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"Hey Iskall.."




"I-Iskall, hey, I have just some things to share-"


"For pete's sake, Mumbo, I'm trying to restock Sahara and if you would help, it would be so much faster-"

Iskall doesn't look up from the mess of redstone he's been looking at. He's been at this for hours, trying to find out how to restock the system more efficiently and it doesn't help that the company's chief redstoner isn't helping. Sighing, Iskall decides to entertain his pestering friend, "What is it this time?"


"S-so! I just realized this but... don't you think that Grian looks so cute with my wings on?"


"Yes! Look! It's so big on him, Iskall, m-my wings-they're too big on him, look-"

"If I look, will you help me make a system that will help speed up Sahara's stocking system."

Mumbo lights up and continues on with his pestering, "Yea! L-like just look at him, Iskall, just-" 


he suddenly falls silent.


"And there he goes."  Iskall thinks with an amused smile, turning to look at his mustached friend. The moment Mumbo turns to look at the winged demon, his entire expression changes.


His eyes grow impossibly softer and adoring, lips twisted in a dopey smile. A small sigh escapes Mumbo as he continues to stare at Grian who was dancing away with parrots.


Grian, possibly feeling the stares from one specific angel, turns around, waves and smiles. It's enough to turn Mumbo into a blushy red mess, trying to wave back at him but failing such a simple task, his eyes darting everywhere but on the target of his affections. Iskall waves at Grian, saving Mumbo, and Grian turns back to his parrots, dancing a bit more. 

"He's just so cute and adorable..." is what the red-faced angel can mutter after a few seconds. 

Iskall can only shake his head and laugh, clapping Mumbo's back then turning his attention on the redstone. They are good for each other, Iskall thinks as Mumbo squawks and Grian laughs from a distance.

It was a good day.