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Deluxe Scenario Pusher Beta Test

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The entirety of the next day was spent with Shang Qinghua looking behind his back, seemingly anxious about something. A few of the palace servants, ones more acquainted with their king’s royal consort, dared to ask if something was the matter. ‘If our king’s consort is so concerned,’ one even went, ‘why not seek safety by him?’


How the hell was he was supposed to explain that it was Mobei-jun he was skittish of right now?!


Though words got a bit heated and teasing the night before, it had ended up with Mobei-jun arranging both of them in a position he saw fit to sleep in and the both of them slipping into a comfortable slumber. 


That didn’t keep him wondering when during the rest of the day his husband would strike, literally. The more of the day that went by the more that impending feeling grew until it was time for him to return to their bed chambers. With no husband in sight, Shang Qinghua changed into a comfier sleeping robe and began his post-work day grooming.


The good thing about Mobei-jun not being here though was that he could finally ask the System some questions.


“System,” he grumbled to himself while working a comb through his tangle of long hair. It had been how many years and he still wasn’t used to the lengthy locks, managing to always mess his hair up throughout the day if he dares to not tie it up in a neat little bun. “Do I have any active missions?”


【You have 1 active mission. Complete the Deluxe Scenario Pusher Beta Test.】


Shit. It wasn’t just a really weird perverted dream.


“How does it work?”


【Complete the chosen prompt. If a Scenario Pusher is needed, it will come into effect.】


“... What is a scenario pusher?”


【If the user does not create the ideal conditions for the prompt to occur, a Scenario Pusher will do so. The capacity of the Deluxe Scenario Pusher is greater than the full version of the Small Scenario Pusher, allowing for fulfillment of prompts such as vibrators or tentacles.】


Shang Qinghua’s coughs filled the silence of his king’s bed chambers, eyes wide at the sneak peek of possible prompts. Vibrators? Like…. Modern vibrating toys? How would that seamlessly work into this world, even with the Scenario Pusher? Then again, hadn’t he written in something into Proud Immortal Demon’s Way that was similar to that? A long, expertly carved jade dildo, flared at the bottom for easy handling, inlaid with a special crystal that reacted to spiritual energy and vibrated.


He had no idea where that could found though and hadn’t had the shamelessness to go through An Ding Peak item procurement information channels to find out. The assumption was that it was out there somewhere along with all the other strange plot devices or objects Luo Binghe was supposed to have used to win over members of his harem. But if the System could bring it to him…


“Wait… did you say tentacles?”


【Mission upcoming, be prepared.】


The screen that had been hovering right out of the corner of his eye blipped out and the voice in his head was heard no more, instead replaced by heavy footsteps. Mobei-jun was originally created to be the epitome of stealth, often sneaking up behind without actually meaning to and scaring the hell out of him. If Shang Qinghua could hear those footsteps, it meant that Mobei-jun wanted him to hear, to know that he was approaching.


It wasn’t entirely out of nervousness that he bit at his bottom lip, feeling a twist of arousal streak through his body. It would be a lie to say that spanking wasn’t something he had thought of doing with Mobei-jun. His handsy, manhandling king seemed to enjoy grabbing at or pinching Shang Qinghua’s ass whenever slung over the large demon king’s shoulder like a prize. With how much affection Mobei-jun had put behind the action of striking him in their earlier days, the idea that the demon would be willing to slap Shang Qinghua’s ass over and over out of a dominant streak of lust wasn’t too out of the question.


Footsteps stopped; a cold touch slid Shang Qinghua combed hair over one shoulder as his king breathed deep against the side of his neck.


He hissed at the feeling of sharp teeth punishingly nipping at the revealed skin. The exquisite flashes of enticing pain made him want to pull away, made him want to lean back closer.


Shang Qinghua,” his husband’s low voice rumbled out, lips brushing against the sensitive shell of Shang Qinghua’s ear while his hand came up to clutch possessively at the back of the human’s neck. He didn’t resist the impulse to press back into the claiming grip with a silent, airy sigh.


“My king…” The harsh scrapes of his husband’s teeth let all the anticipation and amorous interest loose through his body, like a good massage working a knot out. Normally it took more than just a few bites and a possessive grip to get him ready to lay himself out as an offering to his king but he had spent all day worrying- no, obsessing over this.


“This Mobei-jun didn’t sleep well last night.” A lie.


“Apologies, my husband.” Shang Qinghua knew that Mobei-jun slept deeply like he was under the effect of some sleeping medicine unless there was a sign of danger. The only time he had woken up was when the human had been moving around… which did technically mean it was his fault. “Allow this servant to take responsibility to make amends.”


After their marriage, there was only one time when Shang Qinghua would refer to himself as this servant: in bed, when he was willing to submit to his husband’s dominance without struggle or teasing back. An organic way to signal to Mobei-jun that he was ready and he wanted it.


“Don’t concern yourself; you will be punished for your behavior,” Mobei-jun’s free hand grasped at Shang Qinghua’s buttocks over his clothes, shamelessly squeezing and kneading. And why would he have shame over it? At this moment until signaled with a word or his carnal desire was sated, the little human was his to do what he pleased.


Mobei-jun’s chilled grip on his neck tightened, powerful arm guiding him towards the bed before the demon sat cross legged on the cushion. It felt as though his piercing, wicked gaze stabbed through Shang Qinghua, his knees weak with arousal tinged with instinctual fear. It was an addictive feeling.


“Come here. Across my legs.”


There was no need to elaborate. Obediently Shang Qinghua began to climb onto the bed but Mobei-jun reached out, snatching the human by his wrists to manhandle him spread across his lap. The human shivered as cold air hit his ass and legs, the bottom hem of his sleeping robe flipped up and over to reveal his bare skin.


“Ten strikes. Keep track, loudly, or this Mobei-jun will start over.”


Shang Qinghua felt like his skin was too tight, the anticipation of the strikes making him writhe. That grounding grip pressed to the back of his neck again, making him still.


“Does my servant understand?”


A need for a verbal confirmation. Mobei-jun’s other hand gently brushed his fingertips over the skin of Shang Qinghua’s ass, making the other flinch at the very first touch.


“Yes . ” Until faced with the impending strike, Shang Qinghua didn’t understand just how much he wanted this. Now he did. But… it was a punishment not a reward. “I’ve been bad.” He was eternally grateful that he wasn’t facing Mobei-jun at the moment, that his bright red face was hidden from view after spewing that shameless porno line like that.


Aah!” A sharp yelp was drawn from him at the first strike. It felt more like the surprising shock of pain that he felt when Mobei-jun pinched his ass or when he was still a disciple and his shoulder was smacked over a job well done. Still, he remembered his one job during all this. “One.”


Mobei-jun grunted a non-committal response to acknowledge the count.


Slap! The sound of skin hitting skin must have echoed through the room or else it just echoed through Shang Qinghua’s mind. His husband swatted the other cheek, a lighter strike than the first slap. “Two.”


Immediately came a third, harder strike on that same cheek. Instead of just feeling like he was being struck it felt… warm. Even with Mobei-jun’s natural coolness the skin of that ass cheek began to heat up. “Th-Three.”


The fourth strike hit the side struck first. “Fo- oooh …” As he was about to count out, Mobei-jun began gently rubbing the stinging flesh. The hot skin met his king’s cold skin, the confusion of temperature sending his nerves alight with the gentle rubs and squeeze of his ass.


“Start over.”


A pit fell in Shang Qinghua’s stomach. He… he thought he had said four? Did he not? No, those delicious touches of his Mobei-jun’s hands against his buttocks made him stop mid-count. Fuck.


“....yes, my king.”


One. Shang Qinghua cried out at the harsh smack on the previously soothed skin. 


Two. He jerked at the second slap, feeling how his cock twitched at the strike.


Three . The slaps only got harder as they progressed. If Shang Qinghua had managed to finish speaking the word ‘four’ out loud they would have been at seven out of ten by now. But maybe he subconsciously wanted the extra strikes after he started feeling the appeal. Mobei-jun’s own interest was felt as his king’s growing thickness pressed at the side of his hip.


Four. They were finally back to four.


“Will my servant remember to count this time?” Mobei-jun’s fingers pet through Shang Qinghua’s hair, coaxing a pleased little sound from his human’s lips.


“Mrrmph…. yes, my king.” Desiring to complete his ‘punishment’, Shang Qinghua shifted his hips up to present his rear towards Mobei-jun’s waiting hand. He’ll be good, he’ll count.


Just please, for the love of god, keep spanking me.


A soft slap. “Five.” A harder one, on the opposite side. “S-Six.” Another harsh strike. “ Seven… ” The hand that had delved out the punishing blows lightly smacked at the inside of one of Shang Qinghua’s thighs, prompting him to part his legs slightly. The opposite hand slipped under the side of Shang Qinghua’s hip to grasp at his hard, throbbing cock. The blood had rushed down to Shang Qinghua’s lower half at the spanking and he knew that Mobei-jun wasn’t going to let him forget how turned on the spanking made him. The hand lazily stroked his dripping cock, it wasn’t enough to do anything other than to fuel Shang Qinghua’s hunger. As soon as he started to push his arousal closer to his king’s hand, Mobei-jun tightened his grip into something more substantial.


Fuck, my king pleeease….”


The hand that wasn’t currently forcing Shang Qinghua to debate on whether to shamelessly hump against his king delivered the eighth stroke, the impact making him end up pumping his cock into Mobei-jun’s grip.


E-Eight, please more!” 


The ninth strike was almost too much for him, being the thirteenth overall. It just felt so good, each hit driving his hips forward to stimulate his cock as a little reward for taking the strike like a good boy. “N-Nine…” There was a lust-filled affection coloring his voice as he counted out. His ass cheeks were being rubbed again, squeezed, groped. His king’s cool touch both soothed and spread the heat along his flesh. How red was his ass now? Part of him almost regretted not asking for an implement that would leave bruises on his rear, little splotches that would remind him of Mobei-jun’s resolve for the next week…


Without warning, the last slap rang out in the air. It was the hardest by far but the most pleasing to Shang Qinghua.


He had finished the punishment. He was good.




Mobei-jun lifted him up, parting his own legs to fit Shang Qinghua between. Hands roughly pulled his abused ass tight against his king fat cock. His voice warbled with a needy cry as Mobei-jun’s hand returned to his dick, stroking with the intent of getting his little human off as he growled praise into Shang Qinghua’s ear.


You were so good for your king.”


Shang Qinghua couldn’t prevent his cock from pumping out cum onto his stomach at the praise. Chilled fingers ran through the creamy fluid, pressing against his lips that obediently parted to lick and suck them clean. Mobei-jun pushed his little human forward onto the bed, grasping his hips once more to raise them and pull them back flush against him.


The System at least had the good grace to wait until after their several rounds of going at each other.


【Congratulations on completing the prompt user! Please make your selection for tomorrow’s prompt:


Voyeurism | Rimming | Bodyswap


You have thirty seconds.】


Shang Qinghua quietly read the prompts, not wishing to disturb the clingy sleeping demon behind him. Every part of him was wonderfully sore and likely was going to be the next few days but he resisted the urge to ignore the System and fall asleep. 


Voyeurism… hmm. It sounded nice. Honestly there was a few instances before he and Mobei-jun had gotten together where he had imagined the quiet demon coming across him as he touched himself to thoughts of his king, gasping his name out as fingers tried to fill his emptiness and his hand pleasured his cock. Then again, coming across Mobei-jun stroking his thick dick and watching him…


Rimming is something they already do and something he can ask from his husband freely. Mobei-jun greatly enjoyed making Shang Qinghua writhe with his tongue.


Bodyswap?! Bodyswap was… Maybe through some sort of forgotten plot device it could happen but this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Then again, what it was almost impossible to switch back? The System never described how body changing prompts (actually it didn’t mention any possibility of them at all) would work.


But the temptation was there… Argh! He’ll just hit two at once and let the System decide which he had picked.


Shang Qinghua reached out with two hands, tapping both ‘Voyeurism’ and ‘Bodyswap’ at once.


【User, you have picked Voyeurism-】


Oh okay, cool.


【-and Bodyswap! 】


Wait. What?!