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wake me up with style

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Maybe Jeongguk should be a little more alarmed when he wakes up to a cock in his ass, a hot mouth against his neck, and the nearly suffocating weight of a body pinning him to the bed.

Instead, he feels nothing but heat and pleasure in his fogged brain. He knows that body, knows that smell, knows those breaths—hell, he's memorized that cock. His boyfriend is fucking him too good for him to do anything but shift a little for better leg comfort and groan quietly.

Unfortunately, this motion has Jimin slowing his thrusts. Jeongguk whines in annoyance. Words fail him this early in his waking up process, so he tries to communicate by thrusting his ass back and whining again. His own dick is harder than it's ever been, he feels like, trapped against the bed and grinding a little with every jerk of Jimin's hips.

"You awake, baby?"

Jeongguk nods, rubbing against the soft satin sheets. His body feels so heavy. He loves feeling trapped like this, still almost half-asleep, unable to move. He loves Jimin's dick. So much.


"Green," he barely musters out, tongue so thick in his mouth. He kind of needs to brush his teeth, a distant, distant part of his brain reminds him.

"You like waking up like this?" Jimin asks, as innocently as one can when their voice is raspy with arousal. "You like waking up to a nice cock in your ass?"


"You don't even know what I did to you in your sleep, bunny," Jimin taunts. Jeongguk's mind glitches at the thought, like he forgot—oh yeah, something came before this. Jimin had to have prepped him. Jimin loves to tease him, too, play with his nipples and suck at his thighs. He wonders if he could touch his nipples now, would they feel swollen and abused? Would he be able to feel the phantom remembrance of Jimin's mouth there? "You don't know how much I played with you and teased you. You were so cute, squirming in your sleep. Did you dream about it? Did you dream about my tongue on you, my hands?"

Jeongguk groans. He can't remember, he can't focus, everything feels so, so good—all his worries are still buried under the sleep haze, all his awareness is blanketed by it. He can't grasp onto any clear thoughts other than the pleasure he's feeling and the words Jimin whispers at him. He feels like he's standing over the precipice with his eyes blindfolded, unsure of his balance and trusting Jimin to push him the right way.

"I bet you dreamt I was fucking you nice and fast," Jimin says, just as he slows his pace, pushing in as deep as he can and staying there. He's pressed right against Jeongguk's prostate and grinding in little circles. Jeongguk can't help but sob, squirming a little, torn between wanting relief from the constant stimulation and wanting more of it. "But this is real life, isn't it, baby? I wanna fuck you how I like. Nice and slow and deep."

Jimin thrusts forward again, going impossibly deeper, pressing all the more on his spot. It's intense. Jeongguk cries out, the feeling completely unexpected, and suddenly he's falling off the edge.

The sparks fly up his spine in a wave, body going taught and rigid. He smushes his face into the pillow and sobs through his orgasm as Jimin picks up his pace and continues fucking him relentlessly.

"You're so good," Jimin grunts. He lifts off of Jeongguk's back to get better leverage and fuck faster. Jeongguk whines even more at the overstimulation, but secretly he loves it and the praise. More than that, he loves the way it feels like Jimin is using him to get off; like he's a doll just laying there for Jimin's pleasure. God, that gets him harder than almost anything else. "So-—fuck, so pliant, so gorgeous, Jeonggukie—"

Jimin comes with a pretty moan that blesses Jeongguk's ears. His cum is warm and fills him up so nice, he almost wants to ask for a plug as Jimin slides out, but he decides he's much too tired for that. Even after a full night's rest, he feels like it's nap time. Lying on his stomach, head still fuzzy, he feels like he could slip back into a nice dream within moments.

Instead of falling back asleep, he forces himself to stay awake because he knows Jimin likes to check up on him after scenes like this. They discussed it all beforehand—what exactly Jimin was allowed to do to him while asleep, and their safewords both verbal and nonverbal, and going by their usual scenes, this has been quite mild in comparison—but Jimin loves nothing if not feedback.

When Jimin asks if he'd liked to be cleaned up, Jeongguk shakes his head and rolls over to look up at his boyfriend. So what, maybe others find it gross, but he likes being messy. He likes the feeling of cooling cum dripping down his legs and smeared across his stomach. He's just lucky he found a man who likes it almost as much as him.

Soon Jimin is properly cuddling him, their chests pressed together, legs intertwined. After a few minutes of that, wherein Jeongguk feels himself slowly lifting from the fog in his mind, Jimin asks, "How are you feeling? Was it good?"

Jeongguk can't help but smile. "Mm-hmm." He nods. "A plus, really good. You?"

And this—this part Jeongguk was a little wary about. He knew almost for sure that he would like it, but he wondered about Jimin's end. Would it really be pleasurable to have sex with an unresponsive partner? Especially when Jimin always loved Jeongguk's sounds the most, his sensitivity and responsiveness, the way the younger could rarely keep his hands to himself.

"God, it was surprisingly hot," Jimin says, laughing a little. He drags his nose up Jeongguk's temple and presses a kiss to his forehead. "I mean, I thought it would be, but damn. I didn't realize how much I love how pliant you get sometimes, it was like that times ten. I definitely think I would've been more anxious about accidentally crossing lines if we hadn't talked about it all before, though."

Jeongguk hums again, squeezing his arms around Jimin's waist. "It was all good. All of it."

"You were asleep for most of it," Jimin laughs.

Jeongguk presses his smile into Jimin's neck. "All of it," he insists.

"Do you... wanna do it again?"

"Definitely." A pause. "I'm gonna fall asleep now. Wake me up in forty? However you'd like. Same parameters."

Jimin chuckles. "Should've known, my little baby cockslut can't go an hour without my cock in the morning."

Jeongguk ignores how a flare strikes in his stomach at those words. Instead, he turns over so he's the little spoon and closes his eyes. "Forty minutes at least, hyung, please."

Jimin pulls him closer, not even caring when his arm gets covered in Jeongguk's cum. They've been together for almost two years, he's used to it by now. "Okay, bunny, I'll let you get your beauty sleep."

Jeongguk is already halfway asleep, but he still has the coherence to pinch Jimin's arm lazily. "Love you."

A quick squeeze, a little kiss on the nape of his neck. "Love you too, Gukkie. See you in forty."