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"I'm ho--what in blazes are you wearing Toshinori?!" Shota couldn't believe his eyes as he got home from patrol. Somehow, his sweet deceptively intelligent husband was sprawled out on their couch in black fitted jeans and a too-large, but perfectly draping cream colored sweater. The outfit was nice, what had his attention was the fact he was clearly hard and had something inside him underneath those perfectly fitting pants. Toshinori never did anything with toys on his own and he NEEDED to know just what his boyfriend had gotten up to!


"W-why don't you come over and f-find out, Shota?”


Shota needed very little in the way of encouragement after that to shut the door and quickly shuck his boots off and cross to the sofa, getting on his knees to kiss the lounging blond. Toshinori tasted like the German dark chocolate he was now allowed a single square of once a week.


"What prompted you to get all dressed nicely and mess with the toy drawer?" 


"Wanted to surprise you. Gonna disrobe me and see the rest of the surprise?" Toshinori answered, smiling sweetly despite the soft moan that erupts from his body when Shota bends his legs forward.


"At least let me move you to our bed. Last time I played with you on the couch you accidentally managed to snap the arm rest. Even without a Quirk, you're terrifying strong when adrenaline hits.”


"I...don't think I can make it that far Shota." Toshinori said with a soft whimper as Shota rolled him onto his back, body arching slightly. Shota chuckled.


"I believe I said 'let me move you', usually implying I intend to carry you. While you're at a healthier weight, you're still light enough I can manhandle you when I have to. Keep your knees up for me and wrap your arms around my shoulders when I bend to pick you up. I'd rather we didn't accidentally lodge the toy any deeper right now or it'll be hell trying to work it back out of you. Still can't believe you chose that one.”


“What makes you so certain you know which one I have in?” Toshinori asked, wrapping his arms around his husband’s shoulders and burying his face against his neck with a whine as Shota lifted him.


“Only one toy we own that would let you sit still on our couch as you lie down like that is the flexible vibrator that matches the contours of your passage. It is also the only one that doesn’t leave any imprint of the base visible through tighter clothing. I’m just surprised you had the patience to work the entire thing inside enough to wear clothes with it.”


Toshinori buried his face further against his husband’s capture weapon, embarrassed at being so transparent and relishing the fact the reins smelled like Shota at almost all times (barring the time Kayama made them smell like strawberry shortcake). Shota chuckled, careful not to jostle the blond. While the toy was definitely not the thickest they had, it was always the hardest to remove if it had been in place too long. It was a custom order that Shota didn’t regret in the least.


“S’not the only surprise you’re hiding under those pants though is it?”


“No comment.” Toshinori replied with a playful nip at his husband’s throat. Shota was glad he had a solid grip or he may have dropped him. Shota secretly felt a thrill that Toshinori was being so playful and experimenting. Walking into their bedroom, he carefully lay the blond in the direct center of the bed.


“I’m tempted to leave that sweater on you, it drapes in the right places. Are you hiding a surprise under there too?”


“N-no, just the lower half. I was a bit chilled earlier so I threw this on after I found it when I went out earlier to get food for Majesty and Sinatra. No, I didn’t go outside with the toy in before you even let your mind wander that far.” Toshinori answered with a soft laugh, already knowing Shota likely had imagined him trying to walk Sinatra to the pet store while mildly inconvenienced.


“One of these days I will revisit our conversation about you letting me make you go to work with a toy in your ass, the controller in my pocket. I’d slowly up the setting at two hour intervals, make you cum during lunch then clean you up and start over for the last part of the day. Then bring you home and take you apart slowly.”


“Hnnnngh. C-can we revisit it later?” Toshinori squeaked, back arching. Shota chuckled then pinned the older man’s hips to the bed then situated himself on his thighs.


“I will, but only because I think you’ve had that toy in you long enough.”


Shota unfastened the jeans, gasping slightly at the hint of silk and lace beneath the waistband. Pulling the garment down to Toshinori’s  knees as he scooted down his body, he was hard-pressed to bite back the deep moan. Lace-trimmed silk panties in a soft welcoming pink color greeted him, as well as some matching thigh-highs that were held in place by old-fashioned sash-style stays. They showed off just how well the blond’s muscles had been filling in the past three years of proper care and Shota leaned down to claim Toshinori’s lips.


“That is a pleasant surprise. I honestly never thought you’d actually wear them. What brought this on? Not that I’m complaining.”


Toshinori smiled so sweetly, it made Shota’s heart do that funny thing where he swore he’d melted in place. The smile reached blue-black eyes and seemed to erase years from his husband’s face.


“It just started as scratching an itch. I wanted something inside me and I knew you were on the long patrol route today. Then I saw the box again and wondered if I could be brave enough to wear them. I wondered…hngh!” Toshinori was cut off by a wave of pleasure , hips bucking under Shota. “Wondered what it would be like to wear them while you touch me.”


“Turn over for me Sunflower. Gonna get these jeans off of you then I’m gonna see how much work it’ll be to get you ready for me.”


Toshinori was shaky as he complied, his body barely containing an orgasm. Shota noticed the signs and tried not to laugh as he stripped out of his own clothes. Maybe a little more fun with the toy was in order. Slowly, he pulled the jeans off entirely so only the sweater and lingerie remained.


It really does drape on him just right.


Shota carefully pulled the panties (surprisingly sturdy) to the side so he could see the thin base plate pressed right against Toshinori’s skin. The entire length of the toy was inside him and from what he could tell on the lowest setting. That explained why he hadn’t cum yet. Thankful Toshinori couldn’t see his victorious demon grin, he laid his palms over either cheek of his ass  and gave a slight push on the circular base.


“Sh-Shota!” Toshinori exclaimed with a choked off moan to follow, being forced over the edge by that singular press against the toy. Shota watched as the blond trembled around the toy then slowly drew it back, loving how his husband writhed. Once he had only the tip still inside, he turned the vibration setting off and slowly began to thrust it partly back in then pull it back, effectively fucking him with the toy.




“So pretty, all dressed up nicely. I knew you’d look nice in this shade of blue. Gonna give you two options Toshi. Either I can make you cum on each of the five different vibration settings on this toy or I can take it out and give you my cock. I’m good either way. It is your pick because you thought to surprise me so nicely.” Shota breathed against Toshinori’s ear, still thrusting the toy as he turns on the second setting. Toshinori releases a broken whine, rocking back onto the toy helplessly.




“Come on Sunflower, I know you’re approaching overwhelmed but I can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell me what it is and we both know I prefer hearing you say it expressly.” Shota coaxes, a little worried as tears start prickling in blue eyes likely from the exertion.


“Please Sh-shota…want you.”


“That’s it. Okay, gonna ease this out now.” Shota said, stroking a slender stocking-clad thigh as he worked the toy entirely from the trembling form of Toshinori who seemed to whine at the loss. Trailing kisses along his spine, he gently settled back on his thighs and pulled Toshinori up into his lap and gently eased him down onto his length.


“Shota…s-so much. Feels like t-too much!”


“Shhhh. It’s okay Sunflower. I’m not gonna move until you relax a bit. It’s been a while since I did this right after you’ve had a vibrator induced orgasm. Just breathe for me.” Shota soothed, hands sliding up under the sweater to rest lovingly on his husband’s abdomen as he waited for him to adjust to the girth difference. Toshinori always felt like a tight vice, even if he had taken the time to further stretch him after the toy was removed and Shota was always patient before he began to move.


“M’kay. I th-think I’m good for you to move Shota, o-or am I moving?”


“Toshi, you really think I’m going to make you ride me on your own after you’ve just cum? Just let me take care of you. That’s more than enough to get me off right now. So good for me.” Shota answers, peppering kisses along the juncture between shoulder and neck as he slowly and gently raises and lowers Toshinori on his length. It wasn’t a lie either. Shota found that he got quite a lot of satisfaction of satisfying his partner. Touching Toshinori felt like a gift and in a way it was. There were many times he’d nearly been denied this by his own actions but here they were together for three years and knowing just how to work one another up and calm the other down.




Shota blinked, wondering if he heard what he thought he heard. Thrusting up as he lowers the blond, he nips at his ear playfully.


“Want to say that so I can understand you Sunflower?” Shota goaded, feeling just a little mean. How could he not with his husband stretched over his cock and making the most delightful sounds on top of a possible request he rarely got. The response was the blond’s passage tightening around him slightly as he rocked down of his own accord, a glimmer in his ethereally beautiful blue eyes.


“I want you to WRECK me, Panther.”


Shota felt that nickname go straight to his cock as his arms wrapped around a narrow waist. If that was what his love wanted, that was what he would get. Easily maneuvering Toshinori onto his hands and knees on the bed without pulling out, he started to really drive into his body. The way the blond trembled and whined for more was intoxicating. It was very rare that Toshinori wanted Shota to fuck him hard and fast like this, but it was always a treat when he did.


“I don’t know if I can actually wreck you tonight Toshi, but I’m sure as hell going to make you cum with me.”


Toshinori let out a gasping moan as one of Shota’s callused hands cupped his panty-clad erection and rubbed him through the satin confines in time with his thrusts. It felt almost as intense if not more so than having those fingers wrapped around the length unhindered. The slide of the fabric against his skin and the delicious friction of Shota’s cock buried deep inside him was driving his body insane.


“Sh-Shota—, cl-close!”


“That’s it Sunflower cum with me!” Shota cried, twisting the blond’s face to kiss  him searingly as orgasm crashed into them like shoals upon the beach. Toshinori collapsed against the bed, body trembling as a bit of drool dribbled down his mouth as he drew in as much air as his body could manage. Shota was a little better off as he carefully pulled out and fell onto his side next to him. Slowly, their breathing evened out and Shota got up to get supplies to clean them up and some water bottles. Unsurprisingly, Toshinori drank his in small amounts until he finished. Shota practically inhaled his own before gently cleaning himself up then Toshinori.


“As much as I love seeing you in these, I think you should let me change you into pajamas Toshi. Got a preference tonight?”


“S’too hot for full pajamas. Just the flannel lounge pants and a tank top please.” Toshinori replied once he had his faculties back in order. The sleepy smile Shota saw on his face was contagious. Changing his husband’s clothes and dressing in a matching outfit just in darker colors, he pulled clean sheets up over them and cradled his blond ray of sunshine to his chest and let his mind wander as sleep claimed the blond.


Maybe next time I’ll wear a set for you.