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Deluxe Scenario Pusher Beta Test

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At the sound of the chime, a blue light that shone bright enough that even with his eyes closed, Shang Qinghua couldn’t ignore. Seriously, it was more annoying than a cell phone screen shining in a pitch dark room! He grumbled, eyes opening to squint at the System UI. As he had been trying to sleep, his eyes weren’t adjusted to seeing bright lights in this darkness. 


Plus, Shang Qinghua really really didn’t want to deal with The System right now. He was sleeping! Well, supposed to be sleeping but not after hearing that obnoxious chime ring through his head. The only consolation was that, despite being curled up like pleased cat right behind him, Mobei-jun wasn’t affected by the System at all since he couldn’t perceive it and remained asleep.


Furs and blankets all around him, he was at the perfect level of coziness to fall asleep in this cold palace. Having just come back from his own An Ding Peak, Shang Qinghua had yet to readjust to the cold (at least as much as he could) and knew he would be spending the next few days either wrapped in his heaviest cloak or sleeping under a multitude of blankets. Along with being comfortable, he was exhausted. The entire day had been spent traveling from his peak to the demon realm. After collecting his king from a meeting with some demon dignitary from the West, the two had promptly passed out after Shang Qinghua made it absolutely clear that while he missed his husband very much there was going to be no fooling around until he got some rest.


So what the hell did the System want that was so important? He was being kept from his chance at a perfect slumber!


Actually, scratch that. There was no way he was going to let this stupid System ruin his sleep.


With a small grunt, he turned himself away from the UI window of the System and towards Mobei-jun’s front. He was no longer being spooned from behind by his much larger husband which… was okay, not ideal for optimal perfect sleep. The fact that Mobei-jun was so much larger and stronger than him brought a certain kind of thrill to their bedroom activities but on the flip side it also was grounding and calming to feel that overwhelming presence in a protective sense.


That isn’t to say that this position didn’t have it’s bonuses.


Trying desperately to ignore the distracting screen from behind, Shang Qinghua shuffled his body up slightly to make it so his husband’s head was closer to his neck, below his head instead of above.


Mrf ….” The arm that had been draped over his waist shifted down, curling over the backs of the top of his thighs as Mobei-jun’s face pressed against the small human’s collarbone. His king breathed in deeply against Shang Qinghua’s neck, an exhale of chilled breath brushing against the bare skin. Shang Qinghua shivered at the cold but endured it. Mobei-jun was surprisingly cuddly and handsy when he was sleeping or right at the edge of sleep, little could bring Shang Qinghua to awaken his husband and break these little moments.


He yawned deeply before resting his chin on the top of Mobei-jun’s head. There hadn’t been any more chiming from the System, hopefully it got the hint and decided to buzz off. Brain sluggish from exhaustion, his tired eyes slipped shut once more as the promise of a deep sleep was the sweetest lullaby to this overworked man.


【Congratulations user!】


Annoyed eyes shot open, immediately met by the shine of a screen once more. It must have closed and reopened so that it would appear right in front of his face. Shang Qinghua glared at it, hoping that just his displeased expression would drive home the fact that he did not want to be bothered right now.


Go away ’ he wanted to desperately hiss at the screen, but he couldn’t. Even bigger than his annoyance towards the System was his fear of waking up Mobei-jun! Not only would his icy king stop cutely cuddling up to him but he would also have to explain why he was talking and he could only use sleep talking so many times.


Get the hell out of here! Scram! What the fuck can’t possibly wait until tomorrow??


【Congratulations! You along with several other user accounts have unlocked the opportunity to beta test a new feature geared towards a fulfilling, varietal intimate experience. Successfully completely the beta test will result in a special gift in appreciation. Do you wish to accept?】


That’s… odd. Normally the System was very straight to the point when it came to informing him of missions or point deductions. It never really had much of a personality but it’s like the spirit of a pop up advertisement possessed the System. Maybe if he ignored it, it would go away and he could sleep. Turning away and pretending it didn’t exist didn’t work the first time but maybe repetition was the key. Shang Qinghua slammed his eyes shut, but that didn’t stop the dreadfully upbeat voice that chimed in his head.


【User, do you accept?】




【User, do you accept?】




【User, do you accept?】


The only response he could spare the System was a swift slap in the direction of the light, assuming it was the System’s main window. Just go away and let me sleep! At that exact moment he felt the same sort of ire for the System that he did way back in his original world when he was tortured awake by the sound of his cell phone alarm.


【Thank you for choosing to participate in our Deluxe Scenario Pusher Beta Test!】


His arm froze, eyes opening and greeted by the terrible sight of his hand having slapped straight against the ‘yes’ button. There was no way in hell he was unlucky enough for that to happen just by chance! This System had to have cheated somehow!


【As special thanks, you will be able to freely use the full version of the Deluxe Scenario Pusher upon release. To begin, please make a selection from the following three options:


Ass Worship | Spanking | Wax Play


Please make your selection.】


W h a t? Is there a back button? A terms and conditions box to click on before being locked into this agreement?!


Shang Qinghua felt his heartbeat quicken. He tried to focus, tried to calm it before his all too perceptive husband was awoken by the change in pace. Think… the System said it was for ‘a varietal intimate experience’. Was the System pulling from all the various, ridiculously kinky scenes from his original novel and forcing them onto him and possibly other ‘users’? …. Did Cucumber-bro get tricked into this too?


【 If a selection is not made within a 30 seconds, a selection will be made for you.】




Shang Qinghua broke into a cold sweat. There was no arguing with The System at this point and even if he could, he didn’t want to know what penalty there would be for actively trying to avoid whatever this perverted beta test thing was if there is a penalty. The threat of penalties hadn’t been something he personally dealt with but Cucumber-bro had told him about how tough the System had been on him long ago. What even is a scenario pusher? Scenario…. Scenario…. The only idea he had was to ask his Cucumber-bro but time was not on his side. 


Where is a user messenger or DM function when you need one?! That would be way more useful than whatever this is!


【15 seconds remaining.】


There was the curt, to-the-point System that he was used to.


Shit…. Okay, calm down, just think. Take a deep breath. You’re locked into this weird perverted Deluxe Scenario Pusher Beta Test. That’s fine, you like to try new things just- Just pick something! What sounds good? 


Shang Qinghua stared blankly, mouth agape at the three options on the screen that floated in front of him. Ass worship? What… what even is that? Would it be him giving Mobei-jun’s ass an obscene amount of attention? Would it be the other way around? What does that phrase ‘worship’ even mean in this context? Nothing about this was explained at all! Dictionary please!


【10 seconds remaining.】


Okay, so the other options: there’s wax play or spanking. Were all these ‘scenarios’ going to have prompts like these? What if he just wanted to have a nice relaxing day doing paperwork for his husband or helping him handle affairs within the Northern demon realm? Wax play was just…. What could possibly happen that would make his husband think ‘you know what, this Mobei-jun feels like dripping hot dripping wax all down my little human’s body, making him squirm and cry out’?


… Actually that sounded entirely like something Mobei-jun might think of if he wasn’t so adverse towards touching hot things. 


On that thought though...  what if Shang Qinghua was the one that got to use the wax on Mobei-jun? Watching his husband flinch at each drip of heated wax, Mobei-jun’s thick throbbing cock bobbing at the temperature play and pain Shang Qinghua inflicted on him. It was a tempting revenge for all the sadistic tendencies his king subjected him to (not that they both didn’t enjoy it)…


【5 seconds remaining.】


His lips curled downward; the idea of having the wax poured on himself wasn’t the most enticing idea though and he had no intention of testing it out at the behest of the System. If he could guarantee that whatever this scenario was would let him be the one to use the wax then he might, but-




If he was going to try and do something new with Mobei-jun it was going to be of his own choosing on his time!




The System was letting him choose though… in a way...




Shit, shit alright okay!  


A hand darted out, slamming on one of the options presented by The System.


【User, you have picked spanking. Please enjoy tomorrow’s scenario!】


The screen blipped out and that grating voice no longer rang through Shang Qinghua’s head. The hand that had sealed his fate for tomorrow lightly stroked through Mobei-jun’s hair as his face buried itself against the top of that mass of silky dark hair. What happened, happened. He could ask more questions from the System later when he wasn’t trying to sleep.


A deep sigh tumbled from his lips, met by a squeeze of the hand resting on his thigh. He froze still, glancing down at the supposedly sleeping demon in his arms. Mobei-jun hadn’t been awake… had he?


“My king… are you awake? You should be sleeping,” he murmured.


The only response he was given was a deep, gravelly grunt. So no, then, his tired grumpy spoiled king had not actually been awake and hopefully didn’t feel Shang Qinghua’s heart racing during his own stupidity in his dealings with the System. 


You sleep ,” replied a tired voice. Shang Qinghua couldn’t help the fond, goofy smile at the childish command. His king sleepily sat up, large hand sliding up from where it had been resting on his thigh to his hip. It only took a brief moment for his Mobei-jun to push back on that hip, flipping Shang Qinghua onto his back. If he didn’t know exactly where this was going, he’d think that his king was manhandling him for a more licentious reason.


“Turn to your other side,” the demon demanded, staring down at his little human. Shang Qinghua knew exactly what Mobei-jun wanted; he wanted Shang Qinghua to turn around so he could spoon against him from behind and use his arm to keep him close. Still though, it was fun teasing Mobei-jun when the demon was mostly asleep. In fact...


“Or what, my king will spank me?”


It might be playing right into whatever scheme the System had forced poor innocent Shang Qinghua into, but he knew they were both too tired; him from the day’s long journey and Mobei-jun from having just been asleep. That didn’t mean he couldn’t run the idea across and see what his husband’s reaction would be to it. 


Judging by the faintly glowing, piercingly cerulean eyes looking down at him, accompanied by a self satisfied smirk, he’d say the idea was received alarmingly well. That curl of anticipation and delightful fear twisted in Shang Qinghua, making him feel like the prey that his Mobei-jun was going to make a delicious meal out of.


Tomorrow .”

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The entirety of the next day was spent with Shang Qinghua looking behind his back, seemingly anxious about something. A few of the palace servants, ones more acquainted with their king’s royal consort, dared to ask if something was the matter. ‘If our king’s consort is so concerned,’ one even went, ‘why not seek safety by him?’


How the hell was he was supposed to explain that it was Mobei-jun he was skittish of right now?!


Though words got a bit heated and teasing the night before, it had ended up with Mobei-jun arranging both of them in a position he saw fit to sleep in and the both of them slipping into a comfortable slumber. 


That didn’t keep him wondering when during the rest of the day his husband would strike, literally. The more of the day that went by the more that impending feeling grew until it was time for him to return to their bed chambers. With no husband in sight, Shang Qinghua changed into a comfier sleeping robe and began his post-work day grooming.


The good thing about Mobei-jun not being here though was that he could finally ask the System some questions.


“System,” he grumbled to himself while working a comb through his tangle of long hair. It had been how many years and he still wasn’t used to the lengthy locks, managing to always mess his hair up throughout the day if he dares to not tie it up in a neat little bun. “Do I have any active missions?”


【You have 1 active mission. Complete the Deluxe Scenario Pusher Beta Test.】


Shit. It wasn’t just a really weird perverted dream.


“How does it work?”


【Complete the chosen prompt. If a Scenario Pusher is needed, it will come into effect.】


“... What is a scenario pusher?”


【If the user does not create the ideal conditions for the prompt to occur, a Scenario Pusher will do so. The capacity of the Deluxe Scenario Pusher is greater than the full version of the Small Scenario Pusher, allowing for fulfillment of prompts such as vibrators or tentacles.】


Shang Qinghua’s coughs filled the silence of his king’s bed chambers, eyes wide at the sneak peek of possible prompts. Vibrators? Like…. Modern vibrating toys? How would that seamlessly work into this world, even with the Scenario Pusher? Then again, hadn’t he written in something into Proud Immortal Demon’s Way that was similar to that? A long, expertly carved jade dildo, flared at the bottom for easy handling, inlaid with a special crystal that reacted to spiritual energy and vibrated.


He had no idea where that could found though and hadn’t had the shamelessness to go through An Ding Peak item procurement information channels to find out. The assumption was that it was out there somewhere along with all the other strange plot devices or objects Luo Binghe was supposed to have used to win over members of his harem. But if the System could bring it to him…


“Wait… did you say tentacles?”


【Mission upcoming, be prepared.】


The screen that had been hovering right out of the corner of his eye blipped out and the voice in his head was heard no more, instead replaced by heavy footsteps. Mobei-jun was originally created to be the epitome of stealth, often sneaking up behind without actually meaning to and scaring the hell out of him. If Shang Qinghua could hear those footsteps, it meant that Mobei-jun wanted him to hear, to know that he was approaching.


It wasn’t entirely out of nervousness that he bit at his bottom lip, feeling a twist of arousal streak through his body. It would be a lie to say that spanking wasn’t something he had thought of doing with Mobei-jun. His handsy, manhandling king seemed to enjoy grabbing at or pinching Shang Qinghua’s ass whenever slung over the large demon king’s shoulder like a prize. With how much affection Mobei-jun had put behind the action of striking him in their earlier days, the idea that the demon would be willing to slap Shang Qinghua’s ass over and over out of a dominant streak of lust wasn’t too out of the question.


Footsteps stopped; a cold touch slid Shang Qinghua combed hair over one shoulder as his king breathed deep against the side of his neck.


He hissed at the feeling of sharp teeth punishingly nipping at the revealed skin. The exquisite flashes of enticing pain made him want to pull away, made him want to lean back closer.


Shang Qinghua,” his husband’s low voice rumbled out, lips brushing against the sensitive shell of Shang Qinghua’s ear while his hand came up to clutch possessively at the back of the human’s neck. He didn’t resist the impulse to press back into the claiming grip with a silent, airy sigh.


“My king…” The harsh scrapes of his husband’s teeth let all the anticipation and amorous interest loose through his body, like a good massage working a knot out. Normally it took more than just a few bites and a possessive grip to get him ready to lay himself out as an offering to his king but he had spent all day worrying- no, obsessing over this.


“This Mobei-jun didn’t sleep well last night.” A lie.


“Apologies, my husband.” Shang Qinghua knew that Mobei-jun slept deeply like he was under the effect of some sleeping medicine unless there was a sign of danger. The only time he had woken up was when the human had been moving around… which did technically mean it was his fault. “Allow this servant to take responsibility to make amends.”


After their marriage, there was only one time when Shang Qinghua would refer to himself as this servant: in bed, when he was willing to submit to his husband’s dominance without struggle or teasing back. An organic way to signal to Mobei-jun that he was ready and he wanted it.


“Don’t concern yourself; you will be punished for your behavior,” Mobei-jun’s free hand grasped at Shang Qinghua’s buttocks over his clothes, shamelessly squeezing and kneading. And why would he have shame over it? At this moment until signaled with a word or his carnal desire was sated, the little human was his to do what he pleased.


Mobei-jun’s chilled grip on his neck tightened, powerful arm guiding him towards the bed before the demon sat cross legged on the cushion. It felt as though his piercing, wicked gaze stabbed through Shang Qinghua, his knees weak with arousal tinged with instinctual fear. It was an addictive feeling.


“Come here. Across my legs.”


There was no need to elaborate. Obediently Shang Qinghua began to climb onto the bed but Mobei-jun reached out, snatching the human by his wrists to manhandle him spread across his lap. The human shivered as cold air hit his ass and legs, the bottom hem of his sleeping robe flipped up and over to reveal his bare skin.


“Ten strikes. Keep track, loudly, or this Mobei-jun will start over.”


Shang Qinghua felt like his skin was too tight, the anticipation of the strikes making him writhe. That grounding grip pressed to the back of his neck again, making him still.


“Does my servant understand?”


A need for a verbal confirmation. Mobei-jun’s other hand gently brushed his fingertips over the skin of Shang Qinghua’s ass, making the other flinch at the very first touch.


“Yes . ” Until faced with the impending strike, Shang Qinghua didn’t understand just how much he wanted this. Now he did. But… it was a punishment not a reward. “I’ve been bad.” He was eternally grateful that he wasn’t facing Mobei-jun at the moment, that his bright red face was hidden from view after spewing that shameless porno line like that.


Aah!” A sharp yelp was drawn from him at the first strike. It felt more like the surprising shock of pain that he felt when Mobei-jun pinched his ass or when he was still a disciple and his shoulder was smacked over a job well done. Still, he remembered his one job during all this. “One.”


Mobei-jun grunted a non-committal response to acknowledge the count.


Slap! The sound of skin hitting skin must have echoed through the room or else it just echoed through Shang Qinghua’s mind. His husband swatted the other cheek, a lighter strike than the first slap. “Two.”


Immediately came a third, harder strike on that same cheek. Instead of just feeling like he was being struck it felt… warm. Even with Mobei-jun’s natural coolness the skin of that ass cheek began to heat up. “Th-Three.”


The fourth strike hit the side struck first. “Fo- oooh …” As he was about to count out, Mobei-jun began gently rubbing the stinging flesh. The hot skin met his king’s cold skin, the confusion of temperature sending his nerves alight with the gentle rubs and squeeze of his ass.


“Start over.”


A pit fell in Shang Qinghua’s stomach. He… he thought he had said four? Did he not? No, those delicious touches of his Mobei-jun’s hands against his buttocks made him stop mid-count. Fuck.


“....yes, my king.”


One. Shang Qinghua cried out at the harsh smack on the previously soothed skin. 


Two. He jerked at the second slap, feeling how his cock twitched at the strike.


Three . The slaps only got harder as they progressed. If Shang Qinghua had managed to finish speaking the word ‘four’ out loud they would have been at seven out of ten by now. But maybe he subconsciously wanted the extra strikes after he started feeling the appeal. Mobei-jun’s own interest was felt as his king’s growing thickness pressed at the side of his hip.


Four. They were finally back to four.


“Will my servant remember to count this time?” Mobei-jun’s fingers pet through Shang Qinghua’s hair, coaxing a pleased little sound from his human’s lips.


“Mrrmph…. yes, my king.” Desiring to complete his ‘punishment’, Shang Qinghua shifted his hips up to present his rear towards Mobei-jun’s waiting hand. He’ll be good, he’ll count.


Just please, for the love of god, keep spanking me.


A soft slap. “Five.” A harder one, on the opposite side. “S-Six.” Another harsh strike. “ Seven… ” The hand that had delved out the punishing blows lightly smacked at the inside of one of Shang Qinghua’s thighs, prompting him to part his legs slightly. The opposite hand slipped under the side of Shang Qinghua’s hip to grasp at his hard, throbbing cock. The blood had rushed down to Shang Qinghua’s lower half at the spanking and he knew that Mobei-jun wasn’t going to let him forget how turned on the spanking made him. The hand lazily stroked his dripping cock, it wasn’t enough to do anything other than to fuel Shang Qinghua’s hunger. As soon as he started to push his arousal closer to his king’s hand, Mobei-jun tightened his grip into something more substantial.


Fuck, my king pleeease….”


The hand that wasn’t currently forcing Shang Qinghua to debate on whether to shamelessly hump against his king delivered the eighth stroke, the impact making him end up pumping his cock into Mobei-jun’s grip.


E-Eight, please more!” 


The ninth strike was almost too much for him, being the thirteenth overall. It just felt so good, each hit driving his hips forward to stimulate his cock as a little reward for taking the strike like a good boy. “N-Nine…” There was a lust-filled affection coloring his voice as he counted out. His ass cheeks were being rubbed again, squeezed, groped. His king’s cool touch both soothed and spread the heat along his flesh. How red was his ass now? Part of him almost regretted not asking for an implement that would leave bruises on his rear, little splotches that would remind him of Mobei-jun’s resolve for the next week…


Without warning, the last slap rang out in the air. It was the hardest by far but the most pleasing to Shang Qinghua.


He had finished the punishment. He was good.




Mobei-jun lifted him up, parting his own legs to fit Shang Qinghua between. Hands roughly pulled his abused ass tight against his king fat cock. His voice warbled with a needy cry as Mobei-jun’s hand returned to his dick, stroking with the intent of getting his little human off as he growled praise into Shang Qinghua’s ear.


You were so good for your king.”


Shang Qinghua couldn’t prevent his cock from pumping out cum onto his stomach at the praise. Chilled fingers ran through the creamy fluid, pressing against his lips that obediently parted to lick and suck them clean. Mobei-jun pushed his little human forward onto the bed, grasping his hips once more to raise them and pull them back flush against him.


The System at least had the good grace to wait until after their several rounds of going at each other.


【Congratulations on completing the prompt user! Please make your selection for tomorrow’s prompt:


Voyeurism | Rimming | Bodyswap


You have thirty seconds.】


Shang Qinghua quietly read the prompts, not wishing to disturb the clingy sleeping demon behind him. Every part of him was wonderfully sore and likely was going to be the next few days but he resisted the urge to ignore the System and fall asleep. 


Voyeurism… hmm. It sounded nice. Honestly there was a few instances before he and Mobei-jun had gotten together where he had imagined the quiet demon coming across him as he touched himself to thoughts of his king, gasping his name out as fingers tried to fill his emptiness and his hand pleasured his cock. Then again, coming across Mobei-jun stroking his thick dick and watching him…


Rimming is something they already do and something he can ask from his husband freely. Mobei-jun greatly enjoyed making Shang Qinghua writhe with his tongue.


Bodyswap?! Bodyswap was… Maybe through some sort of forgotten plot device it could happen but this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Then again, what it was almost impossible to switch back? The System never described how body changing prompts (actually it didn’t mention any possibility of them at all) would work.


But the temptation was there… Argh! He’ll just hit two at once and let the System decide which he had picked.


Shang Qinghua reached out with two hands, tapping both ‘Voyeurism’ and ‘Bodyswap’ at once.


【User, you have picked Voyeurism-】


Oh okay, cool.


【-and Bodyswap! 】


Wait. What?!

Chapter Text

Mobei-jun was the first to awaken after last night’s activities.


He sat up, feeling… oddly sore. It hurt to sit, even on the soft cushioning of their bed. Muscles ached in his thighs, his neck felt like hell all down one side of it. There was something even stranger than the unusual stabs of soreness across his body.


Having pulled down some of the blankets his Shang Qinghua nested in for bed, he felt… cold.


The air was always cold here, he was in the Northern Demon Realm. Mobei-jun flourished in frost, at his most comfortable when the air was so chilled his little human’s breath could be seen; an added bonus was that said human would insist on curling up under his king’s cloak when the cold was too much. Mobei-jun never said it, but the very fact that he allows this to happen should tell Shang Qinghua that it was okay and that he enjoyed the other seeking shelter so close to hm or so he assumed.


It was absolutely frigid though, he considered pulling his husband onto top of him like some sort of warmer… no, not considered. He was going to. His little human could deal with it, he should be awake now that Mobei-jun was anyway. 


Except when the demon king looked to his right, expecting to see his Shang Qinghua curled up under a mess of furs, he saw the ground. Did they switch sides somehow in the middle of the night?


His stomach dropped when he looked to the other side and saw himself.


It fell further when his eyes shot over to the mirror that rested on the wall and Mobei-jun saw not this Mobei-jun, king of the Northern Demons and one of the strongest his lineage had produced in hundreds of years, feller of his Lord Binghe’s enemies. Instead of brilliant blue eyes meeting their reflection in the mirror, warm soft honeyed brown eyes were present.


In the mirror wasn’t Mobei-jun. It was Shang Qinghua, An Ding Peak Lord and royal consort to this Mobei-jun. 


Mobei-jun could be brash or falter in social grace but he was sharp. If he was Shang Qinghua he could only assume that his husband currently inhabited his own body. It was no wonder sitting hurt then… he had done quite a number to his husband’s ass the night before, stumbling onto a kink they both greatly enjoyed.


His Shang Qinghua didn’t stir as Mobei-jun left the bed, still finding ease in remaining quiet and unnoticed. Lucky that his inherent skill for stealth transferred into this body because while his husband was a great immortal cultivator… he wasn’t the strongest immortal cultivator. If this was the result of some attempted Shang Qinghua’s strengths lay in strategy and management while Mobei-jun’s were in physical strength, stealth, and icy magical attacks. 


We compliment each other’s strengths, Mobei-jun decided on as he struggled to put his hair up in the same way that his husband did every single morning. Fuck it. If he was going to be in control of his husband’s body then he was going to dress the way he wanted to. Abandoning all notions of matching Shang Qinghua’s daily look, Mobei-jun instead left their bed chambers hair loose, donning darker colored robes that were saved for occasions when the human’s status of ‘royal consort’ was to be emphasized, and purposefully picking out his husband’s thickest, warmest cloak.


The fact that he had to deal with the cold as an enemy was the biggest affront to this Mobei-jun and he was already itching to reverse this spell or curse. Perhaps the palace healer would have answers.


Only moments later did person who chose this switch begin to awaken, much more abruptly as Shang Qinghua remembered the night’s events.


There was no evidence of the punishing spanking his king delivered to his ass before making him come on himself, a few sore spots on his back but he knew that the sting of trailing scratches left by a fucked out, needy human wouldn’t be on his body. His actual body, not Mobei-jun’s.


Which means that they must have switched somehow in their sleep.


There was no sign of his body so Mobei-jun must have already woken up and gone to find out what could have caused this. It was only a matter of time before Mobei-jun would be back to see if Shang Qinghua had woken up so….


How the fuck am I supposed to play dumb and pretend I have no idea how this happened?! Shang Qinghua thought to himself, working the comb through his- Mobei-jun’s hair as he had so many times before but now from a new angle. Actually, he knew exactly how he was going to deceive his husband into thinking he had no idea how they switched bodies: he would play dumb, just like he had when they first met. Airplane-bro knew exactly how to lie and play at being clueless to deceive which meant he had perfected his skills as Shang Qinghua. 


There was a nagging feeling of guilt at not immediately finding his husband and dissuading any fears he might have. 


But at the same time… how often did you have the opportunity to find out first hand where all your partner’s weak spots were? Shang Qinghua had spent a while the night before after accidentally picking two prompts trying to think of how they could possibly fit together. Was it voyeurism if you were in someone else’s body, watching as you touch yourself but it’s not really yourself? Were they going to end up sleeping together and someone walks in on them?


Would… the only way to change back be that they had to fuck each other in front of a crowd?


Shang Qinghua shivered and not because of the cold. Despite being stark naked, as Mobei-jun usually slept, he felt none of the customary chill in the air. Rather, the cold wrapped around him like the softest of blankets. It was hard to describe the sort of comfort the cold brought to this body, he could only liken to laying in the sun cozily like a stretched out cat. 


No, he shivered because there was a bit of a exhibitionistic thrill at the idea of being forced to ‘dual cultivate’ with his husband in front of a crowd to cure whatever the System had conjured up to force this dilemma. 


The only thing that put a damper on it was that he’d rather be fucked in his own body by his husband, like a beautifully adorned offering to the great King of the North. An offering to be consumed and used at his new king’s leisure, in view of his full royal court. They’d see how good Shang Qinghua could take his king’s thick cock as it molded his hole to it. … He might have to revisit this idea in some of his current novel work.


The flustered whine that left his lips at the thought sounded so odd in Mobei-jun’s low tone. Yet, if he could find more of Mobei-jun’s sensitive spots maybe he could coax such a needy sound out of his stoic husband.


I have no idea in hell what’s going to happen with the voyeurism and I doubt the System will decide to be useful for once… He looked into the mirror, raking his borrowed piercingly blue eyes down the form in the reflection. His husband was hot, really hot. It didn’t hurt that Shang Qinghua’s little exhibitionist daydream about being a sacrificial offering to sate Mobei-jun’s lust had awoken a craving in this demon’s body, the sight of his husband’s naked form bolstered by the half hard cock that hung between his legs. 


Shang Qinghua hadn’t even touched his husband’s body yet and it was already electrified with a current of desire. Was it always this easy to get Mobei-jun turned on? Was it a demon thing…? He couldn’t remember writing that in but putting in a throw away sentence of demon’s getting easily turned on by their mates to justify his protagonist’s papapa spree wouldn’t be too out of the question.


A wandering hand reached down, grasping the length to give a firm pump. Shang Qinghua’s head leaned back with a low moan falling out, his eyes staying trained on the mirror as he watched himself indulge in his husband’s body. It looked so different, his own reactions and vocalizations but in Mobei-jun’s body with his toe curling deep voice. He would kill to make his husband moan and cry like he himself did.


The hand gave another pump and another. His other hand lightly trailed the sharp nails down his neck, immediately finding a sensitive spot right where his jaw met his neck, directly below his ear. The dip of Mobei-jun’s clavicle was also a good spot but Shang Qinghua already knew that one, he thought to himself as he traced along the soft bite mark he’d left there the night before.


Shang Qinghua eagerly touched and explored his husband’s body with one hand, the other continuing to stroke and squeeze that hard fat cock that he loved to have buried inside himself. There was so many spots to remember, to suck love marks onto when this body swap was reversed. It was distracting, the way this body reacted to all of Shang Qinghua’s teases. Too distracting.


He never saw the figure in the doorway watching this all happen, from the moment he began to touch that cock that didn’t belong to him.


He never noticed the way it moved with such innate stealth to approach from behind.


He only noticed that his own body was there behind him when he felt a hardness press up behind him and a sharp pull on his hair, making Shang Qinghua’s eyes flutter shut as he gasped out a pleased moan.


“This Mobei-jun sees you’re having fun,” Shang Qinghua heard his own voice airily drawl into his ear. Was this what he sounded like when he was turned on or was just that Mobei-jun’s natural intensity when aroused filtered down into a slutty purr when spoken through Shang Qinghua’s mouth?


Shang Qinghua opened his eyes, looking into the mirror to see himself yet not quite himself. Mobei-jun must have given up on the hair, leaving down in dark chestnut locks. It was actually kind of a cute look on Shang Qinghua. With Mobei-jun’s expressions and the way he chose to dress up the human’s body though, he looked more like a crafty, spoiled princeling with than the great Mobei-jun of the North.


Mobei-jun pushed his body down into the mattress, climbing above it to keep his Shang Qinghua pinned down with his currently smaller body. His husband writhed underneath him but he felt the way his own thick cock throbbed against his Qinghua’s ass, there was no real attempt at breaking free. 


There something so exquisitely sinful about watching his little husband, in Mobei-jun’s body, toy with it and explore and he was hungry. Even if the solution to this wasn’t fucking his own body into the mattress he would give in to the blissful compulsion to take his Shang Qinghua. He pressed a hungry kiss to the other’s lips, body feverish with lust as the other met his kiss with equal intensity.


“Husband,” Mobei-jun heard Shang Qinghua murmur in his own raspy growl against his lips. Without warning, his husband below pushed back against Mobei-jun’s pin. No matter how hard he tried, how much of his husband’s little human strength he put into keeping Shang Qinghua pinned onto the bed it just wasn’t enough. 


In Shang Qinghua’s body, he was no match for his husband’s strength. It was… confusing. Arousing . Being physically forced and bent to the other’s will. He could see why his little human loved being tossed around and roughly taken by the larger, much stronger demon.


It didn’t take long for Shang Qinghua to single handedly pin his own body to the bed, taking Mobei-jun along for the ride. His other hand slid between them, fondling the clothed growing hardness, evidence of  Mobei-jun’s interest in this ‘solution’, just the way this body liked and responded best to. The king’s head was buzzing with pleasure, with such raw need. Though they were swapped into different bodies, their minds could key in on the fact that it was still them while their bodies responded to each other’s touch instinctively.


Mobei-jun could see his own piercing eyes watch carefully before a sudden rush of cold permeated through the fabric covering his groin, just enough to make this body’s cock throb in response. There was a delighted curl of possessiveness in him, that even though Shang Qinghua’s weak human body despised the cold when it came from Mobei-jun’s body it reacted so nicely.


Sharp teeth- his teeth- bit and nibbled their way across the side of Mobei-jun’s neck, across the bruising that had been left by himself the night before. Despite his usual stoicness, the way this body sang at the mimicry of his own proclivity to leave beautiful dark marks across his Shang Qinghua’s skin. 


Let this husband show you how good you make me feel .”


Shang Qinghua didn’t just show Mobei-jun though.


Not too much later, a certain mirror gifted to a certain Lord Binghe was accidentally knocked into when Shen Qingqiu happened to trip and fall against it. The System chimed in his head about the ‘Deluxe Scenario Pusher’ being activated before he knocked into it but...


There was nothing odd about the mirror or so they had both been told. In Mobei-jun’s defense, all he knew was that it was some gaudy relic of one of his ancestors and it just happened to match his own. He had no need for two mirrors. In a gift of fealty, it was presented to Binghe. 


The mirror remained as normal until it became more like a window, a gaze into something else rather than a reflection.


Laying on their bed, legs spread as his husband went down on him, filthily tonguing his spread fluttering hole. It was the perfect angle to watch mirror where he saw a reflection of an ornate, kingly bed chamber with an icy motif.


In the reflection of this other room, he saw his friend, confidant, and pest Airplane-bro on all fours, pinned down to the bed by the grasp of a single hand on the back of his neck. While Shang Qinghua face was pressed down to the bed, Mobei-jun’s other hand held his hips up, practically presenting his ass to the demon king as he curled over the smaller human and slammed his hips against- wait was that bruising on Shang Qinghua round ass from…. 


His own cock twitching from the mess Luo Binghe was making of his entrance down below with that talented tongue and the mess that watching Mobei-jun and Shang Qinghua fuck with such a carnal intensity made his mind, Shen Qingqiu briefly remembered the two words he had hit the night before: rimming and voyeurism.


Shang Qinghua woke up, back in his own body, after indulging in Mobei-jun’s body’s impulse to thoroughly wreck its mate- his own body. He had been filled with a licentious delight in having Mobei-jun spread underneath him, showing him exactly how good his husband made him feel when they were in bed.


The System’s screen shone in his face, the voice reading the words on the screen out having been what woke him up.


Three choices, but he knew in his heart that there was really only one choice out of three. Having been a denizen of the Internet and huge nerd, he had always seen fan art of his favorite characters in this and it had always…. intrigued him. There was no way he would ever have a thick enough face to talk about it outright, but he had silently saved some of the images that he think best and squirreled them away in a folder on his desktop for easy access.


Now actually having the chance to experience a fantasy he had toyed with a few times, including in his novel? The possibility of seeing his perfect man, his husband that he loved with every bit of himself, getting wrecked in the same way?


Shang Qinghua bit down an eager grin, reaching out to tap a single prompt.

【User, you have picked tentacles. 】

Chapter Text

Morning came all too soon, bringing with it anxious regret.


What the hell was he thinking picking tentacles?! This world was filled with a plethora of dangerous creatures that would eat or kill him at the first chance they had. Shang Qinghua knew this- he was practically the god of this world! He created it! Why did he think that tentacles was a good idea, who knows what those tentacles are attached to!


Then again… the other two options were distension or knife play. Neither ranked above tentacles even with the threat of danger. If he had to pick out of the three, tentacles. Yeah.


I’m such an idiot…. Stupid System, stupid Deluxe Scenario Pusher! Why beta test an unneeded feature, I could have just asked Mobei-jun to smack my ass!


Then again, yesterday was definitely an experience that wouldn’t have been possible without the power of the Deluxe Scenario Pusher, whatever it did. As he stared off into nowhere, sitting with a rapidly cooling cup of tea, papers haphazardly scattered across his work space, Shang Qinghua thought very long and hard about yesterday. Chances are, it forcibly activated some sort of event that happened in his original novel but… what? If it caused this, he must have been sleeping because there was no indication from the System at any mission activating and he hadn’t caused this like the spanking day.


There was no body swapping like this in the novel, except for that time an assassin poisoned Binghe’s top two wives but dosed them with the wrong poison and….




Shang Qinghua’s head fell to his folded arms, a defeated groan sounding through the thankfully otherwise unoccupied room. He knew exactly how the tentacles were going to come into play. The good news was that they weren’t inherently dangerous, so long as a strong willed demon was present.


In the original scene, an assassin hoping to weaken Luo Binghe’s indomitable protagonist’s spirit poisoned Liu Mingyan and Ning Yingying. He failed (surprise, there was no way in hell he was killing off two out of three of the most popular wives), the poison made them swap bodies, Mobei-jun tortured him for information on who hired him and instead of being truthful the would-be assassin instead gave the demon lord’s right hand man instructions to a cavern; a special cavern inhabited by mindless tentacle creatures that reacted to the will of a powerful demonic presence. 


There was never a clear reason for why the assassin did this, Shang Qinghua was too busy riding high on the increase of subscriptions to remember or care to tie up that loose end. It was a  hinted at tentacle scene that became a twenty page fuck-a-thon that destroyed the line between tasteful hot erotic fiction and raunchy tentacle porn, not his magnum opus or even his original vision for the story. Why not have fun writing this cash cow?


Binghe and his wives travel to the cavern, the tentacles react to Binghe’s stallion protagonist will to have sex with his wives, the tentacles have their way with the wives as they’re commanded by Binghe’s thoughts, and the whole experience technically counts as the two women having papapa and letting them switch back.


But Shang Qinghua and Mobei-jun had already switched back. Was this going to change anything?


The harsh slam of the door against the wall made the cultivator flinch, silently thankful that he wasn’t handling his tea at the moment. Just by the way the air chilled he knew that Mobei-jun was the one who had opened it and he was pissed . Shang Qinghua scrambled to turn around, standing up and carefully approaching his king while giving the furious demon a good measure of personal space.




“We’re going. Put this on,” Mobei-jun commanded him before tossing the human’s cloak over Shang Qinghua’s head and turning to leave the room. He fumbled with the clasp of the cloak as he ran to catch up with his husband.


“Was the interrogation successful?” He knew it was, of course it was. Aside from being a part of the damn plot, Mobei-jun was amazing at his job.


“Mn. He tried to kill you and failed,” the tone of Mobei-jun’s voice was so cold it could have made snowmen shiver. “He’s being dealt with. We’re going to the lair of the demon that hired him.”


Oh. There was no pretending that this wasn’t the exact scenario Shang Qinghua had figured it to be then. He nervously bit his lip, unable to control the way his heart quickened at the thought of the multitudes of writhing tentacles that were going to have their way with him at Mobei-jun’s beckoning desire.


A subtle growl tumbled from the back of Mobei-jun’s throat before he turned, grasping Shang Qinghua’s chin to force the smaller man to look up and meet his ominously glowing eyes.


“This Mobei-jun will not let anything happen to you,” he promised, sealing it with a biting, hungry kiss to Shang Qinghua’s lips. What the fuck was with demons and getting horny over violence?!


It was safe to assume that it wasn’t going to take much for the tentacles to act if his husband was already starting to get riled up.


And he was correct.


Once they had arrived at the cave situated close to one of those mixed human and demon towns Mobei-jun wasted no time in his assault on the cavern… Shang Qinghua, however, stayed near the entrance of the cavern. His king didn’t know what was in there, but the creator of this world did. Something akin to a cautious arousal was building in his stomach; Shang Qinghua knew that once the tentacles responded to Mobei-jun’s wishes he would be safe, but what of before then? He hadn’t remembered writing them to be particularly aggressive but…


“Come,” Mobei-jun rolled his eyes, grasping Shang Qinghua’s wrist and dragging him away from the light of day and deeper into the maw of the cavern. The chilled touch on his wrist was grounding, it kept him from getting lost in his desire tinged thoughts.


The deeper they ventured into the cave, the more the humidity rose. It was wet and getting steadily hotter before it was getting cooler. Weren’t caves supposed to be dark and cool and mysterious? The darkness was present, the only point of brightness in his vision being the glowing sharp blue of Mobei-jun. This place was more uncomfortably hot, sticky with moisture in the air… Shang Qinghua adjusted the collar of his robes, his clothes felt suffocating in this atmosphere. 


So take them off…


“My king… did you say something?” 


What the hell was that?


“No,” Mobei-jun replied, voice sounding uncharacteristically strained. It must be that odd heat permeating through the air, he knows his husband has an aversion to warmer tropical feeling temperatures like this. It’s fine, once this… mission is over they can return to the frigid Northern Palace and his husband can rest.


Everything was going smoothly until Shang Qinghua tripped.


Mobei-jun had rid himself of his cloak by this point and even Shang Qinghua had loosened his robes enough to rid himself of the stifling feeling. His husband could pretend he hadn’t looked but it was hard for the cultivator to not notice bright eyes glancing his way before sliding back forward. 


【Deluxe Scenario Pusher Bonus Push Activated!】




While Mobei-jun was the one whose eyes wandered, Shang Qinghua still found a way to fall. Somehow. Even though he couldn’t see where he was going, he had gone so long without a mishap. Was this the result of the ‘bonus push’?! At least Mobei-jun was there to catch him and…


Push him against the nearest cavern wall after pulling him back up from the fall and accidentally nuzzling his hair.


Husband… ” Mobei-jun lowly growled into Shang Qinghua’s ear, crowding him against a wall before pinning both his hands above his head with one of his own. He nosed along the side of the smaller man’s neck, breathing in deep with an airy sigh. “You smell so good…”


Shang Qinghua looked up, the glowing blue of Mobei-jun’s eyes noticeably darkened from his blown up pupils. It was almost enough to distract him from the slick smoothness that trailed up his arms, curling and wrapping around his wrists after Mobei-jun released them. The creature was already synced with his king then…


“My ki- mph! ” As soon as he began to speak, another one of those strange tendrils dove into his mouth, cutting off any more words he would’ve spoken. He couldn’t see in this dark, having relied on Mobei-jun’s demonic ability to see in the darkness to get through the cavern to this point. 


But he could feel. The tentacle in his mouth was smooth as it drew back, sliding against his lips that were stretched wide around it. The thing was pleasantly warm but not hot. It urged back forward into his mouth, releasing a sickeningly sweet liquid into his mouth that shot down the back of his throat, almost making him choke. The heat that pooled in stomach intensified as soon as the fluid hit his tongue. The disgusting saccharine quality of the tentacle mellowed out, softening into a pleasant sweetness that made Shang Qinghua desire more of it.


Little needy sounds flitted from his throat as his mouth and lips worked at the phallic tentacle in his mouth, head tilting to approach the thick smooth length at different angles. His eyes were half open, staring ahead to where he could still see a faint ring of glowing blue from where Mobei-jun’s irises hadn’t been completely swallowed up by his pupils. Wet, lewd sounds came from his king’s direction, accompanied by low grunts.


The slick tendrils slide up the sleeves of his robes, curling out and up at the hem by his neck and pulling his outer robe open. Smaller ones darted against the skin of his torso. If he wasn’t currently pinned down he would’ve flinched at the ticklish sensation. Simultaneously the ties of his inner robe were undone by the smaller tentacles, his inner robe now matching the state of his outer. 


A shredding cloth sound echoed through the cavern when the tentacles followed up by literally tearing Shang Qinghua’s pants for access. He didn’t care though. He was too far gone from that deliciously strange nectar he had been sucking off the fat tentacle stuffing his mouth, his mind clouded with a longing bliss the more he consumed. 


Mph… mm… mmmph…” Small cries of lust from the human join the cacophony of wicked sounds that rang through the cave chamber. Shang Qinghua’s laved his tongue against the underside of the tentacle and caught a low grunt joining the audible proof of their excitement.


Could his king… feel what he was doing to the tentacles?


He couldn’t remember. There was no way he was going to be able to focus to either. Two more tentacles came from nowhere, hooking themselves under his knees and wrapping the short unused length in a spiralling grip up his thighs. Just as he was about to ‘struggle’ and test the strength of the tendrils, they moved in synchronicity to lift him straight off the ground. His legs were forced apart, knees lifted to fold his legs. 


Every intimate part of Shang Qinghua was on full display for Mobei-jun. Even though he couldn’t see in the dark, his king could. From Mobei-jun’s position on the ground, there was no way he couldn’t see the way another tendril curled around his little human’s hard cock, the coils tightening and loosening around the shaft, over and over, before finally tightening and stroking with a slick sound. Shang Qinghua keened at the touch, hips bucking into the grasp of the creature. The knowledge that Mobei-jun was watching, that it was his desire that the creature was acting on, blanketed him in satisfaction.


Against his ass, Shang Qinghua felt something- no, two things, two tentacles gripping against his cheeks and spreading them. He was too far gone to feel any sort of shame at the way he was being toyed with, especially when another tendril began to spread its licentious liquid around his rim. His head pulled back off the tentacle that filled his mouth, managing to avoid the darting tendril that tried to slip in once more long enough to plead.


“Please, my king… I want it, I-” His voice was rough, scratchy from the delicious abuse the tentacle in his mouth inflicted from the deepthroating, which continued its onslaught at Mobei-jun’s command. He felt as the proding thick tentacle pushed against his entrance. Desire flared in him at the penetration, his body tensing and squeezing around to encourage in to go deeper.


The way the thick tentacle writhed within his passage felt so foreign in his body but so incredible at the same time. Toys meant to simulate tentacles back in his previous existence must have nothing on the real thing; the tendril rubbed along his walls, carefully avoiding the single spot that would really melt his mind.


But he wanted more. 


Shang Qinghua wanted Mobei-jun too.


The tentacles that suspended him in the air moved him around at their will as they brought him closer to Mobei-jun. He was left in a position where he was leaning forward, arms tied behind his back as the tentacles along his legs kept him spread for the ones that went to work filling his ass so deeply . Each explorative thrust by the tentacle in his hole was accompanied by a smooth stroke of his cock by another tendril. The one that filled his mouth let off one last splash of its aphrodisiac like release before slipping out, disappearing out of his extremely limited field of vision.


His mouth wasn’t empty for long when cold lips claimed his own in a sloppy, hungry kiss. Shang Qinghua let loose all his little moans of ecstasy against the kiss, boldly shoving his aphrodisiac covered tongue into his king’s mouth. The act was met with a surprised grunt, he could barely 


“I want… I want to taste you…” Shang Qinghua’s slurred words barely strung into a sentence. There was only the wish that his king could just sense his urgency in sating his hunger for his husband’s fat cock. It was so hard to think with how pleasantly his head buzzed. His body craved more of Mobei-jun’s touch and more of the delicious torture the tentacle, and by proxy Mobei-jun, inflicted on him.


“Mn,” the affirmative grunt was strained. If only Shang Qinghua could see what the tentacles were doing to his lover, he would give a lot to get to see. Maybe they’d have to revisit this cave at a later time with some sort of light source, it was entirely unfair that Mobei-jun could see him but he couldn’t see back!


The obliging tentacles that suspended him in the air lowered Shang Qinghua closer to the ground. The smell of Mobei-jun’s arousal hit him before anything, that uniquely Mobei-jun scent that would fill the air whenever they fucked. The amount at which he enjoyed the scent of sex from his king would be embarassing if he didn’t love it so damn much. 


Tongue wandering out, the flat of it blindly licked right against the dripping fat head of Mobei-jun’s cock. Eagerly he lapped at the tip before wrapping his lips along the head, sucking down every bit of the salty liquid that dewed on it. Small rocks of the demon’s hips pushed the thick heavy length deeper into Shang Qinghua’s mouth, filling him just as much as the tentacle had; his king tasted so good , even better than the tendril that had stretched his lips into an ‘o’.


As his lips pressed against the base of Mobei-jun’s long substantial length that was buried down his throat, something brushed against his forehead. But his forehead was against Mobei-jun’s stomach…


It brushed again. Again. Rhythmically pumping inside of the demon that fought between grinding his hips up into Shang Qinghua’s mouth and backing himself against th


A fat tentacle had penetrated his husband so deeply… that….


Shang Qinghua’s hole tightened around the two tentacles that alternated in their thrusts inside of him, the very thought of usually controlled Mobei-jun losing himself to the onslaught of pleasure the tentacles brought to the point of fucking himself that deeply on the phallic tendrils sending the cultivator to the crest of pleasure, giving him his first orgasm of the night.


As Mobei-jun’s thick creamy seed filled his mouth and the tentacle on Shang Qinghua’s cock was replaced by one that swallowed it up like a warm, wet hole, he knew he was going to be in for at least several more rounds.


The tentacles weren’t going to stop until his king’s lust was sated.


It was dark by the time they reached the nearby town, knowing that the journey back to the Northern Palace was unreasonable after that marathon of sex. The innkeeper asked no questions; who in the Northern Demon Realm, even so close to the border between the human and demon realms, would dare question the Mobei-jun when he comes in carrying a thoroughly exhausted yet content human wrapped in a thick heavy cloak, asking for a single bed room?


A fool, that’s who. Innkeeps near the border tend to mind their own business as well.


Exhausted from the days activities but already trying to figure out how to revisit the cave in some point in the future, Shang Qinghua laid on the uncomfortable rough bedding as the equally tired (and equally sated) demon lord lay behind him, sleeping soundly.


【Congratulations on the completed mission user! Get ready for the next selection.】


Just how many more of these missions were there?! He cursed at the System inwardly, but… on the other hand he just had a very satisfying experience thanks to this Deluxe Scenario Pusher. Either it wove itself into the world seamlessly or it had a trick to just make those involved not question the absurdity or oddness whatsoever.


Either way, nice .


Gags | Cunnilingus | Daddy | Fisting


Unfortunately, Shang Qinghua’s extreme exhaustion led him to fall asleep in the countdown for choice selection, leaving the program to randomly select his next mission.

Chapter Text

The air of this border town was a bit warmer than that of the tundra surrounding the Northern Palace. Cool, but not too cold, ideal for those without a resistance or liking for the harsh Northern winds… also perfect for snuggling up to an ice demon husband under the blankets. Shang Qinghua barely missed the thick furs and woven covers that he adorned the shared bed with back at the Palace, one heavy blanket and one demon that radiated coolness off his body made the ideal sleeping situation.


If only he wasn’t wide awake, a ball of nerves at the fact that after the fantasy-like scenario with the tentacles and Mobei-jun he had passed right now and missed picking the Deluxe Scenario Pusher Beta Test option that he would be subjected to today. All he could hope was that it didn’t involve his sore chrysanthemum getting stretched because honestly? As much Shang Qinghua loved bedtime activities with his husband he was feeling the dull telltale throbbing pain of being penetrated, roughly, several days in a row. 


It was well worth the pleasure but he just couldn’t handle it today! He needed to rest his ass!


A small, pathetic groan was wrenched from him as Mobei-jun’s front innocently pressed to his backside. He knew his king was asleep so there was no intent behind the action but it still hurt… 


Then again, with Mobei-jun’s chilled touch would that help alleviate the pain?


Pffft! Shang Qinghua had to turn his face towards the pillow to muffle his uncontrollable giggles. The idea of using a dick to help ease the pain caused by a dick was undeniably ridiculous. Mobei-jun’s tongue though...


“First you whimper and now you laugh,” a sleepy voice growled into his hair. The arm that had lazily curled over his waist tightened, pulling Shang Qinghua back even closer and allowing Mobei-jun to rest his chin on the top of his little human’s head.


Looks like Mobei-jun wasn’t sleeping after all… which meant that Shang Qinghua could get him to leave the room for some one-on-one time with the System. Possibly some bargaining.


As much as he didn’t want to leave the tired demon’s embrace, he also didn’t want to get stuck with something like ‘double penetration’ when his ass hurt this much. Shang Qinghua yawned, shifting his body away just enough to roll and face Mobei-jun with the most pitiful, pathetic look on his face.


“Husband…” He was really leaning into the pathetic part. For some reason, even the icy Mobei-jun would melt at it though it would be hard for an outside viewer to tell.


“Mm?” A soothing cooling sensation ran against the human’s scalp as his king’s hand rubbed at his scalp. It was a running joke between him and Cucumber-bro that Mobei-jun was like a big cat but it was him melting at the touch, like a cat being pet in all the right places. He was increasingly tempted to say ‘fuck it’ and enjoy the lazy morning, a sense of peace washing over him as he relaxed into the touch.


System, there should be a raincheck option for testing out features! This is too nice of a morning to ruin!!


“Can you go down and ask the proprietor if there’s a medical kit that guests can use? This poor husband is… sore from yesterday.” That was an understatement but if he’s lucky, there’ll be some sort of salve he could and if he wasn’t then at least he could find out what the selection for the day was.


A neutral growl of displeasure yet yielding agreement was the response given.


“Thank you,” Shang Qinghua murmured, pressing a quick kiss before Mobei-jun could get too far. A small pang of guilt stabbed through him but at the same time, his husband wasn’t the one who had taken it in the ass four days in a row or so. If he was in a more playful mood, might even dare to indulge in being a little demanding much like other man had been during their first encounter at an inn so long ago.


“System, is the mission finished…?” He doubted it, but it was worth a try to ask. After all, he never asked how long this mission would take…


A blue screen popped into existence in front of his face, the words on it mirroring the words that were robotically spoken into his mind.


【Hello User, the Deluxe Scenario Beta Test mission is a 30 day experience. As you are on Day 4, there are still 26 more days to go.】


What the fuck.


30 days!? ” Shang Qinghua hissed at the screen, half wishing he could strangle the System and half wishing he could just curl up and cry over his soon to be destroyed ass. “There isn’t way to postpone it or do it every other day? System-dage, surely there’s a way to help save this poor user’s rear?”


【It has never been a requirement that the User be penetrated.】


… Fair point. Time to ask the other question that had plagued his mind since he woke up and realized the consequences of passing out and letting Mobei-jun handle everything.


“What… is the selected option for today?” 


【The choices were: Gags | Cunnilingus | Daddy | Fisting.】


Oh fuck please don’t let it be fisting my ass won’t survive, I’d need a few days to prepare please System have mercy!!


Shang Qinghua was prepared to beg and bargain when the System piped back up again, a flashing selection icon appearing around today’s fate.


【As the User declined to make a selection, a choice has been made on your behalf. Today’s mission is: gags.】


Oh. Oooooh. That was workable except for one thing: what did it mean by gags? Ball gags don’t exist in this world, having some fabric from an inn room stuffed into his mouth isn’t appealing at all, does the System want him to gag on Mobei-jun’s thick heavenly pillar…?


“Could System-dage explain what is meant by gags?” Shang Qinghua tried to weedle any sort of information he could use to prepare himself. He still wasn’t above begging if it came to it.


【You’ll see soon.】




The screen blipped out of view as soon as the door opened, the atmosphere of the small, quaint room cooling with a familiar frostiness. Mobei-jun must have noticed the worry that colored Shang Qinghua’s face because his lips curled down in a scowl. He prowled closer to the bed, sitting at the edge closest to his husband and held out a small, simple wooden box. Though he had known to expect anything in the range of what was kept at An Ding Peak supplied by Mu Qingfang, it was… kind of sketchy looking to be honest. As he accepted the box, the first thing he noticed was the rust on a hinge.


At least he hoped it was rust.


“This Mobei-jun was only able to receive this. The owner found it in a room this morning.”


Oh okay, so a strange box of medicines left in an inn. That’s fine. Maybe the System expected him to gag from the taste of awful, incredibly bitter medicinal herbs. 


“There is a healing salve this Mobei-jun is familiar with in it.” 


That’s something at least. Shang Qinghua fiddled with the latch, cringing at the high pitched creak of the hinges as he carefully opened it. There was indeed a small pot of salve in it, he’d become very familiar with the substance during the aftermath of preventing an attempted assassination of his king. Other small jars and bottles were stuffed into the box, labels present but the writing more like strange coded symbols than actual words.


“Husband, do you recognize any of these symbols?” It was possible he could take advantage of the extensive information network he had access to as An Ding Peak Lord but if he could just ask Mobei-jun right here and now, it would save a lot of trouble over using such a power to sate a small curiosity. Yet, there was something about them that just bothered Shang Qinghua, like he was forgetting something…


“Mn, no,” Mobei-jun took the box back, plucking the needed salve out at carelessly tossing it to the human. While the ‘injured’ man scrambled to catch it, something within the box caught the demon king’s eye. A few dried herbs were moved to the side, revealing something Shang Qinghua honestly was not expecting to see at all.


The lid to the pot of salve was dropped, rolling off the bed and onto the floor as he froze at the sight of it, mouth agape.




Are you fucking kidding….?!


In Mobei-jun’s hand was a delicate looking ring of jade, with two smooth silky cords knotted and strung along either side of the ring. To his husband, it probably looked like some strange piece of jewelry. If he didn’t know that it was going to be used on him, the cultivator might take it and use it to taunt or rile up Cucumber-bro.


Well, Shang Qinghua was going to be taking it one way or another.


“My husband knows what it is,” Mobei-jun spoke, unable to miss the incredulous look on the other man’s face. ”Tell this Mobei-jun,” a pause, “or show.”


There’s no way he didn’t have an idea of what the object was for with that slight, haughty smirk that graced his king’s face. The look of ‘I know what you’re going to say but I want you to say it and get embarrassed’. Well, it’s not like he could say no.


“It’s… used to keep the mouth open.” 


It’s a gag, the ancient Chinese version of an o-ring gag. He remembered writing this in for a particular scene of Luo Binghe with some monster girl who used her voice to drain both spiritual and demonic energy from men… and also happened to join Binghe’s harem.


“Show,” Mobei-jun held out the gag, letting go as soon as Shang Qinghua’s hands cupped underneath it. The System never said it had to be used on him, what if… His hands, holding either end of the cords, barely approached his husband’s face when an icy, entitled scowl was directed right at him.


Ah, of course it was going to be used on him. What a foolish assumption.


Please have mercy on this poor husband my king! Shang Qinghua cried on the inside, conflicted over the interest in using the gag and the worry about the state of his entrance after the next 26 days. His mouth opened wide, the top and bottom of the jade ring fitting comfortably behind his teeth as he tied the cords at the back of his head, fumbling before larger hands covered his own and took over tying the ends.


One of those hands came to grab his chin, tilting his head at different angles as observant brilliant blue eyes stared at his mouth. The opposite hand reached up, fitting two fingers through the gag. Shang Qinghua could taste chilled skin on his tongue, unable to stop little sounds that were drawn in response to the searching fingers. 


Mobei-jun moved the hand from the little gagged human’s chin to his hip, pulling him forward to straddle one of the demon’s muscular thighs. The hand guided and encouraged him to rub against the pants fabric, why was his body responding so quickly to the situation and the touches of Mobei-jun? They had just started and already his half hard from a little grinding and a gag!


It was entirely possible that there was still something in his body leftover from the mist at the tentacle cave causing havoc with his senses…


“Hmph. So it’s just for silence.”


No my king, it’s for keeping a mouth open so you can put a cock in it! Though the more he thought about it, the closer he came to realize that Mobei-jun’s pillar might be too thick to fit through the ring. 


By this point though Shang Qinghua was a bit worked up from the explorative touches around the gag ring, from the way Mobei-jun’s hand on his hip encouraged him to rub down against the thigh that rested between his legs. There was something enticing about being gagged, having his mouth toyed with until he was a sloppy drooling mess and then having something fill it. Soreness from the past few days aside, he was much more interested in having something stuffing his mouth than his ass.


Helplessness blanketed his thoughts, drawing a filthy submissive streak from his mind. As if Mobei-jun sensed it, the demon roughly pushed his gagged husband back down against the bed.


Shang Qinghua squirmed against the bed, hair messily fanned out as he coyly glanced up at his king. Drool trailed from the corner of his lips, jaw forcibly kept open by the large jade ring gag seated in his mouth. Defenseless, still feeling the lingering effects of the aphrodisiac from the day before and shamelessly enjoying the helplessness inflicted on him by the gag, he wanted his Mobei-jun to take advantage.


Aah… ” He cried a soft moan, motioning with his head and pushing his tongue out through the ring the best he could as if to present his mouth as an option. It was difficult to express his desires, his lust colored ideas to Mobei-jun with the gag in place. For someone who liked to talk and weave filthy words to arouse and rile up his king, it was torture to not be able to use his words.


But to Mobei-jun?


It was an amusing game.


The ice demon smirked in a predatory manner down at the man below him. Sliding the hand he held Shang Qinghua’s neck with, he slipped his thumb through the o-ring of the gag. He pressed down on his little human’s tongue, forcing Shang Qinghua’s jaw to drop ever so slightly lower as he spoke.


“This Mobei-jun doesn’t know what you want without words.”


The build up of anticipation that wound its way in the cultivator’s body dropped into incredulous disbelief.


Tease! Awful awful tease! I can see your pillar making an enticing bulge in your pants! You want this as much as I do!!


That’s fine. Shang Qinghua wasn’t nothing without with his shameless words. He had no problems being equally shameless with his actions. 


Mobei-jun watched curiously as his little human shifted himself down a little. Lust hazed warm brown eyes looking into his own icy irises before Shang Qinghua raised a knee to gently rub it against the demon’s thick cock while his mouth moved forward to Mobei-jun’s thumb deeper into his mouth. He may not be able to use his words to rile up his husband but he could still use his mouth, dragging his tongue along the digit while moving his head back towards the mattress. 


It had rested there for barely a second before Shang Qinghua’s entirety was lifted off the bed by a single hand grasping the front of his inner robes. Back pushed against the wall as he was put into a position somewhere between laying and sitting up, it only took a moment for Mobei-jun to undo the ties of his pants and have his dripping length in hand. The corners of his lips curled up, self satisfied at the manhandling of his little human and how he saw Shang Qinghua’s own cock throb at the rough treatment.


That smirk was short lived as they both realized that the demon’s weighty cock was too thick to fit through the ring. The head of it pressed against the jade ring, an annoyed growl ripped from Mobei-jun as he realized that he would have to choose between the gag and using Shang Qinghua’s hot mouth to chase his pleasure.


He wanted both.


He especially wanted his husband’s mouth when that tongue laved against the tip of his cock that pressed through the o-ring gag, small teasing licks. Shang Qinghua’s eyes slid half closed, he watched how his little human got more and more into lick and drinking down every drop that dewed from his cock head and the decision was easy.


Mobei-jun would have both.


His hands reached down, ignoring the needy whine that tumbled from Shang Qinghua’s mouth at the absence of his taste, and flipped the o-ring horizontal to where the smooth jade pressed against the mouth roof. The opposite hand grasped the base of his weighty cock, body shivering as he sank into the almost unbearable heat of his husband’s mouth and down his throat, making the smaller man gag slightly on his hard cock before pulling back.


There was no way they were going to be leaving this box and its contents with the inn owner now.


Despite how great a demon’s stamina was, Mobei-jun only lasted for so long considering the increased sensitivity from the aphrodisiac remnants; the dirty mess Shang Qinghua made of himself with the mix of uncontrollable drooling and Mobei-jun pre dripping out the sides of his mouth certainly helped speed things up.


A quick handjob eased his human’s arousal shortly after Mobei-jun’s own and they were ready to set off. Not a single attendant or worker at the inn had the nerve to utter a word alluding to the loud gasps sourced from the room the odd couple had rented. Gratuity in the form of extra compensation was sneaked toward the owner by the bashful, almost embarrassed human that accompanied who they recognized to be the Mobei-jun.


For some reason, the journey back always appeared to be shorter than the journey to. Every so often Shang Qinghua would rub at the sides of his jaw, a bit sore from how the gag had forcibly kept his mouth open. 


Mobei-jun stopped in his tracks, his companion quickly following suit.


“My kin-” Shang Qinghua’s question was cut off by the chilled palms on either of his cheeks. The cold radiated soothingly from the demon’s skin, helping to numb the soreness of his jaw even when Mobei-jun freed his face from his grasp and continued walking with a self satisfied smirk.


The little human couldn’t help but carry a small smile of his own at the quiet, caring action.


Travels ended and night fell, a day of travel catching up with the already weary men and beckoning them to sleep rather early after Mobei-jun checked on Palace affairs. The small strange box was placed alongside a few knick knacks on Shang Qinghua’s desk in their chambers. If it was going to be safe anywhere, it would be there. More could be found out about it later… after he took the o-ring gag out of it.


Sleep claimed Mobei-jun quickly, prompting the System to pipe up before Shang Qinghua succumbed to slumber this time.


【Congratulations on completing the task. Your options for tomorrow are:


Bondage | Frotting | 69 | Vibrator 】


The options presented elicited a wicked scenario from Shang Qinghua’s writer’s brain. If he could pull it off….


【You have picked Frotting and Vibrator.】