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Wish I Was Like You (Blue-Eyed Blondie, Perfect Body)

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Lucille Hargreeves was not the most feminine of her sisters, that prize went to Klemintine 100%. But no matter how feminine you are, losing your wonderfully maintained body would absolutely suck.

So saying that Lucy was having a hard time would be an understatement.

She would sit on her bed trying to put on makeup, but eventually she would get frustrated and wipe it off again. She would try the dresses that her mother made for her, but they always ended up abandoned in the corner and replaced by a high collared shirt and overcoat. She tried to style her golden hair, but it ended with her cutting it into a dull bob.

The first time she felt normal again was when she danced with Aaron in the park. In her imagination she was normal again, and swinging around in a star speckled midnight-blue dress. But after “Dancing In The Moonlight” ended, she saw reality again. Now, it never happened.

The second time, she was high and she could vaguely feel lips press into her own. When she woke up, not only did she see reality, but she felt dirty.

(When Desiree realized what had happened, she found the guy and “dealt with him.”)

She sometimes found herself thinking back to what she used to look like. Bright blue eyes, long blonde hair, washboard abs and muscular limbs. Now, her bright eyes were dark, her long hair was short and dull, and her body was a bloody monkey body.

For awhile, she avoided interacting with anyone. Comparison’s a b*tch, and she could almost feel her family’s eyes on her, judging her, pitying her. Those thoughts usually spiralled into binging and ended with her in the bathroom for an hour.

Eventually, her siblings refused to let her be alone. Klemintine insisted on makeovers, Bree wanted someone to talk about books with, Desiree wanted a workout buddy, Aaron wanted a companion, Vance wanted someone to go on coffee dates with, and Five wanted her twin. Lucy suspected that they figured it out, but that was besides the point. It’s not like they could help.

Bree caught her one time, then they decided to stop her. The occasional company became constant, and if she was being honest, she didn’t mind. Whenever those thoughts came back, she had people to vent to.

But still, if Pogo did find a way to reverse the syrum, she would take it in a heartbeat.