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I'll take everything from you.

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      Katsuki called him stupid. He called him a stupid, worthless loser that will only ever be a quirkless kid who had no power to grow. Little did he know how much of his terrain has grown since the blonde entered UA High. He would rue the day he said such a thing to him, but he wouldn't do anything to him directly. That was stupid, he needed to target someone he likes, or at least, a companion. Izuku found himself searching online constantly, and with so many eyes on the boy it was clear who his friends were.

     It took time studying from his fellow villains on how to completely break someone down. Humans were adaptable, and they would change their survival instinct if worse came to be. He watched the blonde daily, heading to his house and jumping online to see the newest information about the blonde. He never slacked at it, the ideas inside his head would run wild about what he planned to do his victims, but he had to pick the right one. He needed to target the top students closet friend, but would Bakugo even have a one? Would he even have any friends? Well, it came to the day of the sports festival and Izuku had nothing to do so he decided to watch it while jerking one off.

   His mom was out of the house anyway, and so that's what he did. After the race and halfway into the cavalry battle, he heard it. The blonde had a nickname for each member of the team, but he called one of them by name.

"Kirishima." The name rolled off of Izukus tongue, almost as much as his slick hand rolled off of his member. He knew the name of his target; it was just a matter of time now.

     He stalked the boy after that. He found out his full name, his age, he even found out about his personality online. The news seemed to be more of a stalker than him, so he was justified right? He would slip on his coat and trail the redhead home from the school gates, obsessing over everything. He looked strong, but he didn't seem bright, which was an easy target if he's ever seen one. He followed him constantly, and after three weeks it was easy to find out his routines. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday he heads straight home after school before he spends about 30 minutes inside, then exits, locks the door, and takes a back ally to a nearby gym. He spends hours there, and just at 5, sometimes a little after five, he exits and heads to the nearby bathhouse. At 6, he leaves and goes home, which a car is now present in his driveway and he doesn't need to unlock the door. He spends the rest of the night inside.

So, he's alone when he leaves school, goes inside, spends about 30 minutes alone, and then leaves through an ally to go to a gym. Only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

     On Thursdays, he puts in his headphones and goes to the store nearby his house, a grocery store. He buys a lot of things, and carries them home. He's usually done by 4, so he heads home and spends the rest of his day inside doing whatever he is doing. His parents, both parents in the same car, arrive home around 5, but after four days of watching them specifically, five is an early day for them. They tend to get home at 5:40. Needless to say, he'll save himself and whenever he plans to do this kidnapping, he needs to do it by 4:30.

     Fridays, he doesn't come home at all, he goes and hangs out with his friends. Each Friday he did, so he wouldn't do anything on Friday. On Saturday he comes home late from his friend’s house, and both times where too off to count. The first he came home at 6, and the second he came home at 8. Sundays he hit the gym for the entire day, so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were too unpredictable.  His parents seemed gone in the morning on all of these days, so he decided to watch them, and boy oh boy was he glad he started to watch them.

     They left at 4:50 in the morning, before the redhead did, and they got home around 5:40pm, tired and beat. He didn't know when Kirishima woke up, but he would learn soon enough. They left every day of the week, which would easily explain why he went shopping for them. Considering the house wasn't the best, he doubted there was any cameras, and there seemed to hardly be any people near such a small house bordering a decent neighborhood, so he doubted he would be caught if he did it early enough.

     He started to learn when the redhead woke up. He threw on a dark enough hoodie, and at 3 am he went up to every window in the two-story house, a garage being his support, and he easily figured out what room he was in. He set up a small camera after the first week and on every day,  he woke up 5am, and left the house at 6 to go to school. If he could break in after the parents left, he could drug him, forge a note that said he was going to be spending longer at the gym for the next few days, and head to a nearby friend’s house afterwards, he might have a few days before they realized he was missing. If he kidnapped him on Monday morning, he might have till Tuesday afternoon, or he might have till Thursday. He didn't plan to go grocery shopping since it would take too long to figure out what he normally bought.

What would he need?

He would need gloves, disposable ones, a lock picking kit, something to transport him in, something to leave with, a sedation tool, and he would need to plan this out carefully.

First things first, he needed a place to keep him. After a bit of negotiating with his friend Tomura, he was given a storage building. It was a small one, but it was completely blocked off by a heavy security system, it was isolated, and no-one who entered would give a flying fuck what Izuku was doing there. He swore up and down it was safe for villainous activity. After he got a chance to go inside, he examined it.

     There were no cameras inside, and it seemed like a giant mob boss hide out. Many people looked at him, but none stopped their game of a poker, fat cigars hung out their crooked mouths, the air covered in thick smoke.  It reeked of blood, sweat, and cash, the ground littered in shells, fancy carpets, cages littered with wild animals, and even naked people strapped up like dogs. It wasn't long before a fat man moved over to him and demanded to know what he was doing in their dark hideout.

     It didn't take long to explain who sent him there and why, and he was lead out of the building to smaller one next door. It was soundless, it had no smell, and it was cold looking. The man explained that this was his private bunker, and he could use it for as long as he could. Izuku felt grateful, and once the man left, he got to see the room. It was small, the size of a 900 square foot house, the only lighting coming from a small skylight that showed off it was night, but he couldn't call it a house. It was cold, the floors were cement, the walls were padded, and there were hooks hanging on the wall. He didn't like this at all, so he decided to make it a little bit homier.

He decided the way he wanted to do this domination; he was going to treat him like a dog. Much like the humans inside, so he could ask questions if he needed too.

     He exited the room and headed to the store, keeping his hoodie on as he examining the pet stuff. He eyed everything, biting his lip so hard as he fumbled his fingers loosely around his money. He needed to plan carefully to make it seem like he wasn't suspicious. He ordered a taxi on his phone, buying a large dog bed, a large blanket and a pillow, a shock collar with prongs that he could put around the premier of the building, a thick metal chain with pad locks so he couldn't just take it off, and just to add to the fact he was planning to get a dog, he bought two large bowls, some wet dog food, some toys, and some thick leather gloves that was used to prevent male dogs from scratching up the female during breeding.

     Izuku wouldn't admit that he was getting excited as he started setting everything up. A dog bed in the corner, the dog bowls present nearby, but the cans of wet food were by the doors. He had trouble hooking up the chain, but he found a ladder against his small building and easily hooked it up. He clicked the chain against the wall, locking it, and clicked the shock collar to the other end. He didn't lock it since the person he wanted it to be attached too wasn't in the room yet. He tossed the toys lazily on the ground, uninterested in them and more or so for decoration. He knew he needed water, and maybe a small mini fridge so he could keep easy meals there to feed his new pet. The chain attached to the wall barley allowed him to move about 15 feet, so he couldn't move to touch the mini fridge. He could keep him hungry like this, and he decided he didn't want to add a light.

     Over the next week, he ordered a bunch of things on amazon with a stolen credit card on a stolen phone with a destroyed sim card, both of which he pickpocketed. It led to a PO box, and he got advanced shipping so it would be there the next morning and he could get it before the cops had a chance to pick up. He ordered a pair of quirk canceling cuffs that detached so he wasn't in handcuffs, a variety of dildos, and plugs, 40 feet of silk rope, multiple different types of lube, a bunch of condoms, and a couple of cock cages and rings.

His favorite things he ordered was a ball-gag muzzle, one that would not only cover his mouth, but it would strap underneath his chin and attach the back of his head so he couldn't move it off on accident, and another soft of gag that almost perfectly resembled his hero-costume mask, the only difference was a bar that was strapped across the mouth.

     And just to add onto the feeling that this male wouldn't be in charge of anything, he ordered a bunch of bondage, all puppy themed. He got him a skin-tight, latex suit that was smooth to the person wearing it, but on the outside,  it was a light husky-themed, fuzzy, dog suit! Izuku found it adorable, and it came with light white paws, and a matching tear-drop anal plug that screwed in a fluffy husky tail. The only thing he didn't know what he wanted was if he wanted to dress him up imminently when he got there, wait until he woke up so he was forced, or wait until he was broken.

     He was glad he hopped online to see what people considered training, because there was a lot of valuable information from all sorts of sources, most of which he assumed was written for art but it seemed useful. Izuku had to take a deep breath to steady himself from getting too excited and mess up something. At this point, it wasn't even about Bakugo, he wanted to prove to himself that he could completely destroy a person, force them to submit, and train them to act how he wanted, force him to rely on another person, then abandoned him completely. He read many things, all which of got him excited enough to have him leaking in his boxers just by thinking of what he was going to do. The blood rushing to his dick made him completely forget he needed to buy actual human things too.

     Unfortunately, he abandoned the credit card and the phone in a shredder before he realized this. He decided to just go out and buy everything he needed the next day, going up to quickly blow one off and head to bed. The next morning, he awoke, took a shower, cleaned his room, skipped school again, and headed to the store to buy a large pack of bottled waters, a large dog cage, cans of vegetables, some dry food, and some actual snacks if he wanted to praise his soon-to-be pet. Once he had everything, he entered his storage room and set them up where the chain couldn't reach, the cage being a very noticeable threat that if he was bad enough, he would be put in. He bought another pillow and two blankets for the cage as well, just so it would be a bit comfortable.

He had water and food, he had his contents coming in the mail today, he had a bed, and that was all he needed right?

     He would give him activities to do once he hit the obedience stage, praising him for doing good and rewarding him by giving him fun activities. All he had to do was find a way to transport the boy, and find a way to knock him out. Having his hands on a lock kit would be very effective as well. Izuku decided to go inside, and lucky for him and for the right price everything he needed was inside. He hired one of the guys to give him a ride, he was offered a suitcase, he bought chloroform, and he bought a lock pick. It wasn't long before he hit up his rented-out Po box and took the boxes full of his items back to the storage unit, taking a deep breath before he finally incited his plan with an excited attuite.




     It was 4am. Izuku had a black hoodie, sleek black pants, and cheap black sneakers on his small body, a rolling suitcase getting pulled behind him. He had latex gloves snapped onto his hands, his miniature lockpick kit ticked into a small pouch on his waist, YouTube having taught him how to use it the night before. His bottle of chloroform and rag attached to the other side of his hips. He took a deep breath, utterly focused as he slunk around the bushes and found the back door. He learned the layout of the house on Zillow, which was extremely useful. It was two stories, but it was such a basic house as well, only being two bedrooms and one bathroom. He carefully pulled out his lockpick kit, and tenderly opened the lock, it letting out a satisfying click. He let out a shaky breath and quickly dashed to the bushes, where he sat and settled down until 4:50. He could hear the parents exiting the house through the front door, five feet from him, separated only by a thin broken wooden fence.

     Quickly, he slipped inside through the unlocked door. The curtains were shut, so it was impossible to see him, which he hesitantly stood up. Calmly, he examined the small and bare kitchen, his hands shaky at the thought of what he was doing. The house was clean, and even though it was small it was very cozy. Izuku found himself wanting to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, which he might do as he is waiting for his driver to arrive. He slipped into the living room, it, much like the kitchen, was cozy... The floors were a dark shade of wood, and he couldn't make out most of the colors or most of the things in the living room since it was so dark, which he didn't mind. He didn't need to figure out what his living room looked like until he finished drugging his victim. Quickly, his light feet padded up the creaky floors, up to the top of the stairs which was soft carpet, his footsteps being eliminated.

     A small and nervous smile appeared on his face as he cracked up the door which he assumed was Kirishimas, his wide green eyes spotting the redhead sleeping on the bed.

     His face was tucked into a pillow, half of it exposed as his arm was slipped under it. His blanket half hung off him and half off the bed, but the most noticeable thing that caught Izuku off guard was the fact his hair was down. He was quick to pop the cap off the bottle, dump a decent potion of the bottle against his old rag, and he tenderly placed it against the boy’s face. His eyes fluttered open for just a second, sharp red eyes hazily focused on the green haired male before a flash of panic arose and he drifted back into a long and quite sleep. Izuku waited until the alarm went off and the boy didn't make a single shift before taking the phone, powering it down, and shoving it under the mattress in case it went off again. He looked around the room and grabbed the closet thing that looked like a bookbag, pulling out an empty page and a pen before reading over the boys’ school notes and doing his best to mimic his handwriting. He typed a simple and basic; The gym is having some awesome bros coming into the gym rather late for free training. I'll be busy for the next couple of days.

     Simple, straight to the point, and once he placed it on the kitchen counter, he was headed back upstairs to examine his pets’ room.  He flicked the light on, and the first thing he noticed was the exercise equipment, the collectibles pop figures lined against the shelf, a couple of book series, a couple of school books, and the many manly posters against the wall. There were a few toys, a few corny action figures in the corner, and a bunch of clothes just scattered everywhere. A smile creeped on his face as he eyed an empty box. Carefully, he took down all the posters, tucking them into the box. He gathered up the pop figures and slipped them in too, doing the same for his action figures and finding a separate small box for his books and some boxers. He carried them downstairs to the back door, opening it and putting it outside before grabbing his suitcase and slipping inside. He rolled the back slowly across the wooden floor, dragged it upstairs, and pulled it next to the boy before eyeing his body. It was perfectly fit, muscular, and it would be a shame if it died down into nothing but bone. He would have to have him work out occasionally, maybe he would like it anyway.

     He pushed the male, his slump body flopping into the suitcase in a disorganized position. After he reorganized him, he zipped him up, successfully locking him in the suitcase before exiting the room. He maneuvered him down the stairs and outside, locking the door in the process. He waited for his guy to show up for an agonizing five minutes, slipping into the car with the suitcase and the two boxes without a word. They drove back to the building, Izuku hopping out and getting everything out and to his unit about 20 yards away before paying the man. He nodded, gruffing out a deep mumble and driving off, Izuku in turn slipping into his unit with his boxes first, setting them along the side before he wheeled in the suitcase, laying it down next to the dog bed. He snapped off his gloves, detached the lock kit, the bottle, and the rag before sitting them down.

     He unzipped the bag, breathing deeply as he fully opened it. The redhead was asleep, looking soundless and adorable as his face was scrunched up a bit. Izuku carefully unloaded him from the suitcase, having a bit of trouble since he was so heavy, but he laid him down against the soft bed, his body easily staying still against the fluffy material. The male shuffled over to the boxes he ordered and pulled out what he wanted.

     He wanted the quirk-canceling cuffs, the mittens, the muzzle, and one of the basic cock cages. He gathered his items before tenderly stripping him down, starting at his shirt before working his way down. His chest was toned, it being a solid color, a six pack present and attached to a nice v-line. His biceps and forearms were massive, and it would be such a shame to have them wither away. He ran his fingers tips against his body, feeling each muscle as a grin tugged at his lips, closing his eyes and shakily admiring the boy. He pulled away when he felt the blood rush through his fingertips, the idea of dominating him becoming too much to bare. He quickly strapped on the quirk canceling cuffs, the matching mittens that strapped tight around his wrists, the cage in his hands as he slowly shuffled off the other males’ socks. He bit his lip as he tugged the pants off, admiring the black boxers.

     They exposed everything, and he was decently sized even if he was flaccid. He tugged the boxers down, admiring the size of the male. His pubic hair was light, but it was black which only made him assume his natural hair color was black. His balls were big, which is  what he wanted and made him assume he hadn't had the spare time to beat himself off. This would make him uncomfortable, and once Izuku took ahold of him he would gradually become more submissive, or, at least, he hoped so. He pushed the male’s length into himself just a little bit, slipping the transparent device on the male. It fit him almost perfect since he pushed him in, and once he strapped it against the backside of his balls and locked it. He adjusted him so he was laying against the bed, covering him up with a blanket before he strapped the ball gag muzzle on his face, it fitting perfectly under his chin and around his head, being snug but not painful. Finally, he attached the collar to his neck and locked it so he couldn't escape before he kissed his forehead and started to set up the posters on the walls. He left his action figures and pop figures in the box, leaving all the clothing out of reach as well.

Izuku admired it before pulling out his phone and looking at him. He wanted to stay when he woke up, but he wanted him to adjust to his new environment without him. Izuku headed off to school for the time being, excited to come back after school for his sweet little pet.




     Izuku practically rushed back to his storage unit when school exited. He was quick to open the door, startling the boy who was sitting on the dog bed. The first thing he saw was the tired, panicked look on the redheads’ face. His face was flush, clearly terrified of the situation he was forced into, looking sleepy and slightly dazed. There were light scratch marks on his face, Izuku assumed it was the cuffs grinding against his face as he tried to force the muzzle off, which begged the question to how long he's been awake. He shuffled underneath the blanket when he saw him, not wanting to have himself exposed, his piercing red eyes forced on Izuku in a heartbeat. The first thing he smelt was the overwhelming stench of piss, which Izuku blamed on himself since he forgot about leaving something for the boy to pee in. He wrinkled his nose, disgusted, and moved closer to him, Kirishima shuffling just a little bit away and puffing out his chest to seem tough. Izuku spotted the puddle away from the bedding, which was good enough for him. He sighed and moved over to grab the only cloth he had, which was Kirishimas old shirt. It wasn't like he would need them anymore either way.

    Izuku dropped the shirt in the puddle, then glanced at him, the fear being gone as he glared daggers at Izuku, "I wonder what you’re thinking." He started, "Why you? What do I plan to do to you? Are you going to get in trouble for pissing on my floor?" He turned to him, Eijiros expression having softened just a little, but he was still stiff and unsure. Drool covered his chin from the ball gag, "I’ll ask you a question."

Izuku moved over to the food and the water, grabbing a bottle and then pulling out some crackers, a banana, and some mixed nuts, "are you hungry?"

Eijiro said nothing, but he nodded eagerly. He stayed in the same spot he was, but he was nodding, which Izuku rewarded by sitting in front of him and unlatching the gag, tugging it off, "would you prefer I feed you, or would you prefer to eat it from a dog bowl?"

The redhead said nothing for a moment, debating before sighing, "I want you to do it."

"Say please." Izuku smiled sweetly, glad he wasn't yelling or trying to hurt him.

"fucking please." Kirishima snapped.

Izukus smile didn't falter, he opened up the banana and unpeeled it slowly, "after you eat, I'll tell you your rules."

The redhead didn't say anything, eating the food with no complaint as he glared at Izuku each bite. The green haired boy reached a hand over to his head, Eijiro jerking away as Izuku tried to pet him. Izuku decided he didn't want to force him to like him yet, he would at least try and let him gain the chance to like him before he forced himself upon him. "So," Izuku stated, "what do you want to know?"

Kirishima seemed quite, he said nothing. He didn't know what to say, but there were so many things he wanted to learn. His head was spinning, fuzzy from the drug and just everything he's been taking in. Who was this man? Why did he kidnap him? When will he go home? Will he go home? The heroes will save him, that's for sure.

"Why am I here?" Kirishima asked, shifting the blanket on his lap, "what are you going to do to me?"

"You're here because of a bet, and I'm not going to do anything too bad if you're a good boy." Izuku spoke in a sinister tone, his hands reaching up to pet the redhead again, he jerked back once more, tensing soon after, but saying nothing else. He was seething with anger, visibly shaking like he wanted to hit Izuku, but he didn't. It was good to see he at least knew he couldn't hit him in his situation.

"Let's review our rules okay?" Izuku moved to sit crossed legged, "let's talk about our rules, and you're expected to follow them." He offered him some water, holding the bottle up to his lips and letting him take a few sips. He seemed displeased by this, annoyed as well since the water dribbled down his chin. Izuku let it drip, not caring, "the first rule is that you are not allowed to hurt me. This is very reasonable, is it not?"

Eijiro mumbled, moving his head away from the water and glaring, but saying nothing, "the second rule is that you do as I say. You can't hurt me, and you have to listen, both easy to follow right?"

"What do you plan to make me do?" Kirishima asked coldly.

Izuku felt a smile tug on his face. The ideas he had racing through his head, completely dominating the boy and forcing him into pure submission before training him. Forcing him to rely on him for food, for water, where he's allowed to sleep, what he's allowed to do, when he can do everything, and then, once he's fully committed, he listens, and he can rely on no-one but Izuku, he abandons him. He breaks him down, leaves him in the shell of his life and more importantly, leave him to die. He'll be so emotionally unhinged he'll either be too broken to fix, he'll want to die, or he'll slowly fix himself.

"You'll see." Izuku commented and reached over, cupping his face and pulling him in for a gentle peck on his lips.

Kirishima was disgusted, he shoved him off roughly, watching as Izuku fell on the ground, the wind getting knocked out of him. Quick as lighting, Kirishima pounced on him, pinning him with the gloved hands and sitting on his chest, "are you fucking stupid? Do you think I'm just going to let you sit here and do whatever you want to me?"

"If you don't want to be punished." Izuku said lowly, glaring at him, "get off of me or I'll make it a lot worse."

Kirishima drew a fist back in fear and desperation, punching Izuku hard in the face. The light faded quickly from his eyes as everything went black, and the only thing Izuku knew for sure was that this boy was going to be in so much trouble.


     Indeed, he was. He woke up, a searing pain in his nose as he moved a hand over to cover it, his eyes blinking at the dim light from the skylight. He looked around the room, the cage having been moved like it was kicked across the room, the dog bed flipped, the pillows and blankets scattered across his room, and the chain getting pulled as far as he could manage. Izuku turned to see where the chain ended, and Eijiro was on the ground, basically choking himself as he tried to escape.

     Blinking hard and ignoring the pain in his nose, Izuku leaned up and looked around. He became increasingly mad; he ruined all his work! Everything he did for him he threw it around like it was nothing! Izuku slowly stood up, listening to his dog pant as he tried to escape, but was failing horribly. He eyed the area, needing to find him a way to punish him and stop him at the same time. He glanced around until his eyes landed on the piss covered shirt, which he quietly walked over and picked it up. It was wet, but warm, which showed Izuku he recently had to go to the bathroom. It reeked.


     He moved over at him, the chain jingling and jerking as he tried to tug his way to freedom. He stopped as Izuku got closer, not noticing him but realizing this wouldn't work. He sighed a bit, turning his head to look back around, only to have a shirt, his own shirt, covered in piss, shoved in his face. He wishes he could have saw the look of alarm on his face, he wishes he could have saw how scared he was but he covered his entire face. He tied it around the back of his head quickly, and with nowhere to shift to he was unable to get it off. Izuku forced him to the ground, shoving his elbows down so they were sprawled out the gloved mittens outstretched as he started to scream at him. Within this position, the chain was wiggled underneath him, and since it was at full stretch, it painfully stuck itself from Eijiros neck, down his chest, and right next to his balls. It yanked and grinded, keeping his hips upwards.

     It was muffled, but Izuku was quick to wrap his arms around his waist and shove his entire body down, his elbow on his back as he kept the struggling boy down. He reached forward, gripping tightly onto the boys’ dick and squeezing the compartment, tugging downwards. Kirishima yelped, but in turn he settled down a bit, still trying to push off the shirt on his face. Izuku kept a hand on the transparent cock cage, reaching forward to unbuckle  his own pants, popping open the button with one hand and shoving his slacks and black boxers down. With a clear conscious, he started to rub himself, his hand jerking up and down his dry member as he watched it steadily grow. The boy never stopped struggling to get the shirt off of his face, which he did push off once Izuku was at half mass.

     He gathered a bit of precum that was bubbling up on his index finger, rubbing it against the tight hole that was inches away from him. He felt Eijiro tense up, so his hand moved over to rub the backside of his pets’ balls to give him some sort of motivation, some sort of warning sign before he aimed himself and plunged in. He could hear him start to pled, but he simply settled himself behind his legs, forcing them open, and before his pet could register what was happening, he shoved in all the wall. He tore through the tight muscle, a nice slick sound overtaking the tight enclosed room as his member was engulfed in pure warmth. It was tight, hot, smooth, and he fit perfectly.

Then he screamed. He screamed in pure unpresented pain, his body attempting to jerk away but the chain kept him in one spot. He ended up scaring Izuku as he his hands moved to steady his hips, to gain some sort of control from this large muscular male. He cooed, rubbing his back as he started to rub circles against him, "hey hey hey buddy, it's okay. If you want it to stop hurting than just sit there."

     He didn't, he sobbed in a broken cry hard, trying to pull away but the chain was forcing him to stay in the position. He couldn't move away, his neck being pulled by the chain downwards, the shirt inches away from his nose. Izuku took no time waiting as he rocked his hips back and forth, earning pained groans and more cries. Izuku started to steadily grow bigger until he was at full length inside of him. He was tight, he was smooth, it was almost as perfect as his body. He licked his dry lips, his broken nose still aching but all the blood was rushing right to his dick. This feeling reminded him of eating a cake. It was sweet, addicting, and he couldn't wait until Eijiro willingly allowed him to do this.

     He was adorable. His broken cries slowly died down into aggressive and ashamed pants and moans, his toes curing at the feeling as his legs raised for better access. Izuku gave it to him, his hands fondling his tight ass as he bounced it up and down. He could only imagine how uncomfortable the feeling of the cage was, preventing him from getting hard. He could feel the occasional thrusting as his hips tried to meet friction, but he was met with nothing but air. Izuku watched as he tried to raise slightly, to stable himself, but Izuku simply placed a hand on the back of his neck and forced his head down into the shirt, which in turn he gained another soft cry, but he didn't care. Why would he care? He attacked him when he stated he was not allowed too.

     Izuku speed up when he felt him tighten, his hand present on his neck as his other gripped his hip. He ended up pulling him away from the shirt so he was on his knees, his ass still exposed as he thrusted quick and sloppily into him, wet slick dripping down his cock, it dripping against the chain that was now grinding against the cock cage. The green boy chuckled since he was getting just a little bit of friction, he moved his hands up to his waist, wrapping his arms around him sloppily, sinking him down so his balls touched the rim, which in turn he let out a pain gasp. Izuku breathed heavily into his neck as he filled up the male, his nails digging into his hips. He could feel his seed completely fill him up, and he could only hope it would splosh around inside him.

He kept Kirishima sitting on him, letting him cry it out, listening to him sob into pitiful, but more importantly, desperate cries. Izuku had him fully sitting on his cock, barely any cum leaking out as he plugged his hole.

"Poor baby. That must have hurt huh?" Izuku asked, his hands snaking around his waist to rub his belly, "I told you your rules, yet you still hurt me. Then you wrecked your place?" He questioned, "you're a very bad dog, and you deserved to be punished."

Whether or not he was listening, he didn't care. Izuku held him in that position until his cries ended up quieting down. It was adorable how tired he seemed, and Izuku paid no attention to the dripping cock so close to his hands. He eventually pulled him off, dragged him to the cage, and forcing him inside. He had thrown the blanket and pillow out during his temper tantrum, so he didn't get them back. He locked it, undoing the chain to the collar in the process and locking it to the cage. He stared at the male for a hard moment, Eijiro refusing to meet his gaze.

Covered in cum that was dripping down his thighs, hungry, thirsty, and scared, with a weeping horny cock. His face covered in drying piss and tears, which in turn, would make him feel disgusting. His body looked small, cowering in the cage as he continued to lightly sob. He was shaking, and he was shaking hard.

Izuku knew today had been a great first day, and he couldn't wait to come back tomorrow.

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   The next weeks weren't very good.


     Izuku woke up the next morning after the incident feeling good. His eyes were strained when he woke up, covered in crust which he wiped off a moment later. His body felt like a sticky mess, especially his lower area. The male stretched, yawning before blinking, wiping his eyes again, and casting a gaze to his smart phone. His cracked phone was plugged up, which he just snagged and browsed the news lazily to see if the male was reported missing. Nothing came up, which just brought relief to Izuku. The boy did his normal morning routine, taking a quick shower, getting dressed in his school uniform, eating a simple breakfast with his loving mother, and then kissing her cheek before heading out. The only difference was that he was now headed off to his storage unit instead of school, his unit about 30 minutes away while his school was 45 minutes away.  He was rather pleased to have such an amazing unit, it being sheltered and nestled through the thick brush of the woods, the only entrance being a beat-up stone road for the Japanese mafia.

     Izuku decided It would be best to stop by the store than go digging in his house for some things he needed. He parked his bike, his little black stallion with a lightning bolt handle bar, at the entrance of a supermarket. He snagged the lock out of his chain basket and hooked his bike up to a tree before going inside. His first stop was heading to the baby section and browsing the training pottys. Izuku had thought about the easiest way to figure out a situation with the bathroom problem he was presented with when he wasn't there. He remembered food, water, and a sleeping situation, but he was so focused on stalking he just forgot about working with the bathroom entirely. He didn't want to have to bring him outside because most of the times Izuku wasn't going to be there, and he didn't wanna hire someone to install a bathroom. While it may be embarrassing, Izuku didn't see him as the kind of guy who would go and piss on stuff just to be defiant. After a bit of searching he found a light white one with a mint green center, if he didn't use it, he would most likely get puppy training pads to further his embarrassment. If he still didn't use them, he would have to think of something else that was just down-right humiliating. Maybe a pull-up?

     Next step, he needed to get him a hairbrush and he needed to get him a toothbrush with toothpaste. He had no idea what Eijiro liked, or what his toothbrush was like -he was debating going and checking, but it seemed a little bit too risky- so he grabbed fresh mint, and then he snagged an extra duty toothbrush. His hairbrush was a simple round black one, something that he hoped would get the job done with his simplistic flat hair. His final step was to get some cleaning products, a blue bucket, a handful of rags, bleach, dawn soap, shampoo, conditioner, more latex gloves, and to top it off he got a slightly short chain, cutting off his range by about half.

    It took a bit of time loading everything into bags strategically so he wouldn't drop any of them, but once he did, he biked back to his unit. He stopped at the gate, his bike getting left at the entrance as he passed through the guards at the front and happily moved over to his storage unit. He cracked open the door, it being unlocked since Eijiro would be unable to escape even if he ran, and if he did, he would be met with a nasty surprise. Nothing had changed since he left, it was messy, it didn't smell good, Eijiro was still in his cage just like he had put him in. He was sleeping, so Izuku seized the chance to hook everything up without him yelling at him.

    Izuku got to work, first things first, he got the ladder outside, carefully tottered it inside, and then undid the long chain and attach the shorter chain. If Eijiro wanted more room, he would have to earn it, if he failed, he would simply make it shorter and if he still misbehaved, he would simply be placed in the cage until he grew so restless, he would sob to come out.

     Secondly, he grabbed a plastic bag, snapped on the gloves, then wrinkled his nose and picked up the shirt. It was cold, wet, and just shifting it made it smell horrible. He tossed it in the bag, took the gloves off, put new gloves on, and then he disposed all of it outside, including the new pair of gloves. He started to thoroughly clean the area, wiping up the piss stained marks on the concert floor, and then focused on the rape spot. No, not rape. This was training. He was training his puppy not to attack, what's wrong with that? He bleached the spot, wiping up the little bits of hardened cum splashed on the floor, and the little bit of blood mixed in. He knew the floor wasn't the worst part, it was the cage he was sleeping in all night long. Izuku slowly moved over to the cage, his hands grazing the unlocked door, having seen no reason to lock it after he took off the long chain and shoved it in the corner with the boxes. He popped it open, Kirishima sleeping in a balled-up position which only prompted him to expand and stretch once the cage was opened.

     He pulled over the dog bed, pulling it to the entrance of the cage and looped his fingers into the collar, tugging him out carefully so he landed on the poufy dog bed. Even with no pillow or blanket it looked nice to lay on. He didn't jerk upwards, or become wide awake with horror like he expected him to, he seemed to just doze right back out, then slowly stretch out like he was enjoying the soft bed. Izuku found it cute, but once his fingers gazed on the collar and rolled it so the chain was clipped and locked, his eyes furrowed and he seemed a bit more awake. His eyes barely fluttered open and it was slow motion watching him fully awake. It went from confusion to worry to horror in mere seconds. Izuku not blaming him since he assumed, he would be scared or horrified. Eijiro shifted into a crisscross position and placed the gloves over himself in his lap to keep himself covered, a small but cute bout of defiance.

     After a quick scrub down in the cage, and him relaying down the blankets and pillows, he moved over and grabbed the bucket, dumping a few water bottles in it, a bit of soap, and stirred it around with a clean rag and moving over to his puppy. Izuku let his drowsy state become more aware and awake before he tenderly started to wipe his face off with the nice cool rag, and even though he tensed up and jerked away, he didn't try to fight him. He let Izuku wipe down his face and do the same for his body. He started at his neck, rubbing it down carefully until he hit his shoulders, tenderly massaging the spot as he shifted him off of the bed and let the rag slide down his spine. Eijiro didn't look at him, his face moving to look away since Izuku leaned forward to get his spine.

     A cute grin fell on his face as Izuku moved away to look at him. Hands still in his lap, legs crossed, and head tucked away to not look at him. "Such a cute pose." Izuku commented, almost startling his pup since it was the first time, he's spoke to him this morning. He didn't say anything again, watching his bright red eyes flicker towards him before he straightened his back. The shorter male started to wash down each arm individually, feeling each muscle and curve all the way to the quirk canceling wrist cuffs. He paused, knowing he should clean up his hands since they had to be sweaty. Izukus eyes casted over to his face, Eijiros eyes imminently darting away.

"Do you want me to take these mittens off?" He questioned Eijiro, the boy hesitantly looking over at him and nodding.

     So, Izuku did. He took them off one at a time so the boy could flex his hand and in turn Izuku could wash each individual finger. His pup enjoyed this small bit of freedom, his hands flexing outwards slowly, cracking his wrists and sighing softly. Once each finger was washed off, he slipped the glove back on even though his pet seemed upset, he moved to the next hand, and did the same. When all was said and done, he moved back up to his shoulders.

"Aren't you glad we did such a thing yesterday?" Izuku asked and trailed the rag down his firm and toned chest, all the way down to his hips. He could see the bruises forming on his muscular thighs from where he took him from behind the yesterday, "I enjoyed it so much. You were so tight, and so smooth... I could go for another round."

     Kirishima took a sharp breath, and Izuku could feel him tense up but he didn't say anything. He wanted to scare Eijiro, and by the way this was going it seemed to be going swell, but he was becoming worried. He wasn't talking, he wasn't expressing emotions. Was he balling it up? Was he going to burst? Was he too scared? Did he realize his best option was to stay silent? It seemed like the gags he bought were for nothing if he didn't want to scream or cry at him. Izuku stayed silent, finishing his chest and then roughly pushing him back down onto the dog bed.

Kirishimas toned back hit the bed, and there was slight panic as he was exposed, so he quickly went to roll over, a growl forming as he went to snap at him. Izuku kept him still, letting his rag glide across his pelvis and down his thighs, purposely avoiding his dick as his tongue rolled out his mouth, a smile tugging on his lips, "you're so pretty."

     Eijiro ignored him as he grudgingly let him finished his thighs. Izuku went down his calves and purposely pushed them towards his chest, so his ass was exposed for just a second, and just like Izuku thought it was red. Eijiro looking more or so annoyed as he worked as carefully with his feet as he did his hands, letting them drop before rolling him onto his stomach. Unfortunately, Izuku didn't get the chance to try and push him down before Eijiro sat up and jerk away, facing him while sitting on his knees, hands in his lap as he glared daggers at him, "you're not fucking me."

"Hey." Izuku sighed heavily, wanting to just slap him for trying to tell him what to do. Izukus round eyes narrowed as he replied in the sharpest tone he could manage,  "I'm not going to fuck you," He could use this as a learning moment, "move back right this instant."

Kirishima didn't, which is what he expected. He kept his eyes on him like a hawk, his back against the stone-cold wall, butt against the fluffy bed, and hands covering his junk. A grin sneaked itself on the curly haired males face, his hands slipping down to his pants, already starting to unbuckle himself.

"Ah no I'm sorry-" Eijiro said rushed, the look of rage disappearing, eyes already wide, "I'll listen-" His voice cracked hard as he watched Izuku unbuckle himself. It was clear he was worried and he was starting to get panicked, already trying to move back into the position, but Izuku placed a hand on the back of his neck, cupping him and forcing it downwards.

"You didn't listen, so there's going to be a punishment." Izuku stated coldly.

Eijiro shook his head rapidly, tears building in the cracks in his eyes. He was already holding his breath, trying to prevent the tears from flowing down his cheek. He quickly glanced upwards at the chain against the wall. He was assessing the situation, and Izuku took a bit of pity on him.

"Turn around." Izuku ordered, which in turn, Kirishima did not try to wiggle. Izuku was very quickly losing patience as he didn't turn.

"I'm being generous here." Izuku snapped, "turn your little ass around."

     It was slow, but he did. He trembled slightly, which was very amusing to Izuku. He cupped his cheeks, fondling the rough squishy material before pulling them apart. He felt a little bad, his entrance was swollen, light blood and cum all around the rim. Izuku shook his head and grabbed the rag. He did what he intended to do, which was simply cleaning him off. Eijiros body tensed up when the cool material slid across him his red and swollen hole, Izuku running the rag down his slick covered balls and after a quick wipe down against the cock cage, he was done. "Turn back around."

Kirishima did in a heartbeat, but Izuku didn't think it was because he was listening, he probably didn't want his ass hanging out to a man who just raped him. "Lean down onto your elbows."

     After a moment of confusion and confliction, Kirishima leaned down onto his elbow, his back arched upwards against the cold wall, but not pressed against it. Izuku finished unbuckling himself, tugging his pants and boxers down, and carefully pulled out his limp cock from his boxers. The freckled males’ slender hands gripped the redhead’s hair, forcing his face down right up against his cock so he was nosing it, "you're gonna suck, and if you bite me, I'll saw your teeth down."

It was instant panic in his face as he tried to pull away, but Izuku barely kept him down. He was indeed a strong male, but he knew it would be smart not to anger Izuku, "I don't mind doing it in the back, if that's what you prefer."

The panic was gone and it was now determination. He continued to stay stiffened, but he nosed his way right up to him, unsure and slightly skittish as he placed his gloved hands right at Izukus junk. His shaft was laying on the gloved hands as the redheaded male focused on him. He let out a small sigh before he started to lick him, his tongue starting at the base and going slowly upwards to his tip. Izuku kept his hands in his hair as his shaft was licked and slobbered on. Clearly, Kirishima was trying to buy time, "go down on it."

     Kirishima looked very unhappy as he tried to do so. He shifted upwards a little bit before warmth engulfed his tip, and moved down his shaft. Izuku sucked in a sharp breath as he sunk down on his cock, gagging occasionally which knocked his teeth against his shaft. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as he let go of his hair, the male failing at giving a good blow job. It was way too sloppy, yet he seemed to be trying to fool him like he was good? Izuku didn't quite understand the way he was acting, but he didn't care. If he wanted to act confident, but unsure too, he could. Izuku simply deemed it him just being really bad at this. His lustful gaze fell on the redhead as he continued to bob his head up and down, slowly and carefully which Izuku allowed. If it was his first time, he didn't want to overwhelm him, or freak him out and those sharp teeth glaze right over and rip the skin off his dick.

     "You're doing such a good job." Izuku lied breathlessly, sighing slowly and lovingly as his head tilted back, eyes glazing over with light lust as he moved to his knees. He sighed breathlessly, groaning just as heavily. Izuku could feel himself starting to thrust and buck in his mouth, the soft tongue lolling over his shaft and exposing him to the bottom teeth which was unpleasant. When Izukus hand went back to grip his hair, the other leaned backwards so he was propped up, he gained the cutest whine he has ever heard. Izuku looked down,  his green eyes met with purely unhappy bright red teary eyes, mouth swollen around his dick. Izuku chuckled happily. To anyone else this would look disgusting, or perverted, but from what he's heard this male is strong, a real stud, and here he was sucking his cock like a popsicle while whining unhappily.

"You're so adorable." He could feel his hips starting to buck again as he grabbed his pets jaw and popped it open, face fucking him,

It wasn't but about 5 minutes later before he could feel a knot form in his stomach, and he ended up filling his mouth. Eijiro gagged, trying to pull away which Izuku allowed, but he cupped the underside of his jaw and forced him to look up at him, cum drippling out his mouth before Izuku scolded him, "if you don't want me to do anything else today, then you need to swallow."

     And so, he did. He swallowed down the material, his eyebrows knitting as he started to frown. He only frowned more when Izuku wiped the rest of the spunk on his lips and moved away to get a bottle of water, then a few snacks before moving back over to him. He ignored the teary eyes, Eijiro wiping his face off in his arm as he sniffled, the taste in his mouth probably unpleasant. Izuku ignored the upset and unfocused look, smiling sweetly and petting his head before feeding him. He ate with no objection, which Izuku found as a small victory. It wasn't anything to praise, Izuku knowing he was only doing this because he was hungry, but it was nice he was just eating without any question. "Do you have anything you would prefer to eat?"

Kirishima didn't answer him, and he didn't force an answer out of him. If he didn't want something he liked, he wasn't going to provide it to him. After he finished eating, he brushed his hair, did his teeth, and moved the new training potty close enough for the chain to reach. Izuku could see how displeased he was to use a toddler’s potty, but it was better than pissing on the floor. Izuku kissed his forehead, then left to go to school.



      Something amazing happened the next day. While it was fantastic to Izuku, it would have been horrible for Kirishima. Apparently, someone in the neighborhood that he kidnaped the boy from had installed cameras the last day he was there. Luckily, it went in his favor! He had his hoodie on, two boxes, and a suitcase, his face never being reveled. So once Tuesday hit, the parents had called the cops and they used the video footage. Everyone assumes Eijiro became a runaway, having gotten in a car with his belongings and lying with a note. Izuku was very excited that his first kidnaping had allowed him to get away with it.

     It wasn't long before the first week went by, the routine Izuku started that Monday morning stayed the same, the only difference was Izuku would degrade him in the morning, and just before he left, he would tell him he was a good boy. Kirishima was always in the same spot in the morning, situated in his dog bed fast asleep. This pleased the male that he was at least trying to make do with what he had, and he was starting to get it through his head that this was his new house. He had to listen if he wanted to live in minimum comfort. It took Kirishima time to adjust to the new routine.  Izuku would wake him up and he would be grumpy, wiping him up seemed to be uncomfortable, but he seemed to grow less concerned about himself being exposed. Forcing  him to suck him off after he cleaned him off -which he was getting better at each time- was still a struggle of him having to force his neck down. Izuku started to go slower when he would feed him, brush his hair, and then brush his teeth because it seemed to be the only part that Kirishima actually liked. The last thing Izuku did was him cleaning out the potty outside with a water hose that was attached to the side of the storage unit, and then he put it back and leave for school.

     After the first week of this basic routine, Kirishima becoming slightly more docile, Izuku installed a camera that was hooked up to his phone. Izuku definitely was glad he did so because he learned just how bored and restless, he was becoming. He constantly pulled up the footage to find him pacing around, tugging at the chain with his elbows, or he would use his teeth to tug and pull at it from the wall. He watched him do the occasional push-up on the bed, but those mittens were just so horrible at keeping balance he couldn't. He'd get upset and either hit his head on the wall, the cage, or he would slump down on the wall and roll around. Afterwards he went right back to tugging or failing at exercising, and occasionally he started to yell or scream towards the door, but no one came in. Izuku decided that he was going to spend time with him instead of  just watching him, and the first times it was very clear that it was very nerve-wracking for Eijiro. He wouldn't do anything but watch him, he even refused to talk to Izuku, which he learned after spending time inside of the mafias main building isn't what he wanted. He needed Eijiro to respect him, not fear or hate him.

     Many of the mafia members told him he was doing everything wrong, which was a little concerning, but it had only been a week. Every encounter he had with the green haired male had involved in some sort of sex, but if he wanted a dog, not a sex slave, he needed to treat him more like a dog. They explained that if he wanted Eijiro to listen to him, he needed to make it so he listened  without having to involve some form of forced sex. A few people told him he needed to treat him like he wasn't an equal, and to show Eijiro that unless he listened, he was going to get punished. One guy told Izuku that if he started to get too rowdy and stopped listening once he wasn't being treated like a human, and forced encounters became the only way to get him to calm down and be submissive, there were a few surgeons who specialized in castration(which they indeed called neutering and spaying)

    Izuku didn't want that though, he didn't need that. That was a bit too fucked up for him, so there had to be other ways. There were, they told him he could try the reward system, which worked much better, but was much slower at breaking down humans into getting them into the proper mindset. Izuku decided to use a reward system, which could work  for his restlessness and boredom as well.

     After a few more days, it totaling of about a week and a half of being locked in the unit, unable to do anything but sleep in pace, Izuku started to offer him chances. He brought in a stool and a big pillow, and sat down them down next to each other. Izuku would sit in the bed, and then he would pat the pillow. The boy never came to sit down next to him, and Izuku didn't force him to do so. If he came over to sit with him, he could watch him play games or watch YouTube on his phone afterwards. It was about two weeks totaling before Eijiro finally started to sit down when he patted the spot just so he could watch the screen. It was only for a few minutes, but a few minutes slowly became much longer.

     He started to sit there for much longer playing his mobile puzzle games and shooter games, watching YouTube, and just doing random things when he moved the chair over to the dog bed where Kirishima was always sitting. Kirishima sometimes got up and shuffled away to the pillow just to be away from him, one time getting in the cage just so Izuku couldn't touch him, but Izuku became very pleased to see that he started to sit every time he patted the spot. It was a small victory, but it became even bigger when he didn't pull his phone out and the boy still stayed. He actually fell asleep after a while because he was that bored, or at least, he assumed he was bored. He might have just been getting into really bad sleeping habits, one that Izuku might have to break eventually. The sleeping in the patted spot happened a few more times before Izuku finally decided to give him an actual reward.

 Izuku asked him one of the days he was drowsy, about to fall asleep in his bed, "do you want a tv, or your toys?"

"Both." Kirishima sighed dryly, his voice raw from him getting throat fucked, deprived of water, and refusal to talk to Izuku. Honestly, he didn't think he was going to get an answer since Eijiro had been giving him the silent treatment for a little more than two weeks now.

Izuku decided to test that idea of giving him two things, "how would you prove that you're allowed to have both?"

Kirishima wasn't drowsy anymore, "huh?"

His eyes, almost as sharp as the tooth sticking out his mouth, was now fully focused on him.

Izuku smiled at this, "I'll give you one right now, or, I'll give you both If you wear a piece of equipment, I bought you."

Kirishima frowned, and it was clear Izuku could see the worry bubbling in his face. He knew he had so many questions in his head, and he knew he would word everything carefully. He started slowly, "what kind of equipment? Will it hurt?"

Izuku didn't know if he wanted to start him off with the tear-drop plug, or something simple like the skintight costume. He patted his lap, and Eijiro didn't move. Izuku coaxed him, "come here bub."

     It was a bit of an awkwardly shuffled over to him, unsure of what he was getting himself into.  Izuku tugged him into his lap, Eijiro plopping down. That was another noticeable thing he was wasting away, his muscles starting to diminish now that he was working out. Izuku ran his hand down his back, "I have three pieces I'm going to eventually give you; I'm going to give you a plug that goes right in here-" his finger trailed down his crack and grazed over his entrance. Kirishima shivered upsetly, shaking his head with imminent teary eyes. "I have foam paws that go over these mittens," he gripped them and kissed the corner of his lips, "or, I have a skintight costume."

Kirishima frowned, seeming unsure with this. Frowning seemed to be the boy’s main expression in this dark isolated place.

"Here I'll sweeten the deal a little bit." Izuku smiled reassuringly and kissed his collarbone, just below the collar, "I won't make you do daily blow jobs as well if you do the tail."

That gained his attention imminently. Izuku chuckled at that, knowing he didn't like it but not knowing he hated it that much.

"And I get the tv and toys?" His voice was soft, quite almost.

"And you get the tv and toys." Izuku confirmed, rubbing circles up and down his back.

"I can't be a man if I accept." Kirishima said softly, heartbrokenly, and it simply made the shorter males heart swell even more.

"You'll be a man." Izuku assured, "as long as you have your penis."

That was pure horror, "you're gonna take it away?"

It was the first time Izuku ended up laughing. This just made him even more worried and he started to shake. Izuku wasn't quick to calm his nerves, his laughs dying down as he patted his back, "no bud, I'm not removing your dick."

Relief washed over the area, but Eijiro seemed aloof.

"Look, it'll happen sooner or later. You get a tv, toys, and non-daily blowjobs. Seems like a good bargain to me."

It took a little bit more convincing, but he agreed to the tail. It seemed his options were limited, and this lead to the easiest and most rewarded route.

Izuku had the tail in the room as they spoke, he simply needed to get him in a good position.


     Izuku got the silk rope and ended up tying him to the side of the chair.  He tied his arms to one side, and his legs spread opened wide, his head facing away so he couldn't see what Izuku was doing. Of course, this made him feel worried, but he wasn't worried. It was a small one, enough to stay firmly inside of him, but not enough to make him overstimulated or make him regret his actions. He held the tear-dropped shaped dildo in his hand, it being a soft blue color, about 4 inches in total. He put it on Eijiros back before he slathered his finger in lube and prodded at his entrance.

     Izuku gained a small whimper, and a slight gasp when he slipped inside of him. Izuku didn't just loosen him up, he explored every inch he could manage, prodding around for the prostate, which he didn't find as soon as he wanted to. A second popped in soon after, and that's when he started to lightly scissor him. He didn't earn any complains, a few nervous statements, or any panicked comments. Izuku did see a bit of panicked shuffling, but he didn't plead him for him to stop. He was sure if he was focused hard on the prizes at the end, or trying to ignore what was happening to his body. Two fingers turned to three, and three turned to four once he could feel him loosen up. He was basically finger fucking his pet, fingers digging in him to get as deep as they could, and he did bump against the prostate, but he didn't earn a good reaction. He heard a hitched breath, and when he looked forward, he could see how uncomfortable he was getting.

     His face looked like he sucked on lemons, eyes shut as tight as possible, tears streaming down his cheeks, biting his lip as hard as he could manage, drawing blood, and then he was just as tense as possible. His breathing was slow, but Izuku couldn't tell if it was because he liked it, or if he was scared. He was keeping himself calm, which was smart on his part. Izuku  pulled his fingers out of him and dumped  thick blobs of lube on his hole and on the plug

     It was like a teardrop, it starting off a  little bit bigger than a golf ball, and then getting smaller to form the actual plug part. The plug part was a special custom-made toy that was for pet-play uses, so instead of just wrapping around his hole to completely cover it, the middle was completely carved out. The hole was not only for sex purposes of gathering seamen in the teardrop, but  the husky tail he had ordered  with the costume screwed right into the teardrop and situated itself so it wouldn't pop out. Izuku didn't understand how he was able to screw the tail in, then unscrew it, and let something mount his pet, fuck him, then gather its seamen in the teardrop while he could still feel everything, but he didn't question it. He pushed in, and it was clear Eijiro was tensing himself up, because it wasn't an easy slip in. Izuku wished he could have watched his eyes fly open, because he sure felt it when his body jerked upwards, relaxing soon afterwards and the toy slid right into him. "It slid right into you! See!" He pushed it into him a little rougher to make a point, plugging up his bowls, "you're such a good boy." He started to rub his back, "how does it feel?"

"I hate it-" And he started to cry. It was hard crying, disgusted crying, and even after Izuku screwed in the tail and undid the ropes, he had to pick him up and put him down on the bed, all while he was still crying. It was clear he was ashamed and uncomfortable. The way he squirmed, the way he rolled onto his back, and then his belly to relive the pressure that wouldn't go away only seemed to make him irritated. Izuku was starting to get turned on at how cute he was rolling around on his bed, the tail just making him look fluffy.

Izuku decided to leave.




     He came back the next morning, it being a free day. The boy was asleep, and the pillow had been tossed across the room, the chair kicked in the process of what Izuku assumed was a temper tantrum. Izuku chuckled at that, a small but new mini flat screen tv in hand, as well as two breakfast sandwiches in his hand. He started to set it up, just out of reach of the chain, but the remote was in his reach.  There was only one plug, but it was worth it for him, and he didn't forget about his toys as promised. Izuku gathered up all the little pop figures and set them by the dog bed.

Izuku grinned at seeing the tip of the tail off of the bed, lightly tugging it. It was very snug, which he adored, his pups’ eyebrows crinkling at the feeling of it getting tugged, his legs closing on instinct and his hands shifting downwards. Izuku tugged at it a little rougher, "puppy," he cooed honeyed, "wake up puppy."

As soon as his eyes slowly began to open, it was discomfort. He looked upset and rolled so he was facing him, but his hand was off of the plug, "don't touch."

"I'm the one who decides that." Izuku hummed and ran his finger across his cheek, "you want this biscuit or not?"

Kirishima covered his face with the mittens, "no." He grumbled, but after a moment perked up, "Wait a biscuit?"

     Even though he looks drowsy and was blinking quite a bit, Izuku nodded and showed him the sausage biscuit. Kirishima sat right up, but his eyes landed on the tv and he hopped up, skidding over and plopping down. It seemed the tail didn't have any effect now. Izuku chuckled as his eagerness at him popping up and moving over to the remote. Eijiro had to wiggle the remote in his paws, and hit the buttons with his nose, but he seemed happy. Izuku watched him flip through every channel at least three times before he stopped, looking over at Izuku was an actual smile. The green haired male chuckled and moved the dog bed over, pulling it up to his behind and having him sit in it, the tail getting smushed, but it had to be uncomfortable a little bit against the stone. Izuku fed him the biscuit as he watched tv, the surprise of the pop figures unknown yet.

His next step would be having to change his posture, or change it so they start talking more. He would rather have a verbal puppy, so when he abandons him, he won't talk to anyone, or the way he speaks will have changed so much no-one would be able to understand him.

Slowly, in time.

Eijiro would learn to respect him, and him alone.

He will learn that only Izuku can provide him with warmth, safety, and food, and while all of the essentials are being met, he is providing him with safety, comfort, no worries, and work him into the perfect puppy headspace.

All with time.

Chapter Text

Why was he doing this?

Yeah, okay. Maybe Bakugo called him a stupid, worthless, quirkless looser. One that is nothing and will never have any power, and he just might have done it in front of his entire class of his first-year classmates, but would this even effect Bakugo? If he took an entire person that may have been a friend and then tried to transform him into a dog?

Izuku started to think, was Bakugo really his motive? He had to have been, but what if Izuku was only doing this because he wanted to do something like this? The thought made him sick, he didn't realize how twisted he was in his own head. Just because he stalked, drugged, and kidnapped someone he didn't even know didn't mean he was crazy.

Izuku wasn't crazy, he couldn't be. He couldn't be crazy, that was a crazy though. He just wanted revenge, that wasn't crazy was it? No. Not at all. He wasn't crazy for talking to himself and pacing the warm carpet in his room either.

Then he started to think harder, he needed a target if he wanted to do something like this, was he just using Bakugo as some sort of excuse to kidnap?

Was it because he wanted someone who would listen to him no-matter what? Or was it just because he wanted someone to fuck, someone to control, someone to tame. To domesticate and force them into a new mindset.

He is enjoying this too much.

This was supposed to be revenge! Not some sort horny teenagers’ fantasy. That was fucked up, he didn't want something like that. Izuku found himself just demolishing his nails in his teeth, twitching, or just pacing anxiously the more he ponded about how fucked up this was.

He was a good boy, someone who made good grades. Sure, he might've had a huge empire of Villains who adored him, but he didn't kidnap people. He just broke their legs or arms, then stole half of their cash and left. Well, unless they made him mad, but he didn't do it to innocent people.

Eijiro was innocent. He didn't deserve any of this. He was just some poor kid who got caught in the middle of a feud.



It's been three weeks since that day he robbed him from his life. Eijiro refuses to talk to him in the slightest of ways, and he isn't that good of a listener as Izuku assumed. He listens, but he only listens to what he says when it benefits him. Kirishima doesn't mind sitting where he says, but that's only because he gets to watch Izuku interact with games or videos on his phone. He lets Izuku feed him, only because he's getting fed. He lets Izuku clean him off, because he’s getting cleaned off.

Unfortunately, now that there's a tv. This causes him to usually always end the conversation after he's benefited. Then he skittishly walks away to the tv or his bed. These sweet interactions have now become rather annoying.

However, Izuku was still glad he gave him the tv and his pop figures. He really likes his pop figures! Almost every time Izuku goes into the filthy school bathroom, after making sure he is completely alone, he'll pull out his phone and go into his security app to access Kirishimas camera. It was attached to the inside corner of his storage unit, and he usually saw Eijiro picking up his pop figure with his wrists or arms and stack them in adorable patterns.

As the day ticked on, Kirishima would linger away from the TV and he would start pacing around the room, pulling at the chain or just doing a bunch of other things. He was always eyeing the king taunting chain, but the way he walked was a bit different now that he had the giant anal plug into him.

Kirishima wouldn’t try too hard to pull at the chain now that he had the plug settled in his rectum. Izuku also noticed how he would try to mess with it to take it out, but it simply wasn't coming out without someone taking it out. If he sat down and grinned his hips, he could pleasure himself

After a lot of thinking on his next step, Izuku decided to limit his movements. He wanted him to lose his dignity, to feel less human, to start crawling around like an actual dog. Izuku wanted to put him in his place so bad, just to fully control him.

Then Izuku started to think how horrible of an idea that was, and he felt bad. He was still going to do it, but he didn't feel good doing it

Was he really prepared to completely ruin his entire life, just because of what Bakugo called him?



It's too late. Izuku can't let Kirishima go. It's been three weeks, Kirishima knows what he looks like, and he still hasn't gotten it through his head that he belongs here. So, if he gets out, he's screwed. The only thing Kirishima doesn't know is his name. He never asked for it, which Izuku doesn't know if he wants to give it to him anyway. Izuku also decided that he really doesn't mind ruining Kirishimas life, mainly because he knew how happy and carefree, he would be in the end.

Well, until he abandoned him, but maybe he would keep him as a learning tool for the next of Bakugos friends.

Would that even work though? The more he thought about it, the more he realized how much he REALLY wanted to keep him. This was getting so stressful, and everything relied on his decision. Was the reward of having an obedient pet really worth the risk of keeping him? Was he even going to be able to successfully break him? Maybe he's getting too ahead of himself.

The green haired male came in after school one of the days he decided to put him in the outfit.

"Hi Eijiro! Did you have a good day today bud?"

It was silence. The redhead didn't greet him. Izuku said nothing as he went right to his boxes and grabbed ahold of one of the clean rags, and the chloroform bottle. He slowly turned to look back at a very uninterested Kirishima watching tv. Izuku shifted on his heels, nervous as he stared at him and sighed, "Kirishima..."

Izuku didn't know whether or not that tv was a good thing, but he decided not to think about it at the moment, approaching his puppy carefully. Kirishima lazily looked over at him as he was dumping the liquid on the rag. Bright red eyes lit up in alarm as he practically twisted his entire body to face him. His body tensed as he quickly stood up, a hitch in his throat, "what are you planning to do?"

Izuku realized this was going to be harder than he thought as he got a little closer, Eijiro not backing down, "I- um, well I am going to place this rag on your face. And uh- let um, you go to sleep?"

"No." Kirishima spoke sternly, but unsure tingled in his voice, "my answer is no. I will not let you put that rag on me."


"That’s now really how this works." Izuku could tell he was scared, or at least paranoid, "It's really cute you think you have a say in the matter, but you don’t." Bright green eyes focused hard on him bright red annoyed eyes, "I thought you were staring to behave. Where's this rebellious behavior coming from?"

Even though Kirishima hasn't worked out in three weeks, he was stilled ripped. His muscles were a little smaller, a little looser and not as tight as he assumed Eijiro liked, but even with those factors he could pack a punch. Izuku didn't want to risk getting injured since that would cause too many questions. Instead, he stepped away from him, just to be out of reach of the chain, "if you act like this, I'll have to punish you, I really don't want to punish you."

"Fuck you man! I'm tired of this shit! I-I'm not a dog- I am not a pet! You can't treat me like this!" Eijiros voice cracked as he started yelling at him, storming closer to Izuku but pulling away before the chain choking him.

Was he finally snapping? Izuku could tell by how strained and rough his voice was, the aggressive stance he was in, and the hopelessness of the situation that he had to be stressed out, but was he snapping?

No... He shouldn't snap just yet, this had to just be stress. Kirishima couldn't control what was going to happen, and he knew that. He probably knew it would be bad if he was forcefully put to sleep as well, so moving was his beat option. Was he anxious just looking at Izuku? He didn't even know what he was going to do. Once Eijiro shifted away, it was very clear he was tense and unsure.

Mustering up courage, Kirishima took a deep breath before glaring more, anxiousness gone, "I am not a pet and you cannot treat me like this."

"You are a dog." Izuku insisted, "you are nothing Kirishima. Your worth is below a human." He could see tears of annoyance in the boy’s eyes, "you're below me, below your friends, and below other dogs."

"No, I'm not!!" Kirishima snapped, slamming his foot down, "I have loving parents, many friends, good grades, and a great life-"

"You had loving parents; both assume you ran away. You had friends, but one of them put you in this situation," Kirishima became confused and went to speak, but Izuku cut him off, "you. Are. Nothing."

He paused, "nothing. You're a worthless pathetic man. No one is even looking for you, not that I think-"

"Yes, they are, I know they are!" Kirishima yelled again, moving towards him at a fast pace. Izuku almost moved back, but the chain yanked Eijiro. The prongs from the shock collar dug into his neck which earned a small cry, but once he realized he couldn't grab him he moved back to slacken the chain and just threw his hand up in a frustrated stance. He stormed over to the cage and sat down on top of it, "don't touch me you freak. You're just some horny ass kid looking to bust a quick nut!"

"You're making me mad." Izuku stated lowly, getting upset as he stood in the same spot, "it's okay if you don't want to do to let me put you to sleep. I'll just have to wait until you can't move."

Kirishima casted him a confused glance, but rolled his eyes afterwards, "like that'll happen."

Izuku smiled, tossing the rag to the side. he didn't want to shock him just yet, he wanted to use the shock collars full purpose for training. There were many other things he could use for punishment purposes. Not only that, but Izuku didn't know how the shocks would affect him either. With such a high shock it could cause a burn, nor did he want to accidently create a hole in his neck. He knew the prongs had to be uncomfortable, but he had to have been use to them by now.

Izuku wished he could read him, but he was unreadable. Kirishima looked annoyed, but he looked scared and upset too. Izuku couldn't figure out what he was thinking about.

It was at that moment he realized the obedience training hasn't started yet, he still needed to finish the dominating training before he could get to the fun part. "Goodbye my sweet little puppy, I'll see you in a couple of days."

Kirishima rapidly became confused and shifted on the cage and he flashed him a look of sheer concern as Izuku walked out of the building was priceless. He needed Kirishima to rely on him, to get him in the mindset that he wasn't in control before he started to train him.

"This is going to be harder than I thought." Izuku sighed as he slipped out the door, but he knew in the end it would be worth it.

It was just a bit risky, but Izuku knew he would be fine. The male would stay away for four days. However, he constantly checked the cameras each hour just to see the development he was hoping for.

Izuku biked home afterwards, forgetting about the plug until he stepped on his porch. A nerve popped as he sighed in annoyance. Yes, he was planning on starving him, but he couldn't just now allow him to use the bathroom for four whole days.

After a quick search on the private tab, he realized this definitely would be one of the worse ways to where he could get sick. After three days his stomach could get swollen and he could potentially be put at risk with a blockage. Kirishima would have to seek medical attention and give him up.

Annoyed, Izuku wondered inside and pondered on when to go. A lightbulb went off in his head as he mischievously hopped on his phone. All he had to do now was wait.


He checked his PayPal account, his bright phone in his dim phone displayed his ridiculous account balance.

347,370 dollars.

He flicked his finger and checked his payments.

1000.00 was paid to (667)111-2303 at 12:01.

Izuku grinned and swiped his account off screen, typing giddily as he flicked his screen to his security system. There was no sound, but he could see everything. Eijiro was shifting in his dog bed, fast asleep and looking like an innocent angle.

Then, subtly, the heavy door to his storage unit opened. Izuku watched the man, the same one he hired to drive him away from Eijiros house, sneak in. He seemed confident, even though he was being quite.

Izuku couldn't help himself as he set up his phone on the table next to his bed. He had prepared for this ever since he first thought about it this morning, so preparations have been made!

Lube was already on his hand the second the door fully shut. A bunch of tissues were scattered over his bed as his hand slowly cupped his unearthed and fully hard cock. Izuku was very excited, practically leaking as he watched the man shine a small light around the area, and finally landing on the sleeping boy before he started to advancing.

He was big, a large hairy man with class. He had a loose suit, and he was utterly ripped. The man slowly moved over to the bed.

Ever so carefully, he removed the thin blanket from his body. He curled up a little bit, no heat or air was heading inside the storage unit. Maybe he should get him a heater and a fan when they start obedience training.

Eijiro was curled up on his side, the man easily running his hand down his torso as he leaned down and kissed his shoulder. Eijiros furrowed his brows a bit as he started to wake up.

His eyes were barely open before the man had a hand on his neck, the collar pressed up higher as forced his face into the pillow, his hand slipping right in-between his legs and forcing his hips up. Izuku could see the man twist the tail plug.

Eijiro jolted and tried to move up, but he simply couldn't cup. He tried to push his face out of the mattress, but the hand on his neck didn't allow it. He tried to buck his hips to what Izuku assumed was to get down, but he couldn't. The man simply had the bigger advantage.

He twisted the plug a bit more, and Izuku could see him stiffen even more. The man let go of his neck after a moment of twisting the tail. Eijiro jerked upright quickly, but he was pushed back down so he was on his hands and knees.

Izuku frowned. He wished he had the strength to just push him down. He watched Eijiro thrash, and he assumed he was yelling. He was forced back down into the bed, the plug was twisted, and then this little pattern restarted.

Kirishima wiggled after one of the times, shaking with anger as he tried to punch, kick, bite, do anything that could get him out of this position. Izuku was glad he was seeing this; he was much stronger than he expected.

The man had no effort keeping him down. He repeatedly grabbed the collar, pulled it so he was either face into the bed -pissed as hell- or upright, and then he'd twist the plug around. Each time he got angrier, but he got increasingly tired too.

Once he stayed in that position, exhausted from the rather embarrassing fight, the man let go of him. He was still on his hands and knees in the bed, but he just looked tired. His chest went up and down as he glared with pure hatred at him. Izukus hand started going faster as he watched the man grip the plug, then start to pull it out.

The fight was gone now, Kirishima was trying to move away. He could only imagine the cry as the massive plug stretched him open. Izuku could only imagine how his hole wouldn't close.

The boy bit his lip as his eyes glazed over his screen. He continued to watch, precum now smeared all over his hand and the fun part hadn't even started.

Kirishima tried to move his hips downwards, but firm hands kept him steady. It wasn't a second later before an abnormally fat cock was shoved into him. He physically jumped, and Izuku saw his mouth move but he didn't know if he was crying or screaming.

His back arched, and with no time to adjust, the man just started to thrust into him. His hips grinded against his ass, balls deep as he pushed him into the bed. He was mounting him, and it was wonderful. Izuku bit his lip and continued to watch.

He placed his hands against his pets’ arms, forcing his arms close to his sides so his back had to stay arched, and so did his hips. He definitely tried to lower them, but he wasn't able to.

It wasn't long before Izuku came, spunk splatting on the tissues before he started to clean up his area. He threw the tissues in the trash and tossed it into the trash can.

He watched for 15 minutes as the man he hired rocked his hips into him. His endurance was amazing, but Eijiro seemed to hate it. He was most likely sobbing, but Izuku couldn't tell. It seemed every time the man got closer; he would slow down. Izuku didn't understand this all the way until he zoomed in to see the action close up.

It was a lot of slick, slathered all over Eijiros legs as he was fucked mercilessly. His cock was leaking too, just a little bit since the cage was preventing him from getting hard. Izuku smiled, watching as every time Eijiro would get close he would slow down to a fault.

He was dragging him out, and after one of the times he was slowing down he pulled out. Eijiro didn't pull away until the man got up, planting his butt away from him and staying basically as close as he could away from him while still staying in his bed. He rubbed his eyes into his pillows as the man left without another word.

Izuku smiled. He hoped his puppy had a fun time tonight. He sure did.


The first day, Kirishima didn't wake up until 1. When he did, he woke up confused and upset. Maybe he was confused because Izuku didn't wake him up. He didn't leave his bed, wincing horrible every time he moved. He barely moved to grab the tv remote with the paws, but Izuku could tell how nervous he was becoming as the time ticked on and he didn't show up with breakfast.

The hunger that lingered in his stomach might not have started yet since Izuku had been focused on shrinking his stomach. That's why for the first week he only gave him a big breakfast, and after he started hanging out with him after school, he would give him snacks and eventually dinner. At the end of the day, he could tell just how upset and unsure he was becoming as he went to bed early, leaving the tv on.

The second day was more or so the same. Kirishima woke up alone. The only difference this time was that Izuku didn't see him wake up, he missed it. He had woken up at 1 yesterday, but that day he had woken up at 10. He stayed nestled into the singular blanket and pillow.

He must not have been feeling good because he didn't even get up that day, only getting up to puke in the one item that was for waste. Izuku decided he would just buy another potty so he didn't have to clean it the next time he was there.

It probably didn't smell too good since there was three different types of liquid in the bucket. Not wanting to think about it, Izuku headed to the store to buy the exact same model while his puppy starved in the unit. He barely interacted with anything; he just slept that entire day.

The third day was the same, he just didn't leave the bed at all. He vomited stomach acid on the floor. He seemed very unhappy as he used what Izuku assumed to be the last bit of energy he harbored to rage out in the bed. He didn't do even knock the blanket out the bed.


The final day had him purely just laid out in his bed. He looked sweaty, but he was shivering too. Izuku was a bit concerned, and He headed to the storage unit that day after school.

Izukus full intent to dress him the way he wanted and treat him the same as well, but he wanted to make sure he was okay. Kirishima didn't lean up when he entered, and once he saw who it was, he leaned up a little book. He didn't look like he had the energy to get out of the small dog bed, so Izuku didn't force him to do so.

He walked over to him, placing the new potty down before grabbing the old one -after snapping on some gloves and a mask- before throwing it outside in a trash bag.

He headed back inside, tossing the gloves off as he debated on buying a trashcan just so he could gather all the trash in one spot instead of scattered outside. "You want some food huh?"

Kirishima nodded dryly, looking pitiful as he watched him. He was covered in sweat, he didn't smell too good, he looked much thinner, he looked sick, and he seemed rather unhealthy. He must have felt horrible, and Izuku felt bad but he had to be strong.

Firstly, Izuku grabbed the hairbrush and started to brush his hair. It wasn't what Kirishima wanted, but he didn't complain. Izuku sat cross legged as he carefully combed out each knot, and then he wiped him off with a cold rag.

Afterwards, Izuku grabbed the two dog bowls he had laid out for decoration, which were nice sized white dog bowls with a golden paw print design on the front and a copper lining in the middle. Tenderly stepping to the food, his eyes scanned over what he wanted to give him before landing on the cans of dog food he had stacked around the perfectly good food.

With a wild grin, Izuku cracked open a can, then dumped the container of Creaser’s dog food in the bowl. It was "grilled ribeye steak flavor with vegetable in sauce." And honestly it didn't look too good, but he knew if he wanted food he wouldn't complain. Maybe it would take a few hours, but he would eventually swallow his pride and the dog food.

When he turned back, he could see how absolutely defeated the boy looked. He looked so tired, so sick, and his entire expression was just pure sadness.

Was he finally loosing hope? Was he finally going to start listening or was he still stuck in the mindset that he was going to be rescued?

Izuku put the bowl in front of the bed, doing the same with a matching bowl full of bottled water. Water was more important that food, so if he didn't get him to drink it, he would just have to force it down his throat. Maybe he would do something like that once the training began so he could let it fully sink in that his body wasn't his own.

Kirishima looked at the bowls blankly, sighing depressing before watching as Izuku sat down with a bag of potato chips. He popped open the bag, the satisfying crinkle of the bag and chips made even his stomach growl. The scent of potato chips lingered in the air as Izuku stared right at him as he ate the first bite. Kirishima looked away after a moment, not digging into the dog food. Izuku expected that, but he didn't expect him to go nose first into the water bowl.

It had to have been uncomfortable eating and drinking like that, but he didn't watch. He watched him basically drink the entire bowl of water, after glancing towards his captor shamefully he actually started to eat the dog food.

Then he puked it right back up five minutes after eating it. Izuku ended up cracking into hard laugher, which only made the boy looked more depressed as he wiped his mouth off on the blanket. Izuku grabbed the empty bowls and headed outside, washing them out before heading back inside and dropping them in front of him. He gave him more water, and then opened a can of macaroni.

He dumped the cold material into the bowl and sat back down to eat his potato chips. After a minute, a happy look temporarily on his face, Izuku watched him dig nose-deep into the bowl of mac and cheese.

Izuku spoke up after he was eating for a few minutes, tongue lapping at the bowl as he stayed on his elbows and tore into the cold Mac and cheese, "Stupid little bitch. That's what I'm going to make you, ya ‘know? A stupid little bitch, a cockslut."

The redhead flinched, but didn't respond. His body shifted downwards, his neck hunching a little bit, "pissy little shit. Face stuffed into a bowl of mac and cheese that you didn't even earn. Maybe I should just stop feeding you if this is how you act. Maybe then you'll start listening."

Slowly, Eijiro pulled away from the bowl, but didn't say anything. He refused to look at him, dunking his face in the water bowl, then going to wipe his face off on the pillow. Quickly, Izuku wiped his face off with a rag, "nasty little shit." He grabbed his jaw, the boy’s eyes avoiding his, "was that good?"

Kirishima didn't say anything which made Izuku grab his jaw even rougher, "I'm sorry, did you not hear me? I am so tired of you not talking to me."

Then he hit him as hard as he could. Izuku smacked him hard on the top of his head.

Eijiro jerked away in a skittish way, ducking his head down, "I'm sorry." He said quickly, his voice shattered and hollow.

"No, you're not. You're not sorry, you're being a disobedient piece of trash. Don't you want me to treat you good? To let you be carefree? To be taken care of? Wouldn't that be nice?"

Kirishima was frowning now. Izuku could see the tears pricking in his eyes, "I..." He stared slowly, hopelessly, "I wanna go home."

"Home?" Izuku questioned and stuffed his finger into his mouth, almost getting his finger bitten off out of alarm as he snagged his tongue, "the one thing you say sucks. Maybe you shouldn't talk."

Kirishima didn't even try to say anything, letting Izuku hold his tongue. He lost emotion in his eyes, being glazed over with tears. Izuku scoffed and let go, letting him coil back a little before staring at the mittens.

Izuku didn't say anything, and neither did Eijiro. He didn't even move, his body perfectly tense but relaxed at the same time. After literal minutes of silence, he cautiously shifted downwards so he was laying down. He looked so small just crouching there as Izuku stood towering over him. He clearly wasn't fighting him any longer, Izuku felt proud. He pointed towards the boxes, "go over there." He ordered, "crawl as far as you can on the chain."

Not right away, but at a decent pace the redhead shifted. His hair was slightly faded by now, just to the point where it was possible to see the black roots at the top of his head. Izuku wanted to reach down and pet him, but stayed in the same spot. Kirishima crawled painfully slow towards the boxes till he was as far as he could go, avoiding the puke spots.

Luckily, he vomited in one area so Izuku didn't have to spend too much time on cleaning. Holding down his laughter, he watched Kirishima as he sat down on his butt afterwards, but he shifted. Izuku didn't know if it was because his balls had to have been swollen from being almost four weeks of no jack off time, or if he was just a bit scared. Izuku knew he had to have felt pent up, and the warm feeling against the cold couldn't have been comfortable.

He was just going to leave it alone. Whether or not he was pent up, he hasn't done anything good enough to deserve a release. Izuku thought he was making progress originally, but it clears he wasn't. He hadn't broken his spirt or his hope yet and he was already rewarding him. Izuku realized he still had a long way to go at this training method, but at least he was gaining experience for when he kidnapped Bakugos other friends.

If he had any at least.

Izuku smiled at him when he stayed perfectly seated for an entire minute. He didn't say anything as he began to once again clean the vomit, and whatever else was all over the floor. He debated if he wanted to hire someone to clean, but he also debated if he wanted to ask the mafia leaders if he was allowed to do that. Izuku didn't think he was allowed to do that; he didn't think he could do that without screwing something up and he really did not want to mess with the mafia. After a few minutes of cleaning, his puppy not moving a muscle, he decided he would ask once he got him dressed.

Getting him dressed was the fun part. Izuku had the cutest little husky like skin tight suit. It would fit his body type effortlessly, and the outside was nice and soft incase Izuku wanted to pet him. It started at his collar bones, covering up his shoulders and his arms all the way to right past his elbows. It went around his torso, right down to his stomach where there was a gaping hole for his pelvis to be exposed. There were two separate pieces that went down each leg, starting at his thighs and ending at his ankles. It was the perfect puppy-dog outfit and Izuku adored it.

Forcefully, he shoved the outfit on his head, putting it on like he was a toddler. The mittens were a bit of an issue at first, but it was a stretchy skintight material so it went over his mittens easy, fitting just below his elbow and perfectly slipping onto his toned chest and covering the very bottom of his abs.

Kirishima didn't move a muscle, which Izuku rewarded by ruffling his hair and forcing him onto his back. He carefully slipped on the leg pieces and started to reinsert the tail.

The boy must have been feeling some sort of PTSD, because as soon as he felt the tip of the tear drop push in, he broke into a hard and really unexpected sob. His ass has a different story in mind, opening wider as Izuku continued to push in. Against the cold concrete floor, one of the toughest heroes at UA was balling his eyes out at having something put in his ass.

Izuku pulled him up into his arms. Letting him lean on him, "it's okay baby. You can cry if you want, puppies cry a lot. What's wrong?"

Kirishima went back to the silent treatment, but didn't try to stop him after that. Izuku moved him so he was on his hands and knees, and after the trembling stopped Izuku grabbed a bunch of silk rope.

Helplessly, Kirishima let Izuku tenderly position his body however he wanted, his lip drooping when Izuku started to lather the ropes on his body

The ropes weren't very strategically placed around his body. He had a rope go straight down his chest, and another that went straight down his spine. He had another one tied tightly around his hips, then attached the rope on his spine and the one on his chest to the one he has on his hips. He finally tied two ropes, one each just above the leg warmers before he tied a tiny rope to attach the ones tied on his thighs, to the one tied onto his hips. While Izuku needed work, he should be unable to stand up, unless he was squatting, and even then, it would be hard. Izuku didn't know if he wanted to tighten anything else, deciding to tie two ropes to his shoulders and attach them to a small knot he formed on his chest. Izuku realized he wasn't the best with rope and he would have to practice, maybe he should put him to sleep and retry a few times.


Chapter Text

There's a bunch of things wrong with this, but Izuku couldn't find himself not liking anything about what he was doing.

After a quick google search on how to do bondage, he found a bunch of useful videos. He ended up putting Eijiro asleep, which he let him place the rag against his face after a very small fight. The boy fell asleep not even a minute later and he started to undo the ropes. Izuku removed them all then started to redo everything while he was unconscious. 

Firstly, he made a harness on his chest, and then made a matching harness on his pelvis. He connected the two, and then slipped rather tight rope on his upper thighs before tying them to the first harness so it was tight and uncomfortable to stand up without tumbling. Honestly, it wasn't the best, but it worked better than his first attempt. Afterwards, he hooked his hands around him and carried him bridal style to the bed, carefully laying him down and running a hand through the boys’ hair. These first weeks had been very stressful for the boy, he felt a little bad, but he admired him too much to let him go. 

Izuku tucked him into the bed, knowing he was going to hate him in the morning, but he knew he already hated him. With a grin, the green-haired male ran a finger across his soft lips, leaning down and pecking him. Standing up, he ran a hand through his hair and moved out of the storage unit. The wind started to creep in trying to slip into the storage unit, but Izuku snuck out before it could get in and make his puppy cold. Autumn was starting to come, and the cold air that lapped at his face was an easy telltale sign. The boy headed towards the large ivory building, slipping into the large wooden doors. The overwhelming scent of money and smoke overwhelmed his nose before he slipped into the crowds of people.

There were many men, and only a couple of women. The main mafia boss was surrounded by a large group of men, half of them in strange bird masks and blocked off by velvet ropes like it was a night club.  Tomura had told Izuku when he first got the unit to not talk to anyone that followed around the leader or he would only get in trouble. Due to this, the boy didn't dare to make eye contact with the man known as Overhaul. Instead, his attention focused on the multiple groups of smoking men, half of them playing poker or just gambling in general. The tables and chairs looked expensive, yet the cracks in all of them said otherwise. Needless to say, they all looked sketchy and powerful, something a quirkless kid wouldn't dare to touch.

Izuku tried to not focused on the large wads of money, the shining jewelry, or the large piles of drugs stacked along the sides. His eyes gleamed across the people and stared at the occasional people sitting there with human pets. Most were half naked, or were in some form of bondage, but their owners were too busy in games. Izuku didn't dare try to interrupt anyone, and after a while he found a man sitting by a group of older men talking. However, he was sure the slave he had was a was a sex slave. She was sitting underneath the table he was sitting at, head bobbing up and down as she blew him off. Her hair was tied back tightly, rope wrapped around almost her entire body. Izuku shook his head, he knew he wouldn't get information from them, so he kept looking for him.

It took a minute to find a broad-shouldered buff man with a bird mask strapped against his face chatting to a man with a hoodie on his head, chatting calmly as his hands traced along someone in tight latex dressed as an orange cat. 

Izuku approached slowly, trying to be calm but anxiousness ran through him. He did not want to end up getting shot. The cat’s creepy narrow eyes fell on him as it pushed its fake muzzle against the bird-masked males’ leg and nudged him. Izuku could feel his palm get clammy as the two men’s attention was lazily dragged towards Izuku. Automatically, the man was defensive, but a strange calm lingered in his tone, "what do you want kid?"

Izuku felt eyes on him, so he quickly tried to explain himself before he got shot, "I-uh I um- have a dog and I had a few questions?" Izuku spewed in a jumbled mess. The man immediately looked annoyed and he could tell his patience was growing thin, so the green haired started to restart, "My name is Izuku Midoriya. I have recently kidnapped someone and I am trying to train them into becoming a dog, and I just wanted some tips from someone who has much more experience than I do. You seem like you know more than me-" he motioned to the cat, "so I was hoping-"

The man chuckled a little bit, cutting him off, "look kid, my names Hekiji, one of Overhauls loyal followers. I can't tell you much because if he leaves, I leave with him, but I can tell you a couple of things at the event."

Izuku nodded. He had to play his cards correctly here, "yes, whatever you give or teach me I will use, but what event?"

Hekiji nodded with glazed eyes as he motioned to the man next to him. He was passed a fat blunt as he pulled the bird mask off his face, taking a sharp inhale, "well, tomorrow there is going to be an event where they're allowing most of the pet play owners to bring them to play in a sectioned off zone. If you're interested you can come and learn. Just don't try and fight the man at the door, trust me. He'll ask."

Izuku debated on if he wanted to go. He watched the male exhale a puff of smoke towards him, and in return Izuku waved the smoke out of his face, the man holding the blunt back to the hooded man. Hekiji eyes were glazed over with a murderous intent as he stared at the nervous jittery male. Izuku realized he should try to leave as quick as possible, but Kirishima wasn't trained at all, what would they even do? How well were the others trained? Could they both learn from an event like this?

"You said he just got into it right?" The broad-shouldered male questioned after a moment as he adjusting his bird mask back on and stared at him  Izuku was snapped out of his thoughts as he nodded quickly, "well, most people who aren't confirmed as fully trained will have to be gagged and bounded. Tying up their calves to the back of their thighs so their knees are folded is how you would bound them. If it’s a horse, a bird, or anything other than a four-legged animal you'll have to clip them to a pole so they don't go sprinting off. There might be a few dogs that are bound to hump too, but most of them have been fixed so they won’t impregnate your bitch. The ones that don't usually have covers on their dicks to prevent breeding methods. If you have a girl she's bound to get fucked if you don't cover her pussy, and if it's an untrained boy you have to cover his dick."

Izuku frowned a little at that, "he's a dog, and do people really do that to other humans?" 

"What?" Hekiji asked confused, and then a bit annoyed, "do what?"

"Fix them." Izuku said sheepishly.

With a small chuckle, he nodded, "yes. It works very well as a threat, and it works well when controlling most men. Females are a little bit more difficult, but everything always seems to work out after the procedure is done. It calms them down after a few weeks, and mellows them out too."

"How much does this cost?" Izuku asked.

"It is a few thousand dollars in unmarked bills." Hekiji spoke, pointing with his thumb to a door way off, "they might be irritable afterwards, and they'll defiantly need a week to recover and suffer through any side effects that may arise. If you're interested go talk to him."

Izuku nodded a little bit, anxiously twiddling his thumb, "so he can come if he's not trained?"

Hekiji tipped his head, "yes. It's on Saturday at 3pm."

"alright. Thank you for the information." Izuku smiled a little bit, "I will make sure to follow the guidelines."

Hekiji didn't smile back, "keep him bound. If he tries to run away, he'll get shot."

Izukus face went grim as he nodded and left. Well, this would be an interesting weekend.


 He was oh so right when his puppy woke up, he was mad. Izuku could only think about the fact he had one day woken up, then was forced to sleep right away. He woke up that same morning in a brand-new place, which had to have been horrifying for him. To make matters worse, he was already obeying him, staying relatively silent, and most importantly naked and on a leash. He had two separate quirk canceling cuffs on his wrists, which were more or so like bracelets, a firm and cold cock cage that basically made his entire member very small and it had to have been embarrassing. He wasn't able to use his hands, and he wasn't even able to speak. It must have been a horrifying situation since everything was limited.

He attacked Izuku, and as a result he got raped so bad he started to bleed. Then he got shoved into a cage where he could barely move around and was forced to sleep in it for the night. It might have been better if he had a pillow or a blanket, but the boy had thrown a temper tantrum and threw it out. After that the first week was nothing but isolation, boredom, blow-jobs, and more silence. Izuku had wanted him to rage, to freak out, to attack him and retaliate, but he wasn't hopeless yet. Izuku assumed he was holding onto something, but he didn't know what. Was he waiting to be rescued? For a chance to make a break?

About 5 more days of this he started to listen. Not well, but he realized if he wanted something fun to do, he would have to listen.

He got a few rewards, and he got the most important piece of equipment in him. What was the next thing he did?  He cried. It was pathetic, but a good start to breaking him down. After that he threw a fit and got starved for a bit. He got raped again too, and Izuku wouldn't admit how much he liked watching it. 

Now they were stuck in the routine. Eijiro would wake up by Izuku, and then whatever he wanted to do he would have to do. Kirishima was tense, clearly unsure of what the day would happen, but he wasn't raging. He wasn't trying to attack, Izuku knew he had to have a fight in him. Katsuki wouldn't have become his friend if he didn't, that's not how Katsuki was.

"Good morning Eijiro. Did you sleep good?" Izuku questioned with a soft smile, tapping his puppy on the head after he was sure the chloroform was wearing off. He didn't stir for a moment, and Izuku decided it would be better if he just didn't speak at all to let him adjust. The green haired male ran a hand through his sweat slicked hair from the recent bike ride and grabbed a packet of crackers.

He could see two glossy red eyes, blown with just pure tiredness staring at him once he sat down a few feet in front of him. He shifted a bit, staring at the new restraints on his chest and back before looking over at Izuku nervously. He had to have known he couldn't stand up, he had to crawl if he wanted to go anywhere. Izuku smiled at him, setting the crackers down and holding his arms open, "come here buddy."

Kirishima looked absolutely furious as he tried to stand up and ended up falling right back down onto his hands and knees. He forced himself to crawl again the rough ground in front of him towards Izuku, but he didn't crawl into his lap. He sat down carefully and just glared hatred at him. 

Izuku reached over and started petting his head soothingly, allowing him to wake up a bit more before he blew a fuse. Due to the restraints that kept his arm restricted from moving anything other than his forearm, he couldn't attack Izuku or go running off. Luckily, the paws benefited him since they provided more grip on the floor. Once he was awake, he started to feed him the crackers one by one until he ate them all. 

The boy frowned after a moment of silence when he finished, Izuku softly petting his silky hair, "please let me go home. I won't tell anyone about this."

Eijiro was asking him to go home? Well, it wasn't begging, but it could get there soon enough, "sorry buddy. You're gonna be here with me for a long time."

Eijiro looked down. He must have realized before he said anything that Izuku wasn't going to let him go, so what was the point in asking, "do you want a bath?"

Kirishima sighed as he shook his head, red hair shaking with him. Izuku nodded a little bit, "since you have all of this-" he motioned to the restraints, tugging the one on his spine which made Eijiro move forwards a bit, "we aren't doing daily washes anymore." He let the rope go, it being tighter than ever as the boy said a very simple, "okay."

Izuku proceeded to go grab his hair brush, then used it for its intended use. He did the same thing with his toothbrush and wiped his mouth afterwards before Izuku pulled over his chair  and going to retrieve a bag of cinnamon toast crunch, tossing a few in his mouth as he sat down. He watched in delight as his puppy was forced to crawl towards him, and it was adorable because he would take one step, then stumble and tumble, occasionally falling over. It was adorable as Izuku waited for him to sit in front of him to feed him. He fed him a few pieces before kissing his forehead, "I got a really big surprise for you sweetie."

A look of horror flashed on Eijiros face as he shook his head and chewed up the bite, "no-no thanks! I don't need surprises. I am perfectly fine just being here with you!"

Izuku knew he was lying, but he decided to play with this idea a bit, "aww you like being here with me?"

Eijiro shook his head without realizing it, swallowing his food, "yes I like being here with you."

Izuku smiled even though he wasn't telling the truth. It was kinda cute that he was lying, "that's so cute! I didn't know you wanted to spend so much time with me!" His voice didn't lie, he was very upset. His green eyes focused on unsure red ones, clearly, they didn't know if he made a mistake or not. Izuku fed him another bite of the food, which he took with no hesitation. "Since you've been such a good boy, I'll reward you."

That statement gained no response. Izuku wasn't upset, he let him eat until he walked away and back over to the bed, stumbling occasionally as he moved into the bed and carefully laid down on his side.

"So, you don't even care what it is?" Izuku asked, earning a very blunt, "no."

"Aw, well that's not nice." The male chuckled and ate a few bites of the cereal.

"Neither are you," Kirishima snapped, "why the hell am I here?"

"You're here because of one of your classmates." Izuku stated calmly. Eijiro turned towards him, "why?"

How could he answer this?  He stroked his chin for a moment, thinking before muttering a little bit. He ended up starting slow as to not misspeak, "well, one of your classmates is a horrible person. Stealing someone close to, the only one they've ever been close to is the only way to properly make them suffer. You are just unfortunate enough to get caught in the middle."

Kirishima furrowed his brows, "so let me get this straight. So, because someone was mean to you, I got kidnaped?"

"Yes, but I wouldn't put it like that." Izuku admitted sheepishly, "more or so experimenting. I couldn't help wanting to keep someone so cute."

"You sound crazy," Eijiro practically growled, "that didn't even make senses, none of the shit you say makes sense. Experimenting for what? I'm not cute either."

"Experimenting because I plan to take his other friends too. I wanna see what will happen since you're gone!" Izuku leaned forward, "you in the outfit was just too much to resist. Why should I just slice you up and leave you for dead when I can break you down and then give you back? Or maybe I'll just ruin you and leave you for dead. Someone will find you after you're decaying and then the look on his  face, if he cares, will be priceless." Izuku rested his hand on his knee with his head resting in it, "it's all depending on how you act."

"You're a lunatic." Kirishima spoke, baffled and astonished at the same time, "you kidnapped me because of Bakugo being mean? Do you even know him?" He was mad, he was now sitting up, "he's always mad! You're fucking crazy! Do you even know him??"

Clever Izuku pondered, he knew it was Katsuki without him even saying his name. "I've known him longer than you, that's for sure."

"I have never seen you! He's never mentioned anything about you either. He's my fucking boyfriend I would have known."

"Dating huh? We weren't really friends." Izuku admitted and stood up, "after all, he told me to kill myself multiple times." He scratched the back of his neck, "he never left without a fight-" he chuckled a little bit, a dark smile slowly creeping on his face, "I wish I could catch him. If he was in your place it would be so much better... but you will have to do." He started to come closer, a broken smile forming as he got closer, "don't look at me like that."

Kirishima frowned when he started getting closer, ducking his head lower, "please- just let me go. Nothing will change I promise- it's not too late!" He assured, his head getting lower.

"It's too late. I can't be a hero. Do you know how sad it was when the symbol of peace told me I could never be a hero?" Izuku scrunched his hands into fists, "Kacchan was right. I could never be a hero. I'm just a worthless quirkless looser. He's known ever since we were kids."

Izuku ran his hands through his hair, and he could feel the force of pressure from the years of worthlessness building behind his words starting to build up in intense emotion, "the one thing I wanted to do, I can't. I can't because I was born wrong."

He was losing it. He didn't want to do this right now in front of him. He felt a small nudge on his leg to see the male hugging him the best he could in the position, "it's okay. You can be a hero without a quirk- I can help you make it happen."

Izuku grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked him away, jeering away and kicking him as hard as he could in the head. He thumped against the ground heavily, unable to protect himself, "don't promise shit you can’t keep, Eijiro."

He was annoyed, he stormed out of the building, grinding his teeth, and slamming the door shut.


He had a new objective one that might have been a little tougher. He was going to use him for his own benefit.

He needed to keep him strong so he was able to use his quirk effectively, but Izuku was playing a dangerous game. If he failed to ruin Eijiro, he might attack him and he'd have to put him down. If he waited too long and he got too weak his quirk wouldn't be the potential he needed it to be. Breaking him down, but keeping him strong enough would be a challenge, one that Izuku was already working out in his head by the time he was getting dressed in his room. Izuku decided to dress nicely because he didn't know how many people were supposed to be there, or what any of them would look like. He wouldn't admit how much he adored his own outfit, having put on a nice fitting suit before ordering a ride from the same man who helped him remove the plug from Eijiro. His suit was simple, it was a white undershirt with a loose black tie tied around his popped up white collar. He decided to not wear the cuffs, that would be too annoying if they hooked on something. His pants were coal black, and just like the suit it fit him perfectly, and to top it off he slipped on matching black gloves.

Eijiro was sitting in his bed and watching tv, when Izuku slowly cracked open the door. Like usual, the boy became even more alert now that his owner came in. His attention focusing on Izuku for the millionth time and abandoning the tv just to stare at him. Izuku watched the red iris flicker to the plastic bag in his hands that harbored something new.

"You always look worried when I come in. I'm not going to kill you." The green-haired man rolled his eyes.

"Just beat me." Eijiro retaliated, "or rape me."

"That was only one time." Izuku chuckled with a sly smile, "you attacked me first."

"You kidnapped me." Kirishima said flatly, which made him chuckle more, "and it wasn't just one time."

Izuku ignored him, "hey come here for a moment."

With an eye roll of annoyance, he crawled towards him as far as the chain comfortably allowed him too. He sat down, leaning on his wrists since he couldn't quite stand, and sitting on his legs because... He couldn't quite stand.

Izuku closed the gap, crouching down and softly grabbing his chin, "I am going to take you somewhere to have some fun."

Kirishima moved his head away from Izukus grip, "I don't wanna go anywhere with you."

Izuku ignored the sneer in his voice. "Too bad."

Kirishima bore his teeth as he tried to bite his hand. Izuku ended up grabbing his chubby cheeks again, trying to jerk his head away. He jerked backwards in the process as he shook his head wildly, and Izuku let go to calm him down. He seemed to be starting to fight back, and Izuku knew this would be the next step to having him listen.

Izuku drew his hand back before slapping him roughly across his entire face. He snagged his nose with his thumb and index finger before tugging roughly and forcing him to look down, "you fucking mutt."

Kirishima did not like his nose getting grabbed and he tried to smack him away with the foam paws. Having to look downwards didn't allow him to get any good hit in, "ow! Let go!"

Izuku rolled his eyes, "you wanna get fucked again? Is that why you're being bad? You need to learn your place Eijiro."

He settled down pretty quickly after that. Izuku let go after a moment of silence, "listen up." 

Kirishima said nothing, refusing to look up at him. Izuku could tell how mad and frustrated he was becoming, "if you don't wanna be fucked then you need to obey or I'll just let it happen." He set the bag down, "do you wanna be gagged or are you going to shut the hell up?"

The boy growled a little a bit, grumbling, "I'll be quite."

Izuku would just muzzle him anyway because he was going to follow the rules. He padded over towards the supplies he had gathered in the corner and grabbed ahold of some rope, coming over to Eijiro before carefully hooking his calf to his upper thigh so his legs were presently folded. He would be forced to walk on just his knees and hands now, instead of his hand’s knees and calf’s. Eijiro looked very upset, and he got even more agitated when Izuku grabbed ahold of the muzzle that resembled his hero costume.

He slipped the bar across his mouth after a second of struggle, and then strapped the muzzle along his jaw and locked it across the back of his head. Since the muzzle was on, Izuku also slipped the little ear pieces so he was all dressed up just for him.

It was a marvelous sight. The male was just standing there on all fours, a muzzle latched in between his teeth as drool was already dripping down his chin. He had a husky suit tightly slipped on his body, with matching paws and a matching tail. His ass was hanging out, and so was his cock that was covered with a cage that hasn't come off since he's had it on. He was pent up, and just from the sight Izuku could tell that. The ropes that were slipped on his chest and pelvis were tight, and no matter how much he moved they wouldn't come off, and no matter how much he moved the ropes attached to his arms, thighs, and calf’s he would be stuck and helpless. 

He was much thinner and his muscles were already starting to deuterate on him. He had to have been feeling weaker and that could be what's triggering him now. He's not getting stronger, and no-one has come to save him yet, he has to fight on his own.

He looked nervous and scared, but Izuku didn't blame him. The male moved over to go and grab the leash before he came closer and he undid the chain for the first time.

It thunked on the ground, almost scaring his puppy before the leash was clipped in the place of the chain. The leash was a simple black, and it was heavy duty for big dogs. He tugged Eijiro towards the door, and while he expected him to be happy, he wasn't. 

Eijiro was trying to pull backwards, and as a result he got yanked forwards by Izuku. He didn't care how much he pulled or tugged, he was nothing and he had to learn that if he wanted to go and do fun things, he had to follow behind him.


Heading inside was the hard part. Since it was an, "event" there were many more people than Izuku could have imagines. About half of the area had been converted into a sort of, "play area" and it was full of human pets, and real pets. There were a bunch of big dogs roaming around and playing with the humans. A few of there were bounded tightly, while most were unbounded and naked running around and having fun. They acted just like real pets, it bewildered him about the level of breaking people down. Before he could even get inside, a ridiculously large man red gloves had stopped him. On the top of his head was a large black mask, but his silky blonde hair was hanging out the end. The mask reminded Izuku of some sort of raven, and he asked to fight Izuku.

Izuku politely declined, and then he was let inside, motioned to go towards another man in another bird mask. They explained to him the rules. 

  1.  Untrained pets cannot be left alone.
  2.  Owners may not enter the gate unless they're retrieving their pet.
  3. The gate must be remaining shut when entering or leaving the sectioned zone.
  4. You may not hit anyone or anyone's pets.
  5. You must register your pet as trained before you're allowed to do anything.

When Izuku told them Kirishima wasn't trained, a lonely thug with sandstone skin leaned down and began to touch all over Eijiro. The boy pressed against Izuku, as the man checked the ropes. He tugged, which would shift Eijiro and pull him at whichever places he was tugging. He pulled at the plug, which earned a very upset growl, that shifted to uncomfortable when he moved his fingers along the cage. His final stop was the muzzle, which he tugged at a bit and when it didn't move, he gave a curt nod.

The man explained he was allowed to go into the sectioned zone, and once Kirishima entered he was allowed to take him off leash, but he had to watch him from the other side. The rules seemed simple enough, and so he started to walk towards the area blocked off with a chainmail gate.

It was huge, the area completely blocked off with chainmail, and the only way to get in was by a single gate that had two guys standing at the entrance the gate seemed to be made of plastic, and by the looks of it, it didn't seem hard to get in or out. There were a ton of people at newly added round tables gathered  around the area. A bunch of low-life thugs were present watching the inside of the gate. Izuku looked down at Kirishima, who was now completely stuck to his leg, "are you ready to have fun?"

Kirishima looked up at him and shook his head frantically, starting to talk through the gag but Izuku had no idea what he said.

"Aw don't be like that!" Izuku commented sweetly and smiled, leaning down and running his hand through his hair, "it's okay. You're gonna go have fun with the other puppies okay?" He headed over to the gate, and the two men looked suspicious.

One of them stopped Izuku, "untrained?" He questioned.

Izuku nodded after a moment, a little nervous.

The same one who asked pulled something out of his pocket, which was a little clip, and clipped Eijiros right ear. The male kept trying to pull away from Izuku, and once the clip was on his ear he started to tear up and pull as hard as he could, shaking his head as he tried to escape. Izuku started to get mad, and it wasn't long before he held the leash up as high as he could to choke him into submission. He went down after just three seconds, panting hard and shaking his head as he stared up at Izuku with pleading eyes.

Izuku smiled and leaned down, petting his head before he started to unscrew the tail, leaving nothing but a gaping hole. The teardrop was still inside of him, the whole device was, but because he unscrewed the tail it left him free to be fucked by anyone. The cum would stay in one spot if he did get fucked, and it would stay stuck inside of him until Izuku took it out. If he did get mounted by anyone, then a tiny trigger in the plug would start vibrating to make both of them have a fun time.

He pushed Eijiro in through the gate, "go have fun. Go be a dog, I'll take you out in a few hours." He shut the gate, holding the end of the plug while looking at the two, "am I allowed to run this back to my storage unit?"

The two men looked a bit conflicted, "yeah, but be fast. If anyone asks, I gave you permission."

Izuku nodded and left before they had the chance to change their mind. When he slipped back in, he had a small argument at the entrance with the man he learned was named, "Rappa" but he eventually slipped inside and moved over to see where his puppy was.

He was close by the entrance, pushed against the wall and avoiding everyone. He looked terrified and stiff as everyone else walked around and had fun like giant pets and had a great time. Izuku moved over to the part of the fence he was leaning on, "Eij' baby go have some fun."

He turned to look up at Izuku, shaking his head with wet eyes, Izuku sighed and leaned over, lightly petting his head, "baby boy go have some fun. I know you'll enjoy it if you go play. Just go act care free and run around. Don't you want to go play with a ball? Or go sniff butts? I don't know dog shit?"

 Eijiro looked offended, shaking his head upsetly. He hesitantly stretched at the gate, stretching at Izuku like he wanted him to pick him up. Izuku chuckled a little bit, "I'd love to hold you, but I can't. Go have fun and play with the others."

With another ruffle to the head, Izuku headed off. He went over and sat down in one of the chairs before hopping on his phone to play mobile games. The chair, even though cracked and old, was extremely comfortable and the boy found himself leaning into it and moaning at the feeling. It was like he was getting hugged by a cloud.  It wasn't but a few games of Candy Crush before the big brute man he talked with approached and sat down. Izuku smiled a little bit, "hi Hekiji."

The male scoffed before sitting down, "what do you want to know?"

Izuku paused, looking towards Kirishima who was still sitting at the gate and watching the other pets playing around. A giant Doberman tackled what seemed like a girl in a poodle outfit before he started to hump her, and she didn't try to get away she was letting him do it. Kirishima seemed very unconformable.

"How do I make my dog carefree?" He pointed at the redhead, "that's basically all he does inside or outside."

Hekiji looked over at Kirishima, "get him into a subspace."

Izuku pulled out his notepad onto his phone and began to type, "how do I do that?"

Hekiji leaned back in his chair, "Well, a subspace is when your slave completely trusts you. They become immerse in the bondage, and because of that they feel such a warm and loving high that they go into subspace. Once you achieve that you can get them into puppy space and treat them the way you want to." He motioned to the groups of people in the back playing as dogs, "like them. They were either forced to behave like that or they learned how to achieve puppy space. The best way to getting them like that is to treat them the way you plan to treat them, then work your way to trust and love."

"So, you have to get them to trust you?" Izuku sighed. He's been doing everything wrong if that was the case.

"Well you can try absolute fear, but they won't get into subspace if you do that. They'll simply listen to you, but that leaves a lot of room for anxiety and depression. Neither of those are good since they can cause your human to lose weight, get into nervous habits, cause panic attacks, and do more harm than good."

"Well, I may have raped my puppy twice." Izuku said sheepishly.

Hekiji just stared at him for a moment, "so treat him like an omega."

Izuku went to speak, but was cut off, "an omega is a dog that's purpose is to please their master. Whether it's sex or giving sex is up to you."

"I kinda wanted to make him a weapon." Izuku admitted shyly once he was sure he was done talking, "I wanted him to obey me with domination, then I can teach him obedience and train him. Once he fully relies on me, I'm going to kill him in front of his boyfriend."

Hekiji went black, like he didn't know how to respond. He mumbled a soft and curt, "Jesus Christ." before he continued to just stare at Izuku, "I mean, that would work. Show him his body isn't his, and that would break down his mind set, and if you're planning to kill him there's no use getting him into subspace."

Izuku smiled and nodded, "alright. Thank you for the information."

He glanced over to see Eijiro getting nudged by a different human, and he was as stiff as a boulder as the human nudged his leg. He watched his puppy furiously batting at the other persons head, but the other person wasn't effected. It seemed to be one of the more well-trained dogs since he had no bondage on his entire body, just a muzzle and a brown tail. It wasn't but a minute later of Eijiro turning to face him each time he tried to get on top of him before the brunette hooked his hands around his hips and forced him up. Eijiro seemed a bit worried for a second, but relaxed at the same time like he knew nothing would happen since he had something in his ass already.

Boy oh boy was he wrong. He must not have known about the tear drop having a hole and literally being made to collect cum. While yes, it usually was for females, it worked just the same for males. After a few sloppy thrusts and the other males rather large and hard cock grinding against his caged cock, he slipped into him easily.

Izuku wished he fucked him like that first, but this works just as good that a stranger does it. Izuku saw the absolute shock in his face as he choked back something on the gag. He could see how excited the other person got too at the intense vibrating in his ass, and it didn't even look like he was thrusting since he was just chilling there enjoying it. Izuku chuckled as Kirishima started to make plenty of auditable sounds from behind the gag.  The brunette on top of him started to thrust quickly, and it wasn't but five minutes of him rocking his hips into him before he pulled out.

Izuku could see the slick running off his legs, and once he got off Eijiro looked upset. He could see light liquid coming from Eijiros cock, but he knew he didn't come. With the cage on it made things twice as hard, since he couldn't get hard. He would be stuck in a state of horniness. The other male trotted off once he was done, and he could see how upset Eijiro was as he sat back down, lust in his eyes as he stood up for a second and took a few steps towards the direction he went. He shook his head furiously and stomped his hand on the ground in frustration before he rubbed his belly with the back of his wrists. He had to have felt the liquid splashing around inside of the teardrop since it was warm.

Drool was dripping from his chin as sweat glinted from his forehead, his cock looked angry from the lack of stimulation. He had kept him backed up for a month, and Izuku knew exactly what he wanted was a release.

A newly built up confidence arose in his puppy as he started to head towards the group of others playing around. He barely got up to them before he got mounted by another person, and just like the other time he took minutes.

An aggressive cycle of getting mounted, fucked, and then they would peel off him before he finished would finish. Each time he was mounted he would get closer and closer, but they wouldn't stay on long enough for him to finish. All the ones that would mount him were dressed as dogs, but it wasn't until a real dog hopped on-top of him before he finally finished. 

He had gone through about five guys, and he looked filthy! Covered in sweat, slick, and his face was just covered in drool and spit from himself and the occasional person who would come up and lick him. A real dog, a St Bernard, finally ended up getting on top of him and helped finish him off. The dog was large and heavy, his chest pressed against Eijiros back as he thrusted into him steadily. His paws were hooked around his hips tight enough to leave the claw marks on his thighs, being forced for to lay down on his forearms as he panted through the gag and was fucked mercilessly before he leaned forward and stream after stream of liquid came spurting against the ground, which a smaller dog started to sniff at it. 

Izuku looked back at Hekiji, who was looking for someone, most likely another person. He would occasionally glance over at Eijiro, who was now sitting down and tired as he watched everyone start to go back to playing games and occasionally humping each other. Izuku chuckled a little bit as he watched him shift around at anxiously, which caught the occasional attention of another person who would come over to sniff at him, nudge him to play, or just get mounted and fucked again.

Izuku lost track of everyone who forced their cocks in him, but he knew the most embarrassing one had to have been when a girl moved on him, being very rough and much bigger as she forced him down so his face was pressed against the ground. Maybe he was tired and that's why he didn't fight, but she pushed her finger into the hole that was slightly leaking from the absurd amount of cum gathered in the tear drop. The sensor wasn't far, so Izuku knew It vibrated, then she physically pushed herself on him so her pussy was pressed against the hole. She would occasionally grind on him, her hips rocking back and forth effortlessly as she relaxed against him, enjoying the vibrations until her face scrunched up and Izuku could see her leaking into him.

It was kind of cute actually. Eijiro looked heavily embarrassed, but he looked happy. His cock was still leaking and just smeared in cum, and he knew he had to have been feeling a bit relaxed from an intense high. Izuku focused on his phone and played a few more games of Candy Crush before he slipped inside the gate with his leash to retrieve his boy.

He couldn't walk.

Izuku carried him out, holding his ass in his hands with his folded legs on each side of his stomach. He leaned his head against Izukus and laid down, the green-haired male listening to his harsh and uneven breaths as he relaxed on him. He didn't even mind the wet feeling on his shirt or his shoulder. He was covered in sweat, and whatever else came with sweat. Slick, cum, juices, and everything in between. Izuku chuckled a little bit as he started to walk back to his unit, "did you have fun?"

He barely heard the, "mhm." as he slipped into his storage unit, He would need to remove the tear drop before he fell asleep, but he didn't mind just letting him keep it in for the night. He put him down on the bed before carefully taking off the bondage. He took everything but the mittens and quirk canceling cuffs off, Eijiro stretching out and yawning tiredly. Izuku did decide to take the cage off too, but he was so out of it he didn't even realize. Izuku smiled and kissed his head as he let him drift off to sleep. He could clean him in the morning. 


Chapter Text

"What?" Izuku asked as he ran a rag across the sleepy males neck. Eijiro was awake, it being the next morning. 

"I wanna know more about you." Kirishima repeated softly, letting the green-haired male slide the rag over his shoulders and down his spine.

Izuku almost chuckled. Was he just trying to buy time before he slipped the gag in between his teeth and silenced him? "Why do you want to know about me?"

Kirishima watched him move the rag down his sides, sliding across his chest and pinching his nipples. He didn't even tense, "I wanna know about you. What made you like this?"

Izuku chucked. Of course he was buying time. He glanced towards Eijiro before staring blankly at him. His eyes focused on something unclear, then snapped his focus at the redhead. He almost jumped at the sudden angry look in his eyes, "why the hell do you care?"

Kirishima looked a little frustrated, letting Izuku wash his stomach, "because I just want to okay?"

Izuku rolled his eyes, sliding the rag across his stomach as he washed him off, "there's mothing really cool about me. I am a quirkless, worthless loser. I produce nothing for society, but that's okay."

Shaking his head as Izuku slipped a thumb into the gaping hole of the plug and pulled him up so he was standing up on all fours. Kirishima replied with a embarrassed timid response, "quirkless people who want to help can become wonderful cops."

Izuku moved his hand across the cage, then back down to pat his puppy's back. "who said I want to help?"

The cold feeling of a wet rag sliding across his junk didn't feel good. Kirishima didn't squirm, but he did wiggle a little. It was clear he was a bit embarrassed, but Izuku didn't care. He made sure to get all of his little bits, "who said I want to help people."

Kirishima didn't comment. Izuku started to wipe off his perfectly curved ass, "lay down on your stomach with your butt in the air."

With no hesitation, Kirishima pushed his body towards the ground. Izuku pulled his thumb out, then carefully grabbed the edges of the plug and started to push it in. He heard a breathless sound come from his puppy as the plug started to stretch him, the boy trying to wiggle away. Teasingly, Izuku let the widest part of the teardrop keep him stretched open for just a few minutes. Izuku earned a small string of cries, whimpers, and moans. 

He pulled it out with no warning, Kirishima coiling downwards at the sudden force. He felt empty, and his entrance only managed to wink at Izuku before he shifted and crawled to the children's potty. He mounted the little thing, and Izuku didn't watch him do his business, "this is what you were worth to everyone at that event."

The teardrop was filled to the brim with cum. It shifted and moved around when Izuku turned it, but it didn't go anywhere since it was closed, "how many people were on top of you?"

Kirishima glanced towards him for a brief moment, but looked away, "12."

Izuku didn't stare at him since he was using the bathroom, "12 and a dog." He corrected.

He watched him shift again, "12 and a dog." He whispered.

Izuku chuckled, "so you wanna know why I am like this?"

He had taken a liking to the suit, so he was currently still wearing it. He sat down on the chair in the room, pressing the vibrating button and letting the cum filled plug leak into the bucket. It vibrated intensely, and he could feel eyes on him when his pup was done with the bathroom, "do you know how hard it is, Eijiro? When al you have ever dreamed about is becoming a hero?" He watched the liquid drip into the bucket, "I use to stand in the living room of my house, and try to breath fire, or I would try to levitate small objects." He chuckled to himself. "I was an idiot."

Izuku ended up sighing, "I was obsessed with hero's. I would constantly go to conventions, and study quirks. I mean, I could become a hero if I tried right?" He asked him, his voice bland, "then the one person you have admired for your entire life tells you, "you can't do it. Your dreams are unrealistic" Do you know how hard that is?"

Kirishima nodded a bit and moved his head onto his lap, opposite from the bucket. "Everyone use to tell me my quirk sucked, I could never be a hero. I didn't have the skills or the quirk... I didn't have the drive. I was so unmanly, but I tried really hard and got into the school of my dreams, meeting lots of new people... Do you have any friends?"

Izuku wanted to slap the head out of his lap. Wanted to yell at him, lock him up in a cage and leave him in a crate for a couple of days. He scoffed, "no. I have no friends. I need no friends, they're a waste of time and space."

"Everyone needs friends." Kirishima spoke softly, "even you."

"Shut up." Izuku snapped, "I told your dumbass I don't need anything."

"Everyone needs something," Eijiro pushed forwards, moving his head off of his lap, "you need one person who believes in you, one person to hold and hug you. I can give you a hug."

Izuku was starting to see why Katsuki might have liked this man. He seemed overly optimistic, even in this situation. Izuku was finding himself conflicted on what he wanted to do with this stupid idiot. 

He wanted to keep him, but that would be foolish. He wanted to kill him, but he felt like he was getting attached. He wanted to use him, but breaking him seemed better. With every day his plan was becoming unstable.

He wanted to kill him.

He wanted to keep him.

He wanted to use him.

He need to break him.


There was no clear way to do this anymore. Izuku wanted to give up, this was too much. His green eyes focused on that shitty little face before he flicked his nose, "why the hell are you so happy? Do you even know the situation you're in? You just got fucked by 12 people, a dog, you've been starved, beat, yelled at..." 

Kirishima didn't say anything for a moment, his eyes drifting to the side, "I can see you're at least a little bit good. Everyone has some good inside of them. Even though you haven't been the best, you felt bad when I puked up that mush and you gave me real food. You give me real good a lot and you always make sure I'm comfortable when I'm laying in the bed you made me."

"I raped you." Izuku said bluntly, "and you think I'm a good person."

Bluntly, Kirishima nodded, "yes."

Izuku rolled his eyes at him. He looked away back at the plug. It was like Kirishima did a complete 360 from the mood he had yesterday, not wanting to leave and not wanting to be around him, "what? Are you happy you got banged by a fucking mutt and came all over yourself like the little girl you are?"

Kirishimas cheeks got slightly red as he shook his head, "of course I'm not happy by that, but-"

"You were just glad you got to come?" Izuku pressed further, "maybe I should make you sit on me constantly then. Or I can tie you down and bang you like that did. Or did you prefer when the girl forced you down and rubbed her clit all over you? Spilling into you, like you were the little bitch."

Kirishima frowned a bit, that positive look disappearing, "no. I didn't like that at all, I just-"

"Just wanted to come. Just wanted to do whatever it took to get to there and you didn't give a fuck who mounted you."

Kirishima was now looking away, "no." He said softly, and didn't say anything else.

Izuku stared at him. Kirishima looked frustrated, maybe he was just in a good mood because he wasn't all pent up from last night. He hoped he just ruined that attuite. A smug grin crossed on his face, "just because you're being nice doesn't mean you're not getting out of putting your equipment on."

Kirishima looked at him upsetly, putting his head back on his leg, "please? I'll be good. I don't want the ropes on."

So that's why that whole ordeal was about. He laughed a little bit, moving the hand that was covered in the cum from the man in front of his face, "be a good boy then. Listen to every one of my commands and I won't put the equipment on. That seems nice huh?"

Kirishima moved his head back, looking a bit unsure, but he looked determined too. Izuku didn't say anything, motioning to his fingers. Kirishima didn't move, not seeming to get what he wanted him to do. Izuku sighed a little bit, "which entrance do you want these to go in?"

There wasn't a flash or realization before Kirishima scooted forward and hesitantly licked the fingers. It was a soft swipe, but that didn't catch him off guard. What caught him off guard was when Eijiro turned his back to him, standing on his hands and knees with his ass in front of him. Izuku paused and furrowed his brow for a moment, shrugging it off before wiping his fingers off on his ass. He just went to the bathroom, no way was he pushing his finger into him. He carefully grabbed the bucket, dumping a bit of the liquid against his entrance before pushing the plug in. Izuku wasn't gentle, he shoved it in until he cringed forwards, wiggling his body a bit. The green haired man screwed the piece into his tight little ass, giving it a gentle pat before strutting towards the boxes. He pat his thigh

Kirishima got the idea easily, lopsidedly shuffling behind him to the boxes. It was possibly the first time he managed to move all the way over since the chain wasn't attached to his neck, but that freedom wouldn't be too much longer. He dug through the boxes, "roll onto your back, spread your legs and keep your hands tucked up to your chest."

Kirishima did exactly what he was told. He had the plug in, he had the mittens and gloves on, all he needed was the headset. Carefully taking out the piece of equipment, he admired it for a moment. A nice headset, a metal muzzle would strap along his nose and the bottom of his jaw, locking around the back of his head. One strap ran right up his nose, over his forehead, and locked to the bottom strap. Two ears would click into place, and once that happened it was almost impossible to get off.

Kirishima put up no fight as Izuku locked and tightened the device, "good boy." Was his only occasional praise, and it was the last thing he said to him as he fixed the skintight suit on him.


It wasn't a start, but at the very least he was listening for now. He knew he couldn't leave, so he might as well have it as easy as he could possibly have it.