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Naoto's troublesome love life

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It was another ordinary friday in Naoto Hachioji’s life, he woke up, brushed his teeth, get himself dressed up, ate his breakfast, and make his way to school. This was his life’s routine during a long time, and he got used to it, he is the type of guy who likes to follow a schedule, and that was his way to live his peaceful life. But unfortunately (or fortunately), this peace was broken some time ago by a troublesome girl.

This girl’s name was Nagatoro, she also study in his school and they meet by chance in the school’s library, when she readed the sketches of his manga that he accidentally dropped, leading into a long and stressful history of bullying and teasing.

Naoto, now in his way to school, already has his guard raised, after constantly being taken by surprise by Nagatoro’s pranks, he developed some kind of sixth sense to protect himself from her sudden attacks. “Nagatoro is gonna show at any moment now”, as soon as he though that, Nagatoro jumped in his back, confirming one more time the effectiveness of his sixth sense.

“Good morning senpaaaaaaai~~♥”, she says while carrying a devilish grin on his face, ready to begin one more day of tease and pranks over him.

“Hi Nagatoro...”, he says with a dull expression in his face.

Nagatoro, feeling a little bothered because he didn’t react at all on her first move, get down from the boy’s back.

“What’s with that reaction senpai? you should be overjoyed that a girl as beautiful as me spent her time greeting you! No wonder that you are still a virgin!”, she says while expecting him to get bright red trying to formulate a response.

“S-sorry, I d-didn’t mean to...”, Naoto start to rub the back of his head, “I’m not in a good mood today, that’s all...” .

“Bad mood? Something happened yesterday? Knowing you, someone must have found your lewd book collection, you perv senpai~”, opening a grin in her face.

“I-I already said that I don’t have this kind of stuff!”, Naoto says while starting to walk again, leaving her behind.

“Okay, okayyy you don’t need to get so mad! hehehe~”, she says while starts to walk after him.

Deep inside, Naoto knows clearly the reason for his sudden change towards Nagatoro. In the last few days, he has been thinking a lot about her. She is the first thing that come in his mind when he wake up and the last when he goes to sleep. His heart races every time he look at her in the eyes. He didn’t want to admit it, but he completely fell in love with her.

Reaching the school grounds, Nagatoro gives a slap in Naoto’s back, “See you in the club then Mr. Bad mood!”, she says while going to her classroom.

“O-ok then.”, Naoto was trying to maintain his composure while in school, he didn’t wanted other people to discover this side of him.


The school bell rings announcing the 4° period’s end, but Naoto still couldn't focus on his classes, he caught himself thinking about her again, “Why can’t I get her out of my head??? She doesn’t even like me! All she does is tease and bully me all the time!”, Naoto thoughts to himself while imagining if he had developed some kind of Stockholm syndrome, “And the worst part is that I will never have what it takes to tell her what I feel...”.

Meanwhile, the teacher in charge of the 5° period enters the classroom, “Pay attention everyone! I bring some news for your class!”, Naoto then stops his chain of thoughts for a moment and listen to his teacher, “Next monday your class will receive a new student!”, the class starts to get excited and filling the teacher with questions, “It’s a boy or it’s a girl?”,“Where is he from?”, “Is he japanese?”.

“Calm down! I don’t have all that info, but I know it’s a girl, if you have more questions you can ask her directly next week.”, the boys starts to celebrate while the girls have a disappointed look in their faces, “Ok now, enough with this mess, everyone open your books in page 159!”.

Naoto, not caring much for the news, starts opening his book, he never got along well with girls (Nagatoro is the biggest proof of that), and as long as she doesn’t try to interact with him, he will manage to keep to his not-so-peaceful school life.


The classes are over and now Naoto heads for the arts club room. Reaching there, he make the necessary preparations, adjust his canvas, and start painting another still life, he wasn’t sure why but painting these kind of pictures transmitted him some kind of comfort and peace, something that even he couldn’t explain.

Although, this feeling doesn’t lasted for long, because once again Nagatoro was in his mind. “What’s wrong with me? I’m not like this. Why do i keep thinking about a girl that i will never have?”, he ends up telling himself, “If I was at least more popular...”.

“Ho ho~~, What do we have here? Looks like senpai fell in love with a girl~”, Nagatoro says with a wide grin in her face while looking at Naoto from behind.

“EEEEEH!!!!!! WH-WHEN DID YOU GOT HERE???”, Naoto quickly get up from his chair, totally taken by surprise by Nagatoro.

“A while ago, I was planning to give you a jump scare, so I slowly entered the club room, but out of nowhere you started talking to yourself!”, says Nagatoro, starting to laugh freneticaly.

“Ok, laugh as much as you want!” Naoto, now brushing heavily, turn his back to her, trying to focus in his painting.

“I’m sorry senpai, it’s just...”, she tries to stop laughing and take a breath, “It’s just so funny!”.

“What’s so funny about liking someone? There is something wrong?” Naoto stops moving his brush, and starts to stare into his picture.

“There is nothing wrong senpai~, but it’s funny because it’s YOU!” She says while slowly approaching him, “Do you really reallyyyyy think that you could get a girlfriend?”.

“I-I...” Naoto starts to swallow dry, trying to gather strength for at least answer her “I mean...”.

“That’s what i thought!” Nagatoro says in Naoto’s ear, while putting her hands on his shoulders.

“Give up senpai!”, These words sounded like a knife in his heart. “Even if you manage to confess to her, i could ensure you that you would get dumped!~”

At this point Naoto was frozen in his chair, he was concentrating all his remaining strength to not fall in tears.

“But don’t get sad senpai, it doesn’t mean that you will remain a virgin forever! There is always some girls that do everything for money~”.

Naoto suddenly get up, standing still for a while.

He open his mouth but the words won’t come out.

Nagatoro now could see that he has tears rolling down his face.

Naoto then grab his bag and starts running away, not even looking back.

“Hey where are you go-” she try to stop him but was completely ignored.

Nagatoro, now alone in the club room, realizes that she has gone too far, “I didn’t mean to...” she says to herself, confused about what to do now.