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the shirt started it

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it happened sometimes. they were all so close, were together for so long, and so familiar with each other that they slipped up. sometimes, on accident. jimin would grab hoseok’s hoodie after practice, and then it wouldn’t be returned for weeks later while they all cracked jokes. other times, it was more intentional. taehyung loving a watch jungkook had, asking to borrow it for an outfit. jimin wearing one of jin’s oversized hoodies when he was cold, always said it felt better to be in someone’s clothes. and yoongi understood that, he felt the same sometimes. sometimes he’d steal jin’s flannels, or he’d let jungkook take some of his to wear. but through it all, wearing namjoon’s clothes were his favorite.


he wasn’t sure what it was about the leader’s shirts, or jackets. but, being in the clothing, seeing himself drowning in the fabric compared to his leader left a flush in his cheeks. maybe it made him just so much more aware of their size difference. yoongi wasn’t the smallest guy, but he was thin. small thighs, and legs, skinny waist and broad shoulders. and in namjoon’s clothes, he positively looked the smallest he ever had.


he enjoyed wearing baggy clothes, he liked feeling smaller than he was, almost like a comfort. but being in namjoon’s clothes compared to jin’s or taehyung’s was completely different. a lot of the times, yoongi just made excuses. because of his and namjoon’s shared interests in fashion, they bought a lot of the same brand. so, he just said his shirt was in the wash, and namjoon wouldn't hesitate to motion to the closet, “ anytime, hyung .” he said with a smile, turing back to his book. at first, yoongi was careful with it. he didn’t do it often, but as time passed, he freely plucked clothing from namjoon’s closet. thought about the last time he wore it, how good it fit over his shoulders, and down his chest. and thinking about namjoon was.. something yoongi felt a little guilty about.


they were like brothers - supposed to be best friends but ever since they were young that bond was foggy for yoongi. even when they were at each other’s throats in their shitty apartment, barely making money and bangtan feeling like a fantasy, yoongi was into namjoon. the way his fist would clench to try to control his anger, the way his jaw set, and his brows furrowed. yoongi had plenty a fantasy about a fight leading to one slam, and then a harsh clash of teeth.


but now, things were different. over the years, he came to love namjoon. as friend, family,  more.  maybe that was why he enjoyed wearing his clothing, feeling a sense of possession, even though it was entirely on him. he sought it out, namjoon wasn’t offering. often, yoongi felt like he  was  namjoon’s in his clothes. he would sleep in shirts, or hoodies sometimes. curling up and thinking about namjoon’s arms around him. part of him slipping into a happy fantasy, and another part of him filling with guilt.


today was no different. he had clothes to return, entered the dorm from his time at the studio to find it empty. he wasn’t surprised. everyone had plans. hoseok, jungkook, and jimin at some club, jin with his parents, and taehyung with some friends from his childhood. namjoon was at bighit, working on some music. yoongi popped in on his way out, namjoon told him to head home without him. he said he would be awhile, and he believed him by the look of his tired eyes and the twitch in his brow. so he was here, a rare occurence of an empty dorm. yeontan’s little paws not even heard trotting around. 


yoongi figured he might as well get things done before he lays down, knowing he would be too lazy to get back up. he walked into his room, grabbing his laundry from the dryer and folding it all, putting it away haphazardly. he set aside a flannel of jin’s, and a shirt and hoodie of namjoon’s. he stripped himself down to his briefs, not bothering in dressing because the chances of someone coming home between now, and the time he got back to his bedroom were slim to none.


he put jin’s flannel on his bed, and then as he entered namjoon’s room, he set the hoodie and shirt on the appropriate shelves. had spent enough time stealing clothes from the other rapper that he was aware of where namjoon liked things. it was on his way out that he paused, eyes catching on the shirt at the top of his laundry basket. it was his black, long-sleeved, fear of god shirt. one yoongi had stolen before, but he never wore one of namjoon’s shirts directly after him. always put them on clean. wearing something after namjoon was  too  intimate. it would smell like him, might still have some warmth clinging to it, might be too overwhelming.


those thoughts were supposed to deter him from reaching out for the shirt, and yet all it did was make him crave the feeling that much more. he was alone anyway, it didn’t matter. once he had the fabric in his hands he brought to up to his face, taking a deep inhale, and smiling some because it did smell like namjoon. didn’t have the warmth it might have if namjoon just took it off, but he was wearing it yesterday night around the dorm so - it was recent.


he slipped the shirt over his head, sighing as he felt the fabric fall over his slim form, and suddenly he was enveloped in namjoon’s comforting scent. he stepped out of the closet, looking around namjoon’s room. it felt.. good. to be here. to be in namjoon’s shirt, and only his underwear. he didn’t mean to sit down, but he did, and sitting wasn’t enough - sitting led to laying. between the pillows, and the shirt, he was surrounded by namjoon scent. he always smelled so raw, smelled something like chocolate, but not as sweet. it was hard to explain, his nose buried into namjoon’s pillow, and yet he couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, huffing some as he curled in on himself.


but namjoon’s bed was comfortable, and there was something about laying here that made yoongi blush. he thought about being in namjoon’s bed many times, he’s thought about namjoon in his bed many times. he’s thought about being tangled in his limbs, sighs and hitches in his breath as namjoon kissed his skin, as his fingers ghosted over his chest. he’s thought about namjoon just in this room, about him whining as he fisted himself, wondered what kind of noises he made when he touched himself, what he thought about when he came. he knew namjoon, although gentle and caring, had more of a dirty mind. he wondered if he ever thought of finding someone in his bed like this, in his clothes like this,  waiting for him .


god, he wished it was him. he wished he could lay out, and display himself for namjoon. would be surprised to see him like that if they were more? would he be still, needing yoongi coaxing him into bed, or would the leader slam the door behind him and take confident steps? just wondering, even briefly, had a shaky exhale leaving his throat, a warmth pooling in his gut as he thought about namjoon approaching the bed and shouldering between his legs. and that had him gripping the comforter on namjoon’s bed, that heat was need, and he was.. he  was  alone. for at least an hour. and… this wasn’t an opportunity that would come often.


getting off in namjoon’s shirt, surrounded by his scent. he shuddered at the idea, fingers moving over the front of his boxers, palming his cock. he sighed, letting his eyes shut, lifting his hips to rut slowly into his palm. he shouldn’t, this was so fucked up and wrong. this was namjoon’s room, his personal space, but yoongi just.. he just didn’t want to think. he just wanted  something . he wanted one night where he lived out a fantasy, where he could pretend he was namjoon’s, aided by the scent of the leader. he was pushing his boxers off his hips carelessly, letting them fall to the floor as he shifted onto his knees. he sat up, sitting back on his calves as he took himself in his hand, and started jerking. the sleeves of namjoon’s shirt were too long, pooling around his hand and fabric adding more friction. but he didn’t stop it, continued the jerks to let his cock fill out, meanwhile, his other hand moved to a bud on his chest. over top of the shirt, he started to apply pressure, biting down on his bottom lip as his body shuddered at the pleasure.


what he wouldn’t give to bring his lube and a toy in here, fucking into his cocksleeve, or sinking onto one of his dildos, just to bring added pleasure. but that was too much. that was risky. he couldn’t push this any further, this right here was risk enough. it was still hot, his nips hardened under his fingers, and his cock filled, yoongi wiping the bead of precum onto his thumb and licking it off the digit. namjoon’s shirt was big, pooling around his hips, but easily could cover part of his thighs and the curve of his ass. something about that made him feel  sexy . he wondered just how good he looked in namjoon’s shirt, cheeks ablaze and cock hard.


yoongi then laid down, licking his lips as he buried his face into namjoon’s pillows, his scent intense again. he moved his hips slowly, grinding down around his sheets. he should just use his hand, safer that way, controlled that way. but he wanted to drown in the other rapper’s scent, he wanted to just think about namjoon. he wanted to be swallowed whole by him, that desire making his hips move against the sheets, pulling a whinier moan from his lips as the friction to his cock stirred on his desire.


namjoon’s comforter was soft against his prick, and yoongi gasped into his pillow case. he took in gulps of that scent, his dick twitching as he dragged it over the mattress, his hips working slowly, little thrusts. he wanted more. he needed  more.  “‘m sorry.” he moaned, fisting the fabric of the pillow as he pulled it down, and between his legs. his mind was spinning, he couldn’t think straight. part of his brain saying stop, the other whispering he had time to wash it. he lifted his hips, pushing the pillow under his cock, something more to grind into. something  more.  he was needy. he let his moans grow whinier, louder. he was  alone . no one was here, no one was going to be here. he was safe. he felt his cock leak, and he whimpered, fingers slipping under his shirt and pinching at his bud.


what he wouldn’t give to be on namjoon’s lap, to be riding his thigh as he moaned for him. to have his hands on his hips, watching him as his body flushed, and his cock leaked like it was now. namjoon’s hands were so big, he could fit so well in them, he would feel so good in them. “ nnhg. ” he gasped, hips working faster and nails dragging over his abused nipple. he felt drool in the corner of his mouth and he didn’t stop it as he leaked onto the pillow under his head. his gut was tightening, so warm, so hot. his skin felt on fire, and his balls were pulling tighter.  close, so close . he was there, almost there.


picturing namjoon’s hands over his ass, pressing himself rougher into his pillow. he was encouraging him, praising him.  so good . he was whispering as his precum leaked,  so pretty , he’d moan into the shell of his ear, and god, yoongi would feel so pretty and so slutty for his leader.  so slutty, so dirty for me, hyung . he could practically hear, his cheeks flushing at the honorific, at namjoon saying it, his voice raw, and deep with lust.  hyung, so hot, gonna tear you apart.  fuck, yoongi heard the hitch in his breath, the desperate moan as his voice hitched higher, more desperate, more moans pouring from his mouth.  what are you going to do, hyung?  yoongi felt flushed, pinching his nipple roughly and whimpering, orgasm so close, namjoon’s scent still overwhelming. “what-what are you doing, hyung?” namjoon said, and yoongi groaned, hips kicking faster.


something felt off about that last one. his brows pulled together, trying to place it in his fantasy but he couldn’t, so, his lashes fluttered open and he gasped. his hand moved, pulling the pillow up as he sat straight, hiding his bare lap at the sight of a tired namjoon in the doorway of his bedroom. his brows were pulled together, dark circles, as tired as before. yoongi thought that tiredness meant determination. sometimes, his tiredness kept him going, promise of sleep when he finished - but apparently it was too much for the leader.


shame. his face burned with shame and he felt tears behind his eyes.  fuck, fuck, fuck.  he was was fucked, utterly fucked. all for one orgasm? all for -  fuck . “joon-ah, i—-” he hesitated, parting his lips to make an excuse, but his brain froze, his body tensed and he was stuck. there was no excuse, there was no escape, he and namjoon were ruined. and it was his fault.


namjoon’s eyes didn’t move from his, hidden from the shadow of his baseball cap. but maybe that was a good thing, maybe he was good he couldn’t see the anger, and hate, and disgust. “what were you.. doing?”


yoongi had never felt so helpless, his breath stuck in his throat, his body stiff. he was using every ounce of his being not to cry right now, not now in front of namjoon, he wasn’t going to do this. he—-he wasn’t going to cry, he wasn’t going to lose his ground. this was namjon, this was—-fucking awful to be caught in, but he wasn’t beating the shit out of him, that was something, surely? 


“i-i was.. masturbating.” he confessed, his grip on the pillow so tight his knuckles were white. namjoon was quiet, his gaze still on him, his body still frozen. one hand lamely to his side, and the other gripping his satchel as tightly as yoongi was gripping the pillow.


“why..” he started, voice fading out before he restarted, “why were you masturbating in my room?” he asked, and yoongi’s shoulder slowly laxed. he was curious? he was.. he was asking why? yoongi licked his lips, and thought he saw namjoon’s eyes following it, but they were too hidden, maybe he was too hopeful.


“...because it smells like you in here.” he confessed, his mouth started to water. shame burning away and arousal washing over him in its wake. namjoon swallowed, loud, his adam's apple bobbing and yoongi exhaled, tension in the air, that fear shifting away.


namjoon still didn’t move, though. instead he continued with the questions, “what does.. why does that matter?” he asked, before yoongi could answer, namjoon added, “you.. were getting off on my scent?” he supplied, and yoongi simply nodded. namjoon was still, and yoongi shifted back on his hand, moving the pillow slowly, revealing more of his pale thighs, and namjoon watched him, never telling him to stop.


“i was going to come thinking about you.” yoongi tried, face burning as he moved the pillow to his side, stretching his legs out for namjoon to see. his cock was softer now, barely visible from under namjoon’s shirt. yoongi pulled the sleeves over his hands, feeling smaller now than ever with namjoon’s eyes on him, “i was so close too.” he mumbled through his pout.


namjoon straightened, moving for the first time, chest puffing out some as he took in a breath, he was so very smart, but sometimes it took him a moment to piece it all together. yoongi was patient, though, more confident now with namjoon licking up the sight of him. his tongue barely darting out to wet his lips. “you were close. thinking about me.” he repeated softer, his hand dropping the satchel from his shoulder, “my shirt?” he asked.


yoongi nodded, feeling shy as he shifted onto his knees, “smells like you, joon-ah.”


fuck .” the other rapper mumbled, finally broken, finally taken by the tension and arousal heavy in the room. “hyung,  fuck .” he mumbled, tugging his hat off to run his fingers through his hair.


yoongi felt his lips curl into a catlike grin. never, ever did he think namjoon would look at him like that. that  this  could be a reality. but he knew those eyes, knew that hunger behind them. “namjoonie.” he mumbled, hand reaching for the hem of his shirt to pull it up and expose himself to the rapper, “help me.”


namjoon let out a breath, like the reveal punched it out of him, and he moved slowly to the bed, “you-you’re sure?” he asked as he paused in front of him, a hand hesitantly reaching out to cup his cheek.


“please.” yoongi answered, hand resting atop namjoon’s, “wanted this for so long, namjoon. so fucking long.”


namjoon leaned down, his other hand pressing into the small of his back, “how long?” yoongi felt his skin prickle at the proximity, at how close namjoon’s lips were for the tasting. he’s been so close to tasting before, but never got to. now he could, now he had the chance. “how long?” namjoon demanded, his voice raw, and pulling yoongi’s gaze to his because of the power behind it.


“forever.” he’s confused, hands coming to fist in namjoon’s shirt, “forever. the beginning. always.” any composure namjoon had gave way at the confession and he swept yoongi’s lips into his instantly. yoongi let his eyes shut, shifting to pull namjoon down beside him on the bed. he kissed back, pressing into namjoon’s warm, full lips with a moan. namjoon surged forward, tracing just lips before allowing himself to press into yoongi’s mouth as the older parted in submission. his hand shifted, tracing over the swell of his ass, and yoongi whined, licking desperately into namjoon’s mouth, his body feeling hot again, recovering from the tension with ease.


namjoon leaned back, and yoongi whined, “always for me too. every since we met, wanted you since then.” he confessed, and yoongi flushed, let namjoon pin him back and moved over top of him, “fuck, never thought i could have you.” he whispered, looking over him, his face, between his eyes, his lips. namjoon did look shocked, but he was looking at yoongi with fondness, opening and exposing himself.


“you have me.” yoongi replied, hands coming to snake around his neck. “i’m yours, joon-ah. i’m yours.” he dragged the taller back down into a kiss, immediately licking into his mouth, moaning as namjoon responded immediately, his hands smoothing over his thighs, teeth nipping at yoongi’s lips. their kiss was heated, wet and eager, namjoon’s touch was fleeting, yet firm. yoongi wanted more, he needed more. he tilted his head up, and namjoon shifted, pressing firm kisses to his throat. yoongi  wished  he could wear his marks, but that just wasn’t possible. “more.” he beckoned, lifting his hips to try to meet namjoon’s but to no avail, namjoon’s hand just came to press him back down to his bed.


“patience, hyung.” namjoon said softly, and yoongi whined, taking namjoon’s cheeks in his hands to pull him into another kiss. he was indulged for a moment, before namjoon pulled back, sitting back on his knees - straddled over yoongi’s hips. yoongi reached back for him, lifting himself with him but namjoon easily pushed him back down. “i said be patient. let me see you, let me look.” he chided, and yoongi bit down on his lip,  trying . that wasn’t some easy feat. he wanted namjoon, for years now, and now that he could have them, well, it wasn’t all that easy to just  be patient . namjoon wanted to look, but yoongi wanted to touch, to be touched, to feel and kiss. he wanted namjoon’s hands invading his body, he wanted to be a hot, whining mess all by the cause of the younger man. 


but he tried. he bit down on his lip, watched namjoon look over him. his gaze shifting from his face, to watching his hand move over his thighs, and push up the shirt. namjoon scratched over his ribs, making yoongi exhaled. he gave him a moment of pleasure, his thumbs pressing into his nipples, meeting yoongi gaze as his hyung shut his eyes and suppressed a moan. “you’re so pretty, always so pretty.” namjoon complimented, and yoongi took note of that beautiful rawness in his throat. he took note of the hypnotized look in his eyes, the way he studied his body.


yoongi reached out, his hands wrapping around namjoon’s wrists, pulling them up to cup his face - namjoon’s attention following as he cupped his cheeks. “namjoon.” yoongi whispered, having all of his attention making his stomach stir, pleasant butterflies throughout his body, “please, namjoonie, i want you.” he said, watching namjoon’s cheek blush in the cutest way, “don’t you wanna fuck your hyung?”


“sh-shit.” namjoon choked out, thumbs massaging over yoongi’s cheek, “can i? would you-”


please, namjoon .” yoongi whined, his grip tightening, “don’t make me wait anymore, baby, please.” only a brief second passed before namjoon was capturing his lips again, yoongi kissed back with a moan, hands moving to smooth over namjoon’s shoulders as he pulled his body over his. this kiss was harsh, their teeth clashing for a moment, but the two of them ignoring it in favor of tasting each other, panting into each others mouths. by the time namjoon pulled away, yoongi felt wrecked, his cock curled onto his stomach, precum leaking onto his stomach, he was going to whine again, but namjoon was quick to move and instead latch onto one of the buds on his chest. yoongi hissed, his hand shifting into namjoon’s locks as his tongue licked over nipple, yoongi let his eyes shut, tilted his head back as namjoon’s lips sucked over him, nipping and sucking. he shifted lower, and yoongi’s hips bucked as he felt breath over his cock. he ignored the little chuckle namjoon gaze, instead biting down as namjoon’s dragged his tongue over his cock.


both hands moved into the youngers hair, panting as he peeked down to watch him wrap his fingers around the base of his cock, lips sucking his tip into his mouth. yoongi could have come right there and then, took almost every fiber of his being not to as namjoon sunk lower on his cock, as he watched himself disappear past those full lips. it didn’t help when namjoon looked at him, his tongue licking over the underside of his cock while his fist moved over the rest of his length. “ fuck .” yoongi breathed, hands fisting tighter. namjoon encouraged it, bobbing his head lower and lower. yoongi tried to control his breathing, tried to keep himself calm, but his chest was flushed, his face hot. he had been so close before, it wasn’t hard to work him up again, especially with namjoon’s skilled mouth around him.


he pulled off for a moment, puffs of his hot breath over yoongi’s dick as his fist jerked slowly. “do you want to fuck my mouth, baby boy?” namjoon asked, the pet name making all the breath leave yoongi’s body. he wasn’t able to speak at first, namjoon moving to press short, but firm kisses to the underside of his cock, little sucks and licks that made it  harder  to talk.


“i-i’m close. i don’t know if i can without.. yknow..” he mumbled, hand shifting from namjoon’s hair to trace over his pretty lips, the image of fucking into namjoon’s face  so fucking appealing  but - “i wanna come with you.” he whispered, wondering if his face could feel any hotter than it was now. wondering how he could feel shy in a situation like this when he had wanted it for so long, when namjoon was his best friend and wanted it as much as him.


“you’re so cute.” namjoon smiled, wide and bright, dimples on display and making yoongi soft, all but melt on the bed. he smiled back effortlessly. “well, if you come, then i’ll just have to make you come again, hm?” he smirked, that sweet innocent boyish smile turning darker, his eyes darkened as he teased yoongi.


yoongi’s hand curled into a fist against namjoon’s cheek, “do-don’t do that.” he exhaled, his dick twitching in anticipation in namjoon’s hand, another bead of precum embarrassingly forming, namjoon quick to lick it up, his mouth taking the head of yoongi’s prick into his mouth again. he moaned, his hand slipping back into his hair, slowly starting to guide his head. he kept his grip on the younger’s hair, as he started to lift his hips into the bobs of namjoon’s head. namjoon’s mouth was so warm and wet, yoongi let his head lull back against the pillow as he urged namjoon’s head deeper, as his hips lifted up and breached his throat, felt namjoon’s swallowing around him. he moaned, holding there as his breath caught in his throat, “ joon-ah .” he hissed, starting to work his hips faster, pressing into his tight throat repeatedly until his balls were tight, until his pants were heavy, and his muscles tense. namjoon took his ass in his hands, squeezing and yoongi saw stars. he let out a drawn out moan, and came into namjoon’s throat. he panted as his hips lower and namjoon pulled off his dick.


 namjoon shifted, moving over top of him, his hand moving over his jaw and pulling him into a kiss. yoongi’s brows furrowed then he tasted a bitterness on namjoon’s tongue. after a second he realized it was his own release namjoon was exchanging with him. he whined, opening his mouth wider, and sucking obediently on namjoon’s tongue, swapping spit, and come as drool leaked from his mouth at the wet kiss. namjoon moaned against his lips, kissing back feverishly until the taste of himself was gone. he leaned back, pecking his lips for a moment, “good boy.” he murmured, thumbing over his jaw. yoongi sighed eyes half lidded as he looked up at namjoon.


the taller man leaned back, tugging his shirt over his head, and then reaching to undo his belt. yoongi licked his wet lips, and grabbed at the shirt he was wearing. “don’t.” namjoon said, a little quickly. yoongi blinked owlishly, but namjoon smiled, smoothing the shirt down some, “i’ve wanted to fuck you like this for a while. you look so cute in my shirt, so just.. leave it on, please.”


yoongi slowly smiled, pushing himself up, and taking the back of namjoon’s hand in his neck, pulling him down into a brief kiss, “okay. i like the sound of that.” he reached for namjoon’s belt, taking it off for him. he then moved to unbutton his pants. namjoons leaned back, standing up so he could push his pants and boxers off. yoongi laid back down, looking over namjoon’s naked form as he stepped to his desk. he was so  beautiful . broad shoulders, deep collar bone, soft stomach. his thighs thick, and meaty. and yoongi blushed as he watched namjoon bend over to his reach into his drawer, taking the opportunity to look at his ass, tongue peeking out to lick his lips, namjoon was so fucking  hot.  if he didn’t wake up from some horny dream after this, he would be surprised.


he leaned back as namjoon turned to the bed, half a bottle of lube in one hand and a condom in his other. he got back into bed, and set them to the side, his hands moving back over yoongi’s small thighs. “you ready?”


yoongi nodded, shifting some, “how do you want me?”


namjoon blushed, a thumb pressing into his inner thigh, “just… like this, if that’s okay. i just.. want to see you.” yoongi smiled at his sudden shyness, and nodded, moving to hook his hands under his knees and pull them up so he could expose himself to namjoon.


he heard the leader’s intake of breath, and blushed at it. he watched as namjoon reached for the lube, rolling it between his hands to warm the bottle up before he was squeezing it onto his fingers. at the first touch, yoongi sighed, a single digit just rolling over his hole, slicking it up for a little bit, finally pressing in. yoongi was use to his own fingers for so long. he was so grateful they were long, and thin, never failing to get himself writhing, but namjoon’s fingers - god they were good. of course they were much better than his own, pressing deeper because of the advantage of his angle. yoongi’s breath hitched as he worked his first one in, curling it to stretch him some before he pressed a second in - pouring more lube into his puckering heat. yoongi moaned, grip on his legs tightening as his head lull and he tried to control his breathing. that wonderful pain of the stretching easing up over time and turning fully into pleasure.


he felt a third finger, and yoongi sighed, lifting his head some, “no-no, i want it now.” he said, ignoring namjoon’s skeptical look, “please, i like it like that.”


“yoon..” namjoon muttered, the nickname and lack of hyung making yoongi lick his lips, “i’m kinda.. big. i should really prep you more, incase.”


“i know what i can take.” he said, keeping his gaze on namjoon’s, as if that was enough to prove to him - so he could show how serious he is, “please, joon. i like it when it hurts some.” namjoon scissored his finger, pressing deeper and yoongi’s moaned softly, “i’ll tell you if it’s too much, baby. i promise i-” his breath stopped as namjoon’s finger massaged over his nerves. his dick twitching back to life, and his nails digging into his legs, “fuck!”


namjoon rubbed little circles against his prostate, “okay, hyung. but you have to tell me if it’s too much.” yoongi nodded, and namjoon pulled out, his rim fluttering around nothing for the moment. he let go of his legs, and caught his breath. he lazily watched namjoon opened the condom, and slip it over his cock. he was big, but yoongi was practically drooling at the thought of the stretch. he felt more lube, and the namjoon was spreading a liberal amount over his own cock. then he was shifting, hands grabbing yoongi’s hips and pulling him closer to him. he wrapped his legs over namjoon’s waist, hands coming up to his shoulders as namjoon took his cock and guided it to his entrance. yoongi let his eyes fall shut as namjoon started pushing in. it burned, his grip on namjoon’s shoulder’s tightening as he pressed deeper, his ass stretching over his cock, tingling pain shooting up his spine and making his breath come in faster.


he felt namjoon pause, but he shook his head, “keep going, so fucking good.” he choked on his words, that burning pain making his nerves light up, his cock leaking against his navel. namjoon groaned, and pushed in further, all the way until yoongi felt his balls against the meat of his ass. he moaned as namjoon’s cock settled in him, and namjoon stilled to let him adjust. his stomach muscles were tight, and his breath slowly evened out, but he waited, licked his lips and just enjoyed the warm feeling of namjoon’s cock buried in him. could fucking  live like this  for the rest of his days. he nodded then, opening his eyes, to look at namjoon. his face was red, pupils dilated. “you can move, baby.”


namjoon nodded, and his hips started to move, slowly pulling back and pushing back in. yoongi sighed, waiting to encourage namjoon, letting him set his own pace. namjoon started building up, his pace increasing as he fucked into yoongi quicker, moans escaping his lips more often, balls slapping deliciously against his ass as he fucker harder and harder. yoongi was moaning, chimes of little  ah, ah, ah s leaving his lips as namjoon fucked into him. he gasped, arching his back and hissing when namjoon took his thigh and pressed it against his chest. his body burned at the stretch, unnatural and difficult for him, but his cock reached deeper and he felt the brush over his prostate. “fuck, joon,  fuck yes right there .” he cried, and namjoon angled his hips some to brush over yoong’s nerves.


namjoon made the prettiest moans and groans, little shits leaving his mouth as his eyes shifted. he would watch the stretch of yoongi’s heat around his cock, and then he would lift his gaze to admire his hyung’s face, the flush to his cheeks and chest. yoongi whined, hands falling from namjoon’s shoulders and resting over his head. namjoon’s pace switched, slower, shallower thrusts as he pushed the shirt up more, a hand moved from his hips to thumb over yoongi’s nipple. yoongi arched his back as he moaned, namjoon pushing his cock deeper. “fuck, fuck, baby  fuck .” at the encouragement namjoon fucked him hard, hips kicking roughly as he abused his hyung’s hole, grunting with every kick.


“so fucking hot, hyung. fuck so hot.” he groaned, thumb pressing against his hard bud, and yoongi felt drool in the corners of his mouth, his cock aching with release, hole clenching around namjoon. he felt that same tightness in his gut, his body hot, his gaze clouding over. judging by namjoon’s noises, coming in more desperate and close together, his hips snapping more hastily, he was close too. yoongi reached up, pulling namjoon down into a sudden kiss, opened mouthed, more panting than anything else as he moaned. he moved namjoon’s hand, wrapping it around his length and namjoon got the idea, pumping it and working a whimper from yoongi’s throat as his lips moved to his collarbone, licking and sucking on his skin. the angle namjoon was fucking him at wasn’t as good, but it felt good to wrap his arms around him, to feel his weight overtop of him, and his hand was enough. he came without warning, coming on namjoon’s hand and over his his stomach, a moan of namjoon’s name leaving his mouth.


namjoon leaned back, taking yoongi’s other leg and pressing it close to his chest. yoongi hissed, but then found himself almost crying out as namjoon started to fuck into him roughly, chasing his own release. the grunts leaving his mouth could make yoongi come again, watching the furrow of his brows, and the slight sheen of sweat on his skin. this was an image yoongi was going to treasure. namjoon came with a groan, his cock buried balls deep as he filled the condom. yoongi sighed as namjoon let his legs ago, the feeling of them settling against the sheets  pure fucking joy . namjoon shifted, laying next to him, but not far away. he immediately turned, arm over yoongi’s waist as he tucked his head under his chin. yoongi smiled fondly, shutting his eyes, and petting his hair. he pressed a kiss to the top of his head, and let namjoon settle beside him, hot breath fanning over his chest. i love namjoon, forever and always.


“you’re sweaty.” yoongi murmured, his other hand smoothing up namjoon’s arm. namjoon apologizes, the feel of his lips brushing over his skin made him shudder. they laid there a moment longer, namjoon getting up first to take the condom off and tied it up. yoongi forced himself up, muscles still laxed from the fuck, “wanna shower together?” namjoon turned, grinning at him, before he could say anything his face fell. yoongi blinked, glancing toward the door but it was empty. his brows furrowed in confusion, “what, what is it?”


he felt the weight of the bed shift, and glanced back at namjoon. he thumbed over his collarbone, swearing under his breath. yoongi glanced down, from the angle he could faintly see the red splotch. “oh, fuck. i didn’t mean to, hyung. i’m sorry.”


yoongi laughed, hand coming up to pet through his hair, “it’s okay, joon-ah. i’m not mad.” 


you  might not be. but the makeup noonas are gonna  kill  you.”


yoongi shrugged, “i’m not scared of them.” namjoon looked unamused at his words, disbelieving him, and yoongi laughed awkwardly, the chuckles dying in his chest. “lets just shower and deal with this later. you’ll have to make up for it, it’s  your fault  anyway.”


namjoon smiled then, leaning forward to brush his lips over yoongi’s, “i think of a few ways to do that.”