Izuku looked away from the TV and glanced at Bakugou, "Um, Kacchan, could...could you please stop frowning…you're gonna give me wrinkles if you keep doing that..."

The green haired male grumbled, "Why? What does it matter, a couple days of frowning isn't gonna do anything. And if you want to complain about me then I can bitch at you. Stop fuckin' looking like you're constipated. Fuck it's annoying looking at my face covered in anxiety. Plus the mumbling. Quit it," he crossed his arms over his chest and continued frowning, "We'll only be stuck in each others bodies for a couple more days. Just fucking relax already and enjoy time off work. Now watch the movie."

He turned away from the blonde, ignoring the other as he pouted. Izuku sighed in annoyance but also focused on the movie.

A few hours later, Bakugou had fallen asleep on the couch and was out cold. Izuku yawned and looked out the window, 'Well it is dark out. Seems he still follows his routine even if he's in my body.' He stood up and stretched, feeling satisfied when it cracked.

Striding over to the fridge, he pulled out a bottle of juice and poured some into a glass and leaned against the counter staring at the back of the mop of green hair belonging to himself. "God that's weird." He rolled his eyes and stepped back, but in a moment of brilliance he stood on his pant leg and tripped back cause his drink to fall straight down the front of him. Luckily he caught himself on the bench before he fell and had tried to make as little noise as possible to not wake Katsuki up. Knowing full well how cranky he would get if woken.

Silently putting the glass in the sink, Izuku looked down the front of himself. Juice soaked into the fabric of the tank top making it much colder on his skin, he grimaced at the feeling of it. "Ugh, gross. Why did it have to be orange juice of all things." He quickly grabbed a cloth and cleaned the floor of whatever missed him and hit the ground before heading to the bathroom to have a shower.

As he was getting changed, he caught sight of himself in the mirror. The only thing he wore currently was a pair of tight underwear. He gulped slightly, seeing the outline of Bakugou's dick through the fabric.

Obviously, he's seen Bakugou naked plenty of times in the bedroom when they were messing around, but this is a whole different experience looking at Bakugou's body through Bakugou's eyes in such detail.

After a moment of staring, a grin slowly grew on the blondes face.

Bakugou wasn't sure when he had fallen asleep. But he was slightly aware of something crashing behind him at some point, not enough to completely stir him awake but after a few minutes passed his eyes slowly fluttered open. He groggily got up and sauntered to the bathroom half asleep to wash his face and wake up.

Hand moving towards the doorknob, he slowly turned it and could vaguely process the sound of running water. "Hey nerd, you should've woken m-" his words caught in his throat and his eyes widened as he saw the sight in front of him. He was very awake now.

"Nnn...K-Kacchan… Wha-what are you doing in here?" The blonde said in a panic. He had also froze in place standing in the shower, legs apart with his fingers stuffed in his ass. A bright red blush creeping its way across his entire body as Bakugou stared in shock.

Izuku pulled his fingers out slowly, whimpering at the feeling of being empty and adding on the fact he was caught defiling Bakugou's body in secret was very arousing for the hero. Bakugou was still standing in the doorway stock still as he watched Izuku, in his body, turn off the shower and walk over to him with his cheeks flushed, dick out and hard, pressing into his stomach.

Bakugou seethed, "Dekuuu. What the fuck do you think you're doing to my body?" He glared down at the other who now clung to his side, grinding against his hip like an animal. "F-feels good, Kacchan."

Bakugou scowled, pushing Izuku against the wall by the shoulders to keep him from humping his side, he leaned in close to his face, "That doesn't answer my question. Why are you fucking around behind closed doors with my body? Answer me."

Izuku whined under Katsuki's intense gaze, the throbbing arousal in his stomach coiling around as his presence captured all of his senses. It was incredibly odd to hear himself speak from a second point of view but god was it hot with the fact it was Bakugou running his mouth. He sobbed, "I wanted to feel how you felt when you fingered yourself. But it's not enough! I need more. Please, Kacchan, please give me more."

Bakugou was trying his hardest to keep his cool. He was extremely pissed off right now, but the longer he stayed and listened to Deku moan and beg for help his resolve was shattering very quickly.

Then it disappeared entirely from a few inviting movements the shorter male made. Hooking his arms around the green haired hero, arching his head back revealing his throat in an incredibly submissive manner and pushing his hips right smack bang against the others crotch, earned a low growl in response. He snapped.

Bakugou's hands snaked up and down the blondes body, not even consciously caring it was his own body he was doing these lewd acts to. He wanted to touch, to kiss, to bite, to mark the other. So he did.

As his hands roamed, he sucked and kissed Izuku's neck that was on full display for him to ravage and mark. Izuku was absolutely thriving at the attention, bucking his hips forward haphazardly trying to get much needed friction. Moaning and gasping when Bakugou touched just the right places.

"Yes, yes Kacchan. Mmm!! AH! Keep going!" Bakugou let out a dark chuckle, "Like that, Deku? I didn't realise how good it feels to have you writhing under me. I wonder if our subconscious bodies' desires are to stay in their rightful place in bed, hmm?" He licked a long trail of spit up Izuku's (his) chest while grinning like a maniac.

Izuku could only gather the strength to put small sentences together, his mind spiralling into fog at the pleasure. "N-ah! No- want you, your bottom! Love my dick- your dick... Mmm!!! Entering your asshole!! Fuuuck!!" Bakugou's eyebrow raised at the sudden confession of the usually quiet spoken one in bed revealing his true feelings.

"Haaah? You like fucking my hole that much you can't bear to top yourself in bed? What a needy bitch you are." Izuku whined at the insult, "N-not a bitch." Katsuki grabbed the others cock in his hand and squeezed, a high pitched yelp escaping the blondes mouth. "Oh really? Not a bitch huh? Then who's the one grinding against me like a dog in heat trying to cum?"


"See? Now," Katsuki leaned down next to Izuku's ear and in the lowest, huskiest tone he could muster, whispered, "Cum for me, bitch."

A shudder ran through Izuku's body, "C-can't...I can't! I need more, please!" Izuku gripped his arms that were locked behind Katsuki's neck, not enough stimulation to tip him off the edge.

Bakugou hummed as he returned to sucking at Izuku's neck and pumping the others dick at a quick pace. "Well, what should we do then? What can I do that will send you into a world of bliss?"

"F-fuck me...Fuck me right n-now! Nnggh!!"

As soon as the words left his mouth Katsuki was straight on it. He ripped his pants and underwear off and hiked the blonde up against the bathroom wall, Izuku instinctively wrapped his legs around the others torso not stopping his grinding hips.

"You opened yourself up plenty earlier, right? You were preparing to get fucked by me. Fantasizing about your thick cock entering my ass while you could feel what it was like for me every time we did it. Isn't that right you bitch?" He gripped Izuku's ass hard and squeezed tightly, "Say it!"

"Yes! Y-yes! I wanted to feel my dick in your ass! I wanted you to fuck me like I always fuck you! Now fuck me, please!" Izuku buried his face in the crook of Katsuki's neck, tears running freely down his face.

"As you wish," he lifted the blonde up slightly so they were face to face and looked him in the eye before growling out, "My bitch." Then slammed his dick straight into Izuku, holding him in place for a second without moving to let Izuku breath after the shock of being filled so quickly with so much.

As Izuku began to cough and splutter that was his queue to continue. Hands gripping tightly under Izuku's thighs, he pounded him against the wall ruthlessly, quickly finding his prostate after Izuku let out an immaculate sound of ecstasy. Who knew the blondes body was capable of such sounds.

A few more hits to that beautiful spot had Izuku a drooling mess, getting closer and closer to release as the heat pooled in his stomach even more intensely than before.

Katsuki grunted as the walls around his dick began to tighten slightly, giving him the signal Izuku was incredibly close. "Kacchan! I-I'm gonna- hnng! Cum! I'm gonna cum!" Izuku's fingers raked up Katsuki's back, creating small welts along where his nails dug in and small beads of blood appeared as Izuku cried out.

Ropes of hot, sticky cum splattered up both of their chests as Katsuki milked the last remaining remnants inside to spill over covering his hand. Izuku's body went limp in Bakugou's arms, but the other had no trouble holding him up with the strength Izuku's body possessed by itself.

Katsuki groaned into Izuku's ear, his own orgasm hitting as the hole around him tightened even more after Izuku came. But, he reeled himself in quickly and pulled out, letting Izuku drop onto the floor (carefully), and came all over the blondes face.

Coming down from his own high, he opened his eyes and glanced at Izuku who was sitting at his feet, looking all too pleased with himself as cum covered his face. Katsuki cursed to himself as the blonde gave him a half lidded smile while licking off some of the semen that was smeared across his lips.

Katsuki dragged his hands down his face, 'Fuck you don't have the right to look so damn good like this in my body!'

"Kacchan." Izuku crooned.

The green haired male removed one finger away from his eye to peek at the hero on the floor, but immediately regretted his decision when the next few words left the blondes mouth. "You could've came inside. I wouldn't have minded." A sly smirk was spread across his face and Katsuki growled but let out a dark chuckle afterwards.

"Well maybe next time then. We've still got a few days to go stuck inside." He also had his own grin stretched across his freckled face.

"I'll be keeping you to that promise."

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Day 3- Tentacles | Distention | Knife Play


"The bar is very quiet tonight." Izuku commented. He and Katsuki sat next to each other at the counter by themselves, a few others spotted the booths along the walls and at the tables spread around. They weren't complaining, their bar was usually extremely busy with people from all over town. "Down time is good. We don't have to deal with the fuckwits that swarm these kinds of places."

Katsuki took a swig of his whiskey and sighed, "If I have to deal with another punk ass who thinks he can get away with smashing his drink all over my bar, someone is going to wind up dead." Izuku snorted, "Katsuki, this is our bar. And the last guy who smashed his glass on the counter in fact did wind up dead. Beaten to a pulp with missing fingers. Then you figured he'd be better on fire. The screaming was fun while it lasted but the stench of burning flesh is still in my nose."

Katsuki rolled his eyes, "Still fun though right? Haven't had a thrill like that since the fuckin' cops brought down our old bar." He growled as he remembered the memory, "Was a beautiful bar. Didn't have to fuckin' shoot the place up."

Izuku raised an eyebrow, "We're the ones who fired first. They just retaliated. And don't bitch about it like you weren't to blame." He finished off what was in his glass and placed it back on the counter and pointed and accusing finger at the blonde. "You're the one who lured them there, you knew we were on the hit list yet still waltzed around town like an innocent. What the fuck were you thinking?" He barked angrily.

Katsuki snarled at the other, "Why are you getting all bitchy about it now? It was two years ago! We already settled this shit after we beat the fuck out of each other until we passed out. What more do you want?! I fucked up em>one time and I get that. You berated me for it for fucking months."

Izuku just glared at the wall away from the blonde, slightly drunk and becoming increasingly angrier the more he thought about their once prized bar 'All M' getting absolutely obliterated with bullets. He tried to ignore the muttering of Katsuki next to him but he snapped when a particular sentence broke through his hazy mind, clearing it almost instantly with a blinding rage.

"Still bet your mum couldn't wait for you to get caught. Wonder what she would've said to you if she did-"

Before he could finish his sentence Izuku jumped out of his seat, gripping Katsuki's throat with bruising force as he held him in place against the counter while a knife was also placed right under his chin. The breath Katuski caught before was slowly being choked out of him by an extremely pissed off Izuku. He was in an extremely awkward position as his back was digging into the edge of the wood as well.

Katsuki struggled under Izuku but knew for a fact he wasn't going anywhere when his eyes locked with the other, the piercing green orbs were glowing with a deep unadulterated rage. But it didn't last long as those green eyes moved behind them to scan the shocked customers, "Get the fuck out of my bar. Now."

No one needed to be told twice. The small group of people absolutely bolted out the door like the place was on fire. Even the bartender booked it to the back door away from his hotheaded bosses, knowing full well where these fights went. He's had to clean plenty of blood stains off the wooden counter for many reasons.

Then those eyes were back on him again. Glaring holes into the blondes face. "Don't you even fucking dare mention her again. That bitch means nothing more to me than a pile of dog shit. She made her decision about my life, as did I." His grip tightened just that bit more. "Got that, Katsuki?"

The blonde gave a weak nod and Izuku let go. But the danger to Katsuki's life still remains. The switch blade Izuku took everywhere was still placed at his throat. He tried his best not to cough and splutter as oxygen flowed back into his lungs, but it wasn't enough to keep his Adam's apple away from the blades sharp edge as he swallowed thickly. A short thin line slowly appeared from where it touched as small beads of blood starting to show through.

Katsuki shuddered as he looked up, Izuku's eyes no longer hot with hatred, but hot for something else entirely. He knew it would come to this as soon as the blade was placed at his throat.

One of the droplets slowly dripped down Katsuki's neck. As he carefully looked up into those green eyes his mind was screaming at him 'DANGER' on repeat.

He flinched when Izuku started to lean down slowly, eyes trained on his neck at the blood seeping out. Before Bakugou could think, something warm and wet was running along the underside of his throat.

Izuku's tongue.

He shivered, in fear or arousal he wasn't sure. But he knew for a fact that Izuku was far from over toying with his body. The green haired villain stood up straight again then started to rip the clothes off Bakugou. First his black vest, then his tie and finally the burgundy formal button up shirt.

Before Katsuki could move away when Izuku's hands were occupied, he let out a surprised yelp when Izuku's said hand gripped his crotch through his pants.

"Bad boy. Stay where you are." He ordered, the husky tone mixed with his naturally deep voice made Katsuki's knees shake and body go limp. 'Why the fuck am I listening to this fucker?!' I could beat his-'

His internal thoughts were ripped from him with a loud screech that echoed around the empty bar. His eyes blew wide at the sudden screech. That sound came from him. From his mouth. He realised what the cause of that reaction was, an indescribable searing hot pain burned his chest.

Looking down he saw red. Literally. His right pec had been sliced horizontally with the blade just under his nipple as blood dripped down the side of him. His heart stopped for a second at the sight.

He was used to blood. A lot of blood. He loved to make a mess of his victims and make them scream in agony. But this was different. This time it was him bleeding and the one he trusted most was the one behind it. His eyes were glowing, a growing lust for blood, his blood.

"Hey...Kacchan…" Izuku drawled, a breathy moan wrapped around his words. Katsuki's eyes widened in fear. ' no, not that nickname, no! Fuck!'

This was the one thing he feared the most. This…other side of Izuku. The green haired villain by himself was average. Yeah he had a violent streak and wouldn't think twice about bashing someone's brains in if they crossed him. But so did Katsuki. They lead their group together and have brought down all powerhouses that have opposed them in the past. With their strengths combined, they are unstoppable. Plus add in one more extreme factor for why they were feared as much as they were.

Any mafia group leader may have slight sadistic tendencies or other fucked up kinks, but Izuku was a whole new level of the word 'sadistic.

After years of torment and harassment, then being shoved into the life he has now, Izuku developed a certain personality that was very in tune with violent extremities and...his own twisted desires. Desires Izuku had repressed deep inside him that the alter took on fully.

Katsuki's fear was being the subject of such...affections. Which, if the nickname the alter had given him years ago was said right now, it was painfully obvious...he was fucked.

He twisted on the table to get out from under Izuku but he wasn't quick enough or strong enough. Izuku held him down by the chest and placed the knife just above Katsuki's navel and sliced up slowly, eliciting a long string of curses from the blonde.

He could hear the moans and groans of Izuku above him, feel him shaking against his legs as he stared down at his body in anticipation and lust. One hand was placed on his stomach rubbing the blood all over, Izuku's eyes glowing an almost neon green in the dimly lit pub. Although what shocked him the most was when Izuku took his blood covered fingers away from his body then lifted them to his mouth and licked it off.

Katsuki's heart pounded in his chest, eyes unblinking as he looked at the completely blissed out villain above him.

"Kacchan," he whispered as a slight moan escaped his lips as well, "Kacchan, do you know how much I love to see you covered in blood?" Katsuki blinked and looked away flushing slightly. He knew the alter was just that slight bit possessive of him, but he'd never said anything so outright like this to him before.

"N-no." He tried to speak ignoring the hot pain his body was screaming at him about, "You always found other people to play with. You said you'd never h-hurt me." It was the truth, and he was so very happy when the alter had said that to him. But his heart sank at the next thing the alter said.

He chuckled lowly, almost seductively, "Oh Kacchan, that was before. I only listen to the desires of my Izuku here. Before now he suppressed that want to hurt you, so I did as well. But just now, when you made him angry talking about his mother and put that knife to your throat, that desire came hurtling through his body like a volcano erupting. The intensity of it made me appear. I was surprised as well. But then I saw the blood on your neck and ooh did you look absolutely delectable."

There was a dangerous spark in those eyes as he dipped back down to lap up the blood covering Katsuki's stomach, enjoying every second of it. At this point, Katsuki was very aware of the painful hard on he was sporting in his tight pants. He was certain Izuku could feel it but wasn't saying anything for reasons he didn't know or care. For now, he was enjoying the view of Izuku hovering over him staring so intently at his body it made him flush with nervousness. As well as those thick, scarred hands moving up and down and around his curved torso like he was a prized pet. Although he would never admit to anyone that the cuts on his body were a major turn on.

He thought it'd be bad, horrible, painful, to be used like this by alter Izuku, but god was Izuku hot right now with his blood smeared across those plush lips. He wanted to taste him.

Grabbing Izuku by the back of the neck was probably a bad idea but he did it anyway, drawing him into a deep sloppy kiss. The reaction he got was expected, after two attempts to flee Izuku thought he'd try again, so the knife was placed against his throat for a second time, making an even deeper cut than before. But he only moaned into Izuku's mouth at the pain of it, which Izuku was very pleased to hear, if the obvious smirk he wore while their lips were still connected had anything to say about it.

Izuku pulled away and so did Katsuki, both breathing heavily after the suffocating make out session they just had.

"Mmm, Kacchan, you taste amazing." Katsuki just lazily leaned back on the counter, elbows propped behind him to give him balance. He grumbled and looked away embarrassed again.

Izuku, displeased with the gesture, shoved his leg between the others crotch as he let out a soft whimper. "Don't think I didn't notice. You're reacting very well, who knew you could be turned on by pain, hmm?" He gave a sly glance at the blonde who glared. "Sorry but pain generally isn't my thing. But right now you are making this much more excitingly bearable."

Katsuki went in for another messy kiss and Izuku accepted it, letting the blonde explore his mouth with his hot tongue. Izuku let out a low moan escape into Katsuki's mouth as his scarred hands ran up his stomach, over the drying blood and to his nipples, pressing the buds first then pinched and twisted them. Katsuki groaned, loving the feeling of Izuku pressing so close to his body in want. He just wanted this to go further. He needed more.

"Izuku," Katsuki crooned. "You know to call me Deku stupid Kacchan."

He huffed, "Deku, if you don't start doing something more soon I'm going to jump you and take what I want."

Deku chuckled, "Hmm needy are we?" He moved away from the blondes face down to his chest and started suckling on those pert nipples with glee, "I can go faster. But who knows if you can deal with what I want to do with you. You know how fucked up I can be." He gave him a dangerous smirk and Katsuki gulped.

"Do it. I don't care. I wanna see how much I can take and what you have to give to precious ol' me." The challenging look was enough to send goosebumps along Deku's body. "Eeeeehhh, don't say things you'll regret Kacchan. I have a few ideas to get you to break under me. Let's see if you can last."

He grabbed the others crotch hard and kneaded the hard bulge showing through while he licked a stripe over Katsuki's lips as the blonde moaned, slipping his tongue inside as he did so.

Moving his hand away from down there, Katuski wriggled at the loss of contact. Then his back arched in pleasure, a heady gasp escaping his lungs as Izuku ground his hips down between his legs harshly.

Closing his eyes he took in the feeling of Izuku's hands and body grinding against him. Erection sliding painfully against his dress pants. He let out a pained sound between a cry and a moan and reached down to try and free his aching cock.

As his fingers roughly grabbed his zipper, Izuku was quick to pull his arms back above his head. "Uh uh uh. No hands baby." Katsuki craned his neck back in annoyance. "Ugh, please, take it off. It's uncomfortable as fuck."

"Hmm…" Izuku considered, staring down at Katsuki's struggling. "Ok. I'll give you this because you asked so nicely."

He yanked Katsuki's pants and underwear off and threw them onto the stool besides them. Katsuki groaned in pleasure, finally, his dick free from the tight confines of his pants. Izuku looked down at the pre-cum leaking out of the head and grinned, body moving back slightly so his head was caressing the blondes thigh.

Katsuki jolted at the sensation as Izuku put his finger to the tip, smearing the pre-cum around. The blonde watched in anticipation as Izuku took his finger away then stared at it for a second, then looked Katsuki directly in the eye, sensually bringing his finger to his lips and licking it off refusing to remove eye contact.

Oh did Katsuki like that. He liked that a lot. Before a second could pass Izuku was back at it, kissing and nipping along his thigh gently. Katsuki frowned, "Why are you being so gentle? It's...unnerving…"

Izuku glanced up, a bright glimmer in his eye as he bit his thigh, hard. Hard enough for it to start bleeding and bruise almost instantly. Katsuki's head snapped back as he yelled in pain, more screams following as Izuku bit him again and again until red littered across his thighs and blood dripped down from the wounds.

"Kacchan, Kacchan. You know I love to tease you. How could I not when you're being so pretty." He finished his sentence with a sloppy lick up the blonds throbbing dick before standing back up straight and grabbing his knife again.

Katsuki opened one eye to look at the blade before closing his eyes again, 'Fuck, fuck, fuck...'

He felt Izuku shift his weight and a sudden cold feeling was placed on his tense lips followed by more pain as Izuku dragged it down from his top lip to his chin. Katsuki opened his teary eyes to see an absolutely blissed out Izuku.

Before he could say anything the blade was back, this time running down his left eyebrow. Blood seeped out quickly and ran down into his eye. He cursed as it pooled there for a second then turned his head to get rid of it. Izuku just laughed above him.

Katsuki wasn't sure what the other was playing at but he didn't like it. "Oi fucker, what was that for? That's gonna scar y'know! Why do you keep fuckin' cutting me up, it's fucking gross." He was annoyed, but he wanted his question answered for why Izuku kept cutting him. Subconsciously he knew. But he wanted to hear it confirmed from Izuku's mouth.

He giggled, such a childish sound from such a dangerous man made Katsuki shiver again. "Surely you're not that stupid." Another laugh then a sharp look, "It's because I like cutting you up, Katsuki. It brings me such a thrill to see you in blood that I just...can' myself…"

As he finished his sentence, the blade nicked at Katsuki's earlobe causing a clear indent into the cartilage inside causing him to flinch but not cry out. Izuku pouted, "Aww Katsuki, that was such a boring reaction."

The blonde was breathing heavily, the cuts slowly easing their way over his pain tolerance while his untouched dick was becoming incredibly painful. "Can't you just...fucking get on with it? I'm dying here and I want to cum you fuckhead! Please."

Izuku cocked his head to the side with a sly grin, "Kacchan is being cute. Your begging is very adorable I might just listen if you keep going. My knife has made so many pretty bloody cuts on you I just want to eat you up." He licked his lips as drool started to form at the sides of his mouth as he looked Katsuki up and down.

Katsuki frowned, realising something, "Wait...are you Deku or Izuku right now?"

Izuku chuckled, "Not telling," then he leaned down into Bakugou's bloodied ear and whispered, "Now beg me to let you cum." His hand drifted down to give feather like touches to Katsuki's leaking, untouched cock. He groaned in annoyance and pleasure finally getting some sort of feeling down there but couldn't bring himself to beg. His ego was still on the line here he couldn't just-

Izuku wrapped his hand tightly around the base of Katsuki's dick and squeezed, his tone deep and husky, "Beg."

And his resolve snapped like that, bucking his hips up into Izuku's palm. "FUCK! IZUKU, DEKU, WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE I AM BEGGING YOU TO FUCKING LET ME COME! PLEASE!"

He added on the pleasantries at the end to make sure his wish was granted.

Izuku beamed at his attempt to get what he wants and let his tight grip go before leaning down. "Good boy."

Katsuki was crying and breathing heavily after yelling such atrocious things but it was caught in his throat as a guttural moan like never before was thrown from his mouth. Izuku had taken his whole length down in one gulp, encasing his dick in warm, slick heaven. His tongue flicked across the underside of his dick and he let out another moan, gripping Izuku's hair to the point of almost ripping it out.

"Yes, yes, fuck yes!! Izuku, Deku, mnngg! Moremoremore!!" Izuku's head bobbed up and down enthusiastically as Katuski broke down on the counter, spitting curses in pleasure and grinding his hips slightly into the wet heat of Izuku's mouth, who was enjoying this just as much as Katsuki was.

He brushed his teeth against the hard member and Katsuki swore, "Shit fuck! Cumming!! Izuku I'm cumming!" Izuku's head bobbed faster than before, hollowing his cheeks and licking the underside of the dick in his mouth.

Seconds later the blonde unravelled and came into the green haired villains willing mouth with a string of curses. Izuku pulled off and Katsuki looked down to him. His eyes bulged at the sight. Izuku was standing between his thigh, mouth open filled with his cum. When he was sure Katsuki was looking, he swallowed.

Licking his lips, Izuku grinned from ear to ear, "Now, it's my turn." Katsuki flushed red as Izuku picked him up bridal style off the blood covered counter and began walking to their bedroom on the top floor of their bar.

Chapter Text

Day 4- Gags | Cunnilingus | Daddy | Fisting


Bakugou had a serious need. His feud with Izuku was starting to test his patience. His anger issues were playing up and everyone could see it but didn't know what the cause was. They assumed it was from the stress he'd been under lately from dealing with the problematic media that's been following him around constantly to find out about any relationships the pro hero had. They were certain after 6 years of being a pro there had to be a special someone in his life.

They got desperate enough to start asking Deku, aka Izuku Midoriya, about any flings or love interests the blonde had. Obviously he kept his mouth shut, no one would wish the horror of the mass media into something so personal, even if it was Bakugou. This is unfortunately where it started.

Of course, Izuku wasn't stupid enough to let that information out. Especially the reason being because he was the one the angry blonde was dating. The only ones who knew were the ones in their respective agencies and close friends from school. They understood the position they were in as a couple and that could be very bad for the both of them if it got out that they were dating. The biggest issue would be villains taking that to their advantage in a fight. So they kept it to themselves mostly.

But now here lay Bakugou's issue. The soft green haired broccoli boy everyone loved to death decided to play a game with him. And the competitive streak in the blonde is very...strong. Especially against Izuku. So, when Izuku thought it'd be a great 'game to see who could last the longest without doing anything sexual, who was he to deny something so exhilarating.

What he didn't expect was for this game to still be going, three whole months later. He was physically dying. And this was the reason his anger was busting out so much. He was extremely pent up. To make matters worse, Izuku was doing just fine and dandy. It was like he wasn't even affected at all. Which pissed him off more.

The time came when he simply couldn't go any longer without release.

It was a night after a very long day of fighting. When he entered his apartment he went straight to Izuku's room. He knew the nerd had gone home much earlier than he had. So when he saw the green haired hero sleeping soundly in bed, he grinned sadistically.

Walking out of the room, he went to have a quick shower before coming back in nothing but a giant oversized shirt he 'borrowed' from Izuku. He was going to have so much fun tonight.

Creeping over to the sleeping figure, he gripped the small bath towel in his hand and carefully maneuvered himself so he was sitting just above Izuku's stomach. With a breathe in, he dropped down as hard as he could to startle Izuku awake. It worked.

Izuku's eyes flew open and a gasp escaped his mouth. Before he could close it, Bakugou quickly stuffed the towel in his mouth and tied it off at the back all the while Izuku was wriggling angrily. When Katsuki pulled away to let Izuku see him, the hero calmed down a fraction but still had an angry and confused frown on his face.

Katsuki slammed his hands down either side Izuku's head and grinned, eyes boring into the others with an excited glee. "Three months. Three fucking months and I've had it with this no sex bullshit. At this point my ego can get fucked. I lost. You win. But right now, I'm going to fucking enjoy every last second of making you writhe under me."

Their eyes were locked onto one another and when he finished his little speech, he felt Izuku shudder under him and saw his eyes haze over and dilate. His grin grew wider and he moved back up. As he sat down on Izuku's stomach he could feel the hardness press against the square of his back through his sheets.

'Maybe he wasn't as collected as I thought he was.'

Looking down, he caught the hazy green orbs again as he glanced over Katsuki's covered body, an annoyed expression clear on his features. Katsuki chuckled darkly. "What? You wanna see some of this?" He chided as he ran his hands seductively under his shirt, lifting it up slightly to show off his rippling abs.

There was a spark in Izuku's eyes but before he could reach up and touch the blonde he had grabbed his hands tightly and pushed them above his head. He snickered, "Uh uh uh, no touching. Grab the bars behind you and keep them there." Izuku frowned again but didn't move. "Do it and I'll undress."

Katsuki gave him a cheeky smirk and Izuku's hands flew to the headboard in seconds flat as he also rolled his hips up into Katsuki's ass letting out a needy moan through the gag in his mouth.

Katsuki also let out a small moan at the friction on his groin, also grinding down onto Izuku who was greatly appreciating the view as the blonde hero felt up his body, showing off his abs again but went further. He reached his chest, grabbing his shirt and placed the bottom hem into his mouth, holding it there while he started to play with his own nipples. It wasn't doing him much pleasure to do it himself but it equalled out from the lusting look Izuku gave him, being able to observe but not touch clearly frustrated him to no end. Well he did promise to undress if he kept his hands away. In a quick fluid motion his shirt was off revealing all his sculpted muscles for Izuku to ogle at.

Izuku could very easily just disobey Katsuki but he knew it would just ruin the moment, and if he held himself back then Katsuki was more than willing with putting on a show for his buff boyfriend.

Izuku's head lolled back as Katsuki grinded down much harder than before earning a gruff and gargled moan. Katsuki was very much enjoying torturing Izuku after three months of nothing.

"So Deku, how does it feel to finally have me back grinding down on your dick huh? Bet you missed this. But I definitely missed it more." He leaned down to whisper in Izuku's ear, still pressing his ass against the others crotch teasingly, "You know I love taking your cock all up inside my ass until you explode. Holding me down as you fuck me senseless, using me like a toy until you're pleased. It's fun right? Using me as a cocksleeve as you wish."

Katsuki jumped back in surprise as Izuku yelled, hips bucking up more, torso lifting Katsuki up surprisingly far considering his weight on him. When he dropped back down onto the bed he was breathing heavily.

The blonde raised an eyebrow in question, then looked down at the spot near his ass. It was starting to dampen beneath him with what he could only assume was Izuku's spunk.

He got off the hero and pulled the sheets all the way back to uncover Izuku, whistling in amazement with one eyebrow raised up as he smirked, "That get you going did it? Didn't realise dirty talk made you so horny."

"Yngg!" Was Izuku's response, eyes boring deep holes into the blondes face as he wriggled a bit. Katsuki's eyes went back down and saw Izuku's dick was still going strong in his now damp pants.

He chuckled, "Well, well. Still roaring to go, huh?" He quirked an eyebrow up and Izuku still eyed him down. He sighed, "Okay, I've had my fun. It wasn't as fulfilling as I thought it would be so I'm still rock hard. Be my guest and- oof"

Katsuki was sent flying backwards onto the bed, his eyes went wide as he saw Izuku looming over him, eyes slightly crazed at the lack of control earlier. One hand went behind his head and undid the knot, releasing the cloth from his mouth finally. He'd settled between Katsuki's legs with his hands besides the blondes head.

He coughed for a second as saliva started to freely water his mouth. "That was incredibly sexy of you Kacchan. I'm surprised you lasted three months. Even I was starting to slip as I watched you fight every day." He ran his hands up Katsuki's chest and flicked one of his nipples, a content moan arising from the blondes chest.

"I'm sure you weren't aware when we were younger, but I did this a lot during our time at school. Setting a time limit where I wouldn't masturbate to see how long I could go without. When we started dating I also wanted to try it out with you but I didn't know what you'd think of it," he leant down and started to kiss Bakugou's neck softly, slowly moving to his chest with featherlight kisses while rocking his hips lightly into Bakugou's crotch, "Then with the whole media thing I thought it would be the perfect chance to test it out. It was very fun Kacchan, even though I knew you would've caved before me. I've had practice." He gave the other a sly smirk before biting Katsuki's nipple.

Katsuki cried out and grabbed Izuku by the hair, locking his legs around the others waist tightly. "Enough with the touching moment. Fuck me Izuku. Now."

Izuku smirked and reached down to his boxers and pulled them off so they were dangling from one ankle. He turned back to Katsuki, "So, how you want it tonight?"

"Remember what I said before?" Izuku cocked his head to the side, clearly not sure what part he was talking about. Katsuki rolled his eyes, "Bend me over and hold me down. Use me like a fucking cocksleeve you prick!"

Izuku's eyes widened and Katsuki saw his pupils dilate almost unnaturally large, a low growl emanating from his throat. "Oh fuck…" the blonde muttered. "Oh shit oh fuck this may have been a mistake- AH!"

Before Katsuki could reconsider, Izuku gripped his hips tightly and flipped him over onto his stomach. The back of his neck was grabbed and he was pushed roughly into the sheets below with his ass up in the air. Just like he loved it.

A finger suddenly pushed itself into his mouth, rubbing along his tongue to get his fingers covered in saliva. When the digits were removed he gruffly said into the sheets, "I already prepared. Just fuck me."

He gasped as a finger entered his hole. "Hmm, I can see that. But I'm still gonna give it some more. Don't wanna make you hurt too much baby."

Katsuki sputtered at the nickname, "Bab-?! Hngg!"

Katsuki was surprised by the sudden addition of more than one finger in his ass. Izuki caught onto this, "You were open pretty well I'll admit, but I need four in here to do what I want. So relax, you'll get my cock in a minute." Katsuki just gruffly moaned as Izuku abused his a hole, twisting and scissoring his fingers until the green haired hero was satisfied.

As his fingers were pulled out, Katsuki whined at the loss of being filled. "Hahaha, so needy. But you'll get what you want right- now!" Izuku lined the tip of his dick up with Katsuki's rim and slammed down without hesitation.

He didn't ease into anything like he said, straight to fucking his asshole until Katsuki was a sobbing mess beneath him. The blonde was choking on his own spit as he moaned and groaned in pleasure, not having his ass ploughed so thoroughly before. And god was he enjoying every second of it.

One hand still held his neck while the other was holding his hips in a bruising grip while trying to keep him in place against the brutal thrust of his own hips slamming into the other.

"Nngg Katsuki, how's this? Hard enough for you? Or want me to slow down?" His hips began to slow, but Katsuki was having none of that. He flailed for a second to grab Izuku's thighs and removed his face from the wet sheets from his tears, drool and snot, "NO! Keep going! Harder! HARDER! FUCK!! Mess me up! Fuck me so hard I can only scream your name!! Aaahhnnn!!"

Izuku picked his pace back up at an alarming rate, hips slapping against Katsuki's plump ass erratically, a wet erotic sound echoing in the bedroom. His bed was hitting the wall behind it in a muffled way. Katsuki was confused to when Izuku had put a pillow between the headboard and the wall but the thought was quickly thrown away when a tight heat coiled in his stomach. Brought on by the strong, scarred and unrelenting hand that had started to jerk him off in time with his own thrusts.

Katsuki's mind was blank as he got railed so severely he could barely breathe. "Izuku…IZUKU!! Ahhhh!! Nnnn!! Izuku!" All the blonde could do was moan and sob into the sheets in ecstasy, keening as Izuku took a fistful of his hair to yank it back.

"Like that baby? Mnngg! Of course you do, you're clenching around me so much there's no way you're not." He leant down and bit the tip of Katsukis ear, the other letting out a pleased whine in response.

"Fuck, you're so hot Katsuki. Your ass is really pulling me in." Izuku gave a few extra hard thrusts into the blonde and let a string of curses to follow. He bit down onto the back of Katsuki's neck, holding on for a few seconds before moving down his back, leaving bite marks and deplorable hickeys in his wake.

Katsuki let out a loud mewl into the sheets before his head flew up, "Izuku, Izuku! Cum- cumming! I'm cumming! AAHHH!!" He met Izuku's thrusts with his own as he slammed back and came onto the sheets below him with such force he blacked out for a second, going limp in Izuku's arms from the force of his orgasm.

Izuku groaned, "Mmm, so tight. Me too. Me too!" Izuku's thrusts became erratic as his own orgasm came crashing over him. Hips spluttering as he came hard into Katsuki's ass.

When he caught his breath, he slowly eased himself out of the abused hole and dropped down next to the panting Bakugou, his own breathing heavy. They both stared into each others glazed over eyes for almost five minutes until Katsuki scrunched his nose up in disgust.

"Ugh...I feel fucking disgusting. I know you love cumming inside but I have no effort left to clean myself out." Izuku had half the decency to look embarrassed.

"S-sorry Kacchan, I-I kinda got carried away…" he scratched the nape of his neck. Katsuki raised an eyebrow, "Well you fucked up. So you can clean up the mess you made." He jabbed an accusatory finger into the forehead of the blushing mess of green curls, "So clean me up you nerd."

Izuku jumped off the bed and ran out the door, "Y-yes okay, okay! Wait here I'll run the bath."

"Good." Katsuki smirked and relaxed as much as he could as he lay in a puddle of his own jizz. He waited for a while as he heard the running water, dazing off slowly when his mind snapped back to a small detail he picked up on in his hazed mind and frowned. When Izuku walked back into the room, he carefully picked the blonde up off the bed and started walking down the hallway to the bathroom humming softly. Katsuki gave the other a confused look before he spoke up.

"So, when did you get the time to sneak in a pillow behind the headboard, huh?" Izuku froze midway into putting him in the tub, before moving again as he let out a guilty chuckle. " weren't exactly quiet in the shower before you came into my room..." He finished putting Katsuki into warm water and scratched the back of his neck while blushing.

But his face was nothing compared to absolute horror striken look Katsuki was sporting, complete with a full body blush like he'd just been thrown into an erupting volcano. He sputtered his response, but when nothing came out, he simply resorted to splashing the giggling hero with bath water. "Shut the fuck up and clean me up nerd." He crossed his arms and looked away.

"Yes, yes Kacchan." He giggled.