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just a stupid idea that popped in my brain(hint : im the zhang jiale)

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Prompt :

Zhang Jiale says something stupid(smart), and Ye Xiu goes on with it.


Important fact to continue with this story :

Ye Xiu is an Omega. Han Wenqing is an Alpha.




Cue ridiculousness :

Lele : Congrats for getting married Ye Xiu! And can’t believe it’s you, Captain Han. To see the two number one players and rivals together is such a weird thing.

Lele : Since you’re at it, why not go make eight children and let them all play against each other during the Glory playoffs, HAHAHA!


YX : …

YX : …looks at HWQ


HWQ : frowns


YX : That’s a great idea, Lele!

YX : How about it Old Han~?


HWQ : No it’s not.


Lele : .....

Lele : This bad feeling in my gut is probably just me feeling hungry. Yup. No other explanation.




>>>>Present time, Glory xx Season Playoffs


Tyranny vs Tiny Herb


Royal Style vs Hundred Blossoms


Happy vs Thunderclap


Heavenly Sword vs New Excellent Era



The roar of the audience in the stadium was deafening. This season was no different than any other, in that strong teams went against each other.

Except one thing that made it all unprecedented…



Team Tyranny’s Ace player. Surname : Han.


Team Tiny Herb’s Fourth member. Surname : Han.


Team Royal Style’s Vice Captain. Surname : Han


Team Hundred Blossoms’ Captain. Surname : Han.


Team Happy’s Captain. Surname : Han.


Team Thunderclap’s Captain. Surname : Han.


Team Heavenly Sword’s third and Ace player. Surname : Han.


Team New Excellent Era’s Vice captain. Surname : Han.



YX : Here you go, Lele! All my children are going against each other in the same season.

YX : Aren’t you happy to be the godfather of this event?


Lele : Ye Xiu, IT WAS A JOKE.

Chapter Text

Today is another day where Lord Grim descends upon the lands of Glory and wreak havoc amongst the guild teams fighting for the wild boss that had just appeared an hour ago.

“Hahahaha! You don’t have to worry about me. Let’s all play fair!” the raven haired omega laughs as his dark golden eyes focuses all it’s attention on the screen, his fingers flying across the keyboard and mouse across the mousepad.

“.…..” One little boy watches silently next to the omega, who was his mother, as he busies himself with the game going on the screen.

Then he turns his attention to the other occupant of the computer next to his mother’s, also playing the same game however more quiet in his focus, the only noisiness coming from the equally young girl sitting on his lap, happily waving her hands up in happiness every time their dad uses skills that causes the screen to explode in colour and brightness.

“Ahahaha! So cool, so cool! Oh, oh, oh-- Daddy, daddy, what was that!?”

“That’s an Elementalist’s skill.”

“Wooww!! So magical!!” Both eyes growing wide and mouth open wide, the young girl was enjoying the game a lot despite only watching from her father’s lap, bouncing happily making her two pigtails bob.

The father only grunts an approval before momentarily letting go of the mouse to pat the excited girl’s head, smiling ever so fondly at her playful antics.

The boy observes his father’s screen for a bit… then looks back towards his mother’s screen.

“---cians, 2 o’clock direction. Ninjas, get ready. Mucheng, I’m letting you handle the rest.”

Similarly, the screens were flashing bright with rainbows of colours dancing all round. But after a while the raven haired man’s screen starts spinning around dizzily making the boy lose track of whatever was happening.

Adjusting his position to kneel on his chair, the boy kneels straighter to get a higher point of view of the screen. He leans in slightly closer to his mother, trying his best to squint at the screen, hoping it would make sense, but accidentally leans in too much and loses his balance, making him fall forward into his mother’s typing hand.

Thankfully he manages to catch himself on time by grabbing on his mother’s forearm. He knows better than to disturb his parents when the screens were flashing crazily.

What he doesn’t know is that he was thankfully light enough that his weight wouldn’t actually disrupt Ye Xiu so much, and Ye Xiu actually had a hand in catching him, stiffening his left arm on time so the boy wouldn’t fall off the chair.

“Whoops. You okay there, cutie*?”

“Am‘fine,” the boys answers a bit muffled as his mother leans in to him and rubs their head together, the boy feeling delighted at his mother’s scent.

The boy could hear a few loud exploding sounds and people talking, but muffled, through the headset on his mother’s head as they were still stuck close together.

“Hey, I also have the rights to this wild boss. Don’t we all? I’m a player too, you know---” his mother starts talking into the headset’s microphone and the young boy slowly wrestles himself out of his mother’s leaning head, which Ye Xiu then returns to his original position and continuing to order things around in the mic, to sit back down his chair and observe.

Left, right, left and right the young boy would turn his head to the two same but different screens, his ponytail swishing every time he did so. Same, because the screens were completely identical. Different because the contents displayed on the screen showed varying levels of hectic situation. His mother’s side more noisy(which includes his mother) while his father’s side more quiet(excluding his sister, of course).


“Mm?” the boy was pulling on Han WenQing’s sleeve softly to grab his attention without directing it way from the game.

“Why is it that when you play there’s only skill sounds but when Mom plays, the headset is always full of people talking??”

“Hmm…” Han WenQing hums thoughtfully. “Do you remember what I taught you about Wild Bosses?”

“I almost remember all. Which one?”

“Very good. Do you remember about aggro?”

“Um---” the boy tilts his head, trying to remember, “--it’s when a Monster attacks a Player.”

“Mn, correct. And what does finding Wild Bosses do to players?”

“Hum… they all want to fight it!”

“Indeed. To simply answer your question, Mommy is like a Wild Boss that can attract other player’s aggro and make them want to kill Mommy.”

The young boy listens with another tilt of his head, and Han WenQing guessed he was still too young to understand. Especially when he hasn’t even started playing Glory. But as opposed to his expectations, the boy just nods once, firmly.

“I understand!” He smiles with his eyebrows set in an understanding furrow.

Han WenQing laughs at his youngest son.

“Oohh!! Daddy, daddy, I wanna play ‘that’! Let’s play ‘that’!” The young girl in his lap suggested, looking up her father expectantly while she pats his arms with her small hands.

“Ah! Me too, me too! I wanna play ‘that’ too!” The younger boy chirps in from his seat, grabbing and shaking onto his father’s arm.

“Alright, alright,” with a huff, Han WenQing scoops his son into his right lap after shifting his daughter onto his left, “Now, do you two remember the rules?”

“”Yes!”” They both replied happily as they got ready to listen to different skill names that their father would call out as they both had to press the correct keys to execute said skills.






Han QingQin was honestly unsure why that particular memory came up at this moment.

For such a peaceful and happy memory of his childhood with both his parents surrounding him, this particular situation he was currently in had absolutely zero connection to the words ‘Peaceful’ and ‘Happy’ that his memory was associated with.

If anything, the correct terms would be: Noisy. Annoying. Disruptive. Meaningless. Just shut up already.

It was the regular seasons, and they were fighting against Blue Rain. At first they had scored a 2 point lead from the Individuals… but now senior Huang ShaoTian was making a 1 point lead thanks to him being the first player in the Group competition and doing a 1vs2.

As usual, his trashtalking voice was seeping through every corner of the stadium as he fights, saying out whatever things he can think of at the moment and saying out random skill names. Heck, he even typed if he had the liberty to do so.

“QingQin, you’re up.”

Han QingQin silently stood up from his seat whilst receiving motivation and words of encouragement from his team members. The whole stadium roaring from a ‘1vs3’ cheer, he silently strode into the player’s booth.




“Oh! Hey, hey, hey, it’s you! Han WenQing’s kid! Hi, Helloo. You ready to get wrecked by this senior Sword Saint?! I hope you are ready. Make sure you get ready. Not like I’ll wait for you to get ready, but I mean, still! This Sword Saint is on a roll today, so don’t go crying to your Mama when I’m done! Oh, wait. Your mom is Ye Qiu--I mean, Xiu. Ye Xiu. WAIT. Don’t go crying to your Mama. I don’t want to get wrecked by him just for bullying his kid. No offence, but doesn’t mean I won’t defeat you now or anything but---”

“Hey Senior.”

“---huh? You said something? What is it? Begging for mercy already? I haven’t even started and you already begging for mercy? -sighh- This is why juniors these days are---”

“Let’s play a game.”

“.…a game? What game? What game? Aren’t we already playing a game? I mean, we ARE playing it professionally... but it’s still a game, right? Anyway, what game are you trying to play?! Hahaha! Get it, get it?? Because you said ‘Let’s play a game’, but it could also mean you are trying to ‘play me’? Hahaha!!”

“It’s a simple game, really. We can play it during our battle.”

“Huh?? Really?? That’s interesting… Never thought there’s a game to play even when we seriously battle during the competition. I mean playing a game WHILE playing Glory is easy and achievable and all, but during a professional competition??”

“It’s an extremely easy game, I assure you. I used to play this with my Dad all the time when I was young. I competed with my Jiejie at the same time.”

“Seriously?? With Han WenQing and Han QingXin??? Now I’m interested. Go on! Say it! This senior will happily listen to his junior’s request! And whatever game you propose, I’ll definitely win it! I’ll also win this Group competition while I'm at it!”

One side of Han QingQin’s lips curve upwards, ever so slightly.

“Okay. The game is called….



Only Press the Right Buttons that Corresponds to the Skills Called Out.





The E-sports forums and magazine the next day were in a huge uproar.


“Blue Rain’s Sword Saint Loses in He has found his match!”

“Copying Huang ShaoTian, But with 2000% More Accuracy!”

“As Talented(or More!?) as his brother, Han JinLan, the Grammy Award Player!”

“The Team’s Future is Set with this Seeress(♂).”

“A Fortune Teller who Predicts the Future Faultlessly”

“Born from Two of Glory’s Gods : A Real-life Wizard!!??”




Han QingQin casually brought his mug to his lips as he tipped the mug and drank from it. His team members glanced at him from their phones and tablets.

“Not only is his trashtalk a disgrace to my Mom’s… it was also disappointingly meaningless that he just calls out the skill names without doing it.”

One of his team members voices out a question, albeit very softly in, what could be heard of as, fear? “But I don’t see how it is meaningless to disrupt the opponent’s concentration and… it shouldn’t affect you at all…..?”

“Dad taught me to always press the right buttons when a skill name is called out.”



“...uhh, that’s it?”

He takes another sip off of his mug. “It’s a disgrace to the memory of my Dad.”


The team’s practice room was extremely quiet that day.

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Except one area, all the lights in the room where turned off. Through the window blinds the world outside was adorned with the city lights and the soft bustling of youngsters out playing.

Tap.. tap.. The pen head was rhythmic on the table as the owner finally stops and writes down on the papers laid in front of him. Right adjacent to him, another set of taps can be heard. Swift fingers dancing on keyboard, typing out information and revising documents.

Again the rhythm of the pen starts and the owner’s chest pulls up slightly. His tapping hand quickly comes up to cover his mouth, letting out a long and big yawn that makes his eyes tear up.

“Tired?” Fingers tapping on keyboard stops to inquire the older male next to him.

“Mh. Quite.”

“It’s already this late, why not continue that tomorrow?”

“...Just a bit more. It’s almost done anyway. And I would sleep well knowing this can finally be put aside.”

The older male releases a soft huff as he continues back to tapping his pen.

“I see,” the other replies and continues his own rhythm of tapping.

“...You won’t be heading back first?” The older male had to inquire, seeing the other had no intention of retiring from his screen.

“No. I don’t see why I should when you are also still doing work.”

“But,” The older male turns his head towards the other, “I’m the Captain. This much is obvious.”

“...And I’m not your team member?” The other stops his hands to turn towards his Captain.

The older male blinks at the statement. However, the other just continues to stare at his Captain, waiting for an answer.

The older male lets out a short laugh.

“You’re right… thank you, then.”

“Mh. You are welcome.” Getting an acknowledgement, the other turns back towards his screen and continues to type away.

The older of the male had to take a while to pull his sights off the other in the room. A warm feeling bubbling from within.

“Thank you, really…” the older male starts again.

“Mh..?” I don’t mind, I am kinda suited for this work.”

“No, just--- I appreciate what you do. Especially since you volunteered to help me do all this work.”

“.…To be fair, I am kinda indebted to you.”

“Hahaha,” the older male laughs when the other emphasised his word with a cock of an eyebrow.

“No, really. Just having your addition in the team was a good morale and strength booster. Not only that, you even help in managing the team and training with the others… You have done a lot and--- I feel… bad? Guilty? For having you do so much.”

The other looks back at the older male with a raise of his eyebrows. “What? And you do, I don’t know-- absolutely everything for the team?? I don’t see anyone feeling guilty about that.”

The older male grimaces, “Why should they? It’s what I am rightfully supposed to do. It’s my role in the team.”

“Uh-huh.” The other simply answers with a mixture of both annoyance and indifference.

The older male smiles with a grimace. “You don’t seem to like the idea, I see.”

“...” The younger of the two stays silent as he continues typing again.

At that, the older male turns his attention back towards his documents, pen tapping on the side of his lips instead.

“...I don’t mind, really. It’s your choice to do whatever you want. In the end, it’s your team currently.” The younger of the two suddenly voices out. “No matter what, I don’t intend to have a say in your matter…”

His hands stop typing as if wanting to let whatever he had said to the older male to seep in and sit in his mind, before he continues his constant tapping on keyboard again.


A very quiet moment settles in the dimly lit room, only the sounds of pen tapping and fingers on keyboard making it known that some form of life was inside.


The other who was typing was so focused on his task at hand that it didn’t occur to him that the tapping of pen had stopped altogether. For a few moments, the older male just stayed that way as if contemplating on something.

Finally his other hand came to touch the pen he was holding, now both hands holding each end and playing with it lightly. Slowly, he opened his mouth, letting his voice out to whatever thought he had.

“... I love Ye Xiu.”

The constant tapping on keyboard abruptly stops.



Silence once again settles itself between the two in the room.

“... Even now?’ The younger of the two asks back.

“Yes… maybe. I’m not sure, really… but I think I still do.”

The older male saw that the other didn’t seem to be answering so he just continued.

“I was thinking I would have a chance. Personally, I don’t really mind and am not in any situation where I need to be paired with an Alpha or Omega particularly… So, the fact Ye Xiu is-- was a Beta… gave me a slight ‘hope’.”

“I actually planned to tell him my feelings after winning a championship… but I didn’t.”

The other who quietly listened asks after a while, “…was there a reason why you didn’t?”

The older of the two quietly thought of his coming answer, intending to give a proper and solid reason.

“...I have no idea.” he answers with a soft shake of his head.

“It might have been the nerves. Maybe the high of winning. Or was it the thought at the back of my head that said I wouldn’t stand a chance against the others? It might have been the voice that said I was never going to be enough for him.”

“Either way, I never confessed. Then time continued moving… And now I am left with regret over my own stupidity and inaction.”

“Sometimes I wish I was--” the older male paused for a split second, contemplating whether it would be wise to even mention the thought… but his mouth managed to move faster than his brain, “--I wish I was Han WenQing instead” he finishes.

The other person adjacent to him inaudibly inhales sharply at the other’s words.

“I feel regret thinking… I could have been the father to his children instead. Thinking of the future that could have been. Regret at how I would never be able to own a part of him for myself….”



The silence in the room was unsettling. The younger of the two still hadn’t said anything for a full minute or more.

Just when the silence was starting to get to him and he wanted to give an apology on what he said, “--maybe not in this world, no.” the other male suddenly responded.

“But maybe in another world… in another universe. He might be rightfully yours… as you would be rightfully his.” The other answers as the older male slowly turns to look at him.

Finally their eyes locked with each other. Mismatched eyes meets the gaze of deep amber eyes dusted with sprinkles of grey and olive in the middle.

Mismatched eyes blinks at the other, not quite knowing what exact expression to put on.

However the other gave a soft smile instead. The side of his eyes crinkles, encompassing those same deep amber eyes that expresses amusement at the older male.

“Besides,” the younger of the two continues, “I appreciate that my mom is paired with my dad.”

“Because if they weren’t... then I wouldn’t be here, talking to you as who you really are, like this.”

The owner of the amber eyes tilts his head and sends a laugh towards the older male whose face was the epitome of dumbfounded mixed with surprise: mismatched eyes wide, eyebrows raised and mouth gaping open.

Snapping back to reality at the younger male’s laugh, the owner of the mismatched eyes just huffs.

He looks back to the younger male who still had his head tilted, now raising both eyebrows questioningly.

Wang Jiexi huffs again at Han YeRen, the newest addition of the team and had the genes of both the person he loathes and loves in one body, and adds a smile.


“You’re right.”

Chapter Text

It was currently off Season. When you say ‘off’ Season, most pro-players would actually spend this time for full on training for coming seasons and go online to snag Wild Bosses or something… But this time, there’s a sliiight difference.

At this point, no one knows who exactly mentioned it, but that someone mentioned about how they were very interested in spending leisure, non-Glory related time, with everyone(specifically the Hans. Actually, only the Hans.). Maybe it was Huang ShaoTian, as usual?? Everyone would shrug their shoulders even when asked. No one wants to scroll up a pro-player’s chat log honestly…

And a group chat with multiple pro player teams??? Phew. Bless Zhou Zekai. Mo Fan too. They barely contribute.


Back to current time. 

Thanks to the huge number of participant//volunteers that could be seen from the chat, they had to begrudgingly book a hotel ballroom to hold this ‘Mini All-Star’ event that composes only of the Alliance’s teams and their members.

It’s not that bad. The word ‘All-Star’ give the impression of a stadium’s worth of people, but honestly? It feels like a 10 years class reunion where you also invite your teachers, the upper staff of the school plus headmaster//mistress and some extra people just cause some have tied the knot//brought their parents//friends.

…Yeah. Not so bad. It’s easy to mingle around.

Also, because the main point of the event were situated dab smack in the center for everyone to fawn upon like an art exhibition.

Not that the eight like that though… It was probably just an imagination, but why does it look like they all have Han WenQing’s glare on….. No, they all do have Han WenQing’s glare.

Nonetheless, they are still easier to talk and approach than Han WenQing. They don’t like getting swarmed, but they knew most of the people there so it was manageable(heck, they were only glaring cause they keep on getting bothered without having a chance to properly eat. They get hungry too, y’know! And the hotel’s buffet food looks and smells heavenly!)

Thus the event(??) moved on and all the pro-players start mingling with each other like any other day they would without all the Glory related talks, some monastery members managing to bother the Han girls with a dash of Han WenQing himself or just other members of the same class as the other male Hans who would just chat.




“A RA---!!??” The young Tiny Herb member (un?)effectively clamp their Blademaster’s mouth shut with both their hands. Both him and his ex-Tiny Herb friend looking flustered as they gave shushing motions.

They slowly turned to look at where everyone else in the hall were situated to see all their faces turned towards them.

“U-- Uhhhh,” the flustered Qiao Yifan looks back to his friend, who had an equally flustered expression as he slowly lets go of the Blademaster who was patting his hands to release his mouth.

“What’s the matter?” As expected, the Captain of Tiny Herb stepped up to the rescue.

“I-.. It’s--… nothing…..” Gao Yingjie answers with an obvious lie while glancing towards his friend.

Shifting his attention to the other instead, Wang Jiexi once again inquires, “What’s wrong, Yifan?”

Feeling a bit betrayed by how his friend just pushed everything towards him, he could only stutter and splutter at his ex-captain.

“Now, now. You are scaring the young’ins,” All hail the savior, God Ye Xiu. “Little Yifan and Little Yingjie didn’t do anything bad… probably. So why not let them calm down first before cornering them?”

Wang Jiexi stares for a moment towards Ye Xiu and slowly nods his affirmation to the recommendation. At this, the two boys exhaled in relief.

“Actually, Captain… we found this,” Qiao Yifan motions the box up at the same time towards Ye Xiu.

“??? A box??” Ye Xiu looks at both the boy and the box in turn.

“Yifan and I went outside for a bit of walk. This place being our-- uhm, Tiny Herb’s city, so we went out for a stroll like the old days…”

“But then we found this box when we walked past a store. We thought if it was someone’s lost belonging we could send it to a police booth or something but--” Qiao Yifan glances to his friend with eyebrows raised.

“We looked inside to find… something not lost, but abandoned.” Gao Yingjie replies to both Ye Xiu and Wang Jiexi.

The two, on the other hand also glanced at each other.


(Almost) Everyone surrounded the table with a box on top of it. The box was opened for the whole world to peer inside.

“Huh. A white rabbit.” Someone stated.

“It has food, a towel and even a tiny pillow inside… No doubt it was abandoned.” Another comments.

“What? Do you guys HAVE to look at it like you guys never seen a rabbit before? It’s just a rabbit! And I don’t see how a rabbit is better than a dog. Rabbits are lame. Dogs are better. You can even train a dog. What can a rabbit do? Sit there. Eat, sleep, probably sniff your hand if you even play with it. Worse? They shed horribly! And they eat their own poop! What kinda animal are you to eat your own poop?? A rabbit, that’s what.”

“What’s so wrong with a rabbit? I think their cute,” Ye Xiu gives a piece of his mind.

“.…Okay, maybe rabbits aren’t that bad. Technically they are soft and very cuddly so they are nice to the touch. And their nuzzles are quite cute when they twitch. Also the ears. The long drooped ears are also cute. The way they munch on their food is cute too… So, yeah, I guess rabbits are good too.”

“...and Huang ShaoTian needs to not change his mind so easily whenever God Ye says something contradictory….” A person in the crowd mumbles under their breath.

“Hmm? What are you guys doing, crowded over there?” 

The crowd looks up to see the group of girl pro-players entering the hall together.

“Someone found an abandoned rabbit and brought it here,” Another person answers the girl.

The girls gasped, “A rabbit? Where!!” and they quite literally ran towards the small encirclement to peek at the rabbit in the box.

“Awwwwww~~~ It’s so ccuuuttteee----!!!!!”

And then suddenly the encirclement of men changed to women, each shrieking and squealing while cooing random… stuff towards the rabbit box they managed to hog for themselves.

The crowd of men slowly dispersed, except a few who left behind to discuss said rabbit’s situation and probably who should be held responsible for it.

Suddenly someone notices Han JinLan who was just quietly observing from the side.

Even amongst the current players, they knew Han JinLan as… ‘the odd one out’. Not that his personality was the only weird one in his group of siblings or the current group of people in the pro-player circle, but… considering he was Han WenQing and Ye Xiu’s son??? He was vveeerrryyy odd.

If someone asked to describe Han JinLan as straightforward as possible, everyone would probably say: Mo Fan the Second.

And if Mo Fan was already a Zhou Zekai the Second… then Han JinLan would be given the title of “Zhou Zekai the Third”.

“What do you think about rabbits?” Tiny Herb’s Blademaster who was nearby asks the quiet boy who slowly turned his head to the person directing him the question with a slight rise of his brows, the only indication he actually acknowledges the question and the person themself.

The other men who were around also realised that the Blademaster was trying to initiate a conversation with the boy that most have never really got a chance to converse(or, for the matter, have ever heard his voice in real life) with.

They all swore that the quiet boy was literally like his Mother with how they can look exceptionally languid and uncaring towards everything.

“Rabbits? Yeah. I like them,”

“Oh, really? Great! Then why not try pettin---”

“---I like eating them!” He grins.


The sound of the girls cooing at the rabbit can still be heard.






Sniffling sounds can be heard and then a really loud sound of someone blowing their nose.

“Uhuhuuhh--!!!!” The girl’s tears were drenching her flared sleeves.

“Hic, hic--- LiYan, hic! Don’t cry… or I’ll cry tooooo” The girl with high pigtails wails while clutching one of the couch pillow.

“Uwaaahhhhhhh” Su Mucheng joins to join the two.

“Noo, now...I’m going to cry againnn” Chen Guo clings to Tang Rou who was wiping her tears away.

“G-Guo Guo... here.. a tissue, sniffles” Tang Rou tries to balance using her own tissue while clutching a couch pillow and handing out tissues to her friend while trying to pat her.

“sigh… what a disaster…” The eldest says to no one in particular.

“Agree… I don’t know if I should feel tired of what’s happening, or just straight up done.” The younger of the fraternal twins answers while patting his twin sister and offering tissues.

“And I see you two are vexed,” the second eldest regards the set of twins.

“...It’s unfair!” The elder of the twin answers.

“I feel like shadow punching someone,” the other twin chirps in.

“That won’t be called ‘shadow’ punching anymore but just ‘punching’,” Han WenQing answers while ruffling the younger twin’s hair.


Ye Xiu snickers and snakes an arm behind the quiet boy next to him, who was seething but also downcast in his silence.

Knock, knock.

“Yes?” Ye Xiu answers towards the door and a maid came in.

“Master Han, Master Ye, Young masters and Dear Guests. Your meals are ready.”

“Hm. Thank you. We’ll be there soon.”

With a nod the maid excuses herself, walking back out the door and closing it silently as if she didn’t come in to a room of wailing girls and angry men(she understands completely. She does.).

“You heard her. It’s dinner time, clean yourselves up a bit before eating. Chop, chop.” Han WenQing orders everyone in the room to move.

“Haaahh, can’t believe I’m gonna eat dinner feeling like this…” the second eldest laments.

“Saaaammme,” the eldest answers similarly as he snakes his arms from behind the second’s waist and leaning his chin on the crook of the other’s shoulder as they both walk through the door.

“sniffles-- Little Tang, now I’m going to get puffy eyes.. this sucks!”

“Don’t worry GuoGuo, I brought eye masks. Sniffles. Let’s use that before sleeping. MuMu, come join us?”

“Yes, pleash--” The trio disappears from sight as they walked out the door while still busily wiping their faces with tissues.

“I hope there are Wild Boss spawns today…. I need to de-stress,” The elder of the twin talks aloud as he looks up.

“...I can punch someone in the Arena!” While the youngest says out loud from a light bulb moment.

“Aaactually. Let’s all go to find a Wild Boss, hm?” Ye Xiu pulls the two into his arms and questions towards the youngest. “I’ll bring you as many guild members to punch as you want?”

“”Deal!”” They set of twin answers as they also put their arms around their mother’s back and walk out the door.

“Alright, you two. You guys are the only ones left. Don’t you even dare try to skip dinner to continue watching in your room.” Han WenQing glares with a cross of his arms.

“But Ddaaaddd----!!!!” The girl with ponytail puts down the couch pillow with a wail.

“I demand justiicceeee-------!!!!!” The other wails while slamming her hands on the couch arm repetitively with her flares sleeves swinging around.

“Siiggghhhh---”Han WenQing rubs his temples with one hand.

“Okay, okay. Just--- let’s eat dinner first, ‘kay?” The younger of the fraternal twin tries to persuade his two sisters.

“It’s dinner or nothing at all. Let’s go before the food gets cold and you end up making our maids cry instead.” Han WenQing trudges forward towards the two girls and scooped each of them up on his shoulder like carrying rice bags.

The younger of the fraternal twin trails from behind, kindly still offering tissue to the two baggage Han WenQing was shouldering as they walked out the door.

Han JinLan stares at the door where everyone had walked past. He was about to head towards the door when he heard something starting from behind him.



He quickly took the remote control and clicked the pause button. Turning off the main lights, he made sure everything was fine before heading out the living room, the tv screen still turned on but paused at the words “The Untamed Episode 33”.

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“You know, I was wondering… what’s with you guys saying those weird words sometimes?” Ye Xiu suddenly asks.

“Weird words? What weird words??” The girl’s ponytails swished back so fast as she snaps her head to look at the person talking.

“You know… those weird words you guys randomly say before speaking.”

QingXin peers at her twin beside here, who was also looking at her.

They both frowned at each other with a slight tilt of their head. Then they turned their attention towards Ye Xiu, repeating the same action they just did.


Today, the two of the fraternal twin suddenly came knocking at the door, grinning from one end to one end while happily announcing that they came to play.

Ye Xiu sighs. It wasn’t the first time they came knocking and spending the time the whole day just lounging around. So it would most probably not be the last time.

It still felt awkward to have them around, but he guesses that JinLan and YeRan would appreciate the company. They WERE siblings after all. Though whether people came by just to check on the two, or to visit YX, or just to waste time was rather questionable at best.

And talking about ‘questionable’, YX had something bugging his mind every time the other siblings came by to play. It was just his luck that the two who decided to stay with him just had to be the quietest of the bunch.

Han JinLan was the third eldest of the siblings, and yet the difference between him and the siblings before and after him are despairingly obvious. YX wonders if the two oldest and two youngest after him stole his voice chords or something.

The youngest, Han YeRan was not as quiet as his older brother. He is just more prone to saying things only when needed. He does make small talk, like if he liked that one particular ice cream flavour, or he says that the takeout food was not warmed up enough or even how that newscaster lady looked very pretty with the mole under her mouth. But generally, he is also a quiet type.

Funnily enough, the two siblings fit quite well with each other despite their quietness. The more quieter one being the older one, but still attentive in teaching the younger one when he was coincidentally looking over his shoulder while the younger plays and he sees the older’s reflection through the screen.

All in all, YX thinks they are a quite pair to have around. But maybe that’s why YX tends to get attentive when listening to them speak when their other siblings came by to play. He has a chance to pick up what they would talk about and catch glimpses of their laughter. This made him feel a small bubble of happiness in his chest.

But this attentiveness is also what made him catch something very particularly peculiar when the siblings spoke to each other.


“Fern brother, you shouldn’t be stingy. I’m the youngest you know. I have rights.” He once heard YeRan said to the eldest.

“Hahaha! Try saying that to Cutie, I dare you!” And FenLuo replies him so.

“Or Cusee,” JinLan says to the youngest.

“Awww, you pouting? You pouting??? You are soo pouting!” WuFei spoke as he pokes YeRen’s cheek repetitively.

“...I hate you, Wolf.” The youngest would reply as he slapped the second eldest’s hand away.


YX didn’t think much that time. Maybe he was just listening to a word spoken wrongly or something. He was wearing headphones that time.

But the more he listened, the more he caught that peculiar thing they would say as they spoke.


“Cutie, you are just too weak.” QingXin replies blandly.

“Am not!” Her younger twin retorts.

“You are.” LiYan give her two cents in.

“I’m a 21 year old male! I. Am. Not. Afraid. Of. Haunted. Houses!” Once again QingQin replies.

“I agree with Cusee and Lyan on this. You’re too weak Cutie.” The older of the twin said with raised eyebrows.

“A-Ren, how could you betray your other twin like this!” QingQin despairs.

“Because I didn’t betray my other twin,” he pats YeRan’s thigh next to him.

“Hi. I’m his other twin.” YeRan helpfully answers. This caused a groan to erupt from the oldest male of the group.


And now YX was certain he wasn’t mishearing things. He definitely didn’t have headphones on. He was just reading.



Thus we come back to the beginning. Thankfully QingXin and QingQin had a clear look of understanding with their mouth and eyes open wide ‘O’s as they nodded slow but constant.

“Ahahah! And here I thought we said something funny without realising it!” the girl muses.

“Well… isn’t it? It doesn’t sound like something that made sense to me,” Ye Xiu knits his eyebrows

“Does it though? I think it makes sense. Doesn’t it Cutie?~” the girl turns to her twin.

“Doesn’t it Cusee?~” The boy replies equally.

“...” Ye Xiu’s brain stopped but started moving again a second later.

“Wait…. those weird words are your nicknames????”

“Bingobingo BINGO!” the boy exclaims as his two palms opened in front of him in marvel.

“Youuuu guessed right~ It’s our nicknames!” the girl mimics the boy’s action and then they both shake their hands together akin to shaking imaginary maracas in celebration.

“But… how does it work?” Ye Xiu asks. “I don’t see the connection with your names.”

“Oh, that’s easy! It’s because it was exaggerated by, like, a lot!” the boys answer with a grin.

“...It was exaggerated?”

“Extremely! It was so exaggerated, we couldn’t use it for the younger pair of twin. So their names just maintain the same!” the girl says with a grin.

“How come? Why couldn’t you guys just use normal nicknames like them then?”

“Owh, no reason. It just stuck, I guess.”

“Uh-huh. It was cool at one point.”

“It WAS cool! …everyone’s disgusted face that was!” They responded to and fro and ended with snickering.

“And yet you still use it till now..” Ye Xiu mutters in defeat.

“Aww~ But don’t they sound so unique?”

“Yeah! You don’t get anyone else with these names,” and then the two were back to their snickering.

“How did you come by those names anyway?” Ye Xiu finally asks. Ultimately, whoever it was that gave them those names should really get some naming advice next time.

“Owh, the brand manager did.”


...the what now?


“...The what now?”

“The brand manager! They’re the ones who decide.”

“...Brand manager.” Ye Xiu states.

“”Brand manager.”” The two states back.

“...And just why, or how, do you guys have a brand manager?”

“Mmh.. nothing much. We just help out in the house is all.” The girl answers while twirling a finger in the drill of one pigtail.

“.…….what kinda ‘house helping’ has brand managers in it?”

The two of the fraternal twin look at each other and then back to Ye Xiu.

“.…our house??”


YX closes his eyes for a moment.


He opens them back to stare at the two across him. He curses the blood that runs in them a bit. Just a bit. He wonders how their parents didn’t decide to abandon them early.

“Just to confirm something: whose brand?”

“”Grandma’s??//Your mom’s??”” and YX most definitely did not immediately close his eyes and rub his temples in a slight rise of blood pressure.

“...Your nicknames,” he opens his eyes to look at the two through his fingers, “they’re actually your model names, isn’t it?”

QingQin cocks his head, “Not really, no. Not ‘model’ names. It’s the name of the clothing lines inspired by us.”

QingXin nods her head with puckered lips, “And because it follows a modern theme, so the names are also exaggerated to follow that!”

“Ah-- but we do model for them though! With it being inspired by each of us and all.”

“That’s why we always called ourselves with the brand name when we were young. It sounded so cool!”

“Now, it’s just kinda stuck though… We just casually blurt it out without thinking,” the boy scratches his cheek.

Ye Xiu laid his forehead on his palm. He could feel his brain throbbing into his palms as he internally(or not) groans.

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Hello, sorry this isn't a new chapter but I just need to make a quick announcement.


Unfortunately I don't think this fic will work out at my current rate. 

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I do know how hard it is to understand the story at this point, thus I'm gonna announce that this fic will be on a temporary hiatus until the year 2020.

I have no intention of dropping this yet as I have more than 10+ drabbles(both crack and angst) already written for this fic, and I would honestly love to share it with everyone.

However as long as the main plot isn't out yet, the drabbles will be less and less understandable, and obviously that wouldn't be enjoyable.


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